That wasn’t pretty

The Canadiens dialed up a stinker in their final Bell Centre game of the pre-season.

They play the Islanders in Quebec City tomorrow night and then retreat to the Charlevoix region to prepare for REAL hockey.

Elle Quebec cover boys (thanks, Harani)

Jacques Martin: 58 today.

Happy birthday, Mr. Coach:


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Jaro stones the champs, D’Agostini scores


  1. RetroMikey says:

     A W is a W, does not matter if you have a bunch of old grannies playing on the roster or not.

    No lame excuses or sayin “what if…… was in the roster?”

    A W is a W.

  2. showey47 says:

    Cause it may only be draft picks after the draft in the case of a possible offer sheet instead of actual players.

  3. showey47 says:

    You do know other teams can talk to your restricted free agents and possibly put in an offer sheet by june 26th,which is draft weekend,right? I know you don’t like to hear that,but it explains why halak was traded before the draft.

  4. larisalapointe says:

    Got it thanks!


  5. adam76 says:

    So the value would somehow be less high after the draft?  please explain.

  6. punkster says:

    My drivel above was a parody of some of our “special” commenters statements. The key is to not make a whole lot of sense while running as many thoughts in a single sentence as possible.


  7. SLONCOLD says:

    look at halak’s number last season… if we would have missed the playoffs, would you have blamed him?

    Dude seriously… i hear you talking about team team team and then u have no issues with pointing our loss against the flyers or potentially have missing the playoffs on jaro… come on man.


  8. SLONCOLD says:

    are those excuses not being made? i’ve heard them being made for other teams by the way. we’re not the center of teh hockey world….

  9. KenD29 says:

    Just curious, when did Spacek become all of the Habs D ?!


    Tonight we skate with them, Tonight is our night!

  10. larisalapointe says:

    Since I’m Canadian Crosby was my olympic star. But when he plays the habs, he’s not.

  11. habaddict_andy says:

    Just like we failed when Halak failed.


    Scott Gomez to Montreal Media “You’re a pain in the neck, but you’re our pain in the neck.”

  12. habaddict_andy says:

    Seems to me you have a short term memory.  Whether Spacek was playing above his standard or not, he played excellent against Ovie.  It amazes me even some fans refuses to give credit to Montreal diffense for taking part on the playoff success.


    Scott Gomez to Montreal Media “You’re a pain in the neck, but you’re our pain in the neck.”

  13. K-hab25 says:

    “in Montreal now” “let him develop” “he has potential” ” no goal support” ” this is not a knock on Price” LMFAO!!!!!!! Ya you were talking about Auld. Atleast have the balls to be honest. You’re as bad as the “Price guy”, that thinks Price is an anointted #1, that’s really just a back up quality goaltender.

  14. SeriousFan09 says:

    We almost didn’t make the playoffs because of the goaltending we had in the last week of the season at the same time, catching bottled lightning is great for a team but it doesn’t always last and again, NHL teams are wary of that.

    That CHI goaltending tandem is now playing in Switzerland and San Jose they were so good for CHI… Niemi got greedy and went for abritration so they said **** off and we’ll hire someone else Duncan Keith can make look good. Niemi was only the best goalie in the Cup Finals because Leighton was in nets on the other end.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  15. K-hab25 says:

    So your a “Price guy”, but you think he’s a back up goaltender. LMAO!! Well Price is an average #1 at this point in his career, like Halak, but a back up he is not. Not to many guys in the history of the game, have had over 120 starts, with a 2.72 GAA and a .912 sv%, 1 playoff series win and 1 all-star start, before they turned 23. Halak at the same point in his career, had 16 starts, with a 2.89 and a .906 sv%, with 0 playoff series wins or all-star games. Since it took Halak till he was 24 to have a good season, maybe we could wait and see how Price does at 23 this season. You’re a Kovy guy though,, so flash wins over substance.

  16. pic1983 says:

    Buffalo without miller isnt anywhere, but its painfully obvious that they wont go anywhere because you cant just win with good goaltending in the playoffs.  If they had a better team, combined with Ryan Miller, maybe they would actually go somewhere.

    Chicago swept san jose, so dont even talk to me about them “needing” niemi to pull that off.

    As for leighton, Ryan Miller let in that exact same goal to sidney crosby to cost the US the gold medal at the olympics. 

    Just look at the 2009 playoffs.  Brodeur literally cost his team the series against the hurricanes.  MArtin brodeur, the all time leader in goalie wins.





  17. SLONCOLD says:

    why did we make the playoffs last year? was it out perfect balance and great defensive play? i don’t think so

    well balanced teams win cups. Chicago has a good goalie tandem in the regular season and niemi was solid in the playoffs. and alllll goalies give up rebounds by the way, and for the most part niemi did a good job directing rebounds to the corner.

  18. 123456 says:

    gotta agree. the stanley cup champion goalie fetched a lot…… tim thomas and his big cap hit fetched a lot… oh yea the back-up stanley cup goalie made a big splash. do us all a favor – keep posting your opinions but offer some logic to them…. as in have some thought behind them. i fyou think halak could have returned more after the draft then why – do you know any interesting trades that could have happened? i’m all for people coming up with ideas of their own but just think them out and offer some suggestions. until then… sell while the value is high i say

    secret mod

  19. avatar_58 says:

    The entire team fell apart in the Philly series. The true difference between that series and the others was that Halak didn’t stand on his head, and instead played like your average young goalie would.

    The unfortunate reality now, however, is we don’t have a “halak” to fall back on. If Price fails – the team fails. That’s the truth. I honestly hope if this starts to happen they get rid of Auld and make a trade for a vet to be our #1, with Price taking his rightful backup “future #1” role. None of this annointed nonsense.

  20. SLONCOLD says:

    we made the ECF beacause of some fantastic goaltending:-)

    you shouldn’t rely soley on any player or specific position… But lets put it this way, a goalie at the end of the day can cover up a lot of bad turn overs and defensive mistakes. goalies are literally the last line of defense.

    A good goalie is supposed to cover up mistakes. However, in montreal now, we have the habit of making excuses for the time being; not a full roster, let him develop, he has potential, no goal support and so on. (ps: this is not a knock on price beacause the same arguements can be made for any goalie).

  21. KenD29 says:

    And that was all because of Spacek?!  Not from what I recall…

    Tonight we skate with them, Tonight is our night!

  22. KenD29 says:

    Still well said. And would still take Bouillon over Spacek thanks.


    Tonight we skate with them, Tonight is our night!

  23. SeriousFan09 says:

    Miller still didn’t deliver at the end of the day and while Buffalo isn’t much without him, you still have to make those saves in the playoffs be really ranked elite.

    Where would CHI be if they had any other goalie who could be good for 1 of his 4 playoff series protected by the best defence in the NHL? Still likely with Cup Rings thanks to an elite defence that cleared out Niemi’s 15+ giant rebounds a game.

    They wouldn’t be the Flyers because they don’t know goaltending when they see it.

    Goalies are important, but teams are seeing a rotating group of goalies in the ‘elite’ discussion but few remain at the top and it’s driving down value when none of these so-called elite goalies have really stayed at the top of their craft for several years straight. So many are looking to stack the blue line and go with cheaper goaltending solutions since spending the big money in free agency to buy your Cup goalie has not worked out since the lockout ended.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  24. pic1983 says:

    Good points.  You also forgot to mention that one of the best goalies in the league last year (Bryzgalov) was a pick up off the waiver wire.  He wasnt put on waivers because he was no good.  He was only put on waivers because burke had signed hiller, and had giguere under contract, and no team offered up anything for bryzgalov (who was stellar even in anaheim).

    I think the fact that we actually got lars eller and ian schultz, for a goalie who signed with the blues for $3.75million/yr is astonishing. 

  25. K-hab25 says:

    I’m not taking anything away from him. I’m telling the truth. People are always using the olympics and the playoffs, as proof of Halak’s greatness. I just remind them, he finished 4th in both. The “proven winner” has never won anything, at any level. He played like garbage in his last 2 olympic games and the PHI series. You know, when real champions bring there A games. He’s still a young guy though, so maybe he’ll become “great”, but he isn’t yet. IMO

  26. avatar_58 says:

    Actually it’s funny – there’s major truth to this. The habs were one of the lowest scoring teams yet look what happened – ECF. The reality is ANYONE can score. 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th liners. Did anyone expect Moore, Lapierre or Moen to pull of those moves? Sometimes it’s not about getting that Richard trophy – it’s about who rises to the occasion and is good defensively as well (ie – pyatt, plekanecs)

    The goalie IS important. However you shouldn’t rely solely on the guy, blaming every loss on him.

  27. Hagar says:

    Ouch. That could create some bad blood, lol. How could he stop him from accepting another job though? Couldn’t he just quit? How would that work? “It’s my goal to lead the league in 4 minute roughing things” -Scott Gomez

  28. SLONCOLD says:

    where is buffalo without miller?

    where is chicago against SJ without some of the great performances from niemi?

    what if philly had a goalie who didn’t suck on a bad angle shot?


    Here’s one for you. I say 40 goal scorers are overated and not important…. If the player can’t play 2way hockey and help out the D why should i waste money on a guy who can score? Ovie hasn’t won a cup, kovy hasn’t, thorton, heatley, gaborik haven’t. Do you know how many great forwards have choked in the playoffs? i could go on if you would like:-) so forwards when u think of it aren’t important especially seeing how someone of them have flash in the pan good years….

  29. _Habsoloutly_ says:

    thats f’ing hilarious. 

  30. avatar_58 says:

    Maybe you forget but Broduer played like an AHL’er under ZERO pressure. Luongo shat the bed when called upon in the final minutes. With a supposed all star cast in front of them.

    Don’t take away Halak’s success because he’s no longer a hab. I really rooted for him to get silver or bronze, and it was dissapointing when they lost.

  31. SeriousFan09 says:

    I was speaking of Bouillon, every time I think of him in a Habs jersey he was passing to the other team with his behind the net blind pass or getting angry in the crease and shoving a guy so he ended up helping him score.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  32. Mark C says:

    If Montreal waited until after the draft to trade Halak, they would have had about four days to trade him before before goalies started costing only money and not players and money.  


  33. avatar_58 says:

    You don’t have to tell me this, I’ve felt that way for years. However Halak was consistently a good worker. If we lost it usually was due to not scoring or amazing goals. Occasional stinkers yes, but usually not. To me it’s a little much that they toss him away without even speaking about a contract. For all we know he’d have taken less money if he was given the #1 job from day 1. We’ll never know.

    One thing is for sure – and this is coming from a Price-man – our current #1 is rattled and under a giant microscope. Our backup blows chunks. We may have a goaltending problem.

  34. TomNickle says:

    Ovie played the perimeter because he couldn’t get into the slot and get a clean shot off against Spacek early in the series.

  35. KenD29 says:

    Thankfully for Spacek, Ovie played the perimeter!


    Tonight we skate with them, Tonight is our night!

  36. KenD29 says:

    Well said!


    Tonight we skate with them, Tonight is our night!

  37. TomNickle says:

    I think I’d rather have Spacek going up against Ovechkin in the playoffs than Bouillon.

  38. SeriousFan09 says:

    Yep, nothing like having the master of the blind pass from behind the net that goes right to the other team, or the expert on pushing the other guys into the goalie and helping them score.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  39. SeriousFan09 says:

    People who pay attention know that the goaltender market is crap right now. The ‘elite goaltender’ idea is getting waved away as teams are finding that these goalies have flashes of brilliance one year than are mediocre the next.

    The most accomplished active goalie Brodeur has not won a playoff round in 3 years. Nabokov always found the right time to choke for SJ before running off to the KHL and Bobby Lou can’t keep the puck out when he plays the 2nd round of the playoffs. Cam Ward has won 6 playoff series in his career and a Conn Smythe but battles with regular season consistency. Best goalie in the world for 2010 Ryan Miller couldn’t stand against a Boston team that blew a 3-0 lead against PHI. JS Giguere couldn’t be given away and had to be moved in an exchange of salary dumps between TOR and ANA.

    Goalies don’t bring in value in the trade market and no one’s sold that they’re getting the next elite goaltender because there really aren’t any Roys or Haseks in the NHL right now.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  40. bwoar says:

    Eh, he was just setting us up for Stu’s huge piece on it later today.

  41. TommyB says:

    Exactly.  Makes me think McGuire should be posting as a regular on this site.

  42. kempie says:

    Why is it that these easily comprehendible and well documented facts still have to be explained to so many Gainey haters? The truth is that, as you said, before BG, we had Bullis, Sunstrom, Zednik, Quintal, Traverse & T-bo. Now we make the playoffs and players actually want to play for the CH again.

  43. KenD29 says:

    Spacek??!! Would have prefered Bouilon to Spacek any day!


    Tonight we skate with them, Tonight is our night!

  44. bwoar says:

    I liked the part where you actually apologized, but invoking the .com police makes this post a big WIN.

  45. HabFanSince72 says:

    Carle  has been waived.

  46. TommyB says:

    LMAO…wow, tell us how you really feel about McGuire, Goats!

  47. mike g says:

    Thanks man!

    But I was never a big wrestling fan, so I’m not sure I understand the comliment!


    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

     I got AK at under 64.5 pts, with Triple X and Tom Nickle.

  48. SLONCOLD says:

    dude, he played well for slovakia… don’t take that away….

  49. K-hab25 says:

    This from the guy that posted, “this is my last post about Price”, then posted about him almost everyday since.

  50. SLONCOLD says:

    haha Thibault….. those were some dark days

  51. avatar_58 says:

    You know what makes me laugh? Macguire thinking we could “automatically” get all those players. As if you can just choose who you want in a trade. Did he not think maybe the Blues said “this or nothing”?

  52. kempie says:

    Never cared for Ruff. I’ll grudgingly admit that he seems to get better results than he should with that team but the boring style puts me to sleep. The biggest knock against him though, I think is on a slightly subconscious level with me. I just can’t let go of the fact that he was the one chosen to replace Ted Nolan. Nolan was at the time (and likely still could be) one of the best coaches available. Clearly fired and seemingly “blackballed” for some pretty ugly reasons I can’t wrap my head around. And, as a Petes fan from Peterborough, you know I’d love to hate Nolan. 

  53. mike g says:


    They have to release a full movie!!!!


    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

     I got AK at under 64.5 pts, with Triple X and Tom Nickle.

  54. TomNickle says:

    It’s really nice to see a fan who understands that Bob Gainey was instrumental in turning over a roster who’s primary scoring options were Nik Sundstrom, Jan Bulis and Richard Zednik and turned it into Scott Gomez, Mike Cammalleri and Brian Gionta.

    Nice to see a fan who recognizes that Bob Gainey was also instrumental in taking our blueline from Quintal, Traverse and Bouillon to Subban, Spacek and Gorges.

    Good to see you understand that he took us from Thibault to Price.

    It’s great that you have a firm grasp of his value to the organization as a member of the management team.



  55. TomNickle says:

    It’s really nice to see a fan who understands that Bob Gainey was instrumental in turning over a roster who’s primary scoring options were Nik Sundstrom, Jan Bulis and Richard Zednik and turned it into Scott Gomez, Mike Cammalleri and Brian Gionta.

    Nice to see a fan who recognizes that Bob Gainey was also instrumental in taking our blueline from Quintal, Traverse and Bouillon to Subban, Spacek and Gorges.

    Good to see you understand that he took us from Thibault to Price.

    It’s great that you have a firm grasp of his value to the organization as a member of the management team.



  56. punkster says:

    The real reason that Price supporters know is that Goatier and Gainey are too old to understand the game has passed them by when Price is on the bench and their Olympic star traded for guys who only play make the team because he says so and he never won anything ever.


  57. RGM says:

    Mike, you are officially the Chris Jericho of HI/O – and that is no small compliment.

    Go Habs Go!

  58. SLONCOLD says:

    “Once it becomes more intelligent” hahaha

  59. K-hab25 says:

    Halak, king of the 4th place finish!!

  60. SLONCOLD says:

    well what do you think we could have gotten for him? given the amount of teams needing a goalie and teams with assets we would want i think the habs were handcuffed especially given how the league this year thinks goalies aren’t important to winning ( also we couldn’t take on much salary).

    The only thing i will say in regards to boone’s remark below is you trade a player to a team that gives you the best return possible, regardless of the division.

  61. nunacanadien says:

    I don’t know, if this makes Gauthier is a milder version of a Sather, wouldn’t it be correct to state that?  What other GM do you know of makes trades, signs huge contracts (for Montreal’s limited cap space) for mediocre players (ok Gainey owns some of that) and basically trades away not only the future star goalie but the hot goalie that everyone loved, or player everyone loved.  I know there are many who will say Scotty Bowman said this and that, but it was taken out of context as usual with anything Bowman ever said here.

  62. K-hab25 says:

    Hey, sometimes you get drunk and say things you later regret when you sober up, but your account gets deleted anyway. 🙂 kjdavid/KJD

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