SK 74 signs in Nashville

Who knew Sergei Kostitsyn was a country-music fan?

The Canadiens’ former problem child squelched those rumours that he was heading to the KHL when he signed a one-year deal to play for the Nashville Predators. Kostitsyn became the Predators’ property in a deal last month for the NHL rights to goaltender Dan Ellis and forward Dustin Boyd.

Kostitsyn will make a bit more than the minimum wage at $550,000 but he’ll get a chance to renegotiate next summer if he can deliver on his largely untapped talent.     


  1. Julie H says:

    So long mini Kostitsyn!

    “I know you’re wise beyond your years, but do you ever get the fear that your perfect verse is just a lie you tell yourself to help you get by?”

  2. db says:

    would you offer sheet carcillo? or b. ryan? or anyone?

  3. Bahamut-Prime says:

    Considering we only made it into the playoffs one point ahead of the rangers I’d say SK74 getting 2 gamewinners while marginal is doing something for the team.

  4. TripleX says:

    Eklund just twittered that the Rangers are in on Kovalchuk!


    What is their cap space?  One dollar?


    “Good judgement comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgement.”

  5. SuperStarz says:

    who is this guy? did he contribute to the team in any way?
    Answer: Nobody and NO

  6. TripleX says:

    I realize PG has a full agenda, but how about replacing those six scouts, naming a coach for Hamilton and giving Kirk Muller a job!



    “Good judgement comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgement.”

  7. habsfaninboston says:

    Kovy looking for $10 million per year. Not worth it IMO.

  8. Kamal Panesar says:

    Honestly?  Who cares?

    Yes, Sergei is talented and could very likely turn his career around in Nashville, but he is no longer a Hab, so who really cares?

    The Habs signed Dustin Boyd, and for Habs fans that don’t know this guy, he is nothing but character and is a bigger, stronger, faster, tougher Glen Metropolit. 

    While he by no means is equal in skill to Sergei, he is someone who wants to be here and has no quit in him.  He will be a welcome addition to the bottom-6.

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  9. vic says:

    I hope Sergi does well in Nashville.JM idnt like him from the getgo.

    I am waiting to see what happens to the kids comming up

    I also think there is going to be an attitude change on the teams on how some of the players have been handle by mangement.

    Now that Halack has signed is Gauthier backed into a corner?

  10. petrov14 says:

    A one-way deal I assume?

    ______________________________________ Gionta for Captain.

  11. smiler2729 says:

    SK74 signs in Nashville… whatever.

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