There was a little dusting of the white stuff last night in Montreal.

With lots more to come.

On the Lord’s day, let’s thank the heavens for hockey – an alternative to hibernation.

Today’s argument-starter: How about a Triple-G Geezer Line: Gomez, Gionta and … Bill Guerin?

Firepower fizzles – Pat Hickey

Quotes from the room

Arpon Basu’s game story from

Pierre Ladouceur’s analysis

Marc de Foy’s game story

• Damien Cox on the punchless Leafs

Video scout Jarred Friedman thinks Canadiens fans need a laugh today.




  1. SmartDog says:

    3 thoughts on last nights game… not the end of the world but as Jack Martin himself said “we got 6 points last week and could’ve had 8”.  Credit where it’s due, JM has done a lot of good with this team, but last night I think it was his errors that cost us the game.

    Markov played 23 minutes but was NOT USED ON THE 5-on-3!!!!! Why?  Becuase our power play has been so good without him?  Ridiculously dumb. If Markov was to play at ALL it should have been on the power play first.

    BLIND FAVORITISM HURTS THE TEAM. The Panthers coach benched three guys recently for not performing and then what happened? ALL THREE
    scored last night.  Yet Gomez and Gionta are untouchable.  This is NOT… I repeat NOT just on Gomez and Gionta.
    Martin’s an ASS if he doesn’t shake these guys up.  I don’t care that
    “they’re working hard”.  That’s what their MOTHER would say.  The coach
    needs to say one goal each in 11 games from these guys is SHEEE-ITE.  And
    they need to either sit on their butts and stare at the ice and think about what
    they hell they need to do differently, or play on differnet lines or SOMETHING to get them out of their funk.  The favoritism he’s showing these veterans is hurting the team. Pouliot on the other hand I thought looked very good (and has as many points as G+G together). But still toils on the depth lines.

    3. ERRATA. Those two major points aside, generally it seems (despite our shot total) that it was a bit of an off night. For the first night this year I thought Pleks had an off game – he made some awful passes which is rare.  Had to happen, especially since he’s carrying the biggest part of the scoring load.  Eller continues to confuse me.  He’s so good yet so not quite there. I think he just needs time but I’m frustrated for him.  Looking forward to seeing him break out which I think he will… but wonder if another year in the minors would have been better for his development.


    Listen to the SmartDog. He knows his poop!

  2. ZepFan2 says:

    Okay, you got me!

    I just have the mun…a craving for donuts for some strange reason. 😉


    “Analyst: And I will say things you already know, five seconds after you yell them at your television.”

  3. andrewberkshire says:

    Phili could use some D? They’re already spending almost 25 million on defense.

  4. le_vrai_jacques says:

    worth every farthing

  5. Ian Cobb says:

    Chuck, I could send my corporate jet to pick up you and your bride when the game was over and you get out of the Buffalo rink. I would have you back in Mtl. before we started watching the 3rd period at hurleys.

    Looking to have one with you again Chuck.!

  6. Chuck says:

    You should never count on your goalie to stop penalty shots. Hell, there were FOUR last night, and a ended up being goals. There’s a reason why the NHL uses them to decide games.

    Centre Hice: Check out the new training aid at Brossard.

  7. Chuck says:

    Hey Ian, Sara and I will be at the game in Buffalo on Friday night, so we’ll be getting into Montreal early Saturday afternoon. We’re really looking forward to it. See you then!

    Centre Hice: Check out the new training aid at Brossard.

  8. joeybarrie says:

    WOW. So we lose to the Panthers. PREDICTABLY……. So frustrating to lose to that team so many times. Our season is going great and we are still geting on the same old guys, and complaining that our team is not good enough. FUNNY……….And typical.

    Last night, we played OK. We played like a team that played the night before and got home late. BIG PROBLEM. GIONTA CANNOT SCORE. Gomez is getting him the puck. Last night Gomez took 6 shots. Anyone thinking Gomez is the problem on that line is clueless. They simply cannot score, two empty net attempts by Gio and our Captain has the worst luck in the world…

    AGAIN the pucks didn’t bounce our way. I have to say though, the reason we lost 2 games so far this season is because of bad luck. So that is not a bad thing. We saw alot of opportunities in the PP, and that will come. Really really bad we couldn’t score on the 5-3. Probably most important thing missing is that.

    Hamr and Spach did not help us last night, one of those two needs to sit I think. Secretly I hope we are working on a trade. It hurts me to say that, but its what im thinking.

    Either way we got a good team, and we are doing well. Really wanted to beat them last night…


    There may be other teams, but only ONE Club De Hockey…

  9. HardHabits says:

    Gallagher’s a prospect and he weighs like 160 lbs. He’s easily 2-3 years away from the NHL.

  10. Ian Cobb says:

    Sure looking forward to seeing everyone Friday in Montreal. One more game in Columbus Tuesday and then it is time for us to hit town for the Summit. See you at the hotel or Hurleys Pub.

    And for all those asking, I like single malt scotch, one in each hand.!

  11. Bugs says:

    Ri. Di. Cu. Lous.

    Don’t mean to be mean, Belly, but look at this, look at where we are now. I mean…c’mon!



    Just let’em play, it’s gonna click.. They’re not outta place. They’ve had their chances; they’re just snake-bit. Once they start clicking again, the kid Poolio, who has double either of’em’s points, will be reunited with’em.

    Cuz guess what? Poolio wasn’t taken away from them. THEY were taken away from him.

    Spuriously furious, I swear as

    L.Bugs Potter, esq. Minority Owner of the Habbalicious Bubble-Gum Emporium, Proprietor of the Flanneltop Pop Shop, and Beaming Tenant in Mama’s Basement, i.e., Habsbros Central:

  12. Storm Man says:

    Zep sure you did :).

  13. HardHabits says:

    1st GAA

    Gorges gets out-muscled on the boards. Gill gets beat to the rebound. Credit Higgins for outplaying Gorges, Matthias for taking his pass and relaying to Frolik who beats the not so fleet footed Gill to his own rebound.

    2nd GAA

    Hamrlik loses the puck at centre. Spacek trips Booth for the penalty shot. Credit Reinprecht with the take away and pass, Booth with the break away and penalty shot.

    3rd GAA

    Nice hail mary outlet pass from the Panthers zone which AK46 had a chance to grab but he flubs it, Reinprecht grabs the puck, AK misses his back check, both he and Gorges follow Reinprecht which leaves Matthias open for the rebound which he buries.

    The three goals against were a case of being out hustled, mental and physical lapses, fatigue. If Cammy buries one of his two open-in-the-slot chances that he completely misses the net on both times it’s a different game. Snake bitten Gionta has an open net and his shot hits a skate. It would’ve been nice to see Price stop the penalty shot, but that was a deft move and ultra quick release by Booth. It was close and by no means a blow-out. Did anyone watch Calgary implode against the Caps?

    It is the National Parity (Parody?) League so in any given week 6 out of 8 points is still .750 hockey.

    Hourable mention to the Darche goal. He (and Halpern) hustled to get that one. Go figure.

  14. ZepFan2 says:

    Dammit, I thought he meant powdered donuts.

    Mmm, donuts


    “Analyst: And I will say things you already know, five seconds after you yell them at your television.”

  15. JohnBellyful says:

    Drastic measures are needed to prime the Punchless Pair. Scott Gomez and Brian Gionta, two-thirds of the What’s My Line, aren’t racking up the points. Various players have had auditions to fill the third spot on their line but none have proved to be the sparkplug that’s needed. So why not experiment with someone in the system who IS a sparkplug and piling up the goals: Brendan Gallagher. He’s potted 16 goals in 18 games and sports a +15.
    At 5’8″, he wouldn’t look out of place with the other two. Sure, the Tiny Trio might not win many puck battles along the boards but they should do wonders with their cycling game and they’d annoy the hell out of the defence by buzzing around the net like gnats. Who’s to say a blur in front the net wouldn’t serve just as good a screen for shots from the point as a stationary hulk set up in front of the goalie?
    The G-String could turn into this generation’s Pocket Rockets.

  16. joeybarrie says:

    Not a terrible team. But ours is much better. Just weren’t better last night.

    There may be other teams, but only ONE Club De Hockey…

  17. CalgaryHabsFan says:

    I prefer the team we have now with two exceptions. Koivu instead of Gomez and Streit instead of Spacek.




  18. bertuzzisucks says:

    How about Zherdev on the 2nd line?? He was a healthy scratch for Philly.

    He can score.

    Philly could use some D too.

  19. OneTimer says:

    I agree with you, people are being too harsh on Gomez and Gionta. At least we’ve been winning the first 10 games without their production, I think it’d be a different story if we were 2-7-1 instead.

  20. SlovakHab says:

    Worth every cent!!

  21. says:

    7-3-1 in Oct, NIOCE


  22. SlovakHab says:

    I think that the tradeoffs were Gorges/Rivet and Hamrlik/Souray, which are kind of all right, aren’t they!

    Definitely would keep Streit over Spacek!!

    Tanguay on the second line could work well in some regular season games, that guy is a very good passer! However, for the playoffs, I would prefer someone much much tougher (a type of player we haven’t had for a while – like Hartnell, Lucic)

  23. Harditya_CareyPrice says:

    Joyeux Anniversaire à Tomas Plekanec.


  24. pierre lapuck says:

    Yeah it’s real easy to be tough when Pronger’s got your back.  Briere moves down some in the line up of classy players, Carcillo remains at the bottom and one day Briere willhave his head down and get it handed to him.  I’ll laugh.

  25. Chuck says:

    It’s a step back because MAB would be doing the job that PK should be doing. And we’ve already got a guy (Picard) who’s +7 and looking for playing time.

    Centre Hice: Check out the new training aid at Brossard.

  26. SlovakHab says:

    I think you are forgetting that Moen replaced Kosto, and I think it is an improvement.

    And I like Pyatt more than I liked Higgins. Gomez isn’t better than Koivu so far, but Pyatt is a nice bonus of that trade.

  27. Mikey_39 says:

    Gomez is way overpaid and purely based on what I see on the ice, doesn’t give a crap these days.  Gionta is worth what he’s getting paid and once he starts clicking, you’re going to see him light it up.  You’re probably the only Habs fan who thinks Cammalleri is overpaid.  Anyone will tell you that was by far the best FA acquisition made by the habs in a long time.  But I will admit he too is having a tough start to the season, as expectations are that he’s going to crack the 40 goal mark.  What I would do if I were the coach, is play Pouliot with Gomez and Gionta for more that three shifts.  Let them build some chemistry, give them 10 games and see what happens.


    And don’T forget, Montreal has to pay more to acquire FA because we have higher taxes than anywhere else.

    Keep the faith man, it’s just one loss.  

  28. OneTimer says:

    Oh, I get it, that’s a cocaine joke! Awesome!!!

  29. ManApart says:

    Why is it a step back? It’s not like we get rid of PK. He’s still here. And we add a proven PP goal scorer. MAB will be fine if he plays 12 minutes a game like he’s supposed to. He was only -7 last year, playing heavy minutes in place of injuries.

  30. HFX-HabFan says:

    I’d prefer Rivet in over Hammer for what they each respectively bring to the table (cost is a factor as well)…Streit would obviously be nice too but he’s probably out for the year anyway.  Up front?  Maybe Tanguay to skate on the second line, though he’s not the bigger goal-scoring winger that we’d like to see alongside Gomez/Gionta.

  31. Mikey_39 says:

    Definitely miss Koivu, Kostopoulos, Higgins, Begin, SK(a little, I had a soft spot for the guy ever since we first brought him up and he showed that grit that he had).  For the D, Streit who we never should have let go, Bouillon, and I would miss Komisarek if he hadn’t effed us over.

    And ya, I miss Halak and Huet (fav player), a lot.


    But I think as a whole, I would take the team we got now compared to this.  But I would definitely replace some players.  For example, swap Koivu for Gomez (you can rip on me after), Begin or Kostopoulos for Darche, Streit for Spacek (probably the most important one), Bouillon for Obyrne, and Huet for Auld.

  32. Chuck says:

    That’s a step backward. PK will learn. And for all of his recklessness, he’s much more sound defensively than MAB.

    Centre Hice: Check out the new training aid at Brossard.

  33. Chuck says:

    Y’know giving PK a wood stick to play with would accomplish a couple of things: it would automatically take a few mp/h off of his shot and he would be forced to work on his accuracy, and his stick would break as often.


    Centre Hice: Check out the new training aid at Brossard.

  34. Jbird says:

    You forgot the Biggest Dip S__T of all.  Mike Ribiero! Seriously, other than Halak, Streit and Koivu, that’s a pretty horrible team.  Moore would be nice – but Halpern baby!  Moves were made for good reason’s.


  35. ManApart says:

    I’m not joking. There is one easy solution to the PP mess. MAB. That man knows how to shoot from the point.

  36. Chuck says:

    True, but the problem is that his shot from the point isn’t generating scoring chances. If you’ve got a man advantage, it’s should be the point man’s job to get the puck into play in front of the net. From there, the shot can be deflected, or a rebound and secondary scoring chance created in close. Instead, it’s like he’s trying to score on every shot.

    Pk needs a few rules: Don’t take a shot that has a high percentage of being blocked. Don’t take a shot in which the goalie can see it all the way in. Keep pucks low so that they create rebounds. Look for alternate ways to get the puck down low. And don’t be predictable.

    Centre Hice: Check out the new training aid at Brossard.

  37. SlovakHab says:

    Tanguay – Koivu – Kovalev

    Latendresse – Grabovski – Ryder

    Higgins – Moore – D’Agostini

    Kostopoulos – Metropolit – Begin

    Sergei Kostitsyn

    – – – – – 

    Streit – Souray

    Rivet – Komisarek

    Dandenault – MAB


    – – – – – 

    Halak, Huet

    – – – – – 

    Coach: Carbonneau


    How’s this team?

    How many players do you miss and how many of them have not been replaced?

    Did I forget anyone?

  38. HardHabits says:

    There are two types of posters. One who adds to the debate and the other who is mostly laughable and always attempts to be provocative but is in reality merely offensive.

    One group talks about what happened. Analyses it, makes assessments, offers ideas about what could correct it. Always hoping the Habs prevail and/or improve.

    The other group has nothing to offer and always predicts the demise of the Habs (which hardly makes them fans), the operative word here being predict. It’s as if they are living in a dream-land world of make believe on one hand and in a world of self-loathing and negativity with a probable incapacity to socialize with other human beings on the other.

    I wonder what compells a person to come to a team’s fan board and just continuously post GARBAGE!!!!!!!

  39. Danno says:

    How many times did he break his stick on those shots. Are his sticks made from balsa wood?


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  40. punkster says:

    Working with a consumate pro will calm him down. He’s like a jitterbug out there, constantly flashing his moves, changing direction, taking chances. We all love this in the kid and we’ll love it even more when he learns to harness the energy and bust those moves when it really counts.

  41. Lafrich says:

    He has hit at least 2-3 posts dead on on slappers from the point on the PP so far this year.

  42. adamkennelly says:

    I have my concerns about this team.  we have played weaker opponents.  our PP is terrible.  our 2nd line is doing nothing. 

    on the plus side – Price looks solid, PK is great, 1st line playing well.

    not sure how we stack up vs. the top teams in the East.

    I really hope PG goes out and gets a real top 6 winger with size to play w/ G&G – cause its a massive gaping hole that needs to be filled – plus it’d help the PP big time.


  43. SlovakHab says:

    Maybe what that line needs isn’t another speedy winger. Guerin could play with Crosby and wasn’t too shabby. His size, playoff experience and toughness could very well be what this team needs.


    On the one hand, many people complain that our top-6 is speedy, but not big or tough enough. Once we discuss this kind of player as a potential addition, people say – ok, this guy won’t keep up with our speed.

  44. Top Corner says:

    Remember kids , this Halloween

    DONT eat poison apples

    T’jat is all

    Go HABS Go !!!!!!!

  45. Lafrich says:

    So don’t watch.

  46. Chuck says:

    And Markov is just the guy to teach him. If Subban doesn’t learn to rope it in, Markov will just stop teeing up the puck for him.   🙂

    Centre Hice: Check out the new training aid at Brossard.

  47. Curtis O Habs says:

      A dusting of white stuff in Montreal last night? Thats how Boone stays up late writing ‘ About Last Night’.

  48. punkster says:

    Yep, said it last night. Too many big telegraphed windup slappers going nowhere. He’s young. He’ll learn.

  49. Dintrox says:

    Chances are Danny won’t be suspended either. Cheap shot at the end of the game. Then he hides behind Carcillo and Pronger.

    December 4, 2009 – Elmer Lach’s jersey took its rightful place with the Rocket’s in the rafters.

  50. Propwash says:

    Nope, you is wrooong foo!


    Goalies in Montreal have two roles, netminder and scapegoat. 

  51. HardHabits says:

    Have a good day Antihabsfan.

  52. SlovakHab says:

    Happy Birthday to Tomas Plekanec, who’s 28 today!!

  53. habs4real says:

    I have a new name for the Gomez line.

    how about Gomez Gionta GARBAGE!!!!!!!   tjat’s what they are.

    Gomez is nothing more than a 4th liner , and a bad 1 at that.

    Gionta is way over paid for a 20 goal scorer.

    Cammalleri is way overpaid for a guy who misses so many great scoring chances (like breakaways)

    and Pouliot is not an NHL player. they should parade him as a marshmellow in a cookie.

    this team is a 1 line team only! ZERO secondary scoring.

    trouble is, PG had all off season to correct that, and did absolutely NOTHING! he’s to blame. nobody else.

    habs will finish in 10th place.

    don’t be fooled by their record. teams they’ve beaten: Ottawa(2) NYI(2) Buffalo, Phx.

    not exactly good teams, all bottom dwellers, nonplayoff teams.

    habs will struggle and lose to the good teams.

    by next Saturday, habs will have lost 3 games in a row.

    and then they start playing all the  good teams.

  54. Chuck says:

    One think that’s really bugging me is PK’s focus on slapshots from the point on the powerplay. It seems like a high number of them are either getting blocked, coming nowhere near the net, or hitting the goalie in the chest. It’s as though the coaching staff has told him that, come hell or high water, he’s to throw bombs from the point instead of picking his spots where it would be most effective.

    Centre Hice: Check out the new training aid at Brossard.

  55. CharlieHodgeFan says:

    His third season in the NHL, and a freakin’ lousy 21 goals in 73 games. You want to give up on a high draft pick who manages that low an output. The talk in the taverns was trade trade trade.

    They gave Lafleur time to work it out, and he did.

    Now, you can name a dozen guys where the ending wasn’t so pretty, but hey, having patience is part of building a team.

  56. nightmare_49 says:



       Fischler Report: Ex Hab Recchi aging gracefully …  New England Hockey Journal.

       I just enjoy the game. I love the game. I love being around the guys. I love everything about it. These guys keep me young.


       Whose Next: Aaron Portzline tweets: …..  #CBJ are 6-4-0, eighth place in the Western Conference, yet they haven’t put it all together in any game. Is this troubling or reassuring?



       The Blue Jackets have announced that Kristian Huselius has a high ankle sprain in addition to the severe bruise and tweaked knee he suffered in last Saturday’s game against Chicago. This sets his timetable for recovery back considerably – potentially up to six weeks if it’s a severe sprain.



  57. Chuck says:

    It wasn’t just 3 games in 4 nights; it was 4 in 6. And if the only game you lose is that 4th one, it’s partially understandable.

    Still, you’d like to see a stronger effort, but for the most part they looked like they were skating in a fog.

    Centre Hice: Check out the new training aid at Brossard.

  58. lavie says:

    That guy is too old to be added on the line.

    I couldn’t watch the game while traveling to Asia, but was not happy when turning on the BB.

  59. K-hab25 says:

    I think, he thinks, the Habs are in the same division as the blues, he’s happy whenever we lose and they win.

  60. Danno says:

    Payback’s a b!tch and what goes around comes around. Keep your head up Danny…


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  61. habs_1993 says:

    I’m still thinking Pouliot on the GG line

  62. SlovakHab says:

    Guerin – Gomez – Gionta?

    Sounds good to me! Guerin would be useful on this team on any line!

  63. Psycho29 says:

    Did anyone else see Daniel “Braveheart” Briere’s swing to the head of Nielson last night?

    See how fast he runs after he does it…Of course Carcillo was on the ice at the time…


  64. Propwash says:

    So, if I’m not mistaken, you like it when the Habs lose…..right?


    Goalies in Montreal have two roles, netminder and scapegoat. 

  65. Xtrahabsfan says:

     Here in the middle of Vancouver Island the day is turning out to be beautiful ….well I off to tear-off another roof in Paradise……How bout that Volcoun last night,awesome….And D Booth (spelling),two guy’s beat us ?Show’s what you can do if you try!

  66. 24 Cups says:

    I hear you, Ian.  I remember when Alex Delvecchio didn’t score for the first 30 games of the season. Once he did, it all fell into place.  Gionta will eventually hit paydirt.

  67. 24 Cups says:

    Mike/Dave – I appreciate the stat and schedule tabs being activated. 

    Just so you are aware, the stat page still has many of the players listed who were from last year’s team.  Metro, Laraque, Mara, Moore, SK etc

  68. Ian Cobb says:

    Steve we are playing great and entertaining hockey. Yes the puck is not going in right now but it will. As soon as we start making more plays in front, instead of trying to blast it through to the net.

  69. Keith says:

    Yeah it’s snowing here in Freddy Beach too, mind you just flurry’s but snow on Halloween reminds me of when I was a kid.

    I wasn’t totally surprised by the loss last night. Excuses or not, 3 games in four nights is never easy, but 4 wins out of 5 is pretty darn good imo. Gotta see the glass half-full instead of half-empty. The pp and G&G(and whoever plays with them) are my primary worries. On to Columbus! GO HABS GO!!!

  70. 24 Cups says:

    Guerin as a Hab is a non-starter for me.  Gionta and Guerin are both right wingers.  In Pittsburgh, Guerin played with two superstar centres, here he would be with Gomez.  The guy is forty and these days he’s a good step behind everyone – both his opponents and his linemates.   As well, if the Habs sign Guerin, then it means one of Darche, Boyd, Picard or O’Byrne will have to go.

    I find it kind of funny that people are talking about getting a player to spark the Gomez-Gionta duo.  Is that what’s it’s come to, that we have to bring in father time to help spark guys in their early 30’s?  Is this what we get for 13.3M a year?

  71. samTHEman says:

    Halpern 3G    4A    7Pts    +4. 3rd top scorer after AK and Plek. Tied with Cammy actually.

    What a surprise he’s been. Posting those numbers on a 3rd line. What’s even more impressive is he’s managed to do so with Lapierre on his wing the majority of the time, who has only 2 points. 4th in the league with 61.1% on face-off’s, according to Hindle. Props to this guy. Obviously won’t keep up the pace but great to see some secondary scoring.


    Gio and Gomez – 3pts each in 11GP. Nothing to say really. Gionta is leading the team in shots with 44. Just can’t bury one in. Yesterday’s open net….LOL…wow. Just unlucky. Can’t wait till he breaks the curse.


    Gomez – looks lost on the ice sometimes. I don’t think he’s playing as bad as people are making it seem. With Gio only potting 1 goal on a team-leading 44 shots, Gomez would have atleast 5-6 assists by now if the puck went in. Gomez has no control on Gionta’s finish except setting him up at the right time which he has done.


    PP – Markov and Subban on the 1st wave is fine but if that doesn’t work for the next few games, why not try Subban with Gorges? Gorges is prone to stay at the top of the blueline. Subban likes to drop and wind for the shot. I think it would be a better combo because Gorges is more likely to dish the puck out and Subban is more likely to shoot. Having Markov and Subban might cause some confusion. THen again, it’s only been 1 game that we’ve seen them together. 

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