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Have y’all recovered from the spine-tingling excitement of watching The Decision?

LeBron to Miami.

Now back to hockey:

• Pat Hickey on pint-sized prospect Brendan Gallagher

P.K. honoured by AHL

Ian Schultz wants to emulate Milan Lucic

• Juniors eye Louis Leblanc

Mike Cammalleri has been watching the World Cup

• La Presse reports extra police for the playoffs cost $2 million

• The indefatigable Robert L sizes up the team

Why not Quebec City?

• Darryl Sutter does something right

Josh Gorges’ Kelowna D partner becomes captain of the Predators

And before we close the book on LeBron James, check out this open letter by Cavs majority owner Dan Gilbert blasting a “shocking act of disloyalty.”

Hey, 838 Comments yesterday? Canadiens fans are crazy.

But we knew that.


  1. krob1000 says:

    I really don’t even know how to respond to that….what if with the Gomez money we signed Gaborik and added his point totals to ours? that is some flawed thinking. Let’s also remember we have another great top center…in Cammalleri…we just choose to play him on the wing.  MAybe if Gomez had been about 75 percent better like his contract suggest he should have been we win the cup? This is a silyl way to debate this IMO.  You can partly thank that Gomez trade for Halak’s departure though…..and Moore’s, and likely a few more guys as the years pass. Fortunately Gomez is a character guy and likeable but ask yourself this….who was better than him in the playoffs?Cammi, Pleks, Gio, Halak, Gorges, etc who was better dollar for dollar, Cammi, Gorges Gio, Halak, Subban, Moore, Laps, Gill, Pleks … is a lot of cap room….a lot of cap room.  Fortunately we get part two of the cap correction plan after this season with a chance to shed Hammer, AK46, Gill and someinteresting decision will have to be made if we have any success this year…as unfortunately in a cap world….success means raises.

  2. Clay4bc says:



    Joe Cammalleri in Woostock

    Habs fan since: 1977

    I’ll tell you the hell I am, Jim or Vinny, or whatever the hell your name is – someone who takes the time and effort to read the profile of the person he is responding to. Who the hell are you? Just some loud mouthed little punk who needs a good spanking. If you had read his profile (and mine), you would have seen that I have been a fan longer than him – which is not the issue with you, though, is it? No, you just need to stick your nose in my business because I have the audacity to say out loud what we all know to be true – that Halak is a better goalie than Price. Now go away and reflect on how you can improve your debating skills.


    “Peoples will only be truly free when the last king is strangled by the bowels of the last priest” Denis Diderot

  3. SlovakHab says:

    Gomez was worth it.

    There isn’t and wasn’t a better center than Gomez available on a market for a the last couple of years. Correct me if I am mistaken. If there was, what are the chances that he would go to the Canadiens, when the whole league needs a good center..?

    Instead of Gomez, if we only had a center that is 3% worse, look what would have happened. We would have missed the playoffs. Instead of celebrating the ECF, we’d be a laughing stock of the league, because we missed the playoffs. Halak would be worth nothing, because his poor performance in the last 3 games of the season against weak teams would had cost us the playoff berth and we’d get nothing for him. All this in case we had a center that gets 2-3 points less than Gomez.

  4. HabFanSince72 says:

    The owners hide behind Bettman.

    All these Canadian hockey fans who hate Bettman ’cause he won’t allow a team in Hamilton.

    It’s the Canadian team owners, notably the Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, who don’t want a team in Hamilton.



  5. HabFanSince72 says:

    Bettman works FOR the league. He doesn’t own it.

  6. Ian Cobb says:

    Good for you Steve!!,

    Well balanced post that I agree with.  Yes! this team will surprise, and right out of the gate this year. Stay positive and enjoy the building process which is half the fun.!——-More Fan Summit Information

  7. wotever says:

    It wasn’t precisely what Tony was saying, it was that he was saying it over and over and over and didn’t seem genuinely interested in discussion.

    You’ll have to speak up – I’m wearing a towel.

  8. krob1000 says:

    I don’t buy the best player wins the trade thing…that is an old saying…..pre salary cap. There are several very good players that teams can’t get rid of for a late round draft pick……because of their cap hit. At the deadline it is perhaps a diff’t story if a guy is in his last year like Schneider, Moore and hopefully Hammer. I have beat this dead horse enough and think PG is doing alright at correcting things but we are seeing the casualties that were predicted and will continue to do so due to this trade and other signings….put it this way…If Gomez made 4.5 million like he is probably worth…we could have likely kept Halak and Moore……every year a similar type scenario will likely play out.  It is not only the Gomez trade and we are not alone as several teams have issues, it is the reality of the new NHL but for taking that Gomez contract we should have been the team getting a first round pick and perhaps more.  At least then we could have had someone who is potentially  a bargain for a couple/few years to help offset the overpayment. 

    Whenever someone suggest we trade Hammer they say  “we’ll  likely have to sweeten the pot andtrade a higher pick or a prospect to trade him”…same idea with Gomez down the road, same idea with Spacek when that time rolls around,etc.  All I am saying is that we cannot discount the CAP as it is ridiculously important. It can also be noted that both Finals teams were proud owners of a crazy contract (BRiere at 7 million and Campbell at 7 million).  yeah they made it where they did but look at what they are having to do now……I guess for the Hawks it was worth it…..but was it for Philly? I guess I would probably argue yes, but for us was it? not yet…not yet anyway…..time will tell but unless we get a ticket to the finals…then it won;t have been worth it.  Last year when we were playing over our heads….I was kinda  thinking it was…but once the exit is made….well…that is sports.

  9. TripleX says:

    That old cliche might have had some truth to it BEFORE the Cap era.  As Kovalchuk is now realizing the Cap is a major consideration now for any franchise looking ahead.

    Now it is more like the team that wins the trade is the one that can get back a player of equal or better talent and NOT destroy Cap space.  For Gainey not to consider the long term impacts of those contracts he signed last July was incomprehensible.


    Greatness is earned not rewarded……

  10. SmartDog says:

    Could people stop talking about Carey Price’s potential already?   Could people stop talking about whether the Habs are big enough?  Could people stop talking about how Russian players are bad gambles?   Could people stop talking about whether we need more French players, Western players, or Canadian players on the team?  

    But most of all… could people stop telling other people what to talk about or not talk about?

    Listen to the SmartDog. He knows his poop!

  11. JIMVINNY says:

    Who the hell are you to presume to know how long someone else has been a fan of this team, or even how old that person is? 

    You are correct in that Halak deserves praise, but not in judging the intelligence of a trade for which the full effect will not be felt for some time.  If Halak’s play falls off even a little bit, and Eller turns into a legit top 6 center, we win that trade hands down.  Neither of those assumptions are a big stretch; in fact it’s a bigger stretch to assume that Halak can maintain the level of play he exhibited during the playoffs.  Your indignation is righteous on principle, but not exactly rooted in rational thought.

  12. Clay4bc says:

    As someone who currently lives in China, let me spare you the expansion woes – China cares as much about hockey as the southern US states do – which is to say, not at all.

    However, I think you should ship Bettman here…PG too, while we’re at it. And that loud mouth on TSN, McGire or whatever his name is…they can be disappeared easily here.


    “Peoples will only be truly free when the last king is strangled by the bowels of the last priest” Denis Diderot

  13. SlovakHab says:

    Many people say that you won the trade if you got the best player in the trade. We did.

    In other words – we obtained a #1A center (Gomez) and a good, young and cheap bottom-six player (Pyatt) for Higgins (whose value has declined tremendously, is not with the Rangers anymore, and is more expensive than Pyatt, so there is $1.1M saving compared to Higgins already), a Russian that will probably not play in North America (Valentenko) and a defenceman that could turn out to be a useful NHLer (McDonagh), but not a top-2 D and will cost more than he should just because he was a 1st round pick.

    OK, Rangers signed Gaborik thanks to the salary cap savings, but missed the playoffs. We got to the ECF. 

    IMO: Short-term, we clearly won the trade.

    Long-term, we are losers of the trade IF Rangers will build a solid team and perennial playoff 2nd round club thanks to McDonagh, Valentenko and Gaborik and we will suffer because we signed Gomez and will not get past the 1st round of the playoffs as long as he is here. I don’t believe either would happen.

  14. Chuck says:

    Oops… missed that!  *sheepish grin*


    Cheer for the crest on the front of the jersey, not the name on the back.

  15. likehoy says:

    every year the UFA quality goes down cause all the big players are signing long term contracts. we won’t see another exciting free agency for another 3-4 years when all the contracts start  to expire.

  16. Clay4bc says:

    What a “mature” thing to write – well done.

    If it pleases you, though…I will continue to root for the team I have been a fan of since before you were born, and still continue to praise Halak for what he accomplished last year, because he deserves it. Him being on another team does not take away what he did for our team last season, or what a quality person he is. It also does not take away the stupidity of the trade that sent him to the Blues (nor the one that brought us Gomez).


    “Peoples will only be truly free when the last king is strangled by the bowels of the last priest” Denis Diderot

  17. Jbird says:

    for sure.  Don’t forget about : and {

  18. Ian Cobb says:


    Who are you talking about? No sence reading your post if you are going to use letters for peoples names.

    Fan Summit Updates–My blog

  19. JIMVINNY says:

    I liked it.  Good one.

  20. G-Man says:

    Relax, Chuck, I was making a joke out of the typo. Sheesh!

  21. krob1000 says:

    It really is all about the cap anymore…not the money…the cap.  Kovalchuk at 8 or even 9 million all things considered is easily comparable to Goemz at 7.3….the Kings won;t do it for free….we gave up a first rounder, another prospect and Higgins (who I still believe is a 20 goal guy and will be again this season).  Those assets could have netted us something else ….Gomez has won many over with his play and personality…but the game is as important off the ice now as on it….that is all that is being said.  it is no diff’t than Hammer’s contraact or even BGl’s, they all hurt but to ask us to ignore such an important aspect isn;t really fair…woudl you prefer it if we called it cap hit as opposed to salary because none of has a right to care about salary…but cap hit? that is very important to us as fans and should be…the Cleveland Cavaliers just found that out….they didn’t have Cap room to add any more building blocks….see ya Lebron.  The Miami heat spent years planning to have an extreme amount of cap space…hello championships.  The Cap is like the Matrix…it is everything.  I don;t see anyone really disliking Gomez….but when you look at trying to improve the team his contract and a few others stick out like sore thumbs.

  22. punkster says:

    Come on now HFS72. That topic is a sacred here as Price/Halak bashing, Gainey ball-busting and Tony242 nonsensical drivel. How can you limit quality like that?


  23. Chuck says:

    Holy hell, it’s not like they traded Patrick Roy (again).


    Cheer for the crest on the front of the jersey, not the name on the back.

  24. bwoar says:

    I doubt it’s that serious, from some of the fan-shot vids I saw of camp he was stick-handling pretty nicely indeed.  I know we’re all excited by this prospect but let’s also temper that, it makes any news tidbit about him seem larger than it may be.  In any case he’ll be going to Hamilton for a year, virtually guaranteed, before joining the big club.

  25. HabFanSince72 says:

    Could people stop going on and on about Gomez’ salary already?



  26. G-Man says:

    There’s no “hoping” here. 🙂

    Just stark reality.

  27. HabFanSince72 says:

    Ian Schultz planning to pattern himself on Milan Lucic? What does he mean? Show some early promise and then turn into a freaking pylon?

  28. SmartDog says:

    Cisse sounds great I agree.  But that doesn’t mean that Gallagher isn’t.

    What amazes me is how some of these players get ignored for small reasons – like they get injured and drop off the radar for awhile.  The team that REALLY puts resources into scouting is the one that will pick up the best late-rounders.  Everyone knows about the early guys…. it’s the ones that are under the radar that are worth taking.


    Listen to the SmartDog. He knows his poop!

  29. ed lopaz says:

    the first step is to find a way to get rid of bettman.

    then we replace him with someone like Gretzky.

    then Canadian franchises will be revived.


  30. ed lopaz says:

    hey smart dog –

    I had a 6’3 210 lbs, Yassin Cisse, power forward, who has great hands, excellent speed and mobility, and

    was scoring almost a goal a game before he got injured last year in the USHL.  The injury is not serious, and will not hurt his development.

    This young man comes from a first class family, he’s an excellent team player, and he works his freakin tail off every shift. He played with

    Louis Leblanc as a 16 year old in Midget AAA here in Montreal, and is now on his way to Boston College.

    He lives 5 minutes from the Bell Center.

    He was drafted # 150 (Atlanta) in this year’s draft, and the Habs passed right over him to take Gallagher.

    So you like Gallagher – great!!

    I think Cisse would have been a pretty good gamble at # 150.

    All things remaining equal, I believe you should write down his name, because I think he has the physical

    and mental ability to not only play NHL, but be an effective 2nd line power forward who scores goals.

    Sorry I’m being cynical about this, but the way the Habs operate never ceases to amaze me.


  31. Puck Bard says:

    Very nice post Gumper.

  32. Jbird says:

    Great Google Translation in the Ian Shultz article –  talking about his style:

    But yes, it is the style I like Lucic more. I have a career like hers.

    Never knew Google translator was this great.  🙂

  33. SmartDog says:

    I agree that BG and PG are different, and shouldn’t be viewed as exactly the same. It’s not fair to either man, and it’s just not true.

    But as Ed points out below, do you give PG a pass on Gomez?  On a THIRD of our salary locked into 3 players for five years (and none of them an allstar forward)?  Or was Gauthier sick those days?

    Listen to the SmartDog. He knows his poop!

  34. Bill H says:

    Please see response below, Marek

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