Spain vs. Switzerland: Boone blogs live

Mike Boone has the Spain vs. Switzerland game today at the World Cup covered at our Goal Posts blog.


  1. SeriousFan09 says:

    Florida doesn’t have the financing to spend the cap, which you have to do for a Cup even when you tank.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  2. likehoy says:

    i started cheering for the swiss the moment they resembled the habs 😀

    quote of the day regarding the match

    “Then again, considering how good Roger Federer is on grass, perhaps we
    should have seen this coming?”

  3. matmacat says:

    ya man, totally.

  4. Ghosts of the Forum says:

    After watching Spain dominate the Swiss and lose, I got a bit of the taste the Caps and Pens fans must’ve had….it’s rather bitter.

  5. Ian Cobb says:

    Only game in town Steve! but there is always marbles for real sustained action!

  6. Ian Cobb says:

    Come on , where is all the soccer talk guys and gals.?? Great time watching all these games with the rest of the world.

    This game has everything that a true hard nosed sports fan  appreciates, speed, ball control, power strikers, fantastic goal tending, shut outs are hard earned. The acting and rolling around on the ground dying is superb.

    I can’t wait until lawn bowling starts!

  7. 24 Cups says:

    SD – Gomez scores more than they do in World Cup soccer.  What a ho-hum game.  90 minutes of boredom and if anyone scores the fans start killing each other.  What’s worse, the World Cup or the G8 Summit?

  8. RH says:

    Although, I have to admit that I know nothing about the teams in this tournament so….

  9. oshawahabsfan says:

    Good to see you’ve posted some intelligent thoughts again. You probably have no appreciation of the sport because you can’t participate in it. Bet you can’t run 5 minutes, let alone 45 straight. Go on the other threads that have a hockey title

  10. RH says:

    HOLY CRAP!!! SPAIN LOST????!!??

    I picked them to go to the finals for frig sakes!

  11. Bugs says:

    Montreal-born. Half-French (the bad half obviously).

    But how would the surprise my claims cause affect your love for me?

    That’s the part I don’t get.

    Keepin it real, I be chillin as

    L.Bugs Potter, esq. Brotha to the Man with the Plan, Product-runnin Lead Houndogg with the Voodoo Flannel Posse, and Pimp Extraordinaire of Habsbros Mama Jones Snow Cones, muthafugga:

  12. SeriousFan09 says:

    FIFA officials are crying in their pillows as they read this.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  13. Mr_MacDougall says:

    we get a first and third if he signs a  3 million offer sheet…..

  14. SmartDog says:

    I just posted a 5 QUESTIONS (mostly about trades) on the thread before this.  I’m boycotting soccer.  😛

    Not signing or trading Pleks = yet another missed opportunity.

  15. SeriousFan09 says:

    Depends on returns and what is involved, if the 6th overall pick is in play, options would include possibly RW Brett Connolly, LW Nino Niederreiter, C Ryan Johansen and Ds Derek Forbort and Brandon Gormley.

    That is of course, if that deal could occur, but adding a potential Top-2 defencemen prospect or Top-3 winger is hard to pass up for Tampa in a rebuild stage especially with the Lecavalier contract on their back. Trading for it would cost Price and more, likely a notable prospect and our 1st and possibly our 2nd as well.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  16. Niklas says:

    I’ve read on some sites that Yzerman seems keen on Price, any chance that we could get their 1st round pick in return? And maybe someone else? Who would you guys pick if so? Nino?

    I’d rather keep Price than Halak ‘cus i think he has way more potential, but that’s me.

  17. Favorite Son says:

    Yeah I don’t know why I thought he was a winger…For sure him and Hall will immediately make an impact on the team next season.

  18. RiverviewCanadien says:

    I agree 100%, but as SF09 says below, another team will more than likely take him.

  19. HFX-HabFan says:

    Think you meant ruining, not running.  Regardless, in case you hadn’t noticed, the majority of the posts on even the “World Cup articles” are all about hockey and the Habs.

  20. pmaraw says:

    duhwayne, is your keyboard broken?  your caps lock is sonstantly on in all your posts.  as for your trade, maybe you should go yell in gauthier and tambellini’s face.

  21. SeriousFan09 says:

    Stay classy Adam, keep going with your avatar as well.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  22. Favorite Son says:

    lol your avatar always cracks me up.

  23. SeriousFan09 says:

    Eberle is a Centre though and one of the most clutch scorers Hockey Canada’s ever had. On the Oilers roster, he could probably take a Top 6 role.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  24. Favorite Son says:

    Yeah but besided Gagner, who’s going to feed them the puck? Unless Hall and Eberle bring out the best out of Horcoff and Cogliano… You’re probably right about Edm drafting Hall though.

  25. adam76 says:

    no one cares about the world cup expect left wing hipsters.  Stop running this site with soccer talk.

  26. SeriousFan09 says:

    And a skeleton that’s composed of cheap glass and his contract runs for 2 more years, having us carry a defencemen who isn’t reliably healthy for an extra year than Hamrlik’s doesn’t seem to work.

    Souray’s got an NTC as well and he won’t come back to MTL, went out west for his family.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  27. HardHabits says:

    I am not old enough to have been very young when all that happened and not so old that my memory is fading from remembering.

  28. 24 Cups says:

    Gomez is a crippling salary to take on, 2nd line centre with 1st-line pay:-)

  29. SeriousFan09 says:

    Depends what BOS would give for that scoring winger they are dying to get their hands. Hall could be the superior player and it’s always best to draft the best player available, Eberle/Hall would be incredibly strong.



    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  30. Psycho29 says:

    The vuvuzelas must have really annoyed them!

  31. Favorite Son says:

    Here’s a real debate: If you were the Oilers who would you take, Hall or Seguin? Edm looks a bit weak down the middle so I would lean towards Seguin (he’s a centre, right?).

    I also think the Bruins would prefer to have Hall since they’re pretty much set with centres (Savard, Krejci, Bergeron).

  32. pic1983 says:

    Well if you have Gionta, Cammy, gOmez and pleks all coming due at the same time, you’re looking at a huge makeover.

  33. SeriousFan09 says:

    Hey I love Koivu, everyone here knows that, but I also know we can’t argue any idea of his entering the HOF based on his potential if you knock off his injury history and Koivu was well out of a lottery selection.

    My point was you could lose two years for a strong, but not elite 1-2 defender who seems to have Panther disease and a lazy #1 centre who doesn’t show up when it counts, rather than potentially unlocking a Kane and a Toews, a Doughty, or a Malkin and Crosby. Simply put, too many teams are **** to reliably tank and the lottery can always upset you out of position as well, then the vagaries of the draft years being strong or weak can just cost your team years recruiting players that smarter drafting and trades could’ve acquired.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  34. HFX-HabFan says:

    I highly doubt the Oilers will deal their first overall pick, or Eberle, or Horcoff (they would if they could but I doubt there will be any takers- his contract is arguably the worst in the entire NHL).  It will be a success for them if they can unload Souray.  I look forward to seeing their Triple H line leading their forwards next year:




    Moreau (unless bought out)/Nilsson/Stortini (if he stays)

    And don’t forget they also have that Swedish kid with the hyphenated name who they took in the first round last year in the wings.  They’re a few years away but they do have some blue chip prospects. 

    (I now return to my regularly scheduled Habs fandom)

  35. pic1983 says:

    Its Montreal Canadiens policy to select the best player available based on draft rankings, subjective details like “on the rise” or “falling” arent taken into consideration. 


    At least thats what it looks like based on our 1st round drafting history, with the exception of 2005 when we took carey price. 

  36. habsgod says:

    thank-god your not gauthier

  37. pic1983 says:

    The only place hes fallen is in habs fans heart.

    Anyone who actually thinks carey is done for and washed up should just quit watching hockey.

  38. HFX-HabFan says:

    That’s a bit odd, considering he became Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (from Lew Alcindor) well before he became a Laker, and never actually played alongside Jerry West.

  39. Mark says:

    Ok, one, stop yelling. Two, as great as that trade would be, I doubt the Oil would get rid of Eberle. Also, A fresh start for Max Pac? What fresh start? He’s barely been in the NHL and you’re ready to send him packing? That’s a little short sighted I think.

  40. SeriousFan09 says:

    Horcoff is a crippling salary to take on, 3rd-line centre with 1st-line pay.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  41. HardHabits says:

    Dude! I watched the game where he went down with his knee injury. At the time he was leading the scoring race.

    And you wanna argue against my tanking theory.

    BTW I’d take a Bouwmeister and a Spezza any day of the week. Not with Martin as coach though.

  42. Favorite Son says:

    Stop yelling. The Oilers will not trade Eberle nor their 1st rd pick. I guarantee you.

  43. HardHabits says:

    The only way Lindros gets into the HHOF is if there’s a video of him getting nailed by Scott Stevens at the Scott Stevens display.

  44. Dwayne33 says:


  45. HardHabits says:

    Thanks for that. I still remember Jerry West and Lou Alcinder. Kareem who?

    Much more interesting than this snore-fest of a World Cup of Soccer.

  46. G-Man says:

    More dull soccer with lots of horns.

  47. Favorite Son says:

    That’s not enough. People have to stop thinking that the Kostitsyns have any value.

  48. G-Man says:

    Eric Lindros belongs in the concussion HoF. Other than that, he received lots of pay for not delivering the goods.

  49. Dwayne33 says:






  50. hab_skill says:

    According to Darren Dreger, the Oilers are listening to all offers concerning the 1st overall pick. I think PG should offer: Price, K Bros and/or our 1st round pick for Deslauriers and the 1st overall pick. Good Idea?

  51. SeriousFan09 says:

    I agree, Lindros never won anything at the NHL level besides a Hart and Pearson, his potential doesn’t earn a HOF.

    Potentially without his injuries and a battle with cancer, Koivu would be an 800-point or more player by now and still playing in a capable Top 6 role. Unfortunately, due to those injuries he’ll always be less than what he could have been but that was potential and you can’t argue on that.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  52. Storm Man says:

    With all the great sports action going on today 😉 Mike Brophy is calling the big E Eric Lindros a hall of famer. I think the HHOF is getting a little soft on who they have been letting in. So let’s have a HIO poll on if he should be in the HHOF.


    My vote no, my reason is not what he could have done but what he did.

  53. ed lopaz says:

    Burke threw almost 3 million at Grabovski last year.

    Its very risky to try and figure out what Burke is thinking


    It would make sense that they need a center to play first

    line minutes with Kessel. It will be someone, and Marleau

    might not be a good fit.

  54. ed lopaz says:

    Speaking of Price, Elliot Friedmann writes.. “finally worked hard at getting into good shape. He committed to going on the treadmill before every practice and it made a huge difference. That won’t go unnoticed by teams interested in him.”

    I can not believe that this is even being reported at this stage in price’s career. Its astounding how far this kid has fallen. Hopefully he’s on the right path for good.

  55. SeriousFan09 says:

    Kovy II isn’t a Burke-type player either and he probably doesn’t want to deal with the media circus in Toronto. Marleau I don’t think has any interest in playing under Wilson again, Wilson tends to alienate his teams after enough tim with them and he and Marleau apparently conflicted a lot.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  56. ed lopaz says:

    I had heard that we must offer him a pro contract, and

    Fischer would have to turn it down, in order for this rule

    to kick in.

    I’m trying to find it on the net, but so far no luck.

  57. Storm Man says:

    That is like finding out you have an old bank account with 3-4k in it.

  58. showey47 says:

    david fischer might actually be a valuable asset after all.


  59. Storm Man says:

    Round 1 is always slow as no one wants to lose. When it gets to the knockout rounds the stars will show what they have.

  60. 24 Cups says:

    I hope we do better than Petrovic.  His stock has fallen and I’d rather get someone who is on the rise. 

    McIlrath cleaning his clock may be shades of Komi and Lucic all over again.

    Let’s move up a few spots and get someone better.

  61. W35T5ID3 says:


    Eliotte Friedman believes Price will be dealt and he’d fetch 2 good pieces in return…..^^^^CHECK it OUT.

  62. SeriousFan09 says:

    Despite the issues swirling around Kabanov, I’m still pretty sure someone will take him before us, no one wants to put Kabanov in their mock draft, but at his talent level, someone will be convinced they can turn him into an NHLer.

    I’m shocked that Vladimir Tarasenko has been listed in the 1st round by some, the ship has sailed on drafting out of the KHL in the 1st round I would say. The Nikita Filatov drama, along with Radulov bolting and Zherdev walking away to play in the KHL was the nail in the coffin over the last couple years.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  63. nickster13 says:

    with that draft position, at that stage we would HAVE to pick kabanov,too talented not to pick if hes still on the board

  64. mike g says:

    Leafs won’t touch him…

    He’s not a Brian Burke “type” player. They’ll go after Kovalchuk and Marleau. And watch Kaberle go to Buffalo for Stafford and a 1st rounder this year.

    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

  65. SeriousFan09 says:

    Hockey’s Future has  us selecting Alexander Petrovic out of the WHL.



    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  66. ed lopaz says:

    the leafs will offer plekanec 30+ million for 6 years, and that’s just 1 team.

    forget about their cap trouble.

    there are tons of teams looking for centers that can put up points.

    I would love to keep him, but we’re already locked into the gomez deal.


  67. mike g says:

    I think any smart GM will also look at his best years with a grain of salt…

    Last year was exceptional for a player his size and the amount of different roles he filled with near perfection. Constantly changing linemates, injured squad for most of the year, etc…Can’t argue with last season’s stats. But the year before, 39 points. 2 years ago, he had 69 points, but for certain reasons; Kovalev’s exceptional 35+ goal campaign, everything went right for the Habs and they finished 1st in the East, etc…Last year when Kovy dropped, so did Pleks.

    So all in all, even though he has become a very good player, it’s hard to throw 5 mill for longterm to a guy who benefitted from an overall teams success 2 years ago, then slumped like crazy, and now finally had a great year due to himself being the main reason.

    I know there are GM’s who won’t look at that, and will always throw big money around without a problem. But if I’m PG, the deal I listed above is almost my final deal. Maybe a little more money if that’s what it takes, but not 30 mill for 6 years. At that price he can walk, sucks to say it….

    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

  68. Storm Man says:

    No need for a huge makeover. I would hope by then some of the players from the Dogs are on the team plus some we have drafted. 😛

  69. ed lopaz says:

    mike, it would be great for the habs to get that deal, but plekanec will not go for it.

    at least, if i’m his agent, I say no to that deal.

    here’s why.

    someone in the league will offer at least 5 million (conservatively, probably higher still) and at least 4 year term.

    that’s 20 million and he’s still got 2 years left in term to reach your 6 years.

    what do think plekanec will be worth 4 years from now when he’s still only 32?

    there is an ESCALATION of salaries in pro sports, please remember.

    a 32 year old, with 6 solid years of NHL experience under his belt, if he has plekanec’s talent and numbers (around 60-70 points per season)

    will be worth ATLEAST 6 million for year 5 and year 6 = 12 million.

    so by my calculation,

    plekanec is worth close to 32 million for the next 6 years not 25.7 million.

    since he is young, and there is lots of demand for him, and his salary is still on the increase in year 5 and 6,

    I do not sign your deal if I’m plekanec

  70. 24 Cups says:

    Mike – I find it hard to believe that some team won’t offer Pleks at least $5M a year.  Hell, Ryder got $4M and he played like total crap in his contract year.  Never underestimate what GM’s will do.  Pleks is holding all the cards this summer and I’m sure his agent will keep reminding him of that fact.

  71. nickster13 says:

    and have another makeover opp like last year? No thank you 😛 i want a few overlaps and inconsistencies in the years the contracts end

  72. Storm Man says:

    I dont like the 6 year term…. 4 year would be better that is when the core of the forwards are UFA.

  73. mike g says:

    How does this sound for a Pleks contract…..

    year 1- 3.9 mill

    year 2- 4.3 mill

    year 3+4+5- 4.5 mill

    year 6- 4 mill

    So he’s signed long term, t’ill he’s 33 which is the end of his prime, and an overall cap hit of 4.2 million. It’s a 6 year deal worth 25.7 mill.

    Very good for both parties if you ask me, and if you consider 4.2 mill excellent for a 1st/2nd line center in his prime…

    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

  74. SeriousFan09 says: on the Vezina candidates:

    “One of these days Martin
    ‘s age and the amount of minutes he plays when healthy for a
    full season are going to catch up and turn him into a mere mortal
    goaltender. Maybe then the Vezina Trophy will be up for grabs.”

    You mean like the last 5 years in the playoffs where he plays like a mere version of Red-Light Raicot?

    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

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