Snow forces Pens to stay home … for now

You needn’t be a meterologist to know that this Environment Canada satellite map of this morning doesn’t suggest imminent sunshine over Montreal.

Montreal’s first snowstorm of the season, pounding the city at this hour, has played havoc with the Pittsburgh Penguins’ travel plans.

Tomorrow night’s Bell Centre visitor had an 11:30 am practice scheduled today in Montreal. But Penguins communications director Jennifer Bullano tells Inside/Out that their 8:30 charter flight out of Pittsburgh this morning, where it was just raining, was cancelled an hour before departure when the team was advised it would be unable to land in Montreal.

The Penguins instead practise today at home.

They hope to finally get into Montreal early this evening – good luck to them on that, the way the storm is raging now, backing up flights by the minute – and will take part in their game-day skate tomorrow morning at the Bell.

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