Surprising series


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It’s not exactly astonishing that Tim Thomas is winning the battle of Vezina Trophy finalists.
But hands up everyone who expected Brad Marchand to be outshining the Sedins.

Vancouver D crumbles

Cam Cole on struggling Luongo

Boston D smothers twins

Pierre LeBrun: Issues run deeper than Luongo

• Roy MacGregor: Gnawing uncertainty returns

Scott Burnside on Julien’s Midas touch

Confusion on head-shot rule

Guest Comment from Rob D:

Bruins are..gasp..the better team. Van is soft, easily taunted into wrestling with the loutish Bruins, and their goaltending is now suspect. It looks like those last 4 goals last game got into Luongo’s head cause he looked like crap tonight and not just on the goals.

Where is all this talent on the forward lines and depth along the D we kept hearing about all year for Van? It’s not shown up yet in these finals at all.

The win the next one..back in business..but its hard to see how at this point. They don’t seem to have another gear and the effort level they are showing up with just isn’t going to cut it. Especially if they keep taking the bait which the Bruins must be ecstatic about.

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