TGIF in Brossard

AUDIO: Jacques Martin | Mike Cammalleri | Brian Gionta | Jaro Halak | P.K. Subban | Travis Moen

Predictable stuff at practice: Don’t care who we play, both tough oppopnents, yada-yada-yada

Jacques Martin was asked about rivalry as an element of the equation.

Unlike Washington and Pittsburgh, Boston and Philadelphia have history with the Canadiens.

“It will add spice to the next series,” Martin said. “We can expect close games and excellent hockey.”

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Elliotte Friedman thinks Kirk Muller is head coach material

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The Hockey News on Canadiens best-ever playoff GAAs


And we wonder about declining productivity.

The parking lot is full at the Canadiens’ Brossard training complex.

The team practices at 11, and fans are four deep on the upper mezzanine, overlooking the rink.

Would this be happening in Phoenix?

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First on the ice: Travis Moen.

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Markov skating.

Josh Gorges, Hal Gill, Dominic Moore and Paul Mara taking “therapy” days.

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Games 1 and 2 will not be on the big screens at the Bell Centre.

Canadiens  PR guy Donald Beauchamp says the club is “considering the possibility” of telecasting a road game in which the Canadiens have a chance to clinch the series.

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The picture of alienation: SK74.

The picture of elation: P.K. stickhandling around Perry Pearn.

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R.I P. L’Attaque à 5.

The successor to 110% will have its last telecast on May 28.

The question on everyone’s lips:

What will happen to Evelyne Audet?

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Interesting Tweety from Damien Cox:

Boston’s last two goals were scored with the goalie out. Haven’t scored with goalie in for last 164 minutes, 36 seconds.



  1. K-hab25 says:

    “Are you an idiot or something”, Yes he’s an idiot!! He also said if Price started game 4 against WAS he was through with the Habs. You see in his world Halak is more important to him than the team is. So like I said, Yes he’s an idiot!!

  2. ManApart says:

    Why keep MAB out of the line up? What’s the difference of him or Darche or Pouliot playing 4 or 5 mins a game? I agree with your D pairings, but I keep MAB on the 4th line in place of Darche. Subban is good on the PP, but nobody has a shot like MAB. It’s also good insurance, in case Markov gets reinjured or has to leave the game. I seriously doubt Markov plays the first 2 games in Boston anyways, but if he plays later in the series, I keep MAB in the lineup.

  3. Just A Guy says:


  4. pmaraw says:

    wtf, no fighting?  they must be gellin’

  5. terrygain says:

    I’ve been a hockey fan for over 55 years. I’ve yet to see anyone regain their confidence and play their way out of a slump when they are getting  3 minutes ice time per game.

  6. Newf_Habster says:

    My good friend who is a diehard Oilers fan, took a picture of the Habs practice about an hour ago and sent it to me in e-mail. I am sorry for the poor quality of picture cuz it came from his Blackberry pager.




  7. ooder says:

    I am rooting for the Bruins.. they are a very hard working team that didn’t fold when Savard went down with injury.

    The only thing I worry about is the Rask factor.

    Chara has been a shadow of himself and is playing with a broken pinky which means no bomb from the point.

    And i think we can shut down satan, recci, savard and ryder if we managed to do it to ovechkin, semin, malkin and crosby

    Also, we OWN the Bruins


    “I like what I’m seeing right now,” assessed Markov. “We’re not perfect, but we’re trying to be.”

  8. sprague cleghorn says:

    All the talk of which opponent we would rather play in the next round (Boston or Philly) is just inviting some very bad hockey mojo.  How about we all just agree that it is our fervent hope that, by this time tomorrow, the name of Modere Fernand “Mud” Bruneteau is erased from the record books...

  9. boris420 says:

    Are you an idiot or what…the NHL could be doing worse than any sports league of all time and that still wouldn’t matter for Montreal (or any of the Canadian teams for that matter). I think you should look at some numbers before stating that problems for the NHL = Problems for us. Even with the profit sharing agreement we make crazy profit…second in the league to be precise.


    As for marketing after your stars there is nothing wrong with that. The problem is the special treatment they get in order to possibly profit more from them. That is not right because you are trying to change the outcome of games.


    Late afternoon games hurting the league…DEFINITELY! 99% of students work during the weekend so theres more than half your viewers right there. I actually don’t know many people that cought the last game and even me I only got the last period.


    And Phoenix is very complexe with legalities yes! But the issue is not that. It’s that he is claiming he believes they can still come around and turn a profit. Yet he is asking the city council to approve unlimited funding…hahaha good way to contradict your beliefs.


    Bottom line, your just talking smack for nothing!

  10. Fansincebirth says:

    Nice to see us hang in there and come from behind like that and squeek out a victory! :o)

    “Without the strength of the past, the team may face a choice – to win, or to be French-Canadian?” — Ken Dryden

  11. Jordio-oh says:

    You must be cringing your teeth knowing the team is doing fine at all.

  12. TripleX says:

    Only thing worse than a poor loser is a poor winner.  The Habs won with class and humility, exemplified by Cammi.  Unfortunately, some Habs fans missed that part of being a Habs fan.  Habs fans expect to win, so they carry themselves with dignity, not cheap shots on those they vanquished.


    “Good judgement comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgement.”

  13. mike g says:

    Dear Adam,

                     it is outstanding. It’s actually beautiful that this is going on; it’s about time. I love the sport of hockey with all my heart. It sometimes brings tears to our eyes because it’s fantastic. But, don’t you dare sit at your desk and type me words defending anything the NHL has done over the past few years. It has been pushed aside, shoved under the rug because of one simple person.

    - Does it make sense for the NHL to be on Versus? Absolutely not. Who the f’uk is Versus?! When the NHL was beginning to boom in the states, it was because of ESPN. Here in Canada, most of us have no idea how much of a powerful impact ESPN has on sports in America. Think TSN, times a million.

    - The only way the NHL will get better is if it rid’s itself of this a-hole Gary. And the only way for that to happen is for this league to fail. If that’s what it takes so be it, I’m tired of seeing and hearing about such rediculous decisions being taken by the man responsable for this league. He tried a lockout, something we all thaught was impossible, AND HE STILL FAILED TO MAKE THE LEAGUE BETTER!

    - I never criticized marketing it’s top players, that is a great strategy. All I was having was a little bit of fun. But seriously, it’s gone abit too far with this OVI and SID thing. You wanna grow the game in America, talk/write/sell Kane, Kessel, Parise, Miller, etc…too. Don’t just rely on 2 guys, one being Russian and the other Canadian. They won’t make it far every year, so widen your strategy to cover your behind.

    - Late afternoon games IN THE PLAYOFFS hurt the league for many reasons. Playoffs means springtime and beginning of summer; which means weddings, baptisms, confirmations, bachelor party’s, etc…You are telling me that Sunday afternoon is a great time to broadcast a Conference Final game?! I’m sure alot of people who went to a wedding the night before, or drank themselves to sleep the Saturday night will all wake up to watch NHL hockey on Sunday afternoon. And I’m sure those who have baptisms, communions, etc…will all roll tv’s into the restaurant to watch the game right? And now that the sun is out because it’s spring/summer, I’m sure when families have a day off of work and school on Sunday, they all want to sit inside at home and watch hockey instead of enjoying the first nice weekedns in 5 months….

    - Phoenix is not complex. Gary Bettman’s ego is complex. Hockey in Arizona, Atlanta, and Florida (just to name a few), is not complex either. It’s one man’s ego and dream of hockey working everywhere he dumps it. When you move a franchise, and haven’t made a single penny profit in over 15 years, it’s time to go. I’m sorry, I don’t need to graduate from Harvard to know that. You do realise before the NHL took over the Coyotes, private owners owned the team. And the NHL has to go through numerous interviews and steps before apporving these owners. Yet, they keep approving owners who are incapable of getting the job done, and constantly fail; much like the NHL. Have you ever been to a game in Atlanta? Trust me, it ain’t fun being in an arena with 3,000 people in it. If I want that atmosphere, I’ll go watch a tennis match at Jarry Stadium..


    Don’t try and defend the league and Gary.

    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

  14. TripleX says:

    I like SK and am not a huge fan of Crosby and his whiny nature.

    However, to compare the two is in no way justifiable.  What Crosby has accomplished in his short career at the highest levels is remarkable.  The expectations on him have always been incredible, and unbelievably he has almost always delivered.

    Crosby is the BEST player in the World, live with it.


    “Good judgement comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgement.”

  15. boris420 says:

    Honestly I dont know many people that enjoy those games. Also having gone to a few of them the atmosphere was different and it also seems like the gameplay is different. Maybe it’s because the players don’t have a full day to prepare or maybe it’s just me…oh well it is what it is.

  16. boris420 says:

    Crosby is that you! You cannot fool us making different alias’.

  17. boris420 says:

    Well honestly at this point they cannot injure him more than he already is. His ACL is done. You cannot tear something that’s already been torn. On that note the worst they could do is cause him extra pain but the second he goes in the locker room he’s getting a nice injection to deal with that. It’s playoff hockey so players tend to have higher pain tolerence. I say see how the first few games go and if we ned him throw him in.

  18. pmaraw says:

    well he certainly cant pay people to do it, he’s gotta do it all on his own.

  19. RetroMikey says:

    SK74 must be cringing his teeth knowing the team will do just fine without him.

    Crosby and SK74 would make the perfect couple in th NHL, both whiners!  lol!


    “We will win the Cup one day only with ? in the nets “

  20. G-Man says:

    Easy on him. He did score the winning goal for the gold medal. The series is over and the Habs barely got through it. There’s nothing to be smug about because if every GM including ours would love to have him on the team.

  21. adam76 says:

    Crosby has played over 318 games in the last few years – he should not take any flack for not going with team Canada.  

  22. boris420 says:

    I know you guys don’t want video’s of the somewhat riot but I think this is worth watching.

    Notice after a few looters grabbed bottles from the SAQ a little girl maybe 5 foot 5 manages to stop everyone from looting. Not the police, just 1 brave little girl. Respect goes out to her cause thats crazy!


  23. Xtrahabsfan says:

    So Here’s why you don’t play Markov…..It’s play-off hockey and the first thing Philly or Boston’s going to do is go for Markov’s knee!(It’s the way those bastards play is it not?)Remeber that Canuck D who played the next game with a ruptured testacle ?The first period a blackhawk knee’s him right in the groin,OUCH….Play-off Hockey,period!

  24. adam76 says:

    Why so much hate for a late afternoon game.  Is 3 – 4 hours that big of a deal?

  25. J. Ambrose says:

    He truly does have that short-man Napoleonic complex, doesn’t he? Obstinate, arrogant, and confirmed in his rectitude. The league will not make the changes that everyone knows they need to make until Bettman steps down AND until the cabal of owners start thinking of long-term development instead of short-term cash grabs.

  26. boris420 says:

    Honestly I do not think they are trying to punish anyone, it’s more trying to make others succeed. But to do that there is a lot of collateral dammage and it seems to always fall on us and other canadian teams that make up the leagues profit. If you fail to see this you are obviously not  watching the same games. When refs like Tim Peel and Chris Lee are known for throwing montreal games and they still get announced as the refs to our games something is very fishy!

    Oh and I don’t do drugs, just weed and I am actually doing quite better than okay (and Im not even in school)

    Please don’t act like you know me and your some kind of mentor. Im sure by your standards I was also looting downtown 2 nights ago…you look real smart bud.

  27. adam76 says:

    Yes – it great news the league is having problems.  Outstanding for the spot you claim to love.  You do understand that Montreal is playing in the NHL – and a weak NHL is not a benefit to anyone?

    Can I ask Jack, where did you get your MBA?  If a league doesn’t market via its top players – what does it use to break new ground in new markets or grow existing?

    How exactly are late afternoon games hurting the league?  The integrity of the sport?  I for one am pumped to watch back to back.  

    Bettmen is doing lots wrong – but marketing the stars and late afternoon games are not incorrect business strategies.  Also – Phoenix is a million times more complex then you are making it sound.  legalities tend to do that.

    I look forward to reading exactly what you would have done different.

  28. kempie says:

    You know we’re gonna be guaranteed that mandatory mess they call an afternoon game.

  29. PeterStone says:

    you make some interesting points … i have to repectfully disagree with some.

    I dont have a problem with Crosby living with Lemieux for as long as he did.  I think that probably would’ve done a few Habs some good to have had some adult supervision.  Re. the World Championships … do you really care about them, especially in an Olympic year ? Have you ever ?

    If I owned the Pens, and my star had just played 2 long hockey seasons, I would tell him not to go.  Ov hasnt played as much hockey as Sid , but, again, I think its a personal choice.  I have seen a lot written about Sid lately, and, no matter what happened this past week, he still won us an Olympic Gold AND I would be doing backflips if he was centering our Top Line AND wearing the C.  I still hope this will happen at some point in the future.

    As for the ‘yotes … you know its about the almighty buck … the owners would rather sell a franchise to Hamilton, or Quebec or Winnipeg, as opposed to just moving it …

    Re. Willie Mitchell, not sure if you heard Bob Mackenzie … the suspensions are a major issue because, the only people who want long suspensions are the players who got injured and the team of the injured players .. when the shoe is on the other foot .. apparently there is alot of pushback …

    I totally agree with the schedule being odd.  2 games on Sunday ? Give me hockey every day …while we are at it, shorten the season, and lets be done by Mid May … not beg. of June.  And for God’s sake, a penalty is a penalty … call the game , the refereeing in this league is brutal.

  30. BienvenueSurLaPasserelle says:

    So, If I were to make an educated guess, the schedule would be as follows:

    Habs-Whoever play Sunday-Tues-Thurs-Sat

    Hawks-Sharks play Sunday-Wed-Fri-Sun

    Thay way that they could have one series per night, and NBC gets another afternoon game next Sunday (and we all know they get what they want – why is another question). But this is the NHL and Gary Bettman we’re talking about here, so I’ll just go ahead and throw all that logic out the window. I wouldn’t be surprised if both series were the same day.

    Anyone have any insight on the possible schedule?


    To You From Failing Hands We Throw The Torch, Be Yours To Hold It High.

  31. smiler2729 says:

    You know squat, dude, go back to your dark hole.

  32. adam76 says:

    99.9% wow, this is a great day for pilling stats from ones backsides.  

    More people will watch game one on NBC Sunday afternoon in the US then people who watched game 7 (our series) in Canada.  Its a fact. 

    You name me the 10 cities that could sustain an NHL team in the current economic model.  name me these 10 American cities that are losing money hand over fist that should be “contracted”


  33. 100HABS says:

    1 – I never suggested we take Spacek out for Markov

    2 – You can’t have both Markov and MAB out – Subban can man one point, but you need another. That would still mean OB’s out.

  34. ACF says:

    Here’s an article from yesterday’s G&M on the commish/league.

    I wonder if he really understands how much he is disliked in Canada…

    I realize that the commisioner basically works for the team’s owners however I don’t understand why they continue to support him. 

  35. Fansincebirth says:

    It would be one they would have to show in the afternoon so everyone would watch it :o)

    “Without the strength of the past, the team may face a choice – to win, or to be French-Canadian?” — Ken Dryden

  36. Bob Barker says:

    I like the tournament. I’d take some of those “leftovers” on the Habs anyday. International hockey is always fun to watch IMO. I like Canada’s team this year as well, full of a bunch of future NHL stars just starting their career. Eberle looks like the real deal. Tavares and Duchene will be above point-per-game players. 


  37. Slovak says:

    Maybe they should do a hollywood movie about this – I just wonder – would it be horror or comedy? :-)

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