Contract updates on Subban, Price; camp audio

Agent Don Meehan, seen here at last weekend’s entry draft, is negotiating contracts for a number of Habs players, including P.K. Subban.
Bruce Bennett, Getty Images

• FRIDAY DEVELOPMENT CAMP AUDIO (thanks to Abe Hefter of CJAD 800 AM): Mac Bennett | Sebastian Collberg

Don Meehan, head of the hockey agency Newport Sports Management, tells Hockey Inside/Out that talks between restricted free-agent client P.K. Subban and the Canadiens for a new contract should begin next week.

And while there’s been plenty of heat regarding what some believe is an imminent contract announcement for Carey Price, the goalie texts HIO to say his new deal “hopefully will be done in a couple weeks.” So exhale on that one, and wait for it.

Meehan, who signed RFA client Ryan White to a one-year deal with the Habs this week, says he’s “actively negotiating” with the Canadiens for contracts for RFA defencemen Rafael Diaz and Alexei Emelin.

Word is expected imminently on the plans of Canadiens UFA Travis Moen, another Meehan client.


  1. youngwun says:

    If we get patrick kane im gonna trip out .! I hope this is true!

    • Dave Jones says:

      I’d trade a player or two for Kane…
      Maybe Gionta and Markov? Pleks? Gorges? It’s hard for me to see this without sending a top three defenceman. Not sure about NTCs, but Chicago seems a fairly desirable destination. Also not sure about the prospects. The prospects would give me pause more than any veteran on the team. But the potential for a Kane-Galchenyuk-Pacioretty line for years to come, with Subban and Price behind them… Bergevin would be right to make this move. ‘Course, probably just another rumour. There’s a few of those around these days.

      P.S. Great to have Moen back.

  2. habsfanforever7631 says:

    So I come on hio, and this is what I see.
    Moen is signed for 4 years. Cool like him a lot!
    We got an assistant coach. Nice
    Holy shi* Kane is coming to Montreal!
    Tom man now I’m gona be thinkin all through the weekend about this!
    And I believe you Tom, cause I don’t think you’d be making up something like this.
    Just worried about the prospects…
    I hope it’s not Beaulieu or Tenordi. Also Gorges future captain material, anyone can’t just block 250 shots like he did. He loves Montreal, and he wants to win here, wouldn’t want to lose him. Another player I don’t want to see go is Pacioretty, obvious reasons…
    If it happens, it’s gona be a big change!
    I’m excited/worried/nervous! Lol

  3. Mattyleg says:

    Oh Good Gosh,
    Trade rumours abounding.
    There is no way that we’re trading Pleks, unless it’s for an incredible 1st-line forward.

    Bergevin likes him, and knows what he’s worth (which is more than I can say for a large number of posters on here) so IF he were to go, we’d be getting someone incredible back, and we’d be two men short on the PK, because of what Pleks does there.

    I’ll believe it (doesn’t happen) when I see (that it doesn’t happen).

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

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