Schedule released for Habs-Capitals

The Canadiens and Washington Capitals get underway on Thursday at the Verizon Centre. If you’re away from the tube, you can listen to all Habs games streamed live at

Follow this link to the NHL release for the other conference quarterfinals. Additional RDS schedule information is still unpublished by the league:



#1 vs. #8
Thursday, April 15 at Washington, 7:00 p.m. TSN, RDS, VERSUS
Saturday, April 17 at Washington, 7:00 p.m. TSN, RDS, VERSUS
Monday, April 19 at Montreal, 7:00 p.m. TSN, RDS
Wednesday, April 21 at Montreal, 7:00 p.m. TSN, RDS
*Friday, April 23 at Washington, 7:00 p.m. TSN, RDS, VERSUS
*Monday, April 26 at Montreal, 7:00 p.m. TSN, RDS, VERSUS
*Wednesday, April 28 at Washington, TBD TSN, RDS


  1. soperman says:

    I am giving my students an exam on Thursday night and I will be posting the updated score on the board.  Maybe your prof is willing to do that.


    “Pusie possessed a wickedly wild shot, so inaccurate that he could not hit the province of Quebec if he was standing inside the Montreal Forum.” Dick Beddoes

  2. soperman says:

    It might be possible if Chris Lee is reffing…..


    “Pusie possessed a wickedly wild shot, so inaccurate that he could not hit the province of Quebec if he was standing inside the Montreal Forum.” Dick Beddoes

  3. Somethingwithhabsinit says:

    I believe he means that they just steal the video from sites where people stream live tv (, ustream, etc.) so that the streamer site doesn’t get the hit counts or ad clicks. It unfairly steals valuable money from a guy who is stealing a signal from network tv.

    “I can’t believe you’re stealing from me! I stole that signal fair and square and you go and rob it from me! Have you no scruples?”

  4. Say Ash says:

    They didn’t lose out to anybody. They chose to show Sid and the ‘Nucks.

  5. Will Longlade says:

    The rationale that you use to support Halak playing is an emotional and sentimental one (i.e. you say, “he’s earned it”). The team should play the goalie that gives them the best chance to win. If they think Halak fits the bill, then Halak is the right decision, but not because he’s earned it. Earned it should have nothing to do with it.   

  6. Philly-Poo says:

    Yeah, ditto, I’ve never heard that term.  What do you mean by leaching??

  7. shootdapuck says:

    Great news after that Cole-Millen Leaf love-in on Saturday night!

    McGoo and his man-crushes or Cole and his absolute idiocy?

    Tough choice.



    “The three stars as selected by Red Fisher of the Montreal Star:
    1st star: Henri Richard
    2nd Star: Doug Harvey
    3rd Star: Jacques Plante

    Final score Detroit Red Wings 5 Montreal Canadiens 3”

  8. PeterStone says:

    Lets call a Spade a spade .. yes, anything can happen in the playoffs, but the Habs taking down Ovie, Backstrom , Semin, Green , etc would be an enormous surprise.

    I think everyone realizes that goaltending and defense wins championships … and to a certain extent, I believe that to be accurate … but, one thing that we have to take note of, I dont think you need to have a great goalie to win a cup .. you just need to have a hot one .. especially over the past few seasons. 

    Over the past 6 seasons, these guys have won cups … Fleury, Osgood, Giguere, Ward , Khabibulin and Brodeur.  Obviously of the last 6 winners, Brodeur is the only real great goalie … I guess we could argue some of the others will turn out to be great goalies … but right now, I think time has proven that the Giguere, the Bhulin Wall and Osgood had great runs on great teams.  Ward and Fleury time will tell …

    All this to say … yea, the goalie may steal it .. but, the better team aint in Montreal.

    As always, open to intelligent debate …



  9. Tremblant Habs Fan says:

    I’ll be in Boston for 2 weeks, I’ll have to catch the road games on versus and figure out a way to watch the home games, maybe that pirate website(poor quality, but it’s free).

  10. rebuildingagain says:

    They must be even better than I thought!

  11. jimmy shaker says:

    Man this sucks………CBC should’ve got the habs…..but again they lose out to TSN…..McGuire? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…Guess I’ll be listening in French!


  12. ManApart says:

    Unfortuneately a one trick pony can beat a no trick pony.

  13. Danno says:

    I’m no techie so — what is “leeches from streamers”?


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  14. cashbagg says:

    Capitals in 3.



  15. avatar_58 says:

    Anyone think with the Olympics going to TSN and now the habs……seems CBC is dying off

  16. Ian Cobb says:

    DAT FUNNEY, it will work. This is a one trick pony team that we can shut down. Habs in 6

  17. Danno says:

    Jacques Martin’s brilliant plan to contain Ovechkin and beat the Caps.


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  18. novahab says:

    I am glade to see the games on TSN , now CBC we are going head to head lets see what station Canada watches. I only wish now the Leafs got in too and then the head to head match up and see who gets the biggest rating. Maybe once and for all we can shut those guys up at the CNC who keep crying we have to show the Leafs or we’ll lose money. I wish during the reg. season the Habs played on Sat. night on TSN head to head with the Leafs and see who comes out on top.

  19. Derek2 says:

    I want some of you’re smokin.

  20. The Cat says:

    People seem to think Washington is a one man team, Id still think theyre a much better team than the habs and most other teams even without Ovechkin. That is one stacked lineup. The only weakness is goaltending but it isnt that bad.

    Sure Washington can get caught in a run and gun type game but can the habs score? No team in the east , in my opinion can beat Washington 2-1, 3-2 four times out of seven other than the bruins, not without some divine intervention.

  21. The Cat says:

    Detroit is tough, but usually teams ending in a flurry crap out in the first round, plus 2 straight years of deep runs, plus the Olympics, cant see Detroit having the will.

  22. The Cat says:

    The Sharks will mean business this year, other than Anderson stealing a game (which hes very capable of) this one shouldnt even be close.

  23. The Cat says:

    Boston is an excellent road team and have allowed the least goals in the league.

  24. Habs1st says:

    Interesting.  I was really surprised that the Habs/Caps series won’t be on CBC.  I guess they had to pick one east and one west as opposed to two east.  I think it would have been awful if they didn’t pick Vancouver as one of their two series to cover.  It is the “Canadian” Broadcasting Corporation after all. 

  25. j2w4habs25 says:

    I was thinking more like Detriot Red Wings being sent home from the Edmonton Oilers “Roloson” acouple years back

  26. j2w4habs25 says:

    Light N Tasty; I just moved back from WPG…PA is still the same

  27. light_n_tasty says:

    Awesome.  Thunder Bay!  I grew up in Port Arthur.  Now I’m stuck in the freezing hell-hole called Winnipeg.

  28. light_n_tasty says:

    I don’t care.  Old people are awesome. Bob Cole is old. Bob Cole is people. Bob Cole is awesome.

  29. SeriousFan09 says:

    Yeah well, tired of a senile announcer calling the game. Can’t get the names right, behind the play constantly which really eliminates the point of a play-by-play announcer if he’s not actually calling the play we’re watching.

    Like all great players, all great announcers have to retire and Cole’s past his due date.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  30. j2w4habs25 says:

    I totally agree with you… :(

  31. j2w4habs25 says:

    everyone might think am crazy but what the heck? I was expecting to hear BOB COLE, not those TSN guys. I rather hear Bob Cole do the play by plays and maybe have Dickie Mooore joint in here and there. But I guess I have no choice to stick wit TSN.

    I wouldnt be supraise if I fall asleep, lol.. unless i watch them through RDS :)

  32. Vid says:

    pretty good predictions although I don’t see Philly beating NJ with their goaltending.  I’d probably still take Buffalo over Boston.

    Gutsy picking Phoenix over Detroit.

  33. SeriousFan09 says:

    Not going to argue all your playoff picks but really, San Jose sweeps a playoff opponent? I think we have a better chance of trading Gomez for the 1st overall pick in the draft.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  34. naweed235 says:

    u really believe more in philly’s chances against the devils and Boton’s chances againt byffalo than Montreal’s against the caps??? bumer

  35. naweed235 says:

    lol… u know it took me atleast 5 reads to underestand what u mean… hehe man  u dug deep… anyways no i really hope that he doesnt get a single point against the habs… i just want Halak to get the starts that he more than earned during the whole season…

  36. HabsFan90 says:

    Sad the games won’t be on CBC

  37. The Cat says:

    Caps over Habs in 6
    Philly over NJ in 7
    Boston over Buffalo in 6
    Pitt over Ott in 6

    SJ over Colorado in 4
    Chicago over Nash in 6
    LA over Vcr in 7
    Phoenix over Detroit in 7

  38. Morocco says:

    Don’t use atdhe. It leeches from streamers, discouraging people from streaming other things. use instead. I’ve been able to watch pretty much every Habs game the past two years on it.

  39. SeriousFan09 says:

    CBC could only option two Canadian series to broadcast before TSN gets a crack at one so they chose the Pens/Senators because of the Crosby factor and the Canucks-Kings because the Canucks are the top pick by all analysts to have a realistic shot at the Cup by a Canadian team so they’ll want to cover them from the start and they were the best Canadian team this year.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  40. habz says:

    Weird.. ,wheres CBC? not that i care..just curious.

  41. Somethingwithhabsinit says:

    16 goals? Looks to me like someone wants their favourite player to rack up the points in this series.

  42. light_n_tasty says:

    A lot of the posts have been talking about Price starting at some point.  Nice to see that at least some people have some faith in Halak for the playoffs! (Although I disagree he will be the next Roy, or that Price will be the next Theodore!)

  43. Bob Barker says:

    Turns out your math sucks. Both teams were 2-1-1 against each other. 

  44. naweed235 says:

    wow… pills pills pills… ya let’s make the same mistake as we made for the last 2 seasons… sit the guy who got you into the playoffs and lets the superstar shlt all over his accomplishments… even if Halak lets in 16 goals in the first game he deserves to get all the starts…

  45. Philly-Poo says:

    If people dont know about this site, check it out; free video livestreaming sports.  Hockey, baseball, BB, soccer, UFC, etc…  Its not a knock on cjad, I loved listening to those guys since I was young…

  46. habs03 says:

    Good idea, but its during game 5, so lets hope for a Habs sweep :)

  47. Will Longlade says:

    Almost everyone thinks that Halak is a shoe in to play the whole series against the Caps. I’m not so sure. I think JM will be watching both goalies closely in practice this week as well as considering Price’s play against the Caps in head to head matches this season. Halak was very ordinary in the last three games of the season. If Price is on his game, we may see him in Game 1. That would be a gutsy move by JM, but possibly the right one.

  48. HugeHabFan says:

    you might be right..they communicate about the same…always talking about monsters..

  49. Sambaguio says:

    I have a feeling our Habs will win this. The Caps have lousy goaltending. And Halak wiil surely bring back his A game. This will his first playoff where he is the number 1 goalie. Even Roy had lousy games but in the playoff he did great.

    Halak is the next Roy! Price is the next Theodore!

  50. likehoy says:

    dude before you ruin your academic career…you just raise your hand and ask the TA “what’s the score?” he says “1-1” you’re out of there like superman in a phonebooth…if it’s “3-0 wash” you sit back down and finish that exam cause the habs aren’t winning that game!

    – We’ve gotta beat the beat, and fist pump our way to victory!

  51. ooder says:

    i thought maggie the monkey WAS pierre mcguire.. just after a haircut


    “I like what I’m seeing right now,” assessed Markov. “We’re not perfect, but we’re trying to be.”

  52. Smiss says:

    Same here… pulled off a trade at the beginning of the pool…

    I trade : O. Jokinen, Briere, Kuba

    I get : H. Sedin, M. Michalek

  53. daveho29 says:

    it wasn’t a pool, it was a bet made 2 weeks ago that Ovie or Sedin would win. I lost.


    But Daniel Sedins goal was one of the best all year!!!!

  54. Xtrahabsfan says:

    If the Habs do take this series it will be one of the biggest upsets in sport history!

  55. HabsFanInVictoria says:

    Montreal will make them work… this is one of the best possible outcomes for a playoff matchup, despite the inequality in records.

  56. BC HAB says:

    I would still rather see the series on TSN.  If it was on CBC we would probably be forced to hear Bob Cole.

  57. HugeHabFan says:

    H. Sedin won me lots of money in my pool…lol

  58. daveho29 says:

    My prediction for the playoffs.


    HABS WIN NO.25 IN 6 AGAINST the canucks.



    PS. H. Sedin cost me $20 by beating Ovie in the scoring race…..My record for predictions speak for themselves.


  59. habs03 says:

    Same here, its bad enough that they sometimes give exams on weekends but to also be giving them out at night. My only exam that conflicts with the games is game 5, I plan to study so hard that I complete the exam before the start of the 2nd period

  60. HugeHabFan says:

    Noooooooooooooo, TSN has picked this up and I have to listen to bald headed idiot McQuire……PLEASE ….. someone at TSN…replace him with Maggie the Monkey…I dont speak a word of French but I think I will watch this on RDS ..HD…

  61. avatar_58 says:

    Ariel is awesome, she doesn’t need pants. She just needs the jersey

  62. light_n_tasty says:

    Uh…, um.  *ahem*.  Excuse me, um, but did you know…*ahem*, that, um, you are not wearing any *ahem* pants?  Just thought you might, ya know, want to know, *ahem*.  In case, you know, you got cold or somethin’.

  63. Say Ash says:

    Your logic is fuzzy.

  64. I_SAY_FIGHT says:

    4 games 9 points we got 5 points and your math sucks
    ”Playing goal is like being shot at.” – Jacques Plante

  65. jimhasbeen says:

    so in 4 games vs. caps, we took 5 points., so did they…pretty even.

    guess who played net for every minute of those games–CP31.

    wonder if that will have any bearing given that halak hasn’t even seen the caps in well over a year.

    i’d take the bigger goalie against a sniper team like WASH.  Halak is better at fighting things off in close, avoiding the dirty bounce goals.

    carey will get at least 1 start guaranteed.

    PS: is there any way we can call up some size from Hamilton? oh wait there is none.

    size isn’t in the MTL dictionary.

  66. Habadabadoo says:

    DAMN EXAMS! One of the few games I have to miss this season, and its the first bloody game of the playoffs…..

  67. gohabsgo25 says:

    this is going to be an exciting series and i think the habs can do it.  If everyone plays there game all 4 lines roll out. i think we can do it.


    Halak or price doesnt matter they have to be sharp. i think they shud switch it up every game so the other team doesnt know who starts or not.


    well go habs go


    habs in 6

  68. Shawn S says:

    Really? We’re on TSN, not CBC? How did TSN pull that off?

  69. Exit716 says:

    As part of the most recent agreement that TSN signed with the NHL, TSN gets to cherry pick one Canadian team in the first round. Smart move on TSN’s part. Ratings are going to be huge on both sides of the TSN/RDS dial.


  70. J Haul says:

    Because idiot CBC got first crack in the “schedule draft” and chose Ottawa/Pittsburg first overall. TSN took Montreal/Washington with the 2nd pick.

    It’s kind of annoying how CBC jumps on and off the bandwagon.

  71. noelsroyce says:

    Time to cancel RDS!

  72. habs03 says:

    I think TSN gets games with Philly, Wash, Rangers…And lucky me, University decides to my exam during game 5, looks like I won’t be taking much time writing that exam.

  73. Bryan says:

    I got one during game 2 :(  It’s my last one at least!


    The Habs are making me Bi-Polar.

  74. Bryan says:

    Ha, TSN posted match-up info for all of the series. Here’s the one for MTL – WSH:

    They list stats on the Pittsburgh/Philly series.  Amateurs!


    The Habs are making me Bi-Polar.

  75. avatar_58 says:

    “While the Cup may be unattainable this season”

    This doesn’t make any sense. If they suggest we can pull a 1st round upset then how is it “unarrainable”? If Washington is a “serious contender” and yet the habs beat them…..then what does this say? The hardest team in the league beaten….yet the winner cannot possibly get the cup?

    I hate TSN.

  76. nickster13 says:

    well recent polls said montreal is currently “Canada’s team” so they did the right thing in picking us, plus CBC sucks

  77. likehoy says:

    we’re in trouble! there’s no MECHANT MARDI!

    – We’ve gotta beat the beat, and fist pump our way to victory!

  78. Braz_Habs says:

    Exams on both games 3 and 4…that is going to put a pretty big dent in my study plans!!

    Either way I am really excited about this series, I think it has the potential to be the best in the first round and go to game 7, that is if we can start scoring more. Who the victor will be only the hockey gods know, but hopefully we will have the old forum ghosts on our side..they seem to have ditched us the last little while and now is as good a time as any to come make amends!!

    Go Habs Go!!!

  79. Shawn S says:

    Interesting that they would take Ottawa, or that they really want Sid on CBC.

  80. Jbird says:

    Absolutely Sid and not the Sens.  Garauteed.  I also would gather they will lose the ratings war.  Casual fans like the habs and that guy #8!

  81. Tis Himself says:

    you mean when it cums to the Caps?

  82. Say Ash says:

    “Check out OV’s stickwork – what a monster!”

  83. Jbird says:

    If the Habs get swept the most annoying thing will be the TSN commentators and Announcers – they are worse than the CBC IMO.

  84. Jbird says:

    you didn’t. lol

  85. Jbird says:

    I know, I know – Its close. But the CBC guys avoid laughing out loud when predicting a winner.  

  86. soperman says:

    I still remember a game against Detroit when Carbo was coaching and the Habs were up 3 – 0 in the second period.  McSplooge said that if Carbo could stop the game now and put it into a shootout, he would gladly do that.

    I wish McSplooge got that GM job in Minnesota so I wouldn’t have to listen to him anymore.

  87. Frank2468 says:

    In all fairness to TSN and in no means do I totally agree with what they are saying.  But I think what they are trying to get at, is the fact that if the Habs should pull off an upset the clock will strike mid-night in the second round, but lets remember 1993 and it’s 10 I repeat 10 overtime wins.  Yes Washington is the favorite and is expected to roll over the Habs, but sometimes being the favorite has it’s disadvantages.  If the Habs can take one game in their barn in the first two games you never know.  What it is about TSN that bugs me is not the fact that they may not like the Habs but every time they have something good to say about the Habs there always is the BUT comment.  Thats what they like to do and they also seem to enjoy poking fun at the Habs even if they should win.  So lets not get made at the them lets pity them, after all look at what team they get to watch year in year out.  It’s just jealous envy because think about it even if the Habs are not favored or in contention to win theres always the you just never know what the Habs will do.  And for TSN I know the Habs are the team they love to hate but thats out of fear and respect for a great organization that has proved themselves over and over again.  TSN can only wish the team down the 401 had the same kind of impact.  Lets look at what the Leaf fans and TSN have to cheer about Sittler, McDonald, Turnbal, Salming, Palmateer from the 70’s and from the 80’s into the 90’s Clark, Gilmour, Damphousse, Leeman, Potvin yes great players and all but no cups.  But when Leeman and Damphousse came to Montreal they win the cup, thats got to piss you off.  Don’t get mad at them pity them for all they can do and say is BLAH BLAH BLAH all the time.  The funny thing about the Leafs is the last time they won the cup most of us where in diapers and when and if they should win again most of us will be in diapers again.


  88. Dintrox says:

    My take on why CBC took the Sens over the Habs. RDS has beaten CBC playoff numbers for several seasons. I think the CBC wanted to avoid being trumped by a regional network yet again.


    December 4, 2009 – Elmer Lach’s jersey took its rightful place with the Rocket’s in the rafters.

  89. Off-side says:

    Me predicts the following:

    1st game goes to Caps (with Halak in net); 2nd game goes to Caps (with Price in net); 3rd game goes to Habs (with Halak in net); 4th game goes to Caps (with Halak in net).

    But one really never knows how the puck will slide…

    Go Habs, go!

  90. nastyHABit says:

    thank god we won’t have to listen to Bob Cole…….saturday night he performed oral sex on the leafs

  91. Danno says:

    What a Leaf blower.


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  92. Flabadagub says:

    So eloquent.~(o|b

  93. dancevon says:

    Hey everybody,

    Here is a good feed for those of you who do not have tsn/rds.

    This only works on internet explorer and you have to have sopcast player too:

    Devon Bailey.

  94. dudurules says:

    Ok what’s the deal with stupid cbc not showing the habs… ottawa plays wednesday and they’re aired and vancouver is aired on cbc AFTER the habs game? that is the most disgusting and disrespecting thing that piece of dudu network could do to canadian hockey.  how can they deprive viewers of canadien content hockey?  that’s bulldudu… i for one will NEVER NEVER watch cbc again!

  95. dudurules says:

    btw… cbc would busting out the chapstik if the lafs were in…

  96. Willy the bum says:

    If ever the Habs gonna be the only Canadian team standing in the playoffs after Sens and ‘Nucks are out, tough luck for CBC ’cause I’m sure ratings will be crap when showing reruns of Battle Of The Blades…

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Schedule released for Habs-Capitals

The Canadiens and Washington Capitals get underway on Thursday at the Verizon Centre. If you’re away from the tube, you can listen to all Habs games streamed live at

Follow this link to the NHL release for the other conference quarterfinals. Additional RDS schedule information is still unpublished by the league:




#1 vs. #8
Thursday, April 15 at Washington, 7:00 p.m. TSN, VERSUS
Saturday, April 17 at Washington, 7:00 p.m. TSN, VERSUS
Monday, April 19 at Montreal, 7:00 p.m. TSN
Wednesday, April 21 at Montreal, 7:00 p.m. TSN
*Friday, April 23 at Washington, 7:00 p.m. TSN, VERSUS
*Monday, April 26 at Montreal, 7:00 p.m. TSN, VERSUS
*Wednesday, April 28 at Washington, TBD TSN
Saturday, April 17 at Washington, 7:00 p.m. TSN, RDS, VERSUS
  at Montreal, 7:00 p.m. TSN, R
  at Montreal, 7:00 p.m. TSN, RDS
*Friday, April 23 at Washington, 7:00 p.m. SN, RDS, VERSUS
*Monday, April 26 at Montreal, 7:00 p.m. TSN, RDS, VERSUS
*Wednesday, April 28 at Washington, TBD TSN, RDS

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  1. Cable Guy says:

    I think we have a small chance of possibly winning this, we go in with better goaltending and if we can shutdown Ovy then we have a chance.  should be interesting, can’t wait till thursday.

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