Subban wasn’t fazed by arbitration hearing with Habs

Some Canadiens fans have been worried about what the impact of going to an arbitration hearing with P.K. Subban will have on the defenceman, who had to listen to management express what the club doesn’t like about his game during the process.

But Subban told Bob McCown of Sportsnet 590 The Fan radio in Toronto on Tuesday that it was no problem for him, even after the Canadiens presented an offer of only $5.25 million for one season two days before the hearing, while he and agent Don Meehan asked for $8.5 million.

Subban and the Canadiens eventually agreed to an eight-year, $72-million contract before the arbitrator had to make a decision. It is the biggest contract in Canadiens’ history.

“Yes, I was in the room,” Subban told McCown about the arbitration hearing. “I was in the room for the whole process.”

Was it difficult to hear negative things the club had to say about him?

“No, I don’t think so because a lot of what they said is probably what people have already been saying about me over my career,” Subban told McCown. “So it wasn’t really anything new for me. A lot of the stuff, I said: ‘Well, I’ve heard that before.’ But at the end of the day it was never about tearing my confidence away or trying to deter me from wanting to play for them.

“Listen, that’s arbitration … that’s business,” Subban added. “If I’m the Montreal Canadiens, I want to get any player on my team at the best value that I can for our team moving forward. It’s a cap system and the less you have to pay out the players the more flexibility you have in terms of making your team better. So you have to understand that … you have to understand that process. But at the same token, when you’ve got Donnie Meehan and Newport Sports on the other side, their reputation that they’ve earned in this business has been on situations like that and how they represent their clients. And I don’t think I could have been represented any better than the way they did.”

Subban added that there was a long-term offer on the table from the Canadiens before they went into the arbitration hearing.

“It was just finding the right deal,” he told McCown. “The right deal that was both comfortable for myself and for the Canadiens. And in the end I think we got that deal.”

Subban told McCown that he has had discussions with general manager Marc Bergevin, owner Geoff Molson and coach Michel Therrien since the $72-million deal was reached on the weekend and that “everybody’s happy.”

He added: “I’m happy to move on from this and now try to win a Stanley Cup.”

You can listen to a podcast of Subban’s entire interview with McCown by clicking here.

(Photo by Allen McInnis/The Gazette)

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  1. PrimeTime says:

    Tiger needs to go back to the basics. Amazing how going off droids (unsubstantiated) has affected his game.

  2. Phil C says:

    As per the discussion below on buyouts, here is an example of a buyout-proof contract due to signing bonuses, which are paid in full. If the Leafs bought out Clarkson, they would only save $533K of cap space for 3 of the 5 years. His normal cap hit is $5.2M. He also has a NMC, so they can’t even hide him in the minors to save $900K/year.

    David Clarkson buyout from
    2015-16: $4,716,667
    2016-17: $3,716,667
    2017-18: $3,716,667
    2018-19: $4,716,667
    2019-20: $4,716,667
    2020-21: $466,667
    2021-22: $466,667
    2022-23: $466,667
    2023-24: $466,667
    2024-25: $466,667
    NOTE: David Clarkson receives an additional $20,500,000 in signing bonuses as per the schedule outlined in his contract. These signing bonuses are not included in the above “salary” and “buyout” columns. For more information, see “How do buyouts work?” in our FAQ.

  3. shiram says:

    Well this sucks, of all the teams that could have signed him!

    Philadelphia FlyersVerified account ‏@NHLFlyers

    BREAKING: The #Flyers have agreed to terms on a one-year, two-way contract with free agent C Ryan White.

    • habs-fan-84 says:

      I dislike losing White.

      • Habilis says:

        With you on that.

        At the same time, it’s encouraging that we have to bump less talented guys because of our current depth. White is the very definition of a fringe NHLer. The kind of player who is probably good enough to crack 10 of the 30 NHL lineups, and those would necessarily be the bottom 10 lineups in terms of talent.

        I love what he brought, but he was just too far down the depth chart here. Glad he gets a shot to continue his career.

    • Ron says:

      He took a 2 way contract by the looks of the tweet. He probably would have here as well. Taking MT’s legs out from under him at practice killed any chance of that though.

    • Paz says:

      I’m a big White supporter. I would have traded Moen for a draft pick and kept White.
      Also saves about 700 k on the cap.

  4. fastfreddy says:

    @Mavid, check out the show,”Mrs. Brown’s Boys”, funny stuff.

    CH = Les Glorieux!!!

  5. DipsyDoodler says:

    Once, bored, at 6 am, I came on here and tested the auto-bowdlerizer.

    It turns out it will let you post any slang term for p**** except john$on. Weird huh?

    But here’s the funny thing. There was no one here, but someone deleted every one of my 15-20 posts within like 2 minutes.

    The mods never sleep.

    Moving. Forward.

  6. Luke says:

    So long, honey, babe, where I’m bound, I can’t tell,
    Goodbye is too good a word, babe, so I’ll just say ‘fare thee well’

    Enjoy your evening, folks!

  7. Mavid ® says:

    I was looking at the map of most hated teams..and there it was right smack in the middle of the USA..the Sens..I am shocked they actually know who they are..and pleasantly surprised that they are hated.

    Weed Wacker Grandma Smurf

    • Rob says:

      ahhh, the dregs of summer. Where countless surveys and polls are produced to help better inform us of all of things we didn’t know. In the last few days i’ve learned that: JVR is better than Max Pacioretty, Africans hate the Winnipeg Jets, and the Florida Panthers have a better logo than the Montreal Canadiens. I am enlightened!

      The Montreal Canadiens: sporting the best AND worst fans since 1909!

      • shiram says:

        As I’ve said below, it was a Reddit poll on the most hated teams, and the results were skewed by people voting randomly for the fun of it.

        And JVR hits more than Max, so he’s got to be better!

    • HabFab says:

      Wyoming… don’t get that?

      It may have been that Spartan gimmick 😉

  8. Mavid ® says:

    When I was in England I watched a show called An Idiot Abroad..have any of you watched it? I have never laughed so hard in all my life. If you have not seen it I highly recommend it I only saw a couple of episodes but I must watch all the rest..truly funny stuff

    Weed Wacker Grandma Smurf

    • stephen says:

      Hi, Mavid!

      If you enjoy the brilliantly lunatic insight of Karl Pilkington, you might enjoy ‘The Ricky Gervais’ show, which is the animated-for-TV version of the podcasts Gervais, Pilkington and Stephen Merchant did together.

      Hope you get a chance to check it out! 🙂

    • frontenac1 says:

      Idiot Broads are everywhere. Just go with the flow. It’s easier.

  9. HabFab says:

    Habs have obviously informed Mike Cichy that they would not be offering him an ELC by August 15th;

    Western Michigan U @wmunews

    Congrats, Mike! #GoBroncos RT @WMUHockey: Congratulations to Mike Cichy on signing with the @FL_Everblades.

  10. HabFab says:

    @ Dipsydoodler – your 6 questions down below. Brilliant sir!

    @Cal – your responses. Equally brilliant.

  11. habs-fan-84 says:

    …so how ’bout that knee injury to Carey Price? Is he skating yet?

  12. UKRAINIANhab says:

    So what’s up?

    Anybody have the app clash of clans? If so you are welcome to join my Ukrainian Army Clan if you wish. Anybody have a ps4 and want to play me in FIFA? Hit up srgtkris (no caps just that).

    Pass the time, until hockey season… Because there truly is nothing to talk about. NOTHING.

  13. Luke says:

    Is ban—-ned still ban—–ned?

  14. fastfreddy says:

    Some posters feel that Sekac, De Larose, Scherbak, and other prospects will make the Habs, but for that to happen two things must occur. First, those young prospects would have to really impress at training camp. Second, if that were the case, MB would have to move some bodies (Prust, Moen, Bourque, Bournival, Pleks, DD, ??????????)

    CH = Les Glorieux!!!

  15. Luke says:

    I don’t know when, exactly, the kids stopped using ‘John$on’ as a slang term for one’s junk, but I’m pretty sure it was long before someone was tasked with compiling a database of swear words that internet filters should block.

  16. on2ndthought says:


    Bergevin, sign somebody! Anybody! OK, not Franky.

    “a cannonading drive”

  17. MeanGoh says:

    Is RDS still gonna show Habs games or is it TVA sports that will have Habs games?

    • Cal says:

      If it’s Monday to Thursday and there’s a Hab game on, it’s RDS if within the region.
      If it’s the weekend- excepting opening night- it’s TVA Sports or CBC.

      • MeanGoh says:

        Thanks, now I have to subscribe TVA Sports I guess…

      • B says:

        Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fri it’s RDS regionally (with one exception, RDS also has Saturday Jan. 31st at 1:00 PM vs Washington). RDS also has the pre-season games.

        Wed, Sat, Sun & playoffs it’s SN, HNIC and City nationally. SN also has Thurs Nov. 13th at 7:30 PM vs Boston. Here is a breakdown:
        5 Wednesday on SN
        1 Thursday on SN (Nov 13 vs BOS)
        18 Saturday on HNIC
        1 Saturday on SN (Oct 18 vs COL)
        2 Saturday on City (Oct 11 in PHI, Oct 25 vs NYR)
        4 Sunday on City
        1 Sunday on SN (Feb 8 in BOS)

        TVA Sports nationally has the Saturday games (except Jan 31st) and the opener on Wed Oct.8th vs Toronto.

        –Go Habs Go!–

        • habs-fan-84 says:

          I assume RDS will be blacked out, west of Belleville for the pre-season games as well…?

          • B says:

            I believe the entire RDS deal is regional.

            –Go Habs Go!–

          • habs-fan-84 says:

            Thanks B.

            Looks like I’ll be streaming this year (haven’t done that in years). Anybody know if Habs Online TV was consistent at all last year?

          • Chris says:

            habs-fan-84: I found they had live links for most games, but there were a lot of nights with either no links at all or feeds that were shut down early in the game.

            Having sites like that makes it even more likely that the copyright people will be able to find the illegal streams and file cease-and-desist orders. I can see Rogers being FAR more aggressive about protecting their asset than RDS was.

          • Luke says:


            That’s partly what I find baffling about the 12 year, single provider, deal signed.

            Not so much the NHL’s side, but Roger’s. The technology will grow in ways currently unimaginable within 12 years. Access to protected rights will, I suspect, become easier and more consistent, while the ability of the illegal providers to hide from the source most likely improve as well.

            The world of broadcasting in 12 years will probably be quite different than it is today. At least in terms of how it is provided to the consumer.

          • habs-fan-84 says:

            Thanks for letting me know Chris.
            I’ve considered paying for a subscription at, but I too feel Rogers will be much more aggressive with this type of stuff going forward. Naturally, I’m a little hesitant to pay for a year subscription.

            I guess I’ll play it by ear, and see how the first few weeks go.

        • Cal says:

          Thanks for the full sked, B.

        • HabinBurlington says:

          I’m forced to think of this when I read your post.

  18. DipsyDoodler says:

    To get over the August doldrums, I propose a quiz. Winner gets two Habs tickets in the Reds. Only proviso is all your answers must be spelled correctly.

    1. Who is Paulina Gretzky’s husband?
    2. Which company makes Band-Aids?
    3. Who was the 36th President of the United States?
    4. Who was the first overall NHL draft pick in 2006?
    5. Which family (father and two sons) supplied three Quebec premiers, all from different parties?
    6. What star basketball player played for the LA Lakers and was nicknamed “Magic”?

    Moving. Forward.

    • Cal says:

      1. Some guy who likes skanks and whose name has been withheld at the bequest of WordPress.
      2. The company whose name has been withheld at the bequest of WordPress.
      3. See answer 1.
      4. Not me so it can’t be relevant, but again whose name has been withheld at the bequest of WordPress.
      5. The family whose name has been withheld at the bequest of WordPress.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      1. Engaged to a player who last missed time on PGA Tour because he hurt his back lifting his Jet Ski. Dustin “the nose” John#son
      2. Pecker and Pecker
      3. How about we go with the Big John#son?
      4. Eric the Red?
      5. No idea, but if I had to guess I doubt it gets through.
      6. Ervin? Magic was a good handle for him I’m guessing.

    • Chris says:

      Well played, sir.

      Don’t forget “Who holds the career MLB record for strikeouts by a left-handed pitcher?”

      Or “Who holds the record for most consecutive NASCAR drivers’ championships?”

      And of course “Who starred as the Pink Power Ranger?”

    • Luke says:

      a bunch of Cocks. (or something similar).

      (This is a test)

      HAHAHAHAHaH stupid… so stupid.
      (I’m bored).

      • Cal says:

        Geez, Luke! 😆

        • Luke says:

          I’m tempted to just start typing in actual swears to see which are allowed.

          • B says:

            penis is ok (but not the “J” word?)

            –Go Habs Go!–

          • Cal says:

            You can bleep around pretty much all you want.
            I get that this is a family type site. I don’t get the censoring of a common family name. It’s beyond juvenile and all the way on the dial where it reads: stupid.

          • Luke says:

            I’m cool with bleeping out the swears. (I like saying ‘swears’, and I have no idea why).
            As you say, it’s a family site.

            Additionally, I think there are better words. It often cheapens a point. As we can see with some of the more eloquent posters, a strong vocabulary can be a powerful tool.

            Jokes. Sometimes you just need a good swear to spice up the punchline.

    • FormalWare says:

      7. Which Super Bowl-winning quarterback has a name that (according to him) rhymes with “carve”?

      WWSD (What Would SubbieDoo?)

  19. Luke says:

    The dreaded August Doldrums.

    We are cast adrift in the calm seas of summer hockey with not even the slightest hint of a breeze to steer our conversations.

    Marooned to the whims of a minor signing or an innocuous quote hopefully taken out of context during a charity golf tournament.

    I don’t think the mighty Ryan White Threshold is in jeopardy.

    So, who’s out there? What do you want to talk about?

  20. UKRAINIANhab says:

    I doubt Scherbak makes the Habs, but I think he has a slight chance, based on some youtube highlights. Now that kid is going to be a player.

    Sekac will make the habs, if 15 teams were after him, I suspect he picked the team that will let him start off in the NHL. A lot of these European players appreciate the Habs tradition, they view it as the Manchester United, or Real Madrid of Hockey. Wow, Lee Westwood! Hope he gets a major this week!

  21. Sportfan says:

    Baseball can be a very long sport, I wrote an article on a rule they could enforce to make it faster.

    Sports and Entertainment in the link click and enjoy, clicking is fun!

    • on2ndthought says:

      Baseball was meant to be played and enjoyed outdoors on hot summer days. It is so far from it’s roots, no matter what the purists say. Problem is the purists will never allow a clock into the game, and I kind of agree. I agree with your stance on pitchers, but some batters are just as bad, stepping out just as a pitcher comes set. Umpires can’t really tell if something blows into your eye, etc.

      Something like: if the on deck hitter can get 5 practice swings from the time the pitcher gets the ball to the time he releases it, or some such.

      “a cannonading drive”

  22. DipsyDoodler says:

    Usually when you read the papers you come away with despair and pessimism. But every once in a while you read a story that restores, if only temporarily, your faith in your fellow human:

    Moving. Forward.

  23. habstrinifan says:

    Lawyers! Lawyers! Lawyers! (read agents in sports) …. They are always gonna make their money.

    And right they should! I think for instance the ‘bonus’ portion of Subban’s contract may have been a real tug of war item during the negotiations.

    Unless I am mistaken, the ‘bonus’ part of a player’s yearly salary is not subject to reduction when a player is bought out.

    So P.K’s contract is loaded with ‘bonus’ money.


    I think I am recalling the rule correctly. If he gets bought out in 2016 for instance he gets every penny of his ‘bonus’ part of the contract for that year.

    “Protest Rogers blackout of Habs game…sign at:

    • Phil C says:

      They’ve figured out a way to circumvent the CBA once again, making contracts almost buyout-proof. Me thinks this will be an issue in 2019 as all the stars will want “lock-out” protection.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      The only thing Meehan couldn’t get PK was a NTC. And that is why I think the contract ended up at a 9Mill. Per avg and not 8Mill.

      • Luke says:

        For reals?

        No NTC? I didn’t hear anything about it, assumed there was one and didn’t look into it.

        That’s actually a pretty big deal and win for the Habs. Those NTCs cause quite a bit of drama with these star players who will never ever ever be traded like Richards, ST Louis, Carter, Nash, Heatley etc…

        Personally, If I were a GM and a player’s agent requested a trade (Remember, they always say “Mike Richards has never requested a trade.” No one ever seems to ask if a trade was requested on Mike’s behalf) I would ask if he was waiving his no-trade clause and wouldn’t accept “no” for an answer.

        • D Mex says:

          Thought someone posted earlier that NTC kicked in after the first 2 years.

          ALWAYS Habs –
          D Mex

          • Luke says:


          • B says:

            I don’t think it has been released whether any NTC is involved or not, but it has been pointed out that the next 2 seasons for Subban are RFA ones during which he is not allowed to have a NTC. After that, who knows?

            –Go Habs Go!–

          • scamorza says:

            yes can kick in part of the rules of being an RFA second time around if not mistaken

            come to Dorion suits where you get no….”hassoles” _ Yvon Lambert

    • B says:

      The buy out period begins on the later of June 15th or 48 hours after the last game of the cup finals. I believe the signing bonus is payable July 1st. This seems to leave a window for buying a player out before their bonus for the following season is due.

      –Go Habs Go!–

      • Phil C says:

        Not sure how that’s relevant. According to capgeek, a player still gets all their bonus money in the event of a buyout. Your window would apply more to a trade so that the new team would have to pay the bonus. I remember the Sens unsuccessfully trying to unload Heatley before his bonus was due.

        • B says:

          Yes, I see what you’re saying.

          In the end, when you buy out the remainder of a players contract, it doesn’t matter if any of what’s left it is in the form of a signing bonus or not, it is still all part of the buyout amount. The only advantage of distributed annual signing bonuses to the player then is getting the signing bonus part of their annual salary faster when they are NOT bought out. I see no buy out proofing.

          Edit: There is another benefit to the player in distributed signing bonuses. In the event of a lockout or strike, the player will get paid the signing bonus portion of their annual salary. For Subban, this only really applies to the last 2 years of his deal where $6M of his $8M annual salary is a signing bonus meaning the Canadiens will have to pay him all of that $6M part even if the season is lost to a strike or lockout. Money for nothing and chicks for free.

          –Go Habs Go!–

  24. Paz says:

    If you’re in bed with someone and you hear a noise in the room, what is your first, instinctive reaction?

    You look in the bed to see if that person is there, awake, ok, etc.

    Pistorius is a liar. His story does not add up.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Hard to disagree with your logic Ed. That young lady never had a chance, now that is a despicable story.

    • Un Canadien errant says:

      His defence has been a continuous assault on common sense and credulity. He’s guiltier than O.J.

    • bwoar says:

      He doesn’t have a leg to stand on,

      I mean c’mon no one’s made that joke yet, right?

    • Cal says:

      I leap out of bed, both barrels blazing and ask questions later.
      (Later, I try to hide the two dead cats from my wife, and later on still I tell her that they broke through the window screen and ran away. When disposing of their bodies, I run into one of my neighbours. Great. A witness. I off him, too, and stuff him into the same sewer meant for the now stiffening felines. I finally clank down the manhole cover when a police cruiser pulls up. I sigh, and the killing spree continues…)

    • frontenac1 says:

      I’m just happy to wake up without a toe tag amigo.

    • DipsyDoodler says:

      “If you’re in bed with someone and you hear a noise in the room, what is your first, instinctive reaction?”

      What the hell is her husband doing here – she said he was away on a business trip?

      Moving. Forward.

    • dduncan says:

      And when his security guard asked what happened, he gave the impression that there was nothing to be concerned about, probably because he was too busy thinking up an alibi.

  25. frontenac1 says:

    Hola Amigos! Dog Days of August. Thankfully Pre-Season NFL starts tonight. Hey, WTF is with the CFL East this season?? Argos in 1st with a 2-4 record? Cmon Als, get your sh#t together! Go Als and Go Chargers! Kick some Cowboy arse tonight! Saludos!

  26. Habitant in Surrey says:


    Don’t forget poll restricted to Canadian sports teams.

    Which Canadian sports teams resonate beyond their province ?

    I can only think of the Canadiens, Leafs, Blue Jays, Raptors, Roughriders and Als.

    Maybe the Oilers in their better days.

    • Chris says:

      Not one of my high school friends cared about the CFL. I have never seen a CFL jersey on one of my students in all the years that I’ve taught at university, nor have I seen any CFL hats or shirts.

      But I do frequently see fans of the Jets, Canucks, Oilers, Flames and Senators. I see some Montreal Impact and Vancouver Whitecaps shirts, but definitely a lot of Toronto FC shirts. Lots and lots of Raptors paraphenelia.

      Basically, the CFL is really nowhere near as popular as CFL fans would like to believe. Those that love it, love it passionately. Just about everybody else couldn’t care less about its existence.

      I would say all 7 of the Canadian NHL franchises, the Raptors and the Blue Jays all belong on that list before you see a CFL franchise. I would not at all be surprised to see all three MLS teams ahead of the CFL teams in popularity as well.

      • HabinBurlington says:

        CFL no doubt is losing its popularity, but Ontario is probably the biggest area for this dropoff. Head out West, throughout the prairies you will see many Bomber, Riders, Stamps and Eskimo jerseys and hats.

        Heck, take a stroll through Burlington and Hamilton and you will see Ticats hats and shirts as well. Don’t tell Bellyful but I actually have a Ti-cat shirt, he cannot find this information out.

  27. Say Ash says:

    You guys seen the most hated NHL teams by geography? Not sure I get the pocket of Canucks haters in Alabama:

  28. Maritime Ronn says:

    DipsyDoodler asks below:
    No lockout possible for ten years, I think.
    In reality, problems could start in 5 years…

    ” This CBA is a 10-year agreement, but both can choose to opt out after 8 years.
    The NHL will have first crack to do so by Sept. 1, 2019.
    If they decline, the NHLPA can decide to opt out by Sept. 19, 2019.
    The 10-year deal expires Sept. 15, 2022.”

  29. Habitant in Surrey says:

    Plekanec has played with Gionta since 2009, and very surprised He and Josh were traded.

    Pleks training in hometown Kladno with Jagr and Jiri Sekac.

    That’s a great advantage for Sekac to come to camp familiar with playing with Pleks.

  30. Chuck Kept Calm and Carey'd On ® says:

    Morning checklist:

    The sun came up… check. Rogers still sucks… check.

    Hab fans want choice! Sign the petition to give us back our games!

  31. Luke says:

    Well Good Morning, Folks!

    I think, once in my youth, I failed to get a good night’s sleep and I’ve been trying to catch up ever since…

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Perhaps this weekend is the one to get caught up, turn on the PGA Championship, and listen to the golf voices whispering sweet nothings about Rory and you should be asleep in no time!

      • DipsyDoodler says:

        I’ve noticed that if a golfer is referred to by his first name only (Tiger, Rory, Phil, Sergio) he’s probably pretty good, but if he’s referred to with family name (Matt Kuchar, Webb SImpson, Brantd Snedeker, Keegan Bradley), he’s probably second tier.

        It’s like Brazilian soccer players.

        Moving. Forward.

        • Kooch7800 says:

          astute observation

        • HabinBurlington says:

          Jack and Arnie I think were the pioneers of a golfer whose first name alone indicated who they were. But some players names just don’t lend to that scenario, Greg Norman and Gary Player were absolute rock stars in their eras but these fellows first names just didn’t have that cache. Rather it was The Shark for Norman and Gary Player was known as the Black Knight, or they used his full name.

          You are correct in your observation, but it is more a result of how those players are already marketed by their first names. Ricky Fowler will soon be in that echelon, and Bubba has been Bubba even before he won a major.

      • Luke says:

        If I watch the PGA, it’ll be at the pub and they have a strict “No Sleeping at the Bar” rule.

        But thanks for the suggestion…

  32. Maritime Ronn says:

    Looks like Patrice Brisebois has joined TVA Sports (surprise surprise)

    Most likely better money, easier travel, and Patrice was never one to run away from a camera or microphone…

    • thebonscott says:

      i still laugh at that macdonald contract, and now they have Delzaster to go with him.

    • DipsyDoodler says:

      What’s funny is that about a third of those guys have been on the commentariat’s “MB, please sign him” list.

      But, yeah, Philly. Good thing they kicked Holmgrem upstairs.

      Moving. Forward.

  33. Ian Cobb says:

    2014 Montreal Canadiens Children Foundation Raffle.

    When you receive your game tickets in your self addressed envelope, you will also receive a double admission ticket. Do not break it apart.

    This white and green ticket and your charity raffle gift donation, admits you to the Baton Rouge charity raffle and dinner, at 3pm sharp.

    Make sure you bring this undivided ticket with you to the pre-game dinner, along with a charity raffle gift for each person please!

    Summit game tickets, News, Pictures and comments

    • Habfan10912 says:

      We tend to forget the REAL reason for the pre-game dinner as its such a wonderful time to meet and chat with other HIO members and the great people at the Gazette but the money collected goes to such a worthy cause.

      Ian, your efforts have probably helped hundreds of children and their families during a horrible time in their lives.

      Please consider this when contributing your gift and in purchasing your raffle tickets. It’s a great tradition that this group does. CHeers.

  34. thebonscott says:

    is scherbak playing for russian juniors??? Did he not make the team??

  35. rhino514 says:

    An interesting article recently pointed out that what Subban will command in the coming years as the cap grows will be the same percentage of teams caps commanded today by the best players at their position.

    However, if one looks strictly at the top Dmen in the game today; Doughty, Pietrangelo, Webber, etc…They are locked up on the average for the next 5 or 6 seasons at cap hits ranging from 6.5 – 7 million. Sure, they will have to be renegociated 2 to 3 years before Subban´s contract runs out, but even but even if they get a significant pay raise over those last 2 or 3 years, their contracts over the same length of time will be better bargains than PKs.
    Webber is signed way beyond Subban and will be getting paid noticeably less.
    What is clear is that at least in the case of the top Dmen in the league, these guys will be commanding a smaller percentage of their team´s caps than Subban.

    • Loop_Garoo says:

      Weber makes way way more than PK, millions of dollars per year more. You also need to take into account that PK has made a lot less the last two years. When Doughty signs his next contract at 15 or 18 million per year, those last few years of PK’s contract will look incredible.

    • JohnInTruro says:

      Only contracts that are relevant back then were contracts signed then. Same as today, and same for the future. Different times, offer different opportunities and negotiations. It was fairly clear the deal would be 8-9m annually. The same thing was said back when those other guys signed their contracts and now we’re saying they’re bargains. I’m sure the same will be said about PK’s in 3-4 years.

    • Cal says:

      Weber has earned almost $65mil as of now according to capgeek. He is owed $68 mil more. In what way has Weber earned less? As a cap hit because of the Flyers chicanery, the hit is $7.857 mil/season.

      • Bob_Sacamano says:

        Weber is also signed until 2026. He will be 40 then. When Subban´s contract expires he will only be 33. Some just won´t get it but you can´t compare these contracts.

  36. 24 Cups says:

    P.K. Subban, with $25.5M of contract due via signing bonus, trails only Weber $68M, Kane/Toews $44M and Clarkson $27.75M in that category. Subban will also receive 6M in signing bonus for each year of the next possible lockout. Sweet.

    I can’t think of any other defenseman who will challenge Subban’s contract during the next three years. As for forwards, it will be Stamkos who will set the bar for the highest salary in the NHL.

    24 Cups

  37. Ian Cobb says:

    Brad Marchand meets his maker in Rio!
    Another wing suit skydiver dies. Its unbelievable what these guys will try.

  38. Mavid ® says:


    Weed Wacker Grandma Smurf

  39. Habitant in Surrey says:

    The Montreal Canadiens have the strongest brand among professional sports teams in Canada, concludes an opinion survey with Canadian sports fans released today (August 6th) by Insightrix Research Inc.

    The most popular sports teams in Canada

    1. Habs @ 20.8%
    2. Saskatchewan RoughRiders @ 16.5%
    3. Toronto Muppleweeds @ 15.0%
    4. Montreal Alouettes @ 7.2%

  40. Sportfan says:

    If PK wanted 8.5 why did the habs give 9 in the end? I mean every dollar counts and that 500 000 difference could help right?

    Also do we actually know if the Cap will actually go that high? I mean what happens if our dollar starts to drop again, or if its only going 500k-1million a season

    Sports and Entertainment in the link click and enjoy, clicking is fun!

    • Habilis says:

      The 8.5 that P.K. requested was for one year and one year only. In fact, he will be making 1.5 less than what he asked for next season as his salary is only 7 in the first 2 years of the deal.

      The arbitration numbers were for the single season, they don’t mean anything in the context of an 8 year deal where the team is buying 6 years of UFA.

  41. D Mex says:

    Does anyone know how the broadcasts come together (IF at all ) with SHAW ?
    – they offer RDS, but I’m outside that region now, and don’t see TVA being offered as part of their french-language package.

    Streaming isn’t reliable based on what I’ve attempted in the past, altho it wasn’t an issue then with RDS on in the background.

    ALWAYS Habs –
    D Mex

  42. UKRAINIANhab says:

    Will this Rogers deal affect my illegal satellite in Eastern Europe?

    I get all 82 games on my TV, illegally of course… Well sortive, it would just be a fine if they found out. If anyone is interested, check out cogecos super sports pack… i believe it is 32$ a month (I get it at 0 wahahahah) however, it is worth it if you are a hardcore hab fan!

  43. chanchilla says:

    Reading a comment regarding blackouts below, isn’t it strange that americans can watch every single canadian team without an issue, but we can’t watch our own teams in our own country?

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