Sergei Kostitsyn not making Philly trip

Sergei Kostitsyn will not make today’s charter flight to Philadelphia, nursing a lower body injury that coach Jacques Martin says leaves him day-to-day. Kostitsyn seemed to be favouring his right ankle last night during the loss to Carolina before leaving the contest early.

Martin said today that goaltending is not his problem, but he wouldn’t criticize the fans who booed Carey Price when he was announced as third star of the Wednesday game, a 2-1 loss. Fans pay good dollar for their entertainment, Martin said, and are entitled to their opinion.

The Canadiens held an 11:30 a.m. practice in Brossard before chartering to Philadelphia this afternoon for their Good Friday match against the Flyers. Then it’s right back home to play host to the Buffalo Sabres on Saturday.

Practice updates were here via Twitter.


  1. hab lifer says:

    it’s a guatanteed loss vs Philly, Buff, Carolina, and guaranteed habs don’t make the playoffs. I have $$$ riding on their opposition. go Philly!

  2. SLONCOLD says:

    didn’t read yoru post but great minds think alike

  3. Jbird says:

    Well its a good thing both are RFA’s and are prisoners to Habs Fans Insanity for a while yet.  

  4. ManApart says:

    First of all Halak’s save % is .923 while Price is.912. That is quite a significant gap as far as save % go. It’s like saying a goalie with a .901% is pretty much having the same success as Price. If you don’t want to say Halak has been the #1 reason this team has any sniff at the playoffs then fine. The guy is 24-12-3 with an excellent GGA and Save% on a team that is average at best, especially during the injury days. He stole a slew of games single handedly this season. If he was just a little below excellent in 1 or 2 of those games, this team is not in the playoffs. Why are you just limiting things to the last 6 games? Oh, because it is the time frame that kind of suits Price. I mean look at the facts as a whole man. I wasn’t trashing Price. I just said that Halak is the man most responsible for the team positioning. Not the only guy, but the most. Anyone in the world can see that.It’s not like I’m going out on a limb here. Your so called beloved team has a chance at the playoffs (which they don’t deserve) not because of your love Price but because of Halak. People who even hate the Habs are giving him credit, while so called super fans like yourself, are trying to find reasons not to. Pretty messed up.

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