Roster update for tonight

The Gazette’s Herb Zurkowsky reports from this morning’s Bell Centre skate that both Alex Kovalev (ankle) and Josh Gorges (flu) skated and are expected to be in the Canadiens lineup tonight. Defenceman Roman Hamrlik (flu, skin condition) did not skate, but that was for "precautionary" reasons and he too is expected to play tonight. No word on who will be the healthy scratches.


  1. Sulemaan says:

    I agree Steve. I don’t believe in gooning it up but the players should be ready to answer the bell. I also believe that Downie has history so I’d rather take him out first before he can unnerve our players. Kind of like Dale Hunter back in the glory days of the Habs/Nords.

  2. wd40 says:

    what a hit! didn’t look like he knew where he was.

  3. HABZ 24 says:

    flyers are 0-5 we gotta beat them 2nite. price must be right.huets on the 45 game downslide let him sit.koveys ankle better carry him we need him. go habs go

  4. Shiloh says:

    I agree with you nightmare 49. He really needs some time to learn to play because he can’t keep up at the NHL level. And I don’t blame Latendresse one little bit – not his fault he’s had a free ride.

    My breaking point was when Carbo sat out Andrei Kostitsyn !!!@!!!!! for three or four games while Lats ankled around out there. That was shocking. You couldn’t get me to trade AK46 for 50 Latendresse’s.

  5. Smart Dog says:

    I like your thinking. Streit is important on the power play but that’s about it. And a defensive liablity.. we’ve seen that before. We can plug someone else in his spot.

    Habs Fans! The FUTURE looks bright:
    Plekanec, Higgins, Chipchura, A Kostitsyn, Lapierre, Latendress,
    Price, S Kostitsyn, Komisuarus, O’Byrne

  6. nightmare_49 says:

    To be honest with you Donavan , Markov is another one that has a low pain threshold and there are many like that and around junior hockey their’s been many a tear shed over homesickness and player’s bond , believe me you’d be surprised and any coach at that level will attest to that.

  7. PGHABS says:

    He is a Bruin
    Pessimism is a cowards way out.

  8. nightmare_49 says:

    I second Shiloh’s opinion but for different reasons as i don’t really blame Lats but management for their pampering of Lats who should have been learning his trade in Hamilton this year under the developement program of Don Lever just like everybody else. He has so much to learn.

  9. nightmare_49 says:

    2nd round pick , Carey Price was our 1st round pick and what a difference but a good gamble in the 2nd round even though their’s a hell of a lot of work in progress and learning has been slow to be complimentary.

  10. Smart Dog says:

    I hope not. If anything HASN’T worked it’s Ryder-Koivu-Higgins. Chemistry is elusive, but it’s pretty obvious when it’s gone.

    Habs Fans! The FUTURE looks bright:
    Plekanec, Higgins, Chipchura, A Kostitsyn, Lapierre, Latendress,
    Price, S Kostitsyn, Komisuarus, O’Byrne

  11. Habsfan39 says:

    I dont say much on here, I read stuff on here like crazy….

    Echo me ppl if you feel the same about this.

    Does anybody else hate Aaron Ward as much as I do? I cannot STAND that guy.

    He gets hurt every friggen game ive seen him play in, no matter what. He always comes right back. He’s never even hurt, but then announcers always comment on how friggen tough he is… It just gets on my friggen nerves bigtime.

    I echoed my comments to a co-worker a couple months ago, and he just laughed. I guess his brother played junior with him and he was known for calling his mom crying on road trips…

    I dunno, this has nothing to do with roster changes, but I cant stand seeing him interviewed on the score right now.

    Love Donovan

  12. nightmare_49 says:

    Les Habitants – Good post and many of his goals in the past have been from around the net and he should play like he has in the past and forget about beating everybody with fancy crap and move the puck around and get down and dirty.

  13. Shiloh says:

    Vendetta? Not at all. I just think the player sucking the most should sit. How many assists does LaSlowesse have – 5? And what’s our first-round pick doing on the 4th line? The answer is simple – he can’t keep up with the other three lines.

    If I was conducting a vendetta I’d want him to stay in the lineup every night until he is finally released or shipped out for a Zamboni tire. I think he needs to play lots of minutes in Hamilton to see if he pans out.

  14. Hoegarden says:

    If it’s a close game then I doubt he or anyone else would put the game on the line with cheap shots. They need the points badly. Should the Habs be up by two or three goals going into the 3rd, then I’d definitely worry.

  15. Hoegarden says:

    I did not know Downie was from Iraq !!

  16. J.T. says:

    Hey Tom…I don’t think S.Kost is afraid of Downie. He crushed Downie in junior:

    I think Kosty knows Downie’s tricks and if he sees him coming he can handle himself.

  17. PGHABS says:

    I happen to like Latendresse and I like having him in our lineup. He only plays on the fourth line and he has fourteen goals. Not many,if any, teams have guys on the fourth line who are on pace for twenty goals. I agree Latendresse has some problem areas, but I think his he brings moore to the lineup than others would in his place.
    Pessimism is a cowards way out.

  18. N.B.habs fan says:

    Hi shiloh,
    Have to agree with you to put Ryder in .I thought he played well the last time he played and I don’t know why they didn’t play him again ,he is better than Lat.

  19. 24 Cups says:

    Tommy & Sulemaan – I’m a peace loving man who believes in clean hockey BUT if a guy like Downie goes after one of our stars then the smart thing to do is retaliate against someone like Briere or Mike Richards. Hit them where it hurts.

    The Original 24 Cups

  20. jimbo says:

    there’s history there too so we have to watch that donkey

  21. Shiloh says:

    Ryder should get the call tonight and skate alongside of Koivu and Higgins. Latendresse should be in the press box.

  22. TommyB says:

    I’d love to see that too! But one thing I don’t want to see is Downie cheap-shot one of our guys, especially one of the younger guys like S.Kostitsyn. And you know he is capable of it. I’ll go with your thinking and add…better to go with a pre-emptive strike. Take Downie out early and take no chances.

  23. Mike says:

    truthfully, i would try and package streit in a deal and trade him. his value will never be higher and his offensive points shield his lack of defenseive skills.

  24. Sulemaan says:

    I just want to see either Komsiarek, O’Byrne, Begin or Kostopolous line up Steve Downie for a nice open-ice hit. He’s a dirty player who could have nearly killed someone earlier this season and shouldn’t be playing in the league. I really hope he doesn’t take any runs at our players.

  25. Bouleau noir says:

    ….yet from what I know with O’byrne in the line-up we are in term of average size and weight around 5th in the East…. anyway one spot bigger than the Flyers.

  26. JF says:

    I’ve also noticed we’ve been seeing more of Koivu and hearing more from him in post-game interviews. But this is the time of year when he starts to really step it up. He’s always very noticeable in the run to the playoffs.

  27. JF says:

    We need Begin’s gritty, physical play against the Flyers.

  28. Justin says:

    You would make Streit a healthy scratch???? That seems like an odd choice to me.

  29. Les-Habitants says:

    No idea…although I know he was fine yesterday, at the blood drive, and was talking about playing physical against philly. Maybe he just got a therapy day too

  30. Les-Habitants says:

    Yah, but that’s not the point…look at what else Higgins brings to the ice: while he doesn’t have finish, and boy, I think everyone realizes this summer more shooting the puck, less yoga, he generates like 5 scoring opportunities a game, does amazing work on the PK and works hard along the boards.

    …and, just to make a point, Breezer couldn’t have scored either. How is a breakaway goal lucky? and the other one he was in the slot, and had to out-muscle Bouwmeester…Breezer do that??

    Higgins is a complete player, and brings a lot of things to the ice that are really hard to find.
    If he could just re-gain that finishing touch from last year…dynamite! and he’s still on pace for 50-60 pts, with 25+ goals.

    so, he may be getting garabage goals, but he’s still scoring

  31. Mike says:

    I didn’t forget about him, i was wondering why he didnt practice. I was hoping someone had some insight about that.

  32. Les-Habitants says:

    Don’t worry, Breezer will still be scratched…you forgot about Cube, and they’ll want him in the lineup

  33. Mike says:

    If hammerlik is in, then i would expect streit to replace dandy but i wish he would replace brisebois

  34. Mike says:

    Everybody please. Ok Higgins scored 2 goals in 2 games. but for crying out loud. They were 2 very lucky goals that brisbois could have scored.

  35. Mike says:

    practiced lines were:

    A. Kostitsyn – Plekanec – Kovalev
    Higgins – Koivu – S. Kostitsyn
    Begin – Smolinski – Kostopoulos
    Latendresse – Lapierre – Dandenault
    Markov – Komisarek
    Streit – O’Byrne
    Gorges – Brisebois

  36. wd40 says:

    i wouldn’t tinker with the Koivu line right now.. it’s showing signs of life.

  37. Les-Habitants says:

    Ryder’s been given every opportunity to re-gain his form…and while he’s had flashes of his “old self”, he doesn’t have the confidence to shoot the puck and not doing that, he won’t secure a spot.

  38. HKisses says:

    Sorry no way….Higgins On first not third…..

  39. Mike says:

    Best possible lineup for the habs but unlikely due to ryder

    S. Kostitsyn- Koivu – M. Ryder
    A. Kostitsyn – Plekanec – Kovalev
    Higgins- Lapierre – Latendresse
    Begin- Smolinski – Kostopolaus

    Markov – Komisarek
    Hamrlik – O’Byrne
    Gorges – Bouillon

  40. Les-Habitants says:

    Breezer, Dandy, and Ryder would be my guess as well about who’ll be scratched, although I wouldn’t be too surprised to see Dandy in and Begin out.

    I like the idea of Streit on a line with Lapierre and Lats…gives that line a bit more skill, and someone to pass the puck to Tender while Lapierre is running around somewhere on the ice…

  41. wd40 says:

    random thought: have any of you noticed we’re seeing (and hearing) more of Koivu lately. i’m not sure if the journalists were just staying away from him, but lately it feels as though we’re hearing more for our capitain.

    random thought 2: also, aside from Briere and little Marty Biron, boy the Flyers have a big team (e.g. Mike Knuble, 6’3″ 230lbs, etc):

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