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Who we are, in pie graph form, courtesy of Gazette marketing stats wizard David Klimek

Interesting proportions of women and young fans: 42 per cent in the 18-34 sweet spot that advertisers covet.

(No breakdown on what percentage of the women find Boone better looking than either Stubbs or Hickey. Conservative estimate: 80)

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The Canadiens make it official: Maxim Lapierre signed for 2010-’11 season; also Mathieu Carle and James T. Wyman.

The stats:


  1. saskhabfan says:

    Come on its not like the bruins could have had PK Subban. Oh wait,never mind they picked Tommy Cross instead. Are you (and the rest of your whinning posse) tired of making yourselves look like idiots yet?

    Leafstv “telling their fans they deserve to win for over 40 years”

  2. Ian Cobb says:

    Thanks for that HARANI

  3. KenD29 says:

    Go Habs Go !

    Tonight we skate with them, Tonight is our night!

  4. KenD29 says:

    Happy Birthday!


    Tonight we skate with them, Tonight is our night!

  5. Exit716 says:

    Come on it’s not like the Habs could have had Milan Lucic.

    Oh wait, never mind.

    Outside of Halak and Subban, what ‘gem’ has Timmins found for the Habs with a late pick?

    God that guy is garbage. Why does he still have a job?


  6. nightmare_49 says:

     dudes – You can talk all you want about the starting roster but basically the man behind the bench who cherishes his comb has the decision. He has shown us last year that his style of coaching hasn’t changed much from his days in Ottawa, so take it from there.

       Most of the players mentioned can be sent down without clearing waivers (exception Darche) so juggling the roster could be used as an assessment.

  7. nightmare_49 says:

     a – IMO both sites are decent but i still remember last year when screwed up on a few salaries that had bonus issues. So far Geek seems accurate but i will still reserve my opinion till the dust settles.  

  8. The Cat says:

    Thats a nice butt for 54 ^_^

  9. Jonnyboy says:

    Palushaj has played with Eller in Pretoria last season. Pacioretty was Palushaj college roomate.


    I see a 3rd line.

  10. mrstewart61 says:

    As a dog, you would have to be in the red age category or you would be dead.


    If a man speaks in a forest where no woman can hear him, is he still wrong?

  11. JasonM says:

    Can’t really blame them… they need an entire crew to keep up with what is going on with the Hawks this off-season. Talk about do or bust for last season.

  12. Bob Barker says:

    Third line of Eller – Engqvist and Palushaj/Avstin/Pyatt

    Fourth line Moen – Boyd – Lapierre/White

  13. Rob says:

    proof that age isn’t really a good indicator of intelligence

  14. GrimJim says:

    the support group forms on the right, Chuck. I’ll meet you at the door…


    23, 55 and 62 myself. Good thing those aren’t my measurements…

  15. GrimJim says:

    In Spain the linoneum IS hot…

  16. Chuck says:

    They must be included in the 13% under age 18 and the 23% under 40k income.


    Cheer for the crest on the front of the jersey, not the name on the back.

  17. GrimJim says:

    I think one of the d-men to watch in Hamilton will be Nash. Based on some of the commentary I’ve heard he might be the steady physical d-man that Habs mgmt were hoping Fischer would develop into

  18. The Cat says:

    Welcome to the forum Chuck!

  19. andrewberkshire says:

    I think Engqvist has said that he won’t come over to NA unless it’s in the NHL.

  20. The Cat says:

    Only cats are smart enough to surf the web,  dogs just eat the keyboard ^_^

  21. GrimJim says:

    I think they should platoon Gill, Hammer and Spacek as the seventh d, rotating them almost like starting pitchers in baseball. That way the 35 year olds don’t get worn out by March.

  22. SmartDog says:

    Where are the dogs in this chart?

    It’s a sham.

    Listen to the SmartDog. He knows his poop!

  23. Chuck says:

    After checking out the HI/O demographic breakdown, I’ve come to the realization that I’m so incredibly… average.


    Cheer for the crest on the front of the jersey, not the name on the back.

  24. habsfan0 says:

    Another interesting stat would have been how many HIO members don’t reside in Quebec.

  25. GrimJim says:

    Look on the bright side… The Habs gave him the courtesy of an NHL salary for the reg season days that he was here, and the ECF bonus money for the playoff run.

    I hope he took his family out for a nice dinner on that chunk of change

  26. GrimJim says:

    Some of the people around here were talking about trotter as the 5th centre, so he should be on the longshot list. Otherwise you seem about right. Two of your longshots will make up the taxi squad. My guess, based on seeing absolutely nothing of them for more than two months, is White and Palushaj. Engqvist might need a year in the A to get used to the north american game.

  27. New says:

    The data is likely extrapolated from the same raw sources as the opinions.

  28. pic1983 says:

    Tom the bomb –> no skill

    Steve Begin –> no skill


    You can love heart and effort all you want (dont get me wrong, I was a big fan of those guys when they played for us), but these types of players are too easily replaceable these days.  The game is won by how many goals were scored, not how many body checks were laid out, or how many times you challenged a way larger opponent only to get pummelled.  You definitely need heart to win, but in todays league, you need a boatload of skill also.

  29. Julie H says:

    You’re not wrong, I know that. I think their knowledge of being expendable kills me as much as how we treat them when they play well and when they don’t play so well. It’s just really unfortunate. 

    “I know you’re wise beyond your years, but do you ever get the fear that your perfect verse is just a lie you tell yourself to help you get by?”

  30. pic1983 says:

    Your answer used to work, but after watching paccioretty do nothing, d’agostini do nothing, sergei trail off, guillaume publically complain about not knowing what they wanted from him, and now lapierre, that answer gets a little old.

    ThOur young players are consistently confused, theres no two ways about it. 

  31. Mark says:

    I know it’d make sense to buy a Habs one being Habs fans and all, but wouldn’t it make more sense to buy a Leafs one, seeing as how they’re always golfing?

  32. Former Jets Fan says:

    season-ending shoulder injury.

  33. nick says:

    Congratulations of turning 54 😉

  34. 100HABS says:

    Why did Carle only play 31 games in the AHL last year?


  35. avatar_58 says:

    Nothing bothers me more than watching the Leafs, Hawks or whoeever else give their young D plenty of time to develop on TOP 4 duty. Why can’t the habs follow? If they bring Subban up and use him as the 5th/6th I’m going to be very dissapointed. Same goes for Carle/Weber. Let them make mistakes please. Rotate them around to see who’s confident and who’s not.

    Subban IS ready. Weber….eh he’ll get there. Carle just has some injury issues (cough…like markov?…cough) and Obyrne is our only physical D-man. We need him.

  36. TorontoHabsFan says:

    I realize I’m jumping the gun here, but if the off-season moves really are done (outside of Price’s signing), then realistically how many jobs are open for competition in training camp? 2 bottom 6 fwds?

    The top six is set.

    D is set

    Bottom six – locks are: Lapierre, Moen, Boyd. Inside track: Pyatt, Darche, Eller. Longshots: Pacioretty, Palushaj, Maxwell, White, Engqvist.


    Am I missing anybody? Who do you think fills out the bottom six?


  37. avatar_58 says:

    I know he is, which is why I say keep Gill for leadership 7th d-man purposes (and shot blocking 101 for the kids).

  38. Harani says:

    You have got to watch this video of Pepe Reina introducing the Spain team’s players after the parade. It’s hilarious!

    Also watch the Spain National team celebrating on the plane and mocking Casillas who is sitting with his girlfriend/reporter Sara Carbonero. Party! Party! Party!


    “I gotta feeling…that tonight’s gonna be a good night!”

  39. pic1983 says:

    Totally agree.  Didnt hamr lead our team in giveaways last season? and by a significant margin?

  40. likehoy says:

    for all the Golfers out there Montreal Canadiens styled putter. 

  41. TorontoHabsFan says:

    Switch Gill (his contract expires next year) with Tinordi and I think you’re bang on. Although I think that realistically Tinordi is 2 years away at minimum.

  42. pic1983 says:

    Why should lapierre drop them? Hes an “agitator” not a “fighter”.  The whole point of being an “agitator” is to “agitate” the other team, not to give them the satisfaction of beating the snot out of you, that would be counter productive.  Lapierre played the agitator role extremely well in the playoffs.

    I dont get all the people who think an agitator should drop their gloves…

  43. JD_ says:

    With regards to the Chicken v. Egg situation implied by the need to both trade Halak and sign Price, mgmt has to weigh which move will have a more disproportionately negative impact on the other. Although you get it, CH, the ability to think in three dimensions is outside the realm of a select few who inappropriately apply a ceteris paribus handcuff to the move that was actually made when assessing the one that wasn’t.

    Moving parts can make folks go all mental ‘n’ all. It compels them to both eat their cake and want it.

    Had I been in Gauthier’s position, I would have done precisely the same thing. Doesn’t mean it will necessarily end up being the right decision but, then again, I look through the windshield when I drive.

    You’re absolutely correct: There is no such thing as a SansGoat Habs fan. I’ve usually got one tucked away in my back pocket. Comes with the territory. Kinda like being a Loafs fan and watchin’ the team lose.

    Probably worth polling as to who is most likely to wear the crown of horns this season, you know, before the season actually begins and someone underperforms.

  44. likehoy says:

    well, if maxwell had no part in our plans for the future, could we not have done him the courtesy of NOT depriving him of 2 months of hockey? he could have played in the bulldogs playoff run, where he helped the team so much (3rd in scoring before he was called up)? 

    we could have brought up a player that was in our plans instead of screwing the kid. 

  45. likehoy says:

    he’s had flashes of brilliance…

    from what i’ve seen he’s just got a well balanced game with no holes but nothing exceptional…i’m not sure that will be enough for him to forge an NHL career.

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