Some views of a big W


Pat Hickey, Red Fisher and Dave Stubbs weigh in on 4-0 shutout.

Fisher: ” … give your Canadiens credit for delivering their best offensive and defensive game of the season at the Bell, or was it a combination of their best and meeting their poorest opposition in the Hurricanes – with the exception of goaltender Cam Ward.”

Hickey’s game summary

Quotes from the room

Red’s take

Stubbs on Hurricanes’ history

Pierre Ladouceur’s game report card


  1. Un Canadien errant says:

    I got my jollies watching the Canadiens rack up on easy win against the Hurricanes last night. Jacques Martin, harried on all sides by a bloodthirsty, Stanley-deprived Commentariat, has been forced all year to ice what he feels is his absolute best lineup with no regard for the development of this franchise’s future. As a result, he has relied on his veteran defencemen at the expense of rookie defencemen, and especially of Alexei Emelin who has had to watch eight games from the pressbox.

    Against the Hurricanes, Mr. Martin didn’t have a choice, with Mr. Gill and Mr. Spacek unavailable to play. He had to play his rookies, and they responded, especially Mr. Emelin, who logged 18 minutes and made numerous good plays on defence, notably a solid bodycheck on Jiri Tlusty and another on Jeff Skinner near Carey Price’s net. I’ll state again that Mr. Emelin brings a different skillset to the Canadiens that is needed, he is the only big defenceman with the mobility and strength to hit, so he must be in the lineup. Always. Add in another goal on the powerplay and generally solid game by Yannick Weber, as well as the mostly glitch-free NHL debut of Frédéric St-Denis, and you have a young group of defencemen who are showing promise and deserve the icetime to continue to improve.

    PK Subban is almost, by necessity, being treated as a veteran, and he is responding well. He had a couple more of his shrug/appeals-to-the-referee, which drive me up the wall, but overall he is making more safe, solid plays rather than the spectacular and difficult plays on a regular basis.

    Mike Cammalleri scored a nice goal on a blistering slap shot, one he delivered after a pause to allow the Carolina defender to properly get in the way and screen Cam Ward. There have been grumblings this season that Mike is not delivering and is a reason the Canadiens are off to a slow start, but he gets the benefit of a couple dozen doubts in my eyes. He is a leader in the room and on the ice, speaks eloquently and with restraint and humour when interviewed, shows dignity and acts like he’s done it before when he scores, and has battled through some unfortunate injuries but come through in a big way in both playoffs he has been in with us. Add in that he’s a dedicated athlete with respect to his off-ice, off-season conditioning, and I’m glad he’s our on team and would take a few more like him.

    I observed Tomas Plekanec make a play that I’ve criticized Andrei Kostitsyn for making. He has on a couple occasions taken the puck from the corner and skated along the board toward the blue line while in the offensive zone. Both times though, he ended making a solid play with the puck, once passing cross-ice to the slot, and once clearing the puck back to the corner to his waiting winger, in stark contrast to Mr. Kostitsyn, who had twice lost possession at the blue line and created a breakout opportunity for the other team. I hope Andrei is watching and learning, or even better that the coaches are on it and breaking this down on video for him.

    All in all, a good win, in that a weaker, dispirited team was put away instead of being allowed to hang around all game and stealing a point or two. Once more tonight in Uniondale would be very welcome.

    As far as the Eric Staal and Bryan Allen for Scott Gomez and Jaroslav Spacek and a sixth-rounder trade rumour, I hope they are founded but I don’t think this is realistic, it would take at least a fifth or even a fourth-rounder to clinch that deal.

    How about it NHL? No fighting, just hockey?

  2. nunacanadien says:

    Note to Pierre Gauthier and the Molsons. Your recent signings of bigger players have shown this is what the Habs need. Stop signing all the 6 foot tall 200 pounders no one wants. Unless they are superstars who know how to score. Gomez is not one. Cammy has shown he can do it. All these talented small players need is a big winger like Cole to produce. So keep signing real NHL players. Enough of the Gainey experiment in small fast hockey.

  3. HabsFan1111 says:

    Nice to see Emelin have a bit of a breakout game, maybe JM is onto something with this whole banish young promising defensemen to the press box early in their rookie season thing.

  4. Higman says:

    I just have to say this…

    “Optimus Rhime”


    “The Monster”

    Ha ha ha, seriously. Good start for the Leafs, yes. But playoff contender?? I’m sorry, I love those nick names for their goalies. Inspiring!

    When the tough gets going, the laughs start flowing. Like Price said, “Chill.”

    • ffenliv says:

      ‘The Monster’ I always thought was a stupid nickname. Optimus Rhime, I like, though. Probably because it’s a connection to my long-ended childhood.

      I do feel bad for The Monster, though. He landed in Toronto with more Hype than really anyone could possibly live up to.

      I genuinely like Reimer. He seems like a good kid who is having to deal with some unfortunate injury issues early in his career. He definitely gives a good post-game interview.

  5. Mattyleg says:

    Until his goal last night, apparently PK had the most shots in the NHL without a goal.


    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  6. Kooch7800 says:

    Funny Stat Carey Price is one point away from Gomez.

    He must take a ribbing from his team

    • shiram says:

      I’m sure it’s not funny for everyone.

      Randy for HC!

    • habsblood82 says:

      I hope gomez doesn’t start producing now. its too late i’d rather him sucking even more if that’s even possible so they don’t have a choice and dump him in the AHL.


      • db says:

        Whats the rush, the 7 mil is already spent. Let him ride the pine and play 4th line minutes. He just better not be here next season. Any other GM would have cleaned up this mess long ago.

        • nunacanadien says:

          I disagree. That was the problem last year and this year again, a coach who has an outdated style and rigid five on five style hockey that has cost us dearly in injuries and standings. Keeping Gomez will again illustrate the futility of having a coach like Martin with a team that is small in one or two lines. Gomez shows the other teams it is ok to push us around. Gomez who doesn’t know how to play with anyone else anymore, as he tries to produce. The only chance for Gomez is on another team now, he’s burnt his bridges here, and the other teams know he is an easy mark to hit. While he had an assist last night, all the lines Gomez was on, all had him giving the puck away repeatedely. Sure he can make plays but not when you are flat on your back half of the time. Gomez is too small and helps to start the illusion that the Habs are easy to push around. Having Emelin and others have shown the futility of Gauthier’s insistence on only signing 6 foot tall and 200 pound players.

          Bringing up the rookies has helped. Desharnais and Eller have shown us what we need in players who know how to at least shoot the puck on the net.

      • bleedhabs81 says:

        you hope he doesn’t start producing? WTF? Seriously?

        Some goals, and a bunch of assists from Gomez could go a long way in getting us well positioned for a playoff… and success in the playoffs.

        I am not going to call you an idoit, but your statement is idiotic.

        It would be like me saying “I hope Price fails becauuse I liked Halak better” … kind of Anti-Canadiens, don’t you think?

      • Stephen York says:

        What’s beyond me, vis-a-vis Gomez, is the fact that he’s NEVER been a healthy scratch.

        Pleky got benched for about 4 games three years ago; it gave him instant motivation to play better.

        Tyler Myers, the Sabres’ premiere defenseman had been struggling for most of this season – after his non-action in the Lucic/Miller incident, he was BENCHED. He returned the next game and scored.

        Would it be such a tragedy to bench Gomer for five games? It just might be the kick in the pants he needs.

        Bench Gomer. It’ll (re)build character.

  7. shiram says:

    Good win last night, but then again, that was a must win game considering how the Canes played.
    Habs being outshot in the 3rd period once more is an annoyance, I hope they improve on their third period scoring, it was an issue last season as well.
    But overall a great show.

    Randy for HC!

  8. habsblood82 says:

    is Gionta hurt? He seems invisible out there..
    once the d is healthy again i think we should trade Spacek for a draft pick and make room for Emelin. We cant lose this kid . He’ll be great soon!!

    • shiram says:

      Pleks and Cammy are hurt, and they played good, no excuses!
      Spacek is still important this season, I would not throw him away just now, the kids are alright, but we’ll need his experience down the road. Plus he can be a mentor, and has been helping out Emelin.

      Randy for HC!

    • Kooch7800 says:

      he def isn’t shooting like he used too

    • HabFanSince72 says:

      Gionta is playing against the other team’s top offensive line often. He is being asked to play a more defensive game. This is the problem with not having a really good checking line.

    • nunacanadien says:

      Gionta and Gomez are the spark that we had before, until the other teams figured out how to hit the small men. Having Emelin in the lineup helps to fight back against the goon hockey that the habs see all the time. Gomez and Gionta are way to small to pair up again. But you can tell Gionta misses Gomez, but hey, having Plex and Cammy is a big upgrade. Time to let Gomez go.

  9. habbernack says:

    Gomez, Gionta and Paloosh for Stall. Gorges,Captain

    ability is what you’re capable of doing.
    attitude determines how you do it

  10. J_P says:

    For all the people who accuse others of never being happy, even in victory, last nights game was a real victory. That was a 60-minute,full team effort. If we keep playing like that, we might still not win every game, but you really can’t ask for more than last night’s effort.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Was great to watch, don’t care about the fact Carolina sucked last night, just a treat to watch a game with my back against the back of my couch. Didn’t have to sit on the edge and pace all over the house screaming.

      My wife and Dog and the cats really appreciated it.

      • Mattyleg says:

        Hear hear.
        My girfriend was saying “well, this is boring. I wish it was closer.”
        To which I responded (my voice a bit louder than I would have liked, perhaps) “BORING IS GOOD!”

        —Hope Springs Eternal—

  11. JF says:

    I posted this thought below in answer to Ian Cobb’s reply to my original post, but since “Older Comments” don’t often get read, I’ll put it up here as well. There is an implicit debate about big, physical defencemen versus smaller, faster ones, with most in favour of the big, hard-hitting kind. For my part, I prefer a faster, more mobile group even if they’re not as physical and don’t hit as hard. A big hit can change momentum and always gets the fans out of their seats, but a defenceman who focuses mostly on hitting often takes himself out of the play. On the other hand, a fast, mobile group of defencemen with good puck-moving skills contributes to efficient zone clearance and a fast, effective transition game. That’s what we’re seeing with the Habs now, and last night was a good example.

    Since Jacques Martin took over, he has been constrained to play a tight, conservative, even passive defensive game because he lacked both the offensive depth and the defensive mobility to do otherwise. What we’re seeing now is what happens when he has three lines that can score as well as more speed and better puck-moving skills on the back end. It’s not boring and it’s far from passive.

    • Old Bald Bird says:

      Is it not a question of balance? How many guys do we have of one type? Beside, if we’re talking Emelin, I think he skates etc rather well.

      • HabinBurlington says:

        Exactly Bird, I for one despite being a vocal supporter of Emelin, have no issue in Dmen like Gorges, Weber, Diaz, Spacek. The problem is that is 2/3rds of our D core.

        Balance to an entire team is imperative. And as you point out, Emelin skates quite well. This guy will pan out and I think in 1-2 more years will be a very important part of this team.

      • JF says:

        Of course we need both. I’m far from criticizing Emelin, who is physical and hard-hitting, as well as being a good skater. In fact, he gives us the balance you mention. I just think there is not enough recognition on this site of the importance of speed and good puck-moving skills in the defence corps. We’re always complaining that the team plays too defensively and JM doesn’t focus enough on offence. I think with the type of defence we have now, the team can play a lot more offensively than it was in the last couple of years. But I’m not undervaluing being physical, and Emelin was great last night.

  12. Hoegarden says:

    Sad news from RDS; Eddy Palchak passed away last evening.
    31 years behind the bench and 10 Stanley cups.

    R.I.P. Mr. Palchak.

    • ZOMG mebbe HIO should post a thread about it?

      (sorry for the sarcasm but you physically scrolled past this story to post it here!)

      • HFX-HabFan says:

        Well played

      • Chris says:

        You mean some people don’t just leave the web browser open and reload later in the day?

        (sorry for the sarcasm, but many of us actually do the above and therefore wouldn’t have physically scrolled past the story to post it here!)

        • if thats the case then some of you need to learn how to use the internet

          (not sarcasm)

          • Chris says:

            If it works for them, why change it?

          • well it obviously doesnt work, case in point ^

          • Chris says:

            No, all you’ve shown is it didn’t work for YOU. I pointed out how such a thing could happen, so now we’ve moved on to mocking something else.

          • how and what did not work out for me?

            i logged onto HIO, scanned the news and posted accordingly

            worked like a charm

            whereas leaving a browser open and refreshing once a day, which you are bizzarely championing, did not work, in this instance

          • Chris says:

            I am not championing it. I am pointing out how such a thing could happen, something that you pretty clearly overlooked up above.

            They posted something they thought pertinent, you pointed out there was another thread in your own inimitable way.

            Nor did I say reloading once a day. This isn’t a live chat, it is a forum where we all have to constantly reload to see what new comments have been posted. Hoegarded posted his comment about 30 minutes after the post went up, which isn’t so long that it is unreasonable to expect that he might not have known that Dave had posted the article on the main page. We have seen the site be very slow to report trades or roster moves in the past, so I don’t think anything Hoegarden posted was completely out of the ordinary on this site. We see this type of thing happen all the time, people posting in one forum not realizing that a new article has been posted.

            I’m not really interested in getting into a pissing match with you about how to use the internet. There are a ton of people on this site who actually aren’t particularly internet savvy, perfectly reasonable given the nature of this particular site. We’ve got everything from people like you and me, who probably spend massive amounts of time on the web, to people who probably don’t visit much more than this website.

            I’ve played enough online games, posted in enough online forums (and in the older days newsgroups), designed enough webpages and visited enough sites that I actually do (even though it doesn’t apparently come across) get all of your jokes, references and comments. And for the most part, I find your posts pretty funny…I’ve gotten into headbutting arguments with you before, but I always read your posts, something I can’t say about everybody.

          • i apologize if my tone came off badly chris, when it comes to computers im totally this guy when it comes to having patience in others


            lol cheers

        • Chris says:

          No worries, mofo, and that was a pretty fun link. A lab full of grad students approve.

          Of course, you have now instigated a festival of complaints about people’s internet habits that drive everybody nuts, which should be good for another hour of not working on our research.

          Time well wasted!

  13. PrimeTime says:

    I can see why the “Fire JM & PG Occupiers” want them gone……the team is only 7-2-1 the past 10 games with a more than their share of injuries having to use inexperienced NHL players. The record only shares that with the so called elite teams. I guess the reasoning is Habs players don’t average 2″ taller and 20lbs heavier and have a stable of ready-to-use callups of the same guild ready to dominate every game. Maybe it’s time to take down the tents and get a new perspective…..just my opinion.

    • Thomas Le Fan says:

      If they can’t blame someone for their own unhappiness, arising from their own poor choices, they can’t sleep at all. Even in stinking, lice infested tents. And that’s just the hockey fans! Pa dum bum!

  14. HabinBurlington says:

    So a friend of mine knows a Doctor in Montreal who specializes in lap band surgery, you know the weight loss thing where they make your stomach smaller so you eat less and lose weight.

    Apparantly Emelin had this done, thus the press box, now that he lost that chub on his belly that had most of the press, coaches and more importantly the fans up in arms he is now good to go!

    I am so happy that he can finally play well with that roll of fat gone, man I was freaking out about how he would do in the corners with that roll!

    Edit: Okay so my story is a far fetched one, sorry to all. Just happy to see the guy get a couple games in a row for a change. I hope his progression continues.

  15. gK_HabsFan says:

    Here is an interesting question … After Gionta, who do you see as the next captain of the Montreal Canadiens??

    • Flex Aarnell says:

      Gorges, without a doubt.


      • Flex Aarnell says:

        I was really disappointed they only signed him to 1-yr.

        And my biggest problem with this organization’s management is their systematic refusal to negotiate during the season. I hope they break that trend this year with some big FA’s coming up.

        Would you offer Gorges 4 yrs – 13.5 mil? I would. Not sure he’d accept though…

        I’d be shocked if the organization let that guy walk…I feel like he’s our heart and soul.

        • habbernack says:

          Pg was worried about the knee but he wasn’t worried about Markov’s 2 operations on the same knee in less than 2 years when he gave him that huge contract

          ability is what you’re capable of doing.
          attitude determines how you do it

        • Kooch7800 says:

          I think they only signed him to a 1 year deal cause he was still a RFA for this year and they could see how his knee would respond. Not saying I agree with it but they could sit by and watch this year to see if he is 100%.

          Markov they didn’t have the same luxury. He is a UFA and there would be a ton of teams that would take the risk on him, Hence the three year deal.

          It is too bad cause Gorges is awesome and as soon as we can he should be resigned long term.

          When Markov is back and is playing well everyone will quickly forget about him not playing the start of the season

    • WindsorHab-10 says:


      “Hate Bruins like a sickness”

  16. Flex Aarnell says:

    Ok some thoughts.

    I might come under fire for this, but I really like the way this team has treated the Emelin situation. While many have been complaining about benching him, I think it was a very smart move.

    Management realized that in order for Emelin to give his best on the ice, he first needed to acclimatize himself to a strange country. If they had merely thrown him head first into the Bell Centre fire, before he had developed relationships with his coach and teammates, or learned the language, management would have been setting the kid up to fail. This, to me, shows that they have learned something from the whole O’byrne fiasco, and realized that the best way to develop a young defensive talent, such as Emelin, is to ease his transition into the NHL.

    Also, this allowed them to give Diaz the first 20 or so starts, gain his confidence, and know that he has a spot on this team. This way, if we ever have a defence corps that is healthy, and he gets sent down to Hamilton, he will have a fire lit under him knowing that he can be effective at the NHL level.


    • JoeC says:

      How can he develop relationships when he doesnt speak english? he gets to watch the game and not understand it, its not like Markovs been here all season to help translate.

      And you did not explain why DIAZ got the first 20 even though hes in the same boat as Emelin except the language thing, yet his a clone of Weber and doesnt bring what Emelin brings to the teaM?

      • Flex Aarnell says:

        I don’t think Diaz is as important an asset as Emelin.
        That being said, I think they wanted to protect their asset, realizing that confidence is fragile.

        Nor do I think language has anything to do with understanding how to watch a game of hockey from the press box. But, even if you are sitting, you are still practicing, travelling, eating, hell, even sleeping with your teammates. All the while he has spent over a month learning how to communicate better, while his teammates have also been able to get a better feel of what he is about.

        Maybe, they are showing Diaz, hoping to package him in a trade, IF our D ever get healthy. Though, I believe they will send him down to Hamilton when, and if, Markov and Campoli are both healthy.


        • JoeC says:

          Nah Diaz was scouted overseas and not drafted, Montreal would be stupid to just trade him after that, we would never be able to lure free agents from overseas. I think Weber is the one we are willing to trade.

    • JF says:

      Agreed. And I think Emelin understood the situation. In an interview someone translated a couple of weeks ago, he talked about learning English and about getting used to the North American game and ice. He didn’t sound at all like a player getting ready to bolt back to the KHL.

    • Chris says:

      An interesting perspective, and one that I hadn’t honestly thought of before. And extremely plausible.

      I’m not one of those people who thinks Martin is bad with young kids. He has shown throughout his long coaching career that he can help develop some excellent hockey players.

      That being said, he has also shown that he can dig in his heels regarding players that don’t quite fit what he wants them to be. The prime example of this was Jason Spezza, but there have certainly been others.

      It always stings when a player you see some value in is dismissed by others. In Martin’s case, he is the coach, so his opinion carries much greater weight than those of us armchair coaches.

      I still have high hopes for Emelin. I like Diaz and I really like Weber, but I still think that Emelin might have the most potential to become a key contributor because of his skillset and the need for a physical defender on the roster.

    • Chips says:

      Nice post AL!!!! I agree completely! it can’t be easy to be in a new team and culture not be able to communicate. I think Emelin will at some point be partnered with Markov and that will help him a lot and hopefully he can help protect Marky a bit too!

      25 in 2012

  17. SmartDog says:

    Re. the discussion over JM: evil or good, below.

    Here’s the deal (and it fits with most points). He’s got a really strong system that works and makes it possible to plug in new players, and he showed that last night with a dominant win that is surprising. He’s shown it other times including the playoffs. It’s real, and it’s a positive for JM.

    But… he continues to play favorites and some guys get wasted because he doesn’t communicate and if he’s not someone you like you don’t get the praise or opportunity that these guys all want. Emeline is the latest – we all see that this guy is good and brings a needed element and JM has him in the press box a lot and last night during the press conference when I reporter lobbed a softy about Emelin finding his game for JM to jump on he didn’t even get a base hit with some sort of mumbling about the North American game.

    That, and the question of whether his lack of a cup ring is an indication that his ‘system’ may help make a contender but not a winner.

    Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

  18. habsnyc says:

    Carolina is not a good team. Beating them does not prove anything. I still think this is a team that gets more points than 2 years ago but not more than last year. If they stay above .500 until they get healthy, they make the playoffs.

    The best news is that the players on this team who matter most Price, Pax and PK all had great games. Gomez, Gionta, Gil, Spacek and everyone over thirty on this team will be long gone by the time this team contends. All the team needs is for management to make good decisions.

    Unlike Toronto, Montreal now has scored more goals than allowed.

    Blue, blanc et rouge. Red and White for Canada. Blue for Smurfs.

  19. ManApart says:

    You have to be impressed with that Patches-DD-Cole line. Can it be, Montreal actually has 2 power forwards? Jesus, it’s only taken management 8 years to realize it’s important. I guess Gainey realized his reasoning that size doesn’t matter in the playoffs is moronic. Even incompetents can learn.

    Pleks just keeps bringing it, except when it matters. Seriously, Pleks is one of my favorite players. Hopefully, if the Habs can make the playoffs he can shake his questionable record.

    I’m glad Weber is proving JM wrong, by showing he is a legitimate DEFENSEMAN. Price has been pretty average to start the year, but good on him for bouncing back from letting the team down in Monday’s shootout. Eller still has hands of stone and Darche has been pretty crappy so far.

    Around the league: Souray and MAB are ripping it up with a combined 29 points and +13, along with a combined salary of 2.65 million, which is 400K more than Gill makes. Kessel still top NHL scorer so far. Sedins keep rolling. looks like the league has adjusted to Ovechkin and showed he isn’t as good as we all originally thought.

    Some more GMs to add to the “better than Gainey and Gauthier list”: Darcy Regeir, Dale Tallon, Brian Burke, Joe Nieuwendyk, Don Maloney. To be fair, there is an addition to the list of “GMs worst than Gainey and Gauthier” which is a rather short list. The addition is Scott Howson

    • sag says:

      Go back and watch Pleks vs. the Caps and Pens again. He played a shut down role, and played it well enough to make Carbo proud. Pleks, Gill, Gorges were all instrumental in helping Halak win those two series. All depends on how you measure success

      • ManApart says:

        I agree on Plek’s great defensive play. That’s why I like him so much, because of his all around game. In the end though, he’s the Habs #1 center and must score points. He has not done that enough in prior playoffs.

    • Habfan10912 says:

      Cole’s first two strides creates more speed of any player I remember seeing. From 0 to 60 in 2 strides. Patches wins almost all the battles on the boards.

      • sag says:

        They are fast! All time, I have to give the “Fastest Hab I’ve seen” award to Russ Courtnall or Cournoyer.

      • ManApart says:

        Cole was the #1 UFA i wanted in the off season. I was very happy when Gauthier made the move I would have (a first). I’m glad Cole is proving us both right.

        • ManApart says:

          Asham would have been a good pick-up. Although we do have White for that role, if he ever comes back. That’s the question on Cole, can he do this for 4 years (probably not)? I thought the deal was 1 year too long.

    • JoeC says:

      Price has been average only ? really? maybe the first 5 games, but definatly not the last 10.,

      And Burke and Tallon better then the Goat? Really, Tallon overpayed for every player on there team, and Theo is there starting goalie, and he inheritated a team full of top prospects for years of sucking, and BB is a blow hard who thinks the monster and Reimer are the real deal with NO real experience. Both the Panthers and Makemelaufs are going to be back in there deserving spost soon enough. Tallon hasnt had time to prove anything other then if you suck long enough your team will be good (Blackhawks)

      • ManApart says:

        Ya, like I said, Price has been average to start the season. He’s been better the last bit, but as whole has had an average start.

        Tallon had a large hand in Chicago’s Cup and in 18 months has really made a horrible Florida team respectable with a very limited budget. Burke made some terrible moves his first few years trying to push things too fast, but has a made some real strides with the leafs the last 18 months. Both teams are ahead of the Habs BTW. A Habs team that Gainey/Gauthier have been working on for 8 years.

        • Arrow77 says:

          Both are ahead of the team right now. It doesn’t mean they’re going to be at the end of the year and it doesn’t even mean they’re headed in the right direction. Florida has a bunch of overpriced free agents and no player to build around and Toronto must begin to realize how much they lost in Tyler Seguin.

    • petefleet says:

      Pleks is Mr. Everything every night and there’s not a GM in the league that hasn’t called PG looking to get him. Guaranteed. If the coach wanted offense only from him, that’s what he’d get. Pac-DD-Cole is fun to watch and hopefully will round into one of the best lines in hockey by April.
      Can’t put the shoot out loss on Price. That third period let the shoot out happen and he had nothing to do with that.
      Not a single man on earth would have predicted MAB and Souray would be where they are right now. To say “look what we’re missing” is hind sight. You can always see clearly looking back.
      As for BG and PG, the only real bad moves they made were getting Gomer (huge mistake…hind sight again) and losing L’artise to free agency. Both are more than made up for with the Rivet deal to SJ.
      OV started to decline when the world started to see him for what he is, an ego maniac. He’s got skill but he loves himself too much and the critics’ comments have gotten to him. I’m glad. I can’t stand him. Good on Pleks and Gorges for being able to contain him.

      Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.

      ***Habs Forever***

      • ManApart says:

        Pleks is an all around player, yes. He’s the teams best player and Most Valuable IMO. That still doesn’t change the fact that he has not performed great in the playoffs (offensively).

        I’m not blaming Price for getting to the shootout, but once there, I will say he let the team down. The Habs scored a goal and Price let in 2 of 2. Pretty obvious.

        I thought MAB was a good 3rd pairing guy to have and use on the PP. He produces points and wasn’t as bad defensively as people made him out to be. I guess I am a single man on the earth then.

        The only bad moves Gainey and Gauthier did was Gomez??? Are you serious? And Gomez wasn’t hindsight. Anyone with half a brain knew it was a horrible move when it happened. It just so happens there aren’t a lot of people with half a brain on here. I can write a book on the bad moves they made. Literally a book. Oh, and losing Kovalev wasn’t one of them. They have been a joke. One good deal doesn’t change that.

      • before, see halak trade timeline

  20. sag says:

    7 blocks and 7 hits has got to keep Emelin in the line-up. When Markov pulls a Komisarek with him, he’ll never sit again.

    For all the stats geeks on here. On the average, what percentage of the cap has Montreal been missing from their line on a day to day basis for the past 2 years? The other night without Spacec, Cammi, Gomez and Markov, they had roughly 23 million out of the line-up. Once you have the answer, judge JM again. Thats a big percentage to have unavailable to you as a coach. JM is no Pat Burns, but he deserves a bit of positive recognition as well IMO.

    Injuries provide chances for those farther down the depth chart. PG may not have a cupboard full of Edmonton like “sure things”, but we do have a few too many NHL’ers to not consider a trade.

    • JoeC says:

      Emelin wont be on Montreal by the time Markov comes back, he will be shipped to Hamilton with St Denis when all our D is back, then he will go back to Russia

      JM doesnt like Emelin.

      • SmartDog says:

        Man, that’s a scary thought. But I agree JM picks guys he likes or doens’t like and this is the NUMBER ONE reason he needs to go – before he forces us to discard another good player. His comments about Emelin during the press conference were so blah… the reporter set up to say “yeah, he had a great game” and instead said “he’s adjusting… blah blah… zzzzz….. meh”.

        Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

  21. JoeC says:

    I have to say something on all the comments on how JM is developing these rookies properly, GIVE YOUR HEAD A SHAKE!

    Sitting Emelin in the pressbox so much, with him not knowing english, is NOT how you develop a player, and stop with the JM love. Patchs basically said last year when he was sent to Hamilton that he didnt want to be brought up unless he got top line minutes, and he developed THERE under Cunny, not JM. JM has stook his foot in his mouth so many times, doenst talk to players, and benchs anyone under 25 after 1 mistake but hey, we have people like Gomez that still get close to 20 minutes a game and suck.

    Yes, i have a deep hatred of JM and think this team needs to get rid of him and get a real coach, regardaless of language. Molson NEVER said that our coach has to be french, so until he does people need to stop saying that there isnt many french speaking coachs out there.

    • G-Man says:

      Give your head a shake. 7-2-1 with a DEPLETED D-CORPS.
      Your hatred clouds your judgment.

      • JoeC says:

        So your going to credit JM for our record? How bout you open your eyes and notice as soon as Cunny go brought behind the bench he does all the talking, all the planning. Your buddy JM doodles on the bench all game long, thats about it.

        And Diaz and Emelin played pro in there countries, so there not completly rookies

        • G-Man says:

          How about you open your eyes? It is the assistant coach’s job to instruct behind the bench. It is the head coach’s job to make adjustments to line match-ups, etc on the fly.
          The players follow JM’s game plan and it’s the assistants’ job to see that it’s carried out.

          • JoeC says:

            Last nights win WAS NOT the system, where have you been? This team has changed since Cunny came down

            lets talk about adjustments, oh wait, thats all this guy does all day /week/ year long, randoms changing lines after each and every loss, how can you not see that?

            JM is a dino that is so far behind the “new” NHL. He worked well before the lockout, but with an offensive small team like Montreal, he doesnt coach them properly. We should be scoring ALOT more goals then we are, but arnt . Why you ask? Will take a look at Darches PP time as a prime example on how JM is the mastermind of faliure.

      • JoeC says:

        The funny thing is if JM would live by his quote this team would be WAYYYY higher in the standings…

        “The best defence is a good offence”

        So ya JM, you lied cause we all know you love the lockdown 1 goal leads.

    • punkster says:

      …on the other hand…
      – JM sits PK for a few games last season after some bonehead mistakes and he comes back like a house of fire
      – Emelin shows up to training camp looking like he spent the summer on a diet of Cheetos and Cherry Coke, commits a few bonehead mistakes, sits for a few games and comes back looking pretty good
      – and Patches did NOT “basically” state he would only come back only if he played top line minutes…revisionist history doesn’t cut it here
      – if you ever, and by that I mean EVER, actually watch a game you would see that JM does, indeed, talk to the players…perpetuating this myth is akin to the revisionist history I mention above
      – your admitted “hatred of JM” tends to colour each and every comment you post and drives you to make up stuff to fit your mindset…but that’s OK because my “hatred” of people who make up stuff outstrips your hatred of JM
      – and that’s the truth

      ***Subbang Baby!!!***

      • JoeC says:

        Really, Cole said it to the press that JM doesnt talk to him, how is that a good thing? Cole was in JM”s dog house to start the season, if you dont believe me look at the ice time he was getting.

        AND when I say anything about him talking to the team during the game, i mean when it comes to plays, he does talk to the players, Basically doing his line juggling and benchings, he does not talk about anything during timeouts or things like that. Patchs did say he would NOT develop playing in Montreal getting 4th line minutes and he developed more in Hamilton in the short time he was there then when he was in montreal.

        And PK was on a short leash at the begging of this season, can you NOT say that? The last 10 games he seems to rush ALOT more with the puck, take last night as an example. with such a green D he was in the offensive zone more then normal, whys that? Well Cunny’s down on the bench. I hope this revolution in the teams game will push JM to the curb

      • G-Man says:

        Not bashing. Just pointing out YOUR errors in judgment. 🙂

      • you are misreading punksters point, hes not sticking up for martin per se, hes just setting the record strait

        there is a LOT of fair criticisms to be made in regards to JM, but most of people here who do criticize, base it on unsubstantiated innuendo that does nothing to add to the conversation other than perpetuating sloppy debate

      • SmartDog says:

        You’re equally guilty of selective fact-finding. The case may be over-stated by some who think JM is a BAD coach which clearly he is not… but to state JM’s weakness as being around communication is no shocker and fits with other things we’ve seen and heard.

        … Kostitsyn’s comments about not having talked to the coach? Guys like the other Kostitsyn who seem like they’re just toxic and are discarded only to do well under another coach? MaxPac’s clearly stated frustation at how he was used by JM. Weber’s frustration and wanting to be on D… there’s more like this…. you can’t ignore ALL of this stuff. There’s something there, even if it’s over-stated. No one is perfect, every coach has strengths and weaknesses, or matches certain players or teams better than others. It’s why even the best of coaches are fired sometimes.

        Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

        • you are the last person on this site who should be accusing others of selective fact finding smart dog, you blamed JM for the mishandling of chris higgins for crying out loud

          • SmartDog says:

            I threw that into a rant… sue me moron. At lest most of my contribution has brains behind it. Yours is 100% garbage.

            Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

          • you also threw in grabovski, but hey dont let me stop you from patting yourself on the back

            and id rather spew “garbage” than be a narcissist without a mirror smart dog

        • punkster says:


          ***Subbang Baby!!!***

          • SmartDog says:

            Much easier than responding to the facts.

            Dave, you are one step up from a troll. 90% of your posts are trashing other people’s thoughts. I hated guys like you in school and thought I left them behind. Get a life – throw out some ideas of your own.

            Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

          • punkster says:

            Facts? We don’t deal in “facts” when talking about JM on this site. We deal with interpretations, views and opinions only. My views, my opinions and my interpretations of news articles and quotes differ greatly from yours. I tend to take into account context, source and look for corroborating or supporting evidence before jumping to conclusions. Do you?

            ***Subbang Baby!!!***

      • punkster says:

        Keep on hating. It’s good for you.

        ***Subbang Baby!!!***

      • punkster says:

        Ridiculous. “Guys like you”? Join your buddy in the hate crowd if it makes you feel better. I’ll stick to facts, not revisionist history or conspiracy theories.

        ***Subbang Baby!!!***

  22. joshua94k says:

    Before the game began last night, it was a daunting task for the Habs. A young inexperienced defense with only one of them with more than two seasons experience, forwards playing hurt, it would not be easy.

    They keys for the team to win…

    Carey Price had to be perfect, he was.
    Cammalleri, their best sniper had to score, he did.
    Gorges and Subban had to play top minutes and shut down the Carolina top forwards, they did.
    Plekanec had to be his reliable self, playing well both ends of the ice, he did.
    Gomez had to wake up. After Carey Price tied him in points he did.

    Name another team in the playoffs that was forced to play an elimination game without three of their top six defencemen at their disposal. Without James Wisniewski, without Josh Gorges, without Andrei Markov…These are your Canadiens; a team of warriors. – Eric Engels CTV

  23. CERF says:

    Hey Guys,

    A good read from THN –

    A nice excerpt that i found interesting :

    “In a recent issue of Sports Illustrated, former St. Louis Blues enforcer Tony Twist recalled an incident where Detroit’s Martin Lapointe was taking liberties with a young Chris Pronger, but turtled when Twist challenged him on it. In retaliation, the Blues policeman told his Red Wings counterpart, Joey Kocur, he was going to two-hand Steve Yzerman, knowing Kocur would then fight him. Twist then told Kocur he’d continue to attack Yzerman unless Lapointe backed off on Pronger. Message received.”

  24. Chrisadiens says:

    Never in doubt, playoffs here we come. 🙂
    I still hate JM. It will take a run to the finals to change my mind.

    Chrisadiens and HabFan10912, one of the few father son tandems on HIO.

  25. SeriousFan09 says:

    So Pierre Mcguire’s bias rang in pretty sharply today as I was driving home from the midnight shift and caught his appearance on TSN 1050 here in Toronto.

    Basically, he says those Hurricanes had a bad D that Montreal exploited and that wasn’t helped by them missing Pitkanen. He doesn’t give any credit to a Montreal D that was comprised of two sophomores, two rookies who have never even played on NA ice before now in any significant amount of time, a guy who is about 12th on the defensive depth chart and Gorges who missed half of last year. He will just not give them credit for anything.

    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.
    SF09 on Twitter

  26. SmartDog says:

    A related thought to my post below… you have to wonder if Spacek and Gill, watching from a chair both had this thought near the end of last night’s game: “better tell the wife to add ‘pack for move’ to the spring calendar”. The Habs seem to have some pretty good depth on D – their youth and energy are real strengths.

    Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

  27. Bugs says:

    Gave a quick glance to pt sheet, and though I’m impressed with Pac-Man’s production, nothing really stands out as overall surprising.
    Except one thing, for me anyway: Mathieu Darche has only 1 goal and no assists so far.
    I was like “what? that’s it?”. Coulda bowled me over with a hummingbird feather. Wow.
    On a completely different note, say, that Dezzy kid ain’t bad, huh?

    Back from the Brink’s boasts L. B. Potter, esq.

    • Ali says:

      Re: Darche, you wouldn’t know it from the amount of PP time he gets eh?

    • SmartDog says:

      Hey Bugs,

      Welcome black… I mean back. What is that icon?

      I find Darche completely underwhelming. He is a bit gritty yes, but he doesn’t know what to do with the puck when he gets it, or at least never seems to do anything besides the most predictable… and it shows with his 1 point.

      And our boy Pouliot is letting us down in Beantown. Which is okay… but I’m usually right about players and what they really have inside. I still believe the kid will be good but he’s making me look very wrong so far. Which like I say, is I guess a good thing. I just hate being wrong. “Don’t make me mad suckah!!… GGGRRRRRR!!!!”

      Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

      • Ian Cobb says:

        Dog, Not many of our forwards know what to do with the puck this year in the offensive end so far my friend. We are in 24th place out of 30 teams with goals for.!

        • SmartDog says:

          Yeah, and it’s funny how well our forwards SEEM to be doing. I mean we have 3 scoring lines! LOL

          And where is Gionta? He’s almost as bad as his friend Gomez.

          Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

      • Bugs says:

        You’re the second cat who doesn’t recognize this iconic image I have as avatar. I’m amazed. I’ll tell ya what I told Brewster: Ain’t tellin ya; you should know.
        Put Darche back with Dezzy and I reckon you’ll see his…whelmingness?…increase.
        I saw Poolio’s production today. 2 goals; that’s it. He’s given up.

        Back from the Brink’s boasts L. B. Potter, esq.

        • Bugs says:

          His wrist was hurt BEFORE he went on the streak; it’s why he didn’t play the first few games when he was traded for.
          Therefore, such reasoning to explain his demise does not compute.

          Back from the Brink’s boasts L. B. Potter, esq.

  28. SmartDog says:

    Great game last night. Really glad I watched every minute. Phew! Havent’ said THAT in awhile!

    But tonight we’ll see what is REALLY happening. If they pull out an effort near what they did last night and come away with a win I’ll be wondering, are we doing well DESPITE the injuries or maybe in part BECAUSE of them. Lots of young legs out there… and as I posted yesterday, the upside of the injuries we have now is that Emelin HAD to play. And what a great game he had! Love this guy on our blue line. Worth a mistake now and then to see him throw his weight into guys driving for the net and watch THEM fall instead of the other way around.


    Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

  29. neumann103 says:

    On the trois etoiles…

    There are a bunch of players about whom it could be said “why wasn’t he one of the three stars?”, however here is my blanket explanation.

    One star must be reserved for Tomas Plekanec. Sure he might have about 5 off games per season, but seriously, when is Tomas Plekanec NOT one of the three best Habs? If there was a category “Single player most important to his NHL team” Pleks would be hovering near the top.

    One star is reserved for Carey Price. It is his to lose if he sucks.

    That leaves about 1.2 stars to play with on average. It will be tough to fit players in under these circumstances.

    “Et le but!”

    • SmartDog says:

      “Single player most important to his NHL team”

      I think that’s called MVP. And it’s Price or Pleks on the Habs, no question.

      Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

      • neumann103 says:


        Yes, understood. I just meant as a running stat, you know a completely fake subjective list, like “power rankings” that people could endlessly debate whether Player A should be #4 or #6, rather than a year end, up or down single vote.

        I should add that I think it unlikely that a player like Plekanec (or even a Ryan Kesler) is likely to win such an MVP award over a scorer or a goalie. But maybe having a running stat, completely fake subjective list as a constant focus for idle chatter would lead to some enhanced appreciation.

        “Et le but!”

  30. JF says:

    That was one fun game to watch after the nail-biting, edge-of-the-seat experiences we’ve gotten used to this season. The Canes were terrible, but our team was absolutely flying. It was Gomez’s best game since the pre-season, and both Emelin and Palushaj played their best games. Emelin needs to stay in the lineup, and I think many of us had given up too soon on Palushaj. He’s fast, he’s been going to the net, he created chances, and he came within a hair of scoring his first NHL goal.

    I loved watching our young defence. We complained last year that our defence was too old and too slow. All the guys last night are young, fast, good skaters, good puck-movers. On balance, I prefer that to a slower, less mobile group, even if the latter is bigger and hits harder. The kids were good last night, and Frédéric St-Denis was a pleasant surprise. I had actually noticed him during the pre-season, thought he looked positionally sound and might get a call-up if there were injuries. But he exceeded my expectations. He skates well, makes sound decisions, and seems to have a good shot.

    It’s nice to see that the JM-haters are conspicuous by their absence. Can we admit that that was an extremely well-coached as well as well-played game? The even distribution of ice-time is one indication. Jacques Martin used his whole bench and got valuable minutes from every skater. We complain about his boring, passive system, but it certainly wasn’t in evidence last night. In fact, the way the team plays has changed considerably since his first year here. He’s always talked about puck-possession and the importance of being a puck-possession team. Well, it seems to me that we’re becoming one. In more games than not, we see a fast, effective transition game, a strong forecheck, and lots of pressure on the opponent’s defence. The days of dump-and-chase, of being hemmed in our zone for minutes at a time, of laborious zone clearances and futile peripheral play seem long gone. This team is fast, fun to watch, and dangerous.

    • Dust says:

      great post. couldn’t agree more

      • Le Jadester says:

        I agree with everything……. but respectfully disagree with the JM part.

        He’s still a stubborn old goat who needs to be fired if we are ever going to win a 25th cup IMO.

        Habs, OLE !

    • Ian Cobb says:

      I agree with your post JF. But a little more credit must go to the team of LaDoucere and Cunnyworth who seem to be the spark that is getting the kids going.

      • JF says:

        Ian – I don’t think you can know that it is Cunneyworth and Ladouceur who are the spark. If you remember the Ottawa teams Jacques Martin coached, they were pretty fast and exciting. I think JM has been constrained to play a very tight, passive if you like, defensive system since taking over, with heavy reliance on veterans, because he has not had the offensive depth to do otherwise. And our defence until this year has been slow, which meant that our transition game has not been very effective. I think we’re seeing what happens with three offensive lines and more speed and better puck-moving skills on the back end. I give credit to the entire coaching staff, which includes JM. Hatred for him on this site has become an automatic response. Often the actual facts of the game are overlooked to trot out the usual tired complaints.

    • G-Man says:

      They will always harp on and on about JM. Always gets the blame for losses but never any credit for wins. It’s an ignorant double-standard they keep pushing.

    • Chris says:

      Good post. I am not sure that Martin is out of the woods yet, as far as I am concerned, because I don’t feel like he always plays to the team’s strength. Last night he did, and the team was rewarded for it.

      One of the frequent complaints is that the Habs play up to their opponent, but also play down to the cellar-dwellers. In so many posts, the discussion has hinged around that Carolina was terrible, and that is true. But those are the teams that Montreal has been giving up valuable points to. Last night, they were skating and imposing their will on the game, instead of reacting. I don’t think they can do this against the Bostons, Washingtons or Pittsburghs of the league, but they should do it against the Hurricanes, Islanders or Jets.

      It is also worth pointing out that the ice time was even because the Habs were able to get the lead. The Habs are generally an excellent team when out in front, but they have struggled to get the leads (two goals or more) that allow you to use the whole bench.

      I think it might be premature to say that the team has changed its philosphy during his tenure. For every game like last night’s, there are games like the stinkers they put had against the Oilers or Rangers last week. Prior to last night’s game, the team’s 4 previous wins were all 1 goal games late in the 3rd period, games that were all marked by the team taking its foot off the gas and absorbing shots. Even last night’s game saw the team seemingly easing off, managing only 1 even strength shot after posting 14 and 16 in the first and second periods, respectively.

      I would like to see the Habs adopt a bit more of a ruthless streak. Getting a 1-goal lead is great, but protecting it is very hard on the players. I would like to see the Habs imposing their will more often, as they did last night, especially when not playing the elite teams in the league. I can understand sitting back when you don’t have the offensive guns to compete, but when Montreal is clearly the superior offensive team they should play like THEY know it.

  31. neumann103 says:

    On Emelin…

    At the end of pre-season my evaluation of Emelin (and Diaz) was that he would be really good, but it would take about 20 games at the NHL level and on the small ice surface for him to adjust and that Martin would just have to bite the bullet and play him.

    Almost 20 games in, I still think essentially the same thing, except imagine how much more he could have progressed if he played 15 or 16 of the 18 games instead of sitting in the press box. I don’t think sitting half the games so far did Emelin any favours and I reject any notion that this was somehow great coaching by Martin.

    I am impressed that the allegedly fragile or tempestuous psyche that kept him in Russia for the last 5 years or so did not get him pissed off and itching to return to mother Russia. Either he is a lot less of a Russian prima donna than portrayed, or perhaps I WILL credit the coach for communicating to the player that he would play and was not given up on, despite evidence to the contrary. But I just don’t see Martin doing this.

    “Et le but!”

    • Dust says:

      i don’t blame emelin for waiting so long to come to the nhl at all. He was a star dman in the khl. He was comfortable playing in his home country. The fact that he did come over to play in the nhl after so long proves that he has the drive to prove he is a really good dman and can play at the highest level. The easy thing for him to have done was stay in the khl where he made decent money and was comfortable in his home country.

      • neumann103 says:

        Oh I completely agree. I was very impressed with his pre-season and thought he just needed some adjustment time and games.

        Two things:

        1. Those who said he was somehow defective/uncommitted/soft/unworthy for spending those years in the KHL missed the point.

        2. I think it is entirely reasonable for him to think “I am comfortable, rich and appreciated playing at home in Russia, I am not particularly interested in sitting in the press box or playing for the Hamilton Bulldogs for far less money in a foreign country where I don’t speak the language” and that there was a real risk to the Habs in sitting him when he obviously should have been playing.

        “Et le but!”

  32. 24 Cups says:

    All logic dictates that Budaj gets the start tonight. The real question is when should he play next week, especially seeing that the Flyer game is a 1pm start on the road. Do you let Budaj go against Carolina, or give that game to Price and then make Budaj the sacrifical lamb against Philly?

    Thursday, Nov 17 @ NY Islanders 7:00 PM ET

    Saturday, Nov 19 NY Rangers 7:00 PM ET

    Monday, Nov 21 Boston 7:30 PM ET

    Wednesday, Nov 23 @ Carolina 7:00 PM ET

    Friday, Nov 25 @ Philadelphia 1:00 PM ET

    Saturday, Nov 26 Pittsburgh 7:00 PM ET

    Wednesday, Nov 30 @ Anaheim 10:00 PM ET

    • neumann103 says:

      Budaj should start tonight against the Islanders. It is the ideal circumstance to get him in and spell Price.

      I guess the starting assumption is that Price wants to play every game so asking him which he wants to skip is futile, but I would tend to say have Budaj play Wednesday in Carolina unless Price really hates those 1:00 PM starts and/or thinks the 28 hours between the end of the Philly game and the puck drop against the Rangers after travelling on US Thanksgiving weekend would be too big a hindrance.

      “Et le but!”

  33. 24 Cups says:

    I realize the game was against Carolina but…..

    – the Habs won a game at home

    – they scored four goals

    – they racked up a shutout with five rookies on defense

    – Scott Gomez had a strong game

    – after a 1-7 start to the season, the Habs are now 8-10.

    – there appear to be no signs that the team is quitting on their coach

    – DD continues to have a strong start to the season despite taking some unfair criticism on this site

    – the team is just one point out of a playoff spot and just two wins behind Toronto

    – they play back to back games but the 2nd encounter is against a bottom feeder which has real goaltending issues. Tonight just might be the perfect time to give Budaj another start seeing that the Islanders are one of the lowest scoring teams in the league.

    All in all, I think you have to be pretty happy considering the Habs are playing without AK46, Markov, Gill and Spacek.

    • Ian Cobb says:

      True Dat Steve!

      What is your take playing Plekanec so many minutes. Rendering him less fresh to be effective on his regular shift.

      • 24 Cups says:

        This team has been weak down the middle for years, which means any centre that is decent has to move up the depth chart and be overutilized in roles that are unrealistic.

        Pleks on the point is pure folly, not to mention that he tends to get overworked on the PK. Markov on the PP and Gomez on the PK would go a long way to easing Pleks’ icetime.

        DD is a 3rd line centre who creates offense, but he has his limitations. Eller isn’t quite as good as everyone gives him credit for, he’s still a work in progress. The jury is still out on whether this guy can create significant offense.

        • Ian Cobb says:

          Thanks for that Steve. I think if Pleks lessons his min. then we have a fresh 1st line center. I believe that DD is the best choice for second line and Eller third line. But only if Pleks has less ice time.

  34. Thomas Le Fan says:

    Great win! I hope the complainers and whiners take a day off. Maybe in a few months they will be giving Martin credit for the way he’s developed Emelin slowly and surely.

    Go Habs!

    • Ian Cobb says:

      Do you think Martin is developing his kids with solid communication Thomas. Or rather do the kids have a better chance of being more effective listening to LaDouceur and Cunneyworth.

      • Thomas Le Fan says:

        Well, Ian, it’s difficult to know for sure. It’s supposed to be a team effort on and off the ice. If the assistants are doing a good job, which it seems they are, I don’t see how you can take anything away from the head coach (or management) because of that fact. As for player development, I think we can agree that (because of well known, much discussed factors) Montreal is the most difficult place to accomplish that task. At the best of times, it’s a difficult thing to assess young talent and it’s always a bit of a crap shoot. And obviously, it hasn’t just been JM who has struggled with this problem, in Montreal, after all. I tend to be patient with a team that looks like it has a lot of young talent and loads of possibilities. However, as always, time will tell.

  35. Ian Cobb says:

    130 of us so far, from all over North America this year.

    We will all meet and greet at 1225 Crescent St. Hurley’s pub Friday eve. Some of us will be having supper there, and name tags will be given out by Shane from Manitoba, by way of PEI, as we watch the Hamilton Bull Dogs on big screen.
    Everyone is welcome to join us. Ware your team colors! and enjoy the evening, before staggering back to the hotel.

    Saturday morning, breakfast is at 1240 Drummond St., Chez Cora’s at 8 or 8:30am. Mike Boone and other guests will be joining us. You can order a la cart and everyone gets 15% discount off your bill. Anyone is welcome.

    We then walk over to the Bell Center early for the Hall of Fame Tour for 10:30am and the Bell Center Tour is at 11:30am. You need to purchase a $5:50 ticket for the Bell Center tour.

    Right after the tours at 1pm there will be a Media and Fan professional presentation put on by former concussed hockey players. Kerry Goulet, Keith Primeau and other players who are involved in educating the effects of concussion, depression and neurology rehabilitation. Also a newly invented light device will be introduced there, that is secured to a players helmet to help determine if a player has been concussed.
    (location is the Novotel hotel, just up the street)

    At 3pm the Children’s Foundation Charity raffle and pre game dinner at 1050 Mountain St. the Baton Rouge restaurant. bring one item each to donate if possible please, so everyone will win a gift to go home with. There will be thousands of dollars worth of prizes.

    Rejean Houle will join us at the dinner with a Canadiens team signed stick for the raffle.
    I have received a Cary Price game sweater for the raffle, a OHL Belleville Bulls game sweater and a Bulls team signed stick, and a black and white picture of Toe Blake, Doug Harvy and Dicky Moore, 1957, I think.

    Then we walk across the street to the Hab’s and Ranger’s game. Go Hab’s Go.!

    After the game the 2nd floor of Hurley’s pub is reserved for us again, to celebrate the win. Anyone may join us, just identify yourself as a HIO member.

    Please be generous with your charity raffle gift donations and your purchase of raffle tickets. 1 ticket cost $20 or 3 for $40. It is a wonderful way for the HIO community to give back to less fortunate kids.

    Enjoy the weekend, talking hockey and meeting your fantastic HIO family.

    See ya there.
    Ian Cobb
    HIO Fan Summit Organizer (613-968-9807) if you need anything.

    PS. I drink single malt!!

  36. Bigdawg says:

    If Moen ends the year with 18+ goals do we resign him?

    I had thought at the beginning of the year we needed another scorer, maybe we don’t. Sure it will likely be a streaky 18+ goals (if he can DO it) but streakyness and goal scoring is not exactly a foreign concept for many forwards on this team.

    • Ian Cobb says:

      No question about it, even if he gets 12. Solid team player.

    • Dust says:

      i think you resign moen even if he doesn’t score 18. he is a solid 3rd/4th liner. Now if he wants a raise forget it.

      • twocents says:

        I agree, same money and I’d keep him.

        I hope Darche won’t return and so we really need Moen’s size and work.

        I hope he has been liking the city.

      • 24 Cups says:

        Moen and Spacek are in contract years so we have to be careful. Moen was basically missing in action for long streches during the past two years. Spacek is a +35 palyer who can be upgraded this July. Gill is another tough call, especially if he continues to falter as the year progresses.

        • twocents says:

          I don’t think Spacek and Gill are tough calls, no matter how well either plays one should be let go. And if Markov proves his health, both should be set free, in my opinion.

          It’s time to make room for these kids in the top six. I’d prefer picking up an experienced depth D who can play physically, instead of Gill or Spacek.

          • Ian Cobb says:

            TWO PENNIES- I think all the back end vets will be moved out for whatever we can get for them. If Markov can play again as before, then he and Gorges are the only two vets we keep.

          • twocents says:

            That’s how I see it, Ian.

            As I said above, we then pick up a depth D with physicality for one year on the cheap, in case of injuries and we are good.

            There are more kids coming over the next few years.

        • Dust says:

          Agree fully. What pg does with the D this offseason will be interesting

        • twocents says:

          I don’t really care if Moen keeps the scoring pace. He’s useful even when not scoring. That’s not why I’d want him.

          I don’t agree that he disappeared for long stretches over the past two years. His offence disappeared, but i never expected much form him that way.

          I think he is, and has been, a viable component of this team.

          • JF says:

            Agreed. If you watch Moen you can see that he works his a$$ off every night. I’ve never thought he’s been MIA. He also scores huge goals. (So does Josh Gorges, by the way; he has 4 game-winners for us.)

    • SmartDog says:

      ONLY if he’ll take a 1-year contract. He’s showing how he can play in a contract year. We don’t want the Moen we had last year.

      Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

  37. adamkennelly says:

    think I’ll stop complaining about our team…faaaaak is that Carolina squad terrible…our 1/2 AHL team beat the crap out of them in every facet of the game…they mentioned that the GM was talking about making changes – PG should offer them Darche (#2 PP guy) and Diaz (stud swiss D-man) plus 1st round draft pick or 3 for Skinner.

  38. Chris F says:

    Emelin was the story. How can he be sitting no matter who’s healthy. Yes, he chases some guys behind his own net, but he’s also the only Hab that keeps the opposition forwards keeping their heads up coming over our blue line. I love it. We need him, he’s young, strong, and he’ll only get better. He has to be in our top six.

    • adamkennelly says:

      on that note – there was a play last night where the Carolina F (Skinner?) with the puck tried to cut muscle his way to the net coming hard down the left side against Emelin and got rejected and forced to the corner – first thing I thought was – if that was Diaz or Weber – he would have gotten through.

  39. dontpanic says:

    Loved the win. Well deserved.

    But i can’t help but think Cam Ward had an off night….


  40. Ian Cobb says:

    Just a Magician of a coach that Martin Guy! He sure had me going for the first 17 games this year. He had us looking like a real NHL hockey club last night.

    Or was it because we were playing a group of players that are looking like they want out of Carolina for a cooler climate.

    Just maybe, I have been to harsh on poor Mr. Jacques.! He even played the kids last night! great decision to rest so many of our Vets and develop the kids.

    The players had a good time, and the fans had a good time for a change. Can we play like that two games in a row coach?

    • Dust says:

      really even after a dominating win with very inexperienced D you want to knock JM. Maybe you would prefer Boucher behind the bench so we can sit back and trap the whole game and not just the 3rd . Would that make you happy?

      • Ian Cobb says:

        I do not knock him, the game has changed and past him by is all. Maybe I am wrong, but right now that is what I think.

        • Dust says:

          Im not a huge fan of martin by any means. I feel the same as you about the game passing him by. However, the players do buy into his system, and he is getting results right now. When the habs came out of the gates slow everyone blamed martin. (me included) but now that they are winning i think he deserves some credit for it.

      • Ian Cobb says:

        Inexperienced kids on the D. Well let me inform you a little. These kids have been playing at a high level for 20 years most of them.

        It is the coach that is inexperienced playing 25 year old kids.

        • Dust says:

          well if i had a choice to play a vet or a rookie with equal skill. I would play the vet. The only young D i think should get more minutes is emelin as we lack physicallity on the back end. I would play spatcho over diaz and weber any night

          • Ian Cobb says:

            Your right, but one must play the kids more, not have them sitting on the bench during the regular season for their confidence going into the play offs.

      • SmartDog says:

        I thought Ian’s post fair. He acknowledged the good game and asked for one more like it. I concur!

        And… really important… there were no “too many men” penalties! Way to go JM!! Ya got that whole bench-change craziness figured out!

        Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

    • petefleet says:

      I get that you are a Habs fan and that you are an HIO poster from way back but your sarcasm ecsapes me. This isn’t the 1978 Habs. Martin has limited resources to work with and while I don’t agree with everything he’s done, I do cut the guy some slack. 3 1/2 rookie defencemen last night that held thier own for the most part all night. The shutout is not entirely reflective of Price’s play, he had lots of help. The negative, unwarranted comments are getting old.

      Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.

      ***Habs Forever***

      • Ian Cobb says:

        Peter! Your correct of course, I have been complaining about the coach a lot. But I just do not see any other place to lay my frustration on this club not playing up to it’s potential.

        Injuries yes, but not a good enough excuse for me in the way we are playing the game my friend. Last night exception of course.

  41. CanadienBoy says:

    Nice to see one of ours D checking a opposition players without falling on is ass ,hopefully Emelins improving position play will keep him in the line up

    • Habfan10912 says:

      Tell ya what I am thinking. When Spacek and Gill returns, Spacek and Diaz rotate in. If Markov comes back that decision will be intetesting. Gonna be nice to have a little depth on the blueline but knowing our injuries/flu history, someone will always be out of the lineup.

  42. Old Bald Bird says:

    Quotes and Red go to the same place.

  43. RGM says:

    The link to what’s supposed to be “Red’s Take” goes to the “Subban Rises to the Challenge” article.

    GO HABS GO! 2011-12 is our year!
    RGM’s Movember page:

  44. HardHabits says:

    I love the way Price cleared the zone on his own during penalty kills. He’s been doing that for some time now. Practicing his shot. You know he’s going to score an empty netter soon.

  45. RGM says:

    Always love the morning after a nice win, especially a shutout victory. Has me in a good mood for most of the day.

    GO HABS GO! 2011-12 is our year!
    RGM’s Movember page:

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