Same mistakes keep coming back to haunt Habs, Gionta says (Video)

(Photo: Graham Hughes/The Canadian Press)

Canadiens coach Michel Therrien didn’t mince words sizing up his team’s performance in their 3-2 loss to the Columbus Blue Jackets.

“We played a bad game. And we didn’t deserve to win that game even though we were in a position to go get a point,” Therrien said.

“When you’re first on the puck you put the other team in difficulty. And they were all through the game and that’s why I’m a bit disappointed.”

Canadiens goaltender Carey Price turned in a strong performance, making 36 saves and keeping his team in the game.

“We didn’t give our best effort,” Canadiens captain Brian Gionta said.

“We had no push-back pretty much all game. Second on pucks pretty much the whole time,” Gionta added.

“Our mindset going into the third was that we played two bad periods and Pricey was the only one giving us a chance. You try to steal one. Points are huge this time of year. Unfortunately, it’s the same mistakes that keep coming back to haunt us, said Gionta, who again mentioned “second on pucks.”

Ryan Johansen scored the game-winning goal at 16:59 of the third period when he intercepted rookie defenceman Jarred Tinordi’s pass in the neutral zone.

“It’s a stupid play on my part, on my backhand trying to go through the middle,” he said.

“I knew that they were coming, but I thought I had room to make that play… That’s one I’d like to have back for sure,” Tinordi said.

Therrien called the 22-year-old defenceman “a good kid who will learn from his mistakes.”

“That’s how you improve,” the coach said.

You can watch what Tinordi had to say here:

You can listen to Price here:

You can watch what Gionta had to say here:

(Video: Brenda Branswell


  1. Feraco says:

    I love this team! Everyone see Vaneks one timer?! That made me jump out of my seat. Haven’t seen that kind of talent since Cammalleri and before that…never. (I’m an 80s kid). Price was strong because he’s our best player. Top 5 overall pick who has matured perfectly. So I have faith in him when the game is tight he comes through. That’s what best players do. Eller had the puck all game long. He was steady on all the penalty kills and turned a lot of scoring chances. He would succeed with a high octane offence and he has some gaffs and brain farts. Like he tries too hard. None the less if he scored on the breakaway different game. Those are the plays you wish he would score on. Even though they couldn’t connect on passes and were second on the puck it was Timordis gaff that was the difference. I can live with that as long as he learns. Price got fooled on that goal. He should have saved it. None the less if we play like that against the leafs then it’s game over. They will hammer us.

    Pk was good all game. He’s a star. Just want a weeeeee bit more from Eller. If he’s rolling this team is a contender

  2. piter says:

    Who records/tapes the post game videos? Must not have a professional sound guy. The volume is always sooooo low, I have to mute my TV and hold my laptop up to my ear. Maybe someone can record with some volume next time?

  3. Timo says:

    Again, why nobody would ask Gionta “why”? Why didn’t you give your best effort? Why were you constantly not first to the puck?

    I can’t stand Gionta being on the team anymore, let alone being the captain. What a joke.

  4. Habilis says:

    Saturday is massive. Win, and we’re pretty well locked in to play Tampa in round one, only home ice to be decided. Lose, and we’re back in a three team race with the Loafs and Wings for that 3rd slot or a wild card, which means we could play the Pens or B’s.

    We should try to win.

    • Timo says:

      Take a wild guess which one it will be…

      • Habilis says:

        Tonight was a hiccup, no doubt. But if Eller cashes that penalty shot, we get to OT despite playing like warm garbage for most of the game. Columbus was more desperate and it showed.

        I think our boys will show up on Saturday. All of them I mean, not just Price.

  5. Timo says:

    What a bullsh!t team. Once the opposition plays a little tougher and tighter on D Habs as usual don’t have an answer. Not to mention that if not for Price this game is about 7-2 Columbus. Hope you all enjoyed the 3 game winning streak because there isn’t going to be any anymore.

  6. The Jackal says:


    Hockey sine stercore tauri.

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