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Urgent shout-out to the Habs Inside/Out family:

Two Montreal musicians, Jimmy Tanaka and Christian St. Roch, are among the five semi-finalists in the Hockey Night in Canada music challenge.

Their song is called Let the Game Begin. It’s a rouser: drums, horns, strings … reminiscent of the original HNIC theme.

You can listen to it here and vote for two Montreal Canadiens fans to advance to the HNIC finals …. where they have a chance to win a cool $100,000.

Voting ends Tuesday at 11:59 p.m. 

Get on it.


  1. yathehabsrule says:

    A couple of these make you want to rent an old western movie…I like the Montreal boys version…a more professional score…

    Down to the final 2…..

    and they’re out….

  2. dysonsphere says:

    Well, I was going to vote for the best theme, but since they are all pretty lame I will vote for the Habs fans.

  3. RGM says:

    After listening to all of them (and that annoying Bell ad) #4 was the only one that really jumped out at me. I thought #5 (the Celtic-inspired one) was OK, but yeah I’d go with #4.
    Go Habs Go!

  4. habsfan reduxit says:

    … sorry, but I don’t give two tinkers’ dams about a ‘theme’ for HNIC; I don’t give two tinkers’ dams about HNIC.

    … but if I did, I’d vote for the kid; he’s great.

  5. nightmare_49 says:

    Rhett Warrener and Anders Eriksson sent down with their one way contracts totaling 4 million and the Flames must pay if they report but it doesn’t go against the cap .. by Randy Sportrak .. sun media …..

  6. nightmare_49 says:

    Empty Netters .. by Seth Rorabaugh ….. ……………………………………….. Bye Defensive Line .. by J.F.Chaumont .. Radio Canada ….. ……….. Carbo on Chipchura .. an excerpt fron the gazette ….. He needs to be a good NHLer,” Carbonneau said. “With Chip, we have six (fourth-line) guys who will have to play hard and well defensively.”

    Chipchura is expected to battle, at least early on, with Steve Bégin, Mathieu Dandenault, Tom Kostopoulos, Laraque and Lapierre for work

  7. Robert L says:

    I don’t suppose you boys read this!

    The Real HNIC Song

    That said, the Montreal boys tune pumps it big time. I hope it wins. It got my vote hands down.

    But I’ll still be watching RDS!

  8. Habs fan in SF says:

    the habs aren’t coming out to the bay area this season … so i’m going to see them in denver to play the avs in february. i was born and raised in montreal. you’re gonna love it there. you gotta try poutine, a smoked meat sandwich, maybe even a souvlaki from one of the many greek fast food restaurants.

  9. Xtrahabsfan says:

    Agree, 100%

  10. jew4jah says:

    i’m in vancouver. i get rds on shaw, it costs another $3/month (above the basic cable rate ($35) i also bought the NHL centre ice package for another $200. it’s not really worth it, but it’s a guilty pleasure i allow myself.

  11. IVANNEILSON says:

    don’t understand how last year this web site had a go at HNIC and now wants people to vote for their anthem. I think their all garbag, just watch RDS.

  12. Fargo Habs Fan says:

    My sentiments exactly. Now if we could only convince the league to have every team play at least once in every city, every year. Sadly, I’m missing the game in Minnesota (3 1/2 hours away) this year, but I am blessed to make my first trip to Montreal in January to achieve two lifelong dreams:

    1. Watch a Habs-Leafs game at home
    2. Watch the Habs at Cage aux Sports the night before!


    See you in January!

  13. HABZ24 says:

    all 5 of those cbc anthems SUCKED.lame. it should be “big league” by tom cochrane.

  14. Habs fan in SF says:

    looks like he’s a fan of 2 loser franchises … the cubbies and the laffs haven’t won dick forever. i love how us habs fans are well represented in the US of A. cheers!

  15. Fargo Habs Fan says:

    I realize I’m probably going to hell for sharing this, but our local newspaper printed a story today about a guy named Daugherty who killed his friend. Apparently, his friend got POed at Daugherty for getting a DUI. Daugherty was supposed to drive them both to a North Stars game, but he couldn’t because he lost his license. The two fought and this Daugherty character killed his friend with a bat. Why do I share this? Look at the guy’s picture…

    He’s been in jail 20 years and hasn’t missed a single cup!


    See you in January!

  16. Habs fan in SF says:

    in san francisco, they’re replaying the habs / sharks game from last year on comcast sports. i went to that game wearing my habs jersey with pride. to my surprise, probably 40% of the crowd were wearing habs jerseys. i remember yelling go habs go (after many beers) and the lady in front of me (wearing a sharks jersey) was all getting pissed off cuz i was being “too” loud. wtf? are we at an opera?! sharks fans are decent, but c’mon, it’s a friggin’ hockey game. sheesh!

  17. Mr.Hazard says:

    Maybe with the prize money they’ll be able to afford tickets to a couple of games!! Nah… I doubt it.

    Ex nihilo nihil fit

  18. Habs fan in SF says:

    last resort, watch the games on the RDS website for like $2 a game. center ice package is also an option, but not sure how it works in canada, but here in the US they’ll pick up the US telecast and maybe sometimes they’ll pick up the hockey night in canada telecast on saturdays. on rare occasions they’ll pick up the RDS feed – typically when there’s no other option.

  19. habs R my team says:

    I going to be moving from Montreal to Vancouver. Will I need a dish to get the habs games on RDS? I guess cable tv in Vancouver doesn’t have RDS. right?

  20. ross says:

    Holy FRACK, that ad is annoying. Showing it to me once, when I first load the page, okay. But every time I want to listen to another submission? Fuh-geddabowdit.

    Kudos to all of the submitters, but really, it doesn’t matter to me which jingle CBC chooses. They dumped on my childhood memories by lowballing the composer of the original Theme until she was forced to sell it to another network, and now expect to buy back my loyalty with an over-hyped, American Idol styled competition in which the winning entry is bought for a royalty-free, lump sum of $100K? Nuh-uh. The whole situation stinks from beginning to end, and I’ll be studiously avoiding all of CBC/HNIC’s sponsors from here on out.


  21. likehoy says:

    conspiracy theory?

  22. likehoy says:

    i think they’re all very good…but none of them are life changing at the moment…it’ll take 10-15 years down the line to figure out if CBC made the right choice with kids humming it in the halls at school…if ever.

  23. showey47 says:

    somewhat similar goal to ovechkins and it never even made the tsn list of goals of the year.

  24. Habs fan in SF says:

    i’d vote but why do they need your phone number? kinda strange

  25. GHG33 says:

    Congrats to all the finalists but after listening to them all I found I liked #3 the best and thats the one I voted for.

    Drive For 25 Is Alive!

  26. Bugs says:

    Ummmm…I’m all for supportin’ folks, don’t get me wrong.
    But what if the tune sucks?
    What if it’s so absolutely awful that I can barely contain my gag reflex and must hurry to the vinyl cabinet for some good’ole Natalie Simard to wash the taste of such 1970’s camp outta my ears (not to mix metaphors).
    What should I do then?
    Personally, I like the kid’s tune the best. It’s more like 1980s god-awfulness. At least I can relate to THAT one.
    What’s Natalie Simard doing anyway?
    Peace Out.
    Lord Bugs Potter, esq. Earl of Fluppitburg, Baron of Flopshlupshire and Knight of the Flannel Republic.

  27. habs R my team says:

    I voted for anthem #4. It’s by 2 quebec kids. real catchy and close to the original Hockey night in Canada theme. Vote for #4 anthem! I like the drums in it.

  28. Drive_For_25 says:

    GO HABS GO!!!

  29. Gary320 says:

    Although the song is symbolic with CBC. It could mean alot more with RDS. Every night is Hockey Night Now.


    My Montreal Canadiens (2008/09) Video

  30. moser17 says:

    mmm… I dunno. Howe and Orr never played with the Habs. But maybe they don’t have the mythical symbolism you mean. It may have helped that the Rocket stood as a symbol of Quebecois success and pride at the time, too. But you’re right that a nation associated the old song with CBC, and vice versa. I sure did.

  31. J.T. says:

    See, not really. Because the Rocket wouldn’t have been the same if he’d played in Chicago. He’d still have been a great player, but he wouldn’t have been the mythical figure he became in Montreal. The anthem was legend on CBC…it’s diminished on TSN. That’s just the way it is.

  32. habsfansince91 says:

    well i can tell you guys that i dont really care much about what the opening jingle is on cbc because ill be listening to the original on tsn and rds 😉

  33. moser17 says:

    Outstanding effort by these composers (especially the thirteen-year-old kid), but none of them say “hockey”. I submit for your approval a summary:

    Anthem #1: Van Halen meets McGyver

    Anthem #2: Broadway musical meets Dallas

    Anthem #3: Walt Disney meets Rocky

    Anthem #4: The International Tattoo meets Miami Vice

    Anthem #5: Rollins Cross meets Police Academy III

    Excellent work, folks, but the real Anthem is playing on TSN and RDS this year.

  34. likehoy says:

    andrei kostitsyn’s spin around goal against the flyers.

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