Savard denies he’ll be über-VP

On his Radio-Canada blog, Martin Leclerc is reporting Serge Savard – who is assisting owner and CEO Geoff Molson in finding a new general manager – will become the Canadiens’ vice-president of hockey operations.
The team organigram would have the new GM reporting to Savard, who would report to Molson.
In conversation with Journal de Montréal columnist Yvon Pedneault, Savard denied the rumour.

Leclerc has previously reported a done deal that will have Patrick Roy coaching the Canadiens next season.

Roy denied the story.

After an exhaustive search and numerous probing interviews, we at HIO have come up with our own recommendation for a new Habs general manager.

The figure the new man should be more outgoing and dynamic than the intensely introverted and private Pierre Gauthier.

The winner:

And for your Leaf-bashing pleasure:

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