Spacek could see action; Markov skates

The Canadiens could count on the return of defenceman Jaroslav Spacek for Game 6 of  their Eastern Conference semifinal against the Penguins on Monday night. He said Sunday that he is “pretty close to playing,” and hopes that he will see action on Monday.

In other news, injured defencemen Andrei Markov and Paul Mara skated on Sunday, but there was still no news on when, or if, Markov could return in the postseason.

For full details, read Herb Zurkowsky’s update from Brossard.


  1. MontrealAtheist says:

    Simple solution to the problem: Relocate the franchise to Plattsburgh into a newly built 25,000 seat arena which would be close enough to still sell out every home game and far enough to escape the Quebec tax system.

  2. LizardKing1967 says:

    In 86′ I got to travel four blocks on a float with Savard, Green and Momesso. Thanks to the power of NDGers in the NHL. Thanks Sergio! That was an awsome moment in MY Habs history.


    Jim-out. I BELIEVE!

  3. VancouverHab says:

    I agree with you there, pal!

  4. BJ says:

    John Ferguson Jnr. traded Rask

  5. MTLForever says:

    in 93`i was born in montreal

  6. Habscore says:

    Actually for the 101-year celebration, the Habs ogranization will immortalize MAB by unveiling a MAB statue next to the Bell Center for its incredible contribution.

    — YES HABS CAN!! —

  7. ABHabsfan says:

    Isn’t MAB starting in goal tomorrow night? Or is he coaching?

  8. ABHabsfan says:

    Somehow I don’t think that clip of him breaking his stick on the post beside Halak is going to make many promo spots for Timbits hockey!Or crying to the ref, “That big, tall guy pushed me!”

  9. Clay4bc says:

    I seem to recall MAB getting away with a very questionable “follow through” in the Washington does that inconvenient fact fit into your conspiracy theory?


    “Peoples will only be truly free when the last king is strangled by the bowels of the last priest” Francois Laignelot –

  10. Habby2CU says:

    MAB eats a dozen pucks for breakfast every morning.


  11. 11habs11 says:

    I hear the Bell Centre is changing its slogan to “Welcome to the MABhouse” to reward MAB for carrying us into the playoffs on his shoulders

  12. Eliisa says:

    True. How could anyone forget – he is the number one d-man in the league.

  13. Rainrocket16 says:

    Tomorrow is another great day of superstitions, my co-workers must think I am on el Dopa!

  14. Harani says:

    Another aside but if you understand any french, you should watch this video. It’s about this french girl who thinks that black people are bad and spends 3 days with one. It’s really sad to watch and was a huge eye-opener for me coz I seriously didn’t know people with such a mentality existed today. Really really stupid when she says, I want my kids to have blond hair and blue eyes coz that makes a pretty family and the guy says I want my kids to be healthy.

    “I gotta feeling…that tonight’s gonna be a good night!”

  15. Harani says:

    Side the Kid…ironic…isn’t it?

    “I gotta feeling…that tonight’s gonna be a good night!”

  16. kempie says:

    Easy. Matt Cooke.

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