Canada’s Team is in BIG trouble

Photo by of Rich Peverley by Shaun Best/Reuters

Four bad plays by the depleted Vancouver D.
Four Boston goals.

The losses of Dan Hamhuis, in particular, and Aaron Rome have turned Vancouver’s defence into cottage cheese.

Let’s list the goats:

Alexander Edler on Rich Peverely’s goal.

Sami Salo against Michael Ryder.

Keith Ballard on Brad Marchand.

Then Kevin Bieksa, who’s better than the aforementioned, went for a big third-period hit and was out of the play on Peverley’s second goal.

OK, this may be a stretch but the Canadiens looked better in taking Boston to OT of a seventh game than the Canucks have looked through four games of the final.

And Carey Price is the only goaltender Boston hasn’t chased.

Tim Thomas is a wall and Roberto Luongo is a sieve.

How good is Thomas? Boston is 11-4 when outshot in the playoffs.

How bad is Lou?

12 GA is less than 120 minutes in Boston.

The Sedins? look for them on milk cartons at a depanneur near you.

And once again, the game ended with all kinds of nonsense during Garbage Time.

It will be a long Thursday flight home to Van.

And Alain Vigneault has work to do.

•  •  •

The Bruins scored eight on Cam Neely night, four on Bobby Orr night.

Espo for Game 6?

•  •  •

Tweet of the Night: Tim Thomas has no five hole due to his 70 pound balls.


    • sally122 says:

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  1. kalevine says:

    I’m very depressed right now. At every turn the Bruins have done what it takes. One whupping is no big deal, but 2 is psychologically damaging. The third goal epitomized what is going on – three Bruins plugging away and getting job done and 3 Canucks taking futile swipes and absolutely not getting the job done

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