The final game of 2010-’11


A valiant battle, but summer will be long.

Pat Hickey’s game story

Canadiens need more size, scoring

Price: “We battled to the end”

Dave Stubbs game column

Arpon Basu on the promising future

Streets stay quiet

Pierre Ladouceur’s game analysis

• Boston view: OT win was a long time coming

Photo by Adam Hunger of Reuters


  1. Chris F says:

    Went to bed with a sick feeling in my stomach. I guess in this case, Evil does win. The list of goon tactics put forth by the Boons in this series is a long one, Marchand, Ference, et al; just disgusting demeanor, disgusting attitude.
    Next year we need more than a couple of changes, but up front, I believe we can win with this line-up:
    Pacioretty Gomez Gionta
    AK Plekanecs Cammy
    White Eller Moen
    Ben Eager Max Talbot Darche

    • REB says:

      A complete waste of Eller’s talent.

      • ManApart says:

        What talent?

        • 24moreCups says:

          The kid didn’t live up to people’s expectations, but that’s because we traded Halak for him so obviously after what he did for us in the playoffs we expecting someone to produce a lot of points for us.

          But you can’t say the kid doesn’t have talent, give him time he’s only 21 and he looked good in the playoffs. I also heard on the Team 990 that he dislocated his shoulder last popped in back in and came back to play, I think the kid will play well for us in the future.

  2. smiler2729 says:

    A lot of dissection here and a lot of reaction by dumping coaches and players but just remember…

    Jacques Martin, while not a ‘sexy’ coach, seems to get the job done in spite of never having all his horses healthy and in his two years in the playoffs, he has taken a supposedly small and inferior banged up team and upset the high rollers in Washington and Pittsburgh and drove Boston to the brink.

    Some of his moves will be questioned, I can’t for the life of me understand why he continued to put Andrei Kostitsyn on the ice when he was as disinterested as Benoit Pouliot whom he benched.

    Nor will I understand why he kept sending Tomas Plekanec out there to continually lose key faceoffs.

    The need for a physical presence to offset the Habs forever having the opposition take liberties with them is PRESSING. Boston has to be one of the dirtiest teams BUT again due to JM’s system frustrating them off their game, they had to resort to goonery.

    But the bigger need is to teach these guys to WIN FREAKING FACEOFFS!!! Or at least acquire somebody like Manny Malhotra or Dominic Moore who can! No coincidence the Habs with Moore were one of the big little reasons they played deep into May last season.

    If YOU win a FACEOFF, YOU will CONTROL the PUCK – FUNDAMENTAL HOCKEY. And THAT is why Montreal lost to Boston in seven games.

    “My second favourite team is whoever plays the Leafs”

  3. habsfan0 says:

    In the cold, harsh reality of the morning after the Habs were eliminated, perhaps an objective view is needed to see where this team is headed.

    The fact of the matter is, if it wasn’t for a goalie who stood on his head and played out of his mind, the Habs would have been eliminated rather easily in the 1st round last year by the Caps. While Carey Price played reasonably well in this year’s playoffs,he didn’t perform the miracles that Halak did,and as a result, the Habs WERE eliminated in the 1st round. So, one can come to the conclusion that the Habs are basically spinning their wheels,if not actually retrogressing.

    While Price is still young,(23), and will undoubtedly improve as he gets older, I think the jury is still very much out on him as to whether he will simply be a very good regular season goalie,or, a goalie who EXCELS in the postseason,i.e.,a MONEY goalie.

    Patrick Roy was only 20 when he basically stopped EVERYTHING during the 1986 playoffs,and led a very mediocre Habs team to the Stanley Cup. And after losing their first overtime game to the Nordiques during the 1993 postseason, Roy let it be known to his teammates, that,should the Habs get to play overtime again,he (Roy) wouldn’t let ANYTHING BEAT HIM. The Habs went on to win 10 successive overtime games that year en route to the Cup.

    NHL history is dotted with outstanding regular season goaltenders who,come playoff time, did nothing…among them,Curtis Joseph,and until he proves otherwise and wins a Cup,Roberto Luongo.

    IMHO,one of the qualities that made Patrick Roy such a phenomenal goalie,was his “take no prisoners” “win at all costs” mentality. While these same traits might appear to make Roy somewhat of an ahole in his personal life,I believe they were absolutely essential in Roy’s Hall of Fame Career. I find it somewhat disquieting that after last night’s elimination,Price said that the team should be proud,that they had nothing to hang their heads over. Can you imagine Roy making the same comments after his team was eliminated in the 1st round? I can’t. While it may be unfair and premature to compare these 2 goalies at this point, I truly believe it was Patrick’s arrogance..his internal burning desire to win that had a great deal to do with his success. When one looks at Price, one has to ask oneself,does Carey have this same burning passion..this arrogance..which will propel him to the same heights? Sadly,I just don’t see it.

    Again, I think it’s way too early to judge Price,and while it may be very unfair to compare his future playoff successes with those of Roy,Dryden,and Plante, that is the lofty bar that his future performance will ultimately be compared to.

    • Timo says:

      And this is what I’ve been saying all year long. Last year was a fluke because Halak was unreal. This year we made playoffs and got to game 7 because of Price. The team hasn’t changed one bit from last season. It is still very easy to beat the Habs – clog the middle and they are done.

      And no, this is not a good strategy to have as a coach, because as we have seen, both Halak and Price can sometimes just be good, instead of phenominal. And this is why JM is NOT a good coach because he either doesn’t see it or just doesn’t know any other way to coach other than relying on his goalie.

    • LL says:

      A bunch of eloquent words to say you believe Price sucked and that is the only reason our team didn’t win.

      Roy won a cup or two…don’t use Halak in the same sentence as him.

      Thumbs down

    • smiler2729 says:

      Halak, Halak, Halak… where is he now? Whatever.

      If I remember last April, hmmm…
      Yeah, the Great Halak was pulled in at least 3 or 4 games, in fact, Price even started a game vs. Washington.

      The Great Halak was out of his head in the last two games of the Caps series but otherwise steady as any goalie and even poor against Philadelphia.

      Oh but the Philly loss can’t be blamed on the Great Halak, no, no, it was the team that let him down. So here’s a guy who apparently was the SOLE reason the Habs beat both Washington and Pittsburgh (and he never scored a goal or won a faceoff), yet was blameless vs. Philly.

      Have fun in St. Louis…

      “My second favourite team is whoever plays the Leafs”

  4. psycnerd says:

    5 Reasons the Habs Win Round 1

    Let’s face it… this was perhaps the most tightly-matched playoff series of modern NHL history, with the favoured Bruins needing 7 games to advance against their sixth-seeded rivals – the perpetually upstaging Montreal Canadiens. The series was refreshed numerous times: after 4 games, it was the best of 3; after 6 games, it was the best of 1; and finally, after 3 periods of game 7, it was the best of 5 minutes and 43 seconds. We all know the outcome – a Bruins’ victory, ever so slight – and we all know that this could have easily ended differently. But by tomorrow, the final outcome is the only detail that will define this series for the collective consciousness, while the troubled trajectory of Boston’s victory will quickly be forgotten. Here are 5 reasons this series could have, and perhaps should have, gone the other way.

    5. If this series was decided on goals for, we’d be playing a game 8. Boston and Montreal finished round-1 tied with 17 goals apiece.

    4. Before game-1, the goaltending matchup was marketed as the deciding factor in this series. In the end it wasn’t, but the Habs won that battle with Carrey Price outperforming Thomas in both save percentage and goals against average.

    3. Montreal’s top forward was better than Boston’s. Michael Cammalleri finishes the first round atop the NHL with 10 points in 7 games. Boston’s best – Patrice Bergeron – comes in 9th place with 7 points.

    2. If the playoffs were decided by the regular season point system, Montreal too would have the edge there, obtaining a 3-1-3 record for 9 points versus Boston’s 4-3-0 record and 8 points.

    1. Finally, there was no sweeter victory for Montreal than special teams. Not only did Montreal outperform Boston with the man-advantage, but their penalty kill was more offensively productive than Boston’s power play. On 21 power play opportunities for the Boston Bruins, Montreal scored once – the Bruins, never!

  5. Newf_Habster says:

    There are not many good UFA forwards available after this season, so there is a good forward that we can snag: Brooks Laich. He will be an UFA after playoffs.

  6. 4m3y2j says:

    Regarding JM

    Could everyone get some perspective here.I truly understand everyones disappointment and frustration and believe me I feel your pain.Over all he made lemonade with some major lemons.he had to play that system with what he had.Was he guilty of flogging a dead horse w/ Gomez ABSOLUTELY but none of us know te inside politics of this team,we can only guess.What I truly hope for is they now know this asshole (insert gomez) and find a way to resolve it going forward.
    My biggfer concern is with all the young offensive talent we have is do we have to keep the pedal on this defensive systm,is there a way to transition it.I hate the idea of loosing Muller just like I hated he idea of losing Boucher-Geee what is he doing this weekend?
    Geoff Molson,we need an intervention,get us back to the promiseland of the days when we were run by your family.The time to start panning is NOW.

    • Propwash says:

      Re; Boucher…

      In all fairness, Pittsburgh were much like the Habs in missing key players.
      I think the Capitals are going to put the Lightning away real fast.

    • Timo says:

      That is the problem – politics. There should be only one way of doing things. You play well, you get major minutes. You don’t – you sit. JM always caters to the older tired useless veterans by putting them on ice at key moments or in key games.

      Sadly, there is way too much politics involved which results in very little winning.

  7. ooder says:

    what upsets me so much about gomez.. is that we are wasting very productive years from pleks, cammy and gionta

    Gomez: 36 and counting!

    • habstrinifan says:

      YEP! Thousand YEP! And if JM does NOT adjust his system we will be wasting very exciting years from Subban and Price and Max Pac and Eller.

  8. volcano62 says:

    I’m getting sick of losing year after year. What will it take to win our 25th cup?

    • Hobie Hansen says:

      I was 17-years-old when they won the cup in 1993 and it isn’t beyond the realm of possibility that it won’t happen again in my lifetime.
      1-30 chance isn’t the greatest odds in the world. It’s harder to win the cup than ever before!

      • volcano62 says:

        I was 13 and I will never forget that great playoff run with all those overtime wins. In 86 i was only 6 so i don’t rememebr everything that clearly. The organization owes it to the fans to bring the cup back home were it belongs.

        I agree that it will happen again in our life time.

        However, we will never win unles we get rid of these clowns:
        A. Kostitsyn, S. Gomez and B. Pouliot. they are a disgrace to the Habs legacy. Hamerlik and Spacek are also pushing their luck.

  9. Habfan4lfe says:

    Until this organization wakes up and fires JM nothing will change. Gauthier better make the right decisions over the summer and those Molson boys better be paying damn close attention.

  10. volcano62 says:

    Got this from another site:
    – Gomez était au téléphone avec un ami, parlait fort et riait à pleines dents. L’Américain doit avoir hâte de retourner en Alaska pour pêcher.

    – Vous auriez dû voir le regard de feu que lui a lancé Mike Cammalleri. Gomez a aussitôt raccroché et est resté bien silencieux par la suite.

    WTF? And why the hell didn’t we sign Moore? He was willing to stay for less money…he’s the man in Tampa right now….

  11. Guy1010 says:

    Hi Everyone.

    As a US Citizen in Upstate New York, I can only imagine how much of how depressed everyone in Montreal could be today. I feel for you all and other Habs fans throughout the World! Luckily, I do not have to deal with any Boston fans this morning. However, I do keep reading posts from fans who had their team on the plank after game 2 and Julien out of a job.

    I have bled Bleu Blanc and Rouge since 1974. My heart sank to the floor last night to see the Habs go down to the team I hate most in any sport. I said to my wife afterwards that the Canadiens winning the Stanley Cup is much more important than the Yankees winning the World Series to me. It is something beyond words. I lived and dreamed being Guy Lafleur as a kid, My Grandfather painted the Canadiens Logo up in the Hay Loft of his barn where we played floor hockey in the Summer when it was empty. My dreams only fell short of not having enough money to play organized hockey.

    I still have optimism that this team can reach the Holy Grail in the coming years with a few changes plus the up and coming stars. Rebuilding at this point would not work and set them back many years. The Habs are closer than most people think.

    They gave a valiant effort for having a semi depleted defense. 3 Overtime game losses were the only difference from the Habs moving on in this series. Boston fans cannot say their “Goons” outplayed Montreal in most any facet of the series and should be concerned about the next round.

    The Habs still do live up to the title of the book on my shelf called “Lions in Winter”. No opposing fan can say today that they did not play their heart out during this series and gave us Canadiens fans hope for the future.

    Management please find a way to get rid of the few liabilities and bring in players to address the issues. A good transition defense and some power up front to play the net and boards.

    Take care everyone and enjoy the summer!

    Jim from NY

  12. Old Bald Bird says:

    One sight that I won’t miss for awhile is seeing Gomez gain the line, stop abruptly, and weakly slap the puck in the general direction of the net. I wonder if it’s possible for him to get his head back over the summer?

    — formerly notbigbird —

    • smiler2729 says:

      Are you kidding, his head would probably cost another $4 million to re-attach it…

      “My second favourite team is whoever plays the Leafs”

    • HalifaxHabs says:

      I hope so, because we are defintely stuck with him for 1 more year… in the last 2 years of his deal, his contract becomes slightly move-able, so we can hope next year is his last year.

      Before some genius chimes in to explain the cap to me, I know the hit doesn’t change, but the actually salary decreases significantly (5.5 mil & 4.5 mil) and there are alot of teams in the NHL that have to work each summer to get to the minumum salary load. So a centre with loads of playoff experience, and 2 cups, with an inflated cap hit could actually be attractive to a few teams.

      • Bob_Sacamano says:

        Definitely? Is this bs ever going to stop? It´s just not true. WE CAN SEND HIM TO HAMILTON IF WE HAVE THE BALLS and we definitely should if we can´t trade him. Yes, we actually might not do it but we have the choice, so please stop pretending bs like “we´re definitely stuck with him” WHEN IT`S DEFINITELY NOT

        Sorry for yelling but I am really sick of it.

        • HalifaxHabs says:

          would it make you feel better if I said “in my opinion”?


          You can keep dreaming that every night if you want, but the only way he is leaving in if we can find someone to take him for the last 1 or 2 years of his deal, or after his 3 remaining years are up.

          You can call me BS all you want, and use all sorts of caps to make your brilliant point, but this is reality. Yeah, technically they could do that, but he could also die in a car accident, or retire… but in the real world, these things aren’t going to happen.

          • Bob_Sacamano says:

            Well I am awake. Fair enough, that´s your opinion and I fear you´re right about the AHL. I just don´t like it when people pretend we have no other choice. We do and if we want to make this team better we have to get rid of him to create some cap space. Wasting 7.3 million on a player who we don´t need at all (Plekanec, Eller and Desharnais are all better) is just not smart.

          • HalifaxHabs says:

            there are choices, and then there are realistic choices.

            i’m sure we are all in agreement about one thing though, it would be great to get rid of him and recover that cap space.

    • neil4now says:

      totally agree. What are the options for Gomez in the off season? The lack of production really handcuffs the team. There is no way another team is going to pick up that salary and its a significant cost to buy him out. Terrible production this season (pts, defensive play, and face-off wins), he needs to get re-focused in the off-season to figure it out. The habs made a huge investment, its time to deliver.

    • shiram says:

      If Gomez cannot be moved/traded/se t down or whatever else, I think it’s time to have his role diminished. Eller showed some very impressive skills, and hopefully will come back next season roaring for that second line center spot.
      Gomez could have the 3rd line center spot, and diminished duties on the pk/pp.

  13. dicktracy says:

    That Subban shot reminded me a lot of a play some 30 years ago in 1979. Seemingly out of it the Habs got a late powerplay in the 7th game…too many men… and Lafleurs cannon from his favorite spot was in the net before Chevers could react.

    That time however the Habs went on to win the overtime and we are still seeing the replay of that goal today.

    PKs’ goal every bit as hard and clutch but will we still be watching the replay in 30 years from now?

    Well for sure we will be watching PK highlights for a lot of years anyway. Thats good news.

  14. RGM says:

    Hart candidates: Perry, D. Sedin, St. Louis

    Perry, sure.
    Sedin – on a team that also boasts Kesler, Henrik Sedin, and Luongo, I have a tough time swallowing that he’s head and shoulders move valuable to the Canucks than anybody else to the point that it propels him to this position.
    St. Louis – on a team that also boasts Stamkos and Lecavalier, I have a tough time swallowing that he’s head and shoulders more valuable to the Lightning than anybody else to point that it propels him to this position.

    Carey Price is All Hart!
    Go Habs Go!
    Support my playoff beard:

    • olematelot says:

      Is this enough reason for you

      Sedin’s offensive game is as well-rounded as any current player, as his statistics this season will attest. He tied teammate Ryan Kesler for fourth in the NHL with 41 goals and placed third with 63 assists for a League-best 104 points. Sedin’s 18 power-play goals also placed him atop that category, while his plus-30 rating was second among NHL forwards and his 10 game-winning goals trailed only Perry and Alex Ovechkin. Sedin will be attempting to keep the trophy in the family after Henrik Sedin captured it last year by edging two-time defending winner Ovechkin.

      St. Louis, who will have turned 36 by the time the award is presented, just continues to marvel. He narrowly missed out on his second career 100-point season and eclipsing the 102 he put up during the 2006-07 campaign. All the same, St. Louis finished second in the League in both assists (68) and points (99), while scoring more than 30 goals for the sixth time in eight seasons. He also finished in the top 10 among forwards with nearly 21 minutes of ice time per game, a feat helped by the fact St. Louis, also up for the Lady Byng, amassed only 12 penalty minute

  15. J_P says:

    A truly valiant and courageous effort by the habs, but in the end, we just didn’t have the horses.

    If Markov, Gorges, and Paccioretty were available, this would have been a different series. I don’t care what the guys from the team 990 morning show say, Savard would not have had as big of an impact if he was available as markov/gorges/paccioretty would have had for us. Markov and Paccioretty take our powerplay from effective, to outright lethal. Not to mention that Markov makes a huge difference in 5 on 5 play because he is excellent at starting the rush, and making that first breakout pass. Paccioretty was a Bruin killer.

    What thing that has troubled me all year long is the total lack of killer instinct from this squad. Maybe sitting on leads and winning tight games worked for the pre-lockout devils, but this edition of the habs are not the pre-lockout devils. Considering our offensive talent up front, I would like to see a bit more of a puck posession / attacking system from the canadiens next season.

    I didnt expect the habs to win the cup, but I at least wanted them to beat the classless Bruins. Glad to see our players displayed loads of class at the end of this one (ie everyone shaking chara and ference’s hand, and carey’s praise for tim thomas). Very unsettling to watch Chara dive to draw the penalty on the eller cross-check, and to watch ference and boychuk both target the head of Halpern. I can’t believe that boston fans, pundits, and players have the audacity to call the habs divers and dirty.

    Going to be a busy off-season, lots of decisions to be made. Should be interesting. Our youth served us well, and I think this team is set up real nice for the future.

    I dont care much for the whole “cheer for the canadian team”, so sorry to vancouver, but go Caps go! I hope they smoke the flyers and the bruins.

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  17. HardHabits says:

    Another wasted season really, apart from 3 pay days for the owners. Gauthier says he wants the Habs to be in the top 10, but that is not enough. The sweet spot is top 5.

    Fortunately they didn’t sell the farm in an all-in bluff for the fans that this is the year. But I fear those days will return as the next few seasons bring us nowhere near a sniff at the Cup and the Habs brass starts to panic in the face of an angry fan base.

    The big mistake this series was playing Gomez too much and Eller not enough. Who’s to blame for that one? JM all the way. But his hands are tied because it’s the old boys club protecting their collective behinds. Can’t admit that the Gomez trade was a bad move.

    The bottom line is the Gomez trade is looking disastrous. Not only did the Habs lose McDonaugh but they are also going to stagnate until Gomez is off the team. At that point it’ll be rebuild time again. So my guess is the Habs will start to be competitive around the year 2020.

    Championship teams are built via the draft and are only supplemented by trades and free agency. Not the other way around as the Habs are trying to do.

  18. HabFarmer says:

    Yea, you’re awesome – a regular Toe Blake. You know most of the time I look at your posts as a humorous – alternate – universe, sort of thing. Sort of like humoring a slightly developmentally challenged co-worker or something. But you know the endless Gainey bashing is getting a little old. Disagree sure, call him a doofus and that just speaks volumes about you. He’s got more class and brains then you likely ever will have, even if you do seek counselling of some sort. And he’s seen a lot of tragedy and sadness and worked his way through it in an honourable way.

    “No, I see. The monkey’s out of the bottle now!”

  19. Timo says:

    You guys all go ahead and plan. If anything is clear is that next year we will still have Gomez, JM, Gauthier and the rest of the useless gang that screwed up this season. First round exit (after barely squeezing into the playoffs) guaranteed.

    • Hobie Hansen says:


      How can you say that pal? JM did an amazing job with all the injuries! And aside from neglecting to build a team with a bit more size, I think PG and BG did a pretty good job at the draft table and through trades in bringing in talented players.

      I’m sure PG’s top priority is to add a bit more size and muscle to this team and that should put us among the elite next season.

      • HardHabits says:

        Bottom line. Habs lost round 1 to the Bruins after going up 2-0, losing 3 games in OT at that. JM did a crap job as far as I am concerned.

      • Timo says:

        With all due respect, that lack of size has been evident for at least 2 years now. PG did nothing to address it last summer, or during the season.

        Yes, we can site injuries as yet another excuse, but there gotta be something that the team can do to reduce the probability of its players always being injured. Say, like get bigger and meaner. If the opposition sees absolutely no consequences from running our top guys all game every game of course eventually they are going to get injured.

        I don’t care about class and all the BS like that. It’s a professional league and these guys are paid to win. So, if you have to win dirty the win dirty. Get tougher and meaner. Take the other teams’ top guys out.

        Argh… anyway… nothing’s going to change. It will be the same thing next year.

        • Hobie Hansen says:

          Size and toughness is a very frustrating thing for me as a Habs fan as well! I’m super pissed that the last power forward on this team was Shayne Corson. Max Pacioretty should correct that after a good season next year.

          However, the toughness part really means nothing in the playoffs. The Bruins had no time to chase guys around after the whistles or put themselves out of position and try for huge hits. There was a fight or two in the series but they really meant nothing.

          They do have to get bigger and I would like to see them bring in a real enforcer for regular season play. I think the top six forwards are fine though. With Pacioretty and Kostitsyn on the wings on the 1st and second lines we have enough size to get by.

          But we should definitely add some real muscle and toughness on the bottom two lines and maybe an enforcer defenseman that can take a regular shift.

          Overall a good job by management and I think they’ll add a bit more jam to a pretty good team over the summer.

          • LA Loyalist says:

            Our top 6 forwards are fine? We can’t freaking score and neither can we defend, notwithstanding JM’s reputed genius.

            Of the top 6 would keep Pleks, Patches and Cammi. Eller is not top 6 yet. Gio is ok if he had better (bigger, tougher, soft hands) players around him. Gomez is useless, 3 games trying hard out of 85? How can you defend that? Kosti? G*d he has ability but wildly inconsistent. I don’t know. Poo? I don’t know, he has talent too, but maybe he’d be better with a better coach.

            If we have more or less the same top 6 next year we will get exactly the same result.

  20. AK_PK_Usay says:

    Im seeing A LOT of comments how Markov is a huge risk, injured players free up cap space, Markov playing is NHL elite.

    Wiz is NOT a markov replacement, not in the same class, wiz suffered as many injuries in previous years, just cos none of you cared since he wasnt playing for the habs doesnt change the fact.

    On the PP no one is as dominant as Markov with the puck, he alwyas knew where to move it pass it AND when to go to the net.

    Markov was rushed last year with a semi healed leg, this year he’s finally getting proper rest, the year before he rushed to make the olympics, its important to discern the why and not the what.

    Why did he get injured and not just “he got injured”…

    Wiz was a great bandaid, but he isn’t worth much, regardless how many points he gets, he will be the cause of MANY more by handicapping the team in our end.

    Spacek, Hammer, Gill fall under this same category.
    Sopel and Mara played more solid games, that gives you an idea of how bad the 1st 3 have become. If you think gill is actually any good, then you probably thought komisarek was an all star.

    Put PK with gorges next year to see a good defensive Dman.

    when all think alike, no one is thinking very much

  21. Bob_Sacamano says:

    Sorry but this is going to be a little bit longer than usual.

    First of all, I am fine with what our team overall showed in this series. We were really unlucky at times (see Game 4, Game 5 and Game 7) and obviously missed a couple of important players. Our biggest loss in this series was not Markov nor Gorges, it was Pacioretty. I admit, Gionta wasn´t great but I really felt bad for him because he had to play with Gomez and Moen/Darche. I really rate Darche btw but he is no second line player.

    As for next season: I know I am repearting myself but Gomez just has to go. There´s very little hope this team will be much better next season with him and his contract still here. I know most expect him to be here but please stop pretending we have no other choice. WE DO and everyone knows that. There´s a chance a team with cap space might take him for a low draft pick. If not, then send him to Hamilton. This would be an unpleasant move but in this league you win nothing by being nice. This is something all of us should really have realized by now. And to be fair, there are worse things in life than playing in the AHL earning 7.5 million dollars.

    I also wouldn´t resign Auld, Sopel, Mara, Hamrlik, Picard and trade away Spacek (or buy him out) and Travis Moen for low draft picks. We need a back up who is simply a little bit better than Auld. I am not sure but Ramo maybe?

    On defence there´s only Subban and Nash signed for next season (and Spacek, yes…), so we have a lot of choices. Gorges and Markov definetely have to stay even if there are some doubts about Markov´s fitness (well, about his knees actually). I also would keep Wisniewski if he doesn´t want more than a 3 year contract paying him 4.5 million (max) a season. Gill deserves one more year and Weber should also get a one year deal, maybe even two if he doesn´t want more than 750.000 $ per season. One of the keys to get better on D is Alexei Emelin. He´s a decent skater, physical and has found some nice offensive upside this season. He has also already proven he can play on this level in the Olympics. I personally think he has everyhing to become our third dest defenceman after Subban and Markov. We need to get him over from Russia.

    Up front, with the Gomez contract gone, we can afford raises for Pacioretty, Desharnais and acquire a decent player with some size. I´d really love to have Brooks Laich, especially since he can play center as well as winger. Kostitsyn deserves a new two year deal, I think. He wasn´t good in game 6 and 7 but I really liked him in the other four games he played and overall he had a decent season when not being of the ice with Gomez. I´d also keep Pouliot one more year. If he continues to suck he should be traded before the end of the year. Maybe if we keep the expectations low he can at least become a decent third liner. We definetely have to keep White and I also wouldn´t mind having Darche, Pyatt and Halpern for one more season. Especially Darche really deserves it including a small raise.

    So, that would leave us with this team:

    Cammalleri Plekanec Pacioretty
    Laich Eller Kostitsyn
    Pouliot Desharnais Gionta
    Darche Halpern White

    Markov Emelin
    Gorges Subban
    Gill/Weber Wisniewski
    Gill/Weber Nash


    This looks pretty good to me and don´t tell me this wouldn´t be better than any possible team that has Gomez in…

    I´d also like a new GM and Muller as our head coach but I am almost certain Gauthier and Martin unfortunately will be here at the start of next season.

    • since1988 says:

      I would take this as our line-up probably going to need to overpay for Laich out of all free agents forwards there aren’t many good ones

      “I savour it every day, sometimes before practice I’m skating around and I’ll look at the logo on my jersey – I’m playing for the Canadiens!”
      – Mathieu Darche

  22. Chuck says:

    Any word yet about a ruling on the blindside hit to Halpern’s head?

    • Habfan4lfe says:

      Dude. It’s Boston, nothing is going to happen. Boston has people all the way up the chain in the NHL. It ain’t gonna happen. If it didn’t happen for Pax or Spacek, it ain’t gonna happen for Halpy. I know that jerk stuck his shoulder out. Half the freggn country saw it but they wont do anything about it. Watch.

  23. RGM says:

    Bob McKenzie is Tweeting that Daniel Sedin and Corey Perry are virtual locks for Hart nominee. That’s fine. But he’s also touting Ryan Kesler–Sedin’s teammate–as third candidate. By the definition of the award, wouldn’t Kesler even being considered undermine the validity of Sedin’s claim to be the most valuable player to his team?

    Carey Price is All Hart!
    Go Habs Go!
    Support my playoff beard:

  24. Goderichab says:

    I will leave the emotional fans their day. Tomorrow, I will share my concerns for the future, my hope for the future and my what I consider a conflict of interest in the future, for the NHL and their
    new 2 billion dollar TV contract with NBC/Comcast!!
    The Habs are the greatest and thank you for a fantastic season, played under dire circumstances but definitely fan generating!

  25. AH says:

    My two cents; Well it was a great effort by the Habs, but in the end the bigger, healthier and deeper team won. Also, when you’re up 2-0 in a series coming home, you really should win it. No one is saying it but I think the Habs got too cocky and overconfident, and it ended up costing them. That combined with no killer instinct, and they lose in 7 instead of winning in 5 or 6 like they should have. As proven once again, this team needs to get bigger and tougher. Anyone who says not is delusional. Like the Flyers need goaltending, we need SIZE! Just take a look at who we have to get through in OUR CONFERENCE, to even make it to the cup final: Philly, Boston, Wash, NYR, and the Leafs, (yes I said the Leafs because Burke is slowly constructing a team of sandpaper). Look at what this team put up with this year from the Bruins alone: Campbell beating on Pyatt, Boychuk beating on Spacek, Chara breaking Pacioretty’s neck, Recchi and Marchand disrespecting the Habs organization, Ference giving the Habs fans the finger, Lucic ramming Spacek, Halpern getting “stanchioned”, Kelly spearing Hamrlik, Ference blindsiding Halpern… these were all liberties that were taken because there was no fear of any Habs retribution. The tough hockey is played in April, and until Gauthier et al get that, no cups will be coming the Habs way anytime soon.

    Moving forward, here is a list of people I would like to see gone next year, NOTE: I am not saying how they should be gone, or why, or who should replace them, or how it affects the cap, or blah, blah blah. These are just people that if I could snap my fingers, and they would be gone from the Habs, I would; Forwards: AK46, Gomez, Pouliot, Pyatt, Darche, Halpern. Defence: Spacek, Hamrlik, Sopel, Picard. Goal: Auld. Non – players: Gauthier, Gainey, JM, Pearn.

    Have a great summer everyone, as usual it’s been “a blast” reading all the “bickering” on this site! At the end of the day, we’re all just part of one big HAPPY, DYSFUNCTIONAL family of Habs Fans!

    I’m out till October, unless something “blockbuster” happens in the off season, like say a trade of Gomez? (Hey, a guy can dream can’t he?) LOL!

  26. observer says:

    Close but no cigar! Better teams who were proved all year advanced.

    East – top 4 seeds advance.
    West- top 3 seeds advance and the #5 seed who actually was tied with the #4 seed made the next round with them.

    No matter what excuses Gauthier gives today why every year for the last 31 years he has to give excuses before the Stanley Cup finals series even started.

  27. habsfan_61 says:

    shoulda ,coulda, woulda and if only. these words define the habs luck or lack thereof this series.all kind of bad bounces and lucky body placements by the rooins cost us goals. i think if all the bounces went our way we take them out and early. but, it didnt happen and cant keep crying over spilled milk. our guys were valiant and heroic. a couple of observations to go along with the rest of my post. the bruins are a dirty team full of hypocrites. they say others are dirty, divers, etc. and yet we see marchand elbowing players to the head, ference elbowing halpern away from the play. pot meet kettle. second ,unfortunately now that tampa has also won, now we are going to be in for posts criticizing us for letting boucher go ad nauseum. once and for all it was best for boucher to get experience in a less pressured environment and be successful there rather than coming in as a rookie in the cooker that is habsland. he will eventually grow stale there and if there is an oppurtunity here then hire him. until then we are stuck with sominex hockey aka jm’s will still be here for at least 1 more year if not 2 when his contract is up.anyway i guess i now chear for the canucks. i hope drty 1(phil) and dirty 2(boston) beat the crap out of each other leaving them with an empty gas can for washington ( was in 6 over tb)

  28. AK_PK_Usay says:

    Martin lives and dies by his veterans, the ONLY reason he played Subban is because no one can ignore he is our best Dman and is becoming elite league wise…

    Look at our PP, martin keeps playing gionta with cammy and pleky, who’m did the perfect pass to PK for the tying goal, who did the passes to beat chicago and quite a few other critical goals… AK definitely played under par, but clearly was injured since the chara hit, what made him under par is his speed, he was slower than usual, but his passes are some of the best on the team, constantly tape to tape, his weakness, his back passes, which he does blindly, and that’s quite simple, he wants to play a possesion type game, where martin wants us, a small team, to dump the puck and hope to get it back from boston, what a joke…

    The OT goal was martin’s system followed to the letter, ie, HANG ON FOR DEAR LIFE, around price, while the opposite team bombards the net. Instead of having 3 habs block prices view… How about everyone has a man, and harass him like a paparazi.

    Martin is still here because of halak and price, and its sad, he’s a dinosaur.

    Well cammy proved his last playoff taly was no fluke, he’s a playoff achiever, great stuff. Gomez proved he belongs in the minors, ok ok, he had some signs of life, but cmon, Ill be the 1st to say, give him 1 more year to wake up.

    Eller was this playoff’s revelation, great in our end, their end, ALL over the ice, and he has strengh and gritt, #1 center written all over him.

    SuperPlexx played banged up and still was dominant. except on faceoffs, well he has a summer to work on hand eye coordination.

    Our D, besides PK and Webber, I want them all gone, Wiz is Souray minus a cannon shot, PK has a better shot and isnt minue 30…

    I hope AK gets signed back, I feel the need to say this because im afraid he won’t be…

    when all think alike, no one is thinking very much

    when all think alike, no one is thinking very much

    • Laramy87 says:

      So you would like to say goodbye to Markov and Gorges too???

      Wiz is a huge upgrade over Souray, he has improved his defence tremendously in Montreal. The only reason why he is a -30, cuase he was playing for a terrible team in Long Island for more than half the season.


  29. Chuck says:

    What if HI/O were to make a trade? What do you think that Observer would bring on the open market?

  30. D Mex says:

    I just watched a Boston “Reporter”, Jack Edwards, delivering a televised commentary on NESN about the Habs following the game last night. It included classless references to “Royalty”, “Thrones”, and a certain tea party at the local harbour.

    Winning is great and I understand the adrenalin rush that can follow a big win. But I also happen to believe that good people in the US, including some of my own relatives and friends, will be embarrassed today by this dickhead. I recall one of them, a US Navy Captain, uttering the term ‘ugly american’ as he and I listened to an arrogant rant, not unlike this one, years ago by one of his countrymen down south.

    Poor Jack – a true moron on a tabloid network.

    ALWAYS Habs –
    D Mex

  31. itsdeanetime says:

    Martin may have appeared to take an underdog team with key injuries farther than they were expected…….but in reality, Halak and Price are the only reasons Martin is not feeling the same heat as Wilson in T.O. His player selection was absolutely horrendous in this series. Hammerlk is done. Finished. He simply cannot play at this level. Yet Martin played him like a top 2 dman. Stared every period in game 7. Played the last shift of every period. Started him in OT??? Weber gets a big goal to sprk the team when they were flat and down 2-0 them JM nails him to the bench. Weber played 8 minutes last night. Sopel 15….Hammerlk? 25. How many times this season thecamera would go right on Hammerl after a goal on Price was astronomical. The fact that Martin played this guy like he is a top 2 dman is enough reason for me to say get rid of him. Gomez played 89 hockey gaes this season, the exact same way every shift……playing shinny out there…….blind passes, can’t score to save his life, soft on the boards, leaves his man in the defensive zone, has not shot, and yet Martin never once cut his ice time, powerplay time, or top six duties. Julien and Carbs were fired for less. If Hammerlk is back on this team I will cancell my center ice package……no way am I watching a habs team that openly admitts they cannot find 6 defenceman more capable than a washed up, old slow Roman Hammerlk. I’ll catch highlites and the odd game……but as far as watching 75 plus games……with Martin, Hammerlk AND Gomez……..why would I volunteer for that.


    • AK_PK_Usay says:

      Martin lives and dies by his veterans, the ONLY reason he played Subban is because no one can ignore he is our best Dman and is becoming elite league wise…

      Look at our PP, martin keeps playing gionta with cammy and pleky, who’m did the perfect pass to PK for the tying goal, who did the passes to beat chicago and quite a few other critical goals… AK definitely played under par, but clearly was injured since the chara hit, what made him under par is his speed, he was slower than usual, but his passes are some of the best on the team, constantly tape to tape, his weakness, his back passes, which he does blindly, and that’s quite simple, he wants to play a possesion type game, where martin wants us, a small team, to dump the puck and hope to get it back from boston, what a joke…

      The OT goal was martin’s system followed to the letter, ie, HANG ON FOR DEAR LIFE, around price, while the opposite team bombards the net. Instead of having 3 habs block prices view… How about everyone has a man, and harass him like a paparazi.

      Martin is still here because of halak and price, and its sad, he’s a dinosaur.

      Well cammy proved his last playoff taly was no fluke, he’s a playoff achiever, great stuff. Gomez proved he belongs in the minors, ok ok, he had some signs of life, but cmon, Ill be the 1st to say, give him 1 more year to wake up.

      Eller was this playoff’s revelation, great in our end, their end, ALL over the ice, and he has strengh and gritt, #1 center written all over him.

      SuperPlexx played banged up and still was dominant. except on faceoffs, well he has a summer to work on hand eye coordination.

      Our D, besides PK and Webber, I want them all gone, Wiz is Souray minus a cannon shot, PK has a better shot and isnt minue 30…

      I hope AK gets signed back, I feel the need to say this because im afraid he won’t be…

      when all think alike, no one is thinking very much

    • FlyingFrenchie says:

      It’s time for Molson to wake up and smell the schnapps.
      What I mean is…
      It all comes down to a simple question:
      Do we want mediocrity or do we want our team to be Stanley Cup Champions?
      Let’s face the facts…
      The Montreal Canadiens have a long and beautiful history.
      Unfortunately most of it now is a distant memory.
      Why is this?
      The answer can only rest at the people who have been running this operation.
      Have they done a terrible job?…NO!
      Have they done an excellent job? NO!
      Have they did a mediocre job? Yes!
      If you want to see the future…
      Take a look at the past…
      Examine the history of Timmins, Gauthier, Jack Martian.
      All of them were fired in Ottawa.
      So how in the world did they end up in Montreal?
      When they really should be in Toronto!
      The fact is great goaltending has saved this bunch over the past two seasons. Nothing more…Nothing less.
      Forget the injuries…Even with a healthy squad it would take a miracle for this lot to win the Cup.
      I am not just blowin smoke…
      Here’s why…
      A championship team contains a high degree of balance.
      With our team we have one in the same type of players.
      Case in point…
      With the exception of P.K….
      How would you describe our defence?
      Consider the speed of molasses in an old log cabin in the middle of winter.
      Hopefully some of them will have the good sense to check in at retirement home now that season is over.
      How would you describe our forwards?
      Cement hands come to mind…
      With the exception of Gionta and Cammy of course.
      Most couldn’t find the net if they actually fell into it.
      Of course it’s not their fault…
      Again it rests with the people who brought them in in the first place.
      Whenever I feel frustation with my beloved team I ask myself the question:
      What would Sam Pollock do if he were running things?
      We miss you Sam…All of miss u you more than you could ever know.
      Yes..Thats all in the past …
      But sadly unless some intestinal fortitude is displayed by the owner…
      Thats all we will ever have!

  32. Bugs says:

    When does Gauthier give the State of the Union address?

    Wide-eyed with wonder warbles L. B. Potter, esq.

      • HabinBurlington says:

        You are very angry today Observer. I hope there is nothing sharp in your direct vicinity.

        Great Effort Boys, PG get to work this Summer!

      • Paulin98C says:

        observer says:
        April 28, 2011 10:37 am at 10:37 am @Norm0770
        Wiznewski replaced Markov for 2nd and 5th round picks, and did a pretty decent job of it too. In 43 games for the Habs he had 30 points and was plus 4. Anybody “better” would have cost more and you can only trade for players who are available.

        completely wrong! firstly likeacquiring tanguay for a #1 and a #2, acquiring schneider for a #2, acquiring lang for a #2, acquiring moore for a #2, and now acquiring wisniewski for a #2 ALL OF THESE PLAYERS KMERELY LASTED MONTHS IN HABS UNIFORMS and picks in the first 2 rounds is where you build your team so you dont have to overpay 2nd tier FREE AGENTS like these 2 loser GMs have done here.

        Contradicting yourself over and over again… spittin out BS constantly… GTFO

      • Bugs says:

        It must really be horrible over there, Obie, huh?

        Gone figuratively fishin filibusts L. B. Potter, esq.

    • shootdapuck says:

      Renovation Makeover Report ?

      Roofs and Ceiling!

      About 1500?

      … the fans of the Boston Bruins now have lost forever any right to complain that “the league” is out to get their team, and that the Montreal Canadiens have some kind of pull inside the NHL home office.

      Charles P. Pierce – Boston Globe

  33. mrhabby says:

    What we have….
    the future so bright with the development of carey price. what a year he had..excellent on so many nights and saved the habs from sure losses. he wll be in many all star games and will be one of the top keepers for years…baring injury.
    PK Subban..his stint in the press box did him wonders. the kid is 21 and he is already the teams best dman. he developed so skilled and fearless.
    the remainder of the core looks good with eller, cams, max p, gorges, ak, gill, markov and a few others.

    What we need…
    some size down the middle with alot of attitude. also, a more mobile defence that is younger. not sure how you can get both given cap issues but thats why the g’s are paid big bucks. i see the offence as the big issue. who wants to keep on playing games that are 2-1, 3-2 with very little room for error. maybe it will be easier with markov. jorges and maxp back in the line-up and relying less on carey price to bail the team out.

    Martin..have to give some cudos to him and his staff for getting the team in the playoffs with key injuires on a thin club . not sure the system is in place due the injuries or its just his style. iam sure cams, gionta, gomez and others were under the impression that they were going to score lots of goals when signed.
    martin and gauthier are safe as can be…they look out for each other and any change can only come from Geoff Molson i don’t see that happening any time soon.

    it will be a very interesting summer, good luck gauthier your going to need it. to see flyers whip the bruins.

  34. DearyLeary says:

    I think we’re on a 3 year curve to contention right now. We need to get rid of the Gomez contract, and that’ll be the time it expires and it’ll open up a huge chunk of cap space.

    But it’ll also be the time where Price (maybe), PK, Patches, and Eller will still be young/cheap, and very productive. Young players who don’t cost much and produce good numbers are the key to strong NHL teams the way the league is structured.

    Let’s hope we can find a player in the middle of the draft that can be playing in the NHL in 3 years, because right now the cupboards are a little bare as far as prospects go.

    The injuries were a real limiting factor this year. Markov and Gorges supply minutes on the blue line that are extremely difficult to replace. PK and Hal did an admirable job, and much as I like Hal he’s more of a 5/6 roleplayer at this stage in his career, not a big minutes kind of guy. PK is young, and it showed from time to time, but it was a great learning year for him and he’s going to be one of the best for a long time to come.

    Even missing those minutes on the blue line, I think Pacioretty’s injury hit the hardest. He was clicking along at a 30 goal full season pace, to boot he was fast, and a big body who was easily our best dump-in retrieval man. Take out his production, and the ability to sustain a forcheck with our top two lines and it leaves an awfully big hole that our team simply couldn’t fill by having to make a patchwork of our defensive core.

    Price played big all season, and through this series. He’s going to be a rock that allows us to compete year in-year out.

    There was much joy, and much sorrow this year, but there was always pride in the team. In the end it’s always worth it to love this team.

    Go Habs Go.

  35. GoalieT says:

    Again, I don’t comment often, but I am a consistently frequent visitor here. However, I have some comments today if for no other reason than for therapeutic purposes.

    I’m proud of Price. What with all the crap I’ve read a year ago to now, he’s come a LONG way. Honestly, I’ve always been a fan of him and always felt he’d show his true colours with time. We need to keep him at all costs in the future.
    P.K. was, and will continue to be, an absolute force. Adaptable in any situation. Want offense? He can do that. Need defense? Can do that too. He needs some more time in maturity/composure classes at times, but he’s done remarkably well so far. No worries as long as he stays the course.
    Max Pacioretty is someone I’m looking forward to seeing next year (hopefully). He did great things this year in the short time we saw him. Can’t wait to see more.
    Pouliot has similar, if not better, size than Patches does. I just wish that we could clone Patches’ mojo and work ethic into Benny. Can you imagine 2 guys like that on our top two forward lines?
    Cammalleri is gold in the play-offs. Too bad he’s had a second year in a row with some missed time due to injury (shoulder this year, and an ankle last year I think?). A little weak on the boards and in the corners. Almost reluctant, it seems. Don’t know what to make of that. But shooting from the circles is lethal.
    And, I’ll probably get crap for this, but Gomez….I can’t even look at him anymore. I get frustrated on so many levels that I get a headache every time I hear him talk, see him play, see him smiling (for what, I have no clue). I’d truly love to see him come back next year and make me look like a complete idiot and score 20+ goals and 40-50 assists. Oh, how I’d willingly wear that dunce cap. But I honestly can’t see that happening. Ever, actually. He’d look good feeding Rick Nash or Taylor Hall. It isn’t healthy for me to go into every year with this hate-on for what he is going to provide.

    This post is long enough already, so I’ll snip it there. The season was fun reading what all of you had to say (whether I agreed with it or not) and look forward to reading more, and commenting myself from time to time, from now until the start of the new year.

    And, finally…….Gauthier? Please do something regarding some needed roster additions and deletions. We can all speculate on who those people should be, and that’s what makes it fun. From your chair, I think you know too.

    So, yeah….I said “please”.

    Ultimate Die-Hard Fan Since 1986.


  36. Habs Proud says:

    Tough way to lose but what way isn’t, thats playoff hockey. All in all the Habs had a respectable season, yes there is all the what ifs, what if the D had stayed healthy, what if the offence was better what if what if….. that being said we could have easily been moving on this morning instead of talking about who has to go next year. I like this team, yes its needs some monor changes but how can real fans not be excited about Price, Subban, Plekanic, Gionta etc and yes Lars Eller I personally think he will be a very good player in the not too distant future. Its easy to say the Habs can’t compete after the fact but they were one bounce, one break from moving on, think about it, the Vancouver Canucks the best team in the NHL this season were in the exact same position, OT game seven they just had a better outcome, imagine best team in NHL losing in the 1st round, maybe the Habs aren’t that far out.

  37. Say Ash says:

    Question: When is the last time we lost 3 OT games in a series? My hungover brain is failing me at the moment.

    • Hobie Hansen says:

      Very hungover myself lol!

    • observer says:

      probably every team who ever lost 3 overtime games in a series must have lost it.

      fact is habs all year were terrible 6 on 6 and most of overtime is played 6 on 6. bruins killed habs 6 on 6 all series and tats why boston won inspite of a pathetic power play.

      but again at trade deadline gauthier did not try for a penner or whoever could help this team that all year long was terrible 6 on 6.

      habs will never win with that old brain leading them NEVER!

      • HNS says:

        Spot on. This team is and has been on the long road to mediocrity. This toilet bowl management group has destroyed this team in its own way by not hiring the best they can get. A great coach is the one we gave away to Tampa and the guy that knows about winning, Yzerman is with them too. The young fans of this club won’t see a cup here intill their in rocking chairs. Every season its some new excuse or another. The Molsons need to flush the toilet with these posers and hire some real hockey people and stop letting them get away.

        • observer says:

          exactly! the loons on this bored will probably start insulting you next. i take it as a compliment like when a crazy man thinks you are illogical.

          crazy – serious! it knows who i mean.

          • HNS says:

            Some are loons but most are kids that don’t know better. They have no idea what use to be here or the history of this club. This shart is going to go on for a long time unfortunately. When I mentioned yesterday that Price was not Halak and it was the Halak standing on his head that got this club past Washington and Pittsburgh. I’m not ripping Price, I believe he is very good with a few inadequate guys on D that can’t help him out.
            Gainey should go to jail for that Gomez deal for that money. As for the coach, WTF??? Playing not to lose and blocking too many shots gets players injured as opposed to playing offence and scoring goals. Letting Boucher go was a huge mistake. Not getting a guy to consult like Bowman or Yzerman to pull managements heads out of their ass is another mistake. I can go on and on here but waht’s the use.

  38. observer says:

    dont worry ! this year finally after 31 unsuccessful years in the nhl gauthier will lead his team with his brain to a stanley cup finals series.

    unreal! this team once was class! this team once had tradition! this team once had fans who only accepted WINNING.


    • HardHabits says:

      skip, skip, skip, skip, skip….

      • observer says:

        as i said – habs fans were winners. i remember 1967 canadas birthday year. habs the best team that year lost to toronto for cup – montreal fans considered them losers.

        now the ones who call “themselves” fans are losers and accept losing.

        vince lombardi said – “any good loser is A LOSER”!

        • Bugs says:

          “‘Member that time in 67? That PROVES the Habs stink TODAY!…and…and…and ‘member that OTHER time? ALSO in 67? That proves leafs are winners TODAY…and…and…and Habs stink!”
          Right, Obie?

          Gone figuratively fishin filibusts L. B. Potter, esq.

    • itsdeanetime says:

      observer is right ……. this team should b ashamed of the passengers that kept getting a bulk of ice time (and management is just fine with it)…….opposing forwards must just drool at lining up againt the pairing of Hammerlk and Spackek……. Hammerlk played the worst defence at all parts of the ice that i have seen anyone in Canadiens sweater in my 41 years as a fan……. Martin is an idiot for playing him a ton. Gomez is an embaressment. Has to join Redden and Souray.

      GO HABS

  39. Hobie Hansen says:

    We’ll be back next year and with Markov, Gorges and Pacioretty healthy we’re not far away from being a serious contender.

    Sometimes in life the bad guy wins and that’s what happened with this series. After the Chara hit on Pacioretty and that wild fight night in Boston where the Bruins beat on Hamrlik and Spacek, the Canadiens should have had the last laugh and won the series. The season came down to one shot on goal and unfortunately the other team capitalized on it.

    I seriously hope Gauthier does a good job with the defence over the summer and signs the right guys! I think it’s time for Gill and Hamrlik to move on and go with a core group of Subban, Markov, Wisniewski and Gorges. I’d love too see a big nasty defenceman come in and maybe play with Webber. Spacek is so done! Hopefully he spends the majority of time in the press box next season.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Kostitsyn back and I’m OK with keeping the top six the way they are. On the 3rd and 4th lines I’d like to see a lot more toughness added.

    Well get back at Boston next year one way or another!

  40. shiram says:

    Ferrence will get a disciplinary hearing with Murphy.
    PLease NHL get this one right, you have let me down so many times this season.

  41. RockinRey says:

    Its pretty simple . In the offseason you go shopping. Shopping your greatest asset to seek someone who is big and has hands.

    And that said asset is Markov. It is time . They have the puck movng guy in PK and can keep Wiz or seek a guy like that to compliment him. This organization has been in denial for some time. You can play kitty bar the door but it will not win you the cup all the time- last spring was their chance and they blew it. You need to be able to shut it down at times. But not score 2 goals and hold on for dear life.

    Do whatever it takes to unload Gomez. I could care less about the money ..but get his lazy ass out of town.

    Why is it the Habs are not developing top 6 guys? They have traded for ( Eller) and signed everyone else. It is time to start using central scouting picks if they can’t assess talent properly.

    Is there no player in North America they can find who is 6′> and has some hands?

    • Hobie Hansen says:

      We can’t shop Markov cuz he doesn’t belong to us as he is a UFA.

      • 24 Cups says:

        HH – We can’t shop Markov directly, but we can indirectly do so by means of his cap space.

        His cap space is an asset, just like a player. Do we utilize it by bringing him back knowing that he is a huge risk, or do we shore up another area of the team?

        That’s the only real question facing the Habs this summer. Everything else is small potatoes.

        I certainly don’t envy Gauthier when it comes to playing the Markov card. He might want to re-read Stephen Covey before making a decision.

        • mrhabby says:

          take out markov and left with subban, gill, spacek, jorges, weber and sign wiz. i don’t think they will bring back mara, sopel and hammer..still not enough force on the back for me…tough one to call.

  42. observer says:

    Wiznewski replaced Markov for 2nd and 5th round picks, and did a pretty decent job of it too. In 43 games for the Habs he had 30 points and was plus 4. Anybody “better” would have cost more and you can only trade for players who are available.

    completely wrong! firstly likeacquiring tanguay for a #1 and a #2, acquiring schneider for a #2, acquiring lang for a #2, acquiring moore for a #2, and now acquiring wisniewski for a #2 ALL OF THESE PLAYERS KMERELY LASTED MONTHS IN HABS UNIFORMS and picks in the first 2 rounds is where you build your team so you dont have to overpay 2nd tier FREE AGENTS like these 2 loser GMs have done here.

    Wisniewski is nowhere near Markov’s ability and he did not replace markov. in fact he was not even traded for by the two old GMs UNTIL AFTER GORGES WAS INJURED AND NEVER PLAYED AGAIN. I repeat what i said Gauthier had from early in the year to replace that huge loss and he did nothing!

  43. Big Bird says:

    Couple of cents from the peanut gallery:

    1. Before anything else my thanks to all of the Gazette staff and posters for making this my only online Habs destination year after year. I love the new iPhone app.

    2. I recall at the beginning of the season everyone was concerned (myself included) about trading Halak and keeping Price. Well our concerns were certainly addressed. I believe Price will get us to a Stanley Cup one day.

    3. All of the pundits thought the Habs would never make the playoffs in their preseason prognostications. And when Markov and Gorges went down with injuries? To me the fact they made the playoffs and took a healthier Boston team with more depth to OT in Game 7 speaks volumes about their character.

    4. The core of this team is a solid foundation to build upon starting with Price and Subban at the back. The future does look promising and the maturity of our young players bring comfort and hope. We haven’t had such a solid goalie and defenceman combination in the back since Roy and Chelios decades ago.

    5. There is a lot of retooling to be done. We definitely need a large centreman but what team doesn’t? I’m sure the Habs will acquire one if they can. We certainly need one down the middle.

    6. In terms of players returning, I’d like to see Gill come back. Same with Markov and Gorges. I used to think Gill was awful with Toronto but he brings true leadership to our team and mentoring to our young players like Subban. Montreal always had veteran defencemen guide the younger ones. Lapperiere with Savard. Savard with Robinson. Robinson with Chelios. Chelios with Desjardins. And then the cycle was broken. Gill is no Norris trophy defenceman but he’s had a major impact in the development of Subban. One would have to be a fool not to see that. Keep him around for at least another year. I’d love to see Larry Robinson come back as an assistant coach for our defence.

    7. I was disappointed with Guy Boucher leaving – as I would be if Muller left – but although I’m not the biggest Jacques Martin fan I have to give him credit for what he has accomplished given the resources at his disposal.

    8. The expectation in Montreal is that we compete for the Stanley Cup every year and do not accept being happy with simply making the playoffs or getting knocked off in the 1st round but this team put it all on the ice (with the exception of the usual suspects like Kostitsyn, Pouliot, Gomez). I have nothing but respect for them.

    • habitual says:

      good post!

    • 24 Cups says:

      Well said, Sulemann. Glad to hear from you again.

      As for point #8. That may be an expectation but the reality since ’93 is that we are a bubble team that fights to make the playoffs and then usually gets bounced (I hate it when posters lament injuries but but the past two years with Markov is more than any team should have to endure. I can’t help but play the ‘what if’ game when it comes to Markov)

      There has been some light at the end of the tunnel the past 13 months, so it will be interesting to see what unfolds this summer. There’s no one on the farm who is ready for the next few years, so I hope that Gauthier doesn’t go with a quick fix that loses sight of the long range objectives. Any new significant additions must be players who can help us for a Cup run in 2013 or ’14.

  44. 24 Cups says:

    There’s lots of speculation this morning on which players should stay or leave for next season. Personally, I think it would be wise to wait until early June before making any decisions.

    The first major step has to be getting a read on where the NHL might be going in terms of the thuggery versus skill debate. It will be interesting to see what strategies teams use in the next few rounds and how the NHL’s front office reacts. Is there a clear mandate to clean up the game or will the law of the jungle prevail whereby head shots and hits from behind become part of the survival of the fittest mentality?

    We can lament all we want about what is right and wrong, but if the league allows the brutality to continue unpunished, then we will have to act accordingly. There will be little value in adding more undersized, skill players who are unable to cope with the tactics of teams such as Boston and Philadelphia.

    No players should be signed or re-signed until we are able to get a handle on which direction the league will take during the next six weeks. Actions always speak louder than words so it would appear that we might already know what the final answer might be. I trust that Gauthier and Martin are paying attention.

  45. HabinBurlington says:

    Can you imagine if this league gave every team that 1 per game coach’s challenge? (similar to NFL) Game 6, we would be up 1-0 before all the 5 on 3’s.

    Game 7, they don’t score to go up 3-2.

    Really would be a nice option. Of course will never happen, but we are in the off-season, so may as well dream a little.

    Go Habs Go!

  46. HabinBurlington says:

    Question to the Powers that Run this Webpage.

    Can you please bring back the feature of “new” beside new comments on this site when refreshing?

    We have no more games to blog, I am hopeful this feature can come back.

    Go Habs Go!

  47. HabsFanInTampa says:

    Only losers make excuses or lay blame for their shortcomings or demise. I’m not going to blame injuries, which every team goes through during a long 82 game season. Also, I’m not going to blame incompetent refereeing, which again, every team goes through one way or another. We need to focus on ourselves and and build, so injuries and bad calls will only be a minor blip that will not conclude the outcome of a game. These 1-0, 2-1 or 3-2 games we won all season leave a huge gaping hole for any little bounce or unlucky incident. What we need to do in the off-season is get bigger, nastier and and score a goal or two more per game. No more whining about how our opponent’s are not playing “fair’ or are hurting “our” guys. Please no more calling the police when one of the many goons takes down one of our future stars. That just makes all of the people watching this great sport laugh at us Hab’s fans (believe me they do). It gets taken care of on the ice or not at all. If we can’t retaliate with our small, undersized roster, then pick up a big, mean-spirited goon in the upcoming months.

    • 24 Cups says:

      Ralph – You’re right on all counts (although the Markov injury was surely a catastrophic blow).

      I’m not sure bringing in a goon is the right approach to solve the problem. In fact, goons really aren’t responsible for what’s going on in today’s NHL. It’s the opposition players who take a regular shift who are causing the problem for us (not only on Boston, but around the league).

      Young guys like Marchand, Lucic, Downie and Richards are important cogs on their teams, not guys like Laraque or Parros who only play a few minutes a game while engaging in tribal warfare. You may hate them, but they get the job done.

      Here’s an honest question for all HI/O posters. Wouldn’t you love to have Marchand on your team? He’s only 22 years old and stands just 5’10” but I’d take him over half the guys we have up front.

      • habitual says:

        I would take a player with his skill, but not Marchand. Class has to count for something – it’s a reflection on the team and the organization. Marchand is a cheap, mouthy weasel who hides behind the Bruins tough guys, always trying to give someone a dig with a stick when the refs aren’t watching.

      • nick says:

        You know, I’m pretty sure I’d take Eller over Marchand.
        I know some will say… Ok Eller 17 points, Marchand has over 40.

        Eller has more upside than Marchand in my opinion. When he puts on 10-20 pounds and grows into his frame, if he continues to work the way he does now, he’s going to be a star in Montreal.

        • 24 Cups says:

          For sure, nick. Taking into account some upside, I’d rate the Habs top half as AK 46, Cammy, Eller, Gionta, Maxpac and Pleks. I love Darche but’s he’s 34. Marchand would probably fit in next as the top guy on the bottom half.

          Another question: is Marchand any different than Lemieux was for us? We all loved him but the rest of the league thought he was poison.

  48. Bugs says:

    Three outta four B victories acquired in OT. Some will say we pull the same thing on Buffaler in 93, but hey, we still took’em down in 4.
    Pizz-garbage luck that spearing call against the Hamr and hit to the head to Halpern were not called. That woulda been the GAME, you unnerstand?
    Lucky, lucky, lucky bounces account for more than HALF of B goals (puck goes bouncey-bouncey-squirty-squirty and just HAPPENS to end up on some chump’s stick who otherwise woulda been completely outta the play) while 94% of ours were the product of beautiful construction. The kicked almost own-goal in OT only highlighted this feature of the whole series.
    Our boys stepped up (hell, even PLEKY!) while theirs, apart 2 or 3 we could ALL identify, were pizzin in their pants. They mighta won, but we’re still the best, and once they get Savard back and we get Markov…harumph, among others… back, then we’ll see what’s what.
    Lucky, lucky bastiches; that’s all they are, and I rejoice knowin that sh*te won’t work against Philly, or at the least, be offset by Philly’s own stupid garbage luck. So I’ll say what I said last series: Bs go down in 6 but deep down, I think 4 or 5 seems more likely. Spineless half-men, ptui! You don’t even have a TEAM!

    Ah, that felt good.
    Gooooooo Bolties!!!

    Wide-eyed with wonder warbles L. B. Potter, esq.

    • shiram says:

      At the very least it was a great series to watch, and I feel very little bitterness over the loss, as I also feel the Canadiens showed better skills overall than the B’s.
      And yea the outlook does not look so good for the B’s moving forward.

    • Alexandra says:

      I don’t mind. I’ll take luck. On the brighter side, remember that you have a true “performer” in Subban. A Hollywood future for the kid looks bright!

  49. habitual says:

    I’m on board with Ian Cobb’s post, below. We had an injury riddled season that would have incapacitated most other teams. We made the playoffs in 6th spot, and one good bounce in any of the three OT games would have seen us move on.

    We don’t have to like losing, but this team showed character and heart. It also showed promise. How many of us thought Cary would be so freaking good? Or PK better than our expectations of being an emerging star? Yeah, yeah, Gomez, but MaxPac will make that line better next year.

    When was the last time we ended a season with grounds to be excited about veterans getting help from young superstars in the making.

    And, anyone who decries Martin (and I was in that boat for a while): how could the coaching staff done better?

    Les Boys showed heart, character, and resilience. Great season, just ended a little early.

    GO HABS!!!

  50. HabFanSince72 says:

    Jack Martin.

    I think it would be good to replace him.

    First, if you’re going to finish in the middle of the pack and not challenge for the big prize, at least be entertaining. Second, the defensive system is great at getting you to ot. Not so good at winning in ot.

    It’s like playing tight in poker. You might last longer but you will never win.

    • observer says:

      Get serious! Martin is Gauthier’s friend and longtime coach. The ONLY way Martin is ever canned is Gauthier first is fired. Stop wasting your comments which mean nothing as long as Gauthier stays there.

      Spome guy here who calls himself an expert and uses the name serious fan – he knocked young BOUCHER last week as being useless why? Because BOUCHER’S team had lost a game in 2 overtimes the night before against pittsburgh.


    • habitual says:

      Wanna bet!

      Washington is the first place seed and will come out of the east because of the new emphasis they place on defense — a lesson we taught them last year.

      Philly will lose (joy of joys) because they think they can win without defense – specifically a goalie.

      • observer says:

        barely beat the pathetic ranger offense. tampa bay will exploit their defense and alzmer!

      • observer says:

        and i will bet tampa bay to win the series. just a little. i bet washington large over the rangers and believe me i was not impressed especially by their young defensemen. i said it then if habs can get by bruins they will exploit karl alzmer and others and tampa bay speed will do the same.

    • itsdeanetime says:

      detroit, pitts, canucks, philly, caps, rangers, sabres, sens, ducks, oilers, flames……..could probaly go on… those teams had key injuries and long term injuries………… habs lost to Bruins because their back end is too thin……..Subban a rookie should be a bright spot complmenting the d…….. not the best of the 6 logging Chara type ice time…….powerply, killing penaties, reg shift, covering up for Gill………………..habs defence is so thin the Bruins won 4 games where they did not play great in any of them………………..look at the bruins last night…..bad passing, a dozen offsides, absolutely no powerplay, first line invisible…..and they won. why….because the habs back end stinks after Wiz and Subby……stinks.

      GO HABS

  51. Marc10 says:

    The only thing that will make this worthwhile is if we take a step forward next season.

    For that to happen we need to surround our skill core with Western Conference type players. We need big guys who can move, who go to the net and who don’t mind getting into traffic to make things happen.

    I trust PG to build a competitive lineup. He made the right call on Price and stole Wiz when we needed help. Now he needs to pull another rabbit from his hat. We’re going to be in a war to make the show next year. The only way Weber, DD, Patches and Eller get to take another step forward is if they’re surrounded by some size and grit with speed. They need room to showcase their skill (and same goes for our Smurfs). Nice guys like Pyatt, enigmas like Pouliot or slow vets like Moen don’t get that done.

    On D, we need to build a fortress around Price. Beyond Subbido, Gorges, Weber and (perhaps) Markov and Gill, we need a Bieksa-type player or two to bring some pain with skill.

    Easier said than done. To do that in one summer with the Gomez ball and chain around your neck would be quite an achievement.

    Got to get ‘er done Pierre.

    “To be irreplaceable, you have to be different”.
    Andy Warhol

    Go PK Go!

  52. joshua94k says:

    “I’m not sure how you explain that discrepancy, but we’re going to be very hard-pressed to win hockey games if throughout the entire series, when the score is tight, they get 75 per cent more power plays than we do,” Gillis said Monday. “That’s the facts we are facing.”

    “I think it’s important to understand that you can’t change the result,’’ said Montreal coach Jacques Martin on the disallowed goal. “What’s important there is how you handle it. Your reaction is that you’ve got to keep focus and keep your concentration on the task at hand.’’ April 26, 2011.

    Last night the bush league refereeing missed a clear high stick, a speering on Roman Hamrlik and scored the go ahead goal. Like Martin said. What can you do , just go ahead and keep battling. PK Subban scored late in the game. Price made key saves and the Canadiens went to overtime.

    Ference blindside hit on Halpern, the disallowed goal in game 6 etc. Vancouver getting almost double the penalties compared to Black Hawks. It’s not suprising no Canadian team won a Cup since 1993.

    The Canadiens had to overcome alot this season. In their 100+ seasons have they ever had to overcome so much in a single season? They were the most penalized team in terms of minor penalties. They lost two top defencemen with Markov and Gorges. They found the big two-way forward they were looking for in Max Paccioretty and lost him as well for the season. They had to rely on young players from Hamilton to salvage a season and yet still made the play-offs surprising everyone.

    In this series against Boston they battled hard every game and had a chance to win every game. Their penalty killing was perfect and their depleted line-up lost in game 7 in overtime when nobody gave them a chance to win. They made Canadiens fans proud.

    “It’s too much for one guy to shoulder. For us, we’re going to do it as a group. It’s about sharing that responsibility win or lose.” – Mike Cammalleri

  53. observer says:

    why exactly did habs not win this series? i for one am not one who uses the injury excuse although i am certain habs would have easily won this series had they not been devestated by injuries on their defense and by the injury to their best big forward. but other teams have them too, you play the cards youre dealt with and gauthier had almost all year long to find a top defenseman to IMMEDIATELY replace markov and he DID NOT AS IS THE USUAL GAINEY/GAUTHIER STAND PAT – I AM A LOSER TACTIC!

    Bruins became the first playoff team ever to win a 7 game series without scoring a power play goal? is that true? well how is that possible? oh, they badly outscored the habs 6 on 6 because this team just continued what is expected when your forwards as a group are much smaller. keep losing the battles on the boards in either end of the ice. and in habs case too terrible in faceoffs.

    30 years of gauthier losing – END IT NOW or it just continues.

  54. Fansincebirth says:

    I’m happy but not satisfied.

    For a team with as many injuries in key area as we have, this series should have been over before it started. Either we played way above our potential or the Bruins played way below their potential…OR, the Bruins aren’t as good as everyone says they are. Lucic, a going concern in the regular season was an absolute no show in the series and Chara was pretty much a non-factor for most of it.

    This team need some re-tooling done to it and some very tough decisions are going to have to be made. Do we hang on to Marky and hope he gets back to his form or do we cut our losses? What do we do with Gomer? Do we say adieu to some of our older D-men and go for youth? What about Poo Poo? Sopel? Wiz? Mara?

    How much dismantling is going to be done to create cap space?

    We gave the Bruins all they could handle and I feel their playoff run ends with Philthy. We came very very close to ending their season last night. A bounce or two our way in OT, esp the kicked puck by their D would have salted it away but alas….

    On the plus side of things, I don’t have to listen to the morons on TSN and CBC with all their expert talk about how great the Bruins are and how bad the Habs are until next season. This plus the fact that I head out on a cruise Saturday to the Caribbean means I am a happy camper 🙂

    Until next year….

    • joshua94k says:

      Gauthier signed Wisniewski in December. You just can’t go out and find a replacement for Markov. As a GM you have to think short term and long term. He signed Price and Plekanec instead of Halak. A brillinat move that most would not saying Halak was the goalie to sign at even a higher price.

      No team had to face back to back elimination games without their top two defencemen and an injured Wisniewski in Game 7. The Canadiens made the play-offs because off the play of Hamrlik and Spackek, especially when they had five defencemen injured in February.

      That’s why the Canadiens are not like the Leafs, Flames, Devils, Stars, etc.

      “It’s too much for one guy to shoulder. For us, we’re going to do it as a group. It’s about sharing that responsibility win or lose.” – Mike Cammalleri

  55. joshua94k says:

    Great job Habs ! You battled hard all year long.

    “It’s too much for one guy to shoulder. For us, we’re going to do it as a group. It’s about sharing that responsibility win or lose.” – Mike Cammalleri

  56. Ian Cobb says:

    Now I want to see the suspension to Ference for the blind side head shot on Halpern, when he did not even have the puck. He could have been killed!

    Campbell should be lynched if he does anything less.

    The NHL is corrupt! They call for a new set of rules a few years ago, to speed up the game for the more talented players and eliminate the clutch, grab and fighting game.

    We draft and acquire players to suit the new style of game, but find out that there is no protection by the league. So what does one do,? bring in hired guns to break bones? and pay them under the table when they get disciplined??

    Or get rid of the crooked Lawyers who run our NHL today, and replace them with quality hockey people!??

    Hockey is such a dirty business today!!

    • observer says:

      plus when halpern was aimed right into the turnbuckle a little earlier. seems like it is indeed a bruins tactic like when chara used it on pacioretty or lucic in atlanta to a thrasher.

    • Conrailgrille says:

      Dam Habs….that boring System of no offense came back and got ya…here’s to the tee times.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Interesting how Ferrence tried to sound like voice of reason calling out teammate Paille earlier in year. Either he is a complete hyprocite (which i don’t doubt) or Boston mgmt said, if you want to play for the Bruins, we need those kinds of hits in our game.

      I believe he showed the world his character during his glove malfunction. Of course the rest of the hockey world thinks that was just a funny occurence.

      Need PG to deliver the goods this summer.

    • harrow15 says:

      I can gurentee you if we had Laraque in the lineup Ference would have finished game 7 on a stretcher.

      Only one word can describe this: Karma.

      Andrew Ference is gonna get whats coming to him. Filthy Philly will not put up with that, I can assure you.

    • DD says:

      Don’t hold your breath, Ian. If Greggie’s dad did nothing about the Chara or Lucic hits, he will turn a blind eye to Ferrence’s cheap shot too.

      Remember, Colon Campbell, the head of discipline for Bettman’s NHL, who stated last week that he didn’t know what an illegal head shot was anymore, is incompetent. He should have been fired for that comment alone. Can you spell M-IC-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E?

      I guess, in his eyes, it depends on the colour of your sweater. Black and gold you get a pass. One thing I do look forward to though, is being able to watch Richards, Pronger and company lay out some of these cheap shot artists with a bit of their own medicine.

      • HabinBurlington says:

        I am hopeful this Bruins/Philly series turns into a Roman Gladiator style war. I hope they kill each other and embarrass the game to no end. Let the Games begin, may neither team have anyone left standing. Mr. Bettman, go ahead put on a Toga and watch from your throne you little weasel. Perhaps have your friend Bill daley and Colon Campbell fan you with Palm leaves and feed you grapes.

        Go Habs Go!

  57. Say Ash says:

    Didn’t Horton score the first goal in the first pre-season game, too?

  58. HabinBurlington says:

    My Defence next year would look like this:
    PK w/Gorges
    Markov w/Emelin
    Gill w/Weber
    Spacek as 7th dman
    Nash first call up

    I don’t see how we can afford Wiz, would love to have him, but Spacek’s contract hurts us in doing so. Roman will look for someone to be desperate enough to overpay him. He has been a good veteran for us, but not worth more than 2m per season anymore.

    Go Habs Go!

    • observer says:

      yes i agree 100% that the 2 dimwits overpaid spacek like they once overpaid hamrlck and accepted the yoke of gomez’ contract around the team’s neck.

      these 2 oldsters gainey and gauthier are not sharp enough for todays game.

    • G-Man says:

      Emelin ain’t coming. He has no interst in the Habs unless he’s paid monster money. Habs aren’t stupid enough to pay a KHL player big money.

    • Newf_Habster says:

      we should sign the Wiz because he has had a good statistic with our team.

  59. Stuck_in_To. says:

    In the spirit of what is done is done, but with the hope that Ference is out for the Philly series, did anyone else notice the huge game Lars Eller put in? The boy had jam last night. I thought it was a great game for him and showed huge promise for next year.

  60. 4m3y2j says:

    Expect some shockers over the summer.
    I think the habs will be forced to cut ties with Markov because of al that wasted money to Gomez.If Gomez had any conscience at all he would defer some of his salary so they can keep Markoc=v but that isn’t going to happen.Also how much is really wise to invest in a guy who in a game in T.O or somewhere in the 1st half of the season have a weird collision or an odd rut in the ice will cause him to go down for the season…I love Markov and have incredible respect for him,his talent but I just don’t know how you can make it work when we also have other pressing needs to address like the desperate need for a big power forward….

  61. SBAH says:

    The refs blew the Habs chances of winning last night. Ference should have been giving a penalty for the hit to Halpern (Ference faces disciplinary hearing for hit on Halpern) and Kelly should have been giving a penalty for spearing Hamrlik in the neck that lead to a Boston goal.

    The best team didn’t win last night, and I would much rather cheer for a team that loses honestly as opposed to a team that wins deceitfully.

    Oh, and for any of you Boston fans that think Hamrlik took a dive, lets see how long you stay on your feet after being speared in the neck, I have a hockey stick and am more than willing to help you test this theory.

  62. JF says:

    Considering all the injuries, it was a very solid season and a good first round. The series could not have been closer and could have gone either way, but without much even-strength scoring, it’s tough to win overtime games since the referees generally put their whistles away. The last even-strength goal we scored was in Game 5. People talk about the importance of special teams in the playoffs, so it’s ironical that, while our penalty-kill was immaculate and our powerplay not bad, our inability to score 5-on-5 was our undoing.

    To my mind, this is the main problem that needs to be addressed over the summer. No team that scores as few goals as we did is likely to have a deep playoff run. While it is true that the return of Markov and Gorges should mean we don’t have to play quite so defensively and should therefore score more often, the organization still needs to find a way to add more offensive depth.

    But some of our young players – Price, Subban, Eller, Pacioretty, Weber – took giant strides in their development. Other than the albatross of Gomez’s contract, and I can’t see the Habs either buying him out or burying him in the AHL next season, the team looks pretty good going forward. We just have to hope he’ll have a better season or that Gauthier can find a way to trade him to a team desperate to reach the cap floor.

  63. habs365 says:

    I’m still hearing little smart remarks about price–for you people who still think that way–he’s the guy along with about half a dozen other players that got them there–it’s fine to play on guts and heart but it don’t help the scoreboard and that my friends has been our problem for years–only for great defence and goal tending this team would have never lasted 7 games–so give credit where credit is due–I am very proud of the team for hanging in but in the off season management has to take a serious look at scoring or this is what you’ll be watching for years to come–a good team every year but no cup…….

    • Conrailgrille says:

      They do have a nice “system” of getting a one goal lead and then sitting back and bringing it up and dumping and changing over and over…makes me kind of sleepy. The goals for vs against for the season didn’t look too pretty. Ah well, no cup this year. Least can sit back and think of all the ones from back in the day.

  64. 4m3y2j says:


    Is it possible you were watching the same series or the season at all.We got where we got ONLY because of Price,know that.Your living in the past spoiled kid attitude is why good players do not want to come here.You have ridiculously unrealistic expectations.There are improvements required but believe me Price is not one of them.Where was:
    GIONTA,GOMEZ ,KOSTITSYN in this series?
    In all fairnesss Gionta was brought down by Gomez for which there is not and moost likely will never be a cure…

  65. Clay says:

    Well, a hell of a game, and a hell of a series. No shame is losing game 7 OT. Disappointment, yes. Encouraging signs though for the future – not the least of which was Price playing great when the boys were down 3-2. He really gave them a chance to win, and that’s all you can ask of your goalie.
    The plan for next season should be to get some scoring (same as always) and get rid of Gomez. I fear neither will happen. Max Pac will help next year (I hope), but they really need to sign one true top player to add more scoring.
    It’s been great…until next season then…

    The only interesting answers are those which destroy the questions. ~Susan Sontag

  66. st smart says:

    For next year add some size and hold onto the size you have (Paul Mara) and grab a forward who can put the puck in the net that is over 5’6″ tall.

  67. Ian Cobb says:

    We have had Flat tire after Flat tire after Flat tire all season long. And still, we kept Humpty Dumpty on the road somehow!

    We made it into the playoffs with more to spare than last year.

    We played 7 physically tough games against a team that knew they had to injure to win.

    After all that, there was only a difference of one goal in the series.

    We do have great management in place, who will pick up all the pieces that were scattered this season and put Humpty Dumpty back together, better than ever for the fall.!

    Go Tampa Go! in the East. And Vancouver in the West! me thinks!

  68. Thomas Le Fan says:

    Thanks Team! Nice run while it lasted. See you next year. Go Habs!

  69. kirkiswork says:

    Considering all the injuries I think we had a great year, we have heart and that is important, we still need a few tweaks but not much. Before Maxpac went down he was looking great, hope he comes back the same. P.K well what can you say about the rookie, he was great all year. Price had a great year and will only improve.
    The future’s so bright I gotta wear shades.

    Thanks for the year Habs.

    See you habsinsideouters next fall.

  70. SnowManHabs85 says:

    So is it Hamrlik last game as a Hab? I wonder what defense will look like next season and who would you give extension to? Maybe not Sopel but i definitely would like Mara back.

    • swannyboy says:

      The only good thing now is the changes that have to be made to make this a better team.

    • observer says:

      only way id bring him back was as a #5 defensemen and at that pay level.

    • itsdeanetime says:

      it better be Hammerlks last season…….. he was the worst player on the ice for both team in the series……..Martin is to be laughed at for giving him so mch ice time. … what he has lots of experience………so does Chelios…..see him out there? hamerlk is done….washed up….finished……….a liability…..has bee for two years………………if he is back……. i’ll watch not a single hab game next season……….btw…..Aves love Obyrne.

      GO HABS

  71. Old Bald Bird says:

    What happens today? Does the team have some sort of debriefing before they scatter, or do they just hightail it?

    — formerly notbigbird —

    • I imagine that the Habs will be heading home today to clear up their lockers at the Bell center and take care of some personal and business concerns after a briefing from JM and then head back to their summer homes.

      ” The Habs will win the Cup ONLY with Carey Price in the Nets “

    • JayK-47 says:

      I HOPE they get some kind of training regime to follow. Maybe Gomez and Spatches ($12 mil between them) get body fat measurements taken and then get shown a chart of where similarly priced athletes come in.

      -Semper Fidelis

  72. CranbrookEd says:

    I for one am very pleased that the were no panic trades made at the deadline . . . likely having to sell off the young future in return for player or two just for this years’ playoffs so that we could make it another round or two at the most . . . that is not the way that a solid team is built . . .

    Mr. Beliveau: “Pure Pak mais oui”!

  73. HabFanSince72 says:

    Price battled to the end?

    Should’ve battled in the middle (games 3 & 4) too.

    • Caballero says:

      Perhaps but if not for Price, we wouldn’t have made it to the playoffs at all. Perhaps that would have been a good thing. How many years has incredible goaltending masked the mediocrity of our beloved team?

      Assuming Pac can be 100%, your first two lines are fine. We need a real 3d and 4th line, we need to get younger faster and tougher on defense. Make it happen Pierre!

      • The Cat says:

        Price has been good but the shell system is responsible for the success. Look at the habs in their own end, the forwards dont cover the points. In essence you have 5 d-men, likewise this is the reason the habs cant score at even strength. If Price is such a great goalie, why dont the forwards risk more?

        [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

        • HalifaxHabs says:

          “If Price is such a great goalie, why dont the forwards risk more?”

          really, that’s your argument? So you’re saying that the Montreal coaching staff opts to play such a defensive style because Price can’t handle a more open style?

          Unbelievably stupid. sorry cat. If you really think that’s why the Habs play the style they do, you’re clueless.

          • The Cat says:

            Well whats the reason behind the system then? Youre going to tell me the habs not scoring at even strength is new recently?

            [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

          • HalifaxHabs says:

            The reason behind the system, is because that’s the system the head coach chooses to use. Seriously cat, trying to back up your ridiculous quote is comical.

            You’re actually suggesting that if Carey Price was a better goalie, that JM wouldn’t employ a defensive system. The same philosophy he has emoployed his whole career, regardless of who his goalie is.

            I know you don’t like Carey, and try to pretend you aren’t biased with sly comments, but honestly, you actually suggested that JM uses the system he has always used, long before he even knew who Carey Price was, because of Carey Price.

            It kills your credibility, and makes you seem like someone who is just taking shots at Price.

          • The Cat says:

            Did I say Price sucks? No way. Tortorella had loads of faith in Khabibulin back in TB, thus he had them play a heavy 2 on 1 forechecking style, it created lots of offensive opportunity, the drawback was odd man rushes.
            I think with the controversy of the trade of Halak, the organization couldnt risk having Price fall flat again and therefore this system was put into place. My only bias is I dont like the system, its anti-hockey: turtle around your goalie to prevent them from scoring and then try to score while the other team has less men on the ice. Its not manly hockey at all.

            [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

          • HalifaxHabs says:

            I’m not a big fan of the system either, but we aren’t debating the system in this case, we’re debating the fact that you said that JM chooses to employ this system because of Price abilites, or his lack of abilities.

            I’m not saying you’re a stupid person, because I’ve agreed with your comments before, but that partucluar comment was really stupid and bitter. Made you sound like one of those bashers, with no basis in reality.

            Peace out Cat, see you next year.

          • Conrailgrille says:

            I think what cat is saying is…our goalie will be there to back us up, so let’s stop just dumping it in and racing back to our D position over and over. He’s good enough to make a save, let’s go try to get a goal. Man it makes for some boring games…no offense. Just wait back on D and hope to win 2-1 games over and over all year.

    • HalifaxHabs says:

      that’s more than a little harsh… without Price this team wouldn’t even have made the playoffs this year, and you know it. They also would have lost games 2 and 5.

      I wish he was perfect too, but he’s not, and alot of Halak fans like to forget he was pulled 3 times during last years playoffs.

    • nick says:

      I see your keeping this about as classy as Boston media today.

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