Round 1, Game 5: Canadiens extend the series

Canadiens’ Jaroslav Halak stops a shot from Capitals’ Brendan Morrison during the first period on Friday night. Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

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• At a Glance: For once in their series against the Washington Capitals, the Canadiens were able to hold onto a lead and weather the Washington attack for a 2-1 win on Friday night. The Canadiens grabbed an early 2-0 lead over the Capitals thanks to two quick goals in the opening minutes of the game. Michael Cammalleri wasted little time testing Semyon Varlamov, scoring from the slot only 1:30 into the game. Travis Moen made it 2-0 with his first of the playoffs 7:01 into the period. Alex Ovechkin got the Capitals on the scoreboard in the second period, cutting the Montreal lead to 2-1 after he pushed a rebound past Jaroslav Halak 3:52 into the frame. Halak made 37 saves on the night, including some spectacular ones in the third period as the Capitals pressed for the tying goal. Varlamov was tested less, but allowed two goals on 28 shots. Both teams came up empty with the man advantage, going a combined 0-for-11.

• Key Moments: The Capitals pulled Varlamov for the final minute of the game after receiving a penalty for too many men on the ice, meaning they still had five skates on the ice, and came within inches of tying the game in the dying seconds.

• What It Means: The Canadiens narrowed the Capitals’ lead in the series to 3-2 and send it back to Montreal.

• What’s Next: Game 6 of the series goes Monday night in Montreal. Should a Game 7 be necessary, it will be Wednesday night in Washington. Both games are at 7 p.m.


  1. Derek2 says:

    Agree with point 2 but on point 1 – I think we need to get some players with the size of AK and Pouliot who are ts a whole lot nastier and more agressive.  Haven’t given uup on Pouliot yet but have had it up to “here” with enigmatic Russians.  Gomez, Gionta play a lot bigger than their size.

    As a thought – I think Gomez should take shooting lessons from Yvan Cournoyer.  He used to practice in the off season shoting a lead puck.  If Gomez were also a threat to shoot he would be more dangerous.

  2. Derek2 says:

    I know this is a hockey site but I am really tired of hearing the rabid right trash Obama with unsubstantiated statements that end up going unchalllenged .  How exactly is Obama trashing the US constitution? 

    It’s like waching Rudy Guiliani on CNN rant about Obama took over the auto industry and then seeing an ad at the break with the CEO of GM thanking the people and the gov’t for a second chance . They’d have been screaming if he had let GM fail.

    Or watching idiots like McConnell and Boehner decry how we have the best health care system in the world, or Representative Nunez from Modesto California in the House of Reps actually say that health care reform was the first step towards “Soviet totalitarianism”.

    Anyway – We live to see game six.  Kinda wish we were playing it in DC.  We choke at home in the playoffs.  A home playoff game at the Forum used to be a lock.

  3. Bill J says:

    Listen Terry – You seem to like to try to start fights with fellow Hab fans…  Makes you a piece of “something” that rhymes with “FIT” – no doubt in my mind of that.

    Calling anyone a “Pricebot” is NOT kind you immature ignoramus.

    I have no doubt you could not muster the “kahunas” to call Price immature now.

    Go back to grade school, and argue with your school mates. 


  4. terrygain says:

    Very good  correction. Good incite. I was going to do it  but than I seen that you done it. It was good of you. he should of knowed better, If people wood only pay more better attention than there all be less heirs.

  5. says:

    For all intents and purposes 🙂

  6. LeopardSeal says:

    How small minded can you get?  The anthem doesn’t represent the executive administration.  The anthem represents the entire history, culture, and citizenry.  If you don’t approve of America’s, just be respectfully quiet.  NO one should express disrespect for their neighbors that way.  I think Obama is trashing the US Constitution, but that has nothing to do with the Star Spangled Banner.

    For a Caps fan, the glass always appears half empty.

  7. Psycho29 says:

    You could always do everyone a favour and move to Russia if you’re not happy….

  8. DONJUAN says:

    And were in hell is that MAB shot MIA i guess.  Pouliot is such a bust Thank you JM for sitting him on the bench as well as SK74 did anyone notice how lost SK74 was in the defensive zone.  BRUTAL!!!!  I liked Pyatt’s game tonight lots of mojo.

    In HABS we trust.

  9. BKAK72 says:

    For all intensive purposes the CANADIENS defense is avergae at best. Once you get past MARKOV and GILL (on the PK) who else do you turn to for some serious shut-down hockey? I know guys here will scream murder for JG26 BUT the guy is far too small and is pushed around by bigger FWDs. — I will not apologize for being a delirious HABS fan! —

  10. terrygain says:

    Boy are you dimwitted. Considering what he said about the player who got us into the playoffs, calling him a Pricebot was kind. And, FYI I’ve not said one word about Price’s maturity. 

  11. slapshot777 says:

    How many times have MAB failed to keep the puck in on the PP and all night it looks as if he is playing with a grenade. Then Hamrlik what the hell is he doing all the way in to the top of  the crease on the PP with no one covering for him if the puck gets picked off.

    In the meantime it is the forwards job to fall back on the point when the defensman goes in. Yet when the D goes in the back end is open.


    To you from failing hands we throw the torch, be yours to hold it high.

  12. homerbowen says:

    You could always go back to the one that padded their own pockets…geez didn’t people go to jail!!

  13. Bill J says:

    OFFER                                         COMPENSATION
    $994,433 or below                        None
    Over $994,433 to $1,506,716        Third-round choice
    Over $1,506,716 to $3,013,434     Second-round choice
    Over $3,013,434 to $4,520,150     First-round and third-round choice
    Over $4,520,150 to $6,026,867     First-round, second-round and third-round choice
    Over $6,026,867 to $7,533,584     Two first-round choices, one second- and one third-round choice
    Over $7,533,584                          Four first-round choices

  14. BKAK72 says:

    Really? That much? I hope one of them gets that. — I will not apologize for being a delirious HABS fan! —

  15. BKAK72 says:

    Why does TSN keep a “neutral” position covering the Canadiens? How many people in Washington are watching their feed? How many Canadian viewers are tuning into this game to cheer for the CAPS? Times like this where it would be good to know French and watch on RDS. — I will not apologize for being a delirious HABS fan! —

  16. Bill J says:

    Depends on the Salary Offered…

    I think the habs only start getting 1st round picks once the salary offered goes past 3 Million….

  17. BKAK72 says:

    Anybody know what the compensation is if HALAK or PRICE are picked up as RFAs this summer?

    — I will not apologize for being a delirious HABS fan! —

  18. KenD29 says:

    JM, Keep MAB off the ice! And the rest of the Habs, have to stay out of the box!

    Tonight we skate with them, Tonight is our night!

  19. KenD29 says:

    class act by the fans in Washington!

    Tonight we skate with them, Tonight is our night!

  20. KenD29 says:

    2-1 now with the Caps putting on the pressure.

    Tonight we skate with them, Tonight is our night!

  21. habbynessisyellingohabsgo says:

    Hugh pp. We need one here big time!!

  22. lavie says:

    We should bring back Theo (to the game).


    *** We need a forward as inspiring as Subban; then we can talk about the Cup ***

  23. lavie says:

    Doulbe post.


    *** We need a forward as inspiring as Subban; then we can talk about the Cup ***

  24. dudurules says:

    seems the caps were snoozin… oh they’re awake now!

  25. SLONCOLD says:

    jaro jaro jaro!!!!

    Cammy cammy cammy!!!!

    moen moen moen!!!!

    markov!!!!!  u just missed it damn it

  26. slapshot777 says:

    Another inch and we would have been up 3 -0.


    To you from failing hands we throw the torch, be yours to hold it high.

  27. lavie says:

    That’s a good sign. They wanted game 7.

  28. Off-side says:

    Is it just me or do our guys not look so excited when they scored these two goals?  oh, shit…o’byrne is going in…

  29. lavie says:

    Missed Moen’s goal. Was that a wonderful goal?

    P.S.. Watched the replay. That was nice!

  30. habsfan reduxit says:

    … so the Caps fans cheered during the Canadian national anthem. Well, bully for them. The blunt fact is national anthems have nothing to do with sporting events and the practice of playing them should be stopped. But until that happens, i see nothing wrong with a fan showing his or her opinion of the country being so recognised; it has nothing to do with the teams involved or their players. In fact, with Canada being ‘governed’ by this particular excuse for a government, I’d boo my own anthem along with the American one if I were in the Bell Centre.

    “Whenever you have the puck, and don’t know what to do with it, put it in the net.” – Toe Blake

  31. nfldanchor says:

    Spacek is a big loss the last few games. The Habs will have to outwork the Caps and fire lots of shots on net.  They also have to win more battles in the offensive zone and they need to get that man in front of Varlamov. Also OVY needs a good hit put on him abd then he needs to be ruffed  up every chance they get including Semin as well. Don’t give me that size issue when the playoffs is about the size of your balls and heart.

  32. matmacat says:

    Subban played 40 minutes last game??

  33. Bill J says:

    LOL – way to keep your positive hat on.

    Go Habs Go!

  34. matmacat says:

    So habs in 7 it is.

  35. Bill J says:

    Yo Halakian Trouble maker…. is that the best you have when someone makes a valid point ?

    Are you that immature that you can not avoid using derogatory names ?

    You want Price to act more mature perhaps – maybe you could take a few lessons yourself.


  36. Hammer says:

    Your’re right. I just took off my rose coloured glasses and all I saw was this debactle!

  37. Hammer says:

    Got so excited i double posted.

  38. terrygain says:

    Yes Pricebot.

  39. JIMVINNY says:

    There’s a big difference between “not happy”, and “scared”, or “rattled”.  the latter two do a much better job of describing Halak in games 2 and 3 than does the former.

  40. terrygain says:

    You’re not very observant if you didn’t notice that Halak was not happy in games 2 and 3. I’m okay with Price starting the game  if he can guarantee that he won’t give up one of his patented soft goals.

  41. Hammer says:

    W/O joining the Halak, Price pissing match( I like both goalies, but the D sucks) , I believe Price deserves to start. It was not his fault that Hamrlk has two left feet or #47 has more holes in his game than a soup strainer. At least Price looks pissed when he loses, shows me he cares. 

  42. alfieturcotte says:

    Given the current 3-1 deficit, combined with the poor defensive play of both MAB and Hamrlik, I don’t see  why they would not bring up PK.  They have nothing to lose, only a jolt of energy and passion to gain. Look how well young Carlson is playing with Washington — he is their best defenseman.  

    Markov / O’Byrne — with Markov responsibility to be on ice vs Ovi

    PK / Hamrlik

    Gill / Gorges

    Line 1: AK 46 / Plek / SK 74 with AK 46 given job to shadow Ovi at all times.

    Line 2: Gomez / Gionta / Cammerleri

    Line 3: Metro / Moore / Pouliot

    Line 4: Lapierre / MAB / Pyatt

    Goalie: Whoever it is, pray they make at least some Varlomov-like key saves.  I might go with Price, only because he might not be as mentally drained at this point.

  43. smiler2729 says:

    Thanks but just trying to bring some sanity to the H I/O asylum. We’re all on the same side, sometimes it doesn’t seem so.

  44. HabsFanInTampa says:

    I hearya! 🙂

  45. mrhabby says: do we get that big talented forward or 2 when we have our big 3 forwards tied to big contracts…cams, gomez , gionta…hard to do. who will take gomez/gionta’s contract. we have to keep cams as he is a pure sniper. we only have so much cap space.

    2.i think we need help on defence big time. would like to see us get younger and nastier. we don’t resign Mab , Mara is gone. try and make a trade for hammer. we would have something like..subban, gill, spacek, OB, markov, JG and a 7th man. i see our defence as the weakest link right now.


  46. Batalla says:

    The only way we win tonight is if we find a quick way to clone Ovechkin…  So it doesn’t seem very likely…

  47. SLONCOLD says:

    indeed i remember when they signed him to the deal i was like kinda long on the term but alright. Not a good situation but i still think he could be useful to us next year.

  48. Habsrule1 says:

    Just want to shout out to Smiler. I read his posts a lot, but I think he’s had some good ones today (see below).

    I’d love to hear what some of you other people think the Habs need to get over the hump, preferably without completely bashing any of our players.

    I personally agree with much of what Smiler is preaching. Perhaps a big, talented forward or 2, depending on what we think of AK46….as well as a top 6 defenseman and a PK Subban.

    Go Habs Go!! “I don’t have a copy of Georges’ code, I don’t know what it is,”. “I think the code is that you’re here for your teammates. It’s not your code, it’s our code.” – Bob Gainey

  49. Caballero says:

    I agree dude that is what I meant. I can’t believe as in wtf

  50. Say Ash says:

    Are we the only team that didn’t take a home game?

  51. 123456 says:

    serious question: i missed the action right after the last game ended. does anyone know if the crowd applauded the Habs after the game thinking it was maybe their last time to see them this season?

  52. 123456 says:

    but shoipping him at next season;s trade deadline means we take the big hit during the year. i’d prefer PK and obyrne get a lot of time next season. i do think hammer is good but just not worth his contract.

    secret mod

  53. HabsFanInTampa says:

    “You can’t believe home ice is actually a disadvantage for us” Really? Let’s see now. We boo our goaltenders relentlessly when, God forbid, they let in a goal when we should be supporting them. We boo the American Anthem, alienating our American born players on our team. The vitriol spewed by the French media, and to a much lesser degree, the English media, cause our players to constantly walk on eggshells. There’s “pressure” in every major sport. But, what you don’t do is apply added pressure to the fish bowl existence of a Montreal Canadien hockey player. When our team hits the road, that vacuum is released and makes for a more satisfying experience than the treatment on “home ice”.

  54. wmarcello says:

    Something’s gotta happen with Hammer. Even if he’s not traded or bought out, he won’t be good enough next year to crack the top 6. That honour will go to Markov, Subban, Spacek, OB, Gill, and Gorges.

  55. SLONCOLD says:

    i doubt we’ll buy hammer out. if we can’t move him during the draft he’ll be easily shopped at the trade deadline when a team will only have to make about 2 million of room for the remainder of his cap.


  56. Caballero says:

    This team is still relatively new, and I think that this experience will make the team better by bringing them closer together. This team has to learn how to deal with the pressure of playing in Montreal. I can’t believe that home ice is actually a disadvantage for us.

  57. 123456 says:

    question for thought:

    since hammer has another year left at $5M if we buy him out there is still a big cap hit the next two years (about 1.7M each). looks like if he can not be moved it may be worth it to buy him out. but also since mara and MAB will certainly be gone it may be worth trying to get him to sign on for two additional years at something low like $1.2M each year. he still had value but certianly not nearly $5M. maybe there will be some loyalty and he can be used for the next couple years. if not when halak or price are shopped i’d move hammer with them, lowers their trade value but something needs to be done to pay the goalie that remains and to pay pleks…. plus being the conservative guy i am i’d always want at least $1M in space goin into the season for contingencies.

  58. Bill J says:

    Sadly our Ovechkin Clone is still in the Russian Army.

    Avstin has been labeled 80% of Ovechkin (style of play)

    Alas…. not till next season does he hit North-American soil.

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