Schedule announced today

We know the Canadiens begin the season in Toronto on Oct. 7.

We know they open at home on the 13th against Tampa Bay.

And at about midday – just as France has finished fighting for its World Cup life – the NHL will announce its complete 2010-’11 schedule.

Check Habs Inside/Out for coverage.

To enlighten you while you’re waiting, Arpon Basu has a great analysis of what whould be a busy week for Pierre Gauthier and  Robert L discovered a monumental draft study.

• Valium for Don Cherry. STAT. Brent Sopel, his wife and kids will bring the Stanley Cup to Chicago’s Gay Pride parade. Bravo Hawks!

• Pain-in-the-butt Matt Cooke re-signs for three years.


  1. Max_a_million says:

    What exactly?

    I think Eller was about the best player you could get for close to the minimum for many years to come. 

  2. SeriousFan09 says:

    That’s a liberal use of the superstar label.

    No superstars have been traded in the NHL since the lockout except Kovalchuk really and looking at his post-lockout work with the post-season, Pronger maybe as well.


    - I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  3. pic1983 says:

    I think the oilers could use Seguin more in terms of organizational need, but seeing as this is a team thats in the midst of rebuilding, and hasnt had any good news since they made it to the cup final, they will certainly stay on the board and choose Hall.  Not that choosing Seguin over Hall would be considered a “reach” by any means, but the media has hyped up taylor hall, and annointed him as the pretty much undisputed number 1, so it would be a PR disaster for the oilers to select seguin at this point IMO.

    Considering the oilers already have Eberle and Pjaarvi-Svensson as solid prospects on the wing, and no depth at center, Seguin would be the better choice for them IMO.

    One thing I do know, Boston definitely NEEDS Hall more than they NEED Seguin. 

  4. Storm Man says:

    I like the pic you have up, You must love that guy.

  5. TomNickle says:

    I believe the beer spitting was in his early twenties but concussions are so rarely documented that it’s hard to say.

    I could argue that if I’d had a mother like Bonnie Lindros, I’d be fit for the asylum.

    His numbers should get him into the hall of fame.

    Hell, refusing to play for Quebec and the subsequent trade that saw the Avalanche win two cups should get him in.

  6. PeterStone says:

    OK .. i had to re-read it .. you are not saying he was a superstar .. i was worried for a second.

  7. mrhabby says:

    its emotional for most people..getting tied to a certain player which is okay and great but once the cap comes into play its just about the numbers. Same thing in the NFL. great players come and go thats just the way it is.

  8. TorontoHabsFan says:

    Well to be fair, if we were to hate every 19 yr old with a sense of entitlement we’d be hating A LOT of people. For what it’s worth, the Stojko fight story (I’m assuming that’s what you’re referring to) is an urban legend:

  9. PeterStone says:

    2 cents .. dont take this the wrong way, but i have to ask if you had ever seen Penney play ?

  10. Chris says:

    Well said.  Was wondering when you would get around to one of your excellent tomes on this deal.  ;)

  11. Max_a_million says:

    By easy extension if we got a roster player in return who had a salary of 3 million or more per year then we would have no shot at Plekanek, and would have no money to sign anyone else to replace him. 

  12. Chris says:

    I’ll leave it to the scouts and when they make their picks, I will get suitably enthusastic about whoever the Habs choose.  Until then, trying to project who the team should or might pick is just not really something I’ve ever been get into…unless I’ve seen the player play (and I only catch OHL games here in Guelph or in Belleville), I can’t really form anything approaching an educated opinion about the prospects.

  13. Clay4bc says:

    Halak > Pleks…but there were other options.


    “Peoples will only be truly free when the last king is strangled by the bowels of the last priest” Denis Diderot

  14. Xtrahabsfan says:

     Yep it’s always a great idea to trade a superstar for a prospect…..YOU MAKE ME LAUGH!

  15. SeriousFan09 says:

    Was that before or after he started getting his head scrambled? It’s kind of a dodge to say context matters but head trauma like Lindros suffered can cause personality changes and affect one’s self control.


    - I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  16. habs001 says:

    i think right now there is little difference between starting goaltenders in the nhl…some number ones who were having great seasons fizzled at the end…if you could select from all goaltenders in the nhl to be your starter i wonder what number price and halak would be.

  17. twocents says:

    I never said he’s a flash in the pan. In fact, I said above I was sure he wouldn’t be.

    I said he is CURRENTLY not a SUPERSTAR.

  18. twocents says:

    Now here’s a blast from the past.

  19. Chris says:

    I avoided the site that day.  Was good for my mental health.

    Probably would be better for my mental health if I avoided the site every day.  ;)

  20. Chris says:

    Can you hate Gilmour for some of his alleged (but never proven) indiscretions? Gilmour’s departure from St. Louis was not a happy one, to put it mildly.

  21. Max_a_million says:

    The facts are quite easy to understand, they are dollar amounts and amount to simple math. 

    The Candiens have 14.5 million dollars in cap space to spend on about 7 forwards and 2 goalies. 

    That is just over 1.5 million per player. 

    If you could get Halak for 4 million per (which I think is low), you come down to 1.25 million per player.

    If you sign Halak and Plekanek for a combined 9 million, then you are left with 700k per player for 7 spots.  There is no way to sign 7 players for 700k each.  So signing Halak Guarantees that Plekanek is gone.

    Otherwise if you trade Halak and get Eller who makes very little then you are up to 1.7 million per player. 

    If you trade Halak and sign Plekanek for up to 5 million (hopefully high), and you are left with signing 5 forwards and 2 goalies for about 1.15 million per player.  Not easy, but doable. 

    Gauthier did the math … he didn’t need to waste his time with Allan Walsh to add it up. 

    Bury a hard working stand up guy like Gomez or Hamrlik in the minors, and you would go back to the pre-Gainey days when NO ONE would come here, and you would lose the locker room as well.  Teams are not burying there mistakes in the minors for this very reason.  It is an often discussed strategy that is very rarely employed, and never on quality players. 

  22. SeriousFan09 says:

    After seeing Jake Allen at the WJC, I can’t say I was impressed and I think our goaltending cupboard is good enough as it is with Desjardins, Mayer and Simila in the system as prospects (Sanford is a rental journeyman to me, that’s it.)

    Robert Mayer may get the #2 job in Hamilton next season, he backstopped the Cincinatti Cyclones on the way to a Kelly Cup win when they completed a comeback from 0-3 in a series. Simila will have a longer development track, but he’ll get experience playing in Finland, who has produced a number of good goaltenders in recent years. Desjardins himself would not restart the goalie controversy, he needs to improve his skating, recovery and most importantly, he is exceptionally weak on playing the puck. He got pulled in the Calder Cup playoffs this year in favour of Sanford, he’s got consistency issues as well. He’s a prospect, but his road to the NHL is more like Craig Anderson’s than Jaro Halak’s.

    With 27 UFA goalies out there, I think MTL can do better than Lalime or Biron and having one of those two just ignites the goalie debate as well with hometown boy versus Carey. I’d like to see a name like Hedberg, Ellis or Harding in town, someone who’s used to playing backup, but has taken on extra duty when necessary.


    - I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

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