Sharks will be good test for Habs on HIO Summit weekend

A big welcome to members of the HIO community who are in town this weekend for the annual HIO Summit. Have fun and be safe.

It looks like they’re going to get a good game also as the San Jose Sharks visit the Bell Centre Saturday night (7 p.m., CBC, RDS, TSN Radio 690).

The Sharks (8-1-1) suffered their first regulation-time loss of the season Thursday night in Boston, dropping a 2-1 decision to the Bruins.

“It will be a very big challenge for our team,” said Canadiens coach Michel Therrien, who considers the Sharks the best team in the NHL right now.

“It’s a team that will continually put pressure on their opponent. (They) always finish at the net. They’re solid defensively. They have a good goaltender,” Therrien added.

Sharks goaltender Antti Niemi has a sparkling 1.67 goals- against average.

The Canadiens held an optional skate Saturday morning in Brossard. Lars Eller, Brian Gionta, Francis Bouillon, David Desharnais, Tomas Plekanec and Travis Moen skipped the skate. After taking therapy days Friday, Ryan White and Andrei Markov both skated. George Parros (concussion) skated while wearing a no-contact jersey and Douglas Murray (upper-body injury) skated while wearing a regular practice jersey.

Saturday’s game will be a homecoming for Sharks defenceman Jason Demers, who grew up in Dorval and will be playing his first game at the Bell Centre.

“It’s going to be exciting to play in front of that crowd,” Demers told The Gazette’s Brenda Branswell in a phone interview this week.

(Photo by John Kenney/The Gazette)

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  1. Buzz Lightbeer says:

    I’ve never been so jealous of people i have not met before.
    Should be a great game tonight.
    Instead of drinking meet and greets at Hurleys you should have been on an undercover espionage mission. Seek out the Sharks hotel and take them to some of Montreals finer gentlemen clubs. The rest of the plan would take care of itself. Advantage,Habs.

  2. Eddie says:

    Quick story about Marc Edward Vlassic, aka “Pickles”.

    When he played Midget AAA for the Lions on the West Island of Montreal, he “racked up” 14 points and 7 minor penalties in 41 games in his draft year for Major Junior. He was a skinny kid, didn’t hit much, and didn’t score much, so all of the Major Junior scouts in Quebec overlooked him.
    His Midget AAA team had to start calling the Major Junior teams, one by one, explaining to them what was special about this d-man they had. Finally, he was drafted by Quebec City 84th overall, the last pick of the 4th round of 16 teams at the time.

    You see you have to really watch Vlassic’s game carefully and repeatedly to realize his true value. His positioning, his stick work, his decision making, his passing, that’s what makes him special. Unless you see him play 10 games in a row, and you understand that he probably hasn’t made a single bad decision during those 10 full games, you would skip over him as well.

    The kid who was going undrafted into Major Junior was scouted and picked by the Sharks in 2005 35th overall!! – the Sharks seem to scout the Montreal region quite well as they’ve scooped up Torey Mitchell, Vlassic, and Demers mentioned above.

    And Vlassic is such a pro, he made the Sharks NHL roster on his first try as a 19 year old and he’s never looked back. Watching Beaulieu and Tinordi try and play NHL as 20 and 21 year olds, you can get an appreciation for how outstanding a camp Vlassic must have had.

    He keeps getting better and better. He’s already played 529 NHL games and only Anje Kopitar at 533 has played more from that 2005 draft year.

    Truly a remarkable story.

  3. bigjames says:

    hope you all have a great time at the summit. I am on the other side of the world but to my amazement I was at a party in macau and a woman on my table is an auntie of sorts of PK Subban. her sister is married to PK’s dad’s brother. yes that is a stretch, but when you are in macau you do not expect such relationships! auntie knew all subban boys since they were tiny kids…

  4. Maritime Ronn says:

    @ Bill

    Why the knock on Lecavalier?
    Why the, ” When that club folds, and it will, Lecavalier will be consigned to the dust-bin of history.”

    IF… he never wanted any part of playing in Montreal for the Habs, then so be it.
    Something about leading a horse to water…
    The CBA allowed him to decide what he wanted to do with his career, along with where he wanted to play.
    He earned those rights.

    What more does Lecavalier need?
    What more does he need to do?

    He has a Cup Ring and lives in a Florida mansion.
    While not totally anonymous, he can walk around either Philly now, or Tampa without needing to jump in a hobbit hole.

    Perhaps him and his family prefer that…

    He is also building a legacy for himself:

    ” In October 2007, Lecavalier pledged $3 million to a new All Children’s Hospital facility under construction in St. Petersburg, Florida. The facility will be named the Vincent Lecavalier Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center in his honor.”

    He has been an All Star numerous times and has also represented Canada on the International stage.

    He was even in the Movie ” The Rocket” having played the role of Jean Beliveau.

    Career earnings?
    When all is said and done with the present contract/buyouts, and past salary/endorsements, he will have earned over $ 100M USD in tax friendly US jurisdictions…all before the age of 40 years old.
    Good for him…

  5. DDO_Habs_Fan says:

    Get Boone to wear the Timo shirt…LOL

    “You’re always, always, always looking to make your team better. Always.”- Marc Bergevin

  6. Storman says:

    All my love summeteers,, wish me luck running a mise o jeu parlay from last night NYI’s comeback late against the Pens and Ryan Kessler’s goal with 15 seconds left won me 150.00 on a 2$ dollar bet, parlay continues tonight if Buffalo beats Tampa, Philly beats NYI, and our Habs beat San Jose i stand to wil 2500.00 on a 2$ bet, have fun guys see you on the live blog

  7. JUST ME says:

    I was reading earlier on about the need to think about Markov`s deal renewal coming up.
    You have got to hold on to a player that has that unique quality to make his teammates better. I get it ,he is getting old and fragile and time is fast approaching when we will have to part ways but if you ask me now ,right now i would sign him cause he is the only one the kids can really look up to and he has seen rain…
    We need another year maybe two of him and then the kids will be mature enough to take over and face what they have to face. Markov is still our number one d-man.
    How about P.K. ? This guy is on another planet ! Can`t compare him to anyone that played for us for a long time !

  8. Habilis says:

    So the Sharks are the best team in hockey right now. Meaning if we beat them, we’re better than the best team in hockey. It’s science.

    Have a great night, Summiteers. Hope everyone has a blast and remains safe. Try not to drink Hurley’s dry of Guinness. 😉

  9. Timo says:

    Is Boone attending the summit festivities? If he does can some one give him a hug from me?

  10. Bripro says:

    Howdie all from the summit.
    I won’t comment as astutely as Jim on every member I’ve met (because I can’t recall their names).
    I can say without any reservation that Jim is the true gentleman.
    I had a gourmet hot dog lunch sitting in the Mafia booths with the small group including L, Burley, Jim, Chris, Grim Jim and Shane (Tasmanian devil in disguise).
    A wonderful group…truly!
    But I have to tell you that if alcoholism was a criteria for refusing friendships, Burley and Chris would be two lonely souls.
    They sent yours truly to the dep for beer (because I have an honest face) and wouldn’t let me beyond the hotel threshhold without the case in hand. 🙂
    I’m so fortunate to call these wonderful people my friends.
    I would suggest to all of you who are not here…if you ever have the opportunity to attend future summits, you should….it’s a once-in-a-lifetime event.
    And those who could have come to chose not to, you suck!

    EDIT: how many of you truly know burley and Jim?
    I just got plunked by these two smart a**es, making me believe that they forgot my ticket! After all I did for them, and they’re sitting there laughing at me. If I ever get elected, there’ll be a HUGE billboard warning them of their imminent arrest if they step one foot in my town! Guaranteed!

  11. sweetmad says:

    Leafs won gainst the Ducks,with hardly any penalties,we beat the Ducks,as well.Leafs lost last night with Clarkson,loads of penalties,against CBJ 5-2,we won against CBJ 5-2,who needs Clarkson.

    Just goes to prove, all you need to do is play and not take stupid penalties,which rough housing and fighting gets you.

    On something,that has nothing to do with hockey,I keep a humming bird feeder up all year long,and get birds all year round,today on my feeder, I had a really young humming bird,just out of the nest.It was really covered in down and the mother was trying to teach it to feed from the feeder,it’s the end of October,so I don’t thing it will survive,but that is amazing.I know we have had a good summer,here out west,but that is crazy.

    Hope you Summiteers are having a good time,maybe one day,I can be there too,she says laughing.Hope it’s a win for you tonight.

    • Maritime Ronn says:

      hi SM

      How do you still have Hummingbirds?
      All of the ones here on the East Coast left around mid September.
      They are fun birds to have around, and a window perch is fascinating to watch from inside.

      We have feeders outside, and once they become comfortable with your voices or sounds, they will fly within a few feet of you to get to the feeders and won’t be frightened away.

      I always get a kick out of some guest’s reaction when they get buzzed on the balcony in the summer.

      I am sure you know the easy simple food recipe.
      1/4 Cup of sugar combined with 4 Cups of boiled water.
      No need to spend big bucks on funny colored retail stuff.
      You can freeze the rest or make smaller quantities.

  12. FunkyCrabChairNF says:

    Anyone have a link to a stream for Alouettes / TiCats?

  13. slyCH says:

    Any word on tonight’s starting D and pairings?

    Hoping for a good game for summiters sake.


  14. Ferguson-22 says:

    Excellent Bell Centre tour. Habs Hall of Fame was also great. Loved it!

  15. habfan01 says:

    What time is everything starting at Baton Rouge?

  16. B says:

    Alouettes vs TigerCats game just underway. The usually yellow first down indicator line is pink again for cancer awareness, nice touch. Go Als Go!

    –Go Habs Go!–

  17. FANHABULOUS says:

    To all the Summiteers, have a blast boys! I’m jealous I couldn’t be there.

    Oh, and that Clarkson contract is gonna stink in about 2 years… and I’m gonna laugh my ass off at the leafs once more!

    “You will not regret picking me” – PK Subban.

  18. Maritime Ronn says:

    Sharks are a good hockey club, yet may very well be without Dan Boyle who was their # 1 Dman in minutes played, and their PP/QB last season.
    Since Boyle has been out, the Sharks have won 2 and lost 2.

    Not yet confirmed, yet they may also be missing behemoth Dman – turned forward, 6’5″-230 lbs. Brent Burns.
    ( Raphael Diaz and Josh Gorges were spotted at the cross atop Mt. Royal this AM…)

    Keep an eye on Montreal born Dman Marc-Edouard Vlasic.
    He was drafted in the 2nd Round in 2005, and made the jump directly to the Sharks from Quebec Ramparts in the 2006/07 season.

    He was one of the Team Canada Olympic invitees to the orientation camp last summer, and while a longshot, playing the left side may be a deciding factor.

  19. habstrinifan says:

    Just met SPATS and I rushed him outta my house. Hope he didn’t get wrong impression.. it’s just that I didn’t want him to miss that raffle pregame dinner and camaraderie where I hear lots of ‘famous folks’ will be present.

    Just as is the case when all habs fans ‘come together’ Huge smiles between us and immediate sense of ease. And besides he loaded me up with all this homemade goodies. Tell him the granola mixture already almost gone! LOL!

  20. The Dude says:

    After tonight’s game the size differential between the two teams should remind Habs management and scouting how rose coloured their glasses are….it’s a bad joke that has kept the team from finals action and been a focal point over for twenty years now! And what worse is after watching the Booins&Sharks last game Hilites and seeing what Chara and Lurch did to them well …we got work to do and NOW!
    I like the fact that Gionta ,Markov,Gorges and DD are playing well … TraDE them NoW for BIG BOYS WITH A PAIR THAT CAN PLAY THIS GAME and own a Lucic dart board! It’s time to change the “losers love to lose!”

    • Maritime Ronn says:

      Just curious.

      You mentioned, ” I like the fact that Gionta ,Markov,Gorges and DD are playing well … TraDE them NoW for BIG BOYS WITH A PAIR THAT CAN PLAY THIS GAME and own a Lucic dart board!”

      Taking everything into consideration such as age, Cap Hit, Salary, years left on contract to UFA status, good or bad contract, other team’s will and desire to trade….or what you want from another team, for what you want to give from the Habs roster, I am really curious about trade scenarios.

      Who should GM Bergevin be talking to?
      Who should he be targeting?
      What would be the player/prospect/Draft choice cost?

      I have a feeling Bergevin and staff are making and receiving calls on a daily basis.
      I also get the feeling that when other teams call, here is who they want in any given order:
      Subban-Galchenyuk-Eller-Gallagher, and maybe prospects Tinordi and Beaulieu.
      That’s it!

      Bournival could be a topic of conversation, but he has so few games under his belt that no GM would go out on the limb and offer anything big for the young guy.
      His worth is unknown in the medium and longer term.

      The names you mention are at best, Trade Deadline deals for Draft Picks and prospects

    • Bob_Sacamano says:

      You really need professional help.

  21. JD says:

    Anyone else notice that when you try to open a link to a Habs story in the Gazette you get the message you have maxed out the 30 free stories and need to open a digital subscription to be able to read the article? I’m in Ontario and HIO is the only place to get Habs stories. Any answers to this?

  22. Chrisadiens says:

    Great post by my father down below. Hard to compete with that. L and I also like Matty’s description of Pops. Spot on brother.

    Time for beer!

    Chrisadiens and HabFan10912, one of the few father son tandems on HIO.

  23. Say Ash says:

    Guess who had three points the last time Habs played the Sharks?

  24. HardHabits says:

    I would not trade Subban for Crosby straight up. Nor Price for Fleury. Sorry son.

    A while back I said that Subban wasn’t elite. Back then he wasn’t. Yet.

    Today I suspect Subban will end being considered a generational player when all is said and done.

    This one goes out to Dave. Subbangin’ baby!!!

  25. Eddie says:

    I get Markov with Subban on the power play. Take the first unit and throw everything you’ve got at them.

    But how can it make sense for us to load up our d-men unit like that 5 on 5?

    Doesn’t it make it too easy for any coach to avoid the Markov Subban pairing by changing on the fly, or easier still when we’re on the road and they have the last change?

    Doesn’t this force Gorges and Diaz into very tough matchups?

    Somehow everyone has fallen in love with Markov playing 27 minutes next to Subban, and I keep asking how strong will Markov’s knees be come April, May and June if this keeps up?

    I think tonight we will see that Subban and Markov play tons of hockey, and for the most part, they handle whatever the Sharks throw at them.

    Then I will be watching to see what our other 4 dmen can do against the Sharks, because Diaz, Gorges, Bouillon and maybe even Murray, will have to hold the fort for the other 33 minutes.

    Hope everyone has a great time at the Summit!

    • MrNax says:

      I get what you’re saying about making it tougher on Gorges, Diaz et al. BUT I think that Markov playing 27 mins a night with a stud like Subban is easier on him (and his knees) than him playing 22 mins a night with a DUD like Diaz. When Subban was paired with Gorges, the opposition would pressure Subban into passing it to Gorges, the latter being less capable with the puck, thus leading to turnovers. With Markov at his side, the forecheck has to back off and give them both space which allows them to play more to their strengths… thoughts?

    • on2ndthought says:

      You’ve got to let your best be your best, and to beat their best. It will be up to our forwards to take the pressure off our bottom 4 by being ready to chip the pass along the boards out, and to compete positionally when the sharks are swimming on our ice.

      “a cannonading drive”

    • Bill J says:

      Just because it’s a secret wish of mine, as the return would be good.

      Perhaps they are showcasing Markov next to Subban, to make Markov look even better? I can’t see the Habs being able to afford him and the resigning of all the young players including Subban in the near future.

      Go Habs Go!

      • habcertain says:

        if he stays at his current level, we could fit him in at 2yrs for $7.5m. I would not offer him anything until we see how the year progresses, he could easily peter out by Feb. with the type of minutes he is logging, or worse another knee injury.

        • Bill J says:

          Knee injury = he walks with nothing gained in return.

          Let’s not talk about that! lol :S

          Subban, Eller, Gallagher, Galchenyuk, Tinordi. All big raises coming in the next few years, some will be bridge contracts but still raises. Next year I suspect: Beaulieu, Tinordi, Pateryn, Nygren. To be on D.
          Along with Subban and Gorges.

          A young but solid and talented D.

          Not having Markov, and that lower cap D. Allows for high value forwards the Habs can take on in the trade.

          Or we keep Markov, and have a logjam on D prospects.

          Go Habs Go!

    • Maritime Ronn says:

      hi Eddie

      Watch Markov on the ice.
      He plays smart efficient minutes, and it appears he gets hit less playing with Subban.

      He never rushes the puck, makes great passes because of his incredible vision, and the Habs seem to be in the O zone more than defending when that pair is on the ice.

      He’ll be just fine.
      He’s also a vet and Coach Therrien wouldn’t ask him to do something he couldn’t do.

  26. JUST ME says:

    I just read habfan10912`s resume of the evening yesterday and must admit that i too regret not being there… But it`s o.k. i can appreciate the friendship between regular commentators on HIO and their devotion to the sport. Won`t say devotion to a team cause sometimes it is not obvious but still…
    Hope you guys have a great day today and bring luck to the Habs.

    Do not know what to expect about the game tonight. Will not be a defensive demonstration i think…

  27. GGtheHab says:

    Next year, if at all possible I am going to the Summit..should have went this year. ..lesson learned…I think a goal for this season is to take in a Bulls game with Ian to scout some of our prospects..Crisp or McCarron when they come to town..Have a blast in Mtl Habs fans…hope u get to serenade them to victory..GoHABSGo!!

  28. JM says:

    If the Habs play smart defensively. They have a chance at beating the sharks. That’s their only chance. The sharks are very strong both on offence and defence!! too many mistakes on defence and the game will be over early…

    • on2ndthought says:

      Habs need to create scoring chances by the boatload and spend more time in SJ’s zone than our own (where they will get us running around on occasion). Jacques Martin would lose this game 3-1 and say we played well. Let’s see what MT can do with two lines clicking and responsible play across 200feet of ice.

      “a cannonading drive”

  29. commandant says:

    The latest Habs podcast from our friends at Habsworld is up.

    Go Habs Go!
    Your 2013 NHL Draft Headquarters, Now Open.

  30. Bill says:

    Looking at some raw numbers, the Sharks on average take eight more shots per game than they allow, while the Habs allow slightly more shots than they take.

    Niemi is an excellent goalie, but the Sharks team is making his life easy as well. If the Sharks outshoot the Habs the way they did the Bruins, the Habs lose unless Price performs miracles.

    Hoping for the best for the Summit crew, but this a very tough opponent!

    How about that Subban eh? I’m starting to wonder if eight million is gonna cut it. If he keeps up this pace he could deservedly ask for the absolute top price, and the Habs would have to pay.

    • HabFab says:

      Bill, check out propwash’s photo links of the t-shirts below if you haven’t already.

    • GGtheHab says:

      PK can fill a highlight reel by himself most nights.. he escapes from some tight spots with crafty stickhandling, tape to tape passes as far as leagally allowed..Ducks were stopping and dumping it in when they saw his a$$ pinching them off along the boards..he has to be our Captain at some point..not now..but he will b ready for it one day, with a big long term contract in his back pocket.

    • on2ndthought says:

      That’s why we can’t sit back and let them come at us. As the kid line gets more attention, Gionta Pleks and Bournival get more opportunity. Beaulieu is playing confidently, and Moen is showing leadership and presence. If DD can get a bounce or two….

      “a cannonading drive”

  31. donmarco says:

    Just wanted to say that I am one (of many, I presume) who is kicking himself in the head for not joining the summit. Won’t make that mistake again. Enjoy your day, folks.

  32. John Frodo says:

    Hi Summiters, seems like you guys and gals are doing some pretty good work. Molson Coors stock is up, With the collective supercomputer of hockey knowledge so close to the bell center ice there are no excuses for mental mistakes tonite.

    But if you really want to leave a lasting legacy on the season, pick the person who lives the farthest from Montreal, help them put DD in their suitcase.

  33. HabFab says:

    Interesting article on the Habs Scoring chances for the first ten games, numbers can be your friend 😉

  34. oldtimerguy says:

    Go Sharks Go!

    I want a top 5!!!! (or do people not like the fact that we have galchenyuk)

  35. youngwun says:

    Price is gonna have to play well tonight. He will face lots of shots !

  36. HabFab says:

    You have got to love the character and leadership exhibited by our prospects;

  37. on2ndthought says:

    I was thinking of going to Hurley’s early to watch the game there. I’ve never been there. Is it a good place to watch the Habs? Will any other locals not going to the game be up to meeting?

    “a cannonading drive”

  38. Thomas Le Fan says:

    Gee, I was so sure that when Clarkson returned, the Leafs would never lose another game. Puzzling.

    There is no crying in baseball, “i” in team or “chuck” in Galchenyuk but … there is fighting in hockey.

  39. mfDx says:

    I need help.
    My six year old just asked me:
    “2 on 2. Crosby and Fleury vs Subban and Price. Who would win?”
    I couldn’t answer.
    Yes, Fleury and Price are playing in net.
    3 X 5min periods.

    Sent from my CHphone

    • HabFab says:

      Price has a wicked slapshot 😉

      • L Elle says:

        So, did you eat ribs Frank? 🙂

        On a side note, I second everything Jim says below, but just to add Habfan 10912 is the nicest of the bunch, and that’s saying a lot with a heck of a lot of great people!

        Wish all of you were here!

        • HabFab says:

          I asked our buddy this morning who was the last “man” standing last night… I had my money on you 🙂

          My world got hectic on Thursday and Friday, had to earn that money they give me. Had to settle for pork chops, I’m sorry to say, but a feast of ribs are on my mind still.

          • L Elle says:

            Ha, no unfortunately, I have been fighting off a cold and only the adrenaline from all the excitement has been keeping me going. I had to miss breakfast and the tour this morning, but so far only 1 beer. I’m good, eh? 😉

            Ask your buddy to send you pictures of the giant ribs we ate. We thought of you though. lol

    • bel33 says:

      Price has a better first pass than Fleury.

      – I’d buy that for a dollar! –

    • Thomas Le Fan says:

      Tell your son that unrealistic scenarios will have non useful results. But if there’s contact allowed, after a thundering Subban hipcheck, the Crosby tears will flood the ice and Fleury drowns.

      There is no crying in baseball, “i” in team or “chuck” in Galchenyuk but … there is fighting in hockey.

    • on2ndthought says:

      gotta give it to Sid, one of the few who’s legs are as strong as PK’s.

      “a cannonading drive”

  40. adamkennelly says:

    Tarnasky with another goal and first star of the game…I’m telling you – Habs should bring him up and see what he can do….

  41. Lafleurguy says:

    The kitchen staff are mildly complaining they can’t hear the bacon sizzle, you guys.

    “May you live in interesting times.”

  42. Dennis says:

    How can I find the Facebook page with last night’s Hurley’s stuff?

  43. HabFab says:

    Injuries are blowing the Cap Space all to blazes. Hope whoever is the Habs capologist is up to the task;

  44. Old Bald Bird says:

    Will the Habs be a good test for the Sharks?

  45. ths says:

    Have a great weekend Summiteers!
    I’ll be watching you from the other side of the world with a cold one at 8AM Sunday morning. Can’t beat a Montreal weekend with HABS and HIP. Someday soon I’ll be back to Guinness Irish whiskey and the Habs on a Saturday night at the Summit.

    Ooh Aah Habs on the war path

  46. Mattyleg says:

    Getting the little one dressed and we’re off to Cora’s!

    I’ll try to keep up on my phone, with that f$&#(%@ing app that drives me nuts…

    All who won’t be with us; we’ll be thinking of yez!

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  47. HabFab says:

    Weekly Prospect Stats Update;

    Fucale – 14GP – 10-4 – 2.47 GAA – .903 Svs%
    Gregoire – 14GP – 12G + 11A – 13 PIM
    Hudon – 15GP – 5G + 12A – 31 PIM
    Reway – 11GP – 3G + 9A – 10 PIM

    Crisp – 12GP – 6G + 7A – 37 PIM
    McCarron – 11GP – 1G + 4A – 17 PIM
    Vail – 13GP – 8G + 7A – 11 PIM

    Bozon – 14GP – 3G + 5A – 13 PIM
    Thrower – 9GP – 4G + 4A – 12 PIM

    Bennett – 5GP – 0 + 1 – 4 PIM
    Cichy – 3GP – 0 + 0 – 0 PIM
    Didier – 4GP – 0 + 0 – 8 PIM
    MacMillan – 4GP – 2G + 2A – 6 PIM

    Sullivan – his season has not started

    Collberg – 10GP – 0 + 3A – 6 PIM
    de la Rose – 15GP – 2G + 3A – 6 PIM
    Lehkonen – 16GP – 3G + 7A – 4 PIM

  48. Dennis says:

    What a great night last night at Hurley’s. So much fun. The folks I met were the friendliest bunch and it was a really cool place to be last night.

  49. Lafleurguy says:

    Highlights, a great couple of games for Louis, Andrighetto, Tarnasky, Aliu
    “May you live in interesting times.”

  50. habstrinifan says:

    Tickets gone! Thanks everyone! Cheers!

  51. twilighthours says:

    Have a fine weekend, summit goers!

  52. Habfan10912 says:

    Day 2.
    Summit 2013 Opening Reception

    Good morning all! There are a few occasions where expectations of an event are met. Last night’s receptions was one such case.

    My head is spinning with such great memories I found it very difficult to slow the brain down so I could fall asleep. I’ll do my best to provide a description of the day/evening but mere words will make it impossible to do so accurately.

    L, Chrisadiens, Burly, Sholli, grimjim and myself took on a new partner at lunch as Bripro joined our small group for drinks, lunch, drinks and oh yeah, more drinks.

    The small group became much larger as many more summiterrs arrived. As our small group left dinner and headed to Hurley’s yo meet dear friends we hadn’t actually met, yet.

    Surely Habfab, Lafleurguy, Timo, UcE, 24cups Cal, Clay, DM, Ron, M Ronn, Twi, trini, and many many others ears must have been ringing as glasses were raised in salute to the absent but not forgotten friends.

    We sang, laughed and enjoyed each others company immensely. Although many of us had never met we all knew each other. The group represented North America very well. It was great to see Rob and his lovely wife from Virginia.

    Frank from Hudson NY relaxed and taking in the hockey talk.

    Propwash and his wife are not dooooomed. He’s a friendly smart guy who makes you feel comfortable the minute you meet him.

    Secret dragonfly and her husband are folks you want as neighbors. Smiles greet you and a sense of belonging is felt instantly. Just nice people.

    Dennis Kane is every bit as humble and pleasant as you’d expect. You want to sit and talk hockey with this guy for hours.

    Rudy and her husband making you feel welcome instantly. Cool people for sure.

    Ian and his wife enjoying everyone’s company and sharing memories of Summits past.

    AliB and his wife seemingly finding such joy in seeing others happy and enjoying each others company.

    Punkster is a wonderful man. His friendliness and warmness makes you comfortable the minute you meet him.

    Grimjim is my new bud. He has a very calming friendly demeanor that makes you want to hang out with him, always. Smart hockey guy too!

    Mattylegg is that rare person who is exactly the way you picture him from his HIO posting. Just a wonderful person who you feel honored to call a friend.

    Sholli is a rare soul who makes everyone happy. His high energy and imagination provided entertainment all day and night long. His interviewing guest will be cherished memories for years to come. Yes, he also continued to sing.

    Bripro, like Matty, is just as wonderful in person as he is on line. Just an authentic as a person as you’ll ever find.

    JohnBellyfull is one of the best people I’ve ever met. Charming, smart, funny and welcoming are all words that fall well short to describe this treasure of a man.

    Few people I’ve net that seem to have a zest for life as Front. He is the person you meet that somehow you feel you’ve met before. Perhaps he’s a spirit that lured in many of us. What a joyous happy person.

    My wife has a saying which she is fond of repeating when I’ve done something wrong (which occurs much too frequently). “I thank God for the blessings of my marriage.”. How lucky I’ve been to have become close friends with Burly and L. I really cannot imagine my life now without these two special people. Blessed for sure.

    Chris never did find a cure for his hangover but I’m sure lucky to have a 28 year old who still likes to hang out with his Dad

    I’m sorry for all the typo’s as I’m doing this from my phone and I have fat fingers.

    Wish you were ALL here. Someday soon.



    • Maritime Ronn says:

      Good morning Jim…of the Morning Crew

      It sounds like you folks are having a great time!
      It’s always great to hang out with sports folks and park the rest of the crap for a weekend.
      Please say hello. Hope you see a great game tonight.

    • Lafleurguy says:

      I’m raising my cup of coffee to salute you, Gentleman Jim. This early in the morning, you’re one of the few Summiteers up and at ’em I’m guessin’. You folks (not “you people!”) remind me of the bridge on Star Trek in terms of the close-knit nature of your friendships and moar-than-friendships. To be fair to all, there are several Captain Kirks, several Spocks, McCoys, Scotties, Uhuras, Sulus, Chekovs. So “Good Cheer” as you all boldly go to seek out new worlds and new libations.

      “May you live in interesting times.”

    • HabFab says:

      The top of the morning to you sir… time to start pouring coffee into that young man of your’s… Cora awaits 🙂

    • Maritime Ronn says:

      re chris

      You have to get the electrolytes rebalanced.
      Kiddies Pedialyte works along with citrus plus some sea salt or a potassium salt and the potassium in bananas help.
      Coffee just continues the dehydration process
      Signed… MRonn-graduate of the Dr. Recchi medical school HIO Chapter lead by Dr. HabFab

      • on2ndthought says:

        spill proof powerade bottles are good for mortal wounds, and 3 ibuprofen. smelling salts as a last resort, be close to the big white phone
        singed: an intern at the Spinner’s Hospital

        “a cannonading drive”

    • Propwash says:

      Thank you for the kind words! It was a real pleasure meeting you and your son. My wife, son and I are gearing up to head to the Bell to partake in the tour and the Baton Rouge get together. See you there soon! I’ll be donning my Price jersey today, so bring it on haters! 😀


    • Mattyleg says:

      …and Jim is one of the nicest, goofiest, and most disarmingly sincere guys I’ve met.

      There ya go, right back atcha.

      —Hope Springs Eternal—

    • Timo says:

      I don’t know about Punkster. He still owes me a round of golf.

  53. habstrinifan says:

    Good Morning!

    Alert! Alert! Alert!

    Can ANYONE in or around Ottawa area and with the free day help me out.

    I want to GIVE my ticket for the summit and the tour to any HIO MEMBER able to still make it.

    I am fighting this kisk arse flu (whole freakin works). Just cant make it. TICKET S ARE 100 PERCNT FREE FOR THE PICKUP. You will be doing me a HUGE favour knowing they are not wasted.

    Just call and come get them. I am sure any member here will understand how much more lousy I would feel if they were completely wasted afer Ian’s hard work.

    • Hobie Hansen says:


      I’m just finishing a midnight shift, I’m due back in tonight, but I have passed this post onto another HIO member who lives in the Ottawa area. I’m tempted to call in sick, stay awake all day and head to Montreal. If I didn’t have tickets for the Leafs/Habs in Montreal in November I’d probably do it.

      The guy isn’t a heavy poster but he’s a coworker of mine and a very trustworthy individual. I just left him a voice mail, not sure if anything will come of it?

      Sorry to hear you’re sick buddy! Speedy recovery!

      “I think that we have to leave (fighting) in there. I just think a lot of guys will all of a sudden get real brave and I think that it will lead to more violence in our game.”
      -Bobby Orr

    • Maritime Ronn says:

      Get well soon
      That’s a heck of a nice gesture from you

      • habstrinifan says:

        Not really.. it makes me feel worse that that may be wasted.

        • Hobie Hansen says:

          And yes, sorry if I didn’t mention it in my first response, that’s awfully nice of you. I Just tried to wake him up again before heading home to sleep myself.

          I’m going next year no matter what. Maybe we can carpool together? And I haven’t forgotten about your request to head to the Knights and 67’s game. I now have you’re number and I’ll give you a call if I end up going!!!

          “I think that we have to leave (fighting) in there. I just think a lot of guys will all of a sudden get real brave and I think that it will lead to more violence in our game.”
          -Bobby Orr

    • Habfan10912 says:

      Trini sorry to hear this. Was looking forward to meeting you. Get well soon. CHeers!

    • Lafleurguy says:

      Feel bad for you in having bad luck, Trini. Very generous.

      “May you live in interesting times.”

    • DeadEnd says:

      Damn, I wonder if I could convince my wife that I need to go visit my family in Montreal for the night…alone. Anyone think she would buy that?

      Amazing gesture Trini.

  54. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …really difficult question, if I had to choose between Tinordi and Beaulieu, who would I keep up at this time ?

    …it’s My opinion both should be found as permanent pieces of Our defense

    …both are soon to be, but for now, if I had to choose, I would keep Beaulieu

    …skates like the wind, has an offensive flair, that with PK, Markov, and Diaz, would make Our D one of the most mobile and offensively potent in the NHL …plus Nathan is a big boy with a physical presence

    …Tinordi, though one day will improve offensively, does not have the overall package of Beaulieu

    • Hobie Hansen says:

      It was apparent that Tinordi was struggling a bit. Opposing forwards were winning battles against him, stepping past him and it seems as though he was getting caught puck watching.

      I don’t think that at any point in his career coaches will expect much offense from him. His points totals won’t ever mean much. Sure they’ll expect him to make that famous first pass out of the zone but that will be about it. His job will be to play big minutes and shut things down.

      What he has to master is angling people off to the boards or just simply hammering them. Not letting guys come out of the corner or off the wall and being allowed to get to the net.

      Beaulieu is expected to do those things to but to a lesser extent. I think at this point Beaulieu’s ability to quickly jump on the puck and get it out of harm’s way, plus is offensive upside, gives him the edge over Tinordi.

      “I think that we have to leave (fighting) in there. I just think a lot of guys will all of a sudden get real brave and I think that it will lead to more violence in our game.”
      -Bobby Orr

    • wildwilly says:

      It seems Tinordi could benefit from the increased playing time in the AHL and excel against a lower level of competition. At this point Beaulieu seems mentally ready to handle a higher challenge.

      I think the Habs are doing the right thing…

  55. Habitant in Surrey says:


    …Dale; re the Maroons:

    ‘ The Montreal Maroons (officially the Montreal Professional Hockey Club) were a professional men’s ice hockey team in the National Hockey League (NHL). They played in the NHL from 1924 to 1938, winning the Stanley Cup in 1926 and 1935. They were the last non-Original Six team to win the Stanley Cup until the expansion Philadelphia Flyers won in 1974, and the last NHL franchise to fold after having previously won a Stanley Cup championship. Founded as a team for the English community in Montreal, they joined the Montreal Canadiens, who appealed to the French Canadian population. This was the first time since 1918, when the Montreal Wanderers folded, that Montreal would have a second hockey team. In order to accommodate the Maroons, a new arena was built for them in 1924, the Montreal Forum. The Maroons were a highly competitive team, winning the Stanley Cup twice and finishing first in their division twice more. Some of the best players of the era played for the Maroons; eleven players would be elected to the Hockey Hall of Fame, while five of the six head coaches of the Maroons were also honoured. Financial difficulties resulting from the Great Depression led to the Maroons suspending play after 1938. Despite efforts to revive the team, the franchise was cancelled in 1947, leaving the Canadiens as the sole team in Montreal.’

    …Toe Blake was a very young player for the Maroons when they won the Stanley Cup in the 1934-1935 season, and did not see much action, playing only 8 games

    …Toe joined the Canadiens the following season,after a short stint with the Providence Reds

    …Toe was Our Captain for the last 8 years of His playing career with the Canadiens, leading Our Habs to the Stanley Cup as Our Captain in 1944 and 1946

    …in January 1948, Toe had a double-fracture of an ankle that prematurely ended his playing career

    …in 1998, The Hockey News rated Toe Blake as number 66 on the all-time greatest hockey players of the NHL

    …Toe was not only ‘a coach’, but in every way also a great player

    • Phil Dude says:

      thank you for this

    • Old Bald Bird says:

      My parents and uncle were Maroons fans, and they didn’t quite seem to ever really take to the Habs, who were the only game in town for me. My uncle, in particular, seemed to prefer the Leafs although my parents were ambivalent and blase about it all.

      • CharlieHodgeFan says:

        My grandfather, a man I never met, apparently played on the Maroons practice squad sometimes. Things were a little less formal then.

        They were always presented to me as the anglo Montreal team, with the Habs as the francophone team. The family made the transition directly over to the Habs once the Maroons expired.

        Such a different world. The Habs had a fourth line winger who used to live in the third floor flat above my other grandparents, in Ville Emard. He used to recap the games for beer, after his streetcar ride home from the Forum, since he didn’t always have enough money for enough cold ones after the game.

  56. third generation haber says:

    @JM, Oldtimer guy, and Habitant in Surrey,

    I hear what u guys are saying about Andrighetto; lethal shot, very good skater, mega-talented!!!!!! No arguments, but I hope we don’t bring him up.

    We’ve constantly added, or drafted guys based on a certain skill (shot, speed, “good PP guy”, or great in the shoot-out), only to discover that they’re useless 5 on 5 in a physical NHL game (Smurf syndrome). DD comes to mind. I think we (myself included) get wowed too easily by highlights type plays when what we really need is a player who comes advertised as “hard working”, 3 zone player (See Bournival).

    If Andrighetto can pile-up points 5 on 5 in the NHL, then I have no problem bringing him up, but if he can’t then what else does he have to offer??? shot-blocking, defense, physical-play??? Is he difficult to play against by NHL standards??? This guy was passed-over in the draft (twice I believe). Currently Tarnasky has one more goal than he does.

    I’d rather we add a more well rounded two-way player like Leblanc who will add more size and be more difficult to play against. I thought the same of Leblanc before his back to back OT winners. If we sign Aliu (has NHL experience), I’d also like to see him play.

    Unless they’re like Gallagher, (there is no player like Gallagher) I think we (as the smallest team in hockey) should not draft or acquire any undersized players, because small teams don’t win cups! (Yes, I know you’re only talking about a call-up, but the madness needs to stop…. do I sound mad?:-)). Let’s stop being the little team that could (win the hard way), and become the big team that does!

    I think Andrighetto is great news for the bulldogs, but should be developed as an asset that we can move to a big team where he could thrive. Having more than one player under 5-10 on the team is bad news IMO.

    Thanks for reading,
    j.p. murray

    • Fransaskois says:

      Just a heads up, Aliu is not good defensively. He’s a big body and decent offensively but really nothing to be worthy of a call up at this point. This is his last chance at rounding out his game before he becomes a career AHLer, he doesn’t yet have the skill set to play well in a 4th line role.

      Andrighetto is a ways down the list for call ups. Not because of his size or playing style but because of the pro-experience that the players ahead of him have – Leblanc, Dumont, Tarnasky, Blunden, Holland, Thomas. He’s actually pretty close to NHL ready but, I think he’ll be given some more time to mature in the minors.

      • third generation haber says:

        Cheers for the info!

        I’m surprised to hear that about Aliu. I read that he was the training camp standout for the dogs and has only been held back professionally by his behavioral issues.

        I think Andrighetto will see NHL ice, but I hope it’s with a much bigger team than the habs. The list of smurfs/ sofites we’ve had since the mid 90’s is depressing. I like smaller forwards, but too many of them is a bad thing, especially come playoff time.

        j.p. murray

  57. savethepuck says: headline on NHL Page.
    Spoil The Party: Maple Leafs fall to Blue Jackets on Clarkson’s Return

    Give me a freaking break. Who do they think this guy is? Nonis payed him a lot of money, but he’s not a savior in my opinion. The Toronto sports Network always tees me off with this drivel, but I keep going back.

    “They don’t hang Conference Championship Banners from the rafters here”
    Carey Price

    • Fransaskois says:

      I’d have to agree. He never has been and never will be a top line player, even if he’s paid like one.

    • Buzz Lightbeer says:

      Ya i know,spoiled my day. So sick of reading about it.
      I’m going to call it and say he has a major career nosedive. Be it injury riddled or just through hockey gods or whatever that his effectiveness dries up (a la gomez type syndrome) and in 2.5 years the media will be calling for his head.

    • Phil Dude says:

      Leafs remind me a lot of the Habs. As soon as we stop skating and taking the game to the other team, we get hemmed in our own zone. Maybe both TO and MTL fans won’t like the comparison, but we are both teams that need to keep the puck moving quickly towards the net regardless of size or whatever

  58. jedimyrmidon says:

    Wow, the Habs have a busy schedule this week:

    – Sat: Sharks
    – Mon: Rangers
    – Tues: Stars
    – Fri: Wild
    – Sat: Avalanche

    The good: lots of hockey. The bad: lots of injuries in a very packed period, including two back-to-backs in a single week.

    • savethepuck says:

      Interesting week for the Habs who are averaging 3.3 goals a game and are 4th in the league in goals for. Avs are 1st overall in goals against, Sharks are 3rd overall, Wild are 4th overall, The Stars are only 26th overall but have Lehtonen back after missing 2 weeks to injury with a 1.41 GAA and a 956 save percentage. The other teamwho is 28th, has The King, but he is injured and listed doubtful for Saturday, but who knows about Monday
      A very interesting week.

      “They don’t hang Conference Championship Banners from the rafters here”
      Carey Price

  59. Timo says:

    How is Front doing? Did he make it out of Chez Pare or is he staying there until the game tomorrow night? Is there beer left in Mtl?

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Front is doing well, he enjoys his single malts just as well as u think. He doesn’t seem to be willing to acquire a taste for jäger though. He and I mentioned tonight that you would have enjoyed a few drinks with us tonight.

      Cheers Timo, hope u are well bud.

  60. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …still crusading for Our Montreal Canadiens to retire Toe Blake’s number 6 …and add His banner in the rafters next to Our other former Greats

    …some of You younger Ones may believe Toe was only a Great Coach, and as a Player, did not quite rate such honor …and/or You do not want yet another low-number unavailable to Our contemporary Players

    …maybe forgetting/not knowing that Toe Blake won an NHL scoring championship, the Hart Trophy, and a Lady Byng, …and led Our Habs in scoring in 6 seasons of His Hall Of Fame playing career

    …Toe was an essential component with The Rocket and Elmer Lach on ‘The Punch Line’ which was at the time the most feared scoring line of it’s day in the NHL

    …most remember Toe Blake as the genius Coach of the Montreal Canadiens at the cusp of Our Golden Era …the Golden Era that most of Us were inspired by to follow Our Habs as if it was ‘a religion’ unto It’s own

    …Toe Blake’s name is on 11 rings of the Stanley Cup; 8 as Our Coach, 2 as a Player for the Montreal Canadiens and one as a Montreal Maroon

    …Toe Blake was the ‘heart and soul’ whom inspired, motivated and ‘showed the way’ to Our great Players of the time, both as a Player, Our Captain and as Our Coach

    …His Legacy is greatly taken for granted among contemporary Fans, I strongly believe, by the fact Toe Blake’s number 6 is not represented yet in the rafters of the Bell Centre

    …the totality of Toe Blake’s legacy, as a Player and Our Coach, to the History and the exceptional winning success of the Montreal Canadiens as the most famous brand in the hockey world is way past the overdue stage

    …I wish to request all Montreal Canadiens Fans to join with Ian Cobb and I to right a wrong

    …Ian and I had hoped to theme this year’s Summit on Toe Blake …to incorporate some homage to Toe …and, maybe even make a request to Hurley’s Tavern to try to replicate the ambiance of the famed former Toe Blake’s Tavern

    …that was not doable for this Summit …but We will attempt to realize it for the 2014 Summit, God willing 🙂

    …in the meanwhile, Ian and I would appreciate any clear input made by Our fellow Habs’ Fans that agree with the objective, to let Their feelings and opinions be known to Geoff Molson and Montreal Canadiens Management

    …if this is something You would like to make right as I and Ian do, I provide the following mail contacts to send Your requests to ‘Retire Number 6 !!!’

    The following are the most relevant to send your testimonial to Retire Number 6 !!!:

    Geoff Molson: President and Owner
    Kevin Gilmore: VP Operations

    Send your testimonial to:

    [Name of person]
    c/o The Montreal Canadiens
    1909, avenue des Canadiens-de-Montréal
    Montreal, QC, CANADA
    H3C 5L2

    Thank you

    Habitant means PASSIONATE HOCKEY

    Campaign to Retire Toe Blake’s Number 6 !!!

    • savethepuck says:

      I admire your passion on this issue over the last few years. You make a lot of great points. I have to admit that I was very surprised that Toe had a Stanley Cup with the Maroons, I was sure they were well before his time.

      “They don’t hang Conference Championship Banners from the rafters here”
      Carey Price

  61. Timo says:

    @Sholi – wife saw the t-shirt. She says it’s awesome.

    Cheers to all. Looks like you’re guys are having a blast. (Jealous)

  62. Danno says:

    Warmest wishes to the Sumiteers!


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”
    Updates, highlights & great discussions on all things Habs

  63. Timo says:

    How do I get a Timo t-shirt? Can one of the Calgary folks grab one for me please? I’ll buy beers.

  64. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …I told My Kids I decided not to attend The Summit because I thought They and Their school was more important

    …They were not impressed

  65. Bun E. Laroque says:

    Best wishes to the Summiteers. Let the Good Vibrations and collective consciousness bring us a win against the Sharks !!

  66. JM says:

    If the Habs don’t get beat to death tomorrow night Physically. They have a good chance at coming away with 2-Points!!

  67. Tis Himself says:

    Picked a great game for the Summit. The Habs play to the level of their competition this year. My prediction, it will be a great game tomorrow night, and they will win.

  68. oldtimerguy says:

    andrighetto’s got it…he has the skills to go along with the competitive personality…he just has it and its not something you can really teach…LL also looking very good..quick, confidence coming back, he’s stronger….I think we’ll see him real soon.

    • Habitant in Surrey says:

      …got to agree about Andrighetto …a laser accurate shot, looks like a blooming sniper

      …wouldn’t it be great to have both Bournival and Leblanc making the Team before the end of season …at least, We are half-way there 🙂

  69. punkster says:

    OK, extricated myself from the debauchery of the summit and made it home in time to see the Global News brief video of activities at Hurley’s complete with Ian Cobb interview.

    Got to rest up for tomorrow’s madness.


  70. punkster says:

    Switch on Glbal News right now…summit on video


  71. Mattyleg says:

    Home from my two-pint summit night (yes, I managed to do it, for those of you who suspected I couldn’t – and that includes me) and off to hit the hay in preparation for tomorrow.

    Great to see some old faces again, and some new ones.
    Looking forward to tomorrow!

    For those of you who couldn’t make it, we’re thinking of yez!

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  72. Propwash says:

    It was awesome meeting everyone this evening! A great time was had by everyone. Here’s Sholi with his t shirt dedicated to Timo and HH.


  73. JohninTruro says:

    Really hope we win tomorrow night for everyone at the summit.

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