(AUDIO) Subban signs eight-year deal with Habs averaging $9 million a season

(Audio: You can listen to the conference call with Subban by clicking here)

Canadiens general manager Marc Bergevin announced on Saturday afternoon that the club has agreed to terms with defenceman P.K. Subban on a new eight-year contract that will run through the 2021-22 season. The deal is worth $72 million for an average of $9 million per season. It is the biggest contract in franchise history.

“We are very pleased to have reached a long-term agreement with P.K. Subban,”  Bergevin said in a statement. “This agreement helps consolidate the future of our team. A key element of our group of young veterans, P.K. plays with a high level of intensity every time he steps onto the ice. Despite his young age, he carries a great deal of experience and brings contagious energy to the team. Defencemen of his level are a rare commodity in the NHL.”

Subban will earn $7 million in 2014-15 and 2015-16, $11 million in 2016-17 and 2017-18, $10 million in $2018-19 and 2019-20, and $8 million in 2020-21 and 2021-22. You can see the capgeek.com breakdown of the deal by clicking here.

Tweeted Subban after the Canadiens announced the new contract: “Thank you to @canadiensmtl for making a commitment to myself and my family. Im Excited about the future! #letsgetit”

Tweeted Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre: “Congrats PK! very happy and proud that you stay home. Kudos for Marc Bergevin too!”

The deal makes Subban the highest-paid defenceman in the NHL in terms of average salary per season. The Nashville Predators Shea Weber averages $7.8 million on his 14-year, $110 million deal that will pay him $14 million next season.

“Obviously, my family and myself are extremely happy to know that my future is going to continue with the Montreal Canadiens,” Subban said during a 27-minute conference call with reporters on Saturday that started at 6 p.m. “That’s all I’ve ever wanted and that’s exactly what has happened today.”

Subban and the Canadiens went to salary arbitration on Friday in Toronto after the team submitted an offer of $5.25 million for one year and Subban asked for $8.5 million. Arbitrator Elizabeth Neumeier had 48 hours to make her decision, but the Canadiens and Subban were allowed to continue negotiating during that period. They obviously did despite the fact Subban’s agent, Don Meehan, told Sportsnet after the hearing Friday that there were no plans to continue negotiating a long-term deal and Subban said he expected the arbitrator to decide what he would be paid next season.

Subban said Saturday that there were no bitter feelings following the arbitration hearing, saying it was “part of the process” and adding he has a great relationship with team owner Geoff Molson and GM Bergevin. Subban said he found some of the comments he heard and read about Bergevin, Molson and the Canadiens organization during the negotiations were “unsettling for me”.

“A lot of people that know Marc Bergevin know the type of guy he is … he cares about his players … he cares a lot about his players … and I know he cares a lot about me,” Subban said.

Subban added that the contract negotiations were “a healthy, respectful process.”

“It’s been nothing about other than getting a deal that’s comfortable for myself and comfortable for the Montreal Canadiens and we accomplished that today,” he said.

The 25-year-old Subban, who won the Norris Trophy two seasons ago as the NHL’s top defenceman, earned $3.75 million last season when he posted 10-43-53 totals in 82 regular-season games and had 5-9-14 totals in 17 playoff games.

Subban said the new long-term commitment from the Canadiens sent a strong message to him and to others.

“It sends a strong message to me that they want me here and they appreciate everything that I’ve done to this point and they believe in me as a player,” Subban said. “I think I’ve always believed that, but obviously in this process coming out with this result now everybody else understands it and can see it as well and doesn’t have to speculate about how the Montreal Canadiens feel about me.”

He added: “I’m just happy to know that I’m going to be playing under Marc Bergevin and under Geoff Molson for the next eight years. It’s truly flattering, thrilling and it’s an exciting time for me moving forward.”

Subban said the deal wasn’t about “the dollar signs” adding he would have signed a 20-year contract with Montreal if he could.

“I think I’ve been adamant throughout my career … I’ve been consistent in saying Montreal is where I want to play and where I want to be,” Subban said. “Obviously I always wanted to play here and have a long-term contract … I wanted a long-term contract probably before I deserved one. I love everything about Montreal and the city.”

When asked about the possibility of being the Canadiens’ captain or an assistant captain in the future, Subban said: “It would be extremely flattering to be considered for a C or an A, but I think that we have a lot of potential leaders in that dressing room, a lot of guys that can potentially step up into those roles.”

He added: “I’ve always been the type of guy that wants to lead by example on the ice. I feel that any player can talk in the dressing room and try to hold guys accountable that way, not very many can do it on the ice and perform and command their teammates’ respect. Whether I have a letter – a C or an A on my jersey – that’s how I plan to go about my business over the next eight years, by performing on the ice and hopefully pulling my teammates in that sort of direction.”

(Photo by Allen McInnis/The Gazette)

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  1. DipsyDoodler says:

    Although PK is now the defenceman with the highest caphit, he’s not very close to the Nashville Duo of Shea Weber and Ryan Suter in real salary.

    Depending on how you choose to calculate it, it’s fair to say Suter got about $9.8M per year for the 9-10 years. Total value of the contract was $98M compared to Subban’s $72M.

    Weber’s insane contract comes out to about $10.5M per year for 10 years.

    Another thing about Subban’s contract is the bigger earning years are later, whereas Weber’s are at the start. This obviously diminishes the real value of Subbans’ contract.

    In short, he took considerably less than two other all-star defencemen who recently signed contracts.
    Moving. Forward.

  2. fastfreddy says:

    Tinnordi will be one of our enforcers, he won’t be the only one, Prust will help out, Moen a bit, hopefully Weis a bit. I’m hoping either one of our young guns can come up and do the job, or MB acquires one.

    CH = Les Glorieux!!!

    • CJ says:

      Moen can no longer defend his teammates. His health needs to come first. Too many concussions and head injuries.

      • twilighthours says:

        See… And I’m not having a go at you cj, but….

        Every player’s health should come first. Always. Before he takes a bunch of punches to the face.

        I can’t understand how the NHL wants to crack down on head shots but still allow fighting. It’s pathetic.

        • CJ says:

          It’s not personal. At least, I don’t take it personally. I respect others and appreciate other positions. I’m not a dyed in the wool type. If someone brings more/new information into a discussion, I’ll consider it and adjust accordingly.

          Regarding fighting, we aren’t there yet. It’s in the game, like it or loath it, so I deal with the reality. It’s like cigarette butt trash containers. I don’t like smoking or understand why anyone would start, but so long as there’s smoking, there’s a need for waste collection. So, as long as there’s fighting, you need guys who can fight. IMO, my position is softer than most. I’ve stated numerous times, I’m not for staged fighting. I am however for situations as noted earlier this afternoon -White stepping in for PK, or Tinordi stepping up to help Briere.

          Lastly, guys don’t have to fight. Ever seen Pleks fight? Moen fights because his other skills wouldn’t sustain him. If not for fighting, or the ability to fight, Moen would not be in the league. Now that he can no longer fight (see, should not fight), he holds limited value. Sorry to be so candid.

  3. CJ says:

    I’d love to live in a world in which innocent, unsuspecting people weren’t shot and killed and where people weren’t bullied or beaten because of their appearance or indifference to mainstream media. I’d love all drinks to be extra large, while the price point reflected a small. I’d love to watch hockey without weasels and cheap shots to end immediately…..

    That said, unfortunately we aren’t there. So long as guys like Marchand and Kreider are running around, there will be a need for guys like Tinordi who can straighten them out. By the sounds of things, people must have hated when Ryan White jumped Boychuk after he nearly took PK out with a knee. Or, how about when Tinordi pounded Eric Gryba last season after he nailed Briere. I’m sure many of you hated that too. Personally, I loved every second of it. Sorry to be so antiquated, but so long as these pests are in the league, I will advocate the need for guys who can hold others accountable.

    Anybody follow the QMJHL will know Vincent Dunn. Kid was drafted by the Senators and is a major flea. This guy is Marchand, Tyson Nash and Darcy Tucker rolled into one. So, the cycle continues. If Dunn ever makes the NHL, I’d be glad to know that a Jack Nevins or Imama is around.

    Maybe I’m adding to the problem, but it’s like the Cold War. I don’t want a nuclear arsenal, but if you have one, I need one too.

    • twilighthours says:

      Maybe I’m a dreamer. Maybe I’m a romantic. Maybe I’m just naive. But I believe the NHL has enough personnel, technology, and rules to fix eliminate both fighting and rats. All that is lacking is the will.

      • DipsyDoodler says:

        And not only do the enforcers not eliminate the rats, they are the rats (duh!).

        Moving. Forward.

        • CJ says:

          Matt Carkner has more character and integrity in his little finger than Marchand has in his entire being. Don’t let a handful poison the entire batch.

      • CJ says:

        It’s an old boys club. I’d like to be a progressive, but hockey seemingly refutes fresh, new ways of thinking.

        It’s like the Pacioretty incident. I didn’t say anything, hoping the nhl would address the issue and discipline Chara. Instead, the system failed. Until the day I die I’ll consider that a premeditated play. If he hit anyone else, I’d say it was a hockey play, but he knew it was Patches and he hated that he was embarrassed. He sought retribution and he got it, without being punished. Sure, he likely didn’t know he would break the guy’s neck, but he still wanted to hurt him.

        So, would this have happened even if the Habs had Fergie in his prime – probably yes. But, I’d rather take my chances with a guy like Fergie than leaving it to the league. After all, they swept the cheap shot Chara put on Ivanas under the rug, so there’s no reason to think they wouldn’t turn a blind eye again. At least with Fergie, maybe Chara thinks twice.

    • DipsyDoodler says:

      “So long as guys like Marchand and Kreider are running around,…”

      Has anyone ever stopped them? Ever? Did Chris Neil play the time Kreider injured Craig Anderson (yes he did, as did another Ottawa goon – I checked).

      But if you think about your analogy of “innocent, unsuspecting people getting shot and killed”, the way we prevent this is through courts of law and police, not through the hiring of personal bodyguards.

      The idea that you need a heavy to protect your players doesn’t remind me of civil society; it’s the ethos of the biker gang.
      Moving. Forward.

      • frontenac1 says:

        It’s all about dispensing Justice be cause the League can’t or won’t. And probably never will. Eliminate the Instigator Rule. It worked great back before it came in. Gretzky loved it and so did Yzerman.

        • CJ says:

          Exactly. The league goes to painstaking lengths to protect the rats. Otherwise, Neil would have come over the boards and piss pound Kreider into next week. Sorry, but that kid needs a good beat down. I hope Tinordi hammers him next season. Will that make Price’s knee better, no. But, it might make him think twice about crashing the crease.

    • piper says:

      Well said CJ.

    • punkster says:

      Fight advocates want those opposed to it to “deal with reality”, to accept that “unfortunately we aren’t there”, and to even ridicule anyone who disagrees with them…you know, if you don’t like it don’t watch it.

      It’s a physically demanding and emotional game played at high speed where sometimes shit happens…a solid body check that may happen a split second too late to be considered legal, a knee on knee collision, an elbow to the head or stick to the face, a hundred different truly accidental actions.

      I get it and I get that sometimes these actions can make the blood boil and as a result the wronged party seeks vengeance…again, shit happens. And the league has a whole set of rules and penalties in place to deal with these instances…rules and penalties they seem reluctant to enforce quite often, or choose to ignore altogether.

      What I cannot stand is the idiotic and downright useless waste of roster space, bench space and cap space on some slug whose only redeeming hockey quality is as a meat grinder and face puncher…no hockey talent to speak of.

      As long as the league continues to sanction the hiring of players with no other purpose but to punch faces then we, the Habs that is, have little choice. Hire a goon, preferably one who can at least contribute on the score sheet.

      But it will not stop me from watching or more importantly from voicing my displeasure at that aspect of the game.

      Step one: enforce the damned rules the league itself put in place.

      Release the Subbang!!!

      • southaltahab says:


      • Cal says:

        I want a Chris Nilan type of guy on my team. He could play hockey and deal with the vermin. (I enjoy how he talks about Claude Ruel, Larry Robinson, Bob Gainey and Carbonneau helping him to be a better player with after practice drills.
        From 84 to 86- In those 3 seasons, he scored 16, 21 and 19 goals.
        The man could handle himself, but he could play, too, and earned his spot alongside Gainey and Carbo.

    • Loop_Garoo says:

      Usually your posts are well thought out, among the most coherent, logical, and reasonable here, but to compare an unsuspecting civilian being shot, to someone being mean to you during a game is a little bit ridiculous. To me the logic of fighting in hockey is the same as open carry laws in the Southern US, which I guess have some merit, as I wouldn’t start a fight with a guy carrying a gun. Guys like Marchand do what they do to get a reaction from the enforcer, they aren’t afraid, I wouldn’t be either. All the players know things like this will happen from time to time, it’s what they signed up for. It’s a tough game and there is nothing wrong with that, the fighting, just flat out wrong.

      • CJ says:

        Sorry to have offended you. My intent was certainly not to imply one had any bearing on the other. My post was meant to illustrate that, regrettably, life affords us injustices. Sports, like life, follows a similar pattern. Look, again, I’m an educated person, as I assume you are too. If I was being too literal, I apologize. There is just no way I meant to imply the connectivity between these two issues – in a literal sense.

    • New says:

      Ever notice that the old adage “Live by the sword, die by the sword” doesn’t apply to guys who injure other players? They sometimes get a little suspension but always seem to have a job. The NHL changed the rules you see. Now you can’t just walk up to them and say “About that spear on my pal Guy..” and wade in. Now you politely invite that team’s goon to fight you in a staged event. Everyone gets to urinate blood and sip soup through a straw except the little s*** who started it.

      Of course in a sport with real officials the little s*** would have so many suspensions in the bank he couldn’t lace up his skates for charity until 2049.

  4. on2ndthought says:

    What is a guy like Orr, Neil or Scott supposed to do if their team is down 3-0 in the 1st period? Their ‘role’ is to ritualistically engage one of the opposing teams players to ‘spark’ their team. I don’t care about what stats say; that is the accepted wisdom of hockey.

    Now assume they’re playing Montreal, who will they fight? They WANT to fight PK, but he’s too valuable and smart, so OK; it is Prust or Moen, willing able and unable (to withstand heavyweights for the whole season). Then the middle weights start on our non-combatants and the game spirals.

    That is WHY we need an enforcer for the season, not because it makes us a better team (if it did, enforcers would play in the playoffs) but, because it makes us a less vulnerable, more adaptable team.

    Yzerman should be careful what he says about ejections and suspensions. Hockey is a game played with passion, and if a player like Bournival can goad a player like Stamkos into a scuffle, knowing it means they are both removed for the remainder of the game, watch out!

    “a cannonading drive”

    • twilighthours says:

      Craaaaazy idea: no one fights Orr.

      Can you explain why other such sports – like rugby, Aussie rules, American football, and hurling – all have lots of passion (maybe more) and physicality (maybe more) but fighting is very rare?

      • on2ndthought says:

        you know, if the refs called every jab and slash and push it would be bedlam in the penalty box for a month, then players would get used to playing without the ‘cheap shots’. I THINK those are what ignites the fire more than anything in any sport. Hockey is just way more dynamic than the other physical sports, and more is let go

        “a cannonading drive”

        • twilighthours says:

          Totally agree. A culture change with the players and officials is required, but I believe it can and will be done. I think we will live to see the end of fighting in hockey. Hopefully the rest of the cheap shots too.

          • habcertain says:

            Not going to happen, so let’s deal with the reality

          • JUST ME says:

            I agree with your 3: 54 pm comment TWI but we must deal with reality and although all those players suing the league will finally have the NHL make some long overdue moves, now , in 2014 this is not the case. One unfortunately needs to deal with the teams that still use those goons because agree or not, it works ! I would like to say that the Habs got rid of the Bucking Fruins by wining the mental game but still you can expect that they will use their physicality to try to get the edge back. So we have to be preparde to face that scenario.

    • frontenac1 says:

      Yzerman talks the talk but doesn”t walk the walk. His farm team in Syracuse is loaded with tough guys. The were 2nd overall in the AHL in total fights last season with 106.

    • Loop_Garoo says:

      Nope, just don’t fight. That is the gaping hole at the centre of the pro-fighting logic, just don’t fight back and the enforcer disappears. They would all be gone in two years,

  5. habs001 says:

    Eller and Borque cannot repeat last years regular season and Galchenyuk has to take the next step otherwise the Habs will struggle to score like they did last year till Vanek was added…

    • on2ndthought says:

      Habs are likely to struggle to score. Gallagher, Max and DD are top 6. PAP is a tweener . Chucky is developing, and Pleks, Bourque, Eller (hopefully Sekac) fine 2 -way talents.

      We give lots of credit to MB, but he has followed the Gainey blueprint of building this team from the goal out. We are seeing the reward for this now (OK once last bellyache about the Gomez move that was such a deviation from the plan).

      So low scoring, but hard to play against, hard to score against should drive us again this year.

      “a cannonading drive”

  6. habs001 says:

    If Tinordi is not in the lineup there is no one on the Habs D that we really want to drop their gloves but the nature of playing D in the NHL that at least a few times you have to have someone on the D fight…The forwards that can play regularly are mostly non fighters..the fighters the Habs do have probably should not be fighting anymore….

    • Hobie says:

      Doesn’t matter man. We don’t want fighting.

      The NHL will protect the Habs, don’t you know?

      If we are playing the Leafs and Colton Orr skates up to Alex Galchenyuk and punches him in the face we’re totally fine with it! Orr will get a two minute roughing penalty and we’ll get a PP!

      Even if we don’t score, there’s always next time!

  7. twilighthours says:

    Slackman v lizard ranger: avatar battles.

    Regarding fighting in hockey… Wouldn’t you advocates just rather watch boxing or MMA instead?

  8. B says:

    Speaking of statistics, I just read that 40% of all boating fatalities are alcohol related. It stands to reason then that 60% are sobriety related. Does this mean that Front is on the right side of the odds when he goes bass fishing?

    –Go Habs Go!–

  9. Feraco says:

    Subban – Markov
    Gilbert – Emelin
    Beaulieu – Weaver
    Bouillon, Patern, Tinordi for 7 and 8.

    • sheds88 says:

      that may be how the season starts, but I’m hoping Tinordi forces Weaver in the pressbox more often than not

      • on2ndthought says:

        more likely Tinordi Beaulieu alternate
        Pateryn in for Weaver against MOAR bigger teams (though Weaver excels in those situations)

        MB and MT both want lefty righty balance

        “a cannonading drive”

    • Hobie says:

      Bouillon has not signed a contract for the 2014/15 season. And in your example some of the guys are on the wrong side.


      Markov – Subban
      Emelin – Gilbert
      Beaulieu – Weaver

  10. crane says:

    Patches Gal. P.A.
    Bork Eller Gally
    Bournival Plek. Sekac
    Prust. Malhotra Wiese


    Pateryn or Nygren

  11. Sap Anderson says:

    For all those speculating, of course Molson was involved in the decision, and he gave the clear direction to sign PK. There is also no friction between MB, MT and PK as widely reported. It sells papers, but that’s about it. Everyone wanted PK, and arbitration is only part of the process. He is recognized by all as a franchise player.

    All of this confirmed over a bottle of Habs logo-ed special edition California Cabernet and large steak in Maine.

    Take it or leave it, but that’s what it is.

    • southaltahab says:

      This is also speculation, but I agree with it.

    • Loop_Garoo says:

      I’ll take it, as it is what I have believed all long. Primarily I have believed this because there was no evidence to the contrary, but the 8 year contract proved beyond any sort of doubt that PK likes Montreal, the GM, and the coach.

  12. DipsyDoodler says:

    Empirical proof that enforcers don’t provide protection:


    Essentially, there are just as many suspendable hits or other incidents when an enforcer is in the lineup as when there isn’t.

    Moving. Forward.

    • southaltahab says:

      It bugs me to no end to see a player on the ice that has virtually no chance of making something positive happen on offense. It’s 40 seconds of crossing your fingers hoping they don’t cause a goal against. Or in the case of Douglas Murry, sometimes 2 minutes in our own zone. Staged fights are the stupidest thing in hockey imo.

      • Cal says:

        2 minutes in your own zone because 1 of the 5 skaters is slower, it causes the rest of the team on the ice to never regain the puck nor can they clear it. More analytic Bunk.

        • southaltahab says:

          Not analytic bunk. Why are we happy PK got signed? Why don’t we care that Murray wasn’t? Who got us to round 3 of the playoffs? Don’t think we would have made it with Murray taking a regular shift.

          • Cal says:

            Funny thing, I’d see Gorges and PK stuck in their zone a lot, too. Now, why is that?

          • southaltahab says:

            You’re right. We were caught in our own zone much too often regardless who was on the ice. I just think that with someone like Murray, their negatives out weight the positives. I liked it very much when his size could come into play. I didn’t like it when he struggled in his own zone, and it appeared to me that he struggled more than he should. I’m not against fighting in general but I don’t see the point of an enforcer who rarely sees the ice except to fight another enforcer. It’s a sideshow to me.

        • twilighthours says:

          Actually, yeah. That happened pretty much every time parros was on the ice.

          • Cal says:

            It’s Murray he’s posting about.
            Funny thing, I’d see Gorges and PK stuck in their zone a lot, too. Now, why is that?

          • twilighthours says:

            This might be one of those situations where what we think we remember seeing and what actually happened are two different things. Maybe there is a way of removing personal bias and small sample size from this sort of discussion. You know, some arbitrary measurement that might indicate who spent more time in their zone….



      • frontenac1 says:

        So go for a pint or the washroom when one breaks out. Problem solved. Stevie Y? He had 16 career fights and Never won one.He sure didn’t complain when Probert and Kocur were covering his ass. He’s a Hypocrite.

        • southaltahab says:

          Don’t think I enjoy a pint as much as you do lol. Wouldn’t call Yzerman a hypocrite because he thinks differently than he did 20 years ago. It’s called getting older.

          • frontenac1 says:

            He lost every fight he was in. He had two of the toughest heavyweights riding shotgun for him in Detroit before the Instigator Rule came in. His Farm team in Syracuse was second in the AHL in total fights last season and he says fighting should be banned?
            Sorry amigo, I can’t take him seriously.

    • CJ says:

      I agree. That said, so long as they are in the game today, it would be nice to have a guy on the 23 man roster who can take pressure off of Prust and possibly Tinordi. Again, I point to LA as the model with Clifford and Nolan. Guys who can play, but also take care of issues as they arise. Prust, for all the love he gets, is looking older and smaller. Not sure if anyone saw the picture circulating twitter last week from his (Prust’s) golf tournament as he’s standing beside PA, Nate, Bourque and Tiny. Prust looks two inches shorter than PA, who’s listed at 6′. He’s got the heart of a champion, but by December he will be on the shelf again.

      I don’t think anyone wants a John Scott (ok, Sharks excluded???), MacLaren or Matt Kassian, but a guy who can skate, get a forecheck going and fight is still a valuable tool. Again, you need guys who take you to the postseason, and guys who take you THROUGH the postseason. A guy like Rosehill or Peluso would be a valuable asset, especially if there is any interest in extending Prust’s season, as the kid simply can’t say no.

      I like Moen, but it’s in his best interest to avoid a fight at all costs. I’ve thought a deal involving Moen and Peluso would stand to benefit both organizations. I’d rather pay Peluso $575k to sit in the press box and dress for 40 games than watch Moen sit for $1.85 million.

      In any event, in closing, no the notion of adding a one dimensional player like John Scott (again, what were you thinking San Jose) makes no sense, but bringing in a younger guy, who can play the game, while also being able to fight would be the final missing piece.

      • DipsyDoodler says:

        If, and it’s a big if, John Scott could guarantee the following, I would hire him. And he could name his price.

        I would want him to guarantee that at some point he would hurt Milan Lucic so bad that Lucic, in the ambulance that was speeding him to the nearest trauma centre, with whatever little of his consicousness he had left, thought, with deep regret, at the way he chose to live his life; in between the pain and the fear, little glimmers of shame peeking in.

        Moving. Forward.

        • CJ says:

          If we could somehow add Scott’s size and strength to Prust’s skill and determination, then we’d have something. Scott is not a very good fighter, but he’s a monster.

          Oh, and yes, anyone who could tune up Lucic, would be a solid addition so far as I’m concerned. If only for one game, it would still be money well spent.

      • adamkennelly says:

        completely agree. Having an enforcer in the line-up changes the team dynamics – our guys can play a little bigger and not have to worry about dealing w/ other team’s goons. Did everyone forget about the Colton Orr, McLaren incident w/ Gorges and Bourque? Forget about Lucic telling our guys he is going to “f-ng kill them” We need to add some muscle as the final piece of the puzzle and they need to be top notch – Parros experiment failed because he was too old, too slow and not that great a fighter – getting badly hurt in the first game didn’t help either.

        Gadzic, Peluso, Bordeleau, Rosehill – in that order…

        • twilighthours says:

          You should read that article.

          • adamkennelly says:

            I don’t need to…I’ve been very attentively watching hockey, playing hockey and coaching hockey for 35 years – I know what an intimidated team looks like and plays like – and that is the Habs when getting gooned with no pushback because they are outgunned.

            you really think the 4th line winger spot is so valuable that for 40 games in the regular season we can’t afford to have Gadzic or Peluso patrolling?

            betcha Lucic would change his attitude if he had Brian McGrattan to deal with 6 times a year.

          • twilighthours says:

            I like it when we whip out our hockey resumes. And my dad can beat your dad.

            I’ve played in a league with fighting. I’d agree that at junior B or the local goon league, it would be easy to be intimidated and a fighter could have his way. Linesmen and refs, even coaches don’t care about protecting the players.

            This is the NHL we are talking about. Very few are afraid to take hits. No one needs to fight. If something goonish and crazy happens, then 40 cameras have it on replay and it’s dissected for weeks on the talk shows.

            With things as they currently stand, you might need an enforcer in junior. You don’t need one in the NHL.

    • twilighthours says:

      Not about protection. More about payback. Amiright?

  13. Slackman says:

    So who the heck do we get for those games when Colton Orr/Chris Neil/Johnny Scott/ one if NYI’s 15 goon types decides to take a flying knee run at Sekac or Parenteau? Prusty? Travis “Concussion” Moen?

    All you hockey pacifist hopefuls need to wake up and realize that we need a rock solid tough guy. Bergevin realizes this and is drafting/trading/signing accordingly what with the likes of Crisp, Nevins, Imama, and to a certain extent guys like McCarron or Scherbak. Bigger dudes who don’t need protection from the cement heads.

    But what about right now?

    We need a Parros or a Murray. we get gooned in the regular season. We need adequate anti – goon goons to get us through regular season goonery. And these guys can ride the pine during the playoffs because our depth can allow this.

    So what’s it going to be, MB?

    • frontenac1 says:

      Rosehill,Peluso,Reaves in that order. A fifth rounder should swing a deal.No rush just yet amigo. Marc will get it done.

    • Loop_Garoo says:

      No one, as the post above demonstrates, they are going to take a run at someone anyway, the enforcer doesn’t change that. It’s not a matter of “waking up” its about the stupidity of punching someone cause they hurt your feelings during a game. Most of us grow out of this by the time we are 12 or so, for some reason, hockey allows it, even though there is no benefit to the players or the game. Hopefully one day you fighting apologists will wake up and realize it is just really juvenile, and then we can get on with the hockey again.

  14. AndyF says:

    I noticed that Subban didn’t mention MT at all in his defense of the Habs’ management.

  15. Chuck Kept Calm and Carey'd On ® says:

    Habs now have a full roster for next season (that’s more than can be said for other teams) and 2.6 million in cap space available. However, they could potentially have to pay out 3.6 million in bonuses, which would put them 1 million in the hole… and that’s without allowances made for in-season call-ups or room to add anyone at the trade deadline. I’d think that MB would prefer not to have to push the bonus money to the following season, which would lower the salary cap correspondingly.

    So the question is… who realistically gets moved this season to give the Habs some salary cap wiggle room? Budaj out, Tokarski in? That would save $800,000. Travis Moen makes $1,850,000, but he may be damaged goods, and has a modified no-trade clause. Brandon Prust makes $2.5 million and doesn’t have a no-trade clause, but hopefully his shoulders have recuperated and he can be a valuable component on the third or fourth line. Which Rene Bourque do we see this season? He makes $3.3 million, but also has a no-trade clause.

    There are a number of interesting decisions that Bergevin has to make before the season starts and as it wears on.

    Hab fans want choice! Sign the petition to give us back our games!

    • Habilis says:

      Good points. IMO, Budaj has to go. I know that the market for goalies isn’t very hot right now, but I still think that we need to move him for whatever at this point.

      Looking past the cap savings, the fact that Tokarski will have to clear waivers (unlikely) to go to Hamilton and the fact that Tokarski is better, I just don’t see how Budaj steps back into that locker room. I know he’s the consummate pro and I have no doubt that if he does stay, he’ll do everything that’s asked of him. But management basically told him that he’s not good enough to win when it counts. I just don’t see how they keep the player after something like that.

      • fire2nv says:

        Pay Me 1.5 Millon + would be a great reason to sit my butt on the bench not saying a word 😀

      • Loop_Garoo says:

        Either Budaj or Toker, if you can trade either go for it. Odds are though one of the two (likely Toker) will be sent down. Tokarski may be less likely to get claimed off waivers, and having Budaj in AHL and Toker in the NHL is almost a salary wash, as some of Budaj would still count against the cap. Again, we are making the assumption that the players are acting like peewee players, not adults if we claim Budaj cannot go back in. The situation is no different than sitting someone like Moen or Bouillion in the press box for a few games, it does not mean they can never step in to the room again. A backup goalie knows he isn’t playing all the time, is going to be replaced, and Budaj knows he was awful in the playoffs against Ottawa. If Budaj is half the person he seems to be, there in no issue at all with him going back in as back up.

    • HabFab says:

      Chuck, a couple of seasons back Chris did some research into what performance bonuses could be put into ELC and +35 contracts. And I did some research into what was being paid out in ELC and came back with no more then 1/3 being paid out. In our case, $2.3 ml of that belongs to Chucky. For him to win most of that, he would probably have to lead the team in some scoring category, finish in the top 20 in League scoring, win a trophy or make the League All Star team. It would be nice but not likely. Boston took a big hit because Iginla’s contract was 70% performance based on his scoring goals and points which he did. EL contracts cannot be based on scoring amounts and games played like +35 contracts can.

  16. John Q Public says:

    Who knew the Mayans liked the Canadiens so much that they named their yearly calendar The Haab (Mayan pronunciation: [haːɓ]).

  17. zephyr says:

    seems to be a lot of speculation about Molson calling mb or mt’s relationship with subban. re the latter, it must be way overblown if mt gets 4 extra yrs & subban gets 8. mb obviously has confidence in mt.
    I’d like to see moen go. can prust be more than a 4th liner? we still need him but we need a heavyweight. that puts pressure on bournival, sekac or anyone else looking to play on the bottom 6.
    I agree it would help subban if we had a legit 1st pair dman to play with him. markov is too slow for that now imo but he looks like the guy that’ll be there.
    having said that, I think we’re a better team now. we got rid of 2 old smurfs & an overmatched, overpaid dman. we got a bigger, better, younger rw in parenteau, a huge, f/o specialist ctr & a puck-moving dman who played 1st pair mins with fla. last season. we should expect improvement from the younger guys like galchenyuk, eller, Gallagher, bournival & beaulieu (hope he adds some muscle). plus we have some young guys that are pushing for spots like sekac, dlr & maybe andrigetto.
    it’s looking up.

  18. on2ndthought says:

    great clip from 72, remember it like it was yesterday’s yesterday
    Esposito did a great job on that PK
    Espo, Lapointe, White and the “little M”
    “a cannonading drive”

  19. on2ndthought says:

    Reading some fluff about Brodeur and my heart froze. IF Chiarelli could get him under the cap, ouch. Rask plays 70+ games anyway, they could just use Marty against… well… against us.
    An absolute Habs killer, especially in Montreal…

    I’m OK, I’m going to have a cold shower, Boston would never do that; right????

    “a cannonading drive”

  20. B says:

    So, does Gallagher give Bozon “Bozo” for a nickname?

    –Go Habs Go!–

  21. Chelios24 says:

    Honestly, if this massive long-term contract Subban just signed is because Molson stepped in and had to convince Bergevin (and Therrien), rather than the GM and coach being enthusiastically on board with it, than there could be issues and fireworks within the team chemistry. The Montreal media would love nothing more than to create a gossip/soap opera sh!t storm if the team (or Subban) doesn’t play well.

    • on2ndthought says:

      we seem to do that, anyway…
      Look: MB is one of 30 NHL GMs who wanted PK long term. IF he is paying more than he wanted; he can put on his big boy pants and get on with it, he can sulk and get fired, or he can try to trade PK and get fired.

      What would you do?

      “a cannonading drive”

      • Chelios24 says:

        I see it as more of a potential issue with Therrien (only assuming the team doesn’t play well and Subban’s overall performance is not at an all-star level). Between his new contract, star talent, incredible personality/confidence and love from the Montreal fans, Subban probably now will strongly rival Therrien for power within the organization.

        • on2ndthought says:

          They are not rivals.
          They have different jobs.
          If you make your boss your rival, you’re not doing a very good job.
          I’m not worried, PK is not a coach killer. He could keep MT around longer than many posters here care to see.

          “a cannonading drive”

    • Just a Habs Fan says:

      Do you really think MB and GM are that immature ???

  22. Chelios24 says:

    Does this massive new Subban contract mean the days of his being benched to be taught a lesson, not playing in penalty killing and key late game situations and barely ever receiving proactive praise from Therrien are likely over? Will this massive contract irritate the coach and disrupt the ‘room’?

    • fastfreddy says:

      If the contract irritates the coach, then he has no business being the coach. MT should worry about his job, not players’ salaries.

      CH = Les Glorieux!!!

      • Chelios24 says:

        I agree but based on what I saw last year I find it hard to believe all is now (or will be) rosy in the seemingly contentious relationship between Subban and Therrien unless he plays at an all-star level at both ends of the ice and gets at least 24 minutes of ice time per game. Were the coaches being overly tough on him last season in part due to orders from Bergevin meant to diminish his contract earning potential? How can they continue to use overly tough love with him or not play him in key defensive situations when they’re paying him this much $?

        • on2ndthought says:

          nobody liked being coached by Bowman, but they loved winning under him.

          “a cannonading drive”

          • Chelios24 says:

            True but Bowman tended to play favorites, often being somewhat easier on the best players on the team.

          • on2ndthought says:

            the best veterans, MT is the same way

            supposedly Bowman played the meanest head games, but I wasn’t there
            he also out-coached everybody else

            “a cannonading drive”

          • piper says:

            From what I remember reading, I think it was in Robinsons book, that Pete Mahovlich was the one that took most of the crap from Bowman. Pete was one of their top players.

        • Loop_Garoo says:

          There has never been one reason ever to believe there is a problem there. Not one word or deed on either side to suggest that, and please don’t offer up that old, he was benched for 6 minutes in February stuff, because that means nothing, happens to every player at some point.

          • Chelios24 says:

            Perhaps you’re right but it seemed that Therrien rarely gave Subban any proactive praise and didn’t trust him defensively in big situations.

        • franco says:

          Subban should play the whole 60 minutes.

          Subban is above correction.

          Therrien is the bad guy, he does not get results.

          Molson does not have the key to the vault, Bergevin does.

          Bergevin does not want Subban to succeed, he wanted to get him cheap.

          Start a petition, that Subban has to play 60 minutes, unless the game goes into overtime, then it is change to 65 minutes and he does every shoot out.

          Subban is now in control of the team, Therrien is not needed and no coaching is necessary. If you have a suggestion for Subban, make sure you say, please and thank you and let him know it is only a suggestion.

    • derfab says:

      Therrien will have to respect him more to keep everyone happy. This may be one of the main reasons for the delay in the signing. The détails of so-called defensive lapses in his game have been excuses. The thought of PK holding sway in the room is much closer to what has made them nervous from day 1.

    • B says:

      Subban now gets to pick his shifts and who he plays with. Kind of like how Demers let Roy pick his starts and dmen. Anything less would be disrespectful 🙂

      –Go Habs Go!–

  23. fastfreddy says:

    Was having a discussion with fellow hab fans and they seem to feel both Sekac and DeLarose will make the big club. I feel this will happen if guys like Prust, Moen, Bourque, maybe even Bournival are moved, not all of them, one or two if the new guys are going to crack the line-up.
    CH = Les Glorieux!!!

  24. Mavid ® says:

    Weed Wacker Grandma Smurf

  25. Phil C says:

    I’m half way through reading “In Search of Bobby Orr”. I’m at the part where his knee injuries have started and I can’t help but wonder if things would have been different if he had played for Toronto or Montreal. Boston let him play hurt, they let him come back a month after surgery. On a team less desperate for talent, I wonder if they would have been more careful with their best asset.

    • Cal says:

      It’s too bad that the knee surgeries at the time weren’t up to par with what goes on today. You can’t help but think they rushed Orr back and that he wanted to play so bad no one was holding him back.

    • Habfan17 says:

      I’ve read this book and a couple of others. I couldn’t believe when I read that Montreal paid no real attention to him, or Detroit for that matter. I’ll bet they were kicking themselves for years afterwards!


  26. Maritime Ronn says:

    DipsyDoodler writes

    Read two articles today, one in La Presse, one in the Gazette, that both suggest the PK deal was Molson’s doing.
    Bergevin and Therrien, the thinking goes, aren’t 100% convinced about PK. Thus, the arbitration hearing.

    On Friday evening Molson called Bergevin and told him to sign PK.
    1. Do you think this is true?
    In the 21st Century of Pro Sports, you have to start with the premise that ownership is ALWAYS involved to one degree or another – especially when big money contracts are at stake, and most importantly, where other Revenue generating, profit oriented sister businesses could be affected.

    Gone are the Brian Burke days of The Ontario Teachers Pension Fund owned MLSE – where weak flunkies sat on the Board and Burke hollered for all to hear:” Give me my budget and get the hell out of the way. I answer to no one where hockey’s concerned.”

    When Rogers and BCE took over, it was only a matter of time before ” Burke Attitude” was out the door.

    Some owners are totally involved ( Jerry Jones/Dan Snyder) while others stay in the background yet yield other powers on their GMs such as self imposed budgets ( Wang/Snow)

    Rest assured that in the PK scenario, Geoff Molson and GMMB were in constant contact.
    There is no doubt that all scenarios were discussed – and in this special case, both the ON and OFF ice ramifications…because this is the Big Business of Entertainment that uses hockey as its Profit vehicle.

    I would hazard a guess that Mr. Molson never “TOLD” GMMB to do the deal.
    What he most likely did was paint the complete picture, and that any future (negative-positive) outcome would fall on Bergevin’s shoulders.
    Here’s firmly believing that GMMB made the final decision – once ALL was considered.
    That’s why he was hired.

  27. mdp2011 says:

    @CanadiensMTL: The Canadiens’ dressing room will have a new look come the start of 2014-15 campaign. http://t.co/JxKs86bIzJ

  28. Bigdawg says:

    Why does everyone assume the reason a deal with PK did not get done sooner was based on salary??

    Perhaps MB does not like to give out 8 year contracts. 8 years is a long time. What if PK gets injured seriously and comes back at 50-70%. Still good enough to play, not good enough to earn 9M and too long a contract to trade.

    Maybe MB wanted a 4-6 year contract instead.

  29. on2ndthought says:

    More on the Q & A between reporters and athletes. I’d love to see more tactical and strategic questions that assume the player is astute enough to answer.

    Less “here is Shooter, the goal scorer, can you run through the play”
    ” great dig by Digger, he got it over to Passer, who made a nice deke and floated a saucer over to me. I tried to go short side, it went off of Pylons skates and 5 hole”

    yeah, we saw the goal

    how about ” the coaches decision to have you guys dump and chase against Smoothie and Monster just appears to be giving up possession without creating any pressure. Do you think you might be trying to gain the offensive zone more in the third period?”
    if you get cliches back, so be it, and that example is not the best because the player is not going to criticize the ‘system’, but if you increase the expectations that a hockey question will be asked, you might increase the number of hockey answers.

    “a cannonading drive”

    • Cal says:

      You can’t ask loaded questions like that.
      “the coaches decision to have you guys dump and chase against Smoothie and Monster just appears to be giving up possession without creating any pressure. Do you think you might be trying to gain the offensive zone more in the third period?”

      No player, unless he wants out of town, will question the team’s game plan in front of a reporter. Especially between periods.
      A better approach would be something like this.
      Reporter: So, Biff, you’re down 2-0 after two? So, what’s your favourite colour?
      Biff: What?
      Reporter: Just checking to see if you can hear me. It looks like you guys have been playing with your heads up your asses all night. What gives?

  30. DipsyDoodler says:

    Read two articles today, one in La Presse, one in the Gazette, that both suggest the PK deal was Molson’s doing.

    Bergevin and Therrien, the thinking goes, aren’t 100% convinced about PK. Thus, the arbitration hearing.

    On Friday evening Molson called Bergevin and told him to sign PK.

    1. Do you think this is true?

    2. If so, are Bergevin and Therrien on if not thin ice then not 6 foot thick ice either?

    Moving. Forward.

    • Paz says:

      I said the same on Saturday. I have spent a little time around Molson. He is a HUGE Subban supporter. HUGE!!

      I have no problem with Molson stepping in here.

      It was a great result.
      And it was looking like a crisis that could have driven Subban out of town.

    • The Jackal says:

      Well it certainly sounds like Molson told MB to get it done, but IMO they are on the same page and MB wanted PK signed, he was just trying to get the best cap hit possible.

      I don’t think MB and MT are on thin ice or that they are not 100% sold about PK. MB moved Gorges and Gionta to make room for new leaders – like PK, and also to clear cap space, specially for PK. I think this took so long to get done because Meehan was asking for more than 9, and MB wanted it to come down to something like 8. At the end, I don’t think it was in doubt that PK would sign, but MB and Meehan are tough negotiators and also, anything over 9 was a bit too much, though I can imagine it being the market rate, specially at UFA.

      Hockey sine stercore tauri.

    • Phil C says:

      Everything I’ve read is pure speculation. It actually drives me nuts because the headline reads like fact, but the content of the articles are pure speculation.

      I think it is pure fantasy. I suspect Molson was involved as he normally would be. Any GM would be crazy to commit $72M without the owner’s consent.

    • joeybarrie says:

      I dont think Molson called and said sign PK.
      I think MB and Molson have already discussed their strategy and are in decent contact. I think Molson is smart enough to let MB do his job.
      I actually think we were trying to go with 8-8.5 million over 6-8 years and after arbitration MB thought about it and both sides decided the negative nonsense was enough and to meet in the middle.
      I truly believe seeing the faces as they came out of arbitration both MB and PK realized something and just wanted it to be done.
      I think MB might have called Molson and said, this is a bad situation and i think its worth the extra .5 to 1 million per to just get it done and make everyone happy again.

    • CJ says:

      Of course Molson is/was involved. I don’t think there is a GM in the league who would have authority to sign off on a $72 million dollar deal without ownership approval.

      To what extent, nobody, outside of the leadership team would know for sure. I won’t profess to know the inner workings of the Canadiens organization, but I do believe it safe to say that Molson is both focused on winning a Cup and maximizing revenue streams. PK is that unique athlete who perfectly blends both pedigrees. The guy who can win a Norris and Conn Smythe, appear on GQ and gain notoriety in the American market – traditionally a market where hockey is an afterthought. In short, a marketing dream. Oh, and a pretty darn good player too.

      So, when you have a chance to lock up said asset, long term (longest allowance under the existing CBA), you do it. Is the dollar value higher then I’d like, yes. But, faced with the alternative, it’s the best case scenario.

      Just my two cents. Cheers, CJ

    • JUST ME says:

      I do not think that this is true in a sense that there does not need to be one guilty individual. I think Molson made it clear that they could do whatever they wanted to get the deal done. If anyone on this earth does not understand about P.K. `s value for the organization then they really should not be in the NHL !

      I think that the medias missed the boat on that one and fell in the trap. This thing went as planned for the Habs and P.K. , lots of free publicity, social medias and all …
      9 millions is nothing compared to the money they will make with P.K. as a leader. We knew that,they knew that, looks like the medias are trying to understand what happened ! Get with it guys this is 2014.

  31. CHicoHab says:

    Franco— Toskala does not play for the Habs.

  32. hansolo says:


    Thanks for the reply to my question about advanced stats – the answer was very helpful. Cheers!

  33. Paz says:

    Here is a hint to HIO executives. You have a technology problem.

    I think it is related to attaching audio and video clips.

    You might want to check into this. It has been going on for a long time.

  34. Paz says:

    I think Beaulieu fles right by Emelin and into our top 4.

    We signed Emelin for a ton of money because he hits hard especially against Lucic?

    But Beaulieu is so much quicker and faster he will emerge as the better defender.
    Beaulieu’s offence will add great punch to our team 5 on 5 and power play.
    Beaulieu will therefore push Emelin to a bottom pairing role with Weaver.

    It will all happen. Will it happen right out of the gate? That depends on Beaulieu, his summer training, and his focus in training camp.

    I evaluate Beaulieu’s skating at the highest level. He is remarkable.

    • Cal says:

      Beaulieu’s D zone positioning is not ready for prime time. One of my confreres at work has watched since his junior days and he says his positioning now is as poor as it was then. Speed can help him correct positioning errors, but not enough to make him a top 4 this year.
      Beaulieu needs more time to become better at the D part of the game.

      • Paz says:

        Cal, I watched him quite a bit in major junior as well.

        That’s the way he plays. He is not tremendously strong in his positioning, but he does most everything else at an elite level.

        Emelin’s defensive positioning is not much better. In fact, Emelin really struggled last year and I thought Beaulieu was already passing him.

        • DipsyDoodler says:

          Emelin is the worst defender to wear the red white and blue since Douglas Murray.

          Moving. Forward.

          • on2ndthought says:

            Emelin has been on his wrong side for , well, ever since he joined the Habs. Give him a month this year and see if you are saying the same thing. This is the true genius of MB’s Gorges trade.

            “a cannonading drive”

          • Paz says:

            The Murray defenders are very quiet this summer. I learned to “appreciate” the man’s big heart, because he really did stand up for his teammates and that is a great quality in a player – in a person.

          • Cal says:

            Watch him this season, 1 season free from major surgery. He’s a lot better than you think.

          • Landof10000lakesHab says:

            Try a different bait.

      • on2ndthought says:

        Yeah, he can be hard to watch when he doesn’t have the puck. All his anticipation appears to be offensive. Either he gets paired with a stay at home or ultra defensive type (Tinordi might fit the bill, but I haven’t seen a lot of him or Gilbert; so I’ll say Weaver) or he undergoes the same type of personality improvement that PK underwent with MT.

        “a cannonading drive”

    • Phil C says:

      I think it will happen eventually as well, Beaulieu has the potential to be a top two defender. But I’m not sure it will happen next season, he is great with the puck on his stick, not as good without it, especially in his own end. Once he improves his physical and positional play without the puck, he could easily pass Emelin on the depth chart which would be amazing news for the Habs.

      I expect Emelin to take a step up next season. He skates well for a big man, but he gets caught standing around sometimes. Hopefully a fully healed knee and being back to his natural side will improve his play.

      • Paz says:

        We’re looking at Niedermayer and Coffey level skating here.

        It’s a whole different world.

        • Phil C says:

          No question, but Campoli skated pretty well also, and we know how that career ended. Del Zotto skates well and is also currently unemployed.

          FWIW I think he will improve his defensive play. He is still so young for a defenseman. He seems like a player who will really benefit as he becomes more mature. A coach like Therrien is probably good for him.

          • Paz says:

            Ok. I accept your Del Zotto comparison.

            I do not agree about Therrien. I have coached. I grew up the son of a coach. I am not a fan of Therrien’s.

            Happy we are winning. Can’t stand Therrien.

          • Phil C says:

            I’m not a huge Therrien fan either, so I understand why you don’t like him. I do think he understands defensive hockey though. Hopefully he can pass that along to Beaulieu without crushing his spirit.

          • Paz says:

            Exactly. Let the young man make some mistakes. Privately and respectfully tell him what he’s done wrong. Throw him back out there. And let him play the game without fear. Confident. Assertive. That is how young players best succeed, in my opinion, of course.

  35. on2ndthought says:

    As far as PK’s interviews and public statements. There are built-in platitudes for answers when the questions are unimaginative or are deliberate traps (“Do you deny hating team-mate X” as a deliberately over the top example).

    When it counts, and the question is real, I expect we will get some more real answers from PK.

    We will NEVER forget this ‘bulletin board’ promise (better even than Messier’s guarantee):

    “It’s going to be great,” Subban said of Game 7. “I can’t wait for the crowd, the noise, the energy in the building. I can’t wait to take that all away from them.”

    “a cannonading drive”

  36. Commandant says:

    Our summer series, best of the rest, looks at the best players who are not in the Hockey Hall of Fame (but are eligible, ie no recent retirees or current players).

    Today we look at the career of the Habs Peter Mahovlich.


    Go Habs Go!


  37. JohnBellyful says:

    Welcome to Sports Probe. I’m Milt Dunno, the guy who asks the penetrating questions, and the player I’ll be probing today – hey, guys, can we work on a better intro — is Peter Budaj, goaltender with the Montreal Canadiens. Hi, Peter, I’m glad you could make it.
    [They shake hands]
    Budaj: Thanks for the invitation. It’s nice to be wanted.
    [Budaj takes a seat, with his legs crossed on the chair, and his hands resting in his lap.]
    Dunno: You appear calm, Peter, but did I detect a hint of bitterness in what you just said? Is it because of what happened in the playoffs, when the Canadiens went with Tokarski after Price got hurt even though you had been his backup all season? Or is because of all the speculation swirling around the team’s plans for you for next season? How do you cope with all that?
    Budaj: Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.
    Dunno: Gotcha. Still, does it bother you being a backup with the Canadiens and not getting to play more? …
    Resume what you were doing or head on over to http://johnbellyful.weebly.com/

    • Cal says:

      The (no)mind (no)thinks (no)things.
      Great interview by Dunno. Can’t wait for the next one! Hilarious! 😆

      PS: Change Milt’s name to Ivan so his nameplate reads: I. Dunno

    • franco says:

      Budaj thinks , hey I am going on 32 years old, I am at the end of a pretty good career. I sat there and made my million and half. I am guaranteed another million and half next year.

      So life is good, Price is the man, and if Toskala is next in line, I bow gracefully to him. Learned long time ago do not rock the boat and things usually work out.

      Maybe another team needs a reliable back up and a way I go, if not it has been a blast……chow.

  38. Hobie says:

    So in just over a month all the Habs players will start rolling into town to get ready for training camp. Man does time fly. People aren’t lying when the say that the older you get the faster it goes.

    I’m looking forward to another Habs season but I’m really not looking forward to another Ottawa winter. I get excited for a moment about the Habs but it’s dulled by the thought of six months of hell again. Last winter was terrible!!!

    Hopefully Ottawa will get lucky this year in regards to winter. No lasting snow until late December and an early spring in March. I’ve seen a few winters like that and boy is it sweet when that happens!

    • twilighthours says:

      Skiing hobie! Cross country skiing. Ottawa is amazing for that. And it makes you appreciate winter in a whole new way. I seriously suggest you try it. It’s awesome.

      • Hobie says:

        That is the key for sure twilight. I was on the treadmill and feeling good for a potion of it last year but got a bit lazy and by March/April I was ready to snap.

        You have to stay active. Doctors even suggest to hit a tanning bed once in a while in mid winter.

        Cross country skiing would be cool. I have thought about it on occasion.

    • Habfan17 says:

      This summer has been weird too! I am also in Ottawa and it was a very long winter with pretty much no spring!


      • Hobie says:

        Winter hung around pretty good until the end of April. May was cool. So ya, we’ve had June and July so far that have been good. Hopefully we get lucky and September stays warm right until the end. It would be nice if October were somewhat warm too!

    • JF says:

      I love winter. I love walking, cross-country skiing, skating. I had the best skating of my life on the Rideau Canal. It’s wonderful. You skim along over the ice with your whole body getting into the rhythm. You can go for miles without feeling tired. And there are kiosks every kilometre or so where you can stop for coffee or whatever. You should try it. Beats summer any day. Summer in Montreal is like being in a swamp – heat, humidity, bugs.

      • Hobie says:

        I usually hit the Rideau Canal a few times a year and hit the local rink another handful of times. The weekends during the winter aren’t that bad.

        It’s the 9-5, Monday to Friday grind in the winter that bites. Not having the ability to throw on you flip flops for an hour after work and step outside to enjoy a BBQ or beer. It feels like it’s bed, car, work, couch, bed, car, work…for six months.

      • franco says:

        I love winter, yeah…shoveling the driveway and then again when the plow goes by. I love freezing rain, the feel of the tires as they slide to places unknown.

        Cranking the heat up and still freezing, having to wear 20 pounds of junk so I don’t freeze to death.

        Awe yes, I snow banks to obscure my view, more snow, then more snow and then more effing snow. Banging off extra snow off your boots, and melting puddles in the house.

        Yes it is wonderful, Christmas and the obligation to buy, buy, buy and max out the credit card. Christmas carols, endless fa la la laws in the maul. Pissed off people and then when it finally goes away the playoffs go until July, if you are lucky.

    • Old Bald Bird says:

      I don’t so much mind winter, but that was a long one for sure. Even the short ones are longer than I like. Two months would be just about right.

  39. synthpro says:

    Am I the only one here who turns down the volume whenever sports atheletes speaks?

    I love Subban and everyone comments on how fresh he is when he speaks. However, I would have to agree, but only to a certain extent. He’s a tad more interesting to listen to than the average nhl player, but overall, he spits out the same rubbish and standard anecdotes as everyone else.

    All morning on team 690 it was sound bite after sound bite of PK saying “it’s a process”, “I’m thrilled to be here”, “MB worked so closely” blah blah blah.

    I want to barf whenever I hear atheletes talk. They should get way less air time.

    • Hobie says:

      The only time it’s good to hear athlete interviews is when two teams are involved in a big playoff series or a real meaningful regular season game. When the tension is very high.

      I totally agree though. In the average interview with an athlete you basically lose two minutes of your life.

    • JUST ME says:

      P.K. is an interresting guy although what he had to say officially is the usual corporate BS. I prefered the video he posted on you tube the same day where he cheered for The Williams sisters and Eugenie Bouchard. He is such a breath of fresh air in what used to be such a snobish organization when it comes to letting the athletes be…

      There is also a fact that most of us here do not believe can be true that they do not care about what is written in the papers or said on radio. They just do not read or listen to what people think about everyday dramas cause they are on another planet travelling constantly, living the dream and playing hockey. So yes they sound uninterresting but they are not interrested !

    • Captain aHab says:

      Same with politicians…everything is so controlled now that you wonder why we have reporters.

      But then once in a while, you’ll get gems, like Dennis Green trashing the lectern or Jim Mora and his playoffs rant. Or John McKay of the TB Bucanneers who when asked what he thought of his team’s execution, said “I’m all for it”.

      Prepare to be boarded!!

    • Maritime Ronn says:

      PK is actually pretty funny and there’s nothing wrong with him being out there….as long as it doesn’t distract from his on-ice performance.

      As for what he should say?
      Of course he has to be guarded, because anything out of the ordinary becomes a headline followed by drama.

      Ex: Can you imagine if PK ever said, ” Our power play needs to get more creative..”

      The Headline the next day would be:
      “PK Calls Out Coaching Staff For PP Ineptness”

      Then the fire storm to follow….

    • Loop_Garoo says:

      To be honest a great deal of the criticism must go to the reporters themselves. How many times can you be asked the same inane questions and be expected to come up with anything besides the same stock answers. Much of the reason they give the same answers all the time is that they are always asked the same questions.

    • franco says:

      Synthpro, Yes I turn down the volume to athletes talking, and advertising, if I watch a game i tune in about 12 minutes after to miss the noise and the anthems. I skip the intermissions and listen to sports talk shows to hear who repeats the latest wisdoms on HIO.

      Sometimes I mute the play by play, just to concentrate on the action, without distraction. I take it a step further then you, but maybe that is where you are heading……..have a good one, you are not alone.

  40. Maritime Ronn says:

    Good morning

    Here’s not knowing how many Habs fans saw this July 31st story on Subban in the Huffington Post, yet the writer should be Called Out and also be forced to submit a formal apology to at least The Habs organization and the great people of Montreal.

    The writer – a certain Rachel Descoste, is described as a motivational speaker, software engineer, and community activist…..

    HIO and the media in general focussed on money and term during the Subban process, yet it would take a single digit IQ nitwit to speculate Race as being the KEY issue…then follow up with bombastic, and hard to believe statements BEFORE the negotiation process was actually over.

    The Habs and the Have-Nots: Why Subban Should Leave Canada

    Excerpts and Conclusions:

    ” FACING THE FACTS Montreal is not the place where an ebony player like Subban can thrive. In a town where blackface is still considered acceptable – even on the public broadcaster’s airwaves, a dark-skinned prodigy in the “white man’s game” just can’t get the respect *nor the remuneration he’s earned.”

    The social experiment of a hockey prodigy with dark chocolate skin in Canada has lasted long enough.
    Montreal is no longer the bastion of racial progress it once was.
    PK Subban should thank the Habs for the stepping stone years and move on to MORE culturally mature and inclusive locales.”

    ” Both U.S. coasts would serve as ideal launch pads for the second phase of Subban’s career. They can promise something Canada can’t — unencumbered race-transcending support.”

    Lastly, if Kevin Weekes had one iota of courage – or actually understood what the word “Despicable” means – or what an actual arbitration contract process entails, he would also call out this baiting so called writer…

    • Cal says:

      I see we can’t comment on that page.
      I see she’s a motivational speaker and a software engineer.
      She is commenting on something that is out of her depth of expertise, so she comes off as an idiot.
      This comes through especially: “Both U.S. coasts would serve as ideal launch pads for the second phase of Subban’s career. They can promise something Canada can’t — unencumbered race-transcending support.”
      What a load of tripe.
      They won’t retract a commentary (which is all The Huffington Post is, anyways), but maybe a job for her as a writer at TSN is available.

      • Captain aHab says:

        Yeah…cause the States are a well-known bastion of race equality….LMFAO. Has she actually been there?

        Prepare to be boarded!!

    • Habfan17 says:

      hey MR,

      Now would be the time to start a twitter campaign and a petition, chastising the Huffington post for irresponsible and completely untrue journalism and call for them to drop Decoste from publishing with them.


    • JUST ME says:

      Will not dignify the Huffington post with my time because it`s what they do, write trash. They are the FOX news of newspapers and have a very little group of followers because they are that kind of quality individuals !!!

      • twilighthours says:

        Does the site even have staff writers? I was under the impression it was just a content aggregator and all its writers were freelancers.

        • Cal says:

          Huffington doesn’t pay a thing for its contributors. In some cases, you get that kind of drivel when you don’t pay for what you’re putting out to the public.

      • Loop_Garoo says:

        The Huffington post does not have a little group of followers, it has a massive one. I like it but you do have to be careful as there is as much poor content as great, but it is always interesting. As much as there is a lot of valid criticism, you can read even more garbage in the Sun. Even the National Post, although one of Canada’s great old papers, has such an overwhelmingly strong pro-big corporations slant that many of it’s articles regarding social, community or arts issues become nothing but made up tirades. Does not really matter your news source any more, you need to be careful and use your brain to separate the good from the bad.

    • DadidolizedDougHarvey says:

      Okay Quebec and Montreal have their issues, but maybe, Rachel, being a motivational speaker, you can see this as an opportunity for PK, and Montreal and Quebec…

    • New says:

      I think Decoste has a slant to all her columns that strikes a cord with some of us. Each of us has seen discrimination enough to know it can exist. That makes it easy to believe it applies every time someone declares it does, because sometimes it does. PK fights that battle every day. Someone says he is a fine young man and someone else whispers “They’re just saying that.”

      Now I could go on about Huffpo being the 69th most visited website in Canada while HIO is nipping at their heels at 4004th. One is a general and updated headline blaring site where people go to see what Beiber got in trouble for, while on the other people go for one subject and stay five times as long (probably waiting for the page to load). One is largely female in audience while the other is largely male. None of that means a thing.

      PK and the Canadiens didn’t comment on the negotiations when they were ongoing. You can bet though that friends and family drew PK’s attention to remarks made by columnists and broadcast personalities. When the contract was signed the Canadiens announced they were glad that was over. PK, one of the politest and well spoken gentlemen I have ever heard speak came out and expressed his opinion. PK said words to the effect that he was offended by the opinions of people not involved who claimed bias and that the Canadiens had treated him with nothing but respect and fairness.

      Now it is unfortunate PK had to do that and he would have a few more friends clapping him on the back in the elevator on the way up, but it is what a man does that marks him in this life. His words will roll off the backs of the people who don’t want to hear them and they will continue to whisper. There will always be an idiot on twitter or whatever replaces it. But most of us, the guys and gals striving to make HIO number 3999 and climbing, should listen to the man.

  41. franco says:

    The stats do not mean much because you need the players to execute, all over the ice. In todays market there will not be enough great players to have these ‘great stats’.

    You can see a need, but not be able to fill it because you run out of cap room. You could see a player that would have great stats, but, alas you cannot afford him.

    You can draft them but then who do you keep. The game is still played and coached with your eyes and a feel for the game.

    Stats are fine, but this is not a set of books, things happen, in the heat of a game, and experienced eyes are more important.

    You get the stats and say “yea I know” so get me the talent to make these stats look wonderful….oh yeah, no cap space….have to make do.

    • CJ says:

      It’s all about balance IMO. Great scouting aligned with advanced statistics. The other issue, again IMO only, is placing guys in positions to succeed. For example, recognizing that Emelin must play his natural left side. Being willing to shift elements so that you have players in a defined role, maximizing their chance of reaching their full potential.

      Lastly, the final thing I’d like the organization to try is a new process for drawing from the reserves (AHL) when replacing an injured player. Last season we brought Patrick Holland up to play on the fourth line. This simply won’t work. If we need a fourth line replacement, we should bring up a fourth liner. I’d rather have seen Tarnasky on the fourth line then Holland. Holland, Thomas, etc., can’t be brought up and plugged into a fourth line role. Of course, you need depth at every position, which until this point has either been missing or very thin. We now have quality depth, so I’m hoping this last issue is remedied.

      Just my two cents…..CJ

  42. franco says:

    1978 Canadiens:

    Dryden 8 mil
    Robinson 9 mil
    Savard 9 mil
    Lapointe 8 mil
    Lalfluer 11 mil
    Shutt 7 mil
    Lemaire 8 mil
    Gainey 7 mil
    Cournoyer 8 mil
    P Mahovalich 7 mil

    This comes to 65 million. Where does Bouchard, Engblom, Houle, Larocque, Trembly, Jarvis, Chartraw, Nyrop, Risebrough, Wilson, Lupien….fit in.

    Who do you cut?

    Who do you keep?

    If this team was in today’s NHL, there is no way they could win 4 Cups in a row. That is why ‘dynasties’ can probably never happen again. That was in a 16 team league.

    There are double the teams competing for players. 100’s more scouts and video that can be analysized.

    To win even once you have a very small window.

    Further the season ended in May of them years and Montreal had 3 rounds to get through. So in theory the Canadiens of this year went to the finals.

    How does a team win the ultimate prize. I think the fans expectations should be lowered to a good play off run. The cup may not be attainable because of attrition and money.

    • GrosBill says:

      The dominating dynasties of the past may be over, but there are modern day dynasties.

      In the modern day, a dynasty to me is a team that is considered a cup contender year in year out for several years.

      The Wings team consisting of Yzerman and Lindtsrom leading up to Datsyuk & Zett were the start of the modern type of dynasty IMO.

      More recently, Chicago and LA.

      The salary cap era does make it impossible (or at least very unlikely) for a powerhouse team like that 70’s team to ever be assembled again. But with good drafting, smart trades and good cap management, a team can still be a top team for years.

      • franco says:

        Yes, I agree, if you want redefine the term ‘dynasty’ to mean being in contention for a cup each year for a while.

        Then you could have several dynasties. This does not sound right to me.

        Edmonton had a dynasty, Islanders had a dynasty, the Canadiens had many dynasties. If you want to expand that to 7 or 8 teams that have an excellent chance of winning it all, then you are correct.

        But, realize in the late 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s the Canadiens were unbeatable and a true dynasty. No one else was really considered to have all the pieces to challenge them.

        The Canadiens could be in the top 10 elete teams, the the second 10 trying to get there, with the bottom 10 rebuilding etc.

        A dynasty this does not make.

        • GrosBill says:

          For sure, it takes more than top 10.

          In the last ten years, teams like SJ, Van etc., have had great teams that placed very well in the standings and for long periods of time. Most probably will not look back on them as dynasty teams, though very good.

          It is all a matter of perspective I guess. Chicago fans may remember these years as “dynasty” years. SI actually compared LA to all other dynasty teams. If I recall correctly, they even put LA #1 and 70’s habs #2 (could have been listed in no order, it is SI, so I did not take it too seriously). Crazy to me, absurd even, but apparently some disagree.

          Hopefully, no matter how few times a team has to win the cup to be considered a dynasty, we don’t end up with a dynasty that may have never won a cup at all in the future.

    • Cal says:

      There are so many things wrong with your salary assumptions that it’s not worth going over.

      • franco says:

        I admit, the evidence is pretty overwelming. I don’t blame you for not trying to form an argument.

        I probably underpaid a few of the stars, and maybe the Canadiens could have moved a top defenseman, but that would have weakened them.

  43. Captain aHab says:

    Just replied to someone’s comment about advanced stats and now everything is gone??

    Prepare to be boarded!!

  44. hansolo says:

    About advanced stats, I understand that Corsi and Fenwick relate to shots taken, and are surrogate measures of possession. I have no difficulty understanding them as team metrics. I get that teams which outshoot their opponents tend to win more games.

    What I don’t get is how one assesses an individual player’s performance with these metrics. For example, Manny Malhotra (I’m told) has terrible Corsi numbers because he always starts in the D-zone. Presumably, if he starts in the D-zone a lot, he’s up against the opposing team’s best players. So, isn’t his bad Corsi expected? Can one factor in zone starts and quality of competition with Corsi and Fenwick in one unified number? How does one assess individual performance relative to the team-mates that were on the ice at the same time? Shouldn’t Lars Eller have worse possession metrics than DD because he plays with less offensively talented players? (I don’t know if he does because I don’t even know where to look). But if he does, is he a worse player?

    Ryan White probably has bad Corsi numbers because he started in the D-zone a lot as well. I agree there are no excuses for Parros and Murray – but I didn’t need advanced stats to tell me they were terrible players.

    So, if anyone can enlighten me, I would be very grateful.

    • Captain aHab says:

      I tend to agree that these stats “overthink” the game a little.

      To me the ultimate metric is “Did we win the Cup or not?”

      Prepare to be boarded!!

    • Hobie says:

      I have yet to really sit down and analyze advanced stats. I plan to before the season starts.

      The thing that irks me about them is that you can have a guy who knows nothing about hockey, read a stats sheet, and supposedly tell you who’s a good or bad player. I suppose you can say that about any stat but something seems wrong.

      I picture someone watching a game and seeing a player like Galchenyuk really tear it up. That same person notices Galchenyuk’s Corsi was no good after the game so he decides that he played a poor game.

      The problem is that there are writers and analysts who lean on advanced stats as if they’re as if they’re the definitive answer to all performance related questions.

      Again though, I do have some respect for the advanced stats and I do plan on reading up on them and taking a look at them over the season.

    • twilighthours says:

      It is difficult. Agreed. The analytics guys typically look at a few things: a player’s corsi (or fenwick), the corsi of his teammates, the corsi of his (usually line-matched) opponents, the places where he starts his shifts and ends his shifts, the saves his goalie gives him when he’s on the ice, the saves the other goalie makes when he’s on the ice. These are the most common, and they all get special names.

      How might you build a case for the value of manny malhotra? You’d assume he’d have a bad corsi, as he’s a fourth liner. But how does his corsi compare to his teammates? Is it only marginally worse, or even better? How does it compare to other fourth liners around the league? Does he outperform the fourth liners he’s playing against? Even though he starts most of his shifts in his own zone, where does he finish them? (This is the mark of a true fourth liner. For example, halpern was really good at advancing the puck up ice).

      Take all these pieces of information and try to make something meaningful of it. And then watch!

      I think sometimes some of the analytics guys can be too quick to make a judgement about a player based on a few of these metrics, but the tide is shifting and many more people are seeing the value in considering them. I’d suggest heading over to eyes on the prize to learn more. There’s definitely a sub-culture (think reddit) that can be off-putting, but if you’re curious, that’s a good place to start (or cooper and blue, pension plan puppets, lighthouse hockey, most of the sbnation sites actually).

  45. dexterdog says:

    VANEK is German for MOOSENUT,

  46. dexterdog says:

    VANEK is German for MOOSENUT.

  47. HairyHabist says:

    Year 1 – $7mil – $5mil payable as upfront signing bonus
    Year 2 – $7mil – $4.5mil payable as upfront signing bonus
    Year 3 – $11mil – $2mil payable as upfront signing bonus
    Year 4 – $11mil – $2mil payable as upfront signing bonus
    Year 5 – $10mil – $0 bonus
    Year 6 – $10mil – $0 bonus
    Year 7 – $8mil – $6mil payable as upfront signing bonus
    Year 8 – $8mil – $6mil payable as upfront signing bonus

    • Habs_4_ever says:

      What does that all mean?

      “Leave the gun, take the cannoli.”

      • HairyHabist says:

        It means part of the salary will be paid upfront as a signing bonus.
        The balance will be paid over the course of the contract in periodic paychecks.

      • Loop_Garoo says:

        PK will get most of his money at the beginning of each year. This ensures that over the course of the contract he makes a ton more money on his investments, more flexibility, and in certain situations, more financial security.

      • HairyHabist says:

        The total value of the contract remains $72 million. Not $72mil + the $25.5mil signing bonus.

        I believe in this case the signing bonus will be spread out over the contract and paid at the start of each season according to the breakdown.

        Year 1 – $7mil total with $5mil payable at the start of the season and the $2mil balance paid over the course of the season in periodic paychecks.

  48. Habfan10912 says:

    Morning friends! I see Stall has what is described as a Core Muscle injury. My first though was “Oh boy, we have an upper body, a lower body and now a core.”

    But on further reading it seems that the core injury was formally known as a “sports hernia”.

    I like learning new things. 🙂


  49. Cal says:

    So, it’s two weeks or so until rookie camp.
    It is going to be two weeks of…drop the puck already!!

  50. Marc10 says:

    So Roger Federer can’t really play hockey much… But he still scores!


    Check out the pics of Kessel with the Fed-Express. Kessel looks like Peter Griffin from Family Guy. How in the world can he skate that fast?!

  51. habs001 says:

    Intimidation and nasty play is still a part of the NHL…Looking at the Habs D..Do they have enough tough players who are nasty enough to discourage some of the large and nasty forwards on the other teams not to crash the net or dominate in front of the crease and boards…Tinordi may be one who can counter this but he could be the 7th D…Of the other 6 D not many of them will be dropping their gloves to fight….Looking at the forwards there are also very few options if there is a fight..Prust,Weise and Moen are the only players who you expect to drop their gloves and 2/3 and maybe 3 of them should not for health reasons…Right now based on the potential roster the Habs should be among the teams with the fewest fighting majors…

    • Marc10 says:

      In terms of nasty, no… We’ll miss Murray or even Cube. They could fight. Only Tiny can answer the bell against most everyone and he likely won’t be a regular. Beaulieu and Weaver can take care of themselves if they have to (I don’t know about Gilbert) And as a D, three of our guys can lay people out – especially PK and Yemmy and, every now and again, Weaver.

      So yeah… We’re going to be missing that team toughness ingredient against some opponents. I can see Boston, Columbus and TB taking runs at the Franchise if we don’t have a nasty goon waiting in the wings.

      • Captain aHab says:

        I don’t buy that at all. Boston had goons when Savard was laid out…how is that possible? Goons will goon…it’s what they do.

        The best retaliation is a great PP.

        Prepare to be boarded!!

        • Marc10 says:

          I’m mostly worried about folks running Carey. Our season hinges on him, so I’d feel better if his kitchen was kept relatively clean. Failing that it never hurts to have someone who can show up every once in a while and remind everyone that life is precious and shouldn’t be wasted on goalie hunting or taking liberties with star players.

  52. Steven says:

    WARNING: This post has to do with advanced stats. I’m aware those aren’t very popular here, but please give it a chance, and thank you for not ripping me a new one 🙂

    Interesting stats, for those who hold in regard advanced stats:

    Of all players having taken part in more than 21 games last season, the Habs had four players in the bottom 40 for Corsi for % last season: from highest % to lowest, Brandon Prust, Douglas Murray, Ryan White, and league-worst George Parros.

    Of the same group of players, Habs had two in the bottom 40 for Fenwick for %, Ryan White and George Parros(who was, again, a league worst). To get Doug Murray and Prust in again, we have to extend to the bottom 90. 100th worst is Francis Bouillon.

    For those who don’t know, Corsi serves as a sort of measurement for shots-for vs shots-against differential. Fenwick does the same, but omits blocked shots. In either case, the number gives a good idea of possession when players are out.

    Do these numbers mean a whole lot? Not necessarily. Regardless, it’s nice to know that in a sport where possession is key, a horrible possession team like our Habs were(22nd in Fenwick for, ahead of only one other playoff team, the Flyers, and 26th in corsi for) dropped their three worst possession players, and four of their five worst.

    It may not seem like such a big deal, but if it improves the team’s possession numbers, the season ought to go well. The difference in a team that possesses and one that doesn’t is pretty obvious when you compare the regular season vs playoff Habs. The former was in games, but not dominant. The latter was hard to contain for every team they played.

    Another example of how important possession can be? The best possession teams in the regular season were the Kings, Blackhawks and Bruins. One won the Cup, one won the President’s Trophy, and the last went to Game 7 OT of the Conference Finals against the Stanley Cup Champs.

    Possession matters, and the Habs ought to be better there this year.

    • Bob_Sacamano says:

      First of all: Don´t worry, in a couple of seasons the vast majority of hockey fans will acknowledge that advanced stats are much more interesting and important than they first thought. Some people just need a little bit longer.

      I´m sure the Habs will already be a little bit better when it comes to possession simply because Parros and Murray are gone. They were absolutely horrible. I also think Gilbert, having Emelin on the left and especially Beaulieu (probably) in the team from game 1 on will help a lot. The rest is up to Therrien and the coaching staff.

    • Cal says:

      Actually, possession only matters if you do something with the puck. Carrying it up the ice to dump it in while there’s a line change doesn’t really do much.
      Neither does shooting the puck wide, but not on purpose.
      Possession changes 500 times a game.
      Scoring and good scoring chances matters more.

      • DipsyDoodler says:

        Yes! A team could have a strategy of always deliberately missing the net. Since Possession stats include missed shots, that team would have a very high Corsi/Fenwick and never score a goal. Well spotted.

        Moving. Forward.

      • B says:

        In his last season in Montreal (11/12), Gomez was 2nd on the team in CF% and FF%, just behind Palushaj

        –Go Habs Go!–

  53. Habitant in Surrey says:

    TSN ‘MORE NHL PLAYERS SUE LEAGUE FOR CONCUSSIONS’; http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/story/?id=458635

    “The latest lawsuit, which also alleges NHL officials are aware of the dangers of head trauma but downplay those risks, was filed July 25 in New York.

    Former New York Islanders forward Chris Ferraro, who played 74 NHL games from 1996 to 2002, and Dan Fritsche, who played 256 games in the league between 2003 and 2009, are the only former players listed as complainants.

    The legal documents, however, say lawyers are seeking to pursue the case as a class action lawsuit and that there are more than 100 potential class members. The documents do not say how much money the players are seeking from the league, but outline that the case involves move than $5 million.”

    “…In the latest case, lawyers for Fritsche and Ferraro have asked that the NHL be ordered to introduce a medical monitoring program to care for former and current NHL players who will have lifelong health problems and risks because of the league’s alleged misconduct.

    …The NHL has intentionally created, fostered, and promoted a culture of extreme violence, including violence from fighting.

    The NHL has known that, due to such violence, head trauma to plaintiffs and the class has been and is imminent,” the lawsuit says.

    The NHL has known that head trauma to plaintiffs and the class has and will be devastating and long-term negative health effects.

    Despite this knowledge and to maintain its revenue stream from violent construct, the NHL has and does intentionally subject plaintiffs and the class to head trauma.”


    Listen to my CBC Radio ‘AirPlay’ interview, hosted by Dave White: https://soundcloud.com/yukonradiodave/habs-fans-shut-out-by-rogers?utm_source=soundcloud&utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=facebook

    Follow Me on Twitter: @HabInSurrey

    Petition To Protest Roger’s Blacking Out Of Habs’ Games On RDS West Of Quebec

    Read and sign at; http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/no-habs-blackout-rds

  54. I realize, as CJ mentions, that it is absolutely time to move on from the PK debacle, but I happened to be doing a PK retrospective tonight, and I came up these comments by Boone, after the Ottawa comeback in March. Boone’s words:

    ” And maybe the win will persuade Michel Therrien to loosen the shackles on P.K. Subban.

    The reigning Norris Trophy winner played his best game since the Olympic break. With Ottawa in control and fans streaming toward the exits, Subban went full P.K. on the reeling Senators.

    The stats: ToI of 28:55 to lead both teams, assists on all three comeback goals, seven shots on goal, to lead both teams, plus three that were blocked and two that missed the net; four hits, two takeaways and two blocked shots.”

    It was a comeback, and it did seem to turn the season into a marvelous post-season. I hate to think of that game without him.


    • PK says:

      @ Luna T.
      A very good Encomium
      You should post more often.

      I hope that MT, indeed, lets his young guns play a little more freely and puts them in situations that will help them mature and gain confidence. (For example, more PP time for Galchenyuk and Beaulieu. Penalty kill for Subban etc.)

      >>>> Les Canadiens sont là
      _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

      “Une équipe de hockey sur glace de l’île de Mont-Royal va gagner la Coupe de Lord Stanley à 24 reprises dans le 20e siècle et trois fois au cours du 21e siècle.”

      – Nostradamus, 1552

  55. CJ says:

    Pushing away from the PK discussion, I’d like to take a quick moment to reply to comments regarding Briere below. IMO, the signing was a flop. That said, full credit to Bergevin for flipping Briere to the Av’s for PA and a pick. This is one thing I like about Bergevin – he’s not attached to a mistake. He identifies an opportunity, creates a market and makes the best deal possible.

    So, now that the Briere tenure has ended, what’s the lasting impression? I’ve read some folks who herald him as a clutch playoff performer, and others who regard him as a bust. As previously mentioned, my expectations were terribly low, so he neither impressed or disappointed. Personally, I don’t get the notion that he was clutch in the playoffs. Did I miss something? I went to five games at the Bell Centre and he never stood out. He never looked dangerous with the puck, nor did he make his teammates better. He finished ninth on the team in scoring and was easily pushed off the puck. Is it because he was essentially playing fourth line minutes, so any point stood out? Was it because he was billed as a clutch playoff performer that some grasped to any goal as clear proof that his game was elevated in the playoffs? Was it because Vanek, Gionta and Pleks struggled against New York that Briere, by contrast, looked better?

    I’m simply trying to understand the rationale behind the myth that has become Briere’s clutch 2014 playoff performance.

    • Phil C says:

      Briere was in a 4th line role, so his opportunities to be clutch were limited, but I think he made the most of his opportunities. 7 points playing 10 minutes a night with pluggers is not bad.

      I know you like big players, but I think you exaggerate how easy it is to push small players off the puck. This play was clutch, and notice how Briere won the physical battle for the puck against 6’4″ Eric Brewer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YtBp2n6cxn0

      The first goal of a game is very important in the playoffs, here was the first goal in game 7 against Boston: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-42hEbLK9bg

      Then he sticks the dagger in their chest( a little lucky but a nice play): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yb7KidtecSs

      He deserves the clutch label just for game 7 against Boston.

      • Marc10 says:

        He also made that crazy pass to PK for the breakaway goal on Rask. IMO, that killed the Bruins mentally. They never recovered from PK’s moment of magic (brought to you by Danny B).

        IMO, Briere should have gotten more PP time to showcase his abilities. He did deliver in the playoffs at key moments. But yes, he is a complete dead weight 5-5 during the regular season and PA should be more than able to fill his skates.

      • UKRAINIANhab says:

        That pass to Wiese was awesome! I think Briere did well, considering limited minutes.

        He had to be moved though, and Parenteau is not a top 6 player imo. So it was a fair trade.

        • Marc10 says:

          Production wise PA is a top 6 (or at least he was when he was on the Island). If you mean he’s not an All-star, then yes he isn’t that.

          The debate on HIO seems to be, if you’re not Corey Perry or Ryan Getzlaf, then you’re not a true top 6 forward. So in that respect only Patches would fits the bill.

          There are lots of fringe top 6 players around the league. I think PA fits in that picture. He’s not a mucker/grinder so he’s definitely a skills guy. My only concern with him is his ability to play MOAR. I doubt that’s the case. Upgrade on Danny? Sure. Upgrade on character and grit… we’ll see.

          • UKRAINIANhab says:

            I just think We are going to be frustrated with PA. I think some will try and make him a player he is not, his floating might get old very quick.

            We shall find out

          • piper says:

            PA for Briere was a salary dump for Colorado. Don’t expect much.

          • Marc10 says:

            There’s a very real chance we’ll be frustrated with PA. If he meshes well with DD and Patches, it could work. We’ll see. There is a reason why St Pat wanted him banished from the ranch in Colorado and he may get the same treatment from MT. At least he can skate which wasn’t the case for Briere.

      • CJ says:

        His stats are almost identical to Dale Weise (shots, TOI, games played, goals, assists, points), yet Weise was also much more physically involved and played on the third and fourth line. Gionta, who I thought struggled, also had seven points. Again, I wasn’t expecting much, so Briere didn’t disappoint me per say, but I certainly don’t get the notion that he enjoyed a strong playoffs.

    • Kooch7800 says:

      He was a round peg in a square hole on the Habs roster unfortunately. The habs needed a top 6 RW and not a centre who wasn’t good enough to bump any of their current centres.

      I never understood the signing and he performed about what I expected he would.

      Ice time has to be earned and they gave him PP time and top six ice and he looked terrible. He played better in a limited role and he looks best at centre …not a wing.

      Other than him being French I didn’t understand the signing.

      • CJ says:

        I absolutely agree. He wasn’t good enough to crack the top nine and I don’t believe he did nearly enough to earn more PP time. Look, Parenteau has warts too, and the second year could end up being a lability, but I think we did well to move Briere and receive something of value and a pick.

  56. Caesar says:

    I love PK and I ‘m glad he’s signed. My problem with the signing is it costs us Gorges. Not a big deal as he was being overpaid in my opinion.

    I think it also costs us Davey as the next Batch of RFAs need new contracts next year and he seems the most logical to go. I like DD, thought he was a stand out last year in the playoffs. I like the feel good story he brings with him too. It just looks to me like he’s odd man out because Chucky can do his job and should be better and cheaper at it. Will Max pout a la Vanek if the trade DD? who knows, but I think we will find out.

    • piper says:

      Gorges was a good shot blocker and a great team guy. But that kind of money can be better spent. DD is a decent NHLer but not a top 6 guy anywhere else but Quebec. You’re right, Chucky can do his job and better. It’s time to move forward. And if Max don’t like it I’m sure he’s tradable with that contract.

      • Loop_Garoo says:

        If you look at the points, and some of the passes DD makes, there are a lot of teams outside Quebec where he is a top 6 guy, maybe not a cup winning team, but he gets his points and leaves everything on the ice. He is far from perfect but he won’t get one word of criticism from me, he was never supposed to make it anywhere near here to start with.

  57. Habcouver says:

    PK will be life time Hab and future great ambassador for the club: le Grand Homme!

    We Are (Not) All Canucks.
    Proudly Canadian but passionately Canadien!

  58. EL_PRESEDENTE says:

    Hey Hab in Surrey out of curiosity whereabouts do you live? I’m in Fleetwood myself

    If you are crazy, you can be discharged from the army. But you have to apply for the discharge, and applying demonstrates that you are not crazy. As a result, you will not be discharged.

  59. HabFab says:

    So when is Bergevin going to sign PK already???

    • Habitant in Surrey says:

      You missed it ??? 🙂

    • EL_PRESEDENTE says:

      He’s retired

      If you are crazy, you can be discharged from the army. But you have to apply for the discharge, and applying demonstrates that you are not crazy. As a result, you will not be discharged.

  60. Habitant in Surrey says:

    The Gazette; ‘Georges Laraque’s call for boycott of Pig Festival backfires’: http://www.montrealgazette.com/technology/Georges+Laraque+call+boycott+festival+backfires/10087407/story.html


    Listen to my CBC Radio ‘AirPlay’ interview, hosted by Dave White: https://soundcloud.com/yukonradiodave/habs-fans-shut-out-by-rogers?utm_source=soundcloud&utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=facebook

    Follow Me on Twitter: @HabInSurrey

    Petition To Protest Roger’s Blacking Out Of Habs’ Games On RDS West Of Quebec

    Read and sign at; http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/no-habs-blackout-rds

    • DipsyDoodler says:

      I thought it was like a BBQ festival, in which case Karaque would have been way off base, but it’s just a shindig where lowlifes harass animals for pleasure.

      Moving. Forward.

    • frontenac1 says:

      Big Georges is a Green. My kinda guy. But I love Pig Roasts.Damn fine meat. Slow cooked in the pit. Some fine whiskey, Allman Bros,Marshal Tucker,Poco playingand herb to smoke.Life as it should be amigos.Saludos!

    • 1010 says:

      Seriously. So this is what some people do to add meaning to their lives. Calling for a boycott of a pig festival seems like one helluva a way to make the world a better place. Whatever makes you feel worthwhile I guess.

      GO HABS…

  61. Habitant in Surrey says:

    Found this on My Twitter this afternoon.

    In case it has not been linked previously; ‘Montreal Canadiens’ P.K. Subban on playing in Toronto and Don Cherry’s antics: 20 questions with the star defenceman’ by Sean Fitz-Gerald: http://sports.nationalpost.com/2014/07/29/20-questions-montreal-canadiens-p-k-subban-on-playing-in-toronto-and-don-cherrys-antics/


    Listen to my CBC Radio ‘AirPlay’ interview, hosted by Dave White: https://soundcloud.com/yukonradiodave/habs-fans-shut-out-by-rogers?utm_source=soundcloud&utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=facebook

    Follow Me on Twitter: @HabInSurrey

    Petition To Protest Roger’s Blacking Out Of Habs’ Games On RDS West Of Quebec

    Read and sign at; http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/no-habs-blackout-rds

  62. Mavid ® says:

    Weed Wacker Grandma Smurf

  63. frontenac1 says:

    I have been mixing and ingesting liquids, herbs and some chemical substances today.. When I post, I end up in a strange place with other exiles.It is not here. It is kinda over there. It is ok though. Steely Dan is playing.

  64. on2ndthought says:

    some comment on an Ottawa Sun ‘article’:

    I know now that this deal had to have been done over several drinks during the negotiations. Rationality flew out the window. This is exactly why fans pay several hundred dollars for a good seat at the rink.
    Totally absurd amount of money for anyone. Hope he coughs the puck up more than Jason Spezza this season.
    All this proves is that the Habs will do anything to win the Stanley Cup regardless of the costs!
    Desperate times call for desperate measures.

    I love this: “All this proves is that the Habs will do anything to win the Stanley Cup regardless of the costs!”

    umm… yeah.

    “a cannonading drive”

    • Mavid ® says:

      Not surprised nobody cares about the Sens so they are very jealous people. They are also big suckers and are always getting taken in by wanna be’s they don’t understand what it takes to have a real star on a team..boohoo enjoy the basement Ottawa

      Weed Wacker Grandma Smurf

    • Danno says:

      The Senators are a rinky-dink franchise with cheapskate imbecile management. Building the arena in the middle of nowhere was their first mistake and it’s been one epic fail after another ever since.


      “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”
      Updates, highlights & great discussions on all things Habs

      • Un Canadien errant says:

        That seems to be the new way of doing things, to build stadiums/arenas closer to downtown, within easy walking access. Suburban arenas are thing of the past.

        Half the fun of going to a Canucks or Seahawks game is the walk in with other fans. The Whitecaps fans have this whole procession/ceremony attached to the walk in.

  65. SmartDog says:

    Forget the PK math, let’s do some TEAM math going forward.
    Including bonuses, these five players will make about 8 million total this year before ALL 5 become RFAs needing new contracts.
    – Galchenyuk
    – Gallagher
    – Bournival
    – Tinordi
    – Beaulieu

    Since these are only ‘bridge’ contracts, let’s guestimate their next salary is something like this:
    – Galchenyuk 3.5
    – Gallagher 3.5
    – Bournival 2.5
    – Tinordi 2.5
    – Beaulieu 2.5

    We’re talking a jump to 14.5 million – up 6.5 million. Given that we only have 2.5 in cap space now, and that no-one making substantial money is finishing a contract… you gotta wonder. What is MB gonna do?

    This certainly means we are no longer in the market for a big free agent – and we won’t be for some years now. Even when a few larger contracts expire in 2 years, we’ll probably keep a couple of those guys and possibly at higher rates (Plekanec and Parenteau for example).
    Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

    • on2ndthought says:

      The negotiation between Meehan and Bergevin seemed to center on how much the cap is going up over the next few years as Sportsnet money comes in. If the amount is 5 or 6 million next year and then steady rises of 6 – 7 % per annum, then Meehan is right and PK’s contract is sustainable. If not we will be in tough and Bergevin trades PK and gets fired.

      I suspect Bournival is the next casualty of this summer’s moves. Don’t know if Moen is in shape to play at all this year, but Mikey B stands to lose out to DeLaRose or Sekac. I mention below the possibility of trading him for an enforcer (Bordeleau or McLeod from Colorado) if MB doesn’t trust the UFA pool.

      “a cannonading drive”

      • Bob_Sacamano says:

        Bournival is 22, has quite some upside and only makes 660.000 next season. If you want to create cap space you dump Moen, Prust, Bourque and/or Desharnais.

        • on2ndthought says:

          Moen is untradeable until he gets through his first fight intact, I’m not going to talk DD, Bourque is big, fast, and strong. If we get a heavyweight to protect Prust, he is valuable. I don’t see Bournival as having upside, but even if he does, we have similar/superior players coming up (Hudon, DLR, Bozon, Crisp).

          “a cannonading drive”

    • jols says:

      PK’s bridge contract was 2 years for 5.75 total. So 2.85 million a year. I know the cap has went up since then but I still don’t see anyone making more than that. Maybe Galchenyuk if he has the break out season many think he might.

    • Mark C says:

      Think you are greatly over estimating values of these players bridge contracts. I know the cap is going but Eller got $1.1, I have a hard time seeing Bournival doubling that. Subban was just under $2.9 after two 30 plus point seasons. Have a hard time seeing Tinordi and Beaulieu getting $2.5 without monster seasons.

    • rhino514 says:

      6.5 million ….but the cap seems to be going up around 5 million a year and could be more next year (Doesnt the new Rogers (is it?) or media deal guarantee 3 million alone?)
      I don´t see a big issue.
      But I do see thanks to your numbers that they may not be able to get a free agent. I was thinking they had the room this year, especially if they wait till close to the trade deadline, but now I realize they wouldn´t have room in the coming years.
      So they would be limited to trades for players who become free agents at the end of the year and simply not re-sign them.
      (This is all barring other trades freeing up cap space, though)
      Makes me kind of happy now that Gorges vetoed the Toronto trade.
      How the heck could we have kept Franson, PK and sign other players?
      Would´ve been impossible,
      MB deserves a heck of alot of credit for the minus Gorges add Gilbert moe.

    • Ncognito says:

      Budaj, Weaver and Malhotra will be gone and that frees up 4 million.

    • Harditya says:

      I don’t see any of Bealieu, Tinordi or Bournival earning more than 2 M in their bridge deals, neither one has put up respectable numbers or played a full season in the NHL as of yet. As Mark C stated, even Subban got a very small raise at the time of his bridge contract, despite having two 30+ pt seasons. Lars too.

  66. habsfan4ever says:

    Thrilled with the P K signing! Moving on and looking towards the immediate future, would anyone on here like to see Brodeur come to Montreal as a back up to Price for just one season and let Marty finish his career in his home town? Make any sense? I believe he is still available.

    Les Canadiens sont la!

    • fastfreddy says:

      Marty still thinks he can start, that’s the problem.

      CH = Les Glorieux!!!

    • Maritime Ronn says:

      Surely Carey Price would love that…
      There’s going to be enough dressing room, pecking order ego jockeying next year without another once great, yet now has-been, joining the room and possibly leaking Habs secrets stuff to RDS….

    • Habfan17 says:

      I think it would be a huge distraction. The season would become more about his ” final tour” then the Habs taking the next step!
      Just my opinion.


    • on2ndthought says:

      don’t think he wants to be the fourth goalie

      “a cannonading drive”

    • Un Canadien errant says:

      I have a lot of respect for Martin Brodeur, but don’t feel any affinity for him, he’s much more of a Devil than a local for me. I don’t see his presence on our roster as an attractive option, it’ll just be an oddity, a curio.

      Further, the reason Martin didn’t re-sign with the Devils is that he didn’t want to be a backup to Corey Schneider, he wants to start. Fair enough, good that he wants to compete, but it’s unrealistic when his declining numbers are taken into consideration. And it means we have no use for him.

      Best-case scenario for him is that a few starters get injured, so goalies are in demand again, and he goes to a team that has a young-ish goalie not quite ready for prime-time, and they split the games.

  67. frontenac1 says:

    Hola! Any of you Toronto amigos go down to that Caribbean party? Some Fine looking gals shakin”their stuff.

  68. Maritime Ronn says:

    OK – now that the necessary CBA business nonsense and media over the top wackiness of Subban’s contract is out of the way, it’s time to look forward.

    With the new Subban status and Monster Expectations, it will be imperative for the Habs coaching staff to put PK in the best possible position to succeed….because if Subban succeeds, so will the Habs.

    This does not mean ‘Protected Minutes’ or big offensive zone starts vs. D zone starts – this means taking the best advantage of his talents and game changing abilities.

    From here, there is no emotional judgement when discussing Coach Therrien – just a Bill Parcells simple, yet telling evaluation method:
    ” You Are What Your Record Says You are.”

    So how does Coach Therrien need to ‘adapt’?

    First off, that means playing Subban with the best partner possible.
    There is no doubt a 1st Even Strength and PP paring of Subban-Markov should be a given.

    A Subban pairing with 7th/8th NHL ranked Dman such as a Bouillon type, or a 1-dimensional, 5th NHL Dman, and offensively challenged guy that had trouble skating….such as a Josh Gorges style, should NEVER be considered moving forward.

    Please know there was great respect for those guys and what they brought and contributed, but not as a Subban 5X5 partner.
    That was a huge mistake.

    Look around the NHL as to the very best Dmen, and they are always paired with terrific partners:

    Duncan Keith – Seabrook
    Drew Doughty – Muzzin
    Alex Pietrangello – Boumeester
    Chara – Boychuck (Siendenberg)
    Shea Weber -Seth Jones (and before, Hamhuis/Ryan Sutter)
    Ryan McDonagh – Dan Girardi
    Ryan Sutter – very underrated Jonas Brodin/Jared Spurgeon

    Next up, with the likely emergence of Nate Beaulieu and puck savvy Tom Gilbert, Subban should never be asked again to play a full 2 minute PP shift.
    That was almost insanity, as sometimes Subban was caught on the ice for a + 3 minute, burnout shift.

    As for Short-Handed situations, if the Habs can maintain their Top 5 NHL status without Subban, then there is no need to waste his talents on that Specialty Team.

    If not, then he needs to be integrated there…as are the very best NHL Dmen.
    Subban was not out of place on the PK way back in 2011-12 when he logged a tied for 2nd most PK minutes for all Habs Dmen…and where the Habs had the 2nd Best PK in the NHL.

    • Paz says:

      I’m hoping that Beaulieu impresses so much in pre season that we can line him up next to Subban.
      I know there will be mistakes, but I think having Beaulieu next to Subban makes a ton of sense.
      I would also keep them together for the power play!
      Markov lines up with Tom Gilbert 5 on 5 and 2nd wave power play.

      Finally, I would sew an A on Subban’s jersey, and watch that young man shine as a true leader to Beaulieu and one of the true leaders of this team.

      My captain is Max Pacioretty.

      • frontenac1 says:

        I like Nate. Smooth skater and he can handle his dukes. Not sold on Bournival yet. With his speed and size he could be a great 3rd. Or 4th liner. He needs to up his Nasty and stop shooting at the goalie”s crest.

      • on2ndthought says:

        I was thinking the same thing. It’s up to Daigneault to teach Beaulieu the right time to gamble offensively, and when to back PK up while he tries to crush a forward crossing the blue paint.

        “a cannonading drive”

    • Habfan17 says:

      I would agree that PK needs to be able to play in all situations, including the pk this season. I would rather see him paired with Emelin and have Markov play with Gilbert for even strength and have Markov and Subban on the first power play unit. With Beaulieu and Gilbert on the second.

      I would have Beaulieu with Pateryn / Weaver as the 3rd pair. Tinordi as the spare or back in Hamilton. Unless Tinordi proves he is better than Emelin. Then I would trade Emelin.


    • Un Canadien errant says:

      I posted this as a reply to Stevie.Ray earlier today.

      Stevie.Ray AUGUST 3, 2014 AT 10:58 AM

      Markov – Subban
      Emelin – Gilbert
      Beaulieu – Weaver

      Un Canadien errant AUGUST 3, 2014 AT 12:12 PM

      I think/hope that’s the pairings for this season, the most natural fit, and I agree that the makeup last year forced the team to separate P.K. and Andrei. I would like for the Habs to roll with a true #1 pair, which would also be the first wave pairing on the powerplay, and on the penalty kill.

      There wouldn’t be too much jumbling around with pairings for specialty teams, maybe Mike Weaver replaces Tom Gilbert on the second wave of the penalty kill, and Nathan gets the second wave of the powerplay, but everyone plays their natural side barring injuries.

      Cross my fingers, Jarred’s progression will allow him to be P.K.’s partner on the first pairing (except powerplay) starting next season, and one of the rightie prospects (Magnus Nygren, Greg Pateryn, Morgan Ellis, Darren Dietz, Dalton Thrower, Josiah Didier) is ready to take over from Mike Weaver on the third pairing.


      Generally, I think the removal of leftie Josh Gorges and addition of rightie Tom Gilbert solves a lot of problems on our D, naturally, without having to contort ourselves. P.K. will get to play with either Andrei or Alexei, depending how the camp/season goes and the coaches feel. If the youngsters wow at camp, they might get a crack at the first pairing.

      My ideal would be for P.K. to play with a big tough stay-at-home type, which is why I’d love it if Jarred took a big step forward this season and the next. I’d like for the Bruins and Leafs to think twice about crosschecking P.K. after whistles, with Jarred blowing steam out of his nostrils nearby.

  69. HardHabits says:

    Did PK Subbankrupt the Habs?

  70. Feraco says:

    I find it amusing that some of these media writers are slamming MB for that bridge deal. Pk was young, sporadic, and had a hugeeeee ego. The bridge deal put him in his place and made him prove himself. So for the last 2 years he won the Norris and had nearly a point a game while players like Karrlson didn’t make the playoffs, and got a long term deal. Now he’s going into his prime and he deserves it. Hindsight is always 20/20. What MB is has been to set a president to all young players around the league and other GMs. Sign a bridge deal, prove yourself then get paid. What’s wrong with that?

  71. Maritime Ronn says:

    Well, now that the necessary CBA business nonsense and media over the top wackiness of Subban’s contract is out of the way, it’s time to look forward.

    With the new Subban status and Monster Expectations, it will be imperative for the Habs coaching staff to put PK in the best possible position to succeed….because if Subban succeeds, so will the Habs.

    This does not mean ‘Protected Minutes’ or big offensive zone starts vs. D zone starts – this means taking the best advantage of his talents and game changing abilities.

    From here, there is no emotional judgement when discussing Coach Therrien – just a Bill Parcells simple, yet telling evaluation method:
    ” You Are What Your Record Says You are.”

    So how does Coach Therrien need to ‘adapt’?

    First off, that means playing Subban with the best partner possible.
    There is no doubt a 1st Even Strength and PP paring of Subban-Markov should be a given.

    A Subban pairing with 7th/8th NHL ranked Dman such as a Bouillon type, or a 1-dimensional, 5th NHL Dman, and offensively challenged guy that had trouble skating….such as a Josh Gorges style, should NEVER be considered moving forward.

    Please know there was great respect for those guys and what they brought and contributed, but not as a Subban 5X5 partner.
    That was a huge mistake.

    Look around the NHL as to the very best Dmen, and they are always paired with terrific partners:

    Duncan Keith – Seabrook
    Drew Doughty – Muzzin
    Alex Pietrangello – Boumeester
    Chara – Boychuck (Siendenberg)
    Shea Weber -Seth Jones (and before, Hamhuis/Ryan Sutter)
    Ryan McDonagh – Dan Girardi
    Ryan Sutter – very underrated Jonas Brodin/Jared Spurgeon

    Next up, with the likely emergence of Nate Beaulieu and puck savvy Tom Gilbert, Subban should never be asked again to play a full 2 minute PP shift.
    That was almost insanity, as sometimes Subban was caught on the ice for a + 3 minute, burnout shift.

    As for Short-Handed situations, if the Habs can maintain their Top 5 NHL status without Subban, then there is no need to waste his talents on that Specialty Team.

    If not, then he needs to be integrated there…as are the very best NHL Dmen.
    Subban was not out of place on the PK way back in 2011-12 when he logged a tied for 2nd most PK minutes for all Habs Dmen…and where the Habs had the 2nd Best PK in the NHL.

    • JUST ME says:

      I think that the D-squad will have their hands full this season . A young defensive squad means new pairings and costly errors. Price to pay to see either Beaulieu Tinordi or Pateryn getting the full time job. So P.K will have to take some more responsiblilities if he is matched with any of the rookies . But still they should be in good shape.

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