Saturday Video Theatre

This week’s winner of The Coach Least Like Jacques Martin Award goes to Marty Williamson of the OHL’s Niagara Ice Dogs.

Next time, Mart, try the de-caf … or the JM chamomile tea.



  1. AH says:

    “Buddha in residence”…that is funny! LOL!

  2. Shiloh says:

    Geez – was that video posted to mock Marty Williamson? I have to say that I loved his reaction. What has our Buddha-in-Residence gained by wearing a stone-face for two years? Opposing teams are apparently still allowed to crosscheck our guys into the boards with impunity – and our coach waits for what – Colin Campbell to retire? Bettman to dictate that the rules will be applied fairly?

    Every time you shine the light on these snakes you accentuate their incompetence – or their willingness to give one team a benefit.

  3. _Habsoloutly_ says:

    I’d take him to. He’s no worse defensively than the Wiz or Mara.

  4. avatar_58 says:

    People are saying the hit goes up next year? Or is it 2.7 for both?

  5. sidhu says:

    I’d be happy with Souray back with the Habs at 2.7m.  He’s good on the PP, is strong, big, and sticks up for his teammates. 

  6. Danno says:

    Anything with a pulse is more animated than the Count. Définitivement!


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  7. PeterD says:

    AK27 would be a waste of whatever Ottawa would back in return…we have moved on from Kovalev as a team and so should the fans.

    We need to upgrade our forwards for a longer term than a few months with an over the hill rental player.

  8. G-Man says:

    Kovalev is old, slow and built for the old country club Habs that existed until Gainey blew them up. I am glad he is someone else’s problem.

  9. Habsfan2310 says:

    I like the idea of Souray back, except for the cap hit next year.  Because of that, I say no thank you.  AK27 now, I would welcome back.  Hes cheap, would be Unrestricted, would love to come back, and would want to prove what he can to.  A hot Kovelev for the playoffs would be fun to watch.

  10. Shiloh says:

    I’m with you on Kovalev. For what it would cost for two months, we’d have a chance to score on every power play and win every shootout.

  11. Habscore says:

    After seeing Kaberle..I just worked the Calgary flight with Cammi’s family onboard…adorable parents and sister. This just made my day!


  12. Les-Habitants says:

    Guess who has been put on re-entry waivers?

    Sheldon Souray.

    Here are the details:  if he goes claimed, team would be on the hook for a cap hit of 2.7 mil this year and next.


    So, is he worth the flyer?  

    Pros: big, tough, good leader, known to the organization, would be willing to play any role

    Cons: concerns about his foot speed


    My thinking: absolutely.  He’s an NHL d-man, 1 1/2 season removed from the all-star game.  He’s healthy now, and he would be awesome as a 6th d-man.  He’s got a killer shot, and would do a lot to add toughness and shore up our depleted d-squad for this year.  If it doesn’t work out, we have all off-season to deal with it.  Spacek is on the IR, Gill and Wiz are returning but banged up, and I think Souray is an upgrade over Picard.

    Maybe I’m chasing the past.  The rangers scounted him and said no.  You know what?  I still think he could help this team, both this year and next.

  13. SeriousFan09 says:

    Still doesn’t beat Playfair from last year in the AHL.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  14. avatar_58 says:

    Haha oh boy. He even gets a chant

  15. Aerobiz says:

    I wish Jacques Martin would have showed a little bit of this same spirit and had his team’s back when Spacek, Hammer and Pyatt were getting mugged by the Bruins.

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Saturday Video Theatre

This is really cool



  1. Danno says:

    Boone, Pierre Goat-ier himself sent me this Holiday Greeting.


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  2. SPATS says:

    Love that Franzen is available for rental…is PG aware? (cue snare drum & cymbal) I know it’s badd…


  3. The Teacher says:

    Uhmm, didn’t Franzen sign a super long deal last year or something? How can he be a rental?

  4. SPATS says:

    look at the picture on the youtube link, Mule (Franzen’s nickname) available for rent… hence the drum / cymbal reference to the bad joke…


  5. Mr.Hazard says:

    Haha, saw this the other day. “PERTY COOL”

  6. Kaptain K says:

    Heres another good video. Watch it through the end!

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Saturday Video Theatre

So long, Darcy Tucker.



  1. Chuck says:

    Boone, that video never gets old.

  2. andrewberkshire says:

    Best thing Kovalev ever did in a Habs jersey.

  3. Ron says:

    Thanks for the rehash of a great Kovy highlite. Made that game a great ending.

  4. Willy the bum says:

    Good times, good times…

    Out of all four career fights, Kovy took down two Leafs.  Such a sweet thing.

  5. petrov14 says:

    That was my desktop for a long time.

    ______________________________________ Gionta IS Captain.

  6. ths says:

    Ooh Aah Habs on the war path

  7. ths says:

    Agreed ! Highlight of Kovy’s career in Montreal. SHeer genius the way he suckered him in then took his head off.

    Too bad it was probably the only night he got p1$$ed off on a rink


    Ooh Aah Habs on the war path

  8. gatorg says:

    Love it more every time I see it. Tucker gets Suckered. Karma at its best!

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Saturday Video Theatre

Ted Bird posted this classic on Facebook


One Comment

  1. madcap_habsfan says:

    gotta love it..mel brooks is genius :)

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Saturday Video Theatre

Tough call, but this has to be the Dumbest Cop in Canada



  1. oshawahabsfan says:

    That’s what happens when you give them power they didn’t previously have, they go on a huge powertrip and want to arrest everything. He probably gets some kind of satisfaction in talking big to a woman. I’m sure the officer beside him could have handled the situation just fine

  2. Caper says:

    You’re not seeing everything that took place.  So we’re looking at a video edited by the protesters. What else would you expect? Did you see the mess these idiots made of Toronto

  3. oshawahabsfan says:

    This video is all that happened in this particular case. It has nothing to do with the rest of went on. Lumping her into “these idiots” is not exactly the mentality to have. Clearly she’s causing a lot of trouble here… Mr. T didn’t want to the bubbles to tarnish his polished dome

  4. Exit716 says:

    Next time there’s a Habs riot in Montreal, the cops should just shoot a few of them.




  5. G-Man says:

    The “lady” is a professional protester, obviously trying to provoke something. That she was arrested later for something else tells the tale. If I’m a cop and I see these a-holes wearing bandanas over their faces at a “peaceful protest,” I arrest them immediately. Same goes for those wearing helmets. One “protester” was carrying a nail gun at the G20. Real “peaceful,” that.

  6. RS says:

    Provoke something? With bubbles?

    Arresting people for wearing bandanas? Well, if you were a cop then you’d be at the top of the list of the dumbest cops in Canada.

    Being arrested later means little about her actions. Over 1000 people were arrested. It was a complete police over-reaction.

  7. RockinRey says:

    Not sure if he is the dumbest cop but certainly given the fact someone is video taping him he could have handled it with a little more tact. That said she is clearly baiting him. Refusing to give her name. She was quoted in Toronto papers as saying she was speaking to the female officer as person to person and not officer to civilian. If the officer is in Uniform you can assume they have to the right to ask your name. Of course you can refuse it … but then you’ll be opening a can of worms..

    Would any one of us want someone deliberately blowing bubbles in our face? It is an act of assault. Do you noticed how she said ” I wish you would treat me awith a little respect” and ” I dont feel very respected…” and had this wounded look on her face.. Give me a break. The bottom line is the video was edited to make a mockery of the officer.

    She was not a street medic and had every intention of hiding her face with the use of the  bandana around her neck.

    Anyone that can’t see that is dumber than the cop!


  8. sisu says:

    There is a double standard.  Welcome to reality.  In a fair and free society, people can be stupid and irresponsible – as long as they stay within the confines of the law – and need not fear illegal detention.  If a police officer behaves stupidly and irresponsibly *on the job* then he should not be a police officer.  The response was a completely over-the-top  overreaction.  In fact, the officer went beyond stupid and irresponsible here.  He acted illegally by arresting her without cause.

    The officer made a mockery of the law.


    First they came for the bubble-blowers…

  9. Danno says:

    The Harper government is solely responsible for creating a confrontation
    with the people which lead to the situation in the streets of Toronto.
    of civil rights and criminalizing lawful activity cannot and will not
    be tolerated by the people. It’s just one more injustice that has made
    people reach a point where they feel they must push back.
    disenfranchised of society have no homes, no
    jobs and no future under the current system of non-representative
    government. They have reached a point where they have nothing to lose
    and are mobilizing for a better life for themselves and a more
    sustainable planet.
    The arrogance of the Harper government to hold
    this summit at such enormous cost in the middle of downtown Toronto
    shows how out of touch our so-called leaders have become.
    protests are ignored and the rich and powerful continue to
    govern with no regard to anyone but themselves.

    The decision of the
    province of Ontario to secretly pass a law to criminalize the act of
    simply walking along certain streets in Toronto has inflamed the anger
    and resentment the disenfranchised of society feel every day.

    But the most scandalous part of this deplorable situation is the fact that the police and the government mislead the public and the media regarding the scope of the special law. The law allowed police to have special powers to search and arrest but only five meters INSIDE the security fence.

    The police, in violation of the act, extended those powers without authorization to the entire city of Toronto.

    this will be viewed as a wake-up call to all that the status quo is
    unacceptable and that an agenda that takes into account the needs of all
    people within society must be enacted immediately by all governments.

    Police in Canada have a long history of acting in contempt of civilians rights to freedom of expression including peaceful protest:

    Remember Montebello and the phony protestors (cops) who infiltrated
    but were exposed?

    Couldn’t happen in Toronto, could it?
    This is interesting, especially at 3:14 when the reporter asks if
    provocateurs will be used at the G/20 and also at 5:30 where a protester
    asks the cops why they feel they can perform an illegal search on


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  10. Danno says:

    Then they came for the singers.


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  11. HabFab says:

    At least they waited until the anthem was done.

  12. HabFab says:

    BS, she was blowing bubbles on him and that is the same as spitting on someone as he warned her. Constitutes assault so cause for a legal arrest. Which was what she was trying to provoke in the first. She is lucky she lives in a country that doesn’t give free attitude adjustments.

  13. Duracell3 says:

    Any even remotely level headed judge is going to burst at the seams laughing at this.

  14. Caper says:

    Complete Police over reaction? I suppose setting police cars on fire and smashing the windows of those mean shop owners was the fault of the police?Most of of them are nothing but sh-t disturbers with nothing better to do.

  15. Danno says:

    Who polices the police?

    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  16. Caper says:

    I know T.O. cops Danno. The minority of the protestors are like Al Quada. Lie , lie lie and someone will believe. Anyhow this is too heavy for HIO.

  17. Danno says:

    With respect, I have to disagree Caper. It was the Toronto Police and the government that lied to the people with regards to the  extent of their power, which lead to widespread abuse and brutality. Don’t get me wrong, I am not blaming the many good cops who got caught up in all of this. In a way they are also victims too and I am sure they are just as outraged about all this as everyone else is. This was a systemic abuse of authority triggered by high-ranking officials who implicitly and explicitly gave the green light to to the police to attack peoples’ constitutional rights. The biggest lie came from above.


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  18. Xtrahabsfan says:

    That Lil girlie was a real threat eh,right up there wilh Bin Ladin……Stephen Harper and his Goons are sooooo toast next election! Justin Trudeau will be our next leader (thank -god) and Harper will retire in Texas…..

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Saturday Video Theatre

At least one Canadiens fan is excited about Alex Auld.

And guess which HIO blogger got confused at the beach.



  1. SlovakHab says:

    OMG, it’s a DOUBLE RAINBOW!!!

    Reminds me of Pierre McGuire and his DOUBLE DION!!

    So intense..

  2. Danno says:

    He’s big. He’s bald. He’s Alex Auld.

    Look closely they’re not double rainbows. They’re double technicolour auras radiating from Alex’s head.

    It’s the chrome dome refraction effect.


    And confused at the beach video funnier than anything Adam Sandler ever put


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  3. greggiemchabfan says:

    LMAO. It’s so beautiful.

  4. doug19 says:

    Go get those two pots of gold!

  5. Komihater says:

    As expected here is the double rainbow remix!


  6. Garry Valk says:

    Almost as absurd – someone is trying to name a condo in Toronto after my namesake.


    So I say, vote. 

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Saturday Video Theatre

Hockey players can be jerks on occasion, as evidenced by any Sean Avery highlight reel you’d care to cue up.

But baseball players?

They’re really special.

In 2007, Chicago Cubs pitcher Carlos Zambrano signed a five-year contract worth a cool $91.5 million.

Check this dugout altercation between Zambrano and Cubs first baseman Derek Lee.

Where’s the BGL Code when you need it?




  1. 24 Cups says:

    Five years and 91M, that’s almost as bad as Gomez’s deal:-)

    BTW, Zambrano has been suspended indefinitely by the Cubs.

    In other baseball news, Arizona hurler, Edwin Jackson, threw a 1-0 no-hiiter last night.  The interesting aspect of the game was the fact that he walked 7 batters in the first three innings and was so wild he had to throw 149 pitches in order to nail down the no-hiiter.  “Far from perfect” was the story headline.

  2. MikeL says:

    But, at thew time Zambrano was one of the best pitchers in the game. I remember specifically him saying he was going to win the Cy Young, and I believed him. His career derailed since then, but it’s all hindsight.

    The Edwin Jackson thing is pretty incredible. Lucky more than anything. But, 20 years from now, he’ll be on a short list of players and no one will remember how he did it.

  3. WarHero says:

    My thoughts and facts about the Habs 2010 Draft Class.

    the article a read and comment away.


    Never judge another man’s decision poor until you actually have proof of it failing!

  4. The McJuice says:

    Ahh, baseball and soccer on habsinsideout. I hate the summer…

    Burn the bandwagon.

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Saturday Video Theatre

Another mash-up tribute



  1. petrov14 says:

    Annakin Slayd – Feels Like ’93 (2010 Version)

    ______________________________________ Gionta for Captain.

  2. Seppo says:

    Ever since i heard that song….i dont know, something dosent feel right. A so-called rapper singing with a cheesy power metal band vocals….seem funky for both genre. anyway.


  3. Chuck Chuck Goose says:

    Couldn’t help but chuckle when it sings “just a small-town girl” when they show Subban, a big-city boy

  4. G-Man says:

    Love that toe-tapping kitten. Purr-fect! :)

  5. Habadabadoo says:

    Not a fan of that one either. But to each his own :).

  6. ZepFan2 says:

    Here we go…The Habs are coming


    Fans are great, but the quickest way to start losing is to listen to them.”
    – Sam Pollock

  7. josh89 says:

    Google “how to download youtube video” and you’ll get some sites that will allow you to download the video in various formats and quality.

  8. avatar_58 says:

    I used DownloadHelper with firefox to save the history will be made videos.

  9. DearyLeary says:

    Journey is arguably the worst band of all time.

  10. Captain aHab says:

    Define “worst”. At least they didn’t have homo-erotic covers. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

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Saturday Video Theatre

Weird: Canadiens alive, but no Saturday hockey.

Lovely day in Montreal, sunny and warm.

For some reason, everyone is smiling.

An apropos Python classic from Tis Himself: “I’m not dead!”

•  •  •

Comment of the Day, from the very astute Jane Findlay:

That was a monumental effort and easily our best
game of the playoffs so far.  We did exactly what we had to do – jumped
out to an early lead and hung on, sowing some seeds of doubt in the
minds of those arrogant Capitals and giving us some positive momentum. 
I’m sure the Caps and their fans thought they’d just walk over us.  Even
when we went up 2-0, they had only to think of the last time we had a
2-goal lead to feel sure that their team would crank up its offence and
storm back.  It didn’t happen, thanks largely to Halak’s superb
performance but also to the heroic efforts of our shortened bench.  I
loved the grit and determination I saw, although I admit I was so
nervous in the third period I was watching the clock more than the play,
praying that we would either score or – for once – hang on.

was great to see a bounce-back performance from Halak.  His nervous play
during the last two or three weeks certainly raised questions about his
ability to handle the pressure of key games, but last night he was
rock-solid, supremely confident, never shaken.  Perhaps having game 4
off gave him a rest and allowed him to re-focus.  If he can give a
repeat performance on Monday, we could see a game 7.

I don’t know
what JM has against Sergei Kostitsyn.  He makes mistakes (like all of
them), but since coming back from Hamilton he’s played well.  He no
longer takes lazy penalties like he did last year, he plays well
defensively, he’s gritty, he makes great passes.  I don’t see how
benching or scratching him is helpful.  The coaching staff need to have
patience with our young players, not only Sergei but also Pouliot, who
has great ability but seems to have regressed lately.  He hasn’t yet
played a full season in the NHL, and development is often uneven.  I
haven’t been sold on JM as a coach all season, and his treatment of our
young players is what worries me most.


What a schmuck!

Giving away a good 20 pounds, Kings’ Wayne Simmonds
battles Shane O’Brien
to a draw, then the Canucklehead celebrates
like he’d KOed Bob Probert.

•  •  •

From JDub1414, a video about coaching.

•  •

Nothing to do with hockey, but a brilliant
short video


  1. ProHabs says:

    Thanks alot Clay, I appreciate it.

  2. Clay4bc says:


    Don’t argue with an idiot; people watching may not be able to tell the difference.

  3. Clay4bc says:

    The Todd article seemed spot on to me as well…


    Don’t argue with an idiot; people watching may not be able to tell the difference.

  4. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …My kids and I were eating in a sports bar this afternoon with the Senators-Penguins game on a screen in the background …We left with the score 3-1 for Ottawa, and mistakenly thinking the 2nd intermission stoppage was the end-of-game as We left

    …only to come home later to find the Penguins tied the game in the third and had won in overtime

    …My Son and I had been talking of how sweet it would be if the Canadiens and Senators eliminated both Ovechkin’s and Crosby’s teams …and how suicidal this might make Bettman

    …We also talked of the possibility of Vancouver and either Our Habs or the Senators meeting in the Final for the Cup

    …well, these possibilities have narrowed to Our Habs and the Canucks

    …leaving the potentialof an unknown fissure in My up-to-now tight little Family …My Vancouver-born daughter Venus, an avid Canucks fan threatening to set Our pants on fire if We (My son and I) dare to cheer on Our Habs

    …today, Quent and I stocked-up on extra jeans and slacks …just in case

    Habitant means PASSIONATE HOCKEY

  5. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …anybody that read an over-the-top rant I could not resist writing against Jack Todd awhile ago knows I don’t like ‘the man’ Jack Todd

    …but I read his column on Carey Price just now, and I agree pretty much on everything Todd said

    …over the summer, Carey Price is going to have to look Himself seriously in the mirror

    Habitant means PASSIONATE HOCKEY

  6. ProHabs says:

    The other day Boone posted a phone call (I think it was) from a caller I believe was called Sal. I wanted to listen to it but the sound on my computer wasn’t working. I have gotten my computer fixed and really want to listen to it but now cannot find it.

    Can someone help me out and give me a link to the call. Thanks.

  7. habsforthecup says:

    Mr. Boone,

    There is also this version of ‘Not Yet Dead’ from ‘Spamalot’, which was Monty Python’s broaway musical. It’s quite entertaining.

    – A

  8. Mr.Hazard says:

    I agree completely with the comments about SK74/Benny.

    “love cannot drown truth, Nefertiti”

  9. Shiloh says:

    For those of you who love Monty Python, if you can find Eric Idle’s book The Greedy Bastard Tour, it’s well worth a read. I picked it up at a sidewalk sale on Yonge St. a year ago – very funny.

    Also worth a read is Jack Todd’s column in the Gazette today.

  10. Tis Himself says:

    Whether you like Jack Todd or not, his column is spot on.

  11. makka83 says:

    Todd is a gutless puke! Point final. If you agree with him then you are one and the same!

  12. TripleX says:

    To those making juvenile and disgusting comments on the character of someone they don’t even know.  The TRUTH hurts.  Jack Todd is saying what many of us in the public and press have known for some time about Price.

    If you are truly a fan of Price read what he says.  The one most damaged by his mishandling by management is PRICE.  It is time for him to straighten up and embrace his huge talent.

  13. Shiloh says:

    I really enjoy Todd’s writing. Writing is one of the toughest, loneliest jobs in the world. Boone’s job might be even harder. He is wearing two hats – as a blogger and a columnist. He almost has to have two writing ‘voices’ to pursue his craft – very difficult, I’m sure. 

  14. makka83 says:

    No. Writing is NOT one of the toughest jobs in the world. Especially when you write any garbage that comes to your mind like Todd does.

    Todd is no better than us. His way of writing is poor and uninteresting. Above that he uses &&&&&& and $$$$ and stupid stuff like that… Even a 5 year old know that this is poor writing.

  15. Shiloh says:

    Well good for you! Maybe when you’re six you’ll develop a more discerning outlook.

  16. makka83 says:

    I’m not 6 obviously but that shows how childish you are.

    When you have a grown man like Todd, who dodges the army then calls a 20 something year old gutless for showing some passion… that’s a disgrace. You agree with the opinion of a disgraceful guy…

    Todd has than reputation. It’s easy of course from his desk to rip athletes apart. Reading his stuff you realize right away that even a homeless person puts more effort in asking for money than Todd puts into writing.

  17. Tis Himself says:

    Todd’s decision to pass on the Viet Nam War and leave the United States for Canada was not the choice of a coward. And, that’s the view of a guy whose oldest brother was drafted during that era and served.

  18. habsgirl74 says:

    agree with you totally

  19. howtathor says:

    The thing with Todd is he likes to get on someones case and he is relentless about it. He needs to have a whipping boy in order to validate his work. It’s not journalism, it’s more like a personal vendetta and I can’t consider that among my choice for reading material. I haven’t even read the column but based on the comments I get the drift. I’ve read it a thousand times before. Heroes: %%%%%%% Mike Boone Zeroes: &&&&&&&&& Jack Todd

  20. makka83 says:

    Todd is not a journalist anyways. He’s a grumpy old man who tried to make himself feel better/smart by bashing other people. It’s pointless to read him.

    I cannot argue much more about what he wrote because I didn’t read past the first pragraph. It’s garbage and that’s it.

    If you agree than Price was immature in doing what he did, sure, I actually agree with you. But you got to say that he was one of the only handful of players to show emotion and drive to win in that game.

  21. Shiloh says:

    You wouldn’t know a journalist if one bit you in the a-s-s. You seem to take delight in showing us how stupid you can be.

  22. punkster says:

    You didn’t read past the first paragraph? Then what the hell are you talking about?


  23. Shiloh says:

    So sad to see such an angry, closed mind.

  24. makka83 says:

    It’s not close mind, it’s stupidity recognition. obviously you do not know the difference.

  25. Xtrahabsfan says:

    makka83 ….give it up allready…..HALAKS THE BOSS!

  26. Ed says:

    Eric Belanger lost 7 teeth because of a high stick from MAB last night, & believe it or not, there was no penalty. Look at Belanger passing a tooth to the trainer.,236417


  27. habsoul says:

    Does Jacques Martin have a teenage daughter that’s been sleeping with Sergei? I just don’t get it. The kid doesn’t make any more mistakes than any of the other players and I don’t see any of them super-glued to the bench. Many times during this playoff series he’s been the best Canadien on the ice.

    It make me sick to think that next season we’ll probably see Kostitsyn the Younger score 28 goals for the Nashville Predators while bad-mouthing Montreal to the press.

    Should we be worried about Martin’s ability to nurture young talent? Do we want him taking the same approach with PK Subban and Brock Trotter, players who will be making the move to Montreal next season? Would D’Agostini have progressed under another coach?

    Is it possible he’s too old school to relate to younger players? Does anyone know his track record with young players in Ottawa or Florida?

    I hope management is paying close attention to this.

  28. SPATS says:

    Go back and watch the play in our end just prior to the washington goal. Sergei is between the faceoff circle and the blue line and watches the goal unfold in front of him. Sure he’s tired, but he makes absolutely no effort for a good 30 seconds. I too am a Sergei fan, but last night I realized what JM realized a while ago. The kid’s focus is about as good as a 20 handicap on the golf course.

  29. TripleX says:

    Mr. Boone gives tacit approval to the tanking approach in his Gazette column for the Habs winning the Cup.  Congratulations, it is not a betrayal of Canadiens history but rather an acceptance of what it takes to win in today’s NHL.

    Welcome to the Dark Side!

  30. makka83 says:

    and who gives us a better chance to do that right now? Price… TRADE HALAK!

  31. makka83 says:

    you’re wrong. you know nothing more about Price than I know about jack todd. So, go stick it!

  32. Les-Habitants says:

    Great comment by Jane, and I agree almost wholeheartedly. 

    My one contention is the following:  young players need to be played to learn, agreed, but that place is not the playoffs.  The pace is too fast, the hockey too good, for any real learning to be done – except having had the experience of living through it.  JM needs to be decisive with whom he gives ice-time, and he needs to give it to those he believes deserve it and, whenever they are on the ice, will do what they need to and more.

    Sergei has a lot of potential, and is a highly intelligent forward, but if JM has confidance in another player over him, than so be it.  You play and coach EXACTLY how you need to win in the playoffs.  If someone’s confidance isn’t there, he doesn’t play – you have the offseason to repair any mental wounds. 

    With the team on the brink, you put the best team on the ice you can.  Be it 20 players, or a shortened bench of 15. 

  33. The Cat says:

    I generally like Jack Todd and Im a Halak fan but his column on Price is wrong IMO…Its a case of what dishes to put out for your guests for supper. If you put out very expensive stuff , then they might say youre showboating or trying to impress them, or if you put out lesser stuff, they may think you dont think highly enough of them…If a person has it in his mind to never let you ‘win’, you’ll never get it right in their minds.

  34. punkster says:

    Soory Cat, I can’t follow the place sets and mindsets you’re alluding to there. While I stopped reading Todd a few years before he “retired” (due to his constant rants and repetitive Heros and Zeros garbage) I did read this particular column more than once tonight. It’s not a matter of whether he’s right or wrong in your or my views. The point is really what he suggests in the last quarter of the article. Someone has to have a talk with that young man and set him straight.

  35. Tis Himself says:

    You had to read past the first paragraph to have noticed that.

  36. punkster says:

    The whole thing just highlights the fact that in any other town with any other player these incidents wouldn’t even be news or controversy. Here? Look at the stories from the last few days; Hockey star gives a kid a snow shower and the fans and media want him lynched; Hockey player shoots puck at other hockey players and media and fan want him lynched. Talk about weenie!

  37. Tis Himself says:

    What do you expect when the only other franchises you have are the Als and a B-league soccer team?

  38. Xtrahabsfan says:

    Thanks for reminding me about the Expo’s,dam that f**king baseball strike !

  39. Big Bird says:

    I like Jack Todd’s writing.  I find him funny but he can throw unprovoked cheap shots at people.  Be it athletes (Brisebois/Price) or others (Boone) without warning.  That I find to be a little too much.  I also don’t like him trashing on Bob Gainey continuously.  You make your point once.  Maybe twice.  Then move on.

    But if you read his article, he’s asking Price to play to his potential and conduct himself as a professional.  If we’re honest about it, that hasn’t always been the case with Price.  But he’s 21 and still learning.  I can’t imagine my own immaturity back at 21 so I won’t judge Price.  The challenge is that I wasn’t making more money in a year than most people make in a decade or lifetime at 21.  None of us are.  Price is.  So he has a different set of expectations.

    If someone like Sydney Crosby or Steven Stamkos can conduct themselves as a professional at a young age then so can Price.  But I don’t blame Price solely for this.  Management bears the majority of responsibility.  He’s such as gifted player and it was like locking a kid in a candy store unsupervised.  They billet young players in junior hockey.  Suddenly, a kid is 19 or 20 and he’s in the big city all alone?  Mario Lemieux was smart to billet Crosby with him and his family.

    I just hope they don’t make the same mistake with other young talents like Subban.  We seem to draft well but our professional development is awful when I look at players like Price, Latendresse and S. Kostitsyn.  It’s like running a marathon and then tripping on your untied laces in the final 100 meters.


  40. coachdoug says:

    Good points…You wonder if the vets are mentoring these guys like Guerin with Crosby…Or at the minimum watching out for them…Hal Gill seems like an upright guy maybe he could take that role on if the young guys let him…

    Poulliot is another lad I worry about…is anyone grabbing this kid up and helping keep him stratight?  I know you can only do so much guys have to make their own choices…but money and stardom ruin most people…look at Hollywood

    A lot of specualtion about JM and how he treats young players…Sergei must be calling him some real naughty names in Russian on the bench is all I can gather but JM seesm to hate the lad…maybe he deserves it who knows

    “Save us Turtleneck Man…We need you now more than ever!”

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