‘Second family’ comes calling on Carey Price

Canadiens goalie Carey Price, in the kitchen of his apartment Wednesday, studies a George Foreman grill brought to him by Jill and Dennis Williams, from 2003-07 his billet family while he played with the Western Hockey League’s Tri-City Americans.
John Mahoney, Gazette

Carey Price calls Jill and Dennis Williams his second family, and spending a couple of hours with them Wednesday afternoon in Price’s Montreal apartment showed a closeness that comes from living under the same roof for four years.

The Williamses are in Montreal this week, living with Price, reminding him of the joys of home cooking and taking in the sites between Canadiens games at the Bell Centre.

The Gazette and Inside/Out’s Dave Stubbs files this feature story on Price, who was 16 when he arrived on the Williams’s doorstep in Pasco, Wash., and the couple who have been billeting Tri-City Americans hockey players for nine years – none having left quite the impression of the Canadiens’ 20-year-old goaltender.

See below for a photo of Price’s well-stocked refrigerator.

Jill and Dennis Williams can’t bear to check the best-before date on Carey Price’s orange juice. Which we did, and it read Feb. 18. Oops. Middle and below: Price relaxes with his second family. In his lap is a prop for the video game Guitar Hero, at which he is very, very good.
John Mahoney, Gazette


  1. Vecs says:

    I think he meant huet

  2. RS says:

    Best goalie in the league?!? Maybe some day.

  3. sholi2000.com says:

    I got to meet Jill and Denis last winter in Winnipeg (AHL Playoffs). Jill found me through google, and my Carey Price collection. After the game (Carey 1st star) Jill and Denis took me and my little family to meet Carey, his dad, and the Pickard family. Every time my little girl (4) and Matthew (7) see Carey on TV it’s like remembering all over again.


    God Bless Our Infantry

  4. pricey31 says:

    Great Article, Its good to see that he keeps himself grounded. I get cocky when we win a game, and I just watch it on rds..

  5. Bean says:

    Great piece, thanks! I really enjoyed this insider look, the expired OJ and the Guitar Hero bits had me laughing — the kid’s just like any other 20-year-old. Well, other than the swanky apartment, maybe. I bet Chipper’s missing these digs.

    We’ve all heard and read so much about Carey’s great family and all they did for him, nice to see he was just as lucky with his second family.

  6. Chuck says:

    Do the Habs have to start paying the youngsters a little more so that they can afford to stock the refrigerator? 😉

    And no wonder he was pulled on Tuesday! Being woken up at 2am… he was probably more than a little tired!


    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  7. 9410 says:

    Even then, Not a snowballs chance in hell is Huet the best. Price will be a little worse than Luongo, but still one of the best in the league. Huet scares me, no lead is safe with him.

  8. RC-51 says:

    Refridgerator looks massive! Oh wait, maybe cause its empty.

  9. Cable Guy says:

    Looks like a nice apartment, i wonder what the rent is on that place?

  10. J.T. says:

    Great, great piece Dave! Is that a toy guitar he’s got in the last two pictures?


  11. Dave Stubbs says:

    From the video game Guitar Hero, J.T. And Price is very, very good at it.

    Dave Stubbs

    Habs Inside/Out
    Sports Feature Writer, Montreal Gazette


  12. J.T. says:

    Not hard to tell my kids are too young for cool video games and I’m no good at them!


  13. Chuck V. says:

    Great piece again, Dave. Thanks for that.

    Now you wouldn’t have happened to see any new equipment lying around the Bell Centre, would you?

  14. johnnyhab says:

    Another Great story on one of the Hab players Dave thanks. wow a whole refrigerator contents maple syrup, peanut butter expired OJ…reminds me of my refrigerator in college.

  15. MAB the HAB says:

    What a great piece! It’s great how you transmit his personality and humour and intimacy with the Williamses. And the can of WD40…priceless! (no pun intended)

  16. The Teacher says:

    Poor guy needs someone to do his grocery shopping.

  17. Naila Jinnah says:

    So Dave… Did Pricer break out of his shell a bit? Because we know how guarded he usually is in interviews.

    He definitely looks like he’s having a good time.

    Kudos on the article :)

  18. Dave Stubbs says:

    Here’s the deal on Carey Price: he’s not in a shell at all. He’s simply a quiet, calm and respectful 20-year-old who’s feeling his way into adulthood in a very high-profile line of work, in the most demanding media market in hockey. Absolutely what you see is what you get with him, and I think Jill Williams’s last line about him speaks volumes to the person he is – he’s the same now as when he showed up on their doorstep at age 16.

    Dave Stubbs

    Habs Inside/Out
    Sports Feature Writer, Montreal Gazette


  19. Hoegarden says:

    Really enjoyed the article Dave. Thanks.

  20. Naila Jinnah says:

    I agree!
    I meant more that he seemed to be smiling more than we usually see, and so he was probably very comfortable speaking with you :)

  21. The Teacher says:

    Not even a Molson Ex!!

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