Rocket’s elaborate 1956-57 contract

Habs Inside/Out reader Dee sends along this, which apparently is making the rounds on the Internet. Seems that Frank Selke had a 2 1/2-year-old daily agenda pad on which to scrawl in pencil the terms of Maurice (Rocket) Richard’s 1956-57 contract.

Thanks, Dee. A wonderful piece of history.




  1. Sags says:

    I wish this version of les canadiens played with the skill, determination and passion that the Rocket did for his team and city…Maurice Richard, the greatest Montreal Canadien ever!

  2. Dee says:

    Sorry I didn’t finish writing.I am having problems with my computer.What I wanted to say was.Thank you Mr,Stubbs for entering this piece of Habs History on HIO.Some of these players today make this in one night.Years ago players played with their heart and soul today it is how much money can I make then hold off for the best bidder to come along.They were the good old hockey days when there were 6 teams and cream of the crop.They didn’t ware much equipment back in the day equipment today could kill someone.Take a look at Gerry Mcneil’s pads made with straw.No helments no face masks for the goalies till Jaque Plante had the first mask.The first time I saw him in that mask,I thought he was someone from mars LOL.When my son played pee wee hockey they had to ware a mask.I went out and bought him one the full one similar to the ones they ware today.Well he didn’t want that one he wanted the one like PLante’s so that is what he got.I am not having a good day I think I will go to bed LOL.Those senior moments.

  3. Kristopher7 says:

    Wow nice

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