SK74, Metropolit sit this one out

Sergei Kostitsyn and Glen Metropolit are the Canadiens’ scratches this afternoon. Sergei’s doghouse is well known; it’s unclear whether Metropolit is a healthy scratch or dealing with some kind of injury issue, perhaps an aggravation of his separated shoulder.


  1. mrmeister says:

    awesome win, just think how much we would be dominating if Gomez wasn’t afraid to get hit or hit someone, if Pleckanic got going like he can, Metropolit starts playing like Lappierre and the defence weren’t so sloppy with the puck, reduce the mistakes boys and i can breathe again, we have a golden chance to raise no. 25 to the rafters of the bell centre, embrace it

  2. Habs_Fan_1 says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more. Unfortunately, I can’t see us getting much in return.

  3. Habs_Fan_1 says:

    You’re proving the previous poster’s point for him. AK had 4 points in a losing effort against the Caps and has had 2 points in the remaining 8 games. Not really a rock of consistency now is he? I can only hope PG’s trading partner sees things the same way as you. That would be the only way to get any value for him.

  4. matraque says:

    SK will never play again for the habs.  I hope.

    Same goes for AK.

    Package them with another guy and get something good in return.  These 2 guys are just going through the motions.


    Canadien en 5!

    Never go Full Retard

  5. DAVE. N says:

    Not disagreeing about todays line up…agreed…AK does his job,offensively…I’m agreeing that this line doesn’t play to his potential…my response was more about the work ethic of the 2 brothers..not just one…I’d love to see the stats for AK when SK plays, and when he doesn’t…I suspect tthe plus/minus would be quite an insight

  6. homerbowen says:

    Will tomorrow’s headlines read “Matt Cooke Destroys Habs”

    or “Habs Tiny Players Unable To Advance In Playoffs”

    or “Halak Should Have Signed New Contract After Caps Series”

    or “Habs Too Soft Again This Year”

    or “Martin Outcoached Again!!”

    or `Habs Lack Size, Toughness, Desire“

  7. TripleX says:

    SK….excellent on PK and has an offensive upside.  Darche???????


    Good one JM, the Habs have plenty of scorers.  RIGHT??

  8. lab says:

    I agree totally, MAXWELL is useless, thx JM

  9. HabFanSince72 says:

    The Pleks-Cammi-AK46 line was the top line by far against the Caps, and A46 had 6 points.

    It’s not the time to send messages. You have to go with your best players.

    AK46 with Darche and Maxwell is idiotic.

  10. MontrealAtheist says:

    Halak is noticeably tired and if he doesn’t get pulled this game will end up being a disaster.

  11. MontrealAtheist says:

    The one from last week was even worse. I would suggest that next time we bring our guys along to do the singing.

  12. DAVE. N says:

    Both brothers have had ample opportunity with the CH to show their stuff…we’ve seen flairs of talent, which is why they were drafted in the first place, but no consistency..AK plays a pure offensive game…he pulls up on the backcheck…SK…well…….has talent but has a poor attitude…

    Metro is probably injured or sick…he would be in if he was healthy..sure of it

  13. MontrealAtheist says:

    It’s blatantly obvious that Halak is not ready yet … Heck, he was lying on the ice for 5 seconds a few minutes ago. What on Earth was JM thinking? Let’s place pull Jaro and bring in Price … NOW !!!

  14. zaq007 says:

    We just look tired

  15. Ice Storm says:

    Worst rendition of Oh Canada ever?? Someone give this guy a metronome..  he keeps time like Steve Martin in “The Jerk”… I think he was trying for the 15 second version…

    Bounce back game for AK 46…

    Come on boys!!!

  16. lavie says:

    07-08 season when we had both AK27 and SK74, it’s sometimes hard to distinguish (without seeing the Jersey No.) who is AK27 or SK74.

    SK74 quite fits Buy Boucher’s system.

  17. zaq007 says:

    I would take Metro or SK74 over Maxwell xD

  18. Cable Guy says:

    I would rather have SK74 in the lineup than Darche.  Oh well, I don’t make the calls.

  19. HabFanSince72 says:

    Darche will almost certainly not score a goal. SK74 might.

  20. RetroMikey says:

    Good choice, we want hard working character players like Darche and Maxwell on this team than a lazy whiner and overrated player like little Sergei.

    “We will win the Cup one day only with ? in the nets “

  21. showey47 says:

    Yeah,great choice. Less then 2 minutes of combined ice time and a combined -2. Totally awesome. I wonder is darche will be back in the pressbox for screwing up 1 of his 2 shifts?

  22. SPATS says:

    SK (& AK?)  belongs on a team of individuals like the Caps. Darche will battle for his brothers.

  23. HabFanSince72 says:

    Martin must really be pissed off at SK74.

  24. DAVE. N says:

    Have to ageree with retro….this is all about commitment to the team…sk74 is more interested in the name on the back of the jerseyy.. I don’t agree with JM on all his movfes, but in this one, I’m 100% behind him…

  25. slapshot777 says:

    In my opinion, we have probably seen the last of SK74 in a Habs jersey. Come this summer, both SK74 and AK46 will be outta here. If you are not going to give your all then, we have no use for that player. I know everyone says they have talent.

    Whats the good of talent if you are not gong to use it. You can’t be professional athlete, if you play worrying about what is going on with your brother. The Sutters played hockey and never worried what each brother was doing. I bet Pyatt didn’t play according to what his brother was doing on Phoenix. There are a lot of brother combinations in the NHL, not all playing together, but this is hockey you have to play for yourself and your teammates.

    What does your agent say to a GM when going for a new contract, he wasn’t able to play well because his brother wasn’t in the lineup. If his brother gets in the lineup I promise you he will to play a bit harder.



    To you from failing hands we throw the torch, be yours to hold it high.

  26. lavie says:

    Either JM or SK. But since JM did pretty well in the 1st round, SK is gone. I like SK.

  27. Ton says:

    good perspective, good post. how can anyone waste a post defending these guys.

  28. pmaraw says:

    habsinsideout1 Looks like #Habs scratch Metropolit


    i did not see this coming

  29. rickmonbren says:

    Brutal, you have guys who are on the ice for tons of goals and one of the few who have a zero rating is in the press box.  Looks like another young kid that will go on to be great elsewhere because we gave up on them.  AK will be a 40 gl scored someday.

    Martin is an idiot, Metro out maxell in, come on man.

  30. Exit716 says:

    Andrei Kostitsyn has had tons of chances to prove himself.


  31. HabFanSince72 says:

    Martin is already back to idiot?  After the Caps series he was a great coach.


  32. rickmonbren says:

    Where do the americans find these tools to sign, if your gonna use a guy at least make sure he can sign.  If not get a hot chick at least.

  33. 746ASK says:

    First off, Sergei Kostitsyn might seem lazy, but he’s never been given a really good chance to show what he’s got since Jacques Martin came in the picture. If Jacques Martin would get his way, he would have benched Andrei Kostitsyn. He HATES the Kostitsyn brothers (this is not the first time a coach doesn’t get along with a player. Ribeiro and Claude Julien; Pouliot and Jacques Lemaire. The list can go on) and for their sake I wish they would leave and make a career for themselves somewhere else. Here, in Montreal, we have a hard time taking care of young people, they always end up leaving (Mike Ribeiro for example). We lost so many good players in the past, that ended up being so good somewhere else. We had Vincent Lecavalier, but got rid of him because he was too much of a problem, look at what he’s done! Sidney Crosby when he came to Pittsburgh, Mario Lemieux took care of him to not get him off track (like Carey Price and company that always went clubbing and what not.) My point is that I love these guys to death and a lot of people just criticize them. Every time Sergei or Andrei makes a mistake it’s the end of the world! But when someone else does no one talks about it. Look at Chicago, they have a goaltending problem yes, but the youngsters (Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews) made so many mistakes, but the coach didn’t keep benching them every time they made a mistake, they made them play and that’s how you get better. I am just tired of seeing the same thing over and over again. I wish we could find a coach that is good and patient with young players so we could build a good foundation, with people who’ll be there for a while, like Guy Boucher. Oh and if we don’t keep our hands on Guy Boucher, he will be in New Jersey, coaching them and making Zach Parise and Ilya Kovalchuk into better players. Guy Boucher is our last chance to finally get out of the cycle Montreal has been since 1993. I want a young coach that has a different way of looking at things and that can work with young people. I’m tired of these old fuddy duddys. They’re time is over, give place to the new people.

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