Testing live chat tonight

Update: Thanks to all those who made the chat an exciting place to watch the game of the year (decade?) unfold. We’ve definitely got some kinks to work out; we hope to bring you a new and improved chat function in the near future. HI/O had record-shattering traffic tonight, so thanks for your patience. –dru

We’re testing out a live chat feature here at HabsInsideOut.com. Click here to access the chat (you have to be a logged in registered user to use it).

The chat will be moderated, so please keep it civil. If things get out of hand, you can be banned or the chat room killed completely.

If you notice any errors or problems, please report them to dru.oja.jay@gmail.com.


  1. Naila Jinnah says:

    Some quick points:

    As mentioned, the scrolling issue – having the bar automatically return to the end of chat as you’re scrolling up – is quite frustrating. Usually, if you click and hold in chatrooms, this will fix itself.

    I definitely like having my messages show up in red.

    I don’t like the interface. Although I appreciate its simplicity, I feel like it needs more texture. A button-style border, for example. Just something that pops it off the page,because right now, the sidebar/ads are the only movement and texture on the page.

    Emoticons would be a nice addition – nothing fancy, just the standards.

    Maybe a cool /me type feature, or some other way of letting everyone know you thought that play was crappy/amazing. It could be a button that automatically posts an action text.

    Also, I’m sure the load was huge for the chat test, but I was getting over 2 minutes in lag time, and it wasn’t from my end. There were, however, some messages that seemed to be going through out of order, ie, a message about intermission ending came before a comment about something that aired during intermission.

    And that’s about it… for now 😉

  2. Vid says:

    That last point might not have to do with the chat itself lagging (though I’m sure it did with so many ppl). Someone would type “OMG GOAL GOAL!!!” in the chat but then I’d be thinking “what goal?” and wouldn’t hear it on the ckac/cjad internet radio until 30 seconds after. Some ppl probably made comments while listening to the delayed internet radio broadcast while others watching it live on RDS.

    Add to that, it would be nice to see a list of the ppl in the chatroom. Still, it worked pretty well for a first time test and what a game to choose to test it. Go Habs Go!

  3. The Teacher says:

    Agreed, excellent points Naila. Good idea but obviously can use some improvements. It just crashed for the second time it seems. It’s positive feedback at least, that’s for sure.

  4. KamiDave says:

    Is this supposed to be working? I’m getting ‘page not found’.

  5. Dave Stubbs says:

    It’s live during the game only.

    Dave Stubbs

    Habs Inside/Out
    Sports Feature Writer, Montreal Gazette


  6. The Teacher says:

    Hahaha the chat was hilarious tonight. Especially with all these comments coming in 5 minutes after the fact. What a night to try a test eh Dave, Kevin and Dru?

    Pretty much an early realistic test for a playoff game if you think about it!

  7. The Teacher says:

    We must also stop these high connection people like MATTEEE from monopolizing the bandwidth LMAO.

    I’m still too giddy.

  8. Mattee. says:

    hhahaha. you’re just jealous man! I thoroughly enjoyed the livechat last night. I actually like the simplicity of it all. Too much just makes it… well, too much. I couple kinks here and there but I think it’s well on it’s way. Easy for me to say though, I didn’t have any connection issues. Should I be apologizing for that? Fine, I’m sorry.

    Excellent job guys! Thanks so much!

  9. The Teacher says:

    Haha I’m just kidding you :) Who can be mad at anyone after last night!

  10. usversusthem says:

    Just a note… I was able to read the older comments by clicking and holding the scroll bar… I’m on a Mac though, using Safari as my browser. In any case I’d say the Chat room was a great experience this time, especially given the nature of the game, but I’m worried that with added exposure, and thus added participants, the atmosphere will become a little crazier in the future. I dunno how we’d regulate that though.

  11. Blitzen says:

    One thing you should know is that this thing worked a heck of a lot better with Internet Explorer than with Firefox. Not sure why.
    Jesus Price: the Blocker, the Glove and the Holy Post

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