Rogie and the Hall: a strong case is made

Rogie Vachon
Overlooked by the Hall of Fame
David Bier Studios, Montreal Gazette files

It’s no secret that I have long believed that former Canadiens goaltender Rogie Vachon belongs in the Hall of Fame. I’ve said it, yelled it, written it and argued for it. But it’s ultimately up to fans, and others, to enshrine Vachon, the best goaltender of his era not to be in the Hall.

Inside/Out regulars will be familiar with the exhaustive research and passion of Robert Lefebvre, whose Eyes On The Prize blog should be among your bookmarks.

Robert L, as he’s known in these parts, makes a three-part, entirely thorough case for Vachon’s place in the Hall of Fame. See if you don’t agree – and aren’t ready to make a little useful noise with a letter to the Hall – after you’ve read:

Making a case for Rogie in the Hall;

Lefebvre’s comprehensive Vachon profile;

And visit the Vachon exposition in Rogie’s hometown of Palmarolle, Que.


  1. RS says:

    When I was kid playing road hockey back in the 70s, whenever the goalie made a great save, especially a nice glove save, it was alway “Rogie” or “Bernie”. To me, that’s a better honour than being in the Hall. But, considering some of the other guys in the Hall, Rogie probably does belong there too.

  2. RetroMikey says:

    If you want to include Rogie in the Hall, what about Ted Harris and Terry Harper who were part of the big 3 in the 60’s with Jacques Laperriere? Tough call to make Dave. These 2 defensemen were so underrated. As for Guy Lapointe, the guy deserved to have his number retired the night Boom Boom had his. To me, this is a big blunder that the Habs organization needs to fix up immediately. The guy was a 20 year old standout rookie D-man in the 1971 Cup finals against Chicago and was one of the big 3 of the 70’s along with Savard and Robinson. In my opinion, Lapointe was also underrated.

    “We will win the Cup only with Carey Price in the nets”

  3. habsguy says:

    Guy Lapointe….one of the BEST of his era !!!!!

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