Ryder ready to face Sabres

Michael Ryder will return to the Canadiens lineup for Tuesday’s home game against the Buffalo Sabres (7:30 p,m., TSN, RDS, TSN-690 Radio). Ryder missed Saturday’s game in New Jersey with an undisclosed injury but he was reunited with linemates Tomas Plekanec and Brian Gionta at practice Monday and coach Michel Therrien said he was good to go against the Sabres.

There was good news elsewhere on the injury front. Yannick Weber (lower body), Rene Bourque (concussion) and Brandon Prust all skated under the watchful eye of strength and conditioning coach Pierre Allard. Therrien said he wasn’t sure when any of the injured players would be cleared for action but he said they were all “making progress.”

Defenceman Raphael Diaz (concussion) is also making progress although not as quickly as the others. He has been working out in the gym but hasn’t been cleared to skate.

Diaz’s spot has been filled by rookie Jarred Tinordi, who had an impressive debut in New Jersey where he assisted on the game-winning goal by Tomas Plekanec and was plus-2 in a 2-1 victory.

(Photo by John Mahoney/The Gazette)


  1. shootdapuck says:

    With the ability to move Cap Dollars no contract is untradeable!

  2. CharlieHodgeFan says:

    Everyone is posting the same list of who “will” be traded. I’ll wager that if Bergevin makes a move, it will be for someone totally unexpected. It won’t be a superstar, but it will be someone solid and who fills a need.
    The Cole Ryder trade was a play-off run move already. Why wait for the bidding war inflation to come? We may already have seen Bergevin’s strategy for the playoffs.
    If we could pick up a forward like Bourque and a defenceman like, I dunno, Diaz, that would be a strong step forward. Prust would be a good addition too. A tough veteran stay at home defenceman would be helpful…
    I’ll betcha Sergei K could be gotten. We could use him as a goon just so we could see him get his butt kicked. The we could trade him for Grabovski and get to see the whole thing all over again!

    • LizardKing12 says:

      You’re right, if Bergevin makes any moves it won’t be for a superstar. He still has the future of this team in mind and knows there is no need to sell the farm to bring in a Jarome Iginla type of rental. However, I would assume he understands that opportunities to compete for a stanley cup don’t come around every day so he will make some moves to improve the Habs chances in the playoffs.

      The Habs need veteran depth for the playoffs. At the moment guys like Dumont, Tinordi and Pateryn are filling in just fine however they aren’t the guys you want to rely on should we run in to some unfortunate injuries in the playoffs. It is important to be able to throw some vets who have been there before into the mix when players go down during a long playoff run. I think Bergevin will bring in a stay at home dman to be our #6-7, a 4th line center with a good faceoff % and possibly a 3rd line veteran winger who could fill in on the top 6 if needed.

  3. Adidess says:

    @ SteverenO

    You can’t seriously be comparing Kaberle’s performance to Subban and Markov’s based on the large discrepancies in minutes and games played. In fact, Kaberle’s success this year seems to have been based on the sheltered, limited minutes he has played over a few games (10 to be precise).

    I am not a statistician, but have heard of a concept called statistical significance. It stipulates you can throw a coin up three times and get head all 3 times completely by chance. The result will become significant if you throw it 10 or more times and still get head every time. That’s when you can really say wow something is going on here…

    In other words, statistical significance is low on limited tries. You need prolonged experimentation to get solid, meaningful results. What do you think would happen if you give Subban’s minutes to Kaberle and the same number of games? If you accept Kaberle’s performance would be dramatically different, then you shouldn’t use the two guys in your comparison. A better basis for comparison would be someone playing a ‘comparable’ amount of minutes in ‘comparable’ situations 😉

    Edit: was posting on Iphone and the response went out before I finished

    • SteverenO says:

      I agree with you , Adidess. I was just using the numbers to show that Kaberle was not “terrible” this year. I dont think that the difference between him and Patteryn, or him and Tinordi would be so dramatic. I don;t understand the “not playing him for fear of injury” point either. maybe I am missing something in the cap rules but I thought an injured player does not count against the cap. So my point was that are only 4 things that can happen if he plays:
      1) he plays well; and we win , (good result and may pay dividends in trade)
      2) he plays well and we lose ( bad result but no harm done and may pay dividends in trade)
      3) he plays bad and we win ( good result no harm done and just the fact that hes playing may pay dividend at trade deadline)
      4) he plays bad and we lose one game because of it (experiment failed)

      Logically, playing him is the right move at this point. At least until he costs us a game because of his bad play.

      Personally I wish we never got him, he is way overpaid and for entertainment value I would rather see Patteryn or Tinordi in his place, but in terms of whats best for the team at this time and for the future, I believe the “right”move is to play him.

      If we are behind in the the third period and need to score I would rather see Kaberle on the ice then Georges, Emelin, Bouillion, Patteryn , or Tinordi .


      Steve O.

  4. petefleet says:

    Saw a list of UFAs and players up for trade on TSN tonight. I didn’t see any that would help the Habs do anything more in the playoffs. Some very overpaid players on the list though and underachievers.
    “Backup goalie getting the shut out is like your mistress babysitting your kids. Did a great job but still feels wrong.”


    ***Habs Forever***

  5. SteverenO says:

    Why Kaberle should be in the lineup.

    The only way to get something for Kaberle is to play him.

    If he continues to play to play as well as he has this year , we will benefit from his play AND get someone to trade for him, and even get back a decent draft pick or two.

    If he gets hurt, his numbers wont count against the cap, allowing us to pick up some salary at the trade deadline in the form of a rental.

    If he plays badly, take him out of the lineup and we are no worse off than we started. The absolute worst that can happen is that he costs us a game. Surely the upside of playing him is worth more than one game.

    In my opinion one of the reasons the Habs have done so poorly over the last few seasons is because they take each game way to seriously. It’s as if there was never any “good time” to try something or someone. God forbid the experiment might cost the team a game.

    It is rarely one guy, (other than the goalie) that will make the difference between winning and losing a game. We can win with Patteryn, we can win with Tinordi, we can win with Diaz, and we can win with Kaberle, too.

    The fact is that in limited play this season (110 minutes of even strength ice time) Kaberle has been on the ice for 8 Hab goals for and 4 goals against) his average of goals scored per minute of ice time is at 14 better than Subban (20) and Markov (25), Defensively his numbers are equal to Subban; one goal allowed every 28 minutes of even strength ice time) and better than Markov (24 minutes TOI per goal allowed) .

    Before you say that MArkov plays against “better” opponents I have checked the CORSI and relative Corsi numbers. Kaberle is leading the defencemen on the team in both categories.

    Seeing as we have been “forced” to play Georges on the PP, on recent games I don;t see the downside of dressing Kaberle.

    I would prefer to play Kaberle than to rush a youngster like Tinordi before he is ready. Also I am not sure the rules for UFA and RFA status but don,t we lose a year on Tinordi if he plays more than 5 games?

    I would say the same for Webber. I don’t think he would hurt the team in a sixth defenseman role, OR as the 12th forward either for that matter.

    It was nice to see Armstrong score a goal, but honestly the entire 4th line of White , Armstrong, and Moen, should be looking over their shoulders. Blunden actually contributed to a goal and Dumont is a real hustler, We also have Bourque and Prust coming back soon, It is NOT good enough to hold the other team off the board, there MUST be some contribution to the offense.

    I never will understand why its “better” to have a 4th line that doesn’t score or allow ANY goals , than a 4th line that averages one goal for, AND one goal against per game.

    It;s okay of your the Devils perhaps, but I personally would gladly trade a few wins for not having to watch those snorefest games on a regular basis.


    Steve O.

  6. Highspeed969 says:

    Is there a morning skate at bell centre tomorrow? Anyone know? Can the public attend? Thanks!

  7. hab fan in leaf jungle says:

    Kabs is not a good fit in Montreal right now but I can think of several teams like Detroit who could use him. He is still a good QB on the power play and he has great offensive intuition and IQ. I would prefer that they kept Pateryn up instead of Tinordi. He looked good but doesn’t seem mature enough physically (and probably emotionally) to be in the bigs. Tinordi looks like a great big, lanky kid while Pateryn looks like a man. The Tin Man needs to put on another 20-30 lbs. on his frame. He played a tough game in Junior and I would hate to see him get his bell rung by one of the many tough hombres in the NHL. Next year he should get bigger and be able to handle some of the tough guys he’ll face in the NHL.

    • wjc says:

      Tinorti will not be a fighter in the NHL, just maybe the odd spontaneous one.

      Tinorti will be a clear the front of the net type.


      • hab fan in leaf jungle says:

        He’s just over 6’6″ and about 208 lbs. That means he has a very high centre of gravity; knocking him over will be easy. To be an effective d-man who can really clear the front of the net and neutralize the big power forwards in this game like Erik Cole and Dustin Penner etc. when they have a full head of steam, you need to be at least 240 lbs. Dustin Byfuglien claims to be 235 lbs. but the trainers in Chicago let it slip a couple of years ago that he was actually closer to 270 lbs. and the guy has hips so wide he could give birth to a Honda Civic. No wonder Luongo still has nightmares about him.

    • LizardKing12 says:

      I don’t think there are several teams that would take Kaberle. I see Detroit as possibly the only team that would take him on, mostly because their powerplay has been dreadful and they also generally lack NHL quality depth on the back end. Kaberle is horrendous in his own zone but like you said still posses good offensive intuition and can QB a PP so with limited 5-on-5 minutes he could still be useful.

      I completely disagree on keeping Pateryn up over Tinordi. First of all probably the main reason Bergevin is calling up these dmen is to get a feel for what he has in his system before deciding who to trade for at the deadline. I think the plan was always to see what both Pateryn and Tinordi were capable of contributing to the Habs if their services are needed during the stretch run. As far as performance on the ice Tinordi was the better of the two. In his only NHL game playing against a playoff team Tinordi was given 15 min of ice time. In his 3 NHL games Pateryn averaged 9:36 time on the ice and in his only game against a playoff team (Ottawa) he got less than 7 min. That shows me that the coaching staff had a lot more confidence in Tinordi than they did in Pateryn. I thought Pateryn was solid in his stint with the Canadiens and will likely make a very good bottom pairing dman one day but he is not the gamer that Tinordi is. In his first NHL game Pateryn was clearly nervous, he didn’t make any major mistakes but was very jittery with the puck on his stick. Tinordi on the other hand seemed very calm like he was a seasoned vet.

      • hab fan in leaf jungle says:

        Pateryn may have over-thought his actions and appeared nervous. Clearly a 1st round selection will get a better look-see and more forgiveness for mistakes than a 5th rounder like GP; let’s also remember that the Tin Man has great pedigree. Something tells me he will be tough like his Dad who was not a goon but one of the genuine tough guys especially in his North Star days. One more year of growing and seasoning will really improve his value to the team in the long run.

  8. petefleet says:

    Good for Ryder

    I was looking at the roster for 1992-93 season and drew some comparisons to this years group. Of course the lineup back then was deeper in talented scoring but the depth overall was not. The D corp had a similar make up though. There were 3 guys that could bury it from the point, just like this year. The forwards are more rounded in terms of scoring by committee than back then and there are a couple of rookies in the mix that are turning heads. Even compared to the 2007-8 Habs this group is more rounded with skill in more areas. This team could go as far as Carey Price can take them. I believe they have the offense up front and on the back end.

    “Backup goalie getting the shut out is like your mistress babysitting your kids. Did a great job but still feels wrong.”


    ***Habs Forever***

    • hab fan in leaf jungle says:

      Two very serious additions were Gary Leeman and Brian Bellows (in August of 1992). The latter still holds the Habs record for the most goals scored at that position. I believe they also added Rob Ramage. These were crucial contributors to the Cup run of 1993.

    • wjc says:

      Forget Stanley cup this year, not happening. Fans are getting carried away. They are still building.


      • LizardKing12 says:

        That doesn’t mean we cannot compete for the cup this year. Almost 30 games into a 48 game season and the Canadiens sit in second with 2 games in hand on the first place Pens. It is time to realize that this years habs are for real. They are not doing it with smoke and mirrors but with hard work and dedication. This team shows up every single night and has bought into a very good system. Also lets not forget that there is a lot of talent on this team. We have an elite goalie in Price and an elite dman in PK and we have 3 scoring lines that can beat you on any given night. Nobody is getting carried away, the Canadiens along with Pens and Bruins have the best chance to represent the east in the finals.

  9. Ian Cobb says:

    Tips for Getting Through Concussion Recovery
    Today’s guest blog is written by Madeline Uretsky, a BIA-MA Ambassador Speaker, who is still recovering from a concussion she had in 2011. Today she shares her tips for

  10. LeHabfan13 says:

    I think MB is gonna take a good look at Tinordi and make his decision on Kaberle what he’s gonna do with him.

    If Tinordi keeps playing like he did in his debut he’ll become the 7th “D” man.

    • wjc says:

      Tinordi should play tons of minutes in Hamilton, and build up his weight and strength. He will know more what it takes to be a regular and be ready for next year.

      Seventh defenseman is just not going to happen.


  11. Ian Cobb says:

    This is a test post!

    All clear!! My post has been tested.
    Thanks Stu!!

  12. Timo says:

    Read a great post a few minutes ago. “Mondays are not that bad. It’s your job that sucks.”

    It is so true. If I could spend today on Kylee’s massage table instead of the office I wouldn’t mind today so much either.

  13. Ian Cobb says:

    Finally able to post, I had to call the heavens above to inter-seed for me to get on here again. Thanks Stu!

    Frank Selkie Jr. died!

  14. Chris1138 says:

    So I flew into Montreal today from Toronto and I’m here tomorrow for an all-day meeting. There’s a good chance my flight home tomorrow night may be cancelled which would leave me in Montreal when the Habs are playing! I’ve seen the Habs play Toronto at the ACC maybe a dozen times, but I’ve never actually been to a game at the Bell Centre (the stars have never aligned for me). If my flight gets cancelled and I’m out of this meeting at 5:30-6:00pm, is it possible to get a single ticket to the game that isn’t ridiculously expensive (something around $100?) Is it best to just go to the box office at the Bell Centre for last minute tickets?

    –| Brad Marchand | Starley Cup Chanpiar 2011 |–

    • Hobie Hansen says:

      There will be plenty of scalpers around the building. If you don’t mind missing 5mins of the game, wait until it starts, the scalpers become desperate and you can get tickets lower than face value.

      • Chris1138 says:

        What about if you don’t go the scalping route?

        I would prefer to see the whole thing and get the full Bell Centre experience, but if scalpers are the only way then I’ll have to consider it.

        –| Brad Marchand | Starley Cup Chanpiar 2011 |–

        • HabFab says:

          There are game day tickets sold but you would probably need to get earlier in the day.

        • GrosBill says:

          I will be there tomorrow. I buy from scalpers pretty frequently actually. I find you can often get a ticket at modest mark up if you 1. Get it not too long from puck-drop time 2. Ask around, there are many around 🙂 If you are willing to spend 100 you should be able to get seat somewhere in upper.
          Scalpers will probably be your only option…………..

        • Loonie says:

          They have a really hard time moving the Club Desjardins tickets because they’re pricey.

          If you get a scalper about a half hour before game-time you’ll likely be able to get a seat at $50 less than face value.

        • HabFanSince72 says:


          Try ebay, kijiji, or stubhub.

          You can get game day tickets via email (pdf).

          • yodasvoboda says:

            Second that. When I’m in Mtl I get tix from craiglist people. They sell at reasonable mark up too.

            Enjoy buddy. Notice even the white collar fans at the bell centre go apeshit as opposed to the acc where they return to their seats halfway through the period.

    • vancouverite says:

      Sure. You can buy tickets from scalpers outside the arena. (Make sure to negotiate though because they usually ask for way too much at first). Depends where your meeting is, but generally speaking you should be able to get from anywhere in Montreal to the Bell centre in under an hour. Enjoy!

      • Chris1138 says:

        I can see Carey Price (on the Bell Centre wall) looking at me from my hotel window so I’m not too far to walk… even in a major snowstorm!

        Thanks for all the help everybody!

        –| Brad Marchand | Starley Cup Chanpiar 2011 |–

    • Bripro says:

      Edit: Enjoy. It’s worth the trip!

    • Ian Cobb says:

      Just go, there is always guys selling tickets for face value as well as scalpers. But try the box office!

    • Timo says:

      It is possible but why would you? Get a good seat and expense it.

  15. Blouin says:

    Let’s take a second to remember the great Frank Selke. A true ambassador for our game; a pillar among the greats who refused to stop helping those less fortunate than he. We could all learn a thing or two.

  16. HabFab says:

    Vail signed to an AHL Amateur Try Out with the Hamilton Bulldogs. http://hamiltonbulldogs.com/pressbox/news/?article_id=323

    – not with the Habs or a NHL contract…pretend we don’t exist
    – he will get paid per game but not as much as a PTO or NHL/AHL contract
    – the ATO protects his amateur status with the CHL/ IIHF

    • Caesar says:

      Is this normal? I don’t recall this kind of signing before

      • HabFab says:

        Not normal and usually reserved for University type players. Can remember it a few years back but not sure whom. Believe it was SK when he was in London. He went on a big sulk in the fall when he had to return to the OHL and not allowed to stay with big bro. After sulking for a couple months, he then proceeded to tear the league apart.

  17. Hobie Hansen says:

    So are there still any believers out there that a team would actually be interested in acquiring Kaberle in a trade. Or has everyone finally put down the crack pipe?

  18. Loonie says:

    A quick look at how the East would appear without the shootout…..

    1. Pittsburgh – 42 pts(18GR)
    2. Montreal – 40 pts(20GR)
    3. Carolina – 31 pts(21GR)
    4. Boston – 38 pts(21GR)
    5. Ottawa – 33 pts(19GR)
    6. Toronto – 32 pts(19GR)
    7. Winnipeg – 31 pts(19GR)
    8. New Jersey – 30 pts(19GR)

    9. Islanders – 27 pts(20GR)
    T10. Rangers – 26 pts(21GR)
    T10. Flyers – 26 pts(19GR)
    T12. Lightning – 25 pts(20GR)
    T12. Capitals – 25 pts(20GR)
    14. Sabres – 21 pts(19GR)
    15. Panthers – 19 pts(19GR)

    The Southeast could definitely be decided by the farce.

    • Blouin says:

      What are you replacing the shootout with? A tie? Two OTs first? Or can we kick it playoff style and just keep playing until someone scores?

      On a side note: I’m slightly embarrassed for the SE division. When the team below you in the standings is about 10 points better (I’m not going to mention who), it says a lot about your division. Perhaps this whole realignment thing will make it less ridiculous.

  19. Rudy says:

    So is Kaberle getting the Gomez treatment but he is allowed to still hang/practice with the team rather than stay at home like Gomez was told to?

  20. Ian Cobb says:

    Frank Selkie just died!!

  21. HabsWinn-ipeg says:

    So Weber is close to returning…to the press box.

    • Kooch7800 says:

      pretty much. Weber doesn’t really have much of a future on the Habs blue line with the emergence of Diaz. The Habs D in the next 3 to 4 years looks fantastic if everyone continues to develop

      “Keep your stick on the Ice”

  22. Kooch7800 says:

    I liked the way Tinordi played in his debut. My question is why is Kabrele not playing at all? Is he hurt?

    “Keep your stick on the Ice”

    • Timo says:

      Do you want him to play? 🙂

    • club de hockey says:

      Not injured – Most likely to protect him to use the buyout in summer

      Danny, Dick, Flower, Dryden and 2313 Rue Ste. Catherine – foundations of my CH affliction

    • lavie says:

      Bergevin just doesn’t want him to be hurt (for a trade or sth).

    • jols101 says:

      I think Bergevin has determined that there is absolutely no GM willing to trade for him, even for a bag of pucks, so they have concluded that Kaberle will be the 2nd buyout. If he gets injured they won’t be allowed to buy him out, therefore he will remain in the press box for the rest of the season. FYI, all this is pure speculation.

      • Kooch7800 says:

        It is crazy cause there are teams hurting for D out there and he could help and they could buy him out in the summer. His contract isn’t nearly as ugly as Gomez and he can still actually play….who knows

        “Keep your stick on the Ice”

        • Hobie Hansen says:

          “he can still actually play”

          Are you sure about that?

        • jols101 says:

          Ya Kooch, I think he can still help a team, especially on the PP. His contract ends after next year so you would think someone would take a chance on him. Who knows, at the trade deadline there might be a few teams desperate enough to take the risk.

          One thing for certain, Mr. Molson would rather Bergevin find a trade partner then having to buyout another player. That’s got to be hard on the pocketbook.

      • s_impastato says:

        I don’t normally play GM, but the Habs should see if the Leafs would be will to trade Komisarek for Kabrele.

        Neither is really being used by their teams. Both have one year left on their contracts. Kabrele makes about a million more a season.

        • LizardKing12 says:

          Actually Komisarek makes 250 K more per season than Kaberle. Also he is more useless than Kaberle at this point. At least Kaberle can still QB a PP and contribute offensively. Komisarek is a pylon, and seems to me like his value was inflated by playing alongside Markov. He can’t crack the line-up on team that has plenty of slow lumbering oafs playing d, can’t imagine he’d ever earn any playing time in MTL so why bother swapping one guy who is going to sit in the pressbox for the rest of the season for another more expensive guy who will do the same thing?

        • yodasvoboda says:

          I saw komisarek parking his car on Sunday morning downtown TO next to Gretzkys bar. Beutiful wife who looked pregnant.

          Must sting that he can’t keep up in the NHL anymore. He gave us some good years though.

      • hab fan in leaf jungle says:

        The Habs could trade him and eat part of his salary which would apply against their cap but it’s better than having him in the press box and having his full salary on the cap or him getting injured and ineligible for a buyout. I believe the new CBA allows teams to absorb part of the player’s salary like in the old days. That should make those kinds of trades more feasible. Has the league actually printed a copy of the new CBA from the hotel napkin it was originally scribbled on?

    • shiram says:

      Some say he’s not playing to insure he does not get hurt, so the Habs can buy him out this summer.

  23. Say Ash says:

    Paper Plane Power!

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