Teeing up a big one

7:30 can’t come soon enough.

Points, not revenge

Gill a tower of blueline power

ESPN promo features fights

Price is having fun

Boston tops TSN Power Rankings

Are new rules to blame for concussion epidemic?


  1. BeachHabFan says:

    after reading Stubbs’ article i can’t help but think of the old Bloom County comic quote: “No matter how thin you slice it, it’s still baloney”; don’t tell me that every single one of those guys would like to crank a B and make em struggle off the ice like Pyatt did last game, but i understand not wanting to stoke the fire. i hope they skate em into the ground and we see a big subBANG hit.

    Secretly hoping they mete out some pain with a Mardi Gras Massacre, but honestly expecting a Fat Tuesday Flop.

    FWIW my answers to A Tuesday Morning Bruins Quiz

    1. Milan OOchEEch, though Haligonian-Hab’s answer was the best possible

    2. Linesman/Milbury. tough call. dirty, despicable little instigators. where have i heard that…?

    3. we have to choose? stock

    4. Larry Robinson beating down Louis sleigher after he ran over Roy in that wild first game in first round of 86 playoffs; THAT is how you respond to guys crashing your goalie, even if you are the oldest guy on the team


    5. The B’s play-by-play for the past thirty years

    6. Is it permitted to draft your own offspring? Then yes and as soon as he could

  2. DearyLeary says:

    “Part of it was us sticking up for ourselves. They have a tendency to want to try to stir the pot and look innocent in those situations. We know what it’s all about and we’ve got to do what we’ve got to do.”

    Really, Claude?  

  3. observer says:

    Just wanted to see if anyone noticed.

  4. HabFanSince72 says:

    1. The Looch. Dirty player and a coward. Also he is only successful because the sucky brand of lunchpail hockey he plays  is in vogue right now.

    2. Many to choose from, but I’ll go with Terry O’Reilly.

    3.The Grande Dame of HNIC himself, the Quentin Crisp of Hockey, Don Cherry.

    4. Guy Lafleur, 1979.


    5. Farting in your office just before a new work colleague is brought in to be introduced.

    6. Round Two. In round one he’d pick the top ranked player still available and run him out of town Joe Thornton style.

  5. G-Man says:

    4. Robinson’s dismantling of Sleigher set the tone for the Habs that playoff season. It was a BIG reason the Habs won the Cup that season. (Aside from an awesome blend of vets and rookies)

  6. Hobie Hansen says:

    Ok so here we go! Huge game tonight! Definitely, as the saying goes, the biggest game of the year!

    Would it be nice to have a Quintal, Corson or Odelein in the lineup tonight, sure it would! However, we’ve got a good team and as much as everyone “with a pair” loves to see a good scrap, we’ve got to forget about that stuff and concentrate on scoring goals and winning the game.

    In saying that, hopefully the refs do their job and if Lucic or another Bruins player bumps Price, they make the damn call. Hall Gill or Roman Hamrlik is not going to protect Price so hopefully the refs do!  

    We can’t play a Bruins type of game. We’re one of the few teams in the NHL that doesn’t employ a couple of tough guys or at least a nasty power forward so we must concentrate on our strengths, speed and the power play.

    So until Jared Tinordi is ready to go in 4 years or we sign some muscle over the summer, speed and skill is the key to victory. Not a mixture of skill, toughness and speed.

    Two of the three isn’t bad…GO HABS GO!     


  7. adam76 says:

    Me thinks you people are putting way to much importance on tonights game.  Not like a loss would put us out of the playoffs, and not like a win would move us to top of the devision.


    Its a big game, but not a must win.  

  8. krob1000 says:

    On concussions….Brisson is rigth, players have gotten  bigger, faster, stronger,equipment has gotten harder…the part that sticks out to me is the equipment because it is so easily remedied.  I think more than just the pads playing a role is the sticks.  Nobody ever talks about the sticks anymore but I think that changed things more than anything myself.  The sticks are teh reason that goalies now wear equipemtn twice the size, the sticks are the reason that guys can lean on their stick from 40 feet and fire a snapperfaster than most slap shots 15 years ago with a simple lean (see Andrei Kostitsyn).  .

    You can’t ignore the hockey machines that are produced anymore, the amazing goaltending and attention to detail that has become to days game…but there are some simple adjustments that could help things out if they genuinely value safety….I would start with the sticks/equipment…and move backward. I look no further than baseball …they could improve their stats with aluminum bats….they don’t.  Even my Men’s  Baseball League we just outlawed aluminum bats for the upcoming season because pitchers were getting drilled with liners back to the mound, pop flies were homeruns, etc.  I think sticks are a factor in hockey as much as anything…they can’t ask guys to use softer equipment with an average NHl shooter now able to fire 90 mph slapshots and 75 mile an hour snappers.  It is ridiculous.  I reluctantly switched to a composite a couple of years back and the diff is night and day. 

    The obstruction….the most subjective4 inconsistent call in the game.  I liked the general concept and intent of the rule and while the old calling was subjective as well it really wasn;t that bad unless it was int he neutral zone  being implemented with a trap.  I think the one hand on a stick /parallel rule is fine but the non existence of stick checks anymore and calling of guys for tying up a stick in front of the net or just in general is ridiculous.  Also the way they have eliminated defenders ability to claim ice first is ridiculous.  You get to a space first it should be yours….clogging lanes is fine if done without actual clutching and grabbing and that alone would slow things down without really slowing things down. I am a fan of the bear hug rule if in motion….but they should not be allowed to hold the player after they make impact with the boards, this would be a very discretionary thing and would require refs to be vocal and say to let him go and asome sort of standard to be applied but I like it because it seems to be the glass more often than not causing the concussions.

    The head contact thing…zero tolerance.  I am not a fan of extreme discipline when intent is not there but penalties for all head infractions..I’m ok with that…who knows maybe if the other rules are in place it isn’t necessary but the height discrepancy (most notably between dmen and forwards) would bring back the hip chck…which I always loved.  The hip check was a hit or miss thing though….if it connected great, but the crafty guys who avoided them were off to the races as there is no recovering from a missed hip check.

    I don’t think the alrger ice surface would necessarily generate more scoring in the long run but it would definitely increase safety IMO.  The defenders will still defend the same interior space in their own zone…but the offensive players will simply have more room on the perimeter (where most of the inuuries occur against the boards)…and more room to break trps in the neutral zone….it may speed things up in the neutral zone..but if the equipement is changed, there is zero tolerance for headshots,etc  it may not matter from a safety perspective but maintain the pace of the game. I am not a fan of extending the length of the rink….just the width.

    There are some rules that have gotten ridiculous though on the defending side…the stick checking has never hurt anyone…and I don’t think it was a great factor in the slowing of the game….the trap , bigger, better goalies, the slowing of the neutral zone defensive attention to detail, bigger dmen with better positional play and longer sticks, etc all led to the demise of scoring.  It is amazing to see guys like Spezza and Tavares not be point per game guys..that to me is cause for concern. These are the skill guys that can make pucks do backflips ..yet their talent is not put to use.  I think more perimter space would allow them to be more creative int he ozne as well.

    Another glossed over reality is not just the speed of the skaters today but the incredible agility….guys today can ALL turn and stop on a dime, they can all transition with ease and at high speeds that make one on ones difficult for even guys like Ovechkin and Kovalchuk. The skating is so incredible now and I think more space is necessary to compensate. 

    The boards…why are all rinks not using the least rigid board and glass system possible…seriously…why are some rinks like concrete walls?  that is just plain stupid and I can’t believe that isn’t just a no brainer that getrs passed at first introduction. 

    For an offt he board suggsestion regarding the trap…how about a “three in the key” type rule…..where if the defending team does not send a forechecker past the opposing blueline for 3 seconds while the other team has the puck they are assessed a penalty? would bneed to see it in action to evaluate it but it is wortha  try as the trap is brutal

    that leads me to penalties….why in the world have they not come up with a one minute minor in all of these years….you see a guy get hammered from behind but not get a major…he gets 2 minutes…then you see a guy dump the puck over the glass accidentally and he gets the same 2 minutes…ridiculous.  Same goes for the hooking/holding…..if there were a one minute penalty….perhaps they could actually call the minor infractions with some consistency if they were allowed to distinguish between one and 2 minute penalties.  I know this could cause more delays int he play at first,etc…








  9. NightRyder says:

    If we get caught up in the whole trying to match them physically nonsense, it will be a long night. 

    I see a prototypical Habs win tonight. Get outshot 43-18, get a goal on the PP and another against the flow of play, ride the goalie to a 2-1 victoire.

  10. twocents says:

    “Its a big game, but not a must win.”

    I agree, there are no “must win” games in the regular season.

    Maybe a late season game that insures a favourable matchup, but that’s about it. And even then, if you have to have the favourable matchup and it’s a must, you ain’t going nowhere likely.

  11. G-Man says:

    I am getting very tired of no nothing fans posting that JM either looks “dazed” or “surprised.” He is the best coach this team has had in decades and everyone disses him, displaying their own lack of knowledge of the game. The fact he doesn’t behave like a 5-year-old after every penalty call has no bearing on whether or not the Habs get more penalties than other teams. The bias of these mostly-Ontarian refs is on display most nights.

  12. SLONCOLD says:

    hilarious lol

  13. SeriousFan09 says:

    For too long, the Bruins have been victimized by bullies like Tom Pyatt, Roman Hamrlik and Jaroslav Spacek, good on them for defending themselves against such fearsome pugilists and thugs.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  14. krob1000 says:

    This is psychological test though…will the guys show a willingness to play their own game, will they dictate the style of play or be dictated? will we back downor will we stay aggressive and go to dirty areas.? will we protect Carey and clear the crease and make it a miserable place to be? All elgit questions that this game more than others will provide some answers to.  The 2 points..well I see it that every 2 points is a must…but this one does have some significance because we are only 5 back of the BRuins…7 pretty well does us in.  A win in regulation tonight would bring us into striking distance and make a divisional title a realistic goal to strive for..we still likely wouldn;t reach it but it would be a nice goal to aim for and tonights game is huge in that respect.  We are far better at home than ont he road so any home ice advantage would defnitely help our squad.

  15. G-Man says:

    1. Luchicken

    2. Too many to list

    3. ditto

    4. 71 playoff game. Habs were behind 5-2 after 2. When the siren went at the end of the 3rd, it was 7-5 Montreal.

    5. Don Cherry being the Bruins coach.

    6. LinsLuchicken would be a 1st round pick.

  16. SeriousFan09 says:

    I’m hoping AK gives Lucic one of his patented “Knock him over without noticing” checks. Drives that thug nuts when AK bowls him over without even trying.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  17. joshua94k says:

    There was another instance in the 1984 play-offs when Mike Mibury jumped the gun and suprised Larry Robinson after a whistle and starting punching him and pulling Robinson’s jersey over his head, Next to the amazement of eveyone, Robinson showed how stong he was. He shook of Milbury and started punching him back. Milbury was down on th ice and Robinson was punching him like a punching bag.

    If someone has a link on Youtube for that fight it is fun to watch. I’m not sure if it is this instance but during Coach’s Corner after a Robinson fight in the play-offs, Don Cherry said something to this effect:

    “Big mistake, the Canadiens were coasting slowly, and now you get Robinson angry and woke him up. Watch out now, he is going to play mad and when he plays that way, there is no chance against him.”

    Robinson was a rare kind, one who was amazing offensively, defensively, blocked shots, had a hard shot from the point, was one of the best fighers. He is the prototype for the perfect defenseman.

    They don’t make them like him anymore.

    “It’s too much for one guy to shoulder. For us, we’re going to do it as a group. It’s about sharing that responsibility win or lose.” – Mike Cammalleri

  18. Bill H says:

    While you guys in PQ are watching Bruins v Habs, us guys in Tronna get to watch leafs v Islanders.  See what you are missing?

  19. SLONCOLD says:

    how about just taking slap shots on chara all night long if he is “in the way” of the shot?

  20. WindsorHab-10 says:

    He’s actually Luci(shit(c’s father. Notice the similarities.

  21. SLONCOLD says:

    what about fighting? i’m not saying i hate fighting but i could live without it. by removing fighting you probably would remove a lot of useless goons who are just around for the extra muscle. I really don’t think fighting solves very much or changes the outcome of a game.

  22. HalifaxHabs says:

    I just want to re-iterate my previous wishes that Lucic’s helmet flies off right before his head hits the ice… a good concussion would slow him down and make him reign in his reckless style of play.

  23. SeriousFan09 says:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ITJyVfiDKQc Milbury – Robinson fight.

    I watched a big part of the “Too Many Men” game from ’79 on the NHL Archive, I had to say, I was impressed by Robinson more than anyone else in that game. He was just completely dominant and likely saved a couple of goals. Don’t make them like him indeed.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  24. HalifaxHabs says:

    exactly… when big Z tries to block shots, just “accidentaly” shoot right at his face.

  25. Danno says:

    It’s fun to watch for sure…



    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  26. mrhabby says:

    not if you have rogers centre ice package. i have seen all the habs games this year.

  27. Mr.Habby says:

    or get bell…it has rdshd and before that i had cogeco rds but no hd.  Get all the games without listening to those TSN douchebags

  28. Hobie Hansen says:

    I always bought RDS for like 4 bucks a month when I was forced to live in Toronto for a few years…

  29. krob1000 says:

    “Sticking up to ourselves & they have the tendency to stir the pot & act innocent”. 

    I think I can solve the Caramilk mystery for many of you wondering exactly what this moron is referring to…I caught it briefly last game as the camera panned to the Habs bench..yu had to look closely to catch it.  Hammer, Spacek and Pyatt were all sitting on the bench like Kids in the Hall acting like they were up to nothing.  There they were the three of them silently assualting the Bruins…. I saw it with my own two eyes and couldn’t believe it…..  index finger to thumb in rapid succession they could all be seen simultaneously taking aim at the Bruins through their finely tuned weapons and they continued “crushing the heads” of  the Bruins as they skated in the distance for several minutes.  Those guys asked for it for sure…crushing peoples heads is just not cool and I guess I kind of sympathize with the Beaners there..it isn’t really fair and with all of the focus on headshots these days I understand their frustration…

  30. Jordio-oh says:

    I’m in toronto and I have the French package from Rogers. It costs like $7 because you get extra channels (which i never watch). $7 a month to watch the Habs is a heck of a bargain for me.

    I watch every game on RDS (over TSN and CBC).

  31. observer says:

    “getting to watch ONE of the 2 hottest eastern teams” – ISLANDERS are one of those 2 the ONE that while watching the leaf/NYI game – that ONE he will get to see. and inspite of the leafs having their greatest netminder since turk broda and johnny bower – they just aren’t good enuff to beat the red-hot islanders. btw – islanders beat habs the LAST 2 MEETINGS!

  32. AndyHabs says:

    The bruins are the new leafs man do i hate boston!!!!! I will express this hate tonight with a $10.10 beer in my hand at the bell centre … too bad ill b sitting in the reds and will probably get told to sit down and be quiet by a man in suit.. NOT TONIGHT!!!

    Mtl 514 Go habs!!!!

  33. joeybarrie says:

    I pay $160 a year. So you have a great deal…… ESPECIALLY since i usually get the feed from the opponents. So I get to hear Mike Milbury tongiht telling me how LUCKY the Habs were not to have the bruins score on the one chance they had, and how the Habs have been pretty poor so far in offense despite the 15 shot on goal they have in the 1st………

    There may be other teams, but only ONE Club De Hockey…

  34. WindsorHab-10 says:

    Lucky bastards.

  35. observer says:

    Well you are getting to watch one of the 2 hottest teams in the Eastern Conference. I mean the Devils and the Islanders and the Leafs don’t have a prayer tonight even with Reimer.

  36. HalifaxHabs says:

    I’m sure this has already been mentioned… and keep in mind I’m not looking for another brawl game…. but that being said, I hope White and Mara are in the line-up in place of Pyatt and Weber… you know, just in case.

  37. twocents says:

    Oh I agree, it’s a psychological test, that’s why it’s a big game.

    But must wins are different things.

    Besides psychological tests don’t always return the same results. The previous games this season against the b’s were tests for them too and they failed. Then last game they came through.

  38. cautiousoptimist says:

    Here’s something crazy: according to TSN (http://www.tsn.ca/fantasy_news/rankings/nhl/), the Isles and Leafs are the only two NHL teams with three players or more who have scored at least 24 goals this season.

  39. dhenry1234 says:

    im going to be stuck watching the bruins feed aswell. I really hope montreal takes the bruins to town tonight so that the retarded, biased announcers can just shut their holes and I can watch some hockey.

  40. savethepuck says:

    I have the same thing in NB, getting to watch every single game is a treat.

  41. Hobie Hansen says:

    There was also the time Pacioretty pushed Chara from behind after scoring the OT goal and thought he’d be safe because the game was over.

    That was kinda cheap.

  42. Chuck says:

    Reimer plays for three teams?

  43. krob1000 says:

    I don’t know where I stand on it…don’t want it completely gone but don’t want goons around either.  i guess if two guys are both willing combatants and it happens in the flow of the game then I don’t want it gone…I do think  5 minutes is a little weak. I wonder if maybe an automatic 10 minute misconduct to go with the major would be a starting point. Any fight in the third and you are done for the next game as well? 2 fights you get a suspension, 3 fights,etc, etc. The instigator rule is a touchy one too…if a guys tries to start a fight  i don’t care…as long as the other guys  is willing…if a guy jumps a player..then it should be a suspension reviewable for sure…that is as intent to injure as it gets and the head is the obvious target…but if two guys want to willingly fight in the heat of the moment i have no problem with that…but they should sit out longer than 5 minutes IMO.  I think the extra penalty and the possbility of suspensions and a limited amount of fights without suspension would make guys question things, eliminate premeditated stuff and eliminate alot IMO.  But it is a touchy one and an area that sells the game so they will be very reluctant to mess with it but these head injuries scare me as a minor hockey coach and parent….my head? who cares…my kids? diff’t story and one that makes me think a little diff’tly.

  44. SmartDog says:

    THIS IS WHY we need some bigger tougher guys, which we may have in Mara and Sopel, so that these guys can match BS with the other team’s big players and keep the focus there. 

    If Mara “stirs the pot”,  they can deal with him directly. No need to whine to the media.  It’s easy (and childish) for Julien or anyone to call out smaller players who don’t play dirty because they’re not a threat.  Deal with Mara and Sopel guys… and of course, with Gill there to add size if needed, though it’d be a shame to see our best sniper of late take a penalty he doesn’t have to.

  45. krob1000 says:

    He meant nothing by that…Chara was infornt of himand he didlt give it a second thought he just wanted to go celebrate…..you see it all of the time in front of the net a guy scores gets up, pushes the scrum aside and goes to celebrate…hell they push their own players….the fact it ended the game, was the bruins..was the giant baby, habs bruins,etc…annoyed Chara…but I am sure after he saw it on tape he realized it wasn’t meant ..he just felt himself get pushed after the goal and didn’t realize what happened..but that heppens all of the time after goals especially in scrums in front.

  46. Chuck says:

    I just moved out of the Rogers coverage area (I’m now with Cogeco). It was great having EVERY Habs game in HD. Unfortunately Cogeco only offers RDS is standard definition (it’s the same with all of their French channels).

    I guess that they figure that people who speak French don’t like to watch HDTV.

  47. HalifaxHabs says:

    Not that I’m sitting here at work counting the seconds until puck drop or anything… BUT



  48. SmartDog says:

    What was it, cracked ribs?  How many days was Chara out for that? 

    Poor little guy.  LMAO

  49. HFX-HabFan says:

    Mara vs Horton (great trade for us…send off a first line forward, we only lose our sixth D)

    White vs Campbell (revenge for the “accidental” use of the elbow pad against Pyatt)

    Moen vs whoever (he’ll more than hold his own, and probably only Thornton/Chara would beat him)

    Done.  By then, we’ll have a three goal lead anyway, and Thomas will likely have been pulled.  Just another Habs-Bruins classic.

  50. krob1000 says:

    That last game was just weird on so many levels, the fights, the number of goals against the two best goalies IMO, the goalie fight?..it was jsust wierd and almost felt like a junior game with the amont of chaos….or better yet it reminded me that dreaded 6-5 loss to the Leafs to eliminate us the one year…it just didn’t seem like NHL hockey out there from the beginning.

  51. Chuck says:

    OK, that’s MUCH clearer…

  52. observer says:

    When CBC webcasts their many games including habs, they also have it in the punjabi language on their CBC Sports website.

  53. cautiousoptimist says:

    Stupid cocky thing for him to do, and you can bet that fuelled part of Boston’s determination to put the boots to the Habs in the last game.  Don’t get me wrong — it was stupid to turn the game into a thugfest, too.  But you don’t go up to the biggest bullies in the schoolyard and give them an obnoxious shove — you either take them down or avoid them completely.

  54. G-Man says:

    1.sticks- hate those compositer pieces of crap that break at the shaft. All for a difference of 4 mph. (That’s the difference it makes in the pros- way more for amateurs.)
    2. larger ice surface- does not work- see the way Europeans play on the Olympic-sized rinks- they trap trap trap trap all the night long.
    3. Agree- zero tolerance for head shots and hits from behind
    4. hard to argue a larger surface = more safety. It actually leads to more open-ice hits- these are far more dangerous than checking along the boards.
    5. Coaches and better team defensive play has led to less goals- many of the goals scored in the 80s and 90s were due to poor skating by Dmen. No longer.
    6.Agree 100% on the boards being stupidly rigid.
    7.Basketball rules in hockey? No effing way.
    8. just make the calls- hitting from behind or to the head: automatic 5, 10 and the game. Then, a review for a minimum 5 game suspension.

  55. Bugs says:

    First off, why does Stu Hackel get a podium to talk about anything and everything that not only has nothing to do with this site’s mandate but is also slightly offensive to the more delicate element of this site…like me? Like…if I wanna know, by some god-knows-why folly, what the training staff of the Blue Jackets eat for Sunday breakfast, I suppose I can find that out meself, you know? But worse still, are we REALLY to believe that getting BOSTON’s “side of the story” or learning about THEIR “trials and tribulations” is somehow going to put things in…different perspective? Really? Cuz personally, it offends me to see Bruin stories posted here. I mean, when’s the last time you saw OUR side of the story on NESN? Honestly?

    I can hear it now “Bugs, you’re so narrowminded; you gotta broaden your…gna-gna-gna”. That’s incorrect. When I’m NOT on THIS site, I AM openminded. I come HERE so I don’t have to be.

    That’s first off.

    Secondly, here’s some à propos JLo. : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W2uHW1h5uWY

    Tossing and turning
    Emotions were strong
    I knew I had to hold on…

  56. twocents says:

    The bee’s have been the new loafs since 1970.

    Our natural enemies.

  57. HABS_FAN_NS says:

    NHL Gamecenter is stupid. Every time I want to watch the Habs the game is always blacked out. They shouldn’t block it when its on the Tsn Habs Feed because a lot of us don’t even get that channel on tv. I’m at college now so I can’t get Rds. I wish someone would have told me that most of the games would be blocked before I spent 150 dollars on this package

  58. SmartDog says:

    Anyone know how the Habs are size-wise (relatively) with the addition of Sopel, Mara, and Patches?

  59. SmartDog says:

    Oy, dude…. don’t wish a concussion on anyone.  As much as I’d like to see Lucic get what he deserves, let it be that David Desharnais gives him an uppercut that breaks his jaw, but being flip about the head injury thing is just not cool.  

  60. G-Man says:

    Are you suffering from a narrow gna gna gna? Watch NESN!

  61. Chuck says:

    Most of what would need to be done would be to remove the first two rows of seats on either side of a rink. The end seating wouldn’t need to be touched, since an international rink and an NHL rink are the same length.

    For the 75% of teams that don’t sell out most of their games, this wouldn’t be a problem since they’d essentially be eliminating capacity that they’re not selling anyway. For teams like the Habs, Leafs, etc. you’d be removing capacity, but the cost would easily be absorbed into the cost of the rest of their ticket inventory.


  62. SmartDog says:

    Whether you use it or not, don’t bring a knife to a gun fight.  Martin better put these guys in the line-up because we need a tough team to make space and keep Boston honest.   All this talk like our guys are harrassing their big galoots is just such crap…. we need tough guys out there so Boston can’t play schoolyard bully. 

  63. Hobie Hansen says:

    Oh give me a break Krob1000. Pacioretty was being a smart ass and it was a pretty stupid thing to do. Pacioretty is my favorite Hab but that doesn’t stop me from pointing out the obvious.

  64. Bugs says:

    That’s all I’m sayin.

    But seriously, what about the JLo?

  65. Bugs says:

    And the JLo?

  66. JD_ says:

    Bugsy, far be it from me to be overly critical, but you’re so narrowminded; ya gotta broaden your gna…wait, you’re already hearin’ it.


    Never mind.

  67. blu3chip says:

    Nothing against Stu, but you are completely right.

    Those articles should be posted on Hockey Inside/out, not HABS Inside/Out.

    Articles with titles like “Revived Devils hope to stay hot against Habs” has no place in HI/O.

  68. CBrady12 says:

    You’re #winning

  69. gohabsgo25 says:

    hey bud that sucks, why dont u try this site for the game tonight i do it all the time in class, http://habsonlinetv.blogspot.com/ or you can try myp2p.com

  70. Bugs says:

    Tiger blood, baby.

  71. krob1000 says:

    you ever see ovechkin or kovalchuk celebrate after a goal…before the red light is on they knock everyone out of the way….you really thinka fter scoring the winning goal he was thinking anything but woohfrigginhoo! I doubt it…he didn’t really even know what Chara was upset about…I’m sure he gave no thought at all to it…how many times do guys push a guy aside after a goal, how many guys get knocked down after a goal and noone cares.  I think if Pacioretty were being a smart ass he would have stood there after shovinghim and not directly headed to celebrate…ti was hardly a vcious shove…it wast he same shove that ahppens after icing whistles or other whistels throughout teh game …a guy is in the way and you puhs him out of he way…sometimes guys take exception…majority of the time they don’t.  I don;t think hemenat anythig really by it…I find it hard to believe Mac Pacioretty would try and stir shit with big Z intentionally….I hope he is smarter than that.

  72. JD_ says:

    Sorry, man, I don’t do cut-and-paste.

    It’s sooooo ’00s.

  73. Hobie Hansen says:

    I’m not going to argue this to death but it was completely obvious that Pacioretty saw his opportunity to get under Chara’s skin at the end of the game and give him a shot in the back after scoring that OT goal!

    And yes I’ve watched 25,000 hockey games and I’ve seen other players knock their own teammates, officials or opposing players out of the way to celebrate. Heck, I’ve done it myself!

    Unfortunately that was not the case with Pacioretty. And that is precisely why Chara went right after him the first opportunity he had during the brawl in their last game!

    End of story!

  74. Bugs says:

    Then perhaps I can bring the song here…hmm…

    Gimme a few minutes.

  75. HalifaxHabs says:

    I know what you are saying, and %99.9 I would agree… but the reality is Lucic is looking to concuss our players with his reckless agressive style.

    But I hear you.

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