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Soon begins the day that strikes fear into the hearts of sysadmins for hockey-related websites everywhere. The day when a significant proportion of the global population of Habs fans will type in "" in their browsers, and start hitting the refresh button every ten seconds or so.

Last year, the results were, let’s say, less than satisfactory. This year, we’ve got a beefed up server and some new tricks to make things move a bit faster, but we may still need to appeal to you for some cooperation. Here are a few ways you can help us help you get your Habs-related trade-deadline news (or lack thereof) faster.

  • Be patient: Try only reloading HI/O every, oh, 15 minutes or so. Ok, so maybe that’s a ridiculous thing to ask. Read on.
  • Log out. If things get slow, you’re likely to get a faster response from the server if you’re logged out — this is because the server doesn’t have to generate a page from scratch customized just for you every time you click on a link.
  • Use an RSS reader. In combination with HI/O’s RSS feeds (see sidebar), an RSS reader will alert you instantly of new HI/O updates. You can also use HI/O’s Twitter feed for the same purpose.
  • Check Facebook. If our overheating server is too bogged down for your liking at any point, you can carry on the discussion in HI/O’s Facebook Group.

Thanks for reading Habs Inside/Out.

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