Saturday video theatre

OK, maybe we all should all whip us some margaritas in the blender and chill out on a stinkin’ hot Saturday in mid-July.
The owners’ offer is just the opening salvo in the NHL’s contract negotiations.
It provides a basis point for the serious horse trading.
The PA will tell the league where to stick it, of course, and then we’ll have some serious back-and-forth.
So maybe there will be hockey before Christmas.

• Here’s a profile of  Donald Fehr, the tough negotiator who leads the NHLPA into this battle.

• Adrian Dater of Sports Illustrated says the owners are hypocrites.

• George Carlin connects the dots.

Happy birthday, Woody Guthrie

And here’s a video that indicates which way the Trotskyite wing of HIO is leaning:

And to end on an upbeat note, a story about good guy Brandon Prust and another one

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