Rypien Attack Sparks Debate

From the NY Times Slap Shot blog:

It would be nice to talk about the game for a change because as Ted
Kulfan in The Detroit News
observed today, “Suspensions, bad
behavior and illegal hits have been the rage the first few weeks of the
hockey season.”

The controversy du jour is incident from Tuesday, in which the
Canucks’ Rick Rypien attacked a fan at the Xcel Energy Center during a
road game against the Wild, which most hockey fans have seen by now. It
was a rare hockey highlight on ESPN’s SportsCenter, ensuring another hit
to the league’s image among non-hockey fans, who rarely are exposed to
all that which makes the game great.

Of course, hockey is often its own worst enemy, as the contrast between
the two game telecasts reveals. Here’s how the episode was seen on
Minnesota’s Fox Sports North in which the announcers recognize Rypien
has crossed the line (video) and here it is from Sportsnet Pacific which puts all the onus on the
arena and the spectator and excuses the player (video).

The NHL On TSN panel last night examined the incident (video) and
Craig MacTavish, who was involved in a couple of infamous episodes,
including this one as a Bruin in 1979 (video– he’s number 32 in the famous Mike Milbury shoe beating incident), excuses Rypien because the area behind the bench is
unsecured, the fans get “eyeball-to-eyeball” with the players and
coaches and “it threatens your manhood.” For some reason — most likely
the emotions that accompany a hard-fought game — simply ignoring a
non-participant who mouths off is not an option for MacTavish.

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  1. Duracell3 says:

    100% right. The way this guy tells it Rypein had him on all fours with the branding iron. He literally grabs his jersey and half-pushes the guy.

  2. observer says:

    bettmans refs only calling penalties on habs tonight? wonder why?

  3. observer says:

    half game over – id say habs have NOT had a single scoring chance. 2 of the most boring teams – martins defensive strategy and devils. tickets should be 50 cents maximum for red seats.

  4. observer says:

    terrible display by the habs. can martin not prepare this team after 5 off days?

  5. davecessna says:

    Mr Hackel can you kindly refrain from burying the gameday thread with this garbage?

  6. showey47 says:

    Though i don’t condone what rypien did because the players are professionals and have to be the bigger person and walk away. I couldn’t help but shake my head at the fan who was involved in the altercation. He (James something or other) called nhlxm204 and got himself on satellite radio to tell his story which he pretty much said he didn’t do anythig and wanted to just get on with his life then went on to say he  hired a lawyer and is looking to  press assault charges. So really,instead of just wanting to get on with his life like he says he wants. He is looking for his 15 minutes of fame and an out of court cash settlement.

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