Teeing up a big one

7:30 can’t come soon enough.

Points, not revenge

Gill a tower of blueline power

ESPN promo features fights

Price is having fun

Boston tops TSN Power Rankings

Are new rules to blame for concussion epidemic?


  1. savethepuck says:

    I have a strong feeling they will be, but JM has surprised us before.

  2. observer says:

    At least their announcers Jack Edwards and Andy Brickley are completely unbiased.

  3. B says:

    Reminds me of an older Aislin cartoon. I wish I could find a link to share it. It is entitled “Latest Tory attack ad…”, and has Ignatieff in a Bruins jersey with “He’s a Bruins Fan!” in cut out words across the bottom.

  4. WindsorHab-10 says:

    “Sticking up to ourselves & they have the tendency to stir the pot & act innocent”. Those are the words of Boston’s douchebag Claude Julien. WTF is he talking about? Is it just me or did this idiot tell his team what to do the last time we played them.

  5. Jordio-oh says:

    i highly doubt that.

  6. Rugger says:

    1. Recchi, not his fault but he was part of the Leclair trade.

    2. Kenny “the rat” Linsman

    3. Milbury

    4. Too many men on the ice

    5. also too many men on the ice

    6. Trade up to early 1st round

  7. puck face says:

    i saw that too , thought it was a joke.

  8. redgorf says:

    If the is leage is serious about head injuries. they could start by calling icing when the puck crosses the line eliminating some useless hits, how many times does oposition succeed in getting there first.

  9. Rudy says:

    Excellent quote from Paul Brisson:

    But the players are faster, the players are stronger, the equipment is harder and the brain is the same size

    “Start the season with a clean equipment bag and a freah bucket of febreze!”-CharlieHodgeFan

  10. Chorske says:

    I disagree wholeheartedly. It’s actually kind of fun to read the other sides perspective, as my profile image surely indicates.

    I mean, come on. How awesome is it to be called a dirty, desipcable little team? That sh!te is GOLD.

  11. HabFanSince72 says:

    A Tuesday Morning Bruins Quiz

    1. Who is your least favourite Bruin (currently playing)?

    2. Who is your least favourite Bruin (all-time)?

    3. Who is your least favourite ex-Bruin who is currently employed by the CBC?

    4. What is your favourite memory of a Habs-Bruins game (with video link if possible)?

    5. Name something more embarrassing then the time Ray Bourque brought the Stanley Cup to Boston after Patrick Roy had won it for him.

    6. If it was possible for a rat to mate with an gorilla, in which round  would Cam Neely draft their offspring?

  12. HalifaxHabs says:

    1) Lucic, no brainer

    2) Milbury

    3) Milbury

    4) I seem to remember a huge playoff goal by Saku the last time we bounced them in the playoffs(anyone else want to hook me up with the link?)

    5) Being related to Mike Milbury

    6) 1st round with a Leaf pick

  13. Haligonian-Hab says:

    A Tuesday Morning Bruins Quiz

    1. Who is your least favourite Bruin (currently playing)?    Stephen Harris of the Boston Herald

    2. Who is your least favourite Bruin (all-time)? Mike Milbury

    3. Who is your least favourite ex-Bruin who is currently employed by the CBC? Mike Milbury, then Stock

    4. What is your favourite memory of a Habs-Bruins game (with video link if possible)?

    Richard Zednik – 2004 – Game Winner. Series Winner.

    5. Name something more embarrassing then the time Ray Bourque brought the Stanley Cup to Boston after Patrick Roy had won it for him.

    The Don Cherry Movie

    6. If it was possible for a rat to mate with an gorilla, in which round  would Cam Neely draft their offspring?


  14. joshua94k says:

    Montreal (AP)

    The Canadiens and Bruins battled in a tough physical game last night. The Bell Centre crowd was rocking, excited about the Canadiens coming off a strong raod trip with three wins. The Montreal team came out flying getting some close chances, outshooting the Boston team by a 5-0 margin but at the 4 minute mark Lars Eller was called for interference. The Canadiens successfully killed the penalty but at the 8 minute mark PK Subban was called for roughing. The defence of Sopul, Hamrlik and Gill prevented the Bruins from getting any rebounds and both team battled hard with the Bruins getting the edge in shots on goal with 14 – 8 at the end of the first period.

    During the 2nd period both team played a fast paced game and Mike Cammalleri scored on a two-on-one rush one-timing a Plekanac pass. At the 10 minute mark, PK Subban scored on the powerplay and the Bell Centre crowd was noisy. The Canadiens controlled the play allowing Carey Price to have a easy job of stopping shots from the perimeter and nothing in close. At the 18 minute mark, Gill was called for interference. With the Bruins on the powerplay, Mara was called for holding and the Bell Centre crowd was booing the referees. It was so loud the PA announcer could not be heard. Coach Jacques Martin stood motionless with a suprised look on his face. The Canadiens killed the two-man advantage but a minute remained which carried over to the 3rd period.  

    Early in the 3rd period, the Bell Centre crowd cheered every puck that was dumped in the Bruins zone. The Canadiens killed the penalty and then played a solid defensive game. During the midway mark, Paccioretty was tripped but no penalty was called. The crowd booed. Chara nearly scored from the point and was booed. Desharnais was uphended near the Bruins net and again no penalty was called. The Bell Centre crowd was livid. Coach Martin was writing something on his notepad and said something to assitant Kirk Muller. With seven minutes remaining Scott Gomes was called for high sticking and a misconduct for arguing with the referee. Gomez claimed Ryder was holding his stick. Kaberle and Chara manned the four minute powerplay and Ryder scored on a rebound. The Bell Centre crowd threw debris on the ice. With two minites remaining, the Bruins pulled goalie Tim Thomas and Brian Gionta outraced Chara for a loose puck and scored in the empty net to seal the victory for the Canadiens.

    This has been the story thus far during this season.

    “It’s too much for one guy to shoulder. For us, we’re going to do it as a group. It’s about sharing that responsibility win or lose.” – Mike Cammalleri

  15. observer says:

    As Meat Loaf said “3 out of 4 ain’t bad”. NOT all the brains of these players today are the “same size” as the brains of the past.

  16. Chorske says:

    Roy MacGregor. Any time someone says “a well-known person said this but wants to remain anonymous because they are afraid of backlash”, I tend to think that what that someone really means is “I couldn’t get anyone to buy into my bullshit story so I’ll just invent an unverifiable source to support my views”.

    Especially when there would be NO backlash, no consequences. Burke is on the record complaining about wanting to go back to the olde days of clutch and grab, and there have been no consequences for him.

    So Roy: I’m calling BS.

  17. RGM says:

    Can you blame them, after what we did to them last year?

    Go Habs Go!

  18. CHsam says:

    Could be an epic night on HIO

  19. Wamsley01 says:

    4. Outside of the obvious Guy Lafleur in 1979 it would have to be Naslund potting the winner in the final minute of regulation in the deciding Game 5 in 1985.


  20. adamkennelly says:

    unfortunately I will have to watch this game on NESN – so I’ll be fuming before the puck drops…I’ll get to listen to jackoff edwards and mike worst gm in history milbury…my only hope is Habs come out and pump em for 3 goals early and some Booin picks a fight and loses…anything short of that is going to make for a long aggravating night.



  21. joeybarrie says:

    The Washington Capitals have gone into overtime 17 times this season against Eastern Conf opponents. They are single handedly responsible for an addition 17 points in our conference. I am starting to think they are purposefully trying to ensure opposing teams get more points so we will be stuck in 6th at the end of the season.

    There may be other teams, but only ONE Club De Hockey…

  22. TheDagger says:

    I’ve got it then! The NHL needs to find a way to make bigger brains!

  23. davelecave says:

    1. Gregory Campbell, not only is he dirty as anyone, but he gets away with whatever he needs to because he’s daddy’s little scumbag.

    2. Probably Milbury, but more for his dumb comments as a “journalist”.

    3. Milbury

    4. Game 7 of the 2008 playoff series, I was in the 5th row along the Boston goal line.  I was 10 feet away when Mark Streit undressed Chara and put it home to make it 2-0 Habs on the way to a glorious victory (and insane riot).

    5. More embarassing?  Actually standing up for the Boston antics and tactics in the media (Claude Julien, Stock, Milbury, Cherry, etc.)

    6. 1st round, with the Leafs first rounder.  ZING!

  24. SeriousFan09 says:

    Burke also tirelessly defended the short-lived “Skate in crease” rule when he was involved with NHL Officiating that demanded that the puck had to enter the goal crease before a player could.

    You want to make the game safer? No-touch icing, expand the ice surface (not even to INTL specs, just an extra 5-10 feet) and take away the battle armour padding.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  25. Chuck says:

    CNN reports: Gadhafi is a Bruins fan.

  26. LA Loyalist says:

    Did anyone float the idea of going to international ice size back when we first started building mega-rinks like ACC?

    That would have been the time to start, as it’s not like you can retrofit the current rinks. Can you imagine how great hockey would be now?

    My kid and I play at LA Kings practice rink which has 2 pads, one Olympic size and one NHL size, and there really is a difference in the flow of a game when there is room to move.

    But that would have taken vision, not what Gary “Satan” Bettman or the owners are known for.

    Sad, sad, sad.

  27. punkster says:

    Um…Marvin actually sang 2 out of 3.


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