Round 2, Game 2: Canadiens pull even vs. Pens

Canadiens’ Brian Gionta sees his deflection stopped by Penguins goalie Marc-André Fleury Sunday afternoon. John Mahoney, The Gazette

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At a glance: Michael Cammalleri’s seventh and eighth goals of the postseason were the difference Sunday in a game the Pittsburgh Penguins dominated for most of the afternoon. But Cammalleri’s power-play goal in the second period proved to be the difference in a 2-1 win the Canadiens can thank Jaroslav Halak for this win as he stopped all but one of the 39 shots he faced.

After outshooting the Penguins 12-9 in the first period, the Canadiens mustered only 8 shots on Marc-André Fleury over the final 40 minutes.
But Fleury allowed a pair of goals on those shots, both by Cammalleri, while
Halak stopped all 30 shots he faced after the first period.

The Penguins opened the scoring when Matt Cooke took a nice pass from Max Talbot and deked Jaroslav Halak, slipping the puck between Halak’s legs 4:38 into the game.

Brian Gionta tied the score 1-1 15:48 into the first period after accepting a feed from Scott Gomez from behind the net to beat Marc-André Fleury with a quick shot.

Cammalleri’s first goal came on the power-play 7:27 into the second period, with P.K. Subban collecting an assist on the play, his third point of
the postseason.

Cammaleri gave the Canadiens a two-goal cushion with less than three minutes to play when he was sent in alone on Fleury, beating him over the glove with a wrist shot.

What it means: The Canadiens have pulled even with the Penguins in the series at 1-1.

What’s next: Game 3 will be Tuesday night at the Bell Centre in Montreal, with Game 4 on Thursday night.


  1. Bill J says:

    Odd. I got the feeling you where happy with him here. in fact today you said with a year of seasoning he would do great things.

    I guess I miss-understood, your tune didn’t change.

    Your one confusing fella sometimes Ian lol

  2. kempie says:

    40 years? It sounds like your parents are gonna let you watch the second game of your life. Lucky boy. Live it up cuz Monday is a school night.

  3. habs4cup says:

    not yours either. but I guess watching them play for 40 years means something. it’s something you’ll never know about.

  4. ed lopaz says:

    Habs hockey = Smart hockey

    even if certain criticism is valid, a fan should look at the positives while we battle in the playoffs.

    you are not a fan.

    “our” stanley cup.

    I don’t think the Habs will be sharing anything with you – it might be “our” team, it is not yours.

  5. habs4cup says:

    I think they should call the Gomez Gionta Cammalleri line, the smurf shorts!

  6. KenD29 says:

    Neither.  RDS feed.

    Tonight we skate with them, Tonight is our night!

  7. KenD29 says:


    Tonight we skate with them, Tonight is our night!

  8. Favorite Son says:

    Habs I/O should totally charge you for your constant plugging of your blog.

  9. Ian Cobb says:

    BILL J

    Just spotted this reply Bill. I still feel that he should be with
    Hamilton Bill, and as a matter of fact I think he might do well to play
    another year there and come up next year late.

    But the powers
    to be have seen two of our best go down and we do need someone to play
    defence for us. I have very mixed feelings about this call up. But if
    anyone can handle it here , he can.

    You deserve more of a response Bill, but I was late in seeing this. Ian

  10. Dintrox says:

    Playoff scheduling is due in large part to NBC. NBC wants two matinee games a weekend.

    December 4, 2009 – Elmer Lach’s jersey took its rightful place with the Rocket’s in the rafters.

  11. WestHab says:

    They already did advance.

  12. homerbowen says:

    Finally, someone who agrees with me this team is too small to advance in the playoffs.

  13. homerbowen says:

    Finally, someone who agrees with me this team is too small to advance in the playoffs.

  14. WestHab says:

    I would have gone with Price but gee I’m not quit ready to throw in the towel.

  15. habsfansince91 says:

    ya but then they got a two day break. They played thursday and their next game is today.

  16. Oto-HNS says:

    Don’t need to tell me that… I’m spending 5 years of my life studying it lol

  17. HUDSONHAB says:

    Suban isn’t Markov (yet) but, he is the only one that can do everything Markov does. And he is right handed. If MAB can keep the puck on his stick and get into position, we should have the one timer from both sides. That should help the PP. As far as the PK goes, we just have to adjust to what Pit is doing and stay agressive.

    Finally; AK46 has to be strong on his passes and dump ins and he and Poulli have to get to the net and score.

    Pretty simple eh? <<<<GO HABS GO>>>>


  18. Favorite Son says:

    How can you say that the PP would have been useless? They’ve been doing alright so far with it. Every PP is a chance to score. All I’m saying is, when is it considered interference, because it’s clear he no longer had the puck and we’ve all seen this type of play penalized before.

  19. WestHab says:

    Fresh from twitter Halak is in.

  20. alestar says:

    Detroit had the same 1 day off as the Habs…


    XXIV…and counting

  21. Harditya_CareyPrice says:



  22. habsfansince91 says:

    true, i forgot about that break in the first series.

  23. WestHab says:

    The Habs had 2 days rest in the first round series.  They are paying the price of taking 7 games to beat the caps. It’s also the price of winning. If they’d lost they would be on a beach.  The injury to Markov is the real killer but there is nothing to be done about it. At least we saw him play one series and it was his best playoff. Last year we had no Markov and no Subban. It’s tme to suck it up as they say, time to dig a little deeper.

  24. alestar says:

    Clean hit, no question…the worst is the announcers are talking about how Markov missed 35 games at the beginning of the season due to injury, right as he’s getting hit!


    XXIV…and counting

  25. lavie says:

    Contrary to those negatives, I am quite confident with this team.

    Now this team has become Gill+Gionta+Cammi+Subban+Halak and Co.

  26. pmaraw says:

    a few of those guys, like craig adams, wont score again, i would hope.

  27. habs03 says:

    Clean hit, Markov had passed the puck and even Markov was getting himself ready for the hit, I think Markov didn’t Cooke was that strong.

  28. habs03 says:

    That is why I’m hoping we get fid of those two, like when I look at Pouliot who screws up as much as those two atleast Pouliot shows he cares.

  29. pmaraw says:

    after watching that again, its markovs right leg that gets hurt, he leaned into cooke to hit back, but cook had the leverage and markov was on 1 foot, his right, it put all the pressure on his knee it appears to me.  too bad, we got guys who can step up tho!

  30. habsfansince91 says:

    i don’t understand the scheduling process for the playoffs. Every team has at least gotten two days rest besides the habs, and to make matters worse, their making them play an afternoon game. What gives

  31. avatar_58 says:

    Like I said though – so what? Penalty or not the PP would have been useless and they’d still be without Markov. It’s not a dirty hit in the sense that it was meant to injure.

  32. avatar_58 says:

    REGARDLESS  – they were being outplayed. The pens cannot be weathered like the caps. You need to attack-attack-attack. That’s what Ottawa did and came close. This is not a team you can expect to play defensive against. Gill’s shot blocking won’t save them.

  33. ed lopaz says:

    Habs hockey = Smart hockey

    when SK SITS, AK SULKS.

    its sad but true.

  34. Ton says:

    its my comment take we should take the leap and part with markov now that he worth something and injury prone. its somewhat off topic but it is related.

  35. says:

    That was a hockey hit, aka finishing your check.  Markov caught a rut in the ice.  The hit was a little late but it was also expected.  Markov knew that.

    They Call Me Shane

  36. arrow says:

    I have faith the G-Men (Gorges/Gill) will play awesome today. Heart-Attack Halak or possibly Price will have a great game.

    If SK is in the lineup then AK will have a better game. We have to stay out of the penalty box.  The team has to get back to playing with heart and treat every game as if it were a Game 7 game.


  37. Favorite Son says:

    There’s a lot more to it than that. 6 different players scored for the Pens. They have more depth than the Caps if you ask me. Even guys like Adams can score. Whereas with the Habs, the only players scoring right now are either Cammalleri or Gionta. Not enough secondary scoring.

  38. says:

    The not enough rest argument is the best one so far. They looked completely dead out there Friday night. I think Markov wasn’t a HUGE factor in Habs beating the Caps so I just hope the team doesn’t get down on themselves. 


    Twitter: @truerivalry

  39. Ton says:

    elementary! in north america we ask the kids to hug the boards and never counter the hit especially when your two feet away from them. Markov didn’t do this and he paid the price.

  40. Favorite Son says:

    But wasn’t it interference? How many seconds until he no longer has the puck is it considered a penalty? Is there actually a time limit? This is so stupid, either you’re allowed to hit someone when they don’t have the puck or you’re not. These in-betweens are ridiculous.

  41. says:

    They Should Hang em, hang em high lol…………

    They Call Me Shane

  42. Danno says:

    With respect, I disagree. We got a penalty when Gomez got two minutes after that play. Pens got the man advantage and scored. It made a big difference.


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  43. Puck Bard says:

    Penguins are beatable. More so than the Caps… even w/o Markov. Only concern is (still) not enough rest.

  44. avatar_58 says:

    Doesn’t really matter. Even if given a penalty it wouldn’t have made a difference, they still lose Markov. The hit wasn’t dirty

  45. Puck Bard says:

    Be watching whatever they feed me at ATDHE

  46. Danno says:

    Matt Cooke’s hit on Andrei Markov. Judge for yourselves. Markov was not in possession of the puck when he got hit.

    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  47. habsguy says:

    4 power play goals in the first game and you want to take penalties because one of our players took a legal hit…..LOL…smart!!!!……how about we score more goals than them and point to the score board!!!!

  48. habsguy says:

    I also heard Don Cherry say he should have been closer to the boards,  he wasn’t and if he was, he wouldn’t have played the puck.  It was a bang bang play,  Markov saw him at the last second and tried to hit him before he got hit…

  49. homerbowen says:

    If Halak plays and the Pens crowd the net we could be in trouble. Our little players must control themselves and stay out of the box. I wish Moen would develop a bit of a mean streak. If Crosby is on his game we will be in trouble but he is still great to watch. JM must be removed from the bench next year. We need to get bigger.

  50. adam76 says:

    Who will be watching the NBC feed over the CBC?



  51. mrhabby says:

    is halak starting?

  52. mrhabby says:

    the hit was legal not a cheap shot its just that it was Cooke .if anything makov should have been closer to the boards to shield himself from the hit.

    Cooke did get the crap beat out of him by Evander Cane last time they played the Thrashers not sure you saw it. Kane hit him good and knocked him out. Iam sure Cooke will get it again in the regular season.

  53. homerbowen says:

    We don’t have any big boys.

  54. KenD29 says:

    Habs need to stay out of the box, Halak needs to come up with another big game, Popgun 46 needs wake up and start playing like AK46 and keep Cook honest and not allow him to have a big hit. Make sure to clear out the Pens player in front of Halak!

    Tonight we skate with them, Tonight is our night!

  55. Danno says:

    Maybe a well-placed piece of hot rubber from MAB?


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  56. Danno says:

    Spacek’s ailment explained.


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  57. Danno says:

    It’s a serious ailment.


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  58. derfab says:

    p.s. it”s called freeing up space for your skilled players, no elimination of red lines or any other stupid rule change necessary.

  59. habs03 says:

    I know I was really hoping Spacek would be back in but doesn’t seem like it, I think JM will go with all 6 and if we got the lead late he’ll just role 4D-men. I read a little about that ear virus that I think Spacek has it seems weird, and its tought to get over.

  60. Bill J says:


    I don’t get where sholi implies the Habs should trade Markov ? – Talk about a major leap.

  61. derfab says:

    By the way, and I know everyone has lost their way since the Bertuzzi-Moore incident,  Cook really has to be held accountable for the hits and cheap shots.

    He won’t fight (the real problem) and the league can’t suspend him for legal hits, so he should be made to chew on an elbow pad or 7 until he has to leave the game to reinsert whatever teeth he can recover.

    These are the guys that have caused the most damage to the game and its best players.

    Cook should never have been allowed to think that he could get away with a big hit on Markov.

    It’s time that the big boys took better care of their own.



  62. Ton says:

    your right this is the time unload him. 2 major injuries, nearing 35……………..

  63. avatar_58 says:

    Bergeron breaks any d-pairing. That’s the problem. No matter who he’s paired with, even Markov, the d suffers and a goal happens. It needs to stop. Even if it means playing 5 D.

  64. ed lopaz says:

    Habs hockey = Smart hockey

    we live as a team, and we win as a team.

    we play 5 man defence – not just 2.

    we play with energy – that was taken from us Friday because bettman had to prostitute the NHL to NBC.

    we play with Subban – could have been with us since the Olympics, but nevermind that, at least he’s here now.

    we play Habs Hockey.

    we play Smart Hockey.

  65. habs03 says:

    I know the score was 6-3 in game 1 but we didn’t play that badly, the 4 PPG were killer. I think JM needs to balance the D, instead of Bergeron and Subban together, but Berg/OB Subban/Hammrlik. I think the loss of Stall is HUGE, but so is the loss of Markov, we need to go home 1-1 to game is almost of a must. I love both our goalies but he needs to be better than last game and I expect him to be. I just seems that he is a bit tired but that is the case for every young goalie that is coming into his own, he went from playing 25-40 games a year to now playing every other night, that is why I hope we keep both goalies until one mergers that they can handle 60-70 games etc.

  66. mr.a. says:

    without markov, habs don’t have a prayer. washington lost due to atrocious coaching. boudreau should have had someone in front of halak. he wouldn’t have stopped pucks he couldn’t see. skating around the likes of gill and obyrne, and looking for the open man, etc… instead of blasting pucks directly at them and halak would have made more sense and resulted in montreal losing the series easily. the penguins are well aware, unlike the capitals, that they should do both the screening and the playmaking, and therefore will easily prevail with the much more talented team.

  67. says:

    Do be honest the Canadiens will be fine.  Markov has been good these playoffs but not jaw dropping great.

    If they can stop with the penalties then I bet we win game two.  That’s the only reason the Pens won last game.

    Halak and or Price needs to be spectacular.

    I’m a Price fan and would love to see him start this one, but if Halak plays than that’s fine too.

    They Call Me Shane

  68. derfab says:

    The Markov injury means we are, sorry everyone, getting off this ride soon. But it would be nice to knock off one more giant before we die.

  69. Oto-HNS says:

    Partially correct… he more likely has a viral labyrinthitis, with acute inflammatory changes in the inner ear. You’re right though, the only cure is time (unfortunately!).



  70. Mattyleg says:

    Spacek has labyrinthitis!!

    I’ve had that and it SUCKS. You can’t stand up, or do anything until it goes away. Usually takes about a week to be partially funtional.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  71. derfab says:

    Jaro and the D. didn’t have that extra juice to fight their way through the bodies and traffic around the net. That’s why he should have been rested. Most pro goalies will stop anything they see from 20 or more feet out in their sleep but they have to be pumped and very sharp mentally to anticipate and stop the other stuff.  Price is not as good right now as Halak but he should be used if it can help the team fight another day.

  72. Say Ash says:

    Being on the West Coast, Bettman will have me drinking in the a.m. today, so I guess he has done some good for hockey.

    “Yeah, but the game’s on, Honey!”

  73. Curtis O Habs says:

    Sounds like Spacek has vertigo, caused by crystalization in the ear canal. No known cure other than time.

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