Subban wins Norris Trophy as league’s top defenceman

Canadiens defenceman P.K. Subban kids around with his miniature Norris Trophy keeper, parked beside the full-size Vézina Trophy. Subban was awarded the Norris on Saturday night in Chicago.
Bruce Bennett, Getty Images

P.K. Subban has won the James Norris Memorial Trophy awarded annually to the National Hockey League’s top defenceman.

The Canadiens’ star defenceman, who turned 24 last month, beat out Kris Letang of the Pittsburgh Penguins and Ryan Suter of the Minnesota Wild, the two other finalists for the award.

In his third season in the NHL, Subban tied with Letang for the league lead in points by a defenceman with 38. His seven power play goals were second only to teammate Andrei Markov who had a league-leading eight among defencemen.

Subban finished the regular season with a plus/minus differential of plus 12.

“This really is a team award,” Subban said on the CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada when the award was announced prior to Game 2 of the Stanley Cup final between the Chicago Blackhawks and Boston Bruins.

Subban thanked the Canadiens’ organization, fans and his teammates.

“It’s a great day for me. And I’m just happy to represent the organization.”

He also switched briefly into French to tell fans in Montreal he was excited for next year.

In a media conference call afterward, Subban said he didn’t think he would have achieved such a personal accomplishment at this point but by the same token “it’s all the more reason for me to continue to get better and to continue to be a leader and develop both as a player and as a person.”

“I just feel very privileged and honoured to have won it.  And a lot of this credit needs to go to my teammates,” he said.

“These types of awards you have to give a lot of credit to your teammates because at the end of the day those are the guys that are helping you and playing with you on the ice.

“And I owe them a lot, especially coming into the season late. My teammates were amazing for me and we’ve been  great all year.”

 Subban missed the Canadiens’ training camp in January and the start of the 48-game lockout shortened season when he hadn’t come to terms with the team on a new contract. The 6-foot, 216-pound defenceman agreed to a two-year $5.75 million deal in late January that will pay him $3.75 million next season.

It was often reported that Subban had sought a deal longer than the two years for which he signed. He almost surely can expect to get long term with his next contract.

Florida Panthers forward Jonathan Huberdeau won the Calder Memorial Trophy as the league’s top rookie. Canadiens’ forward Brendan Gallagher and Brandon Saad of the Chicago Blackhawks were the other finalists for the award.

The Norris Trophy winner is chosen by a vote of the Professional Hockey Writers’ Association.

Five other Canadien defencemen have won the Norris trophy since its inception in 1954: the late Doug Harvey and Tom Johnson as well as Larry Robinson, Jacques Laperrière and Chris Chelios. Harvey won the Norris seven times–six times as a Hab and once with the New York Rangers. Robinson was a two-time winner and Chelios won it three times–once with the Canadiens and twice with the Chicago Blackhawks.

You can listen to what Subban had to say on the conference call here:  AUDIO: Subban media teleconference



  1. hab fan in leaf jungle says:

    Congratulations PK. You are a winner. Get your agent to start thinking about a trading partner. You need to be in a winning organization and enjoy the thrill of a Stanley Cup victory. You’ll never get that in Montreal with the loser mgmt. and coaching and the worst goaltender in the league. Get the hell out of there before you become a loser as well. Best of luck to you. Don’t get injured while playing for the Habs. Coast for the next year and cash in with a winning team and organization.

  2. Hobie Hansen says:

    Sorry in advance for the mostly non-hockey related post ;-).

    Bottom line is when the Habs are gone, the Canadaian teams are gone and we’re down to two teams that have already recently won the Stanley Cup, I begin to seriously lose interest.

    I’m a diehard Habs fan who can sometimes muster the energy to cheer for another Canadian team if I like some of their players. But to watch Gary Bettman hand out the Stanley cup in Chicago or Boston in the middle of summer just doesn’t do it for me.

    Yesterday was a great day for sports though! Flipping back and forth between the Blue Jays and the US Open was a very enjoyable afternoon.

    The Jays are finally doing what most thought they’d do by driving in a ton of runs and getting quality pitching from their starters and bullpen.

    The majority of the credit goes to the pitching but Adam Lind, Melky Cabrerra and a couple of the guys at the bottom of the lineup are now constantly getting on base to allow the power hitters to drive them home.

    Up until recently, the Jays were pounding out home runs but everyone’s average on the team was between 200 and 250. Adam Lind is now in line for a run at the batting title at the moment and they’re about to add Jose Reyes, NL batting champion, back into the lineup from the 60 day DL. The Jays are now 5.5 GB back with 90 games left.

    And at the US open, Phil Mickelson shouldn’t be crying about anything. He’s more than proved himself and won a bunch of other majors. It’s not his fault the greens are the equivalent to putting on your driveway. I personally like it better watching golfers show their talent and watching huge shots rather than all the players struggle and the guy who makes 10 mistakes rather than 11, 12 or 13 wins. The course is just too hard it’s ridiculous.

    I’m happy Justin Rose won because he’s always seemed like a good kid who’s also suffered some agonizing losses and has been waiting about a decade for his first major.

    • Ed says:

      I think it’s time to start including Colby Rasmus’ name in any Jays discussion.

      Once Mickleson’s driver / 2 wood? stopped hitting the fairways yesterday I had a feeling he would let it slip away yet again.

  3. SmartDog says:


    I agree, not many Habs elevated their game during playoffs this year. And I think this is part of team culture and current mood combined.

    You can’t tell me that Plekanec went into the playoffs thinking, “yes we can win this”. The guy has been one of our most solid performers but you can only go to the well of optimism against long odds so many times. After the Habs stunk out the end of the season, it’s not surprise they were less than stellar in the playoffs.

    I’m no fan of the Gainey years. But what Bob DID do, was he injected new talent, new leadership, and new systems. But it was like rockfuel in aHyundai. It worked for a little while and then burned out the motor.

    The team is still climbing that ladder. Bergevin took a good step last year, but the team couldn’t sustain it (especially with injuries). But it needs that injection of new blood and new vision again.

    Only young up-and-coming guys like Subban, Eller (for a game) and Gallagher were showing that kind of extra umph.

    For me, TWO things HAVE TO for the Habs to take anther step up the ladder of confidence:
    1. The goalie coach change revives Price.
    2. MB will add at least ONE REALLY desirable piece (another Prust-like signing), as well as some other talent or toughness.
    These two are CRUCIAL.

    Other things that would be helpful.
    1. Any other solid signing.
    2. Any trade that makes us younger, faster, or tougher.
    3. Losing some ‘dead wood’. Did Gorges have a bad year, or is he just spent? Can Gionta stay at the level he was when healthy, and can he stay healthy? Can Diaz and Emelin continue to grow? Is Moen useful at all? Can DD get going again or is he a handicap on a team that must get bigger and tougher? For me, these are some of the questions MB and MT must be answering… and the answers to those questions could turn up in trades. And this would probably be a positive.

    I’m hoping to see some or all of this this summer.

    My thoughts anyway.

    DO you agree?

    Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

  4. bwoar says:

    This award is proof positive that MB and MT have made the correct decisions all along in their handling of PK Subban. First and foremost congratulations go deservedly to the player, who clearly set himself lofty goals and is making good on them; secondly the coach who helped guide a kid making the most of his TV appearances during the lockout, to the top of the pile among his peers; lastly to the GM who didn’t give into youth and forced a situation where the player had to grow into the star we all knew he could be.

    When I see people on here claim that anyone did anything wrong in this dossier, I wonder whether they realize what it takes for a player so young to rise so quickly without burning out. There are plenty of examples of guys who *looked every bit* like potential stars, only to flame out when they get a first taste of stardom. The fact is, the results on the ice speak for themselves.

    It’s a bad habit for fans to spin every positive into a negative, and to find any possible way to justify their negativity. There will always be those who look at a young player’s success and deem it to be in spite of the work of their coaches and managers, but more often than not, the reverse is true. In this case it’s so completely obvious that I can only shake my head at the inveterate doubters. No matter how much mud you want to sling at MB or MT today, it’s all nonsense, and I’m sure the bright young fellow enjoying his success would agree.

    Way to go PK!


    • florida habs says:

      so you want us to believe that MT turned PK into a Norris trophy winner in 48 games, he wouldn’t even put him on the 1st line PP until it became so obvious he was holding him back and doesn’t put him on the PKill. please give credit to the kid, MT had plenty to say about PK before he coached hm.

    • Strummer says:

      i agree.
      MT and NB did a good job helping PK elevate his game to the level required to win the Norris.
      Nothing I have heard from PK since the season ended would indicate he is unhappy with the way he was treated.
      Last week on Hockey Central when he was a co-host PK talked about how MT had a talk with him and Price about the Low-5 and how Pk was totally on board with dropping it.

      He really matured this year.

      “It’s just an opinion – I could be wrong”

      • florida habs says:

        the reality is MT would not even be a coach in this league if he didn’t speak French, he had his shot when PIT took a chance with an elite team and he failed. does anyone say Harry Sinden was responsible for Bobby Orr winning the Norris in his 2nd year? Players like PK, you tap them on the shoulder to go on the ice, he has that much talent. maturity is a progression of life, not something your coach gives you. coaches may raise the level of play in lesser players over time, that is the measure of a good coach. MT is no Scotty Bowman, Gorges (as an example) is no PK.

  5. The Dude says:

    OK ,I’m a gonna put in my two cents about PK. Young Subban,who grew up and dreamed of being a Montreal Canadien is the best thing that happened to Habland since Lafleur and Roy, period. And MB showed his flaws when dealing with PK’s agent over the last contract and Therrien showed his boring personality and judgment. You know when I was a YOUNG LAD ,I used to Hate BOBBY ORR cause he was so f’n good and that’s why people ‘fans of all the other teams’ hate Subbs ,that’s how good he is. Subban will be the next Captain of the Habs “mark my words” as soon as they move Gionta. What really bothers me is it’s obvious that MB is so clueless as to believe the hype about Price and give him one grandiose bullspit entitlement contract and when an”Orr” type athlete shows up who DREAMED OF BEING A HAB ALL HIS LIFE, MB and Therrien were clueless …and if you don’t know a Bobby Orr when you see one, you should not be the Coach and Management of the World Famous Montreal Canadiens!

    • mrhabby says:

      Call Geoff Molson and tell him what you would do ..ever hear of the decreasing salary cap.

    • florida habs says:

      u know it

    • bwoar says:

      I’m rounding that 2 cents down to $0.00.

      Just kidding Dude, you might be right on Price but I don’t think mgmt. was wrong on Subban either.


    • veryhabby says:

      Dude….get your info right. Price also had a “bridge” contract, and so did Pac, so did AK before him, and onward…. Key young players with the habs have for the last few years (and last 2 management teams) received “bridge” contracts. PK had to get one too. It is too important for the future of this management team for them to have shown no favoritism.

      PK will get his big contract just as Price did, at the right time. I don’t understand why fans care that now his salary will be more then if he signed it 2 yrs prior. Is it your money? So the $5M that the habs owner saved will now be paid out in his next contract. Pk seems like a determined guy, and if he shows nay sayers that he deserved this trophy by developing even more next season….he will cash in. I don’t get why ppl are upset he wasn’t signed long term last year. It was right, and best, for him to sign his bridge contract. And when some punk hab player comes along after one good season and wants $6M, he will know not to bother asking cause the team didn’t go big with their stars in the past and won’t ever, until they have too. It’s good business.

  6. Ed says:

    So I think most posters remember how vocal I was in supporting Subban, because I thought the 2 million, 2 year bridge was unfair.

    But when Bergevin upped the 2nd year to 3.75, and Subban signed, I thought that this problem had been resolved very well by both parties.

    The best comparative for Subban seems to be Letang, and he jumped from his entry level deal to a 4 year, 3.5 million per, 14 million dollar deal.

    Who can say that Bergevin did not offer this to Subban, and Subban was the one who turned it down?

    My point is simple. The 3.75 Subban will make this coming year is good and fair money. And next contract he will jump to 6+ million for sure.

    And secondly, we do not know exactly what was offered during the negotiations, so we should simply stick to the reality of today’s facts, and those look very good for Subban, for the Habs, and for the fans.

    • florida habs says:

      in hindsight I think the bigger issue is term, if in fact he was going to sign long term. it will be more difficult and expensive the next go around and no guarantees he will remain a hab, he will be more in demand. the guy just won the Norris.

      • Strummer says:

        Or he could be another Tyler Myers or Dion Phaneuf.

        Subban’s future and salary expectations and his Norris possibilities were certainly discussed during the bridge contract negotiations.

        Both sides compromised to set the table amicably for the UFA contract.

        “It’s just an opinion – I could be wrong”

    • HabinBurlington says:

      A fair and reasonable post Ed, but makes for far less sensationalism which is the modus operandi around these parts.

    • PrimeTime says:

      “…the reality of today’s facts.”??? HIO is all about ‘the interpretation of facts”.

      I agree with your post. MB was very professional in the process of resigning Subban. Subban’s camp was no different. It will pay dividends for both parties and the fans in the long term.

  7. habstrinifan says:

    “MT has problems dealing with players with big talent/egos which usually goes together with superstars, that’s what makes them great. I think PIT had too many stars for MT to deal with, hence his departure.”

    May I get in on this discussion. Your theory is interesting. Let’s look at our team and our records (performances)in the last few years.

    Question 1: Has any HABS player player in the past few years made it a goal (including all the preparation etc) to raise his performance to that of superstar level. I say 1: Cole .. he did… and in doing so brought along Pacioretty and DD for the ride.

    Do you really think Plekanec plays at the summit of his talent level. Do you really think that Gionta/Gomez etc did.

    Question 2: How would you define “the production goals” set by the team, the coaches, the organization within the past few years. Remember the bemoaning lament of Pacioretty; Gionta in losing their ‘wonderful teammate, Gomez’. Blithely ignoring the reality of Gomez’s major contribution to the weakness of the team, as if they were ‘ok’ with his on ice drought cause he was such a damn good teammate.

    As I watch these playoffs. I come away with one conclusion. The HABS (mngmnt and players) better start demanding more from themselves. I mean making ‘real demands’ and real adjustments and preparation to get that more.

    Never have our team looked so out of its league as this playoffs have made it seem.

    So I agree with you. I want our team to start letting the players who want to be superstars .. be superstars!

    • ooder says:

      outside of Subban (every year) and Price in 2010 against the bruins, I don’t remember the last time I saw a hab actually raise his level of play during the playoffs.

    • florida habs says:

      actually it was PK who raised his game when he showed up at play-off time and got the fans out of their seats, last guy since Lafleur. the Habs tradition has always been big stars, big moments. I think the handling of PK was childish with this “team player” garbage, pay for his talent, hope it won’t be too late.

  8. Maritime Ron says:

    If one wants to know why NHL hockey has gone south both literally and figuratively, look no further than this – and the behaviour/life style of some folks in the great market universe called the US of A.

    In the category “Only In America – I Kid You Not” I thought I saw it all until a commercial break during the US Open when they advertised the Rib Stain Camo – a shirt that you wear when you’re eating ribs – and when you drop rib sauce all over the shirt while hounding down a Flintstone size 10 pound rack of back ribs, it’s camouflaged by the shirt design.

    Here’s what the web site says;
    “If you ain’t ribbin’, you ain’t livin’.”

  9. HabinBurlington says:

    In light of all the discussions regarding the officiating, Allan Muirs point #5 may be of interest. His conclusion is that because the reffing is even for both teams, there should be no complaining. He seems to fail to realize that one team is slightly more adept at fighting in the Roman Coliseum.

    • Cal says:

      Allan Muir misses the point entirely. By throwing the rulebook away, the league is basically saying that its rules are pointless. There are no rules in the playoffs, except for extra men on the ice and shooting the puck directly over the glass.
      so, if you are Brad Marchand and want to repeatedly punch someone in the face because you feel like it, that’s ok. Hell, if you’re Chara and want to break someone’s neck, that’s ok, too.

      • HabinBurlington says:

        I agree he misses the point, however, that is the perspective from one of the major media outlets in the country. Therein lies the problem.

    • The Juice says:

      Moving the ‘Yotes to Seattle would be as dumb as keeping them in Phoenix…especially with QC waiting in the wings…


      “To you from failing hands we throw the torch, be yours to hold it high!”

      • HabinBurlington says:

        The league knows it can get far more money selling a new franchise to Quebec City and also Toronto. THey will want to save those markets for the big buck expansion fees. I am not saying Seattle will work, but I suspect this is the logic behind the move, if it occurs.

  10. HabinBurlington says:

    For those of you hoping MB can get Dupuis from Pittsburgh, here is more ammunition to your cause.

  11. HabinBurlington says:

    Habfan10912 brings up the point below regarding how different the game is officiated in playoffs versus regular season. I understand his point and agree in priniciple. However, just as the League and officials officiate it differently, the players also play it differently.

    I believe a hybrid can be found, the problem is the lack of any clarity from the League Office. To me this is the problem with Bettman and Daly being the leagues highest ranking officials. Neither actually understand hockey. Then the next highest ranking official is Colin Campbell, his credibility went out the window when it was discovered he actually emailed refs to be nicer to his boy and other various marching orders.

    Perhaps the greatest change needed from our perspective as Hab fans, is to have a team designed better to succeed in such conditions and thus allow us to enjoy it more. Also, if teams like Chicago and Detroit and hopefully our future Habs teams, can win Cups consistently, this seems to be the biggest influence on how other GM’s model their franchises.

    This is why it is imperative that the Bruins not win the Cup again this year.

    Go Hawks!

    • Cal says:

      The only league that changes rules for the playoffs will not not change anything. There’s no point building a team with speed and skill if you can just club everybody over the head repeatedly and get away with it. With Campbell STILL at the NHL despite those incriminating e-mails, the league remains a-hole central, with no hope in sight for any change.
      I say the Habs start drafting gorillas and teach them to skate. They’ll have more success in the playoffs.

      • Dust says:

        It’s still better than the NBA that calls fouls differently whether you are a start player or not. It’s Brutal. Naww you are right…the nhls reffing is brutal too

    • habstrinifan says:

      “Perhaps the greatest change needed from our perspective as Hab fans, is to have a team designed better to succeed in such conditions and thus allow us to enjoy it more.”

      Case closed! No more noisemaking! Fix your team to survive.

      As an aside… reffing inconsistencies are all season long and always seem to lean in the direction of ‘a hockey play’. So your conclusion is imperative playoffs or non playoffs.

  12. florida habs says:

    no conspiracy theories, MT has been quite clear about PK and mis-judged him, that seems pretty clear. my concern is we missed a chance to lock up a Norris winner ( at a steal, just hindsight, I understand), when it is a challenge to get any player to come and play in montreal. now the puck is in PK’s end,we shall see. IMO MT has problems dealing with players with big talent/egos which usually goes together with superstars, that’s what makes them great. I think PIT had too many stars for MT to deal with, hence his departure.

    • ont fan says:

      It was the right thing to do in PK’s case. It wasn’t a mistake. I don’t begrudge the big contract coming. Treat homegrown talent right and they will stay. It’s not management that’s going to drive stars away, it’s the nutty fans. Having a mediocre season around here means havoc for players on this team. 20yrs. since a cup, blah, blah blah. Millionaires blah, blah, blah. It’s our right to win the cup every 5 years. Get a grip! There are 29 other teams fighting for about 10 really good players in each draft.

      • florida habs says:

        I don’t begrudge it either, I hope he gets the moon, he earned it. Ask Roy if management can drive stars away? my point isn’t the money, it is not having PK locked up when the opportunity existed. This what GMs get paid for, making the right decision at the right time. MB made the decision to give DD a big payday based on 1 year of good stats, but decided roll the dice with PK. PK will be making a business decision after next year, he will have many more options as compared to his last signing.

    • Kooch7800 says:

      umm…didn’t PK have his best season as an NHL player while working with MT? MT is known for working well with young players and I would imagine that is why he got the job.

      MT took the pens to the final and lost with a very young team. He was let go mid way through the next season and they won cup with a new coach. I think any coach would have won with that team the next year.

      PK will sign a long term deal with the habs and he will get his big pay day. win for the organization and win for PK.

      “Keep your stick on the Ice”

  13. Clay says:

    The Big story in Montreal today won’t be hockey – Montreal Mayor Michael Applebaum has been arrested by UPAC, Quebec’s anti-corruption unit

    ☞ “The deepest sin of the human mind is to believe things without evidence” ~ Aldous Huxley ☜

  14. Dust says:

    I lot of people on this site like to bash the cbc for their coverage of hockey. Recently they have been saying PK winning the Norris is a “in your face” to the CBC.
    the way i see it, there are two idiots on the CBC. Stock and Healy. Those two make a good point once in a blue moon but for most part just blow hot air.
    Weeks. Is very smart and has said good things about PK a plethura of times.
    Friedman is one of the better sports reporters out there and has said good things about PK. Even once i remeber pretty much telling stock to give it a rest in regards to PK.

    Then there is Cherry. When PK first came into the league he said some critical things about PK. Much the same way he did to Crosby. This year I remember on coaches corner Cherry showing an end to end rush by PK and comparing it to what Orr used to do. Then he went on to say that PK is such a good skater he has no trouble getting back in position on D before the counter attack began. High praise from Cherry.

    Pk winning the Norris is fantastic. It isn’t an FU to the CBC though. It’s an FU to Stock and to a lesser extent Healy

    • Cal says:

      Watching Subban accept the award at the NBC booth was nothing short of a “Eff you” to PJ Depends and the other idiots at Bruin and Leaf-centric CBC. I will be very glad when those a-holes lose the NHL. They’ve been doing poor work for decades.

      • Dust says:

        SO if CBC lose it the rights will go to TSN or Rogers…..Hmmmmm they wont be leaf-centric at all. ITs just the way it is. The major sports networks are based out of Toronto. Hell Rogers and Bell (TSN owners) are Owners of The Leafs. CBC losing coverage will not change the Toronto-centric hockey coverage in Canada one bit. It may in fact make it worse

        • Cal says:

          Yes. However, they won’t be so bruin-centric will they? And that’s even more sickening.

          • Dust says:

            True. However, i think that the Bruins are such a good team right now it makes it easy for them to be that way. If the Bruins were a bottom feeder or even not a playoff team the CBC wouldn’t pay any attention to them

  15. <----- MR. PERFECT says:

    Waiting for the Day when there’s a Stanley Cup final in montreal.

  16. Habfan10912 says:

    Good morning and I hope you all had a pleasant weekend. I am a HUGE sport fan but hockey has always been my true passion. The playoffs are often an opportunity to see the very best and most physical battle it out on the ice. It should be a showcase for the game that we love. These playoffs have been anything but a showcase.
    Inconsistent officiating, the trap, ultra conservative strategy have reduced these games into a snorefest. This been hard on the eyes.
    Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be watching the skill of a Krejci or Towes instead of the clutching and grabbing and defensive oriented games we’ve seen?
    I understand where the folks who advocate the need for the Habs getting bigger and tougher. If the game continues down this path we’ll have 6′ 5″ 300llbs NFL type players just taking up space on the ice.
    Playoff hockey use to be second to none. I’ve been disappointed by the play in these playoffs.

    • Ozmodiar says:

      Makes it tough for a GM to evaluate his team based on regular season results when the goal is to win in the playoffs, doesn’t it?

    • Lafleurguy says:

      You hit the nail right on the jaw. Often, the earlier rounds are so much more exciting, sort of the opposite of the U.S. Open…….First!…….to bring up Justin Rose’s stellar win. I think I scooped Burly on this one, Jim.

      “May you live in interesting times.”

    • Dunboyne Mike says:

      And excrement like Marchand swiping at players legs with his stick, after the whistle, and because he can trust that he’ll get away with it.

      We hockey fans are practically inured to the absurdity of our sport being transformed into “a different game” in the playoffs. Imagine if this same transformation happened in other sports?

      NFL — “Everyone in the stadium could see it was a face-mask, and his face was pointing to rearward as he was helped to the sidelines. But hey, it’s the playoffs. The refs put their whistles away.”

      MLB — “Speaking to the media afterwards, the umpire said the homerun was only a LITTLE bit foul. And hey, it’s the World Series, and that grand slam forced another game. Isn’t that what everyone wants?”

    • Maritime Ron says:

      Gmorning Jim,

      I guess the NHL folks have decided they want “Ballet” during the season, and an outright “War of Attrition” in the playoffs.
      The Game of Hockey has morphed into the Business of Hockey.
      At the end, we have choice – to watch or not to watch – to build a team that can survive the playoff wars or not.

      I have to say, I don’t miss the staged fights, but thoroughly enjoy the battles for time and space in front of the net.
      Hockey was always played that way.

  17. HabinBurlington says:

    Looks the Original 6 rivalry between Toronto and Montreal has reached the Mayor’s office. Not to be out done by Ford and his Crack Pipe Video scandal, the Montreal mayor has been arrested. Not shining days for these two cities.

  18. SamBoni says:

    Long-time ice cleaner, first time poster (not really). My twin uncles really enjoy this site so I thought I would glide on in and give it a spin.

    “May you live in interesting times.”

  19. Maritime Ron says:

    habs001 says, “Does not look like the Habs will get any scorers thru ufa…maybe a trade…looks like goal scoring will be relied on from the current forwards…
    As strange as this may appear, actual “goal scoring” during the 48 game season was not an issue.
    The Habs had an NHL 5th best ‘Goals per Game’ this season at 3.04 -only 1 of 6 teams to score an average of +3 goals per game.

    Playoff hockey is a whole other ball of wax where everything gets exposed.
    Our goals per game dropped to 1.80. Of the 9 goals scored in 5 games, Dman PK had 2 of them.
    Some will say we ran into a hot goalie, but the reality was that our forwards had little net presence, and with few exceptions, we played small.

    Reality also showed our goaltending/team defense was ‘sub-par’ at best. In those 5 playoff games, the Habs GAA was 4.00. We gave up 6 goals twice, and 4 and 3 in two other games.

    What’s obvious is that we need to ‘toughen up’ or get some better ‘strength’/secondary scoring up front, yet that is far from the #1 issue.
    Watching these playoffs is quite the eye opener.
    With the exception of Subban, our Group of 6-7 D could not play/would not survive this style of brutally tough/physical game over a long period.

    Lastly, it all starts from the net out.
    Here’s hoping 1 day we cease to hear the words/phrases:
    He has potential- he has all the tools – lost confidence – hobbit- groceries – sorry – breaking in new pads – he’s young ( Rask is only 5 months older…)

    • Dunboyne Mike says:

      This, of course, could all be reduced to our current motto: “Need more size, need Carey to deliver.”
      But it’s a very succinct analysis without any emotional distortion, well worth the read and worth remembering as the summer unfolds.
      I think we could all afford to bear in mind that MB is paid to think like this, that he has outstanding hockey credentials, and that he is no doubt engaging all his ability and experience to see how best, and according to what timetable, to implement the changes we need. And every time we indulge in rant about some “mystery” — like the DD signing, there is always important information to which we are not party. No one’s infallible, and even our heroes can make mistakes (BG), but I am nowhere losing the faith in our new GM yet. 20 years is a long time, I’m ready for a bit more patient waiting.

      • Maritime Ron says:

        From here, I have great faith in our management group, yet contrary to some popular belief held here, I believe we are more than 2-3 years away from being a realistic and true ‘consistent’ Cup contender.

        Last year, GM Ken Holland of the Red Wings mentioned it takes about 10 years for a GM’s body of work to be truly analysed – that’s 10 years, not 1 or 2 and we can all agree that Ken Holland is a very credible source.

        And here’s absolutely agreeing with you that there is no chance we are privy to all the info.
        As with any family, there are egos and feuds. There are leaders and followers. There are young character players that handle the fame, money and pressure well – others, not so much.

        What a difficult job it must be to find that right combination of character, youth and experience – to weed out the bad and acquire the good, then have it all come together at the same time.

        • Lafleurguy says:

          Really an eye-opening reference in bringing up Ken Holland’s insight, and I believe he apprenticed with Jimmy Devallano with major input from Scotty Bowman. Good one, MerryTimes.

          “May you live in interesting times.”

          • Maritime Ron says:

            You are absolutely right, and now Holland is in his 16th year alone as GM and has won Cups with years of separation: 98/02/08 – something about stability.

            I remember at first saying, “10 years?” yet when you think about it, that’s what it takes. While that may be on the high side, perhaps we could all agree to at least 7 years.
            When a new GM is hired, it’s usually never a good situation.

          • HabinBurlington says:

            Morning Ron and Guy, all the more reason why we all need to be patient with MB. He is new to the job and will make some mis-steps along the way, but I think he really has the makeup to be a successful GM for the Habs.

          • Ozmodiar says:

            10 years to fully analyze a GM’s full body of work. In other words, can they win a Cup AND have success over the long term, without sacrificing the future.

            Not to be confused with a “10 year plan”, or “n year plan” – how much time it should take a GM to win a Cup.

            Holland won a Cup in his first year as GM. 🙂

        • HabinBurlington says:

          An example of the 10 year plan, Bickell was drafted in 04. While this is now his 3rd season in the NHL, this is the first year Bickell is the top pickle!

          • SamBoni says:

            A dilly of a metaphor, good buddy!

            “May you live in interesting times.”

          • Maritime Ron says:

            gmorning burly
            The other thing I like about our management team is that they either have Cup rings as players or management, or have played in a Cup final (Dudley-Carriere-Mellanby) or was part of a Cup final management group or was part of the process in helping assemble a Cup winner.
            Rest assured these guys – or this group, knows what it takes and they all played with great character.
            We need to be patient before they put their own stamp on this team.
            Don’t think for 1 moment they didn’t have several ‘cringe’ moments this year

          • habstrinifan says:


  20. SUMO says:

    To properly evaluate a teams draft, a certain amount of time needs to pass before you can accurately access which team’s prospects panned out or did not. So looking back 5 years to the 2008 draft;

    *GM Bob Gainey traded the Habs 1st Rd pick and a 2009 2nd rounder to Calgary for Alex Tanguay. Tanguay only suited up for 50 games then left as a UFA at the end of the season. Good one Bob. Flames used the 1st rd pick (#25) to select Greg Nemisz from the Windsor Spitfires, then later packaged the 2nd rounder in 2009 with Lawrence Nycholet and Ryan Wilson to get Jordan Leopold from Colorado.

    #56 – Danny Kristo, RW – Prospect
    #86 – Steve Qualier, RW – Prospect
    #116 – Jason Missiaen, G – Bust
    #138 – Maxim Trunev, F – Bust
    #206 – Patrick Johnson, C – Bust

    Kristo could be the saviour of this draft if he can develop into a top-6 forward for the Habs. Qualier (6’4″, 200lbs) just completed his 1st season in Hamilton but only potted 6 goals. He is projected to be a big, fast, grinding winger.

    Comparing Timmon’s work to teams with top 10 picks is unfair but try to consider the overall body of work. Picking Stamkos, Doughty and Pieterangelo is more a product of where you pick than some intuitive knowledge. Some teams did well to identify value in the later rounds;

    #17 – Jake Gardiner, D
    #43 – Justin Schultz, D
    #85 – Brandon McMillan, LW
    **Ying & Yang. Great picks of Gardiner & Schultz but too bad they are both no longer with the team.

    #12 – Tyler Myers, D
    #26 – Tyler Ennis, C
    #44 – Luke Adams, C
    **Myers still has time to put it together.

    #127 – Matt Calvert, C
    #157 – Cam Atkinson, C
    **5’9″ & 5’7″, Were the CBJ Scouts sitting at the next table spying on Trevor Timmon’s list?

    #7 – Colin Wilson, C
    #38 – Roman Jossi, D
    #207 – Anders Lindback, G
    **Nashville found good value in this draft.

    NY Islanders
    #9 – Josh Bailey, C
    #53 – Travis Harmonic, D
    #102 – David Ullstrom, C
    #148 – Matt Martin, LW
    #156 – Jared Spurgeon, D
    **Bailey, Harmonic & Martin all valuable contibutors to Isles’s playoff run.

    NY Rangers
    #20 – Michael Del Zotto, D
    #51 – Derek Stepan, C
    #111 – Dale Weise, W
    **Stepan & Del Zotto means Sather gets to keep his job for another 15 years.

    #15 – Erik Karlsson, D
    #42 – Patrick Weircioch, D
    #79 – Zach Smith, C
    **Karlsson alone makes the draft for the Sens.

    St Louis
    #4 – Alex Pieterangelo, D
    #34 – Jake Allen, G
    **Good value here.

    #27 – John Carlsson, D
    #93 – Braden Holtby, G
    **You draft your best Dman at #27 and your starting goalie at #93. You have good amateur scouting.

    • Maritime Ron says:

      Interesting you chose 2008 and not 2007 because if you had, you would have noticed a certain fella that was chosen by the Habs in the 43rd overall position.
      He just won something called the Norris Trophy last Friday.

      …and Ryan McDonagh was chosen 12th and Max was chosen 22nd in that same year.
      Then we traded a goalie that we chose in the 271st spot in 2003 and turned him into Lars Eller who was the 13th overall in 2007.

      We can choose any org and point out bad drafting and in several cases, player development. The key is to recognise it and deal with it.

      • SUMO says:

        Good morning Maritime Ron.

        2007 was a fantastic day for Timmons and his crew. Best draft haul of any team in the NHL that year. Completely agree.

        However, I choose 2008 because its a 5yr-time frame. I could have written about 2007 like you mentioined but then its 6yrs.

        The point I was making was the 2008 draft is looking better IF Kristo makes it as a top-6. Timmons is not to blame for trading the 1st round pick that year. He did the best with what he had.

    • Lafleurguy says:

      That’s a ton of work, even for Sumo guys. Good work. Would be interesting to analyze Boston and Chicago.

      “May you live in interesting times.”

      • SUMO says:

        It was not a good draft for either Boston Or Chicago. Boston traded their #1 pick Joe Colborne for Kaberle for their Cup run in 2011. A couple of the guys are in the AHL but does not seem to be a good draft for them.

        Chicago picked Kris Beech who is still in the AHL. They have a couple of prospects finishing college and a few of the guys are in the AHL but overall not a fantastic draft for them.

  21. Marc10 says:

    Was reading some of the online comments from haters on PK winning (not on this site of course as the haters have long since converted or disappeared all together…)

    The worse they can say about PK is that there are some more deserving winners and then proceed to list the who’s who of Dmen in the league.

    So there you have it. Even those who can’t stand him have to acknowledge what we’ve seen all year. He’s awesome and just getting started. Bravo PK.

  22. Sportfan says:

    Although Its only been one half season, who do you guys think is better, or has shown that they have developed faster? Yakupov or Gally?

    Sports and Entertainment in the link click and enjoy, clicking is fun!

    • Adidess says:

      You suggested it. Too early to tell, in that any proclamations one makes now might need to be revisited or reversed next year or the year after. Player development is a process that takes time and can be complex. Some players may reach a certain desirable level quickly and then plateau whereas others can develop more slowly but continue to do so well into their late 20s therefore reaching higher levels of skills and performance. Sorry, for this non-answer.

      Perhaps, we should just take what Timo said. Yes, I sometime agree with Timo 🙂

  23. H.Upmann says:

    finally seeing Back to the Future 1 for the first time lol! MCFLYYYYYY!

    • Dunboyne Mike says:

      Never too late to introduce yourself to a great movie, and Back to the Future is a gem. Although life’s too short to justify being a multiple viewer or reader of anything, I have seen BttF many times, always enjoying the approach and arrival of my favourite moments:
      – “Better get used to those bars, Joey.”
      – Doc’s impenetrable explanations
      – the punch in the car park
      – Van Halen on the Walkman
      – “You are my density.”
      Many, many more.
      Seems like you enjoyed it. Another convert!

  24. habs001 says:

    Does not look like the Habs will get any scorers thru ufa…maybe a trade…looks like goal scoring will be relied on from the current forwards improving their stats or maintaining them…hopefully one or two from the farm system pan out….

    • JUST ME says:

      Wow ! Season isn`t over yet, trading season is not open,draft season is not on and you give up ? Unless i slept for a few weeks there weren`t many trades anywhere else.

      Although i do not expect much this season i am not as negative as you are but would look a bit foolish to leave starting line before the race has started…

  25. alfieturcotte says:

    Congrats to PK for a well deserved Norris. MB will pay big in a year to keep PK. Where did he spend his dollars long term — let’s see, for the Vezina trophy winner? NOT.

    Trade Price, use those wasted dollars to sign PK long term.

  26. Timo says:

    I cannot believe Subban did not dedicate an entire speech to Michael Therrien. After all it’s Michael Therrien’s Personal Development Program that made Subban who he is. What an ungrateful punk.

  27. Adidess says:

    The PK Norris story has been discussed from almost every angle here, so I’m not sure how much new there is to add from a debate point of view. But I’ll admit there is one suggestion I keep reading that annoys me. I’ll come to it in a second.

    First, let me say hindsight being 20/20, I don’t blame MB for not giving Subban a long-term contract last year. It was management’s call to make and they decided they wouldn’t deviate from their bridge-contract philosophy and now they’ll have to pay for it big time, which is fair.

    What annoys me is the idea that a lot of the credit for PK winning the Norris goes to MT and MB for handling PK the way they did last year. Of course, management and coach get some credit for every accomplishment by any player because they recruit that player and put him in an environment that contributes to his success.

    But guess what, everyone on the team was in that same environment last year. I seem to notice many other key players MT coached didn’t win anything. In fact, they regressed quite significantly and somehow MT isn’t getting any blame while receiving a disproportionate share of the credit for PK’s success.

    – Gorges. If there was a trophy for reverse Norris, Gorges would have won it this year.

    – DD. Did he win the Hart? You tell me. I’m being facetious here, but he did lose his game for most of the season.

    – Pleks. He’s one of my favorite players, but did not have the strongest year relative to expectations.

    – Price. Vezina-type season? No. In fact, he used to be a much better goaltender.

    Unless you’re willing to put these disappointments squarely on MT’s shoulders, stop minimizing the Norris win by attributing too much of it to the coach. Yes, the coach contributed to it, the way Claude Julien would have contributed to Chara winning it, and the way Bylsma would have contributed to Letang winning it.

    Let’s be real, the way PK was handled last year could have resulted in something other than him winning the Norris. So even if getting challenged and humbled helped, he responded beyond imagination if that can result in winning a trophy as prestigious as the Norris.

  28. Habfan10912 says:

    Sorry I am late on this but Happy Fathers Day to all the Dad’s out there. For those of us without our Dads in this world we’d give anything to tell him one more time that we love him. Make sure you called your Dad today. CHeers.

    • commandant says:

      Great thought Jim. Absolutely, anyone who has the opportunity, call your dad, or stop by his place and talk for a bit.

      Go Habs Go!
      Your 2013 NHL Draft Headquarters, Now Open.

    • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

      My sentiments exactly. My father passed away last year and all I could think about today was how we would have been talking about PK’s win last night. It’s so true that you don’t realize what you have until it’s gone…

      “You’re always, always, always looking to make your team better. Always.”- Marc Bergevin

    • Adidess says:

      I spent some quality time with mine today and feel even happier I did after reading these messages. I was made a happy dad today too, which is awesome.

    • Dunboyne Mike says:

      Good that you posted this here, HF10912. Dad passed in 2005 after 10 years of dementia, despite which he was somehow himself to the end. And I still miss him. Now my own kids say nice things to me on Father’s Day (also my birthday this year, and the Big Hawai!), so the cycle goes on.
      Lots of Dads here, and we’re all offspring! So I hope everyone had a good one.

    • Chris says:

      Better yet, don’t wait for a Hallmark holiday and just spend time with your parents, if they are still with you, year round!

  29. HABSsince92 says:

    Congrats to P.K.! Well deserved and I think Gallagher should have won the Calder as well.


    PK please sign.

  30. Mavid says:

    Congrats to PK on his big win, a little disappointed that Galliger did not win as well..
    On another note I am enjoying my granddaughter so much..I have seen her almost every day, she is so adorable, being a grandparent has been nothing short of amazing, its everything I thought it would be and then some..

  31. frontenac1 says:

    Amigos! Don’t worry! PK is a Hab and probably will be for a long time to come. So,raise your glass to PK, Norris Trophy winner! Saludos!

  32. Sportfan says:

    Aside Bickell and Clarkson who would you like to see in a Habs uni?

    Sports and Entertainment in the link click and enjoy, clicking is fun!

  33. Propwash says:



  34. habstrinifan says:

    Most impressive finish in US OPEN for me.. Ernie Els. WOW!

    Congrats to Rose… been a good player for long time.

  35. H.Upmann says:

    PK should remain a Hab. MB will pay big time, and the endorsements deals as a visible Habs icon he’ll be getting will make him one super rich dude

  36. Ian Cobb says:

    Pernell Karl «Norris» Subban

  37. hab fan in leaf jungle says:

    MB will need to pay big bucks to sign him on the next contract. This kid is a winner so I doubt he’ll want to stay with the Habs organization. They lack the scouting and commitment to build a winner as long as MB and Timmins are in charge and that head case Price is in net. He needs to go to Detroit, Pitts., Boston, LA or Chicago to be a Cup Winner. The Habs will get an excellent return for him on their investment. Congrats PK. Get your agent to put some subtle feelers out to those teams if you want to drink from the Cup.

    • Habfan17 says:

      Where have you been for the last year? Who do you think added 10 people to the scouting and player development departments? Not to mention it was Timmins that played a key role for them drafting Subban, Gallagher, Patches, and he had a hand in Galchenyuk! Oh yeah, and Tinordi, Beaulieu and so on


    • Mark C says:

      Hiring a dozen or so additonal scouts and building a player development dept., which was nonexistent shows a lack of scouting and commitment on MB and TTs part. Yeah ok.

    • ZepFan2 says:

      “I’m just going to put this (Norris trophy) on a shelf and get ready for my next task. That’s to win a Stanley cup in Montreal.” – PK Subban

      Yup, sounds like he’s out the door.

      Ka is a wheel.

      “On we sweep, with threshing oar.
      Our only goal will be the Stanley Cup!” – Danno

      For Your Life

    • wjc says:

      Hey: You are making to obvious, stirring the pot is one thing, but you are going to far. Nobody will think you actually believe this crap.

      Whoops, some people are gullible.


    • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

      “They lack the scouting”…who drafted PK in the second round after all those teams you mentioned? Oh yeah…Timmins…LOL.

      “You’re always, always, always looking to make your team better. Always.”- Marc Bergevin

  38. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …for those into fruits, here is a great Nature Of Things episode from CBC with David Suzuki on the amazing world of the diversity of fruits

    …and, for Youse less erudite among Us, …NO !!! not THOSE kinds of ‘fruits’ ! …not that there is anything wrong with those kinds of fruits

  39. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …just on a practical level alone, PK will need at least a $ 6 million raise to afford His taste in clothes

    …the Man has style

    Habitant means PASSIONATE HOCKEY

    Campaign to Retire Toe Blake’s Number 6 !!!

    Bring Back Boone

    …and, last, but not least: Give PK a raise !!!

  40. fire2nv says:

    congrats pk very well deserved
    thought this was neat dont know how they end up getting points but this is top 5 for norris and calder

    In an even closer-race, Montreal Canadiens defenseman P.K. Subban (1,266 points, 66 first-place) barely beat out runner-up Ryan Suter (1,230 points, 65 first-place) for the Norris Trophy as the NHL’s top defenseman. Kris Letang (914 points, 31 first-place) easily took third place, way ahead of Francois Beauchemin (290 points, 1 first-place) and Zdeno Chara (289 points, 10 first-place)

    Florida Panthers standout Jonathan Huberdeau (1,141 points, 54 first-place) edged out Brendan Gallagher (1,048 points, 54 first-place) in the Calder Trophy race as Rookie of the Year. The third finalist, Brandon Saad (730 points, 30 first-place), trailed by a good distance. Jonas Brodin (621 points, 24 first-place) and Nail Yakupov (521 points, 11 first-place) respectively finished fourth and fifth.

  41. habstrinifan says:

    This place is incredible. Time and time I see people ignoring what they themselves must have heard. One poster jumped on another and said that MB never questioned P.K’s character. I hope he takes the opportunity as I suggested to research the question and answer by MB that I pointed out.

    Others talk about contract extensions. Not one mention that one of the public statements made by P.K’s agent was that MB had promised to revisit the contract situation before its termination should P.K meet the behaviour and other standards set by MB and MT. All public statements.

    Way I see it, if MB waits until the contract runs its course to see, as many here suggest, if P.K is still for real… then … well I’ll let you form your own opinions.

    • florida habs says:


    • Mattyleg says:

      Hey Trini,
      I don’t think that MB did anything wrong, and I don’t think he questioned his character in any fundamental way.

      He’s a young player, and was a younger player when the things were being discussed. Bergevin was in the middle of contract negotiations, and didn’t want to show his hand by saying “oh, yes, PK is going to be a HUGE part of this club’s future” after two seasons and a contract dispute.

      Coaches and management always question character in their players because it’s a way to motivate them, from “do you want this badly enough?” to “show them what kind of person you are.” These are all ways of motivating players. If PK had skin as thin as some posters on here (not you in particular, just in general) then he wouldn’t be able to play in the NHL, where you need to be able to use criticism and hard love to improve. If all your coaches and GMs did was massage your ego, you’d end up with a head so big it wouldn’t fit into the locker room.

      You’re often pretty defensive about PK, and I’m often behind you on these things, but sometimes I think you can be a bit quick to take offense on his part, which is understandable, but I honestly don’t think that there was any ill-intention in Bergevin’s words. He just wants PK to show what he can do.

      And PK’s done it, which makes everyone happy.

      —Hope Springs Eternal—

      • florida habs says:

        com’on Matty, it was never a question of talent, “team player” is character and they did not want to commit on that basis. Money aside, which they will end up on the short end versus what he was willing to sign for and what he will command now, he would have committed for 6 years and now based on the future negotiation, he could walk and that will be our loss. IMO, MT was the little bird in MB’s ear saying we can’t trust this guy. He as much said that on AC, beside Tremblay who ran our last superstar out of town.

        • Mattyleg says:

          Man, conspiracy theories, eh?
          How in G_d’s name do you know what Therrien was saying?

          There have been plenty of discussions on this site about the Therrien/PK relationship as people understand it, and everyone agrees that MT knows what side his bread is buttered on, and he knows that he doesn’t have to like PK’s attitude to see him as an effective player.

          You think Therrien wants PK out of town? Okay.
          You think that we lose money-wise?
          Better to be safe than sorry, I say.

          —Hope Springs Eternal—

      • habstrinifan says:

        I am not saying MB was wrong.. nor am I saying that MB questioned P.K’s character other than as it applies, in MB’s mind, to MB’s requirements of a player on his team. As GM, that’s MB’s prerogative.

        But let’s not say that he didnt.. he rather pointedly did.

        From where I stand… MB nor anyone else need question no longer. P.K came in and (forget the hockey success.. ) he certainly from what I saw cause no disruption in the room. Again from what I see as a fan.

        I dont think I am defensive about P.K. P.K to me is what I hope I would get to see on a HAB team before I can no longer see. A scintillating player. And I will never agree that JM and that crew acted as solid teammates when P.K was being trashed by other teams etc. Geez only in these playoffs I heard Glen Healy descrive Shaw as having the additional ‘benefit’ of being a yapper on the ice.. gets under other players skin. I am sure I dont have to identify this as one of the main criticism against P.K…. maybe even by Healy himself.

        Oh forget it.. I am fed up typing.

        And thanks for your response. I appreciate it.

        • florida habs says:

          if he doesn’t resign he will be wrong.

        • Mattyleg says:

          Thanks for the discussion Trini!
          I don’t think the management needs to step in when the stupid media are trashing a player. I wouldn’t want my coach fighting my battles for me.

          He shut them all up good by winning the Norris, bud.
          No has-been Cup-Losing goalie can take that away from him, regardless of what he says.

          (and stop watching the damn CBC!!)

          —Hope Springs Eternal—

    • Habitant in Surrey says:

    • JUST ME says:

      Funny on how people complain when the Habs do not train and teach youngsters enough and when they do people complain.

  42. howster says:

    The fact that PK mentioned many others by name in his acceptance speech but not MT or MB was not an accident. MT’s “make him a better person” comments, sitting him 2 more games after he signed, along with the hardball stance last January will not be forgotten

    He is now in the drivers seat and will make them pay, unless he decides to go to arbitration next summer and then UFA. MB wanted PK to follow Habs policy in bridge contracts, “it’s just business”, well now it just business for PK and Meehan and they can push their own “policy”

    • florida habs says:

      agreed, I just hope his love of the Habs as a kid works in our favor. No way in hell, MB/MT thought this kid could win a Norris this year, don’t care what anyone says. Let’s not forget Markov and Gorges with their rolling eyes etc, when Pk’s negots were going on, both grossly overpaid, vis a vis this year’s performance.

    • Un Canadien errant says:

      P.K. signed a contract on a Monday, missed the next game against Ottawa, and then was back in the lineup. One further game missed, not two.

    • Habfan17 says:

      You guys read to much into things. You are making assumptions. Do you think Subban would have signed if he did not want to? He could have easily pulled the trade me card if he were against MT and MB. That would have stuck it to them, then they would not have been able to get market value. PK has said many times, he wants to be a Hab.

      Until I hear him say otherwise, I will say to you what I say to my 7 year old. You can’t speak for someone else and forget the “what if’s” they are a waste of time and meaningless

      Actually, I would think he is grateful since players cannot renegotiate their contracts anymore, thanks to MB, he will make a lot more money than he would have.


  43. jhab93 says:

    PK Subban scored his first hatrick in his first season. It took Nick Lidstrom almost 20 seasons to get a hatty. Nick Lidstrom won the Norris 10 seasons into his career, Subban won it in 3 seasons. I’m not saying he’s as good as Lidstrom but if you look at what PK has accomplished at a young age is pretty amazing. Maybe some day he will be as good as Lidstrom, or better..

    Thats the way the cookie crumbles

  44. Small_Town_Boy says:

    I never heard of this. Did any of you?

    In 2010, the Edmonton Oilers hockey team refused to pay the full cost of a dinner bill totaling $16,800 CAN at an upscale Calgary restaurant. The team left only $12,300 CAN for their bill claiming they should get a discount simply because of who they are…

    Dat’s wha me tinks

    • mrhabby says:

      Yup…an old story

    • showey47 says:

      From what I was told that wasn’t the way it happened. Somebody on the oilers actually kept track of what was being purchased and charged only to find out they were majorly over billed due to who they were. I got this directly from a person whose son in law played for the oilers at the time.

  45. ClutchNGrab says:

    What a lot of people don’t take in consideration when analyzing PK’s play is that he accomplishes that while being the target in a way not many players are.

    He plays like elite, but gets run over by players like Orr, Neil, Thornton and the lack of “brutes” on the habs line up makes it that much easy for them to do.

  46. habs001 says:

    After watching the playoffs with the way the game is called and the physical play does anyone believe that the starting 6 d the Habs had in the playoffs has any chance at playoff success?…

  47. jedimyrmidon says:

    Not much press for the NHL awards.

    Hardly any mention that PK won the Norris, but a lot of criticism surrounding him whenever it is mentioned. It’s annoying that people think that he’s an offense only guy. Shows how little they’ve actually seen him play.

    Actually, to me, if I knew a Dman could hit as well as PK and also put up a lot of points, that would be a hint that there’s more to him than just a smooth skating offensive guy (that Letang/Karlsson strike me as).

    If a Leafs player won [anything], I bet TSN and CBC would have their sites plastered with articles and videos about that player.

    • Max says:

      I think that if he were a white guy named P.K Smith,they’d be all in with him. A lot of the hatred of Subban comes from the fact that he’s black,whether they admit it or not.

      • florida habs says:

        that’s the elephant in the room, sad to say. PK is a smart guy, he knows how to handle it.

      • Dunboyne Mike says:

        Horrible to wonder if you’re right about that, Max, and I’m hoping not. Whatever of individual red-neck hockey viewers being that way, it seems impossible that institutions like the league itself and the networks — for all their obvious, egregious and ever-growing faults — could actually be that way…
        At the same time, when the CBC can create and uphold an “icon” like Don Cherry, who is such an unabashed europhobe, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised if maybe other brands of prejudice are at large in the establishment.

  48. frontenac1 says:

    Agreed Hobie. PK is the Real Deal. I’m ok with him scraping once in awhile but that’s not his role. Marc needs to get a couple of Enforcers to let the skilled guys play with abandon IMO.

    • Hobie Hansen says:

      For Subban’s benefit and the rest of the team, Subban should have a defence partner who’s real tough but who’s also a good player. There are games when three or four players from the other team are getting in Subban’s face where I’d like to see someone step in and neutralize them.

      There was also many times last year when Galchenuyuk was absolutely leveled where I was disgusted that nobody is a Habs jersey stepped in a showed their disapproval.

    • Habfan17 says:

      They need to get Petrecki from the Sharks, same age as PK 6’3 220lbs, shoots left, perfect compliment to PK and mean as a snake. Then they need to get Beach from Chicago. Was a centre, converted to left wing. Once Eller and Galchenyuk are moved to the top two lines, Beach could centre Prust and Kristo on the 3rd line. For now, he could centre Moen and White on the 4th line.


      • Mark C says:

        I don’t know. Beach and Petrecki aren’t even productive AHLers now we’re talking about making them a 1st pairing D and a 3rd liner center in the NHL. Not against acquiring them, but these expectations seem him.

        • Habfan17 says:

          Check out Beach’s stats from last season, he is coming into form and petrecki was slated to get called up before injuries and defencemen do take longer normally. What I see is two young first round picks that fit holes the Habs need to fill and also fir MB’s plan to be long term contenders. I see little risk and potentially great reward, as long as they don’t cost too much to obtain.


  49. Habilis says:

    This is a must-see tweet:

    “Nathan Beaulieu ‏@natebeaulieu
    Happy Father’s Day. Been through a lot with the old man ahaha… Wouldn’t change a thing”

    Now that’s funny. I know I may be in the minority here, but I still have no problem with the kid getting his dad’s back in a bar fight, regardless of who was at fault.

    Happy Father’s day to the rest of you procreating goons as well. 😉

    • Un Canadien errant says:

      Habilis, something we have to remember is that if this was just some bar fight, they Beaulieus wouldn’t be going to court over it. You’re not charged with assault during a normal punchup. When two guys stand toe-to-toe and go at it, they’re both deemed to consent to the fight. As such, neither can claim to have been assaulted, which is defined roughly as any unwanted application of force.

      Practically, this force has to be more than trifling and transitory in nature, for the incident to be considered assault. I’ve often had to direct someone’s behaviour with a gentle touch on the shoulder or back guiding them in the direction I wanted them to go. Sometimes my ‘adversary’ would jerk away and loudly proclaim to be a lawyer or a law student, and that what I’d just done was an assault.

      “Oh, so you’re a law student?” I’d reply, “Well then let me give you a lesson in law.” And I’d hit them with the ‘trifling and transitory’ phrase taken from case law, and that would usually shut them up, if they weren’t way too drunk.

      So in this case, for the Beaulieus to be going to court for assault, either the other party(ies) didn’t initially consent to a fight, or the fight got completely out of hand, ie: shoving match to get someone out the door escalates to someone getting booted in the head, or two pugilists gang up on one person, or the ‘winner’ of the fight persists long after the fight is reasonably over.

      As much as I’m looking forward to finding out what actually happened, and I hold out hope that Nathan will be exonerated or get off lightly, I can’t be as cavalier as some posters on here are, and just shrug it off as boys being boys, and that we’re just dealing with a dustup commonly seen at parties and drinking establishments. Police officers see these run-of-the-mill encounters all the time, and are capable of sending these combatants on their way without recommending charges to Crown Counsel. That they did, and that Crown decided to proceed, indicates that we’re dealing with something more serious.

      Stuff like this reminds me of a senior colleague who scoffed when some of us were discussing a particular event, and whether someone was innocent.

      “Innocent?” he cried. “People aren’t innocent. Some are found not guilty, but nobody’s ever innocent.”


      • johnnylarue says:

        From this LFP article:

        “The men who were assaulted weren’t seriously injured, but “there was some slight bruising, some shirts were ripped,” [the officer] said.”

        Not to downplay the Beaulieus’ role in all this, but it (at least partly) smells like a case of “exploit the local celebrities” to me.

      • Habilis says:

        Fair points.

        To be clear, I’m not condoning unprovoked violence. That being said, I was in in a few bar scraps myself back in my youth and I became involved in most of them because a teammate or friend or blood relative was one of the combatants. I didn’t stop to consider who was right or wrong, I just started swinging.

        IMHO, sometimes doing right thing doesn’t matter. Your family (I use the term loosely, more like a circle of people you care about) always matters.

  50. Hobie Hansen says:

    P.K. Subban is no question the best defenceman in the NHL. He wouldn’t have to register the most points (among defencemen) or goals in league to prove it either.

    Just watching him skate, especially when he circles around his own net and picks up speed, is jaw dropping to watch. Some the goals he’s scored from the point, with that disgustingly good one-timer, have been the best I’ve seen from any defencmen ever to wear a Canadiens uniform.

    He’s proven he’s clutch on a couple of occasions in the playoffs, most ntoebly the massive goal against Boston in game seven and stepping right in as a rookie against Washington and Pittsburgh.

    From what I’ve seen, he’s very good in his own end and has the potential to be great. He’s physical, he’s who you want on the ice when the clock is ticking down. He wins a ton of foot races, clears the zone under pressure, picks off passes.

    What’s most pleasureful to watch is when he often skates by half the other team, through the neutral zone, to gain possession of the other team’s end. And he rarely looses the puck doing it.

    If the Habs can add some defensive stability around him, Subban is the guy you need to win the Stanley cup.

    • habstrinifan says:

      “What’s most pleasureful to watch is when he often skates by half the other team, through the neutral zone, to gain possession of the other team’s end. And he rarely looses the puck doing it. ”

      This is one aspect of P.K’s play that the HABS should utilise more in their offence, and would have done if we had the proper un-JM like style of play.

      I keep recalling two items ..seem to be the voice in the wilderness on them. I remember Mike Boone in a live-blog saying something like the other team “will give P.K that rush all the time”.

      Of course it wasnt so.. it’s just that his rushes arent a) utilised by the team and b) used most effectively by him..yet.

      Second item was this year’s playoff where Denis Potvin, praising P.K, said essentially that he would like to see P.K ‘make plays’ once he gains the offensive zone.. not either shoot the puck at net or throw it around the boards and retreat.

      This is Denis Potvin who said this… not me.

      Habs (and P.K) should listen. Right now HABS have not yet realized what they have offensively.

      I expect the usual antipathy from this post…but I think I’m ok going with the wisdom of Denis Potvin.

  51. Hey HI/O Fans. 2 weeks to Draft Day. Having a Great Father’s Day and hope all other Father’s are too. Its finally a sunny day here in St. John’s, NL. 19 degrees and counting.

    Is Carey Price tradeable at this Draft for either top 2 picks? Does MB open the door to any offers? Just have to wait and see. Woulda like to see Max Domi in a Habs jersey. Anything like his Dad would be a treat to see. A perfect center for Prust & 3rd line.

    Torres(UFA) – Domi – Prust

  52. SnowManHabs85 says:

    I read alot of comments about PK winning Norris, almost every slammers, it mentions how PK “turtles” everytime he gets challenged for a fight. I mean C’mon, the best defensemens don’t fight every challenge, otherwise they would be like Souray. The best dmen in the NHL only have fought 1 or 2 times every year and Subban is still being criticized.

    It’s just plain stupid. Lol.

    • Mark C says:

      People are dumb. Subban was the only Norris finalist to get in a fight this year (2). Hell, Suter hasn’t been in a fight since 2009!

    • adamkennelly says:

      PK needs to get better at fighting, only because of the way he plays- he needs to handle himself when challenged – but only once or twice a year – like he normally does. No need for him to be wasting his time scrapping. You know what else would help – having someone besides Prust who can take care of those things…maybe a D-man like Erksine or Engelland….

  53. florida habs says:

    yeah, lets wait so he can drive up the price…. he has won the Norris, he has the proof, let’s hope we wants to remain a Hab, MB should be wining and dining him right now, sign him long term, we passed on the 1st chance.

    • The Dude says:

      Well here’s MB big problem …if Gorges is worth $3.9 mill per for 4 years then what is young Norris winner Subban worth ???

      • florida habs says:

        right on Dude, they could have had for 30m/six yrs, now 48m-50m? safe to say any other team would make him highest paid at his young age. The habs questioned his character, not his ability, last year and decided to play hardball. MT tipped his hand when he was on AC, the only job he could get, and questioned his character, that made it personal, not a judge of his talent. There was nothing in his past that depicted this was a problem guy, MT probably didn’t like the the low five after a win, sorry. This is a kid that brought us out of our seats, like in true habs lore, (Morenez/Richard/Lafleur) and now some questioned his “game”. Hell, I’ve been waiting 30 years for someone with “game”, then have to sit and watch MT/MB erode a relationship that may go sour if PK decides we may want to peddle his talent in other places. Something tells me he has heard it before, let’s hope his true love for the habs prevails.

        • Mattyleg says:


          How did Bergevin question PK’s character?
          Were you in the negotiating room?

          Do you honestly think that Bergevin didn’t know he’d be paying big bucks for him if he proved himself?

          He got to give him less this year so that he’ll be able to give him more down the road. It was a smart move then, it’s still a smart move now.

          —Hope Springs Eternal—

          • florida habs says:

            when you want to see if he can be a “team player” that is character. I think we heard enough from MT before he showed up as coach. not sure how you think the contract is smart now. he would have committed for six years at $5m, now there is no guarantee he will even re-sign, he is in the drivers seat. it is not like FAs run to play in montreal.

          • habstrinifan says:

            When Bergevin was asked if P.K like Pacioretty and Price were the cornerstones and future of the HABS he acquiesced immediately on Price and Pacioretty but said something to the effect “well you know it’s not only talent , it’s the type of person you are etc”. Not his exact words. I think HabinBurlington will remember a back and forth post he and I had on the topic. The context and names used were specific and unmistakeably focussed these three players.. and their character not their talent.

            So your question… how did Bergevin question P.K’s character. You find that quote of Bergevin and judge for yourself. It was very early into the negotiations.

        • Strummer says:

          You’re making a lot of assumptions without any evidence to support them.
          You point to MT’s comments but isn’t it Bergevin and his team that decides who is signed and for how long?

          How does his contract value go from $30 million to $48 or $50 million because he won the Norris?

          Think about Tyler Myers and Dion Phaneuf who were overpaid for having exceptional seasons early on in their careers.

          PK was willing to work with the Habs to overcome the Cap problems in the next couple of years. he could have pulled an O’Reilley (Av’s) but he looked at the future- big picture.
          Erik Karlsson won the Norris last year and his deal is 6 years @$6.5.
          That’s about right in a $64 million cap year.

          PK winning the Norris will have a minimal impact on his next contract as it was probably discussed and taken into consideration during his recent contract negotiations. Nothing he has said recently leads me to believe he doesn’t want to stay here long term and would lead him to try and screw the organization for sticking with their plan on the bridge contract.
          “It’s just an opinion – I could be wrong”

          • florida habs says:

            MT was pretty clear in his remarks when he working with the other ex-coaches on AC. He was quite critical of the team’s best player and droned on this year about making sure he was a ”team player”, further backed it up by making him wait for another 4 games when he did sign, he needed to be spoken to. A coach does have input into who signs and who does not. Do you think any other star of his calibre would have been made to sit. I think if the numbers spoken were true 6 x 5m, would not have been overpaid if he didn’t win the Norris, but the bigger point is his name would have been on a contract for 6 yrs. now it may not be the case, his value has dramatically risen, to win a Norris this early in one’s career, is quite accomplishment. How long did it take Orr? just asking.

  54. Mr. Biter says:

    Why is there no “none of the Above” in the Habs best coach question?

    Mr. Biter
    No Guts No Glory

    • Stuck_in_To. says:

      While I rarely read, let alone answer, the polls because they are meant to polarize and inflame, this particular poll is a comparison of the candidates and not worded to solicit “the Habs best coach”.

  55. boing007 says:

    Last night there was more hooking going on than at a Vaudeville matinée.

    Richard R

  56. mksness says:

    so should our GM try to extend PK’s contract or play hardball with him and have the thought process that he has to prove himself in a full 82 game schedule 2 years in a row before signing him long term?

    • Small_Town_Boy says:

      I’d reckon the later …

      Dat’s wha me tinks

    • JUST ME says:

      I think a fair deal should be reached between the two. Preferably long term but with the new cap it will be a different ball game. I think that it was understood that P.K. had to go through the same path as everyone else and prove himself. He did , he is now recognized as the best and should be paid as such.

      How much is he worth ? That is all the problem and that is where we will discuss for ages but it is quite obvious that this guy is one of a kind, the kind of player you wish for for many many years before you get one. We have to understand though that his new deal will mean we will have to make sacrifices one day because of the salary cap. Big sacrifices. So i say that they should take all the time they want and reach a deal that will be suitable for both.

    • GrimJim says:

      I’m all for an extension but you do realize that according to the CBA even if the extension is for the 2014-2015 year, if it’s signed during the 2013-2014 season it has to fit under the cap immediately? So Subban can only be signed to an extension if there is cap room.

  57. frontenac1 says:

    @Burly. Saw April Wine a couple of years ago and they were great. Greenway and Mercer still got it. Man they had tons of hits. Don’t do Coolers amigo. Just Vodka Soda with a Lime wedge. Light and lively. Rock On!

  58. HardHabits says:

    Are people still whining about the disappearance of the referee’s whistles in the play-offs, especially in the Cup Finals? Where have you guys been for the last over a hundred years?

    It appears some people are still being held captive by the past regime’s disastrous team building strategy.

    • mksness says:

      ya it’s kinda ridiculous. all time and space are taken away because your can hook and slash away 90% of the scoring opportunities.

      if all i wanted to do was watching big hits and and charging i would watch the nfl or something.

    • Old Bald Bird says:

      If you are referring to my post, what’s wrong with having a viable rulebook? If you can’t call it as it’s written, why not rewrite it? It seems like the honest way to me.

      • The Dude says:

        Hockey plays out like life and in life, bending the ‘man made’ rules is what happens all the time. We all bend them, from our ‘dic faced politicians’ on down and some people just re- write the rules. In Pro sports the real rule is you are playing too WIN ,just like in the game of Chess. But chess is a game with inanimate objects wilst in pro hockey the pawns are real people at their physical and talented individual best…. and people are capable of any and everything…like driving on the Moon and playing a round of Golf or walking by the hungry & homeless while eating a hot dog,it’s just what it is man.

    • Un Canadien errant says:

      Are we still going on about this? I thought we’d discussed it already.

  59. jeffhabfan says:

    Congrats P.K. you are my Fav player on the habs.Gally should have won the ROTY.

  60. jols101 says:

    Who is going to win the U.S. Open?

  61. Mattyleg says:

    Happy Father’s Day, Dads!
    Have a good one, sit back and relax!
    That’s not really an option for most dads, though, is it?

    As for me… this dad is stuck at his kitchen table for the second weekend straight getting a project finished for work.

    But once it’s done, it’s summer!

    Stay smilin’, dads!

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Best of luck with your work there Matty. We here in Burlington have a special day today, it is our Sound of Music free weekend. This afternoon Platinum Blonde, April Wine and 54-40. The only unfortunate part is the City has caved in and gone with a local beer company who make very poor beer. Headache in a bottle, I will have to go with Smirnoff Coolers this afternoon.

      • Mattyleg says:

        Thanks Burly!
        Be carful with those Smirnoff thingys; there’s so much sugar in them that you’ll wake up tomorrow morning wishing you were dead. The only thing worse than them for a real head-splitter is cider.
        Have a fun day for me!

        —Hope Springs Eternal—

      • Chuck says:

        Burly, when I was there on Friday I tried one of those Nickelbrook Headstocks. It’ll definitely be my last.

        Enjoy the tunes and hopefully the showers stay (mostly) away!

        Anyone but the Sens! (Check.) And Boston. Oh, and the Laffs, too. (Double check.)

      • Max says:

        Smirnoff Coolers are a lady’s drink.

    • Small_Town_Boy says:

      Thanks, U 2.

      I can only be 10 feet away from the toilet all day and tomorrow. Got to get that probe stuck up my arse at 3 pm tomorrow. I’m already starving …. LOL

      Dat’s wha me tinks

  62. cuzzie says:

    Happy Father’s Day. Relax!….and Chill Out!!

    Stay Thirsty My Friends!

  63. showey47 says:

    Therrien imho cost galchenyuk any chance at the rookie award by not giving him any powerplay time. Been at camp all week just saw the habs resigned drewiske. I like it,dirt cheap and adds depth. It was a shame that he was the one who was sat during their late season slump when he was outplaying guys like bouillon and gorges badly.

    • HardHabits says:

      I was critical of the trade that brought him here when he was sat out but you woke me up to his value. I agree with your assessment now.

      • showey47 says:

        I think you being critical had some part to do with parting with a draft pick for somebody who at the time would was not considered to be a piece going forward. In other words a type of trade made by previous regimes. There was a poll, I don’t know if it was on HIO or on another habs site that said which ufa would bergevin would most likely resign.

        I think the choices were Halpern,armstrong,ryder,nokia and drewiske. Even though drewiske had the lowest voted percentage on the poll I picked him because he was the only player that MB gave up a pick for and the current gm doesn’t seem like the kind of guy to give up picks just to let them walk.

        A guy like drewiske doesn’t block prospects like tinordi and beaulieu from developing. Drewiske will be at best 3rd pairing which he is effective in that role while the above mentioned will be at worst 2nd pairing players. The added depth also allows MB to explore the option of moving a defensive prospect or 2 if the right trade comes along.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Agree Showey, the site went nuts when the signing was announced, you were much better off being at camp. Hope your summer is going well bud!

      • showey47 says:

        Camp is awesome. Nothing like waking up early in the morning, taking about 10 steps out my front door with coffee and fishing rod in the hand to the end of the dock and just casting out into the lake.

    • mksness says:

      think of it this way, the rookie of the year isn’t that important of a trophy. i think handling his ice time and assignments for both of our rookies was a much better strategy at the end of the day. the only trophy i’m upset about is the heart really thought taveres should have got that one.

    • Un Canadien errant says:

      Possibly, but I commend Coach Therrien and his assistants for his handling of his rookie. It would have been easy to start riding the big lad when the offence stalled and injuries mounted at the end of the season. They could have tried to squeeze out an extra goal or two from him, at the risk of killing the Golden Goose.

      Conversely, it would have been just as easy to bench him or scratch him from the lineup for a few games when he went through his drought past the halfway mark of the season. While that wouldn’t have been a disaster, as Alex seems like he has his head screwed on straight, and has a good support network with his coach-father, and his mom and sis living with him, the Canadiens opted to let him learn by playing through his drought, working his way out of it, instead of observing from the press box.

      Instead of messing with his icetime, the coaches stuck to the plan, they gave him manageable minutes in controlled situations, keeping him hungry, never putting him in over his head, and kept his development as the primordial goal when doling out minutes. Long-term thinking, for once, something we’ve been in short supply of lately. As long as the kid worked hard, and he never stopped, even when the production tailed off, he was busting his butt, he was encouraged and cajoled, and it will pay off down the road, more than any trophy would have.

      Jonathan Huberdeau was in a different situation entirely. His coach and GM could give him as much or as little ice time as they wanted, based on the situation. There was no pressure to achieve results in the standing and playoffs. He also was a year older, and thus had played a full two seasons more of hockey than Alex, who lost one season due to injury. That extra maturity meant that Mr. Huberdeau could be treated as the more ‘ready’ player he was, especially when considering the comparative lack of quality forwards in Florida.

      Coach Therrien had a playoff run to worry about, while thinking about his rookie’s ice time. The fact that he showed so much restraint in his use speaks to the security he feels in his job, he’s not in a ‘win now’ situation. It also shows that he and Marc Bergevin have a good rapport, they’re in agreement about building for the long haul, as opposed to Bob Gainey and Guy Carbonneau with respect to the Carey Price situation, for example.


  64. New says:

    Congrats to PK, well earned. Great sense of humour as well. Glad he didn’t try and hit Lucic last night. The suit would have tipped the refs off that something was amiss.

  65. WindsorHab-10 says:

    Could not find any mention of PK winning Norris on the TSN page. What a damn shame.

  66. Cal says:

    Happy Father’s Day, everyone! 🙂

  67. Old Bald Bird says:

    It’s time to rewrite the rulebook(s) to make them say what the rules really are. I suggest that we need 8 books (or sections): 1 for each period, including OT for both the regular season and playoffs. Alternatively we could just have 4 rulebooks and call the season the same way as the playoffs.

    Seriously, decide what the rules are so that everybody knows and then call them. If 3 crosschecks in a row are allowed before a penalty is called, state it. If finishing the check means body checking is permitted anytime within 5 seconds after a pass, state that too. Etc.

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