The end is near


Photo by Gerry Kahrmann/PNG

One more hockey game and the 2010-’11 season, which began in October, will be over.
Game 7 of the Stanley Cup final.
Let’s hope it’s a good one.

And the silence you hear from the west coast is a whole city holding its breath.

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    • sally122 says:

      I noticed some Bertuzzi comments, and he’s despicable, his actions should have warranted a full expulsion from pro sports and a TON of community service.
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  1. issie74 says:

    Can we please stop talking about free agents now.
    We have 6’2 Ian Schultz who could play on a forth line with Ryan White and Moen.He is tough enough to play that role,can and will drop the gloves if necessary.
    Markov need to be signed to a contract now,he is important to this team.


  2. HardHabits says:

    Now they play the final game
    I pray the Lord it won be lame
    and if the Bruins win the Cup
    I pray the Lord I wont throw up

    • HabinBurlington says:

      The problem with that report is the writer (a fan who lives in Calgary and somehow is an Oiler, Flame and Hab fan) thinks either Deharnais or Leblanc should get all Gomez ice time. I would think if anyone is going to go up to #2 center minutes it is Eller, outside chance Deharnais. No way Leblanc is going to be ready for that.

      • G-Man says:

        Somehow, Montreal cannot have players who have bad seasons. Talk about bunk. Nothing should be done about Gomez. He has to show everyone this fall he can still play.

        • HabinBurlington says:

          If he does that, this team will be in good shape.

        • HabFanSince72 says:

          My fear is that Gomez’ problem isn’t mental (which is fixable) but physical and due to age.

        • LA Loyalist says:

          No he doesn’t. He is rich, he is untrade-able, he has no personal pride in his performance or he wouldn’t have played the way he played. Scott Gomez has no obligation to do anything as long as he doesn’t violate the morals clause in his contract.

          And the bleach report names Brad Richards, who doesn’t want to come to Montreal. At least he’s been quoted accordingly.

          Barring a miracle, we are stuck. I say bury him in Hamilton or buy him out. Hire Jagr as a stop-gap to at least give us a power play (which actually could be a pretty damn good power play) and give Gomer’s minutes to the kids, DD, Leblanc whomever they may be and suffer with the short term pain. At least with this scenario there is hope. With Gomer, those of you who think he will bounce back… I think you are beyond delusional. I hope I’m wrong or PG comes up with some genius move (Gomez to Anaheim for Teemu and some guy named Saku – then Spacek and Hammer to Minnesoda for some kid named Miku).

          Sigh… at least Serious thinks there are good kids comin’. Let’s just hang on, guys… one or two more years in the wilderness. Price and PK are still very young…

  3. AK_PK_Usay says:

    Forget Yagr, he’s only being mentioned because he’s trying to milk 1 more contract in the KHL, he’s long past NHL level, if you think he’s any better than a 3rd line you’re drinking too much koolaid.

    What next, you’re gonna say we should take Kovy for 1 more year? pfff…

    I noticed some Bertuzzi comments, and he’s despicable, his actions should have warranted a full expulsion from pro sports and a TON of community service.

    Not only did he sucker punched a player from behind, BUT HE DROVE THE GUY DOWN HEAD FIRST ONTO THE ICE, which is about as hard as cement… That would get treated as attempted homicide outside the joke of NHL discipline.

    EDIT: Im seeing the common excuse “if you can’t handle PHYSICAL play watch another sport”.
    Physical play has nothing to do with DIRTY play.
    If you can’t tell the difference, you definitely had a bad education and are incapable of proper judgement in a civilized society.

    • LA Loyalist says:

      I think the argument for Jagr is Plex vouching for him and the fact that in his role the pickings are very thin. Normally I would agree with you but I don’t know what choices we have.

      What would you do to give us some scoring punch up front? You can’t just say Jagr is not the solution and then not propose an alternative. Well, I guess you can, but it’s more fun if you throw in some ideas!

  4. _Habsoloutly_ says:

    My poor little heart is just breaking for little Timmy Horton. I mean just imagine how horrible a concussion he has that he can be in a building of 20,000 screaming fans and wave flags to rally them on. and take long plane rides across the continent. Good thing he didn’t go sit in a quiet dark movie theatre, then I’d get really suspicious.

      • ZepFan2 says:

        Not as long as the double-double is around he’s not.

        Welcome to the newer NHL: The National Head-shots League.

        • JD_ says:

          Extra large, one cream.

          Puttin’ sugar in coffee is a sacrilege and was categorized as a mortal sin at the The Second Vatican Ecumenical Council.

          • HabFanSince72 says:

            I’m guessing the council didn’t order Roman espresso during their coffee breaks.

          • ZepFan2 says:

            I guess I’m a sinner then. In my defense, I do use brown sugar.

            Coffee at home, no sugar, flavoured cream. mmmm

            Welcome to the newer NHL: The National Head-shots League.

          • JD_ says:

            Roman espresso is an entirely different beast whose unique crema hinges on the exactin’ use of sugar.

            It’s more of an event than a drink.

            Coffee is, however, coffee.

            Nice try, baby!

      • LA Loyalist says:

        True. He was cremated and there’s a little of him in every TimBit ™.

    • Say Ash says:

      Timmy Horton makes doughnuts.

      • _Habsoloutly_ says:

        The guy who has the season tickets next to mine here in Florida is from Canada. He hated Horton when he was here with the cats. He used to always yell at him “get me a coffee Timmy!!” It was freaking hilarious. So it kind’ve stuck with me and I always call him little Timmy Horton. and to the posters above, I lived in Nova Scotia for almost ten years, I used to go to Tim Hortons probably 3 or 4 times a day.

  5. higginrs says:

    Someone on this site once posted a great video of PKs workout routine for last summer. I wonder if he is working out as hard as last year and how much bigger this dude will get.

    Pouliot did a few squats already this summer, unfortunately he did them without weights and only to get down real close to talk to Gomez 🙂

    • Tony McLean says:

      Again with Pouliot. You want more Moeners on the team? It’s that mentality that tossed back Mike Ryder and other worthwhile ‘keepers.’ He deserves a free lunch just for pounding out Redden.

    • arcosenate says:

      I am more worried about Gionta and Pacioretty, they better work out twice as hard if they’re going to carry Gomez for another year.

      • issie74 says:

        Gomez worked out last summer with Cammallerri and Subban in Toronto.


        • higginrs says:

          Really, I didn’t know that. It comes as a surprise to me because Gomez didn’t look one bit faster out there than his usual self. In fact, he looked much slower at times. But the thing with Gomez really seems to be an internal, mentalk problem. Would love to see Gomez show some huge wheels this coming year and some chemistry with Gio and Max.

        • Un Canadien errant says:

          Are you sure about that? I think we watched the same videos with PK and Cammalleri and Gomez working out. I wasn’t sure that it was last summer, I felt it was more likely 2009. The way they were talking to PK, they were treating him as if the upcoming season would be his rookie year.

          “I hate the Bruins more than the Nordiques, who I hate more than the Flyers.”

        • LA Loyalist says:

          Maybe. I was there and never saw him at St. Mike’s. PK wasn’t there that week either. Cammy, just for the record, has a neck as thick as his head. Quite impressive.

          There were about a dozen NHL guys there and on the Friday they let the kids mingle and get autographs and in general the players were really gracious with the kids. It’s the Moore family camp, Ivy Academy, and Domenic was there, still wearing his Habs gloves and cap even after he’d signed with Tampa.

          As for Gomez, he has wheels still, even I’ll admit that. It’s the between the ears and under the ribs that there are issues.

          • issie74 says:

            He was everywhere in TO.last summer.
            The huge strides made by Steven Stamkos were attributable to Gary Roberts summer school in TO.


    • LA Loyalist says:

      that was hilarious. thank you.

  6. slychard says:

    I had the same thought as PSYCHO29 about the league scheduling us for a bruins opener after their cup win and having to witness a banner raising ceremony at the garden. I would not put that past the league at all. But I could see it blowing up in their faces. What more motivation for the organization…and the start of a 5 year cup run for the Habs. One can dream no?

  7. Hobie Hansen says:

    @ TomNickle
    It seems to me that if anyone mentions the Canadiens are lacking in size or someone talks about a player who gets in the odd fight here or there that you’re completely horrified.
    Yes the Bertuzzi play was ugly as hell and I think it was wrong. All I said was that there have been many plays like it in the past but because Moore’s neck was broken it has been dragged on for years and you never hear the end of it.
    If Bertuzzi is such a villain than what about all the players in the playoffs who are hitting to injure on every hit.
    Should Rome go to jail or have to hear that he’s a Villain for the next decade because he made Horton’s head smash of the ice. He got a penalty and he was suspended too. What if Horton cracked his skull????
    I’m just saying that hockey is a brutally rough game with tons of violence and dirty plays every night.
    If you’re going to get so sensitive about it maybe you should watch golf or ping pong.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Hobie, I think the point of the Bertuzzi play you may be missing is the complete intent of it all. He probably knew days before the game he was going to do it. Never mind he knew it as he skated up the ice behind him, and from behind.

      You have a premeditated intent to really hurt someone, and from behind. Aaron Rome’s hit was not premeditated in the least. He made poor poor judgement and is paying dearly for it. But this is like comparing PreMeditated 1st Degree Murder versus less than 3rd Degree Murder.

    • AK_PK_Usay says:

      Why Bertuzzi’s case is so lamentable is that, anybody with even a grain of common sense knows that driving someone head onto a hard surface WITH your own weight added to it WILL INJURE HIM.

      Most criminals had normal lives before they commited something unforgivable. Stop talking about life as if its a game and you can undo mistakes.

      Bertuzzi ruined Moores life, what price can you put on that? The punishment has to not only fit the crime BUT DISCOURAGE the action from happening again.

      • Caper says:

        How did Bertuzzi ruin Moores life? Moore you may remember tried to take out Markus Naslunds knee. What Bertuzzi did was wrong. Moore had a fringe career at best and was not the player his brother Dominic is. Steve Moore is a Ivey School educated young man with excellent family support. None of us know 10% of what went on with all those involved with this ugly incident. If Moore had taken out Naslund’s knee, how would history have viewed him? Is he a villain. Was his attempted knee take planned? So elaborate on how his life was ruined by this incident.

        • LA Loyalist says:

          How did Bertuzzi ruin Moore’s life?

          1. He never played NHL hockey again, which he loved.
          2. He has a math degree from Harvard, but he can’t really use it as he has to spend a lot of time with minimal stimulation.
          3. I believe he handles the administration at the family hockey school at St. Mike’s in Toronto, rewarding on some levels but far below his intellectual and financial potential. I hope some of this will be resolved through the ongoing civil litigation.

          There are massive collateral effects on your life from a head injury like that which can preclude you from enjoying even a normal average middle-class life and family interactions. There are frequent posts and links here on HIO setting out such symptoms and consequences, both short and long term.

          What do you love? How would you like it if in the course of doing what you love were illegally and brutally assaulted and it was taken away from you, and the person who attacked you went on about their business making millions of dollars a year with no significant consequences.

          I have to tell you, Caper, that after perhaps two years posting here on HIO, your post is absolutely the most nauseating and depressing post I’ve ever read.

          • Caper says:

            That’s why I asked the question because I know nothing of Moore’s life post incident. Why are you always so dramatic?

    • TomNickle says:

      Hobie. You’re continuing to look for an argument. And in doing so, you’re continuing to make up bogus crap. Please find one time where I said the Habs didn’t need more size. One time, like finding one specific incident that was even somewhat comparable to Bertuzzi’s assault on Moore. You can’t find one for either.

      Now you’re equating me seeing the Bertuzzi assault for what it is universally seen to be as a verbal attack on people who think the Montreal Canadiens need more size.

      You’re spinning your wheels. The Habs need more size, not goons, the Habs need their current defensemen to be tougher in front of their net.

      There, you can quote me on that and I hope that settles the size issue.

      Now, again, please look at the Bertuzzi assault on Moore and tell me he doesn’t slam his head into the ice without help. You made light of the whole incident by suggesting similar things happen thousands of times in the NHL. You’re wrong. You couldn’t be more wrong. And that doesn’t make me an opposer to hockey players above 6 feet tall and 200 pounds Hobie. That doesn’t mean I don’t want players suiting up for the Habs who can fight and it doesn’t mean that I don’t think there is a place in the NHL for players who play a physical style of game. You’re jumping to those conclusions because I disagree with what you say about fights and goons specifically.

      If you want to have a healthy disagreement, if you want me to engage in conversation with you without name calling, you have every right. But, please keep in mind that for those conversations to happen you need to separate each debate and not lump them into one disagreement where conclusions can be made on a wide variety of hockey issues based on one opinion.

      For example, you’re a big proponent for size and fighters on this team, I agree on the size part(with conditions) but not necessarily with the fighters part. I don’t jump to the conclusion that you’re going to make excuses for Bertuzzi’s actions based on your opinion about fighting or fighters in hockey.

      So please don’t stoop to a level where you’re trying to make me out to be a villain because you’re offended about my remarks made in reference to your opinion about Bertuzzi. Because quite honestly, you’re intelligent enough to know that you were going to get that kind of reaction to your statements that Crawford, the pile up and Moore’s accountability were to blame for the incident. You and I both know that Hobie.

      • Hobie Hansen says:

        Tom I’m not looking for an argument at all.
        All I’m saying that if Steve Moore didn’t break his neck that nothing too severe would have happened to Bertuzzi.
        There are many players in the league that that have blindsided other players but fell on them a different way and nothing happened.
        Every night there is premeditation in the NHL.
        It was ugly but Bertuzzi is nomore of a goon or villain than most other players who play with a mean streak.
        If I was in the NHL and I stuck my knee out and injured the other team’s best player like Moore did I’d expect someone to drive my face into the ice and that’s exactly what happened.
        If I were Pacioretty I wouldn’t be pushing Chara, the strongest man in the NHL in the back after I scored a goal either or I’d be prepared to have my jaw broken in a fight or be nailed with a huge check, again that’s what happened.
        It’s been happening for 100 years. One out of every 1000 times someone is seriously hurt and then people make a huge deal out of…
        Either get rid of that stuff from the game all together or don’t complain when something happens that everyone saw coming.

        And Tom you’ve said plently of stuff that makes people scrath their heads like Lucic would be scared to fight White or Moen…there’s no need for me to go back and look for examples of you being out to lunch.

        And if I could access youtube from work I’d find 50 plays like the Bertuzzi one where a guy didn’t break his neck and nobody cared the next day.

        • TomNickle says:

          Hobie, you’re still holding a pile up accountable for Moore’s injury, which just goes to show how little mind you actually pay to the assault that occurred. As for the actions that built up the hate in the first place. At no time does Moore even attempt to knee Naslund, Naslund had his head down and Moore lead with his shoulder. You can say that Moore tried to hit Naslund in the head, a statement that I would agree with, but the video clearly shows that Moore actually moves his legs out of the way of Naslunds’.

          As for intent. If you’re going to compare Bertuzzi’s intent or actions to thousands of NHL plays in the game that happen “nightly” it only goes to show how little you think of the assault in the first place. A bodycheck is part of the game, late, early or on time, a fight is part of hockey, a knee, an elbow, a highstick, slash, spear, name it.

          Grabbing a player from behind, punching him as hard as you can in the face and driving that same face into the ice with all of your might will never be part of hockey. Which is why Bertuzzi is facing charges. End of story.

        • LA Loyalist says:

          “…if Steve Moore didn’t break his neck nothing too severe would have happened to Bertuzzi.”

          Dude, if JFK’s head hadn’t imploded from the bullets nothing too severe would have happened to Lee Harvey Oswald? That’s moron logic, man, I expect better of you.

          Just because lots of guys slam lots of other guys heads into boards or the ice does that make it right? Is that within the rules of NHL hockey? The blame belongs first to Bertuzzi, and secondly to Gary Bettman who believes the best way to sell hockey in crappy southern markets is with violence. Ergo we have inconsistent rules, inconsistent enforcement and a morally equivalent culture in hockey that enables a thug like Bertuzzi or Chara to get away with what they get away with. And until that culture is repaired, more incidents are inevitable, someone will die or be paralyzed. It could even happen tonight during a game 7 of the Stanley Cup final.

          Is that your vision of the sport we love? Curse Bertuzzi, and curse Gary Bettman.

  8. higginrs says:

    If the Bs win the Cup tonight, I wonder if Don Cherry will finally retire from HNIC.

  9. JD_ says:

    There are very few certainties in life.

    One of them is that a lowlife thug like Todd Bertuzzi will never be permitted to disgrace the Habs jersey.

  10. Propwash says:

    Just get it over with.

  11. mrhabby says:

    these are some of the things i would like to see tonight.

    love to see marchand and burrows pound each other into submission …nucks fans throw rubber rats on the ice after the fight.
    a fight between the green man and thornton after they drive him crazy sitting in box after bruins are given a penalty for tooooo many men on ice.
    at warm up bieksa shoots a puck into the bruins end and scores on tiny tim causing a near riot.
    some one throws a wig at Claude Julien.
    d.sedin scores a goal but its disallowed due to interference.
    tim thomas keeps nucks scoreless but after 6 overtimes…lappy scores on a slapshot that goes off the post the back of his head and into the net…its reviewed and nucks win the cup.

    lucic, thornton ,recchi, marchand cry while shaking hands with the nucks.

    peeps pelt more rubber rats at marchand as he makes his way to the dressing room.

  12. Kooch7800 says:

    Here is a question, Schneider is a great goalie for Van City. If he was in the net for the entire playoffs do you think that Vancouver would have been in the same position?

    IMO it is a hard call. Lou has been amazing at home but man he has really let in some bad goals.

  13. Hobie Hansen says:

    @ TomNickle again…

    There are all kinds of plays, one almost every night in the NHL that are simmilar to the Bertuzzi play where a player gives another player a shot to the head or a push from behind.

    The only reason the Bertuzzi thing was such a big deal was Bertuzzi and a pile of other players landed on top of Moore in the huge scrum and his neck was broken.

    if a neck wasn’t broken Bertuzzi would have been tossed and gotten a two game suspension.

    Just like the Pacioretty injury, 1000s of players have been pushed into that area of the ice and just because Chara is 6’9″ and Pacioretty’s neck was broken doesn’t mean Chara is in the wrong anymore than the 1000s of other players who did the same thing.

    If they don’t want people getting hurt than make it illegtal to hit players into the benches and in Bertuzzi’s case the NHL should ban fighting or rough stuff.

    Its only becuase they were injured that it’s such a big deal…happens all the time without injury and nobody cares.

    I could go on youtube and find 1000 sucker punches if I had the time…

    • TomNickle says:

      I asked for one example of a similar play since colour tv was invented. Please provide one. I think you need to look at the video of Bertuzzi grabbing Moore from behind, after several threats by the Canucks had been made public, pulling Steve Moore back, and then punching him in the face. And while you’re watching the video, please take note of Bertuzzi slamming Moore’s head into the ice with his forearm.

      You think a late bodycheck is comparable to a player grabbing somebody from behind, sucker punching them and then shoving their face into the ice with 240 pounds of weight behind it?

      You are an ape apologist. Please stop watching Don Cherry, he’s done enough damage to your sense of what hockey is.

    • TomNickle says:

      Here, I hope this helps. Please pay close attention at the 7 second mark where anyone with functioning eyes can see that Bertuzzi is untouched when he drives Moore’s head into the ice.

      • Hobie Hansen says:

        I’m very certain that there has been many thugs that have chased down another player and landed on top of him Tom.

        I’m already behind on some work here and can’t start posting youtube videos at the moment.

        I’m sure we will argue again tomorrow my friend 🙂 !

        No hard feelings.

        If we all agreed what fun would this site be?

        • TomNickle says:

          You’re an idiot.

          • Hobie Hansen says:

            Wow OK, what class you have!

            When I disagree with what you say, which is almost 100% of the time I don’t insult you.

            I even sometimes try and see things your way.

            I think you are now the idiot Tom.

          • TomNickle says:

            Hobie, take a look at the damn video. And don’t play the pity me act. When you make comments like there are several, in fact thousands of plays similar to Bertuzzi on Moore you’re opening up a firing range on yourself. You’re blaming a pile for a broken neck. Blaming Marc Crawford for his 100 point player doing something that should’ve seen him banned from hockey. Hobie, if you can’t see that Bertuzzi drives Moore’s head into the ice with no help, it’s not a situation where you can’t see my point of view, it’s that you can’t see anything at all.

            You’re ignoring facts, video evidence and several other pieces of important information for the sake of being argumentative in your effort to promote and justify the Don Cherry, Mike Milbury, crush em till you beat style of hockey.

            Don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining, and for pete’s sake don’t make me out to be a villain for calling you an idiot. You’ve proven quite worthy of the title.

            You think me calling you an idiot is a sign that I don’t have class. What would you call somebody who blames arguably the most malicious and certainly most premeditated act in the last generation of NHL hockey on everything and everyone other than the player. I’d like to remind you that Steve Moore has not played hockey since this incident and in addition, Dominic Moore has paid the price. Forgive me, but somebody being a Bertuzzi apologist for his reprehensible act and blaming everyone other than him to me, is without class.

          • sane hockey fan says:

            Internet Tough Guy

          • sane hockey fan says:

            Yeah Hobie…THIS IS SERIOUS SHIT OK!!

          • Nice reply Champ. You must be fun to hang out with.

            “When I was a baby I wish my first word had been “QUOTE”, then right before I die I could say “UNQUOTE” – Stephen Wright

          • canuckbot says:

            Hobie’s right Tom. You can have your opinion but name calling is for Bruins fans…totally classless!

        • HabFanSince72 says:

          Hobie – you’re just wrong. The Bertuzzi play was far beyond the pale.

        • LA Loyalist says:

          Hobie, man, watch the video carefully when you have time to focus and I am confident you will re-visit your opinion of it.

          No one here will hold that against you. I’ve changed my mind on things here when called out on it by Serious or Man Parts or some of the other guys. That’s why we do this.

          The reason the Bertuzzi/Moore situation is relevant even now it that the failure of the NHL de facto legitimized similar violence in subsequent situations, right up to Chara nearly decapitating Pax and walking away from it.

          I would hypothesize that if Bertuzzi had been banned from the NHL, Chara would not have raised his fore arm to enhance his check and drive Pax’s head into the stanchion, deliberately. He just would have run him into the boards to take him out of the play, like happens hundreds of times a year.

          That’s why it’s important that we keep this top of mind. Because it’s an open wound on our beloved game and we don’t want a false record created that what Bertuzzi did was just a “hockey play”.

          I look forward to your next post, post-work. I’m sure Tom and the other posters will be gracious.

      • LA Loyalist says:

        thank you for posting. I can’t watch it though, I’m not allowed to puke at work — they’re funny like that.

    • Mr_MacDougall says:

      Watch any hockey hit video and there are lots of Stantion hits.. but, the injury situation should be a determinant in the length of the suspension. IMO the Chara’s hit was blatant Interference- body checking (as opposed to interference- hooking/holding) Chara hit a player without the puck, he was actually in a race for the puck, and drove his head into the boards and broke his neck.

      You can say what you want about “what if he didn’t break his neck.” But he did. If he was given an 8 – 12 game suspension, i would have been satisfied. A five minute major however, that is far too little.

    • issie74 says:

      Bertuzzi will face court charges this year.


    • ds says:

      Steve Moore took a cheap shot on Naslund, he got his receipt, if he had a set he would have fought Bertuzzi who was goading him to fight but Moore the tough guy nailing Naslund just tried to run away with his tail between his legs. Bertuzzi had enough of his BS and finally just drilled him. Not only did Bertuzzi drill him, he was at least decent enough to hit him on the side of the head not the back of the head. How Moore has robbed Bertuzzi over this is a total disgrace.

      In case you forgot here’s Moore’s hit on Naslund.

      If someone did that to PK Subban and Moen or Gill or someone got revenge like Bertuzzi did for Naslund (their superstar) I would have applauded the man. Instead Moore is made into some sort of sympathetic figure, he got what he deserved unfortunately he is also going to be paid more than he would ever earn as a 4th liner.

      Oh yeah Bertuzzi was trying to spin Moore around to beat him some more but Moore flopped to the ice and took Bert down with him, it wasn’t an attempt at driving his face into the ice.

  14. B915 says:

    Crying Habitants

  15. habsfansince91 says:

    lol Leafs are ranked #120 out of 122 teams as the worst franchise

  16. LA Loyalist says:

    I have never been less excited about a Stanley Cup final. Is anyone else this discouraged?

    I guess I’m hoping for Vancouver, with a stale warm beer kind of hope, just the thought of Boston gloating for the next year and being rewarded for their dirty play is just too much to bear.

  17. _Habsoloutly_ says:

    Full moon tonight. This game could get interesting. Marchand might turn into a werewolf and Chara might turn into a bat and fly away.

  18. Mr_MacDougall says:

    I’ll pretend to be GM.. I’d love to add Todd Bertuzzi on the 2nd line with Pleks and Cammy. Steve MacIntyre on the 4th line with Moen. Pencil in Pacioretty as a 1st liner with Gomez and Gionta. third line has Darche, Eller, AK… lookin good boys!

    • TomNickle says:

      Maybe we could hire Marty McSorley to coach our defense while we’re at it.

    • Habitoban says:

      Old-timers will remember the Legion of Doom line of Lindros, Renberg and a 6’ 3” LW, John LeClair (how did we ever let him go…). What a dominating combination of size, finesse, grit, and natural goal scoring ability.

      I would like to propose our own little Legion of Doom made up of Max, Eller, and a 6’ 3” LW, Benoit Pouliot (how did we…. oh, wait a minute). They would be a pretty exciting and talented trio even with one playing on his wrong wing. And even if they didn’t score a single goal, it would be worth it just to see Bob Cole’s head explode from having 57 and 67 on the ice at the same time. Can’t wait.

      • G-Man says:

        I barely remember them. How many Cups did they win again?

      • Mr_MacDougall says:

        I like the though of that line… Speed and creativity, I am over Pouliot. He has all the tools, speed, size, shot, hands.. but his decision making is questionable, a lot of errant passes and misses the net by 2 feet. If Pouliot could turn into a shooter, and hits the net, he could score a lot of goals with his hard shot.

        leaves the top two lines a little depleted….

    • issie74 says:

      Yes … because Bertuzzi did just that for Datsyuk and Zetterberg.


  19. GrimJim says:

    So who would you rather have to fill in the Habs top-6 spot and why:

    a) Jagr
    b) Laich
    c) Erik Cole
    d) Scottie Upshall

    • Mr_MacDougall says:

      E) Bertuzzi, one year deal, cheapest 20 goals available

      from yours…. Erik Cole, he is not an overly tough player but has the speed to fit our system. I would pick Jagr, but I think he wants HUGE $$$… if Jagr would take $3mill or less, i’d give him a shot

      • TomNickle says:

        Having him on our roster would be a disgrace to the players and executives who have served before him. Alexander Perezhogin is no longer in the Habs’ plans due to similar actions.

        • habsfansince91 says:

          The reason why Perezhogin isn’t on the roster is because he didn’t play well enough to stay in the NHL. The stick swinging incident happened in 2004 and he was call up in 2005. His actions in the AHL didn’t have a role in how long he stayed with the Habs

          • TomNickle says:

            He got called up afterwards because he wasn’t allowed in any other league in north america. They tried to give him a second chance but he didn’t show any remorse for what he did and continued to play a gutless style of game. It wasn’t the specific baseball swing that landed him back in Russia, it was a pattern of behaviour. He has talent for miles, but no humanity.

          • Rob says:

            wow. talk about revisionist history

            The Montreal Canadiens: sporting the best AND worst fans since 1909!

      • Hobie Hansen says:

        Bertuzzi had a decent year last year but….hummm, I think he’s pretty much done.

        I could be wrong though…

      • LA Loyalist says:

        Bertuzzi is a morally reprehensible choice. That Bertuzzi has ever played another NHL game is incomprehensible to me. He should have rotted in the minors, riding buses to Moose Jaw and Salmon Arm (no reflection on those places).

        Bertuzzi is why Chara felt free to nearly decapitate Pax, if you want to bring it closer to home. And until the cheap head shots are punished fairly and consistently and severely, it’s going to keep happening until someone dies or is paralyzed for life.

        Do you have any moral compass at all? You need to hang out with some kids playing ice hockey. It will broaden your perspective immensely.

        • TomNickle says:

          That’s taking it too far.

          • LA Loyalist says:

            You know, maybe I’m overly harsh on the guy. Maybe I’m over-sensitized from being at the rink every weekend all weekend surrounded by little kids, and partly because I’ve met the Moore family I’m not objective enough.

            But to have so little moral sensitivity to be able to see how wrong Bertuzzi was, and worse, how the NHL has handled the issue… if Bertuzzi was on our team, I’d have to recuse myself from being a Habs fan for the length of time we had him. It’s just wrong. How can the poster not see it? It’s truly disconcerting. Maybe he should hang out with kids and it will change his perspective. Maybe that’s a more gracious comment. I’ll revise my post accordingly.

            Tom – I revised the post. Thank you, I don’t want to be unfair.

          • Mr_MacDougall says:

            LA, I honestly forgot about the “incident” and was thinking about what he brings and at what price.. Sure it was a dirty play, I just assumed he was pissed about losing, saw Moore who mouthed off and sucker punched him and drove his face into the ice. It is wrong to do that, but I do not think his intentions were to break Moore’s neck. However, a drunk driver that kills somebody get punished more severely than one that doesn’t… I agree with harsher punishment when the damages to the victim are severe.

        • HalifaxHabs says:

          LOL harsh… you don’t think he should have kids because he posted he would like to see Bertuzzi in a Habs uni.

          I’m with you though, in that I wouldn’t want Bertuzzi on the Habs.

          • Hobie Hansen says:

            There’s been 1000s of plays exactly like Bertuzzi and Moore. Except that Bertuzzi happened to land on Moore and break his neck.
            If his neck didn’t break there would be no discussion 48hrs later.
            It was a mistake and Bertuzzi is no worse that the majority of players out there that listen to their coach…

          • TomNickle says:

            There have not been 1000 plays like Bertuzzi’s. Give your head a shake.

            Name one in the last 30 years that was even similar. Bertuzzi threatened Moore, skated up behind him, grabbed him by the jersey and punched him as hard as he good in the side of the head, then drove his head into the ice while they were going down. Please find a play similar to that since colour tv came along.

            I also love how it’s all Marc Crawford’s fault in your post. I hate to break it to you, but coaches don’t usually appreciate their 100 point players doing something so stupid that gets them suspended, right around playoff time no less.

        • derfab says:

          Bertuzzi was not a goon but a terrific hockey player who got himself into an ugly situation. There is some truth to the comment below. Many hockey fights are essentially indistinguishable to that awful situation where one player goes after another, pulls on his sweater and attempts to pummel him with his stronger hand. Most hockey fights are morally questionable and most players who get beat are luckier than Moore. In further defence of the since diminished Bertuzzi, I bet he would take it back if he could. And I bet Vancouver would love to have the old Todd in there to battle tonight.

          • LA Loyalist says:

            Well of course he would take it back if he could. Any bully, thief or Liar who gets caught would happily climb in the way-back machine if they got caught. That’s no argument at all. In fact it makes my point of the moral bankruptcy of a player like that.

            I love rough hockey, I love the hitting and the combat for the puck. I still play, and it still gets my juices going. BUT – it needs to be clean and fair, not psychotic. And it’s the job of the refs and the NHL to define the terms of engagement clearly, fairly and consistently.

    • Hobie Hansen says:

      I would probably take Jagr on the top 6 and either of the three other players you mentioned on the 3rd line.

      • LA Loyalist says:

        If Jagr was priced reasonably and brought a good ‘tude, and turn Pleck’s crank… i think it might be worth it to by us time for a year or two until the kids bloom. Soft hands don’t grow on trees, and he’s hard on the puck. Lots of power play duty, I don’t think we’re getting him to back check much, JM will have to adjust.

        Is JM up to it?

    • TomNickle says:

      Kobasew is a right handed version of Upshall so I’m immediately disqualifying him from your list since their salary demands will be in the same area and style of play are a wash. Kobasew has more upside and addresses an organizational need as a right handed forward.

      But my answer is a tie between Cole and Jagr.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Jagr – Would give Cammy chance to really break out goal scoring. Makes PP much better, this will make other lines much better.

    • mrhabby says:

      doug gilmour.

  20. HabFanSince72 says:

    Back to the debate on whether either team “deserves” the cup.

    The real reason people make these claims is to piss on someone’s parade. (Habs in ’93 is the perfect example.)

    And if the Bruins win I will not piss on their parade. It’s undignified and makes one look small.

    On the other hand, if I notice a fine sprinkling of urine falling on their parade I won’t offer them my umbrella either.

    • TomNickle says:

      I’d hate to see all of the trouble Colin Campbell, Mike Murphy and Jeremy Jacobs went to go to waste with the Bruins falling short. So maybe I should be cheering for them. Nah, that’s going too far.

  21. dudurules says:


  22. Psycho29 says:

    Worse Case Scenerio:

    Boston wins the Cup tonight……THEN if the Habs play in the Bruin’s home opener next season, and have to sit through an hour long ceremony.


  23. Lawrencetown Liquor Pigs says:

    Best case scenario:

    Luongo craps the bed and gets the hook after 4 goals on 8 shots. In comes Schneider, who stands on his head. The Canucks come roaring back, tying it up at 4 late in regulation. A poorly played, sloppy over time ensues, with action rarely leaving the neutral zone. After 14 extra periods of ineptitude, the game is called with no winner declared, because even Bettman realizes it’s hard to come up with a winner when there are 42 losers playing…..

    They lost me 2 quarts of rum, better make it up next year with a cup!

  24. SmartDog says:

    I think I won’t watch tonight. I just can’t stand the possibility of seeing the Bruins whine and pummel their way to a cup. Not to mention Luongo doing his Lalime immitation, and the Sedin brothers still trying to prove by TALKING ABOUT IT that they are the better team and better players.

    On to Habs thoughts…
    1. I’d love to see Jagr here. Not only one of my favorite players of all time (and a big, strong, forward is what we need) but if Pleks says he’s ready and wants to play with him, let’s see it. I don’t think Jagr would stand for the crapfest that has been Scott Gomez either. He doesn’t like losers or people that don’t give their all.
    2. If Muller leaves, the team will suffer. Martin will turn into Carbo wondering “what is wrong with this team?”, as he loses the attention of frustrated players wondering why they are benched or why poor-performing veterans are getting preferential treatment.
    3. What’s frustrating about the Habs is that it is so OBVIOUS what they need – they need LEGITIMATE size and skill up front – and yet, we all know we are most likely to get only b-grade players. I know its not easy but the Habs have TONS of options on D, they are covered in net, and they have 3 or 4 legitimate top 6 forwards. GAUTHIER’s ONLY MAJOR CHALLENGE is to add at least one BIG, TOUGH, SCORING FORWARD. Everything else he has to do is EASY. So if the Goat gets by without adding at least that one guy, than he didn’t sweat enough and the team will suffer for his lack of grit… and the lack of grit again will be our downfall.

    • Tony McLean says:

      Amen. And it’s being reported the courageous goon Horton is flying to Vancouver with the Gooins and they are “inspired.” The Bruins and their fans are so full of shi* it’s sickening. Almost as sickening as jeering a player with a broken back.

    • Hobie Hansen says:

      Yup. I’d even trade Cammalleri for a 2nd line player with size and grit.

      Every year there’s plenty of small skilled forwards on the UFA market but very few 20-goal scoring forwards that are 6’2″and 220lbs.

      If they ever traded Cammalleri, Plekanec or another smallish skilled forward for a 2nd line power forward they could easily replace one of those guys on the UFA market.

      • HalifaxHabs says:

        I completelely disagree that Cammallerri can be easily replaced. He led the playoffs in socring this year, and last year, until his team was eliminated.

        I agree with you about the need for size up front, but IMO, it would be a masssive mistake to trade away the most clutch playoff performer we’ve had in a really long time.

      • G-Man says:

        Who then, Mr Size and Grit II?
        Trade Cammalleri and then “easily replace” him?
        So, get rid of scoring for, um, size and grit?

        • Hobie Hansen says:

          Let me look at the UFA list…one sec!

          • Hobie Hansen says:

            OK so the Habs trade Cammalleri to lets say Dallas for Jamie Benn and then turn around and sign Brooks Laich off the UFA list.

            We’re bigger and better in one swift move.

            Is that not possible.

          • Mr_MacDougall says:

            Bigger and worse… Laich is a 5 mill player that scores 20 goals, not enough… the grass is always greener… people say we need a Lucic, I see a guy that leads the playoffs in giveaways and has less hockey sense than Pouliot….

            What about Pacioretty becoming a full time top 6.. Bigger.. Add Todd Bertuzzi.. scores as much as Laich and is 2″ bigger, 20 lbs heavier, and would come at a one year deal for around 1.5… there is some top 6 size, add a $750K bottom six goon and we have the size you want

        • G-Man says:

          Dallas is not going to trade for a Cammalleri sized contract. They have ownership issues.

          • Hobie Hansen says:

            I could say 100 differet things and someone would come out of the woodwork and make a comment on how it wouldn’t work.

            Laich is a 5 million dollar player now? Since when?

            All I’m saying is that we have plenty of small skilled players so maybe it is time to trade to a team that is short on those types of players to improve our team.

            No matter what suggestions a person makes on here there are 10 people dying to dig up some litte issue with a statement to try and convince themselves that they’re right.,.when they;re actually dead wrong..

      • SmartDog says:

        I get your sentiment but I have to agree that trading Cami is a bad idea. No question he’s one of our best playoff performers. Don’t trade Pleks or Cami or Subi or Price. Anyone else… how much?

      • Mr_MacDougall says:

        Trade Cammy? are you nuts… I hope he signs another contract once this expires and has a 10 year run with the Habs…. we all know what has to Happen… ride this thing out with Gomez, hope we can win despite him.. and when it is over, NEVER let a similar situation happen again, do not trade for 15 goal scorers with 8 mill cap hits… seems simple to me….

      • issie74 says:

        Hobie … some guy already did that … his name is Darryl Sutter and we all know where he is now plus we all know his team has never been able to replace his goal scoring.


    • bwoar says:

      I don’t like his defensive shell, but one thing you have wrong about Martin… He will never throw up his hands and say, “I don’t know what’s wrong.” Carbo simply didn’t recognize obvious issues with the team. Martin may harp on the exact same problem for 40-50 games, but at least he knows what it is he wants and won’t let plays off the hook for shirking then team game.

    • Mr_MacDougall says:

      We need a heavyweight too… a young guy that will fight Thornton/Chara.

      What about bertuzzi to play with Camm/Pleks and Pacioretty to play with Gio/Gomez

      get a heavyweight 4rth liner, and another tough 3rd liner…

    • Habitoban says:

      ” 2. If Muller leaves, the team will suffer. Martin will turn into Carbo wondering “what is wrong with this team?”, as he loses the attention of frustrated players wondering why they are benched or why poor-performing veterans are getting preferential treatment.”

      Muller doesn’t need to leave for this to happen.

    • LA Loyalist says:

      Yep. I don’t think Jagr is much risk.

      Who else can we get? It’s not like we have young affordable power forwards lined up at the Bell Center.

  25. Fansincebirth says:

    My natural loathing for the Bruins has me puking at the possibility of those a$$holes carrying the Holy Grail around tonight.

    It seems as though the league has done everything in it’s power to ensure that Boston comes away with the cup tonight. Yes, they have some talent but not to the point where they are this close. Brutality on ice does not make a great team and there is no doubt, they are brutal.

    Their fans are boors, loudmouths and obnoxious and would just as soon see someone get seriously injured as they would have one of their own score a goal. I’m probably painting with a rather wide brush but if the shoe fits…..

  26. Mr_MacDougall says:

    I hear a lot of comments about the Bruins being “Goons” I would say that after Lucic and Chara, there aren’t any goons. Thornton plays tough and hard and fights only big guys, Bergeron is similar to Pleks.. both dirty with the stick… The problem we have with the B’s is the lack of players to match up against the “Big 3” in Boston…

    The solution.. have a goon on the 4rth line… we had BGL, but he wouldn’t fight.. but a guy like Macentyre on EDM wants to prove himself and fights anybody.. We need a D-Man that can/will fight.. we have Moen on the 3rd line, nice middle-weight. We miss the Shane Corson type (marginal 1st liner) that would go berserk if anybody breathed on Koivu, sure Corson took his lumps but he protected his line-mates.. We need the same thing on the second line. Also, Moen needs a sidekick that can rough it up on the 3rd.

    If the goal is to keep guys like Marchand at bay, then we need toughness down the line.. If we could match the “Big 3” I think we are tougher than the “Goons”

    • G-Man says:

      Thornton, Campbell, Back-breaking Boychuk, Dr. Recchi, Horton, Marchand. Add those Goons to your too-short list.
      Frankly, I hope for nothing but long injuries and misfortune for these guys.

      • JayBee says:

        Do you know what a goon is? Lucic is as close as it gets but he’s not even a legitimate goon. Boston has team toughness and team physicality. You think Chara, Krecji, Sedienberg, Boychuck, etc would be as physical as they are if they played on the Habs? No, they’d be “turn the other cheek” type players and we’d be all complaining about how soft they are.

        It’s a mentality over there…Boston’s identity is team toughness and playing on the edge…so of course to a team like the Habs who are very timid and on the softer side….damn near anyone on their team would seem like a goon.

        The problem with playing on the edge (ask Mike Richards) is sometimes you go over the edge and hurt people. It is what it is.

        Instead of crying about it, why don’t the Habs get bigger/tougher/stronger? PK is a marked man out there. Also, we have had one guy that can drop the gloves (Moen) and he’s not really even a fighter. You can’t expect one guy to lay the law down. Anytime a game gets chippy everything rests on Moen’s shoulders which is unfair. Adding White will be good but more guys need to be added.

        Watching the Habs get pumbled in those last 2 games in Boston in the reg. season was embarrasing to watch as a fan. “Turn the other cheek” does not get you far in the playoffs. Wake up PG!

        • NCRhabsfan says:

          Actually I have a hard time with the premise that “Boston has team toughness”, unless of course you define toughness as leading the league in big hits away from the puck and after the whistle. They are also highly skilled at the two-handed slash, the after the play face wash and the scrum sucker punch. Occasionally Boychuck takes a 200 foot run at someone, but other than that they’re not so tough. Incredibly dirty and chippy, yes, tough, not so much. It really helps when you know that no matter how dirty the play is, the league office will call it a “hockey play”. I wonder if they would be so “tough” if they were getting suspended for their nonsense?

    • LA Loyalist says:

      See, we can agree on something. I loved Corson and Koivu together. You made a great description.

  27. GrimJim says:

    I think we’ve finally figured out why we should cheer for Vancouver, it’s the fans with no underwear. First the Sin Bin Flasher, then the Body Paint Twins and now the roadside fan with her Stan D-Cup…

  28. JD_ says:

    Outside of subjectively judged competitions like figure skatin’ or synchronized swimmin’, this whole notion of which person or team deserves to win anythin’ is easily among the st00pidest notions in all of pro sport.

    It’s effin’ math. And if math is one thing, it’s unemotional.

    If you win a competition, it’s because you deserve it. You deserve it because you won more games than any other team – in this case 16 to a 2nd place 15 – and you therefore got the effin’ trophy.

    It really is that simple.

    Absolutely, one can argue how convincin’ the win was – both of the teams vyin’ for everythin’ tonight had to survive a woulda-coulda-shoulda game 7 OT durin’ the playoffs – but whoever wins tonight deserves it. Doesn’t mean I have to like it, nor the manner in which it was accomplished, but be it far from me to get caught up in some schoolmarmish notion of who deserves what.

    2+2 always equals 4. It doesn’t deserve to be 4, it is 4.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Who was it again you thought deserved to win?

    • Say Ash says:

      Fail. Your argument doesn’t take into account calling penalties, deserved or otherwise.

      • JD_ says:

        Penalties don’t win games. Goals do.

        You should have pointed out that some goals have to be reviewed and therefore judged.

        So close.

        Of course, then you’d have to argue the league judges the goals on the basis of who it thinks deserves to win.

        The key is to do so without my eyes glazin’ over.

        • Say Ash says:

          JD_ I’m just saying that penalties and the severity of punishments/suspensions for those penalties are for the most part a subjective calls. It’s then natural to question whether or not the outcome of those far reaching decisions is deserved.

          • JD_ says:

            Unless you believe there is some underlyin’ conspiracy afoot, the central reality is that – unlike judged sports – no entity is choosin’ who wins. Therefore, the notion of who deserves to win is moot.

            It is very straightforward.

          • Say Ash says:

            It’s a judged sport, is my point. People make decisions that skew the likelihood of outcomes in game and the following games. Others then draw conclusions as to whether those decisions and aftermath are deserved.

          • JD_ says:

            Sincerely no offense intended, but you’re just repeatin’ your initial point for a third time and I totally understood it the first.

            We are splittin’ hairs here – which is to be expected given the nature of the topic – but I’m differentiatin’ between sports where a winner is selected versus where a winner has to outscore the competition, takin’ into consideration that subjective calls can affect the outcome, but are not the ipso facto outcome.

            Calls go either way and there will be people comin’ down on both sides of them. That is the nature of every team sport.

            A goal is, however, a goal. And games are decided by goals.

            Moreover, the whole debate regardin’ whether or not the ’93 Habs deserved to win was primarily over the OT victories and McSorley’s stick and had very little to do with officiatin’; i.e., the whole ridiculous deserves discussion founded on some other arguments.

            Goals are goals. There is no judgment.

            Edit – There will always be one glarin’ exception to that last statement, if only because the right goal call was never made: Hull’s skate in ’99.

        • Tony McLean says:

          I wish your *keyboard* would glaze over. Anyone with any sense or class would agree the Canucks deserve to win over the Gooins. Thuggery does not deserve to win. If the Gooins win we’ll be slipping back into the ’73-’75 era of Flyers crap, aided by refereeing like John Ashley. Canucks deserve to win. Period.

          • JD_ says:

            If you’re askin’ me what my preference is, it’s anybody but the Broonz. Can’t stand the idea of them winnin’. If, however, they score more goals than the Nucks tonight, then they will have deserved it.

            Based on your logic, I guess I’m devoid of any sense or class.

            Man, that’s gonna make the rest of my life rather challengin’. I’ll try to do the best with what I have.

    • HabFanSince72 says:

      Two words: Lance Armstrong.

  29. light_n_tasty says:

    So, I don’t really care who wins tonight. Maybe I’ll watch the last part of the third period or something after I finish watching HGTV. I like Timmy Tom, hopefully he wins something (Cup, Smythe, something).

    The only hockey question that really matters right now, the one that everyone is wondering, is when in the flippin eff is Pierre gonna sign Markov?

    • issie74 says:

      I’m with yo light n tasty,

      I watch the ball game with the computer on my lap and Mr.Boone telling me what’s going on.I see highlights and since neither team is my team,that’s all I need.

      On to Markov and the too small too soft guys.

      size and grit size and grit


  30. shiram says:

    Brock Trotter apparently re-signs with the Habs?
    Still only a rumour, but interesting.

    • HalifaxHabs says:

      I can only see them bringing him back to fill out the AHL roster for next year… I can’t see him making the strating lineup out of camp, but hey you never know.
      And let’s face it, coming back to North America now is probably his best chance to one day make into the NHL. If he gets back to producing for Hamilton, it’s only a matter of time until he gets an injury call-up.

      • shiram says:

        I also think he would be AHL bound, the Bulldogs will need some help after losing Boyd and Dawes.

      • showey47 says:

        Probably wishes he never left knowing he would have probably received a call up to play left wing with gomez and gio early last season. But on the flip side he got to play a higher level of hockey then the ahl and earned a better paycheck in the process. I’m sure the life experience of playing hockey and living in russia was beneficial also.

  31. joshua94k says:

    Since Esposito and Orr led the Bruins to the Stanley Cup in 1972, it has been several failures since.

    In the 70s, Bobby Clark and the Flyers defeted the bruins in 74.
    from 77-79 Guy Lafleur and the Canadiens proved to be too strong.

    In 1988 and 90, Wayne Gretzky and Mark Messier were too hard to handle.

    2011 The Sedin brothers, tired of taking punches to the head will lead the way to another loss for the Bruins.

    “It’s too much for one guy to shoulder. For us, we’re going to do it as a group. It’s about sharing that responsibility win or lose.” – Mike Cammalleri

    • arcosenate says:

      From what I hear he plays with the grit we need up front, has a nose for the net too. At 5′ 10″ 190lbs. he ain’t huge but he’s not tiny either.

  32. slychard says:

    Haha I’d root for the Taliban.

  33. smiler2729 says:

    WOW, apparently Dr. Recchi has CLEARED Nathan The Human Fart Horton to play tonight.

    Lurch, the Hunchback, Andrew Finger Ference, Brad Banana Nose Marchand, Timmy The Dogfaced Boy Thomas and the rest of the Boston Babybrains await with masterfully baited breath…

    Please Suck-couver, overcome your crap and pummel these sorry excuses for NHLers.

    “If the Bruins played the Taliban, I’d root for the Taliban”

  34. slychard says:

    I’m all for Jarg joining the team but I wounder if he could fit in to the Martin team system. He’s not 40 yet is he…? Not a spring chicken yet he’s got strong legs and difficult to move off the puck. Maybe if Pouliot signs with the team Jarg can give him his leg trainig tips to help him stay on his feet more then on his keister. With that said Jarg has always been about the benjamins so don’t expect him to sign at less then 5 million.

  35. Sal says:

    If the “no conflict of interst Bruins” win this game, it is a disgrace!! They are only in the final because daddy campbell, Buttman, and the rest of the league cronys, including those infamous company men, the refs, all fell into line. How can a game be called one way in one city, and another way in the next city? Does the word coruption come to mind? The diving, the bad acting, all the things we never used to see in an NHL final are all in plain view, thanks to officiating now explicitly designed to affect the outcome of games. Welcome to soccer and basket ball, where fantom calls are the norm, diving and acting like they have shot by a gun to draw penalties, in short, all the activities we used to think could never happen in a hockey game! The NHL is a bush league, run by an imperative to appeal to the lowest common denominator, goon hockey. Why? So it will appeal to US fans, many of who view hockey as nothing other than a glorified roller blade league.

    Vancouver is caught up in a vortex that all fans of teams in the eastern conference are very familiar with. The existence of goon teams, in the form of the Boston Bruins, and the Philly Flyers. The western teams don’t have to adapt their game to this style of hockey, during the regular season, nor in the playoffs. Detroit never has to contend with a team in the western conference whose goal is to goon their way to a win! Up untill this series, Vancouver played tough skilled hockey, to get to the final. In big bad bruins, the combination of corrupt reffing, and, goon tactics, is making them adapt to a style they are unaccustommed to having to play. Consequently, they are out of their ellement in this series, forced to play in a way that favors Boston. In what other league is a player, Marchand, allowed to treat the leagues’ best player, D. Sedin with such disrespect, and, with impunity? Punching, shoving, jabbing him with with his stick, with virtually no repreccusions! Unbelievable? It’s why the Cannucks look like a deer in the headlights, especially in Boston.

    So now, especially if the Bruins win tonight, the rest of the league’s 28 teams, has to adapt to the two goon teams, by beefing up their own goon quotient. We are constantly hearing cries, on this very site, begging PG to bulk up the team to play against the two remaining goon teams. It’s unfortunate but also true, the direction this league is going makes it a necessity. Instead of teams stocking up on skill, speed, and physical toughness, we are destined to have to watch the degeneration of the game to the pre-lockout hockey most of us were more than happy to wave goodbye to. Vancouver is by far the better team in this series, since they are not allowed to play their style of hockey, tough, discipined, skilled, we are down to a toss up game seven. Thanks Gary, nice work, you’re “winning”.

    Sal from the Hammer

    • Rudy says:

      Good post. This series has gone down hill from Game 1 of the Final. The Bruins “game” is to suck the other team into their bad behavior, fully knowing they won’t be penalized for their behavior.

    • Hobie Hansen says:

      Part of your comment said that Western Conference teams don’t have to play goon teams like Boston.

      Last time I checked teams like the Ducks, Stars and Sharks sometimes play a real nasty style…

      Boston is overboard for sure but for the last 100 years other teams have done everything possible to injure or throw the stars off their game in the playoffs.

    • B915 says:

      Thanks Gary, nice work, you’re “winning”…and you are whining

    • JayBee says:

      it all boils down to officiating in the playoffs. There’s a reason why I want the Habs to get grittier and bigger.

      It’s not that the refs are pulling for the Bruins…it’s that playoff hockey, the refs let a LOT of things go on both sides. The “put the whistle away” brand of hockey suits physical/goon teams, there’s no wonder why Boston has been successful. If you’re a team who relies heavily on your PP (Habs), then you will be in tough in the playoffs because you will not get as many calls and be forced to play 5 on 5. Hab fans keep talking about the PP and how good it is. PP is good for the regular season. If you can’t score 5 on 5 (too small) then you will struggle in the playoffs against bigger/more physical teams.

      Back to the series…I think the main problem is the refs have let way too much crap go and players have no idea where the line is. You can’t just simply change the officiating when you get to the playoffs. The NHL is the only league that does this. Either let things go during the entire season and playoffs or call everything. Why is a hook in preseason a penalty but legal in the playoffs?

      • G-Man says:

        Sorry, but the Goons have been getting the benefit of the doubt all season long, let alone the playoffs. The NHL is losing customers with this sorry display, never mind having parents pull their kids out of hockey because it is acceptable to injure your opponent (without any real consequence).

        • JayBee says:

          The NHL has been giving them the benefit of the doubt (Betman, Cambpell)…not so sure about the refs.

          My issue with Boston is the lack of dicipline from the league…not the refs.

          Regardless, Habs absolutely need to get some tough guys in the lineup…not goons, but guys who can protect our players against the Flyers, Bruins…and other bigger teams. Need more size upfront as well.

        • issie74 says:

          Yes G Man … all but Boston.They are filling the seats not only for this year but for next,if you can believe their marketing dept.

          The hot dog salesman is breathing a sigh of relief.


    • gmur says:

      The only thing I would add is that GMs watching the final and taking notes are going to try to sign dirty players, not goons. At least with goons, you settle things straight up. The players making a difference in this final are dirty, vicious players whose stickwork and after-the-whistle antics are a well-crafted art. It certainly makes removing the 2-minute instigator penalty worthy of consideration. Then a goon would clean Marchand’s clock good and well, à-la-Semenko, and the Sedins would be able to play hockey. Would a player in the 80s punch Gretzky in the face 4-5 times after a whistle and live to tell about it?Talent is taking a beating in this Final.

    • mrhabby says:

      “Vancouver is by far the better team in this series”

      Have seen Luongo play nets lately….come on now.

  36. HabFarmer says:

    Man there really is no black and white in this series – hilarious

    “No, I see. The monkey’s out of the bottle now!”

  37. shiram says:

    Funny that someone laughed at me for suggestion swapping Cunneyworth and Muller, and now Francois Gagnon has written the same thing… heheheh

    • HalifaxHabs says:

      hahaha Shiram that was me yesterday, and Tom Nickle called you out for it.

      so is this proof that francois Gagnon reads this site?? lol

      • shiram says:

        I Like Francois, so I could go with “great minds think alike” .

        But it seems more likely now that Muller will either still be an assistance, or coach in the AHL, it makes sense to me to try and keep him.
        We’ll see how this all turns out.

    • TomNickle says:

      Hey, it could happen, but it still doesn’t make any sense. Why take a coach who in his first season with Hamilton took a depleted lineup within an inch of the Calder Cup? Why remove him from that role when he guided a team to a 3-0 Conference Finals comeback?

      Why take Muller, who just about every current Hab feels is needed, and send him to Hamilton in a season where Hamilton is going to be short on actual prospects?

      If they do it, more power to them. But in my opinion it would be a huge mistake both for the organization and the parties involved. The guy replacing Muller on the Habs’ bench is going to have to do a masterful job of endearing himself to the players. And the guy who replaces Cunneyworth is in a no win situation right off the hop. That man would be replacing the coach who took a roster full of 4th line NHLers and no blue chip prospects within one game of the Calder Cup.

      If there is one argument to be made for this other than getting Kirk Muller “head coaching experience”, I’m all ears. The organization won’t be willing to sacrifice that much in organization structure and harmony to give one man a platform to better his career in another location. They aren’t going to hold him back, but they certainly won’t push him ahead at the expense of two teams and around 40 players.

      • shiram says:

        To be honest I doubt it happens, but it makes more sense than you are willing to accept, if keeping Muller is the key.

        • HabinBurlington says:

          I think that is the whole point. Perhaps Mr. Molson is tired of watching our prized young coaches walking away and making other franchises better. There could be pressure from up top to develop Kirk and have him ready to take over for JM in 2 years, isn’t that when JM’s contract expires? I could see JM taking a role with PG in head office. He has coached a long time.

        • TomNickle says:

          If I’m being unreasonable in terms of evaluating a scenario where Muller could end up in Hamilton, please clarify for me what circumstances would prompt the Montreal Canadiens to send Kirk Muller to Hamilton become the head coach. As I said, Cunneyworth would have the unenviable task of replacing him as assistant coach in Montreal and Muller would in turn have the unenviable task of trying to duplicate Cunneyworth’s success in Hamilton. What organization would consider Muller if he failed to produce equal or better results than Cunneyworth?

          It, in my opinion, would be a bad career move for both Cunneyworth and Muller and also has great potential to alienate both the players in Hamilton and in Montreal.

          So again, please, provide for me a scenario where Muller going to Hamilton and Cunneyworth coming to Montreal could possibly be a worthwhile move. And if the answer is the threat of Muller leaving for an AHL job, the argument is weak due to the no win scenario he’d face in Hamilton.

          • HabinBurlington says:

            Tom I don’t think anyone is disagreeing with your logic. All of your points your make complete sense. I just do think that somehow someway Montreal may be wanting to make sure they don’t lose Kirk. His leadership as a player was unquestioned. He will make an excellent Head Coach someday somewhere, and hopefully we will get to reap that reward.

          • TomNickle says:

            I find it more likely that Gomez will be traded to another team by October than I do Cunneyworth and Muller trading places within the organization.

          • shiram says:

            Sorry if I was not clear Tom, but as I said, I very much doubt it will happen, and in that sense I agree with you.
            But if the #1 priority for the Habs brass is to keep Muller in the organization, well the head coach spot in Hamilton might work out for him, as I doubt he would want another contract as assistant manager.

            Francois Gagnon makes a better case for it actually… But the gist of it is it would get Muller head coach experience, cause it seems unlikely now he would get a HC job in the nhl.

            Muller would have to take a risk in coaching in the AHL, but that risk would be even greater in the NHL. And I fail to see how it would alienate players or coach… I don’t see how it’s a no win scenario.
            Where it really falls apart is with Cunneyworth, I don’t see why he’d wanna be assistant coach, except maybe if he prefers to travel by plane!

            Still, it’s something I said in jest, with maybe an hint of truth to it, but mostly I doubt it happen.

          • HabFanSince72 says:

            The move to Hamilton might not be likely but Muller obviously wants to one day be a head coach. It doesn’t look like his assistantship in Montreal is opening many doors so he might think he needs to do something else. Seems the AHL is a good route to the NHL these days.

            I’m not convinced that being second in command here is that great on a resume. Unlike say being assistant head coach in Detroit.

      • savethepuck says:

        100% agreed

        “That beautiful bastard scored semi-conscious.” On the Rocket’s Game 7 game winning goal against the Bruin’s April, 1952

      • ed lopaz says:

        Hey Tom,

        I understand your logic and truth be told I think it is VERY UNLIKELY that the the 2 coaches will swap jobs.

        However, I would like to add my few points here:

        maybe Cunneyworth has established as his “Primary Objective” a

        job IN THE NHL. Even though he had great success, the success might

        not be what is driving his most important objective – which could be to

        work in the NHL. There are many reasons why this could be the case.

        Professionally, he might feel like he has done what he wanted to do at the AHL level and he wants to move forward – and work in the big leagues.

        Personally, maybe he has family or other obligations and he feels that an NHL job as an assistant could be helpful in meeting those obligations.

        We simply don’t know – but it is POSSIBLE – that Cunneyworth himself has asked Montreal if he could take Muller’s spot behind the bench.

        For Muller, I think its clear that he wants a HEAD COACHING job and that he has been told by Dallas and maybe others that he needs some AHL HEAD COACHING experience. Muller would do well to take on the Hamilton team as a Challenge.

        It is far easier for a coach to stand out when his team starts the season with low expectations of success.

        the Hamilton job would be a great challenge for any coach next season, and I think Muller would probably do amazing there.

        Finally, there is the point about keeping BOTH COACHES IN THE ORGANISATION.

        They are valuable to the Habs, and they both deserve the Habs full attention.

        As far as the 40 players are concerned I don’t think this will be an issue.

        the Habs players are being paid a ton of money and they simply need someone to communicate with.

        Martin does NOT communicate directly to his players very well.

        I think Cunneyworth would do a fine job as he did this season in Hamilton.

        Cunneyworth is probably much more like Muller than he is like Martin.

        The days of 60+ year old, Old School, don’t talk to me coaches, like Martin, are fading fast.

        Today, if you want your players to perform or your workers to produce, you need to relate to them, understand what motivates them, believe in them (young and experienced) and let them go out there and succeed or fail on their own merit.

        I believe Cunneyworth probably has a lot of this more modern approach in him, and he would do well as as assistant having taken over for Muller.

        As far as Muller’s team in Hamilton, the 20 guys in Hamilton will be a great fit for a communicator like Muller. I met Muller, and he is one of those guys that is liked by everyone, and easy to talk to. He is very modest and down to earth, and I can see why he is a true “players coach”.

        So although it it very unlikely to happen – it could actually benefit both coaches, the Habs organisation, and the 40 players involved.

        Habs hockey is “smart” hockey – we play 5 man defence, not just 2 – we move up the ice as a 5 man unit, we back check with 5.

  38. arcosenate says:

    If Jagr wants to come to Montreal for a reasonable price sign him. But if there’s one thing this season and playoffs have demonstrated it’s that all roads go through Boston next year and Montreal is going to need to stand up to the thugs if they are going to stand a chance.

    So two words: Evgeny Arthukin.

    He can skate, hit and take care of the goons on the Bruins.

    You want to keep Lucic, Thornton, Campbell, Horton in line?

    There’s your answer.

    • Hobie Hansen says:

      If they don’t go through Boston you still have the Flyers, Pens and Caps.

      Flyers are pretty big and physical with guys like Pronger, Richards, Shelly, Carcillo, and Hartnell.

      Pens are a lot tougher than people think with Orpik, Staal, Rupp, Engelland and Malkin is a pretty big boy as we know.

      And along with a handful of grinders and tough guys on the Caps, their star players are big and physical as well.

      Those three teams will be back to their 2009/10 form or even better. All three of them were not happy with last season and have the firepower to come out real strong next season.

      • RiverviewCanadien says:

        I think almost everyone on the Flyers had surgery this post season. Pronger, will he be the same? He will definitely be 1 year older.
        Not afraid of the Pens at all…what did the Habs do their healthy roster two seasons ago?
        The Caps? really, does the team need to be afraid of Mongo Bongo (Semin)?

        Habs will be fine…as long as they stick to their current system.

        • Hobie Hansen says:

          I love what the Habs did to the Pens and Caps two years ago but I think it would be very tough to go through two teams like that again without some adjustments to our team.

          We had some luck on our side that year. Every team needs luck to get to the finals but the stroger team you have the better.

          I would not want to play a 100% healthy Pens team again…

        • JayBee says:

          Habs got outplayed in that series. They had amazing goaltending from Halak and Fleury let in a bunch of softies. That was the difference.

          You really shouldn’t take the Pens too lightly.

    • Marcusman says:

      Just so it’s said I think signing Jagr would be HUGE for us. Here’s why…

      A) He’s 6’3″ 240 lbs and incredibly tough to knock off the puck
      B) He is the 9th all time scoring leader: He is only 42 points away from Sakic and 124 points away from passing Mario Lemieux. 156 away for Stevie Y making him 6th all time.
      C) He scored 167 points in his last two NHL seasons.
      D) He has always been healthy and relatively injury free his whole career.

      I’ve run out of bullet points at this point but please remember it’s a game after that he’s excelled at at every level his entire career. Also no big whoop about his age. If Brett Favre can still win at 42-43 yrs playing in the NHL…Jagr can still contribute.

      I’d pay him the 2.5-3.5 he wants and have him signed.

      • HalifaxHabs says:

        I would love to sign him, if we could keep the rpice and term reasonable… Then I think we need to be sure not to over work him throught the 82 game season, and then let him loose on the playoffs.

    • mike3131 says:

      But he (Artyukhin) wears a visor…

      ♪ And we’re livin’ here in Allentown… ♪ – Stu (Hangover 2)

  39. punkster says:

    I don’t like the Bruins, I don’t like the Canucks but more than anything I really detest st00pid. And this SCF is st00pid. The st00pidist, st00pid that ever st00pided. St00pider than st00pid. It’s absurdly st00pid, asininely st00pid, idiotically st00pid, blatantly st00pid and it’s so st00pid it has no shame in its st00pidity.


    ***Subbang Baby!!!***

    • HalifaxHabs says:

      so you’re saying it’s st00pid?

      • B915 says:

        I did read the post and the Habs are part of the NHL right?
        Totally, and completely, pathetic. HalifaxHabs that’s you

        • HalifaxHabs says:

          The post you mention was about Boston and Vancouver, with no mention at all of the Habs.
          Yes genius, the Habs are part of the NHL along with 27 other teams, that had nothing to do with that post, that you didn’t mention with your snide remarks.
          You are a Bruins fan, who trolls a Habs site, and constantly posts sarcastic remarks to people’s posts.
          You aren’t bringing anything of substance to any discussion on here. It’s obvious to everyone on here what a joke you are.
          I can only imagine what a joke you must be in real life, if you spend this much time on a fan site of a team you aren’t a fan of.

          One other thing, I don’t remember you on here everyday during last years playoff run when the Bruins had just completed one of the biggest choke jobs in history, and the Habs were still playing… Where were you then? Was I over on Bruins fans sites postiong stupid remarks everyday? no, because that would be “pathetic” of me.

          Understand now?

  40. JF says:

    This Final epitomizes everything that is wrong with the NHL these days: from the childishness and poor sportsmanship of finger-biting and taunting, to cheapshots and gooning it up after the whistle, to incompetent officiating and arbitrary, inconsistent disciplinary measures. It is a Final unworthy of the trophy being played for.

    The Bruins and Canucks are fitting participants in such a Final since neither team deserves to win the Stanley Cup; the Bruins because they are thugs and hypocrites who have benefitted all season from the League’s selective disciplinary measures, the Canucks for the lamentable lack of character they’ve displayed in falling apart when they’re down in a game and in whining or diving every time they’re hit. When the series started, I hoped the Canucks would win, but I’ve been finding it harder and harder to cheer for them. Much as I dislike the Bruins, they look to me like the better team, yet I can’t cheer for them either. All I can hope for is a well-played, well-officiated game.

    • B915 says:

      JF…. Both teams deserve the cup…..too bad your Habs aren’t in the final eh?…As for after the whistle stuff……it happens almost every game year in and year out…except for your Habs….I agree Chara should have got time off….Boychuck hit ?…more of little shove….and why don’t you mention Matt Cooke’s hit?

      • HabinBurlington says:

        I thought it was time for the Bruin trolls to begin fishing here again today. Welcome!

      • Mattyleg says:

        It’s not about the Habs, B, you seem to have missed the point.
        Fact is, that this has to be the worst display of poor sportsmanship I’ve ever seen in a SCF. By both teams.
        I’m not saying that the players should go around bowing and offering each other flowers, but the kind of no-neck thuggishness that has plagued these finals is just embarrassing.

        —Hope Springs Eternal—

        • B915 says:

          Mattyleg….It all started with the sportsmanship of a bite….the hit on Horton was part of hockey….biting is not….if Burrows ate a pre-game meal…then maybe it would be different…but he did bite Bergeron and here we are now…game 7

          • HabinBurlington says:

            Can you explain again why the proctologist Bergeron was shoving his fingers in the mouth of Burrows? Absolutely biting is not part of game, but last i checked performing oral exams during a hockey game was also not acceptable, unless this is just another “awkward collision”.

          • B915 says:

            HabinBurlington……your awkward…….calling Bergeron a proctologist, last I remember a proctologist put his finger in the rear not a mouth

      • HalifaxHabs says:

        Here’s where you prove how smart you are B915… not once in JF’s post did he mention the Habs. His post is extremely well written, and in your defense, you probably don’t even know what some of the “big”words he used means.

        You show your true colours as a blind Boston fan by responding with childish taunts about the Habs. Try growing a brain, and actually reading his post then addressing his points in your response. Oh wait, that’s definitely too much to ask of you since you’re a Bruins fan who regularily trools a Habs site.

        Totally, and completely, pathetic.

    • Habitoban says:

      People have been saying that someone needs to die on the ice before the game can be fixed. The good news is that no one has been killed yet. The bad news is that, based on these finals, the game is barely alive. I may watch a period or 2 tonight, or maybe not.

  41. TomNickle says:

    So the only KHL team who has shown public interest in Jaromir Jagr is now saying that they’ve moved on from trying to sign him. Interesting. He’s not a fighter, he’s up there in age, but he’s difficult to move off the puck and can very likely contribute some 5 on 5 offense. I like the sound of Plekanec, Cammalleri, Jagr, Gomez, Gionta and Pacioretty in the top six with Eller and Kostitsyn working on a third line together. That sounds to me like an immediate scoring improvement. I’m sure some will trash him because he’s old and European, but the guy can still put the puck in the net and pass with the best of em. And like I said before, he could quite possibly be the second best ufa available at a price $5 million cheaper than the best.

    • ooder says:

      Jagr is one of hockey’s best players ever… as long as his attitude is good this guy is an addition to any team

      Gomez: 36 and counting!

    • NCRhabsfan says:

      Jagr is essentially free if Gomez plays in Hamilton. Eller will get 7 goals and play better defence in Gomez’ spot at a quarter the price.

    • HabFanSince72 says:

      “I like the sound of Plekanec, Cammalleri, Jagr, Gomez, Gionta and Pacioretty.”

      Except for that one discordant note.

      • TomNickle says:

        Yeah well we have him for one more year. Gomez, Gionta and Pacioretty was a very good line. Hopefully it gets better.

        • HabinBurlington says:

          I think at this point our roster is close, a healthy Markov, MaxPac and adding the offense of Jagr could be enough for us. If that line (Cammy, Plex, Jagr) gets scoring it will open up alot of ice for Mpac, G and G, and even more for a 3rd line of Eller/Ak and ?.

          At this point, adding a Jagr can only help. I think it is a risk worth taking. Hate to get to excited….

    • RiverviewCanadien says:

      I would love to have him on the team. Plekanec and Jagr are dynamite together (I think Pleks also credits Jagr for helping him after his terrible season, plus they also work out in the summer together I am pretty sure) add Cammalleri to the mix…that would be one dangerous line in hockey.

    • J_P says:

      If we can get jagr for between $2 and $3 million ($2.5M would be nice), I think he would be a great addition.

      • RiverviewCanadien says:

        I would pay him more than that…you know he if he plays with Pleks and Camms, you can take to the bank 60+ points…even if he is not with Pleks and Camms

        How many players did we have on the team that produced 60+? None, Pleks being the highest with 57. And what were their salaries?

        I would pay Jagr 3.5 – 4.25 million for 1 year…no problem

  42. geo_habsgo says:

    The “Cup” being offered to the Bruins in the picture above seems like a pretty solid consolation prize…

  43. HabinBurlington says:

    Have to love how Murphy tiptoed through the Boychuk hit. Calling it an “awkward collision”. Doesn’t a collision itself insinuate two object moving towards each other or least both objects moving? Raymond was against the boards, put out of position from a Bryan Mcabe like can opener between the legs, then upon nearing the boards was crosschecked.

    Yes Mike Murphy, funny how “awkward” indeed that was. Sure sounds like it was all Raymonds fault. Thanks for the clarification you useless puppet. No one can tell me for a minute that he still doesn’t do exactly what Colon Campbell wants done.

    Things will be bad next year with Shanahan as he still has ties to many players in the league, and perhaps a bias will present itself in that regard. This league will have no effective changes until Bettman and Company are removed from office. Thankfully with Donald Fehr in charge of union, I think Bettman will not risk his “legacy” on a battle with him. I think he will resign and let someone else have that fight.

    • TomNickle says:

      Shanahan won’t be working alone. He’ll have Mathieu Schneider with him. And quite possibly more.

      • B915 says:

        Yes……need an ex-canadian to even things out…Montreal Saints

      • NCRhabsfan says:

        I think HabinBurlington hits the nail on the head, the problem is Bettman. The league’s hockey operations office is a disgrace. The only thing that can be said for them is that they are consistently inconsistent. Their logic makes absolutely no sense from one incident to the next. Boston has seemed to profit mightily from a lot of their decisions, but they’ve made all kinds of weird decisions that have nothing to do with the Bruins, so it is unlikely it’s just a simple bias at work. I’ve thought that the officiating this year and last has been abysmal and, until recently, I thought that was the referees fault. I don’t think so anymore. How can guys on the ice, dealing with split second decisions in front of thousands/millions of people be expected to make good calls when their masters can’t make up their minds what the rules mean in the quiet of their offices the day after a game? The NHL head office is strictly amateur hour. Shanahan will not not be able to fix that, and will likely simply be subsumed by it. Bettman needs to go, the operations office has to have a hockey man without obvious conflicts of interest, and they need to have an appeal process that is presided over by an independant, objective third party, not by the same confused kangeroo court that blew the first call. That appeal office should be available to both alleged offenders and teams that feel offences were not punished severely enough. That can’t and won’t happen with Bettman at the helm.

    • DearyLeary says:

      Illegal play, away from the puck, injury occurs.

      Same criteria as Rome/Horton, but also as Chara/Pacioretty.

      The wonders of weak disciplinary standards result in inconsistent discipline. In the end teams that take advantage of these lax rules are able to get away with it, as the Bruins have all season.

  44. joshua94k says:

    Cam Cole thinks the Habs stole the Cup in 1986 and 1993.

    The Cup has been stolen before. The 1986 and ’93 Montreal Canadiens come to mind. Jacques Demers was mightily ticked off to hear his ’93 team referred to as the weakest ever to win the Stanley Cup.
    Read more:

    It shows how much he knows about hockey. The Canadiens have always been underated since 1979. How many so-called experts picked the Canadiens to make the play-offs? For those who did how many changed their minds after the injuries to Markov and Gorges?

    The 1993 team had 102 points during the season. They had the best goalie in Patrick Roy. They had the best defensive forward in Guy Carbonneau. Damphousse had 97 points. Bellows scored 40 goals. Kirk Muller had 37 goals and 94 points. They had Deshardins, Schneider, Keane, Savard, LeClaire, Leeman, Lebeau etc. All fine players. It was a team that knew how to find a way to win. They had the ability to score timely goals and come back to make the game close if they were behind. Will any other team win 10 consecutive overtime games in the play-offs? This team would not lose by scores of 8-1 or 4-0 because they played till the end and never gave up.

    The 1986 team. How can anyone call this a weak team to win a Cup when it had players like Gainey, Robinson, Tremblay, Roy, Lemieux, Naslund, Smith, Carbonneau, Chelios, Green, Skrudland, Richer, McPhee, Ludwig, Nilan etc.

    “It’s too much for one guy to shoulder. For us, we’re going to do it as a group. It’s about sharing that responsibility win or lose.” – Mike Cammalleri

    • NCRhabsfan says:

      Joshua94K – I think you missed his point. You should reread the article and understand the context in which he made the statement. He is not saying they were weak teams, he’s saying any team that wins is a good team.

  45. smiler2729 says:

    Here’s hoping Suck-couver can pull it out tonight or we’re going have to put up with some very obnoxious Bruins BS for the next few seasons from the likes of that psycho Jack Edwards, the loopy Boston sports media and their moronic fans…

    Ugh, I’d almost rather have the Laffs win the Cup at this point than Boston…

    Yay for Gary’s league!

    “If the Bruins played the Taliban, I’d root for the Taliban”

  46. higginrs says:

    Forgive me if I’m a little presumptuous with this post, but overall it sounds to me like very few hockey pundits and fans are actually enjoying this series. Among the commentariate here I’ve heard mostly griping about how the reffing has sucked, how the canucks haven’t been dominant (as was anticipated?), how the Bs have played “1970s” hockey that is despicable and ignores the “modern” aspects of the game. Couple all that with a general focus on all the “childish” controversies and I haven’t heard squat about a good play, memorable shot/save, or entertaining battle.

    The media really seems to be fueling the griping. “No one deserves to win it” is the latest line. I’m not sure what the heck that’s really supposed to mean. Somehow neither team, nor this series fits into our general understanding of how a SCF is supposed to go, so we write the series off. Words like “bizarre” have also described the series. Is it really? Or is this just what is left of our beloved NHL after all these years of Bettman at the helm?

    This series has been bland, bland, bland. I would say that if you took away all the media hype and got rid of all the packaging of the broadcasters, then watched any one of these games on tv without knowing it was a SCF game, you would think you were watching a regular season game (a rather bland one at that). There’s nothing about any of these games that suggest elevated levels of play or that we have the finest 2 teams in the NHL.

    I’ve said this before, I could miss tonight’s game and couldn’t care less. NHL needs a revival. Get rid of the glut of fringe teams Bettman brought in, get consistent reffing, and put rules in place that make sense to all (fans need to understand what the heck is going on). As much as I love watching year long hockey (cause I’m just that glued to the tv and my life is that empty I have nothing else to do) I think the season NEEDS to be shorter. I’m tired of hearing how “it a whole new season when the playoffs begin”. This diminishes the value of the regular season and thus my reason for wanting to pay attention to what’s happening prior to the playoffs. Revamp the NHL before it loses relevance!

  47. gmur says:

    Pacioretty by Chara… Raymond by Boychuk… cracked vertebrae… no suspensions…

    What I understand from the NHL is that if you hit someone (especially a Bruin) without the puck in the middle of the ice: multi-game suspensions.

    If you drive a player (who is also without the puck) into the boards and break vertebrae, it is an unfortunate incident that deserves neither penalty (though Chara did receive a penalty…) nor suspension.

    If the VerteBruins win the cup, it will be yet another testament to the irregular justice meted out by the NHL.

  48. HabinBurlington says:

    For all of you folks wanting us to sign Z Konopka, bad news. Talking to a buddy last night who is friends with the Konopka family, he is in talks with Buffalo, Anaheim and Toronto. Apparantly it is near a done deal with Toronto. Which makes sense, Burke’s kind of guy, has tons of cap room, and Colton Orr’s Concussion issues may still be haunting him, thus the need for Konopka.

    • since1988 says:

      Correct me if I’m wrong but Konopka isn’t deemed to be a free agent until July 1st so if this information you have is true lets bring tampering charges upon Burke…or it means he hasn’t negotiated with anyone

      “I savour it every day, sometimes before practice I’m skating around and I’ll look at the logo on my jersey – I’m playing for the Canadiens!”
      – Mathieu Darche

      • TomNickle says:

        Burke was fined for tampering last year based on comments that Ron Wilson made on the radio about the Sedins. Doubt he’d tamper with Konopka.

    • TomNickle says:

      If he is in talks with those teams that is called tampering. And teams are unlikely to tamper with a player like Zenon Konopka. No offense to him or his family, but he probably isn’t worth a six figure fine and possible draft pick loss.

      • HabinBurlington says:

        Yes to tampering, but we all know it goes on. I am just passing on the info. i heard. I do trust my buddy, and of course he is a leaf fan, and is quite excited.

        Anyhow, go nucks go tonight. I cant fathom a Bruin cup victory.

        • TomNickle says:

          I just found it odd. Not only do the Leafs and Sabres not need a player like Konopka to begin with. But if they’re going to begin discussions with players who are set to become free agents, it would more likely be players like Richards, Laich and the other good two way free agents coming available. And the thing is, if you start talking to that many players prior to free agency, word is going to get out pretty quick. Not a smart move.

    • HabFanSince72 says:

      Konopka had 2 goals and 7 assists in 82 games, and was a -14. As a fighter he’s strictly a middleweight. He brings nothing that Moen or White can’t do.


      If we deem it necessary to hire a thug to take on the Bruins we should get a total psychopath like Trevor Gillies or John Scott. Not that we should do that in any case.

      • TomNickle says:

        Gillies might be the only player in the league who could intimidate the opposition from the bench. In that sense, he could be worth having.

      • showey47 says:

        Konopka was nearly 58% in the faceoff circle(1075 faceoffs) that alone makes him more useful then moen and white. Also led the league in penalty minutes and also fighting majors by 9 fights. That -14 was also on an bad islander team taking into consideration the wiz was -18 when he came over from the islanders and was a plus 4 after the trade. Konopka would be a great signing for us if it happened.

        • athanor says:

          The faceoff numbers are good, as is your argument about the plus-minus, but do we really need to spend more time short-handed?

          • showey47 says:

            He has 25 fighting majors and almost half of his minor penalties (31 in total)are for roughing. Which i would take anyday over the hooking,holding,tripping,too many men,shooting the puck over the glass penalties we are known to take.

    • HalifaxHabs says:

      It’s against league rules for a UFA to be talking to any other team until July 1st. Any other team talking to him could face a huge fine.
      It’s tough to imagine a team risking a huge fine to sign a guy like that when they could just wait until July 1st.

      • HabinBurlington says:

        I suspect it happens quite a bit, where agents and team gm’s have “informal” talks about hypothetical situations.

        Different league, but look at the NBA with Bosch, Lebron and Wade.

        Clearly there was discussions in advance of free agency there. Many teams spoke out, but nothing was done. Unless an agent starts yakking I am sure word is kept quiet.

        What worries me is the success Boston are having with their current recipe of “thuggery”. I fear more teams will say, well lets do the same thing, and we get a return of thuggery on many teams in league.

  49. Ian Cobb says:

    Some type of trainers they have in Vancouver! They allow a player with a broken back to stand and be helped off the ice by two players holding him up. Instead of securing him to a board or stretcher.

    What a Mickey Mouse hockey club! The kid could have been paralyzed for life.

  50. 24 Cups says:

    A few thoughts on tonight’s game.

    – Vancouver’s powerplay is 2-31 in this series. They have only scored 8 goals in 6 games. Stop with the fancy perimeter passing and start getting some dirty goals in front of the net. Get in Thomas’ face.

    – When Vancouver scores first in the playoffs, they have a .846 chance of winning the game. When the other team scores first, the odds drop to .364. Scoring first would also take some of the heat off of Luongo. If Boston goes up by two, then you know it’s time to switch over to ‘You Think You Can Dance’.

    – Speaking of which, Luongo has a .978 save percentage on home ice this series. His road save percentage is a dismal .716. He was also pulled from two games and should have been yanked in the 8-1 meltdown. Can he come through one more time, or is his home ice bubble about to burst?

    – The Sedin twins have a collective five points in the series. They have been outscored by Krejci, Recchi, Marchand, Lucic, Peverley and Ryder. They are the only two Canuck forwards who can take over a game and dominate. Just like Luongo, Vancouver’s best players must find a way to outshine Boston’s best players.

    – With injuries to three key forwards, Vancouver needs some help from their secondary scorers. All Hab fans will be keeping an eye on Chris Higgins and Maxim Lapierre. I’d just love to see one of these two guys bag the Cup winning goal.

  51. G-Man says:

    I really don’t give a rat’s ass about the Conn Smythe. This game tonight is for the toughest championship to win of them all. The best trophy in all sports will be presented. I hope for all you Bruins trolls plaguing this site that Vancouver buries your dreams in a landfill.

    May Chara, Marchand, Recchi and Lucy find nothing but the bitter pill of disappointment.

  52. JohnBellyful says:

    Turns out Englebert Humperdinck is a Canucks fan. He’s in the studio right now recording one of his hits that he’s turned into a pep song — of sorts — for Roberto Luongo.
    You can listen to him sing the original here,

    Will you bounce back from disaster?
    Tell me, Luongo, Luongo, Luongo
    Or get lifted even faster
    With your team in a big hole?

    Please make me this one promise
    Tell me, Luongo, Luongo, Luongo
    That you’ll outplay Tim Thomas
    And deny his team a goal.

    This is the time to shine
    You can win the Stanley Cup
    Your rep is on the line
    For crissakes don’t screw up

    I can’t wait a moment more
    Tell me, Luongo, Luongo, Luongo
    Say you won’t give up a score
    And the Sedins manage one

    [instrumental interlude]

    The Bruins we all hate them
    They’re just thugs in black and gold
    Here’s your chance to deflate them
    Come up big and watch them fold

    The game should be a doozer
    But fail? Luongo, Luongo, Luongo
    You’ll be known as Bobby Lou-zer
    Star goalie for the Cannots
    Star goalie for the Cannots
    Star goalie for the Cannots

  53. Captain aHab says:

    No the silence you hear is the Big Wigs at the NHL holding their breaths hoping that Chara doesn’t pull a Rome early in the first period. Can you imagine them being put in the position to suspend Boston’s best player in Game 7 of the Finals? I have no doubt that they would find a reason to keep him on the ice but they would – AGAIN – be exposed as frauds.

  54. 24 Cups says:

    The Sedins and Kesler must somehow answer the bell tonight.
    (In fairness, Kesler has been playing through an injury in heroic fashion)

    • Captain aHab says:

      I totally agree that he’s been playing lights out but there is no doubt in my mind that he has also had a HOOGE horseshoe up his ass. Again early in game 6, wasn’t it one of the Sedins who had a gaping net to shoot in and the puck just skipped right over his stick as he was shooting? Don’t know how many times we’ve seen this. But, as a famous golf player used to say: “the more I practice, the luckier I get.”

      The other aspect too is that the Boston D is a puck clearing machine. Thomas gives up rebounds, some of them are bad, but those almost never go for second shots. That helps a goalie a hell of a lot.

  55. 24 Cups says:

    There are lots of good articles in today’s Toronto Star on the big game, but this one says it all for me.–just-give-the-stanley-cup-to-tim-thomas-neither-team-deserves-it

  56. Haligonian-Hab says:

    Good luck to both teams. Hopefully this one is finally an entertaining and fast-paced game. Hoping the Canucks can pull it off. Tim Thomas gets Conn Smythe regardless of the outcome.

    • ffenliv says:

      The league should give Thomas the Conn Smythe, and some other made-up-on-the-spot-for-heroic-performance trophies. The majority of the rest of his team should be ushered out behind the rink and told they are no longer welcome in the NHL.

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