Sergei Kostitsyn not making Philly trip

Sergei Kostitsyn will not make today’s charter flight to Philadelphia, nursing a lower body injury that coach Jacques Martin says leaves him day-to-day. Kostitsyn seemed to be favouring his right ankle last night during the loss to Carolina before leaving the contest early.

Martin said today that goaltending is not his problem, but he wouldn’t criticize the fans who booed Carey Price when he was announced as third star of the Wednesday game, a 2-1 loss. Fans pay good dollar for their entertainment, Martin said, and are entitled to their opinion.

The Canadiens held an 11:30 a.m. practice in Brossard before chartering to Philadelphia this afternoon for their Good Friday match against the Flyers. Then it’s right back home to play host to the Buffalo Sabres on Saturday.

Practice updates were here via Twitter.


  1. ManApart says:

    You’re obviously very immature , and someone who is extremely emotionally invested in Price and has no impartiallity, awareness, or sense at all. You continuously are trying to insult me when what I have been saying is pretty much an accepted fact by any pro hockey analyst out there as well as most of the Price fanboys on this sight. You are the one that is throwing a tantrum because his favorite player has lost his #1 spot and any credit that goes with it. I could explain why very little of what you said makes sense, but am not gonna waste my time on someone who has no idea what rational thought is. Not only from this topic, but others from the past few months that I have seen from you. On the same team, which is on the playoff bubble. One guy has a winning% of .615 and the other .342, with the 1st guy having significantly better stats beyond that. There is no question that one guy is a huge contributing factor to the teams placement, while the other is not. Sorry bro, you’re alone in not seeing that.

  2. joeybarrie says:

    Well since Price has played more games, and the team has scored 20 more goals in front of Halak. Maybe we shouldnt be saying stuff like HALAK is carrying the team. Again since Halak has played 4 of the last 6 and we have only taken 4 points in 6 games…. Why would Halak be responsible for the good positioning and not the BAD…???

    So your saying a goalie who saves 11 more goals out of 1000 is a significant difference??????  Really??? Thats about .011 goal a game… It will take an entire season to see an extra goal… AN ENTIRE SEASON TO LET IN 1 MORE GOAL…  SIGNIFICANT DIFFERENCE?????? ARE YOU DRUNK???

    Its not about the last 6 games… But saying our success is due solely to him is just plain stupid, because our last 6 games is why we are back to fighting for a playoff spot and he was in goal for most of those games. I am trying to show you how dumb the comments are.

    I love Price and Halak, i dont care who plays. I just really really hate it when people bash Price because the team doesnt win when he is in goal. If he let in enough goals to show a difference, then maybe. ut when the team scores more with one goalie than the other, CLEARLY the fault is not with the goalie.

    All I can say to your HALAK stole the games is this. It takes 2 parts to win a game. You need to out score the other team.  Price stood on his head and saved 53 shots against Nashville. We did not score a single goal. Now Price could have faced 120 shots and saved 120….WE WOULD NOT HAVE WON. BECAUSE WE CANNOT SCORE… I can’t spell this out any clearer, so if you stupidly continue to blame a goalie when the offense is underperforming, I will point out to these stats…Jose Theodore 27-7  SV% .908 and GAA of 2.87… 

    There may be other teams, but only ONE Club De Hockey…

  3. SLONCOLD says:

    didn’t read yoru post but great minds think alike

  4. Jbird says:

    Well its a good thing both are RFA’s and are prisoners to Habs Fans Insanity for a while yet.  

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