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Just a reminder, for those asking why their posts aren’t appearing:

Please note that from now on you’ll need to be registered at Habs Inside/Out in order to have your comments appear automatically on the site. Anonymously posted comments will be subject to moderator approval before they appear.

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  1. Rich B says:

    Thanks for removing the rating system I/O. I’m sure some like as much as others dislike it, but we are all Habs fans here. Sorry if there have been a number of posts on this issue.

  2. Frank2468 says:

    Well I’m starting to wonder if our beloved Guy Lafleur’s comment the other day about the team has merit. Well lets look at the response from the team after the comment. A 4-3 SO win over Leafs, lucky to win that one. A 4-0 pounding from the Devils. And tonight with 7 mins and 30 sec to go in the third they blow a 3-0 lead. You can’t blame the goal tending. I think our four number 4 line system is not working.

  3. teamplayer says:

    an idea that was mentioned in another thread… put the new comments spot ontop of the comments, like facebook has it in the profile section

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