Ryder sits, younger Kostitsyn on the first line

Sergei Kostitsyn will make his NHL debut on Thursday night in Philadelphia playing on the Canadiens’ first line with Saku Koivu and Christopher Higgins. Michael Ryder will watch the game from the Wachovia Centre’s press box.

Carey Price will get the start in goal against the Flyers, with Jaroslav Halak as his back up.


  1. Habs Suck says:

    Ryder, who needs a lot of space to score, would probably do well and score 30-40 goals annually in Europe or Russia.

  2. ccs says:

    All I know is that on Saturday night on HNIC the laffs will more than likely have a chance to pass us in the standings and we will be on the outside looking in. I hope I am wrong about Guy and he can turn this team around in a hurry. GO HABS GO.

  3. kevin m says:

    This team has to get a lot tougher mentally. They don’t play with any intensity. They’re soft… with the exception of Koivu and They lack confidence.

    Philly has had how many suspensions so far this year? 4?

    And where are they in the standings?

  4. johnny boy says:

    Richards is signing a 10 year contract. he’s the kind of player the habs could really use this year. We could have had him, but we drafted A. kastitsyn at # 10 ahead of him.

  5. Matt. says:

    Krob, every word you have said is gold. I agree 100%.

  6. krob1000 says:

    I was saying the move is STUPID! Because it is.

    When you can’t score and you bench (or demote) your best scorer for 10 games…….

    It is like being really hungry, complaining about how hungry you are and then putting down a slice of Pizza, starving again and then saying jeez I really need to eat you know.

    I am not saying to bench Koivu I am just saying that Ryder is not our teams downfall and there are plenty of guys to share the blame.

    Singling one guy out like this is pathetic when he brings an honest effort is foolish.

    There is no way that this has not spilled over in the dressing room and I am afraid that maybe some posters were right and Carbo is losing the room.

  7. Corio says:

    I will not blame Carbo for the team’s woes but there are some criticisms that he undoubtedly deserves like..

    – Publicly criticizing your players instead of always backing them no matter what the context..

    That is a big one and I am sure he has pissed off a few people in doing so..

    He needs to stand up for his players and always place them in the best light even if the situation says otherwise..

  8. Habs_008 says:

    Good, Ryder has sucked all year.

  9. Matt. says:

    Tell you what, even if we bring any superstar and ask him to skate on his hands he isn’t going to produce. At the beginning he’ll try, as hard as he possibly can i’m sure, but eventually, he’ll give up. Asking offensive players to sit at their blue line, forecheck with one man and let the opposition walk in with relative ease just doesn’t work anymore. We’re chasing the puck for 45 minutes a game! Can you imagine how frustrating that is?

    This has everything to do with Carbo. ABout 90% of it.

  10. ccs says:

    I think KIRK would make a better head coach than GUY

  11. fun police says:

    hard to defend the habs these days. media harps on us for not scoring goals, we counter by using two defensemen as forwards. leaf fan laughs because of the way the season finished last year. both are carbo’s fault. carbo can’t make in game adjustments, and obviously his pregame adjustments are brutal. i don’t care how good dandy plays this year, he’s a fourth liner who may get 6 goals this year. streit, may get 8. those are not first line numbers. ryder, even struggling will get at least 15. however, ryder will score in bunches once he shakes off this funk.

  12. Corio says:

    At least Dandenault can put the puck in the net, eh? huh? eh?

  13. ccs says:

    Its not like all the others are lighting up the score board. Its not the players, they can score with the right system in place.

  14. Wops says:

    Can we agree on one thing though… Carbo does not make his decisions alone. If we blame him, we have to blame Jarvis and Muller too.

    If he has to go, because we do not like his choices or strategies, Jarvis and Muller too. They are all implicated in the decision making, do not think otherwise.
    CH is for Chris Higgins

  15. krob1000 says:

    It appears as though Ryder is taking the blame for this entire season and has been since the first hint of a slide. Pathetic……before this year I never even really liked Ryder but this situation is the worst I ever seen and reminds me of what my father said they did to Lafleur in the early 80’s (NO I am NOT comparing Ryder to Lafleur…just the treatment).

    Ryder had better be traded or he should go sign in Russia and play with Perezhogin and score 30 or 40 there.

  16. Habsrule1 says:

    Sorry krob…your comment is the stupid one because Koivu is a playmaker, and it’s Ryder’s job to finish the play. Koivu has been setting him up, and Ryder misses the net or doesn’t shoot. Not to say Koivu has been lights out, but he’s been much better than Ryder.

    Watch the games please.

    Go Habs Go!!


  17. ccs says:

    We need Ryder so that in the last game of the season he can score a hat tick against the laffs and put us in the playoffs. With a new coach of course…..

  18. Corio says:

    Koivu is the heart and soul of the team and the captain so benching him will do nothing but send the team into a serious morale crash..

    It’s not stupid, it’s necessary. PUNK! :p

  19. ccs says:

    Its no wonder players do not want to come here…Carbo has to go and soon. He cannot motivate players. They have given up on him and for good reason. If anyone believes he will still be coach at the end of this season you need to give your head a shake.

  20. johnny boy says:

    I’m not a huge Ryder fan, but this is a terrible decision. Streit has been playing worse. Dandenault is not as talented. He has to play himself out of the funk.

  21. Matt. says:

    I don’t even know what to say fun police. You know that guy who covered for carbo about 4 times a thread last and the beginning of this year; I was that guy. I feel the shame, like I should crawl under a heavy rock, settle myself into the fetal position and die.

    I-I-I think it’s time to slowly back away from Carbonneau like others have mentioned… Terrible, just terrible…

  22. Habsrule1 says:

    I think it’s better than having him play, including on the PP, and do NOTHING.

    I agree he needs to play, but he also needs to think. Put him back next game, give him good minutes…just that he hangs himself with the minutes he gets every time….and I’m a Ryder fan, but he’s slumping big time…and isn’t working when he gets the ice time. Blame Ryder, not Carbo.

    Go Habs Go!!


  23. krob1000 says:

    By that logic should we sit Koivu then as he has 1 goal in his last 18 games and had been on every PP, played more minutes and been on the top line. This move is STUPID.


  24. Wops says:

    I agree that Ryder should at least play on our fourth line. One day he’ll come out of his funk.
    CH is for Chris Higgins

  25. sidhu says:

    We’re doing amazing things for Ryder’s trade value by sitting him in the press box.

  26. Corio says:

    It has NOTHING to do with Carbo! Ryder was on the first line as usual at the beginning of the season, he wasn’t producing. Many things have happened prior to Ryder arriving at this unfortunate stage.

    – Chats with coach & management
    – shuffling of lines
    – More chats
    – less ice time
    – benching

    Nothing has worked!

    What do you recommend Mr Knowitall?

  27. fun police says:


  28. ccs says:

    Oh yeah I know that Ryder has to take some of the blame as well but your not going to score many from the press box. Guy give your head a shake. Ryder needs to play alot of minutes per game on the top line to score. As well on the pp. Give him some more time. Play him in the right situation and with the right amount of ice time. The Press box will do plenty for his trade value if thats what is in his future.

  29. fun police says:

    does this mean streit as a forward again?

  30. coutNY says:

    Estimated $5.5-$6 per year???? looks like the’ll need to unload in July…

  31. Matt. says:

    Looks like Mike Richards is going to sign with Phili on a 10 to 12 year extension. <---- that is not a typo.

  32. ccs says:

    Wow Carbo really knows how to destroy players careers. Last season Samsonov this year Ryder and possibly Koivu. Ryder will score 30 goals again just not with the Habs.

  33. coutNY says:

    Carbo must have read the Béliveau article … cause he is heeding the Toe Blake strategy

    The Gazette
    on Dec 11

    “I remember (coach) Toe Blake one day told me, ‘Jean, I think I’ll put all the youngsters coming up with you,’ ”Béliveau said.

  34. 24cups says:

    I am sure that all decisions made on the line up are reviewed by BG.

  35. Wops says:

    A.Kostitsyn 46
    S.Kostitsyn 74

    Andrei should change is number to 47 to be AK47.
    and it would be sweet too with Sergei’s 74.

    CH is for Chris Higgins

  36. Corio says:

    He has had MORE then ample opportunity to get his ass in gear and shrug off this so-called slump to no avail. It’s time he looks at his reflection on this ice from the press box and reevaluates his existence in the NHL imo..

    Oh and Dandy, yes, at least he has scored in the last what 15 games? How many points has Ryder had?

  37. JF says:

    I’m glad to see S. Kostitsyn getting the start on the first line. Of the others who have been tried there, only Dandenault has not looked out of place. Perhaps he will be the spark that will get Higgins and Koivu going.

    I hope the Habs have studied videos of their last game against the Flyers, which was perhaps the best game they’ve played all season. They played an aggressive, fast-skating, hard-hitting forechecking game. In fact that’s the kind of game they were generally playing at the beginning of the season. It worked, so I’m at a loss to understand why they got away from it. They look feeble when they try and play a game based solely on defense. They get few scoring chances, create many turnovers, and spend most of the game trying to dig the puck out of their own zone. What happened to the aggressive, offensive game that worked so well? It was also a lot more fun to watch! Games these days are agonizing.

  38. Matt. says:

    Poor Ryder, he’s holding that stick so tight it’s going to explode into a million pieces… And as if Streit is playing as a forward and we have a forward in the press box… what a mess.

    On the plus side, Gorgeous Gorges is in, S. Kostitsyn is in AND as of 1:12 this afternoon, the score is still 0-0!

  39. christophurrr says:

    so streit and dandy are both playing wing again? wicked.

    let the 30 goal scorer sit. that’ll get him kick started

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