The baker lady responds to Bob Gainey

When veteran radio reporter Peter Ray cited his wife among Montrealers who wonder why Bob gainey stuck with his Number 1 goaltender through the Bruins series, the general manager/coach tartly replied:

"Carey Price is a thoroughbred. Maybe your wife doesn’t recognize."

Not content with firing off that zinger, Gainey admitted he "doesn’t bake bread very well, either" – a bit of a sexist shot at female hockey fans.

Ray’s wife, Pat Enborg, is an avid Habs Inside/Out reader. She sent this e-mail in response to Gainey:

Re: Bob Gainey’s wrap-up press conference today. I’m the wife referred to regarding my humble opinion on starting Halak rather than Price in goal. Whoa! Never expected Bob to blurt out a comment that he "doesn’t bake bread very well either…" If that’s what he thinks of women giving their opinions on hockey, hide your daughters!

I’m hoping he’s just suffering from post-trauma playoff disorder. Just smarts considering I too, am from Peterborough and am the first to regale (or bore) all and sundry with my tales of going to high school with such future NHL stars as Doug Jarvis and Greg Millen. Even had Roger Neilson as a guidance counsellor. Though he didn’t advise a career in hockey…

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