TGIF roundup

Have y’all recovered from the spine-tingling excitement of watching The Decision?

LeBron to Miami.

Now back to hockey:

• Pat Hickey on pint-sized prospect Brendan Gallagher

P.K. honoured by AHL

Ian Schultz wants to emulate Milan Lucic

• Juniors eye Louis Leblanc

Mike Cammalleri has been watching the World Cup

• La Presse reports extra police for the playoffs cost $2 million

• The indefatigable Robert L sizes up the team

Why not Quebec City?

• Darryl Sutter does something right

Josh Gorges’ Kelowna D partner becomes captain of the Predators

And before we close the book on LeBron James, check out this open letter by Cavs majority owner Dan Gilbert blasting a “shocking act of disloyalty.”

Hey, 838 Comments yesterday? Canadiens fans are crazy.

But we knew that.

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