Sailing into the break on a W and a prayer

Don’t pick out a spot on the parade route just yet.
But a 7-2 win over the league-leaders will do nicely to get Canadiens fandom through All-Star weekend.

Pat Hickey’s game story

Quotes from the room

Red Fisher’s column

Dave Stubbs column

Photo gallery

Gionta on the mend

Sergio Momesso goes back to school

Stubbs on the great Nicklas Lidstrom

Pierre Ladouceur’s game report card

• Game stories by Arpon Basu and Sean Gordon

Bulldogs to Laval: François Gagnon has the scoop | But owner says they’re staying in Hamilton


  1. Josh says:

    How does Francois Gagnon still have a job?

  2. mike3131 says:

    Had JM still been our coach, we would’ve sat back on the 4-0 lead. Heck, we would’ve sat on the 2-0 lead! Glad RC sent the message to the boys to keep pouring it on after the first period.

  3. SmartDog says:

    5 (EASY) QUESTIONS (heck, it’s a break!):

    1. The Cole signing – Pass or Fail?
    2. The Cami trade – Pass or Fail?
    3. The Halak trade – Pass or Fail?
    4. Gomez since he came back – Pass or Fail?
    5. The Kaberle trade – Pass or Fail?

    BONUS!: Which of the above was hardest to answer and why?

    PS:Sorry I changed Q5 after posting…


    Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

    • HabinBurlington says:

      1. Because my eyes don’t focus after liquid lunches.

      Edit: Hey you changed it on me
      New #5 – PAIL (my combo of pass/fail, pp is still struggling)

    • Dr.Rex says:

      1. Pass (A)
      2. Pass (B+)
      3. Pass (B+)
      4. Incomplete

    • HabsFan1111 says:

      1-4 passes.

      5 fail simply due to contract years remaining, we were this close to closing the books on Spatches 3.8

    • red13am says:

      Pass (if we can get rid of him this year)

      5 was tough. He is productive in terms of points, but a powerplay quarterback he is not. And I don’t want him taking up roster space next year for when markov comes back in spring 2013

    • GenerationYHabs says:

      1. PASS
      2. Pass – We got a Bigger faster player who’s contributing, a 2nd round pick and a decent prospect.
      3. Pass – We needed to pick one, we whent with the younger bigger, cheaper one. Price had a great year last year and Halak is doing really well right now, so I think either choice wouldn’t have been a mistake.
      4.Fass? Pail? I cant really say he’s playing terible but he’s not exactly imspiring either.
      5. pass
      6. 4 Just because I had to try an invent a new word.

    • G-Man says:

      1. P 2.P 3. Moving from an F to a P (check back in a couple seasons) 4. P- he must begin to approach a point per game the rest of the way. 5. P.

      Q3 was the hardest. Eller is still getting better, but his points production has to rise to merit the ice time. This is despite the defensive assignments he’s been getting.

    • mike3131 says:

      Pass – Best FA signing in a long time
      Pass – Got a bigger, stronger power forward, a 2nd round pick and a WHL prospect
      Fail – I love Carey and Larry, but Halak’s value was sky high and a better GM would’ve gotten more in return
      Fail – Until he scores 😉 (Seriously, the effort is there but I still think we should dump his salary or trade him)
      Fail – As I stated at the time, we traded away a short term issue for a bigger problem at a longer term.

    • Lizardking89 says:

      1 Pass
      2 Pass
      3 Pass
      4 Pass
      5 fail

      Bonus: The Price vs Halak question is still up for debate IMO

  4. Bripro says:

    I hope you all realize that we gained 2 points on ….
    Yeah, yeah, I know…there’s still a long way to go…blah, blah.
    I don’t care. It was very sweet!

  5. Bripro says:

    As Rafiki says:
    “It doesn’t matter, it’s in the past!” . He’s pretty wise for an animated character.
    My point is, for all the Gomez haters (I’m just a part-time basher),
    you have to admit that, since his return, he’s played some good hockey.
    Forget the other 320 days, if he can play with this type of effort in every game from here on in, then I’m back on the bandwagon!
    Give him a break, let’s see some consistency, and he might just be in playoff form a little early.

    • G-Man says:

      You know we’re reaching deep into the quote bin when the Lion King is regurgitated. 😉

    • punkster says:

      Cut the crap Bri and get with the program. The Gomez Hatewagon left the station ahead of the Habs Tanktrain. Find it in your heart to hate on Gomez just a little. All the cool kids are doin’ it.
      ***Subbang Baby!!!***

    • Dr.Rex says:

      The better he plays then better it is for everyone involved. HOwever it is kinda sad that there is excitement for a 7M+ player when he gets an assist for a goal banged off of a skate.

      Clearly he is no longer a point getter but if he is going to be a regular player on our team then he must at the very least be even when it comes to plus/minus.

    • nunacanadien says:

      It would be sad if we kept Gomez but traded away Subban. Clearly Gomez has not caused any ripples with his big mouth like Subban. But really, we punish winners here in Montreal with trading them away to well, winning teams. Maybe I wonder if we can send the biggest winner we have Gomez to the Red Wings then since he is such a big champ, a top 6 forward to quote some hockey team owner who also owns a brewery…..

    • coutNY says:

      Gomez.. not a hater of him, just the Cap space designated to him. I hope his return play becomes the norm. Its has been painfullly frustrating to have the Habs paying top line money to mediocre non-scoring winger… caugh caugh center, no matter how well his plays from here on out. Soon as we hit a bad streak, fan anger will surfice and aimed back at him. Then again maybe not because most of us have come to terms with the imposition. I wish I could be a Rafiki, but only theropy, time, or maybe even a fulk goal once in a while can help! Losing a great prospect like McDonagh, a steady #4 D on the Rangers, as well as, the prospect of them being able to acquiring Gaborik( basically from Gomez departure) is a sickening reminder of the ripple effect this trade has manifested.

  6. Dr.Rex says:

    So after all those times that GOmez has blindly and erratically thrown the puck thtrough the crease it finally turned into something positive. After all the odd man chances and goals he caused the other way because of this it is finally clear that he has been attempting to bang the puck off of a leg breaking towads the goal. IT has finally paid off and all those game changing goals and momentum changing errors in the past can now be forgotten because it worked once. Time to reawrd him with more ice time.

    I wont even mention his error on Hudler’s 1st goal last night. Oops, just did.

    • likehoy says:

      how can you ONLY blame gomez when kaberle’s failed clearing attempt was what caused the defensive break down.

      – Next week on Habs Shore: Cammi Sweetheart is jealous of the attention G-Love is getting for his FHO philosophy (Fishing, Hockey, Overpaid)

  7. munch17 says:

    In the end it was a blowout.
    But it started with a great play by Gomez who is the only player on our team who could move the puck like he does and he made a a perfect play to a big winger who drove the net.
    Francois Gagnon was talking about the bipolar crowd – jeers turning to cheers. It reminds me of a rush by Terry Harper in the 60’s- he took the puck up the ice and a bunch of boos. He split the D and scored- cheers. Not a bipolar crowd. Very few fans boo their players and the rest of the crowd is waiting for a chance to cheer. Happened last night with Gomez. I hoped it went in off the d-man to give Gomer a goal. I bet he was just as happy with the assist.

    • SmartDog says:

      Yeah it’s CRAZY how the crowd boos our highest paid player who hasn’t scored a goal in almost a year. It’s freakin’ UNFATHOMABLE. And then they cheer when we score 6 unanswered goals on the way to routing the best team in the league.

      Really hard to explain. You need words like “bipolar” just to begin to understand it. And do they appreciate the precision with which Gomez bounced that puck off of Bourque’s leg? I mean – who does that? Sick.

      Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

    • Old Bald Bird says:

      I remember that goal. It must have been one of the few Habs games that we were able to catch in Southwestern Ontario back then.

  8. SmartDog says:

    I love that photo. Pleks looks like he’s saying: “the little guy is gone, this is my NEW friend, you got a problem, take it up with him”. I liked the Cami-Bourque trade when I heard about it, and I think it’s true it’s helped shift the complexion of this team to a tough north-south one away from peripheral play. I noticed as well Cole made a point to say “all of our goals came from around the net”. Almost like Cole was waiting to make that point eh? No question he’s brought some serious change to this team.

    I don’t know the mechanics of this so can someone who DOES please tell me (us) what the options are with Markov a) if he is not ABLE to come back or b) if he comes back but is far from the player he was and the team wants to get rid of him. Thanks!


    Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

    • Bripro says:

      Did you browse the photo gallery?
      Eller shutting down Holstrom really shows how their line neutralized the Wings’ power forwards.
      What a great effort!

      • SmartDog says:

        Eller was up against Datsyuk too and did a great job. People who say he’s a 3rd line guy at best are missing out on what this 22-year-old kid has in store for us down the road.

        Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

        • HabinBurlington says:

          You can see Eller’s confidence growing by the game. The fact he was given Datsyuk assignment is great, and it helped free up Plex. (Or perhaps kept Gomez away from Datsyuk…)

        • shiram says:

          I find myself agreeing with you quite often, you must reallw know your poop!

          • Bripro says:

            Groan…haven’t heard that one before. 😉

          • shiram says:

            I’m of the quiet type, but you might have read it from me.

          • citizenSanto says:

            I guess you weren’t around to hear what he had to say about Eller last year.

          • shiram says:

            People that can easily change their opinions in the face of evidence are great.

          • SmartDog says:

            Santo – I’m sure I didn’t slag Eller last year. I mean, if the guy missed a bunch of open nets or something I would say that, but I was well aware he was a kid and I liked him.
            Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

          • Bripro says:

            Ahhh, I hear what Santo is saying…
            Were you flip-flopping last night Shiram?

          • citizenSanto says:

            I would reserve the word “great” for those who have the courage to speak even when it is unpopular and not so obvious.

            If I am overreacting then you have my apology SD.

            Hope has two beautiful daughters. Their names are anger and courage; anger at the way things are, and courage to see that they do not remain the way they are.
            — Augustine of Hippo

    • HabinBurlington says:

      No contract can be terminated, unless clauses within said contract are breached (ex. morals/ethics clause, gambling etc..) If the team feels Markov is not physically able, LTIR is one solution. If player feels he is fine but team disagrees and there isn’t a No Movement Clause (Sponsored by Kraft CHeese) he can be sent to Hamilton AHL or bought out.

      Essentially we got Markov till the end, I would think in this case both sides would agree on whether he was capable of playing.

      Edit: Sorry I read your question with the thought that Markov felt he was fine to play, as Shiram points out, he can retire as this contract is not a 35+

    • awesomerino says:

      Cole definitely has his PHD in Not F#cking Around. Bourque seems to be doing his Master’s in the same program.

    • shiram says:

      Retirement under 35 should mean contract is cancelled, I think.
      If he can play but is not up to snuff, either Hamilton or a buyout.

    • avatar_58 says:

      here’s what I noticed – EVERY line has people imposing their size and pushing into the offensive zone. No dangles, just PUSH. Love it

  9. habsperspective says:

    With 33 games remaining while sitting at a 19 21 9 record.

    They would need a 22-11 finish. To go 41-41.

    Does this product have the talent for such a run? Or would they need the perfect storm.

    And does anyone here still believe Markov, or the powerplay will be back within that stretch.

  10. Bripro says:

    It’s nice to see an opposing coach drowning his sorrows for a change, instead of ….me!

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Heck I was drowning my joys! I started the game saying okay a beer free game going to watch. As the goals mounted I said to my wife, I may have to have a beer. Of course she laughed, the inevitable is happening. I said at 4-0, okay if Habs go up 5-0 I am having a beer, Hehe, 2 mins later, that wonderful sound was heard all around Burlington as the beers started cracking open!!!

  11. coutNY says:

    Is last night a future look of the “winged-wheels” without Linstrom? Is he the Payton Manning of Hockey. Hum one ponders how ichy Ken Hollands finger is on that panic button. :)

    guess we’ll have to stay tuned for Deadline…

    • Cardiac says:

      I wouldn’t read into last night’s loss too much. They have consistently been one of the “older” teams in the league but always have someone coming up in the pipeline. That’s what good business people do… it’s called succession planning. Although I would be hard pressed to find another Lindstrom. But they still have so much talent up front for many years to come.

      “There’s genius everywhere, but until they turn pro, it’s like popcorn in the pan. Some pop… some don’t.”
      – Jerry Maguire

  12. Bill H says:

    I love this quote by Babcock after the game:

    “I’m not going to look at video on this at all. I’m going to go have a drink, actually, is what I’m going to do,” Babcock said afterwards. “We were awful; I don’t know what else to tell you. We were that bad, but the night’s over with, and thank God. The clock couldn’t run fast enough. Let’s move on.”

    Its great to get such a decisive win against the number one team in the league that also happens to be riding a 7 game winning streak, but clearly the outcome of the game had as much to do with their level of play as it had to do with the Canadiens’ level of play.

    Great to see Gionta on the mend. Do you think he’ll be sufficiently healed to play by the time we reach the Stanley Cup finals?

    Sadly, I ask the above question in jest. In spite of some positive signs lately, I think we should be sellers, not buyers leading up to the trade deadline. I’m not talking about a wholesale clean out. But take what we can get for Campoli, Gill, Kaberle. And if the offer is sweet enough, certainly consider dealing others, particularly if they are pending UFA and not in the club’s long term plans or will be tough to sign to an extension.

    Moen and Kostitsyn are the obvious ones. Moen has had a better than average year and he brings size and toughness, but a year ago he sucked, and I’d hate to think we were stuck with that Moen for another 3 years at an inflated salary. For Kostitsyn, if we can sign him for 3rd line winger money, great. He’s on pace for 20G 20A 40Pts in this, the last year of his contract. I don’t think we can expect him to play more consistently or at a higher level in the future.

    • Le Jadester says:

      I kept telling my dead wings buddy during the game that his team must have gone out in Montreal the night before. He said, besides the Laffs game they played this year, he’s never seen such a horrible performance ? But against the Laffs, they came back and even outshot them in the 2nd 24 -2 I think. Anyways, to be fair, the first 3 goals all took some sort of bounce.

      Either way AK 46 must be signed to a Bourque type contract. (i.e. 3.5 for 3). I think AK cares about the team and always has. His comments to Le Journal or La Presse (can’t remember) for taking a home town discount is HUGE !

      Habs, OLE !

    • HabsFan1111 says:

      I wonder if we could use SK’s success elsewhere to boost AK’s trade value? Would anyone have thought SK would lead the preds in scoring last year? HEEEELLLL no.

      I also don’t think any other team would be stupid enough to take on Kaberle’s contract for 3 more years, especially considering he was nearly invisible for the B’s last postseason.

      • G-Man says:

        11 points in 25 playoff games is not being invisible.
        13 points and plus 2 in 20 games with Montreal. Yeah, he’s horrible all right.

      • GenerationYHabs says:

        Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t Kaberle have something like 11 points in last years playoffs? And doesn’t the fact that he was “invisible” mean he was defensively sound?

        Edit: Apparently I’m a slow typer, G-man beat me too it.

        • HabsFan1111 says:

          I stand corrected, thanks gents.

          I still feel the contract will scare any playoff bound team away though. He is serving his purpose for us now, but imagine when he’s 36 with a cap hit of 4.25M. I hope it will not be our problem at that point, but I fear it will…

          • G-Man says:

            As long as he is putting up the points, Kaberle will not be a liability. His experience should help us down the stretch and maybe the PP will perk up a little (I live in hope). I am not worried too much about next season as there will probably not be one. Fehr can and will strike or cause a lock out. Either way, no hockey.

          • GenerationYHabs says:

            I really hope you are wrong on that assumption, the summer is already long enough without Hockey I couldn’t go through an entire year.

            Hopefully the negotiations go well and they instill and free buyout period for teams.

    • SmartDog says:

      I’m sure Gionta will be healthy in time to watch the Stanley Cup Finals, yes.

      Yes, that’s a great quote. I love Babcock. He’s the real deal as a coach. Confident, articulate and decisive.

      Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

  13. habs17 says:

    i got water in my basement hahahah real funny joke

  14. Strabo says:

    I just wanted to share with everyone what we all grew up playing and love. This is the town I grew up in. It should be played before every game in the dressing room for the players to remind them where they came from. Ignore the 15 sec intro … lol

    “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.” Albert Einstein

  15. mrhabby says:

    kudos to habs for playing a strong game. me thinks the wings checked out of this game mentally before the plane touched down at trudeau airport and here i was hoping the habs would fall further down the ladder.
    RC has the team playing much better with a strong north/south game. it would be our luck that the team plays well in the 2nd half and ends up 8-10 with a crappy pic at draft day. please be a seller PG.

    ps…funny how the debate about the coach speaking french has died down with the habs mini winning streak.

  16. Donnie Murdo says:

    OK – Detriot clearly didn’t come to play last night… but that notwithstanding…

    Two things were evident last night:

    FINALLY the death of perimeter hockey! Good riddance Cammy.

    Randy C is an NHL ready coach.

    • Kooch7800 says:

      Thank God. I used to be a huge Cammy fan but after watching him this season I have been so unimpressed with his play. I really like the driving to the net style and you can see the difference in the Cole, DD and Max P line. They drive to the net and make plays happen. Cammy waits for someone else to do the work and he waits for a one timer…..

      Glad Gautier made the move he did. We won that trade and I suspect after the season is over Flames fans will be agreeing that Cammy is not worth the cash

  17. VancouverHab says:

    A coach benches a second-year defenseman who is known by all and sundry, since Day One, as high-rish. high-yield.

    Media makes a Big Deal of it; (many) fans make a huge deal of it.

    Scotty Bowman benched superstars just for the sake of rattling cages. 2nd year players have been benched, yelled at, called out since the dawn of coaching.

    Probably says something about (a.) the current state of Habs’ fans & media, and (b.) changes in society, where any yelling or punative intervention violates currently-favoured principles like ‘acceptance’, ‘inclusivity’ ‘toleration.’

    (I’ll refrain from adding any politically-partisan comment ;–)

    • HabFanSince72 says:

      And I always thought that your defence of Scott Gomez was a manifestation of ‘acceptance’, ‘inclusivity’ ‘toleration’.

      OK, it’s not that. Guess that leaves (b) you’re Scott’s mom and (c) psychotic delusion.

      Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

      • VancouverHab says:

        Well, we wouldn’t expect any Gomez love after his recent performances from a savage syphillitic, proto-Nazi misanthrope philosopher, now would we, Friedrich ;–)

        ALDaily today features a NationalPost article — quite a good one — on your boy, by the bye:

        • citizenSanto says:

          lol, ouch!
          you asked for that one 72.

          Hope has two beautiful daughters. Their names are anger and courage; anger at the way things are, and courage to see that they do not remain the way they are.
          — Augustine of Hippo

        • HabFanSince72 says:

          Nietzsche lived before hockey, so we have to infer his views from his writings, a tricky thing to do since he often contradicts himself.

          However based on this:

          “The formula for my happiness: a Yes, a No, a straight line to goal.”

          I would assume that he’d be more an Erik Cole man than a Scott Gomez supporter.

          And as HH says he was obviously not a proto-Nazi.

          Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

          • VancouverHab says:

            Just pullin’ your chain (as you know ;–)

            As it is, I agree that obviously he wasn’t a proto-Nazi — like Mussolini and any non-idiot he thought anti-Semitism was daft. He was however obviously a proto-fascist. (Proudly so, for that matter.)

            He’d be a Bruins fan….

    • CanadienBoy says:

      Yep just ask Laroche or shutt

    • Da Hema says:

      You are right VH. This entire episode of Cunneyworth yelling and — heavens to Betsy! — swearing at Subban is so much ado about nothing. Not only did coach Pat Burns — RIP — let loose the foulest of words during practices and games, but even challenged players giving him lip to fight (I am referring to an hilarious exchange during a practice when Corson got mouthy and Burns challenged him to a scrap. Corson wisely skated away, shut his yapper, and stopped dicking around during practice). Cunneyworth is Emily Post compared to Burnsy.

      • Strummer says:

        Sadly of this generation of coaches it seems only Tortorella can hold a candle to the preceding era of the likes of Burns, Keenan, Demers and Bowman who wouldn’t put up with the crap that players try to get away with these days.

        “It’s just an opinion – I could be wrong”
        -Dennis Miller

        • Da Hema says:

          I like Fonzie…I mean, Tortorella. He is hilarious. I would like to see him throw on a leather jacket, mount a bike, and say “Hey Avery: Sit on it.”

      • VancouverHab says:

        Thanks for reminding me of Pat Burns (peace be upon him). My favorite story is of John Kordic barging into Burns’ office with threats and intimidation to get more ice time. Burns, the ex-cop, throws an ashtray — hard — right at Kordic’s head and screams at him the get the #@*) out of his !*&@ing office or he’s dead. Kordic leaves: fast.

        Like you & the Clash member below say – Ladouceur & Cunnyworth are Miss Manners.

        Oh, and the same people making a deal over this were probably moaning about The Count for having no emotion.


        • Da Hema says:

          I recall that incident with Kordic. Burns was fearless. 99.99% of human beings would soil their panties if a Corson or Kordic confronted them. Not Burns. But he had to be tough. That Montreal team had a lot of players who were a handful.

          • slychard says:

            We had greatly entertaining post game press meets under Burns.

            Kiss my hAbSS!!!

        • HabinBurlington says:

          I thought that was Claude Lemieux who that happended to?

  18. secretdragonfly says:

    And now for something completely different:

    Any chance this would work with Youppi?

  19. habs17 says:

    gomez has played great latley somebody give this man a raise

    • slamtherimtim says:

      Great , he has 2 assits , and one bounced off the other guys leg , what an allstar , he should at least get to expense some meals

      • citizenSanto says:

        That’s a joke son!
        You’re built too low. The fast ones go over your head.
        You got a hole in your glove. I keep pitchin’ ’em and you keep missin’ ’em. You gotta keep your eye on the ball. Eye. Ball. Eyeball. I almost had a gag son. joke that is.

    • That got a genuine real-life lol out of me. : )

      Mike Boone: “With Gainey at my side, I’d walk into any dark alley in the world.”

  20. mike3131 says:

    Cherish this moment… for it will be quite a while until the next time’s 3 stars of the night are all Habs.

  21. ed lopaz says:

    love Subban – he is my favorite Hab.

    So here is some “tough love” for you, Soobie.

    First and foremost

    learn to fight!! –

    I’m against fighting usually and I have argued here that you should not Have to fight – but last night I changed my mind (and I figure I can give myself a mulligan on this one)

    as long as the NHL allows fighting, a guy like you MUST LEARN TO FIGHT.

    Chelios fought when he had to and when it suited him

    You should do the same.

    its easy PK – just follow my instructions.

    1) balance yourself by grabbing your left hand on the other guys jersey

    2) throw the first punch and keep throwing them, over and over and over

    3) be ready and expect to take a few in the face – if you do take one – just bury your head tight against the other guys jersey and keep throwing them – over and over

    4) take your win or loss graciously – respect your opponent –

    thank him for his time when you get to the penalty box!!

    5) fight only guys a little bigger and a little smaller – except Marchand who you should challenge to a fight EVERY GAME

    6) end the fight on YOUR terms – bear hug the guy and wrestle him until the linesmen come in

    Next, a guy named “mike” called a radio show yesterday – so I will give him credit for this one.

    “shorten your freakin stick” its too long

    the extra long stick is often catching you off balance, tripping and hooking and making you take stupid penalties

    give up 3 miles an hour on your slapper and 2 inches of reach on your poke check

    you will be more in control with a shorter stick

    finally, shut your mouth on the ice!!

    just stop talking to the other team – completely, entirely, go mute on them – zero shit talking – zero!!

    even if they start the yapping, which is often the case, just skate away – say nothing – take the high road – dignified – professional

    so the new and improved Subban would fight when challenged

    (call Nilan he could use the cash and he will work with you – I always loved Nilan!!)

    he would take less penalties and have more control of his stick

    he would stop the shit talking completely.

    would that get everyone off his back??

    cuz I think it should, right??

  22. habs03 says:


    Not sure if you got your answer by now, but ya Pronger cap hit of 4.9 counts vs the Flyers cap for the next 5 years no matter what. In the last 2 says Pronger makes 525K, NO WAY he is going to be playing for that amount of money. What a screw up that management did, I can’t believe that they didn’t know about 35+ contracts. Image PG did that, wow…

    • HabFanSince72 says:

      IIRC they agreed to the contract when he was 34 but did not sign it until after he turned 35.

      What a terrible deal.

      Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

      • habs03 says:

        They really screwed up, he signed it when he was 34, but it was a contract extension, and they only kicks end when the original one needed, and he was 35 when it kicked in.

    • ABHabsfan says:

      To get around that, the team leaves him on LTIR, even if he retires. He doesn’t officially retire until his contract runs out, then the team doesn’t absorb the cap-hit. Bruins doing it now with Marc Savard.

  23. habs17 says:

    looking at our schedule we have a big oppurtunity to catch these teams sabres, devils,capitals,jets, wow we can get right back in the think of things

  24. aj says:

    I need to ask if someone knows when are the practices of the Habs going to take place in the next 5 days. Will it also be in Brossard or at the Bell Centre? If anyone knows or has an idea, maybe someone could put up a link to a website as well, T.Y.

  25. RGM says:

    If I may be so bold as to steal someone else’s meme…. 5 questions:
    1. Habs are 8 points back of 8th and the odds have it at 25% of making the playoffs – do you still believe?
    2. After a few games in the new uniform, Bourque > Cammalleri?
    3. PK Subban, Drew Doughty, and Tyler Myers are all struggling 22-year old d-men who have franchise-level capabilities – do you think the Kings and Sabres are panicking anywhere near as much as the Montreal fanbase?
    4. Jeff Carter has a cap hit $.272M higher (but 6 extra years) than Tomas Plekanec. Would you entertain a swap involving these two?
    5. If you were the GM, on what date do you make the decision whether to buy, sell, or stand pat at the trade deadline (Feb. 27th)?

    GO HABS GO! 2011-12 is probably not our year!
    “Scott Gomez, a potential Hall of Fame player, has two Stanley Cup rings and a Calder Trophy that says ‘I’m a player whom any authentic NHL coach will rely on to fix a game problem.’” – VancouverHab

    Chat with me on Twitter @TheRealRGM81

    • G-Man says:

      1. I saw the 71 Habs. Anything is still possible.
      2. So far, so very good.
      3. I do not think it’s the fan base. It’s the hyped-up media, led by the AC a-holes on RDS.
      4. Nope. If you move Pleks, make sure it is to a contender, like Chicago.
      5. I would spend the next couple weeks trying to sign Moen and AK. IF they want too much and the Habs are still 8 points out come the 26th of February, sayanara.

      • Psycho29 says:

        My favorite season, the 1970-71 Habs……
        The Bruins had set a record with 399 goals scored that season and were going to trounce the Habs in 4………The best game in the semis was losing 5-1 in the second period to Boston, and coming back to win 7-5…..

        • G-Man says:

          That is my favourite comeback game of all time. Ferguson looked like he was going to kill someoe in that 3rd period, he was so intense.

        • Strummer says:

          Richard scored late in the second and made it 5-2 at the 2nd intermission.
          Beliveau scored twice in the first 5 minutes of the third
          Lemaire tied it after stealing the puck form Orr at the habs’ blue line.
          Beliveau flipped it out front for Ferguson to bang in the winner.
          Mahavolich added a late one to seal the comeback.

          “It’s just an opinion – I could be wrong”
          -Dennis Miller

    • likehoy says:

      wouldn’t trade pleks for carter..
      carter has been known to be able to play on the wing so I’d try to be creative to land him at any rate.. He’d definitely go less than for the voracek + 1st rounder he got last summer, but not much less.

    • HabFanSince72 says:

      1. No. It’s not the points but the number of teams above us.
      2. So far we are ahead. The Flames gave up pick, prospect and cap space for Cammy in a year when they won’t make the playoffs. Horrible deal for them.
      3. Well, Doughty has a $7M cap hit for another 7 years. Myers is at $5.5M for 7 years. They ought to be a bit concerned.
      4. Yes. Carter is a 35-40 goal scorer.
      5. 2 weeks ago. We should sell although not massively (i.e. don’t sell Cole, Plex etc … just sell players like Gill and Campoli, maybe Moen).

      Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

      • Strummer says:

        Carter’s a big body as well.

        “It’s just an opinion – I could be wrong”
        -Dennis Miller

    • GenerationYHabs says:

      1. Hey it’s better then the 5% they had us pegged as a couple of days ago.
      2. Up untill this year I loved Cammi.. Now Im all to happy to admit that I really think we won the trade.
      3.Nope, because those markets all have other major professional sports franchises to take the attention away from them and the need to fabricate news stories where there shouldn’t be.
      5. If they are more then 4 points out by Feb 20th then start the fire sale.

    • punkster says:

      1. I’m also a Giants fan. Hell if they can make it to the SB the Habs can make it to the playoffs.
      2. Bourque for the team we have today and moving forward. Cammy was right for the team direction until this year.
      3. Bunch of bums. Can’t produce in your sophomore year? Trade ’em all!
      4. Always take the shorter term. Plex!
      5. That’s not an either/or/or decision really. No matter where the Habs are by then there will be some selling and some buying. Edit…point being there will not be a wholesale, warehouse clearance, everything must go sale.

      ***Subbang Baby!!!***

    • Willy says:

      1. Gotta believe!
      2. Yeah, Bourque has been a nice addition
      3. Of course they aren’t but if the Kings wanna offer Doughty for PK i’d take it.
      4. Pleks for Carter eh…..hmmm. Carter is a far better player but that 6 extra years is concerning. Also that would mean Eller has to take the role that Pleks is taking now.
      5. By Feb 15th, this team has to know what direction they are trending in by then. Even if it’s upward i would not trade any of the prospects or picks for a veteran for a run this season. I could see Moen or Gill getting moved no matter what.

    • PeterStone says:

      interesting questions
      1- I think its too little too late, however, if they do happen to make it, they will be on an incredible run, and who knows what happens at that point. I still strongly believe they dont make it though
      2- Even before the games , i take Bourque because of the cap hit. Essentially Cammy was traded for RB,Holland, 2nd and a 3M$ player. Decent deal.
      3- Sure its the same across the 3 cities. I dont think that many people are panicking about PK in any case. I go to alot of Habs game , probably 15-20 per season, and I can tell you people arent panicking at the Bell Center. Here is a different story, but folks here arent necessarily always stable
      4- I do it. If you get Carter, Pleks is redundant. Where would you play him ? Carter # 1, Eller # 2/3, Desharnais # 2/3, White #4
      5- If I get a deal I like, i make it. If it improves my team today, or next week, or the 27th, i do it at that time. I will also add, if I am in the hunt or not, I still trade AK if it helps my team. Campoli is redundant, I would trade him for a pick (4th or higher ) . Kabs, if I can trade at any time for anything , i move him.

    • 1. Maybe I’m crazy, but I think the Habs have turned a corner, and being 4 wins back really isn’t an insurmountable obstacle. And lots and lots of things that have a 25% of happening actually do. : )

      2. Good trade — and even if Cammy ends up doing better in CGY than Bourque does here, the 2nd-rounder and Holland for the 5th and Ramo tip this in our favour.

      3. Nope — though if anything, it makes more sense to panic over a $7M slumping Doughty than an $875k slumping Subban.

      4. No way. I don’t care if he’s the best player in the league: ten-year contracts are a disaster waiting to happen. Sidney Crosby seemed like a safe bet to lock up for life, and he may never play again.

      5. Neither — any decisions should be made based on a desire to improve the team gradually over time. A good GM needs to avoid reactionary fire sales and spending sprees, and buy low and sell high as opportunities present themselves.

      Mike Boone: “With Gainey at my side, I’d walk into any dark alley in the world.”

    • habs178 says:

      1. I’ll keep believing until its completely impossible (see signature at bottom)
      2. Bourque>>>>>>>>>Cammy….hands down an excellent trade for us.
      3. I’m personally not panicking about Subban…he needs to be coached and is in need of an AA (attitude adjustment) I believe the way Cunney is handling him (benched) will help wake him up (hopefully)
      4. I think that’s a tough call. I think Carter would be awesome as a Habs….not sure though if I’m ready to part ways with Pleks…
      5. Well, I think we can make a run at the playoffs, and seeing how the boys have been playing as of late, I’m thinking I would wait just a little longer. I personally would not be selling that much anyways. (Campoli, Weber, maybe Gill) I think our team is MUCH better than the stats show….just shite year…happens to the best of em.
      “To disbelieve is easy; to scoff is simple; to have faith is harder”
      ~ Louis L’Amour
      I’ve got the faith!

  26. HabFanSince72 says:

    On what basis is Cunneyworth handling PK well?

    That there is almost daily crap about PK, that he still gets benched, and gets yelled at, suggests that whatever Cunneyworth is doing isn’t working.

    Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

    • mdp2011 says:

      I agree with you, I am not sure about what Cunnyworth is doing is really going to help PK. What I do know however is that if this was JM, everyone would be screaming that he is ruining PK and doesn’t know how to handle young players. Cunneyworth is getting a free pass.

    • shiram says:

      I guess this is aimed at me, as I posted what I thought, that RC does better with PK than JM.
      And I said it was only based on a hunch.

      It seems to me that confrontation like those can be used to teach and get him to play a team game, I can definately be wrong, but I am also hopefull.

      • HabFanSince72 says:

        Not at you in particular – it seems to be generally accepted, but the empirical evidence suggests otherwise.

        Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

        • shiram says:

          As I said before, they might be yelling, but at least they are communicating!
          Also I would not say PK has improved or worsened under RC, it’s too early to say.

    • Mattyleg says:

      I think that RC is handling PK as well as a coach can handle a young player with his kind of personality.
      I think that JM didn’t handle him particularly well, or many of the other players on the team, for that matter, because he was so inconsistent and dealt with issues on a crisis-to-crisis basis.

      PK isn’t going to change overnight, so expect more stories like that. The path to enlightenment is never a smooth one.

      —Hope Springs Eternal—

    • JUST ME says:

      I just do not think you can teach maturity. Only time will do the job.As any kid but a very talented kid he needs to be remembered what no to do every time. The guy makes big bucks ,is seen as a god but still is an immature kid. Lives life 100 % but has no idea of consequences. He`ll be OK .

  27. Psycho29 says:

    With all the furor you would think this is the first time a player was benched. I wonder if Bowman, Blake or Irvin ever benched a guy???

    I posted a few weeks ago a story Doug McLean told on Sportsnet..
    Bowman was coaching St.Louis and was having problems with Bob Plager. So during a game he told him to go to the dressing room, get dressed and go to the airport. He would let him know where he’s going after the game.
    Two hours later, Bowman pages Plager at the airport, and tells him to come back, there are no takers for him.
    Needless to say, he never had any problems after that….

  28. J_P says:

    As stated above, before we start planning the parade, the red wings have been know to getting shelled the odd time here and there. Also, I dont think its a question anymore of the habs playing up/down to their competition, rather I think its a question of the top competition playing down to the habs.

    However, a 7-2 drubbing of the league leaders is certainly a great way to head into the All-star break 😀 (even though I hate the all-star break as I would rather watch meaningful hockey games than the garbage we are about to be subjected to).

  29. GenerationYHabs says:

    Wow you gotta love Sportsnet sometimes. After the Habs beat the current league leader in a blowout on a night with no other games, the only mention of the Canadiens anywhere on their site is a small article half way down the page entitled”NHL Trade Deadline 2012: P.K. Subban” .

    Two of their top stories being “Gretzky’s Birthday” and “Burk on PTS”

  30. novahab says:

    OK it’s the allstar break, so time for the Gazette elite to get us a answer. When the hell is Markov going to start skating.

    • arcosenate says:

      I saw him at KFC/PFK in Gatineau yesterday, looked about 260-270 lbs., was wearing a very snug track suit, getting around with a walker, wearing alot of bling, mumbling about being a contender. Didn’t look good, don’t think he actually owns skates anymore.

      • Rush says:

        “And then, depression set in…”

        “The main problem with socialism is that, eventually, you run out of other peoples’ money.” Roll Tide, Baby!

      • Mattyleg says:

        I’ve got them!
        He traded them to me for a half-eaten Baby Ruth.

        One skate has a split down the center of the tongue though, and the other has “#11 Rulez – LOLZ!!!” written on the bottom in fluorescent liquid paper.

        —Hope Springs Eternal—

        • arcosenate says:

          That explains the chocolate stains on his face, poor bastard won’t be able to perform his tribute to deep fried foods on the canal for his fans now, I hope you’re happy…

  31. novahab says:

    PK is mot going anywheres this is just the Toronto media stiring this up. They are hearing foot steps running up on their beloved Leafs. Lets face it ,if the Habs were to win their next two games and the Leafs lose their next two, its game on. It can happen that quickly.

  32. Propwash says:

    I bet if JM benched PK, he would be “ruining” him.

    Don’t let the wultures getcha.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      I bet if JM benched PK, he wouldn’t talk to him for days and PK would wonder why he was benched, thus ruining him.

      • ed lopaz says:

        JM is like that 75 year old University professor who you felt bad for and laughed at, but he had the authority to fail you, so you had to “respect him”.

        He knows the text book published during the “Cold War” era off by heart.

        He doesn’t “trust” you to bring a Laptop into class to take notes

        He insists that he is always right, and refuses to admit otherwise even though you just ‘Googled” his question and proved him wrong in 10 seconds of research.

        Propwash, let JM ride off into the sunset.

        Even after he was fired he felt it was necessary to insult one the Habs greatest prospects.

        I hated the way the Habs played when JM was here.

        I’m so glad he is gone.

        I can’t believe he is still “scouting” or whatever – but there’s nothing we can do about that.

    • citizenSanto says:

      Funny thing prop,
      I actually remember JM benching PK last season for a couple of games. Lo and behold his play improved dramatically. The same people praising RC were so incensed by this action last year that they even resorted to changing their signature to remind us daily how JM was ruining PK.

      Some posters are always on time, but a year late.
      Don’t mistake this for a defence of JM over RC, I just dislike the hypocrisy that often runs rampant around here.

  33. TheDagger says:

    “At this time last season, the San Jose Sharks were 12 points out of a playoff spot. They went to the conference finals thereafter.” -EE

    Anything is possible!

    • Rush says:

      Now this I definitely needed to hear…

      “The main problem with socialism is that, eventually, you run out of other peoples’ money.” Roll Tide, Baby!

  34. HabFanSince72 says:


    Chris Pronger has a $5M cap hit for another 5 years after this one. Because he is 35+ does that mean the cap hit stays even if he retires because of injury?

    Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

  35. Kooch7800 says:

    Looks like from the comments of the dogs owner they may be changing Affiliations and may not be with the Canadiens anymore. Looks like Laval may be getting a team.

    That sucks for me and other local habs fans. It was fun going to cheer on habs prospects before they go to the big club.

    I hope it is Edmonton again. then I can still cheer for them as well

  36. Hobie Hansen says:

    If anyone landed on Sportsnet by mistake after the Habs game they’d have been pretty pleased with what Iron Mike Keanen had to say about a couple of Habs players.

    He basically said that he was thrilled to have Bourque in his lineup in Calgary because he is 6’2″, has good hands and is a hard nosed player. He said there is so much to work in Bourque because of his size and skill.

    Then he compared PK Subban to Chris Chelios! And advised the Montreal media to put a cork in it real quick because trading him would be completely out of the question!

    • shiram says:

      PK is one to be kept, the waters are troubled right now for him, it’s a tough season for the whole team, and this time around he is the focal point. He is flamboyant and sometimes seems over-excited but he is also very young and he needs to be coached and mentored.
      Yelling at him in practice, on the bench and taking some if his TOI are all measures that ensures he is coached, and that he understands his place on the team.

      Sadly even if we ask very nicely the media won’t put a cork in it, I lamented that when he was yelled at in practice it was made into news. People are focusing on him and all that seems to come out of the media is negative. He’s a kid playing #1 minutes on a so-so team, he does not have bad numbers, he is even on the +/-.

      I hope they stop pestering him, but I don’t think they will unless the team turns around. There is also a part Subban has to do, in how he plays and act, but that’s all part of his learning process.

      • Hobie Hansen says:

        Keanen compared PK’s attitude to a couple young players he had in Chicago, mainly Roenick.
        He said he had to strangle Roenick behind closed door on many occasions so he’d grow up and then he went on to score 50 goals on a few occasions.
        Subban will one day be in the running for a Norris trophy so people had better chill.

        • shiram says:

          I sure hope so, and I think it’s feasible for him to be really great.
          Time will tell. I think Randy Cunneyworth is an improvement over JM in the handling of PK, but I got nothing but my hunches to back that up.
          They might be yelling, but at least they are communicating.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      I did Hobie, TSN switched so quick to Tennis I had no choice. Actually the best part was the idiot Ken Read (unsure of spelling) host on Sportsnet trying to open the segment with It seems it is time for Montreal to Part with PK, and Keenan just shot him down.

      Keenan did make excellent points.

    • montreal ace says:

      PK has the smarts and talent to go far, right now his emotions take away from these aspects. I expect really good things from him when he get his emotions in check, as it is then he will be able to take advantage the weaknesses in the game of others.

    • ont fan says:

      Am watching Doug Mclean and Louis John right now . They can’t really believe that anyone would even consider trading Subban.

  37. oioioi says:

    I’m reading loads of comments about the media and I wonder, if they just chilled out, would we have a lot less drama, players leaving, players opting NOT to sign (Lecavalier) or basically insulting (Spacek) once they have left?
    Why do we let them run around and behave like this? Attack PK constantly, overreact to a practice rough up between Pleks and PK? Do we not think these guys read the paper?
    Do we not think that when it comes to re-signing or opting out that if affects decisions even the slightest?
    It’s beginning to get a bit ridiculous, in my opinion…

    • HabFanSince72 says:

      The fault dear Brutus lies not in our media but in ouselves.

      The media are crazy because the fans are crazy.

      As exhibit one I would point to the comment section of this blog.

      Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

  38. HABZ24 says:

    luv cunnyworths style.players must be held accountable,if not ur nailed to the bench, like subban was. 7 goals vs the wings,wow, .it seems like the habs players were over joyed to see bad boy subban get disciplined by poppa cunnyworyth and then went on a tear scoring a bucket of goals while inside laughing at subban. look subbans a young super cocky kid, mike keenan said today of subban “subban reminds me of a young chris chelios,maybe the rest of the habs players could learn from subban” meaning play with his passion and desire and love for the game. subban needs to be mentored, maybe gill has tried but he wont listen, weve got to stick it out with pk and hope he GROWS UP quickly.awesome win !


  39. slamtherimtim says:

    can we have a real update on Markov please , he should be skating by now , is he or not

    • shiram says:

      Signs point to no.

      • krob1000 says:

        nope ..I refues to believe it..he is secretly skating in another town in disguise…it is all part of the master tanking plan…..muwahahah but if the Canadiens go on a 12 game winning streak and can then take a run at a playoff spot then he will remove the disguise and play for us…until then? he is all but shutdown until next season…at this point I would think management would refuse him the opportunity to play…it is best since we are going nowhere this season anyway…again …that is barring the 12 game winning streak…we need to go 23 wins and 10 losses from here on in to possibly get a spot IMO….that is beyond tough sledding…let’s be proactive and retool for next season…I think that is where management’s heads are already at I will note too.

  40. smiler2729 says:

    Fan demonstration at Nationwide Arena in Columbus this weekend to protest management and their perennial losing…

    And we think we have it bad

    • Mattyleg says:

      My God, the entire fanbase will be there!
      126 people are going to make their voices heard!

      —Hope Springs Eternal—

    • HabFanSince72 says:

      The Carter trade was an immense blunder. Voracek and Couturier for a guy with an albatross contract (lasts until 2021). Columbus cannot afford huge contracts.

      And now they are actually thinking of trading him when his value is at its nadir (production slowed down by injuries).

      Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

  41. price365 says:

    I’m not saying tank, here’s the players I would keep!
    the 1st line which should be IMO
    Bourque, Desharnais, Cole (Great line)
    2nd: Max-Pac, Eller, Kostitsyn (Great line)
    ????, Pleks, Gionta
    4th line ( search for toughness and more scoring ) if we want a chance at winning a cup. gotta be able to roll 4 lines.
    so instead of dismantling the team: we need a good left winger for the 3rd line and like I said some scoring and toughness for the 4th line, don’t know if we would win a cup, but we’d have a good team…..

  42. JF says:

    So what do people want to see in our remaining 33 games? It’s not outside the realm of possibility that we could actually stumble into eighth place, beating out the Leafs and perhaps the Panthers, Devils or Caps. This would probably mean a first-round exit against Boston, but possibly not against the Rangers. Then another middle-of-the-pack draft pick, and we lose the opportunity to trade our impending free agents. In fact, if we are only a few points out of a playoff spot at the deadline, Gauthier might even trade away one of our picks or prospects for a rental.

    Much as it stings to miss the playoffs, I think I would prefer what is the more likely scenario – the Habs continue to play well, win some games, but don’t make up a lot of ground. That way, the next couple of months would be a lot more fun to watch than the last three, we would still get our high pick, and some much-needed rebuilding could be done for next season.

  43. HabsFaninMarkham says:

    Just a thought on the “possible” Bulldogs move. I am a former Montrealer and have been immersed in Southern Ontario culture for 6 years now. Trust me when I say that a move to Laval would be a horrible idea.

    Junior teams and AHL teams will tend to thrive more in markets that are currently not “serviced” (for lack of a better term) by an NHL team. If you need an example, you need only ask those that have attended Memroial Cup tournaments when they’ve been held in big-city markets versus those held in less-urban, non-NHL markets; hint…tournaments held in big-city, NHL markets don’t have the great turnouts. The Marlies play out of Toronto and I can tell you that it is not a big draw. So much so that their radio advertising have Brian Burke promoting the Marlies saying, “Every game is a tryout!”. Seriously? Who is in charge of that marketing strategy? The Marlies are a pro-sports team. How many of us would love to have a hockey career that would bring you to the heights of the AHL (if not the NHL)? Many , I’m sure. I’m not sure that a marketing strategy aimed at promoting the Marlies as solely a tryout to make it to the big show (NHL) is the best thing. But that’s what happens when you share the stage with the Maple Leafs.

    An AHL team is an excellent way for a team like the Montreal Canadiens to expand their borders and increase and nurture their fan base outside of Montreal. Laval does not need to be sold on the Montreal Canadiens. The Bulldogs are a professional sports team. They may not be an NHL team, but they are nonetheless a professional sports team. They deserve to be in a market where they are TOP DOG and not placed in a market where they would be considered as a “second-class’ to the Montreal Canadiens.

    Keep them in Hamilton! The city loves them…and it’s wonderful to see people in Hamilton being transformed into Habs fans and not Maple Leafs fans.

    • Thomas Le Fan says:

      Just so! Hamilton has both Cats and Dogs and it’s a good thing!

    • HabFanSince72 says:

      I hear they barely get 2000 fans/game in Hamilton.

      Also, given that Bell/Molson own the new stadium in Laval (paid for by taxpayers) they have an obvious interest in moving the Dogs there.

      Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

      • avatar_58 says:

        I still laugh at people who think more than that will go to the games in Laval. It doesn’t work in Toronto, what makes quebec any different?

        Sorry but the bulldogs move and get some interest their first year – then it becomes just like it is here: empty.

        The AHL is not a big draw. Face it. I wish you montrealers would stop stamping the “this team is dead” label on the bulldogs. You have the habs already, why can’t you be happy with that? Some of us happen to enjoy bulldogs games

        • HabFanSince72 says:

          I have no desire to see them take your team away from you – I’m just explaining why it’s going to happen.

          Also Laval isn’t Montreal.

          Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

      • Kooch7800 says:

        They usually get close to 4,000 people per game in Hamilton. The biggest issue is they are playing in Copps which is an NHL size rink that holds almost 20,000 people. This creates 0 atmosphere in the arena with that little amount of people.
        The owner of the Bulldogs mentioned it in an interview on the weekend as well so they do recognize the issue.
        I enjoy the dogs games and they won’t pull much more in attendance in Laval but it may be more conveinant for the big club in terms of location

  44. shiram says:

    I think the Habs should sign AK46, and I’d like for them to do it before the trade deadline.
    I know they could get a nice pick for him, but he was drafted by the Habs and he expressed his desire to stay here and he is a good hockey player, in the mold of what the team is still in need.
    It would show a great respect to do so.

    He also made the comments about re-signing in MTL after his TOI and PP was cut. He seems to enjoy playing with Eller and they make a great duo.

    • Phil C says:

      Agreed, especially if the Habs get a reasonable cap hit, which is more likely if they negotiate now. Once he becomes a free agent, he will have more leverage and the negotiation will be tougher. Replacing him through free agency will likely be more expensive than signing him as well.

    • SmartDog says:

      Hear! Hear!

      He’s got something going with Eller, and his puck possession has gotten better. He’s a tank with the puck, looking for an opening. It’s a mistake to let him go (or trade him) but I think that mistake (like many others) will be made.

      Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

      • shiram says:

        The Habs have to keep their draft choice that pan out, with free agents being such a pain to get and not knowing how they will work out.

        • Furk says:

          I agree with you. has an article that suggests that the Habs will be sellers, and likely to get rid of Kostitsyn. I for one think Kostitsyn is pretty cheap for what he brings, he has talent and size that cannot be replaced easily via free agency. Even if he shows up for 60% of the season I’d say keep him.

          Size does matter! The Habs are a living example of that.

    • JF says:

      Agreed. Starting last season, Kostitsyn has looked more involved with his team-mates, and as though he enjoys playing here. I don’t think he gets the respect he deserves. I also think he would be difficult to replace.

    • HabFanSince72 says:

      With a minute and a half to go in the game last night AK made a soft play in the Wings’ zone that caused a turnover.

      As the Wings raced up the ice, AK glided slowly back to his bench, completely ignoring the play.

      That play: the soft turnover followed by the nonchalant glide back to your bench, should be christened the AK Special.

      Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

  45. JF says:

    Several posters have pointed out that the Habs are 3-1-2 since the Cammalleri trade, and Boone remarked in ALN that Cammalleri has taken perimeter hockey to Calgary, an observation borne out by the way Cole, Pacioretty, Desharnais, and Bourque drove to the net last night. I would add that we are 3-1-2 since Scott Gomez returned. He has 3 points and is playing well. We are a better team with him in the lineup; no one else can move the puck up the ice so fast and so efficiently. I hope he is ignoring that wiseacre site that ticks off the seconds since his last goal.

    David Desharnais continues to amaze me. I was among those who thought he would have a hard time hanging onto a spot in the lineup. I thought he was too small and too slow. If too small means not winning puck battles and too slow means being beaten to it, he’s neither. He’s improved his speed, he’s worked on faceoffs, and his playmaking ability is off the charts. For years, the Habs’ most glaring weakness has been at centre, but the development of Desharnais and Lars Eller suggests that that may no longer be the case.

    Aside from his brain-dead penalty, P.K. Subban played a good game, and certainly did not react to his benching by sulking or dogging it. The media criticized Jacques Martin last year for benching him, but we saw the results in the second half of the season. Cunneyworth is beginning to get through to him; the media and the fans need a little patience.

  46. HABZZZ says:

    Finally a coach that makes the players accountable. Well done Randy and well done Habs. While most of us wanted this team blown up we just got taken to school on what this team can be with a few minor additions and a lot of hard work. I wasn’t the biggest fan of Cole when we first got him but I would like to say that I am eating humble pie on that front as he has become one of our best players. We now have instilled an attitude in the room that you have to work hard at both ends of the ice ( Cammy ) and it is paying off. Funny how your emotions can get because one minute I was at Home depot looking for a good strong rope to end my misery and spent the whole of last night with a grin on my face that won,t go away. LOL You have made us all believe again Habs and for that I thank you !! PS Note to PG You sir had nothing to do with this and your time has come !

    • Max says:

      Come on HABZZZ! Give Gauthier a break.He’s had lots to do with the shape of this team that pounded the Wings last night. He afterall signed Cole and got rid of pretty boy Cammallerri who was a Gainey mistake.He had nothing to do with acquiring Gomez etc and has made some good trades and drafted pretty well. He’s trying to make the team bigger and better and fix Gainey’s many mistakes.

      • HABZZZ says:

        Ok Max I will give him that but I have no confidence that he knows what to do to get us to the next level. The really good GM,s have the ability to spot talent early on and generally have good conections all around the hockey community. I don,t think he has either.

      • third generation haber says:

        I agree! Aside from coaching debaucles and the Kaberle contract, I’m happy with P.G. He’s recognized the need for us to forecheck and have more size. How many of us have been screaming for this!?!? If he demotes Gomez next season and uses his money wisely I’ll be even more pleased!

        j.p. murray

      • SmartDog says:

        > He had nothing to do with acquiring Gomez
        LOL Gauthier was head of pro scouting at the time.

        > He’s trying to make the team bigger
        Trading Cami he FINALLY agreed the team needs to get bigger. Up until then he denied that we need more size and toughness.

        PG did good with Cole and I like the Cami trade. But Gomer is as much his mess as it was Bob’s, signing Markov to 3 years when he hardly played the last two, and then signing Campoli and Kaberle were really dumb moves by a guy who makes messes and then makes them messier. PG is at best mediocre, at worst a bumbling idiot who is detached from the team (and the NHL).
        Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

        • powdered toastmann says:

          Agree…Yes Gauthier did well in signing Cole (I’ll eat crow re that one)…but…I can’t understand anyone who say’s that he is doing a good job as Hab’s GM.

          Ok, right now he’s letting everyone know that size is important and (I guess we can interpret that to mean the Habs need Size & Grit/toughness).

          My only response is well, Einstein, it only took you the better part of 2 years to realize this when every armchair idiot, TV personality “expert” (not to mention the real knowledgeable hockey people) had been screaming this over that period of time.

          What did Gauthier do to adress this obvious shortcoming?…try to plug the 4th line with soft as butter/AHL personnel, and go out and sign some more soft and absorbant d’men (typically 5.’9″, 175 Ibs).

          Isn’t the GM the person who should be the most aware of his team’s shortcomings (pardon the pun) @ any given time?

          • Max says:

            plug the 4th line with soft as butter/AHL personnel, and go out and sign some more soft and absorbant d’men (typically 5.’9″, 175 Ibs).

            Care to expand on that?

          • powdered toastmann says:

            Well, from what I recall, during the spring and summer months of 2011 after the Bruins gooning up our tough guys (Pyatt and Spacek, Hamerlic (sp)) after the game in which MAXPac had been injured), people were especially annoyed that the only response from the Habs (4th line wise was White & to a less extent Moen). In all fairness to these to players (whom I both think are great) I would not expect them as “middleweights” to carry the team on their shoulders against the Bruins with their 8-9 larger or equally large gritty players (along with the snipes that grow in stature when emboldened by the plethora of toughness in the lineup).

            From the Spring through the summer of 2011, Gauthier had an excellent opportunity to go into the FA market and land a couple of effectively tough (affordable) 4th liners to augment the contributions of both Moen and White. He declined and instead goes out and gets Wilsie, Nokeleinen, Stafford, Blunden. (granted Blunden has proven somewhat effective.) But, he also brings up Engqvist for a period of time…and it soon becomes obvious that he was not ready and was totally ineffective. White is injured in training camp and the rest is history.

            Likewise, concerning the Habs defence. Instead of taking advantage of the availability of affordable, large, tough, dependable, stay @ home defencemen available via Free Agency. (and don’t tell me the Habs didn’t badly need 1 or two more along with Emelin at the time and in fact still need at present ). Instead, what does Gauthier do…well, there was Woywitka…lost to Rangers via waivers, Mitera…to hamilton…then sign up Campoli, along with Diaz, Weber, and then le coup de gras, Kaberle. Enough said.

        • Max says:

          Gomez was still a Gainey decision in the end.He had lots of experience seeing him play as a coach/gm and wanted him here. He signed the papers.

          If Gauthier let Markov walk last year,everyone would’ve been complaining about letting our all star and best defenseman walk.

          Hindsight is always perfect.The habs were told Markov would be ready to start the season but unfortunately,such serious injuries often change plans.

          Gauthier did what he thought was best for the team at the time.Re-signing one of the league’s best defenseman was an obvious move which unfortunately hasn’t worked out the way it was supposed to.

          Can’t blame him on that one.

          • powdered toastmann says:

            Yes, in hindsight, it’s easy to criticize. However, how could anyone (medical staff or Gauthier be so wrong?)

            Would prudence suggest that it would best to at least temporarily retain the services of a much grittier, tougher, proven effective (though not as good in his own zone) player like the Wiz until Markhov’s situation is confirmed i.e., he’s coming back. Yes we have Emelin as a solid stay at home d man who will punish the opposition in our own zone…but he is the only one. To pin your hopes on a proven responsible, good offensive dman who is very fragile and quite frankly another ‘soft’ player is a bit short sighted with seemingly no contingency plan in place.

  47. Ian Cobb says:

    If coming out of training camp with Cunnyworth as the head coach this year, we would be sitting pretty this time of year. Next year will be different to be sure. I like him a lot. And the other coaches as well. Just look at what they did in Hamilton last year, even after we robbed him of half his players.

    • Mattyleg says:

      I disagree.
      RC hasn’t ONCE tried to put 6 or 7 players on the ice! How do you expect to win with the same number of players as the other team??

      Also, Darche has been conspicuously absent from the PP, and we have a pretty good idea who is going to be scratched for each game! Where has the randomness gone?

      —Hope Springs Eternal—

      • HabFab says:

        “RC hasn’t ONCE tried to put 6 or 7 players on the ice! How do you expect to win with the same number of players as the other team??”

        Actually burst out laughing!
        Still can’t get this stupid ear to ear grin off my face since last night…cheeks are starting to get sore!!

      • krob1000 says:

        No more 10 game plans set in stone

      • CanadienBoy says:

        The grinding line will look a lot better with White

      • Phil C says:

        I know!! After a 2-0 lead, I was looking forward to 50 minutes of trap hockey to guarantee at least a point. Instead the Habs kept trying to score, which I am not used to at all.

      • Danno says:

        Cunneyworth needs to spend less time talking to the players and spend a lot more time scribbling on a note pad.

        He could also work on jamming his hands into his pockets FORCEFULLY and staring at the clock with a blank expression on his face.


        “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

      • avatar_58 says:

        Funny that. His lines are more mixed up than Martin’s, yet they don’t have too many men calls.

        Yet some people claim it isn’t always the coaches fault. Mhm

    • nunacanadien says:

      I disagree with keeping Cunneyworth. He sinks back into his defensive style of play at a time when he really needed to come out offensively and noting that if he did not do that, the season would be lost. Why keep a coach who blows the season away with dressing 7 defensemen almost every night when we need to score? Granted last night we capatilzied on Brown and the other goalie sucking to high heaven, and basically Cole played the way he wanted and Bourque was there to back him up. Gomez took advantage of the lack of coaching last night. It was the lack of coaching that helped the Habs. Sadly enough to say but there was no coaching on the habs side. It was a free for all. There was no playbook to be seen and the talents of the habs shone. Imagine if the habs were to get an offensive minded coach?

  48. third generation haber says:

    Blunden made some nice defensive plays tonight and even busted to the net for a break! He was actually a goal scorer in junior, habs are giving him a chance to play instead of forcing him to fight! I love this signing!!! Let’s play him with Darche and White!

    j.p. murray

    • Kooch7800 says:

      JP, I don’t think Blunden has a fighting major with the habs. Cunneyworth has been using him in different situations and he is playing decent. I don’t even think he had a fight with the bulldogs this year either.

      IMO Cunneyworth is using him correctly.

    • Le Jadester says:

      I’ve said it on many occasions.
      I think Blunden is good for our team.
      I hope he’s a permanent fixture for a while.
      He should hopefully take Darche’s spot and money for next year.
      And stupid JM sent him down for that hit/penalty vs NYR earlier in the season. Thank God for Randy in the interim or Mikey boy would have fallen through the cracks ?

      Habs, OLE !

  49. HabFab says:

    Heard a rumour that we will be acquiring a NHL top #10 defensemen before the trade deadline. Does anyone have any more info??

    • krob1000 says:

      Markov coming back???

    • third generation haber says:

      I hope they aren’t true. A top 10 Dman would require some big compensation. I don’t want to part with PK or a 1st round pick. Our other players wouldn’t meet the demand for such a trade.

      j.p. murray

      • nunacanadien says:

        We have been defensed to death in our trades. Gauthier and Gainey before him, traded away the farm to get a small defense and now we have no money to pay for defense. Sad part in all of this is we have no defense. Sure Gill is playing it up cause he knows he is being traded soon. But really, aside from Gorges, who is not really a top six d-man in size, but a top six d-man in spirit, how can we compete when our d-men are overpaid, small tykes who couldn’t fight their way out of bag? When you look at our d-men, sure a trade would be great if we could just get a big defenseman who could actually plow the front of the net away. Right now the habs crease belongs to the other team and last night you could see that play after play where the Red Wings could basically walk into the habs area to shoot. Price was just lucky and otherwise you would think that having a big d-man like Cole could upset the balance. But really we need a bigger offense. We need to get bigger up front and we need a scorer. Last nights offense where we were pushing the Red Wings line after line showed the need for a strong offense. Sign a bigger forward who can score and you will solve the lack of defense.

        • Phil C says:

          I agree the Habs need to get bigger on defense, but the Habs have excellent size up front now. They have seven forwards over 200 lbs, and that does not include Eller and Pacioretty who are not small either. The Habs’ forwards are actually bigger than the big-bad-Bruins’ forwards now, at least on paper.

        • Willy says:

          Cole is not a d-man and Emelin is a pretty solid rock back there now that he’s being given a fair shake.

    • Ton says:

      that would make us buyers!! why??

    • Les Canayens says:

      ❝ I can’t really hear what Jeremy says, because I’ve got my two Stanley Cup rings plugging my ears.❞

    • Mattyleg says:

      I heard Rumours the other day too. Great album.
      And it said “been down one time, been down two times… oh, never going back again.”
      Now that, I believe.

      —Hope Springs Eternal—

  50. Ton says:

    the fourth line needs rebuilding. Based on what we have do we keep moen couple with Blunden and white as our fourth line. can they develop into one of the league best fourth lines?

  51. Habsssssssswin says:

    …P.K. is lightning in a bottle…Be very careful with this kid..I’m all for discipline and respect,but don’t break his spirit by over doing it.
    And … let’s end this Ole,Ole, Na Na Na bulls*it chant , please. It doesn’t motivate nor inspire our players.It’s embarrasing and humiliating to listen to.
    This isn’t Madrid soccer it’s Montreal …. Stay classy !!! .. Nice win last night !!!!

    • G-Man says:

      If I spend a couple hundred bucks on a hockey game, who are you to tell me how I should celebrate a big win? Lighten up, ffs.

    • Mattyleg says:

      If RC had benched him in the 3rd too (which Mario Tremblay would have done without a second thought), that would have been a bad move; would have hurt his pride and destroyed the point that was trying to be made. As it is, RC played it just right.

      We’re the only hockey fans that sing. We love it. It’s what makes us special. We’ve sung Hey Hey Goodbye since 1985. This isn’t Toronto, where the only sound louder than the players soft weeping is the clink of icecubes in gin & tonics, this is Montreal. Ole ole ole.

      —Hope Springs Eternal—

    • Kooch7800 says:

      PK needed to be benched. How else are you going to learn. he has to be coached and Cunneyworth is doing just fine.

    • third generation haber says:

      I’m a big PK supporter, but he did deserve to be benched for putting himself ahead of the team! Ladoucer will someday be thanked by PK personally for kicking his butt down the road to success. I predict Pk will explode down the stretch like he did last year!

      j.p. murray

    • Rob says:

      Only response i have to posters who complain about Montreal fans singing and creating actual ATMOSPHERE at games?….
      Na Na Na Na. Na Na Na Na. HEY HEY HEY. GOOOOOOOD BYE.

      The Montreal Canadiens: sporting the best AND worst fans since 1909!

    • habs178 says:

      I’ve been to one hockey game in my life. It was game 4 against Philly in the ECF. We lost that game 3-0. The loss didn’t deter the amazing time I had being in Montreal, but I will say I was VERY disappointed that I didn’t get to sing ole ole ole. All other fans hate when we sing it, and that makes me like it more.

      “To disbelieve is easy; to scoff is simple; to have faith is harder”
      ~ Louis L’Amour
      I’ve got the faith!

    • Clay says:

      What’s wrong with Madrid? One of the better cities in the world for sure…

      ☞ “Talent is a gift from God, but you only succeed with hard work. Yvan was proof of that.” – Jean Beliveau. ☜

  52. Mattyleg says:

    (looks to camera, puts down steaming coffee cup in sun-drenched kitchen, and smiles a self-satisfied smile)

    Well good morning.

    I have to say, I feel like the cat that got the cream. Last night was delightful. Even posters “putting things into perspective” or “being ‘realistic'” this morning can’t dampen the feelgoodness brought on by pinging 7 pucks into the top team’s net.


    Players played well. AK and Engqvist threw their bodies around, DD and Eller buzzed, Cole and Max barged, Gomez and PK charged, and Diaz, Weber, Emmy and Kabby all blasted the puck at the net while the others mixed it up.

    Know who I’m really starting to like? I think I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: Mike Blunden. He gives a ton out there, and he quietly plays his shift and makes things happen. He’s not got the best hands, but he gets into dangerous positions à la TMoen, and is a handful. He’s got the early dibs on the Mike McPhee underrated grinder of the year award.

    How about them 4th line shifts last night? Possession, possession, possession! Loved it.

    Enjoy your day everyone, and don’t let the frowners bring you down.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

    • shiram says:

      Engqvist was not great though, but that’s such a small issue it’s almost meaningless.
      Feel good win, lots of efforts from the Habs, and even though the Wings were likely off their games, the Habs made sure the Wings did not get their game back.

      • Mattyleg says:

        Yeah, that’s a great point; we’ve done that before, let a team who are down and out play their way back into a game. I think it was against TB that we did that a little while back, and lost. Ech!

        No, Engkgvekuzxiiçt didn’t play amazingly well, but he was part of that 4th line that kept the puck in the zone and got chances. I’m not going to give up on the kid yet (although I might give up on trying to spell his name properly).

        —Hope Springs Eternal—

        • shiram says:

          Engqvist is back in Hamilton for now, I think that’s good, he has some more learning to do there.

          • Kooch7800 says:

            He is actually playing extremely well in Hamilton. I have never been a fan of his but at the last couple bulldogs games I have attended he has been one of the best players on the ice. I never thought he had much potential until I seen him play this year in the hammer and was quite impressed.

            I also heard a rumour that the Dogs may be moving to Laval which would really suck for me. I love going to bulldog games but would understand why they would move them to Quebec

          • shiram says:

            The owner denied those rumours, but thats what you do untill everything is official.

    • HabFab says:

      I loved Blunden when it was 6-0 diving to make a defensive play in his own end…giving it totally!!

      • Mattyleg says:

        Yeah, me too!
        That was awesome. We’re used to seeing smaller players (Tom The Bomb, Begin, etc.) chucking themselves around, so we don’t recognize it so easily when big players do it.
        Keep it up, Blunderbuss.

        —Hope Springs Eternal—

    • Max says:

      Yup,I have to agree.Blunded has been solid.He’s fast also and drives to the net with authority. Good pick up by Gauthier.

  53. SmartDog says:

    Hey Boone,

    I was just thinking about Cole’s comment that PK’s penalty was a “selfish” play. FIRST, it’s a gutsy comment really – to call out a guy so clearly like that. I think it shows a lot. Starting with that Cole is a confident guy. He knows what he’s saying is true, and he knows he’s not being unfair when he says it. In fact, he knows that he is HELPING the situation by saying. Make that comment at the wrong time and you cause a war (or at least get in trouble). SECOND, it shows that this is something the whole team is probably thinking – or at least the veterans. And they’re likely happy to hear someone voice it. I can’t imagine Plekanec saying it, or even Gionta. And so… THIRD… what do you call is brave enough (and knows how to) stand up and say what needs to be said, a veteran who is so articulate about the game, so positive and so focused on the team, who leads by example with his play? Often you call that guy Captain. If you’re lucky enough to have a guy like that.

    I like Gionta as a player. But when I hear Cole after the game in interviews I think “that’s what a Captain sounds like”. And when I watch Cole play, and even on the bench, I think “that’s what a leader looks like”. Again, not dissing Gionta. But I’ve seen very little evidence that Gionta is really plugged in enough to the players and the team like Cole is.

    Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

    • third generation haber says:

      Agreed, Cole commands respect b/c unlike Cammy he brings it on the ice! He’s lead by example all year, and was scoring goals when no one else was on this team! I think he’s been our MVP this year!

      j.p. murray

    • avatar_58 says:

      You know, Cole really is letter material. A, C, whatever. Give the man something. Maybe he can be interim captain whilst Gio is out? At the very least add a third ‘A’ and stitch it on there.

      Love this guy

    • I agree. Cole did the right thing. These young kids get away with far too much. They need to shut it and wait it out like the rest of the players did. However the media needs to do their job and the only way is to stick a mic in their faces. It’s lose lose for PK right now. He’s doing everything wrong, and it’s selling clicks, and papers. That’s life in Montreal I suppose.

      Right Grabovski?

      Right Little K?

      That’s what impressed me abut Carey when he arrived. When he was asked to play he played. When he was told to sit, he sat.

      He never once complained about his ice time, and he never once cried to the media. He knew his place, and we can all thank his dad for that.

      Right Mr Walsh?

      Shane Oliver Inc.
      Custom Sports Figures
      Brandon, MB,Canada
      R7B 2R7
      Ph- 204 724 8418

  54. third generation haber says:

    Let’s talk 8th place. I do believe 25 before 14 is possible, but what gives me more hope is that we are essentially competing with N.J. , Toronto, Winnipeg, T-Bay, and the Islanders for the spot. I don’t think any of these teams will be consistent down the stretch. Likewise Florida, is looking shaky in 7th! I belive there are 2 spots up for grabs!

    j.p. murray

    • HabFab says:

      Responded to your Kaberle down below with a @JP
      Not to say the guy doesn’t have his limitations.

      • third generation haber says:

        Thanks HabFab, Just saw your comment. Sorry to hear about his divorce, players are people too. I know I’m being harsh on an offensively gifted guy, but I just can’t handle watching a vet. D-man fail with respect to his primary duty: Playing defence! The guy refuses to hit (I’m having Brisebois flashbacks) and provided a perfect screen on Det.’s 2nd goal, instead of covering the Det player wide-open in front! Don’t we learn this in Pee-wee? I really don’t like his 5 on 5 play. Gimmee Emellin or Diaz (despite their adjustment to NHL hockey) anyday overy Kaberle (3 more years!).

        j.p. murray

        • nunacanadien says:

          Kaberle is fine as long as he helps to win a game. Otherwise he slinks back into the lazy player we saw line after line last night. Kaberle shines like twice in one game, and the rest of the time he is invisible like Gomez. A lazy veteran who hopes to luck out and win his millions, just like any aging veteran that signs in Habsland.

  55. HardHabits says:

    Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right,
    Here I am, stuck in the middle with you.

    This season has shown us that the Habs are not quite a play-off team. Last night’s game has shown us that they are also not a lottery pick team either.

    I still contend that they’ll finish the season between 18th and 22nd place. Woohoo!!!

    • shiram says:

      Really HH, you think they will improve upon their ranking? I’d have never thought that out of you!
      That’s also non-tanking territory.

    • habs03 says:

      Excatly, I don’t want to make excuses but I think two thinks effect our season big time, no Markov to start the year, we started 1-5-2. After the JM firing, RC went 1-6 in his first games. In those two spans we were 2-11-2. Take that away from our current record and you’ll have a 17-10-7 team, would have the team on pace for 98 points.

    • HabFab says:

      And here I thought it was us “stuck with you” 😉
      You learn something new everyday!!!!

    • ont fan says:

      A man see’s what he wants to see and disregards the rest. But you are probably right.

  56. aj says:

    With Gomez crashing his body in the boards and doing more forechecking w/ opponents, the next thing he should be perfecting right now is getting pucks in the net and making goals in a consistent basis. In that way, the Habs & everybody in Montreal wouldn’t be having this discussion “If only if Gainey didn’t sign him $7 million a year, we could’ve gotten a better top-6 forward.” I think Gomer benefited well since Cunneyworth took over the Head Coaching Job. This is what Gauthier should be looking forward to as well w/ Molson come next season.

    Furthermore, Habs Management and ownership should leave this french language issue to the separatists and anti-anglos. It won’t win hockey games.

    • Mattyleg says:

      Hey aj, the ‘French language issue’ belongs to all Montrealers, and all Quebecers, not just separatists and anti-anglos.
      I’m neither, and I believe that the coach should be able to speak French.
      Careful with generalizations.

      —Hope Springs Eternal—

      • Ian Cobb says:

        MATTYLEG___I think it important that everyone in the country should learn a second language. But if the best candidate does not speak another language, it should have no bearing on hiring him to do a job that he is deemed to be the best at. Otherwise you just hurt your organization taking second best.

        • Mattyleg says:

          This is an old, old argument, Ian, and I’m sure you’re pretty aware as to where I stand on it.
          I don’t really want to go into it, and my arguments supporting my opinion are in the HI/O archival vault, but I will say that you hurt your organization most by selling out its tradition for ‘the best buisness move’. Putting Mickey Mouse on the CH would earn the club millions and millions of dollars.

          —Hope Springs Eternal—

      • The problem with having a french speaking coach in an English dressing room goes like this. When they bring in someone who speaks da lingo the players don’t respect him because the players most likely (I don’t know, just a thought here) feel he’s not the best guy for the for them, but for the Montreal. When the players see a guy like Cunneyworth, they know he’s there to do a job and not please the masses. They take him more serious.

        Personally I like Cunneyworth because be pisses so many other people off. I hope he goes all the way so we can all laugh at the bandwagon.

        Psst hey buddy, this flyer is for the fans. Get off my back.

        Shane Oliver Inc.
        Custom Sports Figures
        Brandon, MB,Canada
        R7B 2R7
        Ph- 204 724 8418

    • Ton says:

      yeah Gainey got hosed in granting him that 7 million dollar contract. just a reminder when you sign free agents its always hit and miss>just ask Glen Sather!

    • nunacanadien says:

      No, we don’t need another season the win half the game half full mindset of Cunneyworth, which is worst than Martin’s sit on a 3 goal lead don’t get penalties mentality! Cunneyworth dresses seven defensemen each night that he needs to win a game, that is not exactly winning mentality. That is a continuation of the safe Martin style of play. I say sign an offensive minded coach. Sign a coach who doesn’t rely on aging veterans to win only a few games, sign a coach who wants to win it all!

  57. third generation haber says:

    Though I believe we can make it to the playoffs, some tough decisions will have to be made by the deadline. If we have lost ground by then, Gill may be a good trade option. He could add to a team’s PK, and is a good vet. Maybe he would welcome one more crack at a cup! A few years ago we dealt a younger Craig Rivet to San Jose for Josh Gorges, and a 1st round pick (Pacioretty). I’m guessing Gill could be worth a decent prospect, or 2nd to 3rd round pick.

    j.p. murray

    • Hobie Hansen says:

      Gill is a great man but father time has caught up with him. He has a good game followed by a bad one and his minutes are very limited at the moment.

      I’d take anything, hopefully a 2nd rounder like you said for Gill.

      • slamtherimtim says:

        we need Gill for the playoffs , i doubt they will trade him if they believe they have a shot at the post season , PG is trying to better the team , he wont take a draft pick for a roster player straight up , uness we sell everyone , but as of now we are still buyers

        • Hobie Hansen says:

          eesh, we all have our opinions man but by watching his play and the amount of minutes Cunneyworth is currently playing him, his days are winding down quickly.

          He did look decent on a penalty kill last night and I could be wrong about him, but I doubt it ;-).

          • slamtherimtim says:

            they need to save him for the PK , and the tough minutes in the playoffs , he shouldnt be playing the top minutes now , thats whayt we have the young guns for

          • habs12 says:

            Gill will help in the playoffs, you are right…it just wont be with the habs.

    • TomNickle says:

      Gill and Campoli already have one foot out the door.

    • habs03 says:

      Like you said the perfect example is the Rivet trade, even though we might be able to make the playoffs, its just what teams will offer for guys like Gill/Moen might be too good to pass by. I wouldn’t be surprised to see PG try to get a player that is ready to play like Kyle Clifford for Moen or Gill from LA instead of picks.

    • aj says:

      The Habs will make it to the playoffs if they play the way they did against Detroit last night in EVERY game. I don’t see the logic as well if Molson and Gauthier choose to replace Cunneyworth to another bloke coach like JM come postseason. The way he works w/ this team and the coaching staff are doing an amazing job. Why change it? I believe Randy Cunneyworth deserves to be the Head Coach of the Canadiens next season and not just on an interim basis.

      • nunacanadien says:

        I disagree. Any other coach could have come in and won more than half the games. Cunneyworth is where he is because he chose to dress seven defensemen each night he needed to win and suprise, Cunneyworth has only won half of his games so far. We thought Martin was boring. Wait till you get a full season of seven defensemen each night under Cunneyworth. I say sign an offensive minded coach who doesn’t sit Subban almost a full game. Sure Subban makes mistakes, you trade mistakes away, you don’t make them into head cases.

        • olematelot says:

          So what’s your problem with dressing 7 dmen. It’s not like the 7th guy is going to be playing a top 6 fwds role, he’s going to be on the 4th line. Normally 4th lines aren’t relied on to provide offense. Your argument is bogus. Also he sat Subban for one period, not the whole game

  58. Les Canayens says:

    I was dicking around, and stumbled upon Cammalleri’s French Wikipedia page, which has 2 pictures of his former teammates instead of himself:

    It’s a bit unusual. Some kind of inside joke?

    ❝ I can’t really hear what Jeremy says, because I’ve got my two Stanley Cup rings plugging my ears.❞

  59. Hobie Hansen says:

    Cammy was part of the issue for sure just as Gomez is and missing Markov is.

    Cammalleri could do absolutely nothing for us 5 on 5 and to boot he was having a bad year on the PP. It came to a point where Cammalleri would get the puck in the neutral zone and you knew that aside from duping the puck in the corner and losing it that there was also no way he could set up a passing play either. He has a deadly shot but offers absolutely nothing else.

    so we got Bourque and that’s great. But for the size of their contracts (Markov and Gomez) they should be our two best players. You’d think for those prices that Gomez would be adding 70 to 80 points a season and Markov 55 to 65 points.

    We are getting no return for our two biggest investments. If those two players were performing we’d be on the cusp of and probably one player away from being an elite team.

    I’ve never once said blow this team up because I know we basically had a brutal three months of hockey, accompanied by a swirl of controversy that can simply happen to any team every so often.

    I think at the moment we’re a playoff team but the odds are we’re simply going to run out of racetrack this year.

    If the Markov and Gomez situations are worked out this summer we’ll be fine next year.

    • Ian Cobb says:

      Not sure Gomez was a problem Hobie, I think Martin was the main problem for a lot of players here.!
      Gomez is not as good as he was 10 years ago, but he is the best set up man on the team. He can carry the play deep and with intimidating speed. If he has two good line mates with him to finish, then he can be a very valuable asset for us. It takes a great coach to put the correct talent together so that the talent will succeed.

    • joeybarrie says:

      There is no Markov situation. Once he returns we will have a better defence and a better attack. Our PP will be better and we will be a deeper threat.
      Gomez is overpaid. Not worth his salary. But we are a better team with him playing, as we are with Gio. Whose numbers this season are not better than Gomez. We are also a better team with that cap space instead of Gomez. But the best replacement is a power center, and not only are those rare in the NHL. The teams who have them are simply not going to give them up.
      I think you are dead right about running out of racetrack.
      I do hope Gomez is on another team next season. But I don’t hope its cause we bought him out. I do not believe that is worth it.

      There may be other teams, but only ONE Club De Hockey…

    • jmsheehy19 says:

      with Markov we would be a top 8 team in the East but we’re going to run out of time this year.

      I still consider it unlikely that Markov misses next season or that Gomez will be with us next year.




      Add to that Leblanc, Gallagher, Bournival, Beaulieu, Tinordi, and Ellis among others stewing in Hamilton, and I truly think we’re one elit forward away from being a legitimate contender.

      • HardHabits says:

        I’d say one elite forward and a stay at home tower of power on the back end a la Pronger/Chara/Robinson.

        Methinks the Habs are two seasons (including this one) away.

        • jmsheehy19 says:

          Unfortunately you may be right, but those kind of players are rare. I think Tinordi, given time, could become a poor man’s version of that piece.

          But overall I love how the D looks in 3 or 4 years.

  60. novahab says:

    One wold have to think Cole might take Gomez aside for a talk. He would say, for what your making you should a least match my effort ever single night. I know I will get slamed on this. I think they should make DD temp captain untill Gionta gets back. I know its a lot of pressure but he leading along with Cole. I think it would be get for his confidence and it would take a little pressure of RC.

    • joeybarrie says:

      DD is a rookie. Barely a full season in the NHL. He needs to be led, not lead. Gio is the captain. You don’t replace him cause he is injured. Wearing an A or not, the leaders will lead.

      There may be other teams, but only ONE Club De Hockey…

      • GenerationYHabs says:

        Also I`ve always got the impression that DD is more of the ‘quietly do my job well’ kind of person, and not the vocal leader type like Gorges is.

        • HabFab says:

          Noticed on both the videos with PK and Pleks plus PK manhandling Leblanc, DD came by and gave PK a swat to the back of legs with his stick…our own micro Messier!

  61. novahab says:

    The Toronto (Canadian) sport media decide to focus on PK and not the win last night. Not suprising as they are getting worried the Habs might be heading for the playoffs. This would mean some other team ( Leafs ) could miss. Yes Toronto PG will rush right out and trade PK to Toronto for one of your special minor leaguers. As I said before boys ,one game at a time, just one game at a time. Not getting exciting, just happy the put togther two very strong games.

  62. Laramy87 says:

    3-1-2 since Cammy trade. 8 of a possible12 pts. Just saying, was Cammy the issue?

    • Thomas Le Fan says:

      Squid was “the loser”. He and his mentality are not missed. Bourque plays hard every shift and that’s really all you can ask of a player.

    • habs178 says:

      You know…I’m thinking perhaps?

      “To disbelieve is easy; to scoff is simple; to have faith is harder”
      ~ Louis L’Amour
      I’ve got the faith!

    • third generation haber says:

      To answer your question YES! Cammy’s head got a bit too big after the 2010 playoffs and he decided that he was too “skilled” to get his hands dirty. Bourque brings the honest effort we need and even if Cammy beats him by a few goals, his salary expectation suggests he should be doubling Bourque’s numbers. Great move by PG!

      j.p. murray

  63. There’s only forward when you disappoint this much.

    This team can win, and we fans see it.

    If they don’t make it, at least they tried and maybe next year management will fix the shortfalls.

    Gomez is playing well, and I’m happy for him. Must have been hard playing hockey in Montreal with so many people expecting 50 goals and 500 points a season.

    Happy there’s a break. These guys need it, and maybe management can decide on the remainder of the season.

    I have no clue what direction they’re going but I l know one thing. You can’t build to lose and expect players to lay down and die. Only losers and failures do that. And judging by the number of replies from the last two wins, the L&F factor was pretty low.

    LnF, where people go to fail. I love it.

    God Bless Us Everyone

    God Bless Our Infantry

    Clean up on aisle two.

    The End

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    Custom Sports Figures
    Brandon, MB,Canada
    R7B 2R7
    Ph- 204 724 8418

  64. habs03 says:

    Oh man did I doubt DD big time early in the season, but the guy just keeps amazing me. I was one saying that we can’t compete with Plek-DD-Eller down the middle, but going into next season, I think we’ll be more than fine with them down the middle.

    :) :) :)

    • TomNickle says:

      Which brings me back to Plekanec being expendable if this team finishes with a top two pick or an opportunity presents itself to get one.

      Yakupov/Grigorenko – Desharnais – Eller

      • habs03 says:

        Yakupov doesn’t play Centre. But if we were making a good player for player trade, good d-men I’d be ok with it. But I wouldn’t want a Fisher type trade. Plus going with 3 young guys down the middle, that’s a lot of inexperience for a team looking to compete.

        • TomNickle says:

          Yakupov has played a lot down the middle in his life and is probably a better fit there considering his playmaking ability. You don’t want to take space away from a player that skilled and gifted.

          As for youth down the middle. It’s worked out okay for Chicago. And considering the state of our defense corps, we aren’t a threat in the near future.

          • habs03 says:

            Even if you do end up getting Yakupov or Grigorenko, I’m fine with trading Plek for a good D-men, but unless have a replacement for Plek (Yakupov/Grigorenko), there is no point to trade Plek, specially for draft picks.

          • krob1000 says:

            I understand the theory of making space up the middle but Yakupov’s biggest assets are his blistering speed and offensive intincts…he is in the mold of Bure and is not dedicated to defense. Of course he will have to be more responsible defensively at the pro level but there is a huge difference between the toll and impact of defensive hockey on a centre versus a winger. Not many guys can pull of being an offensive dynamo and being a two way player as a center….maybe he is one of those select few but I think he will get his opportunity in the NHL as a winger and would be surprised if he isn’t initially a winger.
            He is also not that different from Taylor Hall….either. I get the philosophy but Cammi who has played center in the NHL wasn’t given an opportunity at center in Montreal because great attention to detail and a defense first mentality has always been required of our centers….Dd seems to have somehow been given a little more leeway in that regard but you know what I mean.
            I think 9 out of 10 teams don’t even consider him up the middle..Montreal does have a glaring need for a top offensive center but I still doubt Nail plays center at the NHL level…could be wrong but I just don’t see it…I would let him play wing and fly him often on first hint of possession…even if he doesn’t get the puck the space created by the d having to back off and respect his speed would be a huge benefit at nearly all times.

      • BeeGee says:

        Nail Yakupov is a right winger.

      • HabFanSince72 says:

        Unfortunately I don’t see us finishing in the top (bottom) two. There are too many lousy teams below (above) us.

        The Tankmeisters in Edmonton will not allow us to get that number two pick.

        Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

        • TomNickle says:

          If Edmonton is positioned for another top 5 pick they should be banned from the league. That’s out of control.

          • krob1000 says:

            City of Champions lol…they are stocking up for another 80’s run! Unfortunately they have all of the pieces they had back then except the big one…there is no Wayne Gretzky in that bunch. They are going to be really scary by second half next season but especially the season after and for about 3 to 4 years after that until they have to start making some financial decisions. They could surprise as early as next year but I say one more season until they really get it…if you notice they have went all high end/ceiling offensive talent …they need to fill that secondary role too and address the toughness ..Smyth will be too old when it matters and they will be offensive dynamos but will need some toughenss on the walls and some serious muscle to protect htat group.

      • aj says:

        Grigorenko is a high probable come 2012 draft. Like Yakupov, his value is strong since Roy is praising his play w/ the Remparts. I’m not sure if the Habs are in a top 10 draft prospect and may end up in the bottom 20. So likewise, they won’t get him.

  65. Stuck_in_To. says:

    Great win even if Det. did not bring it.

    As for Boone’s assertion in “About Last Night” that Gomez has elevated his game … horse pucks. Gomez never stopped skating well or drawing defenders to him, but he still dead ends most plays and is still messing the bed in our end shift after shift. How that is better than he was playing is beyond me. And the “which way is the wind blowing” media response to it all is tiresome.

    Craig Button, who unfortunately has adopted the personality of TSN knowitall, made a great point last night: no one in the Habs organization seems to have P.K.’s back and they don’t seem to be making much of an attempt to keep things behind closed doors.

    Now, it’s hard to hide from the MTL. media but citing his youth and inexperience isn’t having his back. Nor did Cole have his back in his comments. Cole might be rightly pissed but given the prairie fire nature of comments in MTL., I think it’s time this team circled the wagons.

    • TomNickle says:

      Gomez was responsible for Bourque’s goal and was consistently making the right plays last night. He’ll never earn his contract, but he’ll always have to answer to ignorant fans who don’t know a good game from a hole in the ground.

      • HabFanSince72 says:

        Sorry, but Gomez is not playing well.

        He still plays tag when he has the puck i.e. skates around to avoid getting hit. This forces him to the perimeter.

        Yes he threw a puck towards the crease and it bounced off Bourque’s skates into the goal.

        Otherwise it was more of the same kanoodling.

        His soft play in his zone also ruined Price’s shutout.

        An this is how he plays when he is presumably desperate not to humiliate himself.

        Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

        • TomNickle says:

          He was not killing rushes with the puck. He was making smart plays all game long.

          He had one pass picked off all game, and it was because Plekanec bailed out in transition and went off for a change.

      • habs178 says:

        Yeah I agree with this. Gomez has been solid out there.

        “To disbelieve is easy; to scoff is simple; to have faith is harder”
        ~ Louis L’Amour
        I’ve got the faith!

      • Stuck_in_To. says:

        I don’t know a good game from a hole in the ground? Nice approach to disagreeing.

        I watched the game at both ends and saw soft plays and lost puck battles in our zone and I also saw Gomez make a crappy cross ice pass in the air that happened to go in off Bourque. I disagree that proves Gomez is playing better but it does make him luckier.

        And implying I am ignorant because you don’t agree with my opinion …

        • TomNickle says:

          No I’m saying that because you’re dead wrong. His one turnover in the game was a result of a linemate making a bad change.

          He used his speed the entire game and created chances.

          He’s an understandably popular scapegoat. Some people can’t see beyond the contract. And you certainly fit into that group if you’re criticizing his effort level and play last night.

          • nunacanadien says:

            I disagree. When you give the puck away enough times, and it causes a goal, Cunneyworth should be all over Gomez, like he was all over Subban. What is with the double standard here? Here you have a hard working young player with heart like Subban, making just as many passes and shots on net than the highest paid player, and you take the youngster to task? No wonder we don’t have a “winning” philosophy. Cammy was traded right after Cunney took the reins and Cunneyworth has consistently dressed seven d-men and we have only won half the games suprise. If we didn’t dress seven d-men every night we would have won more and we’d be closer to a playoff spot.

          • Stuck_in_To. says:

            So Gomez only had one turnover, missed D assignments in the Habs zone, got a lucky assist, and continued to play on the perimeter where he killed the play as often as not. Seems to me that Gomez is playing exactly the way he has always played. Ergo, as I originally stated, he is not playing any better than before.

            And a scapegoat is someone who is blamed without just cause. Gomez cannot reasonably be called a scapegoat.

            Finally, again, my original statement was that Gomez is not improving or playing better. Not that he totally sucked last night. Because I am not one of those people who has been on his game from the start. I will come down on the side that his going is better than his staying at this point but I have never been on the bandwagon of hate Gomez, his contract, and Gainey for trading for him … though McDonagh … sigh.

  66. aj says:

    Who do you think guys is under Gauthier’s radar right now:

    …Gomez? (hopefully)
    …Gionta? (if he gets better)
    …AK? (possible)
    …Moen? (possible)
    …Plekanec? (maybe)
    …White? (unlikely, maybe postseason)
    …Markov? (best time is NOW, maybe after ASG)
    …Gill? (unlikely too, good PK player)
    …Subban? (talk of the town, still yet in maturity and unlikely to be traded)
    …Campoli? (need to have a good deal)
    …Nokelainen? (same thing like Campoli)

    • TomNickle says:

      Everyone is under a microscope right now. When things get as bad as they have, nobody is immune. The only player who can say he’s given everything he has and been a consistent performer and threat all season long is Erik Cole.

      • aj says:

        ummm, let’s not forget Cole’s linemates, Desharnais and Pacioretty, are also consistent in their playing. So that Run DMC 1st line is a good one and it may have to continue for a long time.

        • TomNickle says:

          Pacioretty went what? 15 games without scoring? Desharnais has been inconsistent in his point production and effort level.

          That’s just splitting hairs though. My point is, and I believe firmly that it’s accurate. That Erik Cole is the only player who has shown up and given everything in every game this season.

          • aj says:

            well, Cole didn’t score that much when the season started. Can’t blame Jacques Martian saying he’s not the savior of this team (although he’s right). Also their were games that he didn’t really performed well. So likewise, the EC-DD-MP line will be a very high demanded line. If they don’t perform well, expect them to become like the Getzlaf, Perry, Ryan line in Anaheim w/c is now ending up in trade talks this coming Feb 27.

          • nunacanadien says:

            Cole is not the saviour? Cole the only player who crashed the net under Martin, and Martin called Cole as being greedy, let’s get the story right. When Pearn was fired we saw what Cole could do. When Cunneyworth took over was the other night Cole shone. These are all times when the coaching staff were upset and did not use a playbook and Cole shone in all those times. Cole was “crashing” the net. “Crashing” the net seems to be code word for the habs coaching staff with saying “no playbook” was used and that “anarchy” reigned on the habs bench. Of course anarchy is gonna reign if you ask champions like Cole and Subban to basically sit on their butts and not get penalties while “crashing” the net….Maybe it is time we ask Gauthier to fire Cunneyworth now, bring in a real offensive minded coach. Maybe Gauthier needs to go too, as he seems to be also stuck in “defense”…..which is like reverse gear in hockey.

    • third generation haber says:

      Gomez???? are u serious? Do u think there is a GM in hockey suffering from enough brain damage to consider acquiring Gomez for the next 2 years at 7 mil plus cap hit???? Our only option is to burry him in hamilton. We can’t even afford to buy him out b/c the cap hit would be 2.5 mil for the next 4 years.

      j.p. murray

      • HabFanSince72 says:


        Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

        • aj says:

          You’re Right! Cammy for Gomez come Feb27.

        • third generation haber says:

          Ha,ha, Trading for Cammy and Stajan are probably the limits to Calgary’s madness.

          j.p. murray

          • nunacanadien says:

            I don’t hear the TSN moron line praising Gomez as the next “big trade”….one game doesn’t a season make. I doubt Gomez would go anywhere but to another team that is grasping at straws. Maybe Columbus or Tampa Bay would be foolish enough to tackle this if we packaged Gomez along with a star like Subban. Gauthier and Cunneyworth are at war with Subban and it shows on the whole team. We hate Gomez, mayb package him with Subban and the rest of the team can concentrate on sucking like Gauthier and Cunneyworth want them to. Why keep a superstar like Subban if you are not going to let him shine in Montreal?

  67. third generation haber says:

    Am I the only person who can see that Kaberle is completely incapable of playing defense????? One player blows straight past him, knowing full well he wouldn’t get checked. And he was screening the goalie and covering no one on the second goal. He is gutless and immune to losing. He should never leave the bench except for the PP. Please trade this guy for absolutely anything , we need to dump his salary!
    j.p. murray

    • G-Man says:

      Kaberle had 2 assists last night. Boy, does he suck!

      • third generation haber says:

        Yes, G-Man he does suck! That’s why 3 other teams have dumped him in less than a year! As previously stated: “completely incapable of playing defence” , “should never leve the bench except for the PP” Do u know that we have to pay this stiff for 3 more seasons???? He will give us as many points as he’ll cost us and disapear in the playoffs! Thanks to PK’s high profile mistakes Kaberle’s crap play is flying under the radar.

        j.p. murray

        • TomNickle says:

          He was traded for a 1st round pick and a very good prospect and then signed for $4.2 million per season.

          He didn’t fit in Carolina. That’s not exactly a player being dumped.

          You have some wild thoughts on what ridding yourself of a player is.

          See Wade Redden and Sean Avery.

          • third generation haber says:

            Good point, but in Toronto and Carolina they definitely wanted him gone! Boston, making a cup run (also loaded with prospects) was willing to lose a trade for a PP specialist, I doubt any other team would have paid such a price. Once they had a taste they made no attempt to resign him. I do like his offence, but God he is awful on D!

            j.p. murray

          • HabFanSince72 says:

            Toronto did not want him gone. They traded him for a huge haul in a season when they were not making the playoffs.

            Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

          • HabFab says:

            @JP – read an article out of Toronto when Kaberle was first traded here. Apparently his marriage had broken up 18 months previously and it had affected him immensely, putting him into a major “funk”. With the resulting loss in his performance self evident, perhaps Crescent Street was just what the doctor ordered…right HF72?

        • G-Man says:

          Yup. 11 points in 25 playoff games sure is disappearing. Point scoring Dmen make the big bucks. For his production in Montreal, 13 points in 20 games, he’s coming cheap.
          All Dmen have their faults. He has been playing just fine.

    • habs03 says:

      He has a +2 rating as a Hab. While he isn’t great on D, he isn’t as bad as ppl make him seem. And its not like he is paid like a top 2 D-men. The guy is getting 4.2M, that is pretty much what is given to good #4-5 D-men. Plus 13 points in 20 games as a Hab. What dummy PG is.

    • TomNickle says:

      Kaberle has never been good with gap control or at winning battles in the corners. He does however do a good job in front of the net clearing attackers away from the blue paint. You have to take the bad with the good and he’s been excellent with the Canadiens and has probably earned more five on five icetime than what he’s been getting. Look for him to be included more in the teams’ plans coming out of the All-Star break.

    • boonie says:

      We beat… sorry, we killed, mauled, destroyed and otherwise mutilated Detroit and chased 30-10 Jimmy Howard and you’re posting about Kaberle’s weaknesses — relish the moment.

      Dude, I wanted JM and PG gone and this team blown up more than anyone (still do), but even I’m basking in the glow this morning.

      • third generation haber says:

        I hear u! And I’m still wearing my shades! My Kaberle rant was instigated by the media barrage thrown at our 23 year old stud Subban. Kaberle’s soft defensive play simply drives me nuts!

        j.p. murray

        • nunacanadien says:

          How can we let the media destroy Subban? Sure he’s given a few games away, sure he’s cost us a lead here and there, but it’s all added up to the coaches using Subban as a scapegoat. Gomez is the scapegoat, so is the Habs defense minded coaching. Blame the real people who cause the problems in Montreal. Blame the defensive minded playbook that costs us. We’ll take a night like last night where Cunneyworth threw away the playbook. Cunneyworth you bastard, you were given a chance to shine and you instead chose to hide under a rock of seven defensemen when the Habs wanted to win and get into the playoffs. Cause you earned losing a team, you earned this loss Cunneyworth, and Cammalleri called you a loser first. Stop using seven d-men and dress your team to win.

    • aj says:

      Kaberle won’t get traded this season IMO no matter how bad that deal was last year w/ Carolina for Spacek. However, he might be come next Season if his performance will continue to become mediocre.

  68. HabinBurlington says:

    So we have 5 days of no hockey, will PG and Comp. find time this weekend to at least provide an update on Markov?

    • Habfan10912 says:

      Come to think of it Gerald, PG didn’t say what year All Star Game he was referring to did he?

    • HabFab says:

      Heck, I had stocked up on some fine cheeses to go with all whining that I was expecting over the break on HIO. Wonder if I’ll get a chance to use them now?

    • TomNickle says:

      I’m starting to believe that this was more than a simple knee scope. If it were only that as Gauthier said, Markov would have been skating for about two weeks by now.

      Really sick of the deception coming from his office.

    • aj says:

      Maybe the next update we’ll see is when Markov gets back after the ASG, he gets traded during a game lol!

      • nunacanadien says:

        Maybe we can convince Markov to say like Cammalleri did, to agree that dressing seven defensemen every game is “losing” hockey….after all who dresses seven defensemen unless you are protecting a three game lead in a series? Hello? Earth to Cunneyworth, Earth To Cunneyworth…Hellow? Are you There Randy Cunneyworth? You need to win as many games as you can, not dress seven defensemen…hello??? Why is the Montreal Media not crapping all over the insistence to dress seven d-men? Especially when Montreal needs to win as many games as it can to get into the playoffs.

  69. John Q Public says:

    Still waiting for a trade !
    Come on Gautier.

    • savethepuck says:

      Habs are 3-1-2 since the trade. Why don’t we give it a little more time to see how this one worked out before blowing up the team.

      “They don’t hang Conference Championship Banners from the rafters here”
      Carey Price

      • Ton says:

        this team won’t be blown up! call it needed adjustments. just like a la brian murray. we have a good core and about three players away from bring a top 4 in the conference. Look at yesterday’s game> parity is here!

        • nunacanadien says:

          Look at the small difference in signing Cole! Imagine if we had another Cole in our lineup! A real NHL player for once! Not some aging defenseman or again forward, or aging goalie. Ok, I’ll take a scoring again defenseman, a scoring aging forward and even an aging scoring goalie…..

    • BeeGee says:

      We should know for sure wether we’re buyers or sellers before we do that… unless a rival GM proposes something beneficial for now and for the future of course. There’s about 15 games until the deadline… plenty of time to figure it out.

    • Habfan10912 says:

      John Q, the only one I’d move now would be Campoli. Gotta hang on the rest to see if we can make a run to the 8th spot. Closer to the deadline will know where we are at. Market might be better then to. We’ll see.

    • aj says:

      Patience my friend. I’m sure PG will announce a “big-whopper” deal (if ever) come Feb 27. Or, for all intensive purposes, a trade during a game.

    • third generation haber says:

      We still have a legit chance (San-Jose was 12 points out at this point last year). We should wait till the deadline to dump salaries.
      But, I do believe we should attempt an early negotiation with Kost. If he’s not willing to take a pay-cut, he should be dealt by the deadline.

      j.p. murray

  70. Thomas Le Fan says:

    As we see, this team is neither that bad (or that good). We’re a big centre and a winning attitude away from serious contention. Sitting P.K. was smart and well deserved. Talk of trading him, however, is moronic. I enjoyed the heck out of that though. Go Habs!

    • third generation haber says:

      Well said! trading our undeveloped diamond in the rough would be a big mistake. Imagine when this kid’s mental development catches up to his physical gifts! I believe he’ll represent team Canada someday.

      j.p. murray

  71. Paulin98C says:

    Quotes from the room article:

    “The line of Max Pacioretty, David Desharnais and Max Pacioretty […]”

    Wouldnt it be nice to have two of them? Make that two of Erik Cole as well.

    • Kooch7800 says:

      I am blown away by how good that line has been this year. DD in my opinion has earned everything he has got and man he is contributing. This is really his first full season and he is on pace for 60 points…..not bad I would say

  72. HabFab says:

    GOALS FOR – 14th
    5 ON 5 – 9TH

    This for a team sitting 23rd at the All Star break. Team is better then it’s record to date. The future, who really does know?

    • jmsheehy19 says:

      This is exactly why I don’t understand the people that want to blow up the team. changes are/were necessary, but it’s not the calamity people are making out.

      IF our PP was at a midlevel pace, we’d be a playoff team.

  73. Sharks9 says:

    3-1-1 since the Bourque trade! Keep it up boys!

    25 before 14

  74. CranbrookEd says:

    Are they that good – no. Are they as bad as their record – no. Are fans and certain members of the media carrying around the weight of the world because of their own stinky attitudes – yes. Was listening to the Toronta Sports Network folks and their incredulous comments about the HABS hard to take – yes, but not as hard as listening to the good old boys on the people’s network during last Saturday’s win against the leaves.

    Mr. Beliveau: “Pure Pak mais oui”! . . . What ever happened to Johnny Jelly-Bean!?

  75. HabFab says:


  76. Les Canayens says:

    That’s the difference between a career NHL coach and one that has coached the AHL not too long ago, who still remembers how to work and develop younglings.

    I hope that for all thet stuff he has to put up with this season, the organization is not gonna pull a Don Lever on Conneyworth.

    ❝ I can’t really hear what Jeremy says, because I’ve got my two Stanley Cup rings plugging my ears.❞

  77. Willy says:

    Couldn’t have said it better. +1.

  78. Kooch7800 says:

    I hope Moen is resigned but I have a feeling he will be dealt to a contender. If it is only for a 2nd round pick I would rather see him resigned for around the same price tag for 4 years

  79. olematelot says:

    Doan for Pleks straight up???? Doan is 36…..terrible deal

  80. citizenSanto says:

    lol, so he was only a savage syphilitic misanthrope philosopher?

  81. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …yes, when they work :)

    Habitant means PASSIONATE HOCKEY

  82. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …EOTP was a Habs’ shrine to Me while Robert was the maestro …now it’s just another dog’s breakfast unfortunately

    Habitant means PASSIONATE HOCKEY

  83. HabFab says:

    Forgot about Chorske. Ahh, he was getting too American anyhow 😉
    Miss the Crosseyedmofo though.

  84. HabFab says:

    Went to the dark side of the force or Eyes on the Prize…your pick.

  85. Old Bald Bird says:

    50 was a turning point for me too.

  86. Bill says:


    Full Breezer 4 Life

  87. OneTimer says:

    I miss ol’ crosseyes too, too bad he’s not around anymore

  88. Duracell3 says:

    Picked as a group, most of the other rookies are equal or worse, but he’s 26…..whole idea is dumb to me.

  89. VancouverHab says:

    Woah there — I have, to my certain knowledge, never said, let alone posted on H-I/O, anything in any way related to the “Tea-Party .”

    Yours is a preposterously simplistic view of the range of political opinion.

    For one, I have nothing to do with or say about America. England, yes, Canada, certainly. There can be no connection between an American revanchist anti-English social and political movement that has any appeal or connection to me whatsoever.

    For another, assuming your simplistic binary division of left-wing / right-wing has any explanatory relevance (I say it is reductive, essentialist, and thus worthless), it would mean that you self identify with 50% of the available political views (i.e. “left wing”) and dismiss an entire 50% of your countrymen simply out-of-hand, and call their views “drivel.”

    The reality is that there is an entire 3-dimensional axis (x, y, and z) of political views available, and individual people, including you & I, chose to situate ourselves on the model as we see fit …AND we change and move as situations and our aging dictate.

    What this all amounts to is nothing more than that you happen to hold different opinions from mine on one or two topics, which you (probably mistakenly and exaggeratedly) associate with Don Cherry. That is all.

    If you want to discuss those particular positions (which every Canadian is entirely free to hold, free of abuse and belittlement from others who hold different), then by all means do so.

    But don’t set yourself up as judge and jury, or fix me, like a butterfly on a board, on your simplistic and dessicated two-side essentialism.

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