Red Fisher hangs ’em up

In Friday’s edition of The Gazette, publisher Alan Allnutt announced Red Fisher has retired from the newspaper.
Fisher had been covering the Canadiens – for The Gazette and Montreal Star – since March 17, 1955.
His first night on the hockey beat?
The Richard Riot

Saturday’s Gazette will have a bunch of good stuff on Fisher.

For now, HIO bids a fond farewell to a writer who has forgotten more about hockey than most of us will ever know.

• The Thursday edition of L’Antichambre featured speculation about whom Michel Therrien might hire as assistant coaches.

Eric Desjardins and Guy Lapointe have taken themselves out of the running.

Names mentioned on the telecast included Larry Robinson, Guy Carbonneau, former L.A. Kings head coach Terry Murray, Saint John Sea Dogs coach Gerald Gallant, former Canadiens defencemen Jean-Jacques Daigneault and Gaston Gingras and L’Antichambre panelist Gaston Therrien (no relation to the head coach).


  1. K-hab25 says:


    Since “I’m willing to trade anyone, pending the return.” isn’t clar enough for you and the Halak stalker, Clay, yes I would trade Price aswell, pending the return. If it benefits the team, I could care less who is traded. My loyalty is to the laundry, not the overpaid players and always will be.

    Proud Pricebot since 2006/2007

    • ed lopaz says:

      well, I disagree on trading Price.

      at this point the only way we could trade him is if we got a terrific young goalie in return, which would make the trade useless.

      so, Price can not be traded using your “pending the return” criteria.

      everyone else can be traded in theory.

      But why would we trade Subban or Patches?

      It would not make any sense.

      We would simply look to replace them as soon as they were gone (as the Commandant said about Pk).

      • K-hab25 says:

        Well that is why added, “pending return.” If it was Malkin, Crosby or Stamkos, then I would trade him in a heartbeat. There are several other players I would be very tempted to say yes aswell. Our biggest need, and IMO, the hardest thing to get is a legit point getter. I’m thinking about the guys that get 35/40 goals, 80/90 points. If we have to trade a Subban/Price/Pacioretty to get that, then so be it. Obviously I would trade Subban first of the three, because it’s our deepest position talent wise. Then Pacioretty, then Price if necessary.

        Proud Pricebot since 2006/2007

        • ed lopaz says:

          Malkin, Crosby, and even Stamkos might not help us win too many games if we had Budaj or some equivalent as our starter.

          its nice to have scoring, necessary if you want to win, but only if you are able to keep the puck out of your own net first and foremost.

          Price is now more valuable to the Habs franchise then any player since Patrick Roy.

        • ont fan says:

          Someone is willing to trade a scorer for Price, Stamkos or Malkin. You wouldn’t pause to think, if they are willing to give that up, why am I trading him? I would think the goalie must be more valuable than the scorer.It always confuses me, when our stars are never as good as someone elses.

    • HardHabits says:

      Trading Price is a non-starter unless the Habs have a goaltender in the pipeline which they don’t.

      Before somebody trolls me as either a Halakite or Price-hater I will candidly admit that when Halak was excelling and Price wasn’t, it was clear who I professed as being the player that should have gotten the more starts. Correctly I might add. That was back then, this is now.

      Price is not the problem and I would even wager is part of the solution. Take a look at the Pens for example trying to lock up Vokoun. They want a viable back-up for Fluery so he doesn’t flame out come play-off time.

      Same difference for the Habs. Same need.

      The past can’t be changed but IMO a smart management team would have kept Halak and Price in which case the Habs would have had the best 1-2 punch in nets in the NHL. Then, down the line one of the two could have been traded for way more than just Eller and Schultz, although at the time it was still a pretty good trade for the Habs. Not great, but at least not a burn. But I digress.

      Ideally the Habs play well enough next season to allow Budaj to play 20 or more games in the regular season. Moving forward acquiring a back-up to make a tandem like Roy-Hayward would be ideal. Although that tandem resulted in a Stanley Cup loss, it was still an appearance, and they did secure three consecutive Jennings Trophies during their partnership.

      Therefore I propose that one need for the Habs moving forward long term would be a viable back-up for Price, which is one reason why I hope the Habs start drafting goaltenders, in the late rounds again at the very least, or early if they think they see a real gem. Short term though, acquiring an inexpensive up and comer would only serve to motivate Price and strengthen the team. You’re only as strong as your weakest link.

      • K-hab25 says:

        As I stated in my post above, it would depend on the return. If it was one of the top young fowards in the world, like Crosby, Malkin or Stamkos, you do it and go with Budaj and FA. Otherwise it would have to involve a really good foward and good youg goaltending prospect. I’m sorry, but I’m not going to allow myself to be close minded on this issue. Everyone is tradeable or as the Million Dollar Man use to say, ” everyones got a price.” That includes Price, Subban and Pacioretty.

        Proud Pricebot since 2006/2007

        • HardHabits says:

          I agree that nobody is untouchable but that doesn’t necessitate a trade. I would think given the Habs lack of depth in defence and nets, trading Price would equate to acquiring Nathan MacKinnon.

          Price may have had a rough ride but he’s weathered it like a champ and even for all my criticism I see still him as a fundamental corner stone to building a championship team. Trading him would set the Habs back short-term very considerably.

          Every-one knows that I would also argue that it would bring dividends long term, only because it would position the Habs to draft higher.

          Timing is everything. Trading him this summer or in the near future would not be wise. Subban on the other hand… 😛

      • mr dave says:

        hi hh finally someone who thinks the same way i do a 2 goalie tandem exactlly like roy and hayward, not on e goalie playing 80 games the other playing 2. we need a better backup for price, budaj is ok at best but an upgrade is needed not sure who would fit here in mtl but we are in need for sure cheers to all

        the habs have 24 cups I have 24 beers

      • neumann103 says:


        While i was always of the “If you have to pick one, keep Price” school, and came to feel that Eller was actually a decent return in trade (essentially in Eller and Schultz, the Habs got what they would have got if Halak had been offer sheeted) my argument at the time was

        Keep them both.
        Combined they would have cost about $6m which is a reasonable total to spend on goaltending
        Platoon them. So they each want to play 65 games. Tough. Play them each 35 – 45 games. They are professional athletes.Suck it up.

        I actually think Budaj is a decent choice and could handle 25-30 starts, but I would have signed Marty Biron to play that role instead of Auld followed by Budaj.

        “Et le but!”

  2. ed lopaz says:

    I have a feeling Avtsin is getting ready to go play in the KHL.

    • commandant says:

      No loss, the guy has had 0 development in Hamilton.

      No hockeysense, no hockey IQ on the kid.

      All the tools, no toolbox.

      Go Habs Go!
      Visit Your NHL Draft Headquarters

      • K-hab25 says:

        I agree 110%!! I had such high hopes for him, but I guy with his limited hockey IQ can’t play in the AHL, let alone the NHL.

        Proud Pricebot since 2006/2007

      • Un Canadien errant says:

        Yeah, his progression in Hamilton is disappointing, but he’s still really young, and is not hurting anyone by being on the Bulldogs’ roster, as opposed to being saddled with Benoit Pouliot in our lineup while we wait for him to figure things out, for example. Alexander Avtsin had one season to get acclimated to the AHL and a new culture and language, then last season’s disappointment, due partly to injuries. It would have been nice for him to take that step forward, but he’s only 21, not everyone is Jonathan Toews, ready to be a NHL captain at 19.

        Let’s hope he’s healthy and things click for him this season, maybe with all the rookies coming up he ends up with more of a leadership role and more responsibility, and that helps him out somehow.

        With so much talent and potential, we can afford to be patient with him. We don’t have an excess of offensively talented kids with size in the system, let’s give him a chance. If he goes to the KHL, maybe he blossoms in that different environment, but we should keep his rights and wait this one out.

        In the very long view, it is important that kids growing up in Québec love the Canadiens and recognize themselves in the team, and a bit of the team in themselves. There must be a strong, visceral, emotional connection between the fans and leurs Glorieux.

        • commandant says:

          I get the impression he doesnt want to stay though.

          $70,000 in the AHL vs $100K or $200K or more in KHL

          I’d keep his rights too, but doubt he wants to stay

          Go Habs Go!
          Visit Your NHL Draft Headquarters

          • Un Canadien errant says:

            I’d be interested in knowing where you get this impression. Do you have a link to articles that I’ve missed?

            I see on Capgeek that he’s signed for two more years, so he can’t go the KHL without permission from the Canadiens. If he wants to leave, it might be a benefit in that he may develop better in a more familiar environment, but that seems to be a job for our new Player Development staff.


            In the very long view, it is important that kids growing up in Québec love the Canadiens and recognize themselves in the team, and a bit of the team in themselves. There must be a strong, visceral, emotional connection between the fans and leurs Glorieux.


          • commandant says:

            No specific source, just something I notice about him.

            As his icetime declines, so does his effort level and enthusiasm. Late in the year he had the look of a player who doesn’t want to be here.

            Maybe I’m reading too much into it… but he just doesn’t have good body language lately.

            Go Habs Go!
            Visit Your NHL Draft Headquarters

          • Un Canadien errant says:

            Cool, you actually get to watch him live, or on TV?

            All the reports I read also tend to describe a lost, overwhelmed young man too. Maybe one more year of physical and emotional maturity will help. As I said, the Player Development group has to allocate a lot of focus on him, because if he pays off he’ll pay off big. I get the feeling guys like Brendan Gallagher, Michaël Bournival and Morgan Ellis won’t need too much attention, they seem like ‘set it and forget it’ guys, but potential headcases like Mr. Avtsin need the support, whether it be the right roommate, language lessons, flying in his family once in a while, etc.

            In the very long view, it is important that kids growing up in Québec love the Canadiens and recognize themselves in the team, and a bit of the team in themselves. There must be a strong, visceral, emotional connection between the fans and leurs Glorieux.


  3. joeybarrie says:

    WOW, crazy game Denmark vs Holland. Who is watching?
    Looking forward to Portugal vs Germany.
    Can’t believe I’ll Have Another is out. Whats there to watch now tonight????
    Oh those crazy students protesting…
    Sharapova WINS French open. Great game, good for her I like her.
    Who is gonna win? Pacquiao or Bradley????

    Cause apparently you cannot discuss anything other than Hockey in here. And of course if it doesnt directly correlate to the Montreal Canadiens, then why are we discussing that???


    • ed lopaz says:

      joey, I was asking a very simple question that no one bothered to answer.

      how would we react as Habs fans if the protesters would interfere with Habs games, or Habs fans gathering outside the Bell Center?

      I know I would be upset.

      That’s how the Grand Prix fans felt last night.

      • Toe Blake says:

        I say they interfere with either you or the event and they get put on their asses.

        • Yea, you can’t be considered a real protestor until someone beats the living snot out of you!

        • Damn straight! What are they protesting anyways!? All they need to do is see what our kids are paying in the US and then let them pay those tuition bills. Maybe then they’d shut up, put their tails between their legs and stop acting all entitled to higher education. Frankly they are a bunch of brats that need to work a little harder and play a little less. Course, the nudity thing is all right!

          Promote the Youth, Support From The Veterans and Remember the Heritage!

        • ZepFan2 says:

          Listen to Toe, he knows!

          “Bring it on home, Bring it on home to you…” – Plant/Page

          Bring it on Home

      • joeybarrie says:

        I was commenting on the posters saying that we should only post about hockey in here. While I think hockey should be the primary subject, there is no reason other subjects should come up. I love hockey, but in June especially, I have other interests that maybe my hockey blogging friends might have an opinion about.
        To answer your question. Yes I would be upset. I guess that’s the point of protesting though. It is effective when something big is disrupted. Other wise it goes fairly unknown.

    • gmd says:

      Awesome match between Denmark and the Dutch. Plenty of scoring chances. I picked the Danes to win this one.

    • Timo says:

      You like Sharapova? NO?!?!?!?!

  4. boing007 says:

    Question: How come politics and professional sports now go hand in hand?

    Richard R
    Price is an oyster. Unfortunately not all oysters produce pearls.

  5. Chuck says:

    Happy anniversary! (or sad, depending on how you want to look at it)

    Being a Hab fan is like buying real estate: only over the long-haul will you appreciate the true value of your investment.

  6. jon514 says:

    Just my opinion, but the only politics that should be discussed on this site is conspiracy theories of french vs. english media agendas… Leave the students out of it.

    • ZepFan2 says:

      “Leave the students out of it.”

      Why is that?

      Btw, F-the students and their union leaders.

      “Bring it on home, Bring it on home to you…” – Plant/Page

      Bring it on Home

      • BobDobbs says:

        Perhaps because it’s not related to hockey?

        • ZepFan2 says:

          That’s nice. So we can talk about, “conspiracy theories of french vs. english media agendas”, but not the students because, “it’s not related to hockey”?!?

          Hockey aka the Habs are not playing now. So tell me Sir Grumpy, what happens when the Stanley cup is done? Will we be allowed to talk about other things? Will YOU allow us to do so?

          If you aren’t a mod or not one of Stubbs, Boone or Cowan, YOU have no say what we post. The sooner YOU realize this, the better for the rest of us.

          “Bring it on home, Bring it on home to you…” – Plant/Page

          Bring it on Home

          • Habsolutely says:

            I’ve noticed a lot of this recently here at HI/O. Posters who joined in 2011/12 who seem to have delusions of grandeur and think they can tell posters who have been here since 2007/08, what we can, or can not post. It’s really pretentious and annoying.

          • commandant says:

            Everyone wants to be an internet cop

            Go Habs Go!
            Visit Your NHL Draft Headquarters

          • ZepFan2 says:


            I could understand someone taking offense to political posts if the Habs were still playing. This notion that we need to be told what we can post and what we can’t is hilarious.


            Is there even an internet police force? If so, how many officers would it take to enforce the “rules” of the interwebs. 🙂

            “Bring it on home, Bring it on home to you…” – Plant/Page

            Bring it on Home

  7. HabsFansince49 says:

    The main article is about Red Fisher. Yet it took me a long time to scroll down today to see any mention of Red on this HIO site. I encountered the present “Is anyone watching?” playoffs, the Quebec student riots and trading PK before any reference to Red. I just want to say that I enjoyed his columns over the years; didn’t always agree with his analysis, but I sure respected his insights. I also thoroughly enjoyed his style of writing.
    Thanks for articles Red! Now I hope you can sit back and enjoy the new Habs era.

    • Kooch7800 says:

      Actually, if you go to the beginning of the 500 comments on this article you will see the vast majority were congrats to Red and talking about hit career. Since this article has been up for 24 plus hours the conversations on it have switch to everything about the habs and some just side conversations.

      I think the vast majority have been influenced by some of Reds articles at some point or another.

      I didn’t agree with the majority of his articles in the past couple of years but over the decades of his work there was quite a few that I did agree with. He had a great career

  8. commandant says:

    Can the Kings go 11-0 on the road tonight?

    16 wins to get the cup and they might have 11 on the road? crazy.

    Go Habs Go!
    Visit Your NHL Draft Headquarters

  9. habsfan0 says:

    19 years ago today,June 9,1993,Habs captured their last Stanley Cup.

    It seems like only…19 years ago.

  10. ed lopaz says:

    so 10 or so misfits, anarchists, like the daughter of Amir Khadir

    started messaging ALL of their “friends” on Facebook about 2 months ago in an effort to stage a Grand Prix Protest last night on Crescent street.

    200 losers showed up. 200. Not thousands. 200.

    It took them 2 months to gather up 200 people.

    Wow! What a Grass Roots movement they have going!!

    I think more than 200 showed up to protest when Kovalev was not re-signed by Gainey.

    Here’s my question to the HIO faithful:

    If these losers were ruining a Habs playoff game evening, disturbing a

    playoff crowd that gathers outside the Bell Center,

    would you still support them??

    What happens if these clowns are still around town in October and

    they gather outside the Bell with their bedpans and other toiletries?

    How embarrassed we Habs fans would be then, no doubt.

    Jacques Villeneuve was right on the mark with his comments yesterday.

    If the students aren’t happy they still need to attend classes.

    Then, when the next election comes around, they can vote to change the government.

    If the misfits, losers like Amir Khadir and his daughter, are not happy, they can do likewise.

    There is a time to protest;

    and now there is a time to stop and let democracy speak on your behalf in the next election.

    • HabFab says:

      I have seen only 2-3 supporters on here Ed, so wouldn’t worry about what they think! I sure don’t! 😀

      On another issue re my post at 8:09, have you seen any list of invitees?

      • ed lopaz says:

        I have not seen a list of the invitees but I think its very provocative of you to bring that up on this site!!

        are you implying that the protesters (who were not students last night, by the way) may have sabotaged the Canadiens web site and deleted the list??

        I hadn’t thought of that angle.

    • Curtis O Habs says:

      Vote to change the government? The only thing that changes is rubber bullets instead of tear gas.

    • Clay says:

      Ed – the conservative government is NOT interested in democracy in the slightest. They have done much to subvert it, in fact, which sadly many Canadians choose to ignore in their apathy. You may need to study a little bit of political science. I have a lot of respect for what you have to say about hockey, but perhaps you should stick to that, because you seem to have little conception of the political reality of our time.

      ☞ “Wow, that’s a nice lookin’ pair of Crocs!” Said no one ever.☜

    • BobDobbs says:

      Actually I think you’re the clown – HIO isn’t your personal blog for espousing your political views.

      • HabFab says:

        metal head

      • ZepFan2 says:

        Political views and many other topics along with hockey talk are usually discussed here regularly. Too bad you’ve been only here less than a year to see some of the topics discussed.

        Btw, calling someone a “clown” simply because you don’t like the subject makes YOU look like an ass. Don’t like the topic, ignore it!

        “Bring it on home, Bring it on home to you…” – Plant/Page

        Bring it on Home

        • BobDobbs says:

          He called the protestors clowns, and he called them worse too.

          I thought he was being cheap because we weren’t supposed to talk about politics and he was getting a late jab in. If we *are* encouraged to talk politics, then I may chime in next time…

          • ZepFan2 says:

            They ARE clowns! They have the lowest fees in NA. They haven’t had a raise in tuition fees in 20 years. They NEVER heard the word no before and so decided to throw a tantrum.

            Now they could care less about tuition fees, they just want to destroy things? They’re worse than clowns!

            “Bring it on home, Bring it on home to you…” – Plant/Page

            Bring it on Home

          • Habsolutely says:

            it’s reflective of the youth of today. they get everything handed to them, they have cell phones at 15, they have the full resources of the internet and they throw tantrums when they can’t get what they want. makes you wonder about the future.

    • boing007 says:

      That reminds me of some choice graffiti that I saw years ago on Guilbault Street, just off Saint Lawrence Blvd: If voting could change the system it would be declared illegal.

      Richard R
      Price is an oyster. Unfortunately not all oysters produce pearls.

  11. price365 says:

    we don’t need many changes to be a playoff team. a 45-point left winger for Pleks and Gionta a 4th line that can contribute unlike what we have now and we’re good to go. if you’re looking for a cup there has to be major changes which is not gonna happen and if it did other managers are doing the same to improve their teams so it becomes a cat and mouse game best manager wins….

    • Clay says:

      “if you’re looking for a cup”, you say?
      Is there any thing else to look for in hockey? Isn’t that what the players – and we as fans – strive for?
      Of course we’re looking for a cup.

      ☞ “Wow, that’s a nice lookin’ pair of Crocs!” Said no one ever.☜

      • That's-Hockey says:

        Clay – I must have written it wrong – I don’t know how old you are you or any other fan looking for a cup in the near future with the team we have at present and even with changes not gonna happen. how long has it taken the kings and they’re still trying. sometimes you get lucky most teams that has done that and this is not a good word to use has tanked for a few years if you want the team to do that you may get your wish in winning a cup other wise making the playoffs every year is our only hope we have. there are to many positions to fill to win a cup any time soon and I agree winning a cup is the only thing to look for in hockey. I have a feeling you’re gonna be disappointed for a few years going from 28th in the league to winning a cup that’s a major step forward…..

        • Clay says:

          I agree it will be a process, but it is doable in 3 to 5 years, with the right moves made.

          My real concern here is that there appears to be a rift in space-time, and you came from an alternate reality or separate interdimentional plane; It seems you replied to my post with a different name than you had in the post I replied to.
          So the real question here is – did you cross over, or did I – or was only HIO effected by this quantum flux?

          Since you kind of ask, I’m 42 – I’ve seen a great deal of cups, but (alas) none for far too long.

          ☞ “Wow, that’s a nice lookin’ pair of Crocs!” Said no one ever.☜

    • RGM says:

      I don’t see how largely going with the status quo will help this team rise 7 spots in the rankings. Yes this team was besieged by injury last year and we’ll be looking forward to some of those guys returning, but they simply cannot go into the season with uninspired dead weight dragging down the team – in both the forward and defence positions. Some people like to talk about tinkering with the bottom six forwards or adding a new depth defenceman, but it’s going to take a lot more than that. The team finished 20th in scoring last year. 40% of the team’s offence came from DD/Patches/Cole. It’s great that the line was awesome, but the team needs to address scoring in a major way.

      GO HABS GO! Maybe 2012-13 will be our year!
      “Scott Gomez is an elite NHL player” – VancouverHab

      Chat with me on Twitter @TheRealRGM81

    • Marc10 says:

      I agree, but we’ll need a more durable team.

      We need to D men with size that can play 15 odd mins. That’s long overdue. Bye bye Diaz, Weber and Kabs… and Markov needs to give us a full season on the PP.

      We also need more scoring, more size and more grit. We need to replace AK, Cams and Gomer. Eller, Bourque need to step up, Gio needs to play a full season, Moen needs to be resigned, and the 3rd and 4th lines need to be big, fast and mean.

      That’s a tall order. We don’t have gritty players with size in our system. Kaberle’s contract is a liability.

      You don’t solve all that in one go. A re-energized PP gets us closer to 8th spot, but we’re not going to ice a contender anytime soon unless the second coming of Kovalev’s miracle 08 season comes to pass.

      If MB and MT pull a winner from this bunch, they’ll have earned their pay.

    • Old Bald Bird says:

      I think we’re going to have to patient for a few years until the young guys, especially the D’s with size, start paying off. Unless MB can figure it out, we may have an undersized D until then.

  12. Rad says:

    The trolls have it all wrong: it’s Subban and our #3 for Ryan Nugent-Hopkins and Edmonton’s #1. Hahahahahha

  13. Hali_Hab says:

    I am really keeping my fingers crossed that the habs get gallant onboard.

  14. habstrinifan says:

    I spoke with 3 GM’s concerning the trade P.K for Yak’s propositions.

    One of them said that he WAS “pretty damn confident” that Yak is going to be a 35/40 goal, 80/90 point player.

    One of them said he WAS NOT “pretty damn confident” that Yak is going to be a 35/40 goal, 80/90 point player.

    One of them said he “believed” that Yak is going to be a 35/40 goal, 80/90 point player.

    I hope you get my point.

  15. rnbws.ncronwrcr says:

    the moderators here are sensitive. It was a good joke. It hurt no one.

    • Clay says:

      They have their favourites…
      Too bad I missed the joke.

      ☞ “Wow, that’s a nice lookin’ pair of Crocs!” Said no one ever.☜

  16. HabFab says:

    June 12th (Monday) – the Habs hold their annual Combine. Usually about 40 players are invited with most being from the Q. Have only seen six names and they are all Q players. If anyone else have a list would be nice to see.
    June 13-16 – first of the two Hab Development camps held over the summer. Habs have not released invitees list yet. Hope some of our locals plan to attend and keep the rest of us informed 😀
    June 15th – player contract buy outs start. With the upcoming CBA negotiations and a new Contract to follow. Not sure there will be much action especially with the Hab players that shall remain anonymous.

  17. JohnBellyful says:

    “Milt Dunno, reporting from the Academy of Hockey Performance Metrics, where researchers are working on a definitive method for evaluating teams to remove all doubt as to where they rank. Serge Légerdemain and his team of statisticians have been working on their system for, how long has it been, Serge, four years?”
    “Seven, Milt, but we’ve finally made a breakthrough that we’re confident will prove to be of immense value to every team in the National Hockey League should they take the time to analyze who is the best among them and why.”
    “That sounds wonderful, Serge. I know this area of study can be a difficult one for the layperson to comprehend, given its obscure nature and the jargon it employs, but can you explain as simply as possible what your new system of analysis involves.”
    “My pleasure, Milt. As you know, there are a number of advanced statistical methodologies out there, such as Fenwick, Corsi, and Doukhobor, each of which has tried to strip down the multitude of facts and figures accumulated in a game to arrive at the barest of truths: Who’s the better team? What we’ve done at the Academy is to combine all the different approaches into one to create a unified theory to assist in everyone’s understanding of the game.”
    “Sounds fascinating, Serge. It’s obviously been a mammoth undertaking. Perhaps you can provide our viewers some examples of the sort of data you incorporate into your theory.”
    “My pleasure, Milt. Altogether, we break down each game into 1,027 elements. They include shots on goals, shots directed at goal, where the shots originated, the distance each shot travelled, the length of time it took to arrive at or near the net, whether or not the shot was blocked or produced a rebound, and if so, what was the result of the rebound, did it go straight back out or off to the left or right, was the player who picked up the rebound a left-handed shot or right-handed shot, and under or over six feet tall, and an alumnus of which junior or university league, also–“
    “Excuse me, Serge. That’s an awful lot of detail for one aspect of the game.”
    “I’ve just touched on a very small part of it. Shots make up about 37 per cent of our research, Milt, because if you don’t shoot, you can’t score. Don Cherry popularized that notion and our studies have proved that, on that point, he’s right.”
    “Okay, what other elements in a hockey contest do you look at in your unified theory?”
    “Puck possession, dispossession. Passes attempted and completed. Hits attempted and delivered. Faceoff wins, losses, draws. Penalty killing and power play efficiencies. Save percentages. Plus-minus numbers–“
    “All the traditional stuff, then?”
    “Yeah. We think they’re way overrated. You could easily get misled by what they tell you if you don’t look deeper into the details behind the numbers. Passes, for example. Backhand or forehand? Were they on the blade, or did the receiving player have to pick the pass up from his feet or off the boards? What about ice conditions, bench height, crowd noise? Did the anthem lift the spirits of the home team, or were the players silently laughing at the singer’s lamentable over-the-top, off-key rendition which put them in the wrong frame of mind to begin the game? You can’t minimize the psychological impact such an event has but we have found a way to measure it on the Rancourt scale. It’s significant. We also look at sticks that explode, visor lengths–“
    “Excuse me, Serge, we’re almost out of time. If you had to single out one factor at the core of your theory that is essential to determining which team is better than another on any given night, what would it be?”
    “Goals. Our in-depth research consistently shows that whoever scores more, statistically speaking, is adjudged to be the better team – in the eyes of the National Hockey League. We’ve also drawn a link between victories and league standings, and there are indications the same appears to hold true between playoff wins and Stanley Cup championships. On the surface. That will be the subject of Phase Two of our studies.”
    “We’ll be sure to check back when you’ve completed that phase in …?”
    “Ten years. Twelve tops.”

    — “A little song, a little dance, a little seltzer down your pants.” —

    • Habfan10912 says:

      Thanks JB. I often suspected that shooting the puck on goal was important to goal scoring. Must admit I never suspected the importance of scoring more often then your competitor though. That’s why I love this site. Educational. 🙂


      • JohnBellyful says:

        Congratulations on your pending retirement, Jim. I envy you. I expect we’ll see a host of posts from you each day in the weeks to come. Between fishing expeditions, of course.

        • HabFab says:

          Serge must be operating on Government grant money….

          • JohnBellyful says:

            Serge used to work in government. He led the bureaucratic team that recommended buying the British submarines and the F-35 fighter jets. After exhaustive study.

    • habstrinifan says:

      Some uncomfortable statistics:

      1/2 of HIO posters suffer from A.D.D and thus would be unable to get by the first paragraph of JB’s post.

      17% of HIO posters will scan JB.s post; scroll down the page to find that the pickins are rather slim and come back and read the whole post.

      2% of HIO posters will stop at the first line and return to bed.
      1% of that 2% will relieve themselves before they do.

      7.8% will use their university-trained concentration powers to get through the entire post.
      0.2% will actually ingest and digest it’s contents.
      5% will actually ingest and mis-digest it’s contents and begin a
      debate on why we should trade Subban for Corsi or sign a
      washed-up Rancourt.
      17.99% (I hope) will have already stopped reading THIS response.
      They are the smart HIO posters you should read their stuff.
      .01 % (ME) would have been stoopid enough to make fun of a John
      Bellyful effort thus drawing the ire of HIO.

  18. The Cat says:

    Thats quite an opening night on the job for Fisher, reminds me of where I had to drive a stick-shift for the first time in my life without prior experience: San Francisco ffs.

    [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

    • Habfan10912 says:

      Good morning Cat. I haven’t read any of his books but I think I will add them to my to do list. Must have some amazing stories. What a wonderful job. huh? Covering our favorite team and getting payed for it. I am retireing next week after 34 years and I can’t imagine working 58 years. I suppose his job was better then mine. 🙂


  19. 24 Cups says:

    For the record, I’m dead set against trading Subban!

    I was really questioning the question of whether or not the team should do so.

    • HabFab says:

      I was wondering where the KHL 1st pick Denis Alexandrov would fit in your rankings. While checking out Andersson (15th European – CSS), noticed he was not ranked so went looking for him and after some research found Alexandrov is a ’95 or only 17 this season. Different strokes for different folks it would seem.

  20. alwayssunny says:

    Godspeed Red Fisher. I know you arent dead but you’ll live on when you are. I know you got Pat Hickey his job, is there any way you can talk him into retiring too? My cat can give better coverage of the habs when i get drunk and leave my keyboard on the floor after the game and she walks over it. I hope Jack Todd sticks around for a while because you and Jack have been the only reason to open the sports section since the Expos left town.

  21. HardHabits says:

    The classic mistake/assumption that statisticians make is that charts and pies on their own can prove a point. Many even render the number crunch as conclusion.

    Which reminds me of the classic line, “that hockey team looks great on paper, but on the ice they stink!”

  22. Chuck says:

    So what did I miss on here today? Sounds like it was, at the very least, entertaining!

    Being a Hab fan is like buying real estate: only over the long-haul will you appreciate the true value of your investment.

  23. AceMagnum says:

    Anger has subsided a little…

    I will get behind Therrien….

    but the first five game losing streak of the season, I’m going postal on his Barney Rubble looking ass…

  24. twilighthours says:

    Someone better go full Breezer up in this joint real soon

  25. Timo says:

    MAB will coach defense. Gomez will be moved behind the bench to coach power play. Breezer will coach style.

  26. HardHabits says:

    I would just like to say that I did not read the exchange between TN and AB other than it had something to do with Corsi/Fenwick…

    and I feel like I have actually gained knowledge by not doing so.

    Liberating really.

    Mind you the Hobie Hanson section was quite enjoyable.

    • twilighthours says:

      My favorite part was when Berkshire pulled out his old “you’re wrong and I’m right” routine. It didn’t take him long.

      • BrianSkrudland says:

        Agreed. For a guy that supposedly has no use for the HIO site, he certainly seemed to invest a great deal of time and energy ranting from his high horse today.

        • twilighthours says:

          I read his article, in spite of everything. It was filled with things like “while the mainstream media lazily says…” and “obviously, to the knowledgable fan…” and “to the fan who doesn’t follow advanced stats, it will seem complicated…”

          He might actually make some good points, but I wouldn’t know as they are lost in his manner of delivery.

          • GoGioGo says:

            My, that guy is a real jerk. But the TN-AB confrontation today was somewhat entertaining… the again maybe this is just because I was at work and really bored!

            Just in case you wonder, my username does not mean “Leave Gio Leave”

          • I couldn’t pull myself away from the AB vitriol… must have had to go potty or something real bad, ’cause he just kept it going beyond, but now I feel like I’ve been labelled too since I’m posting on HIO. Oops, don’t want to cross the sights of AB or I might also get hit!

            Promote the Youth, Support From The Veterans and Remember the Heritage!

  27. frontenac1 says:

    Hey,guess who is on AC? ….. Everyones favourite Fair and Balanced reporter……Bertrand Raymond!!!!

    • habsfan0 says:

      Since Raymond is on, for tonight the show has been renamed to l’Antianglais.

      • GoGioGo says:

        Good one! and now I’m glad I didn’t watch… I’m a “pure laine” but Raymond drives me crazy!

        Just in case you wonder, my username does not mean “Leave Gio Leave”

        • boing007 says:

          There’s so such animal as ‘pure laine’, even if your ancestors came from Normandy 400 years ago. Think of all the invasions, wars etc that constantly transformed the makeup of Europe. French is a language of communication, not a race of people. Ah bas Jacques Parizeau et son gang! Emmerdeur(s) extraordinaire.

          Richard R
          Price is an oyster. Unfortunately not all oysters produce pearls.

  28. rogus says:

    The next poll should be:

    “Should trolls who mod other sites be able to sporadically make appearances on HIO to demean long time posters, and valued contributors, in an effort to get themselves over?”

    • Habsolutely says:

      who, and what are you talking about?

      • Habitant in Surrey says:

        …I think it rhymes with Cheshire

        Michel F. Therrien ???: HIS’ new Official Habs’ Fan Theme Song; Morrissey/The Smiths ‘Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now’:
        HIO’s BC Odd Couple: UCe, the supercilious stickler; and HIS, the stubbornly relentless ‘schismatist’ 🙂
        What I WANT ! is an aircraft carrier at centre and nuclear destroyers on each wing going to the net like bats out of Hell !, …NO MORE rubber duckies !!!
        Habitant means PASSIONATE HOCKEY

      • twilighthours says:

        I think he is talking about Berkshire and eyes on the prize. And my answer to the poll question is ‘no’

  29. VancouverHab says:

    Therrien gets hired and Red Fisher straightaway retires.

    Coincidence? I don’t think so.

    The truth, she is out there….

  30. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …I can’t believe I got ‘modded’ for sayin’ ‘Miss United Dairies’ !
    …o’ well, live & learn ! 🙂

    Michel Therrien ???: HIS’ new Official Habs’ Fan Theme Song; Morrissey/The Smiths ‘Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now’:
    HIO’s BC Odd Couple: UCe, the supercilious stickler; and HIS, the stubbornly relentless ‘schismatist’ 🙂
    What I WANT ! is an aircraft carrier at centre and nuclear destroyers on each wing going to the net like bats out of Hell !, …NO MORE rubber duckies !!!
    Habitant means PASSIONATE HOCKEY

  31. ProHabs says:

    Fenwick Berkshire vs. TomNiclkle today I see. Their argument reminded me of this classic battle.

  32. Lapointe05 says:

    Didn’t realize Lapointe’s name was being considered for an assistant coach! Too bad he took his name out I would have loved to see him back in Montreal! GREAT defenceman, one of the best!

  33. JayK-47 says:

    Trying out a new signature today. Whatya think?

    “Using a quote of your own as your signature looks kinda dumb.” – JayK-47

    “See?” – JayK-47

  34. L Elle says:

    A different perspective from Max Talbot

    “He was a big influence on my career”

    “He was exactly what our team needed”

    “We were soft before he came along, and turned us into professionals”

    “Where does this stuff about him come from? Crosby and Malkin had their best years with him”

    “That famous video about the defense served to wake us up”

  35. frontenac1 says:

    Local Kingston Boy Matt McQuillan is sitting Even, 7 behind leader McIIroy after today at the Fedex St.Jude Classic. Let’s Go Matty!!!!

  36. RiverviewCanadien says:

    “I’m not opposed to trading Desharnais and/or Subban”
    – RiverviewCanadien

  37. commandant says:

    The moment you trade PK is the moment you go looking for another player like PK

    Go Habs Go!
    Visit Your NHL Draft Headquarters

    • 24moreCups says:

      Exactly I don’t understand why anyone would want to trade PK, he’s the most exciting player I’ve watched in a long time and even with our 3rd pick we’ll still be getting a good player.

      “Alcohol may be man’s worst enemy, but the bible says love your enemy.”
      ― Frank Sinatra

  38. All news pales with the announcement that the “Glorious Outlet Pass” is back in the fold. That is what this team sorely missed last season: a man in management that could truly go “Full Breezer.” The Cup is and will be our!!!

  39. Garghamel says:

    Gaston “Lagaffe” Therrien? As Johnny Mac would shriek, “You can’t be serious!”

  40. twilighthours says:

    Why all this talk of trading subban again? I wish it would stop.

    Also, Not surprised to see berkshire’s presences has brought back the animosity. The guy has a way.

    • savethepuck says:

      Agree with the keep PK sentiment ( don’t know why it always comes up) and when the new GM says 2 of his first priorities are signing Price and PK, and the new coach refers to PK as a thoroughbred, I don’t think we have to worry about him going anywhere.

      “They don’t hang Conference Championship Banners from the rafters here”
      Carey Price

      • CanadienBoy says:

        The PK BS.. got to stop, remind me went peoples wanted Chelios out of town because his play was really dirty ,young with a short fuse , we all know the rest of the story , so stop all the stupidity like trading him to move up 2 pick, how stupid can this get ?

  41. GrimJim says:

    I didn’t always agree with Red but having a 57 year career with all the accolades that he has is an incredible accomplishment.
    That being said, does the picture of Red above not make him looking like the 6 Flags dancing mascot?( )

  42. HabFab says:

    Noticed on previous post that you had Kevin Roy as your 61st pick. Don’t know if you noticed the TSN or NHL article that spoke of how players did in the different physical tests. Kevin Roy scored top 5 in at least one, so obviously knows what is going to take to go forward.

    • commandant says:

      Kids who do well at the combine always interest me because its a sign of work ethic to excel in these tests.

      Now I’d never downgrade kids who do poorly, and played late in the playoffs because they didn’t get to go to the gym and train for the event.

      But those who did get a lot of time to train, and excel over their peers are always guys I boost a little more.

      That said, our ranks were done before the combine.

      Keep in mind too, its 61st rank, not 61st pick…. there are some guys I haven’t ranked and will be honourable mentioning at the end because none of us have seen them… Guys like Mark Jankowski and Brian Hart.

      Go Habs Go!
      Visit Your NHL Draft Headquarters

  43. frontenac1 says:

    Yeah!Or when he was pissed of at the ref and on the way to the box toke a run at Lindy Ruff and then slammed the door and Broke the Glass!Ah boy,the Killer , he would go to all the dirty areas because he liked it there. Fearless!

  44. jedimyrmidon says:

    Just read two articles on Yahoo about Norfolk’s controversial OT goal over the Marlies and how the AHL apologized to the outraged Marlies [who probably only found out about the rule after the match] for the mistake – it was probably Burke whining about it.

    What I wonder is this : the AHL rule itself says that a shot on goal cannot count as a goal if there are players from the opposing team who are offside. The shot that went in, however, was a deflection off the stanchion so how is that a shot on goal? Unless they meant the player deliberately hit the stanchion in an effort to ricochet into the net… riiiight.

    Oh well, I guess those who are in an uproar over it are just plain desperate for some form of success within the Leafs organization. Must be a bitter disappointment to them, heheh.

    • commandant says:

      Someone must gain control of the puck before the offside can be negated and a goal can be scored.

      Go Habs Go!
      Visit Your NHL Draft Headquarters

    • savethepuck says:

      Watching the replay on TSN, I found it hilarious when Jennifer Hedger said it was the first ever professional hockey game in Toronto in the month of June. Couldn’t help saying to myself “and probably the last”.

      “They don’t hang Conference Championship Banners from the rafters here”
      Carey Price

    • GrimJim says:

      Preface by saying, I love the internet and google searches:

      AHL Rulebook, Section 83.4 (second paragraph) “The only way an attacking team can score a goal on a delayed off-side situation is if the defending team shoots or puts the puck into their own net without action or contact by the offending team.”

  45. HardHabits says:

    Build through the draft. Tanking™ is passé.

  46. Habsolutely says:

    Good news folks!! I’ve crunched the numbers and Gomez’s Corsi/Fenwick numbers reveal that he’s gonna score 50 goals this season and win the Hart trophy.

  47. Habsolutely says:


  48. Habsolutely says:

    Good news folks!! I just crunched the numbers and Gomez’s Corsi/Fenwick numbers indicate he’s gonna score 50 goals this season and win the Hart trophy.

  49. VancouverHab says:

    OK: a small glimmer of hope. Carbo gets an Assistant coach position and he replaces Therrien as soon as the players rebel (second season sometime.)

  50. frontenac1 says:

    He had a crap team with one an awful GM(who is still there as an advisor) and one of the worst owners in the League! Trust me on this, Commandant) the problem with the Fronts is at the top. Mike and Killer got along great and like each other.The guy is a natural leader(captain on three NHL teams,Selke winner,cup winner etc).Definetly worth consideration.

  51. Sorry for the late replies Clay and LA Loyalist. Very busy today

    Thank you for your comments.

    They Call Me Shane
    “They never asked to be Canadiens, they were Chosen.”
    Shane Oliver
    Twitter @Sholi2000
    Custom Sports Figures

  52. EasternOntarioHabsFan says:

    So long Red Fisher, have a wonderful life.
    and God Bless You

  53. pastor_prime says:

    Thanks for everything Red, I don’t blame you for not wanting to cover another year of Therrien-led Habs at your age.

    Only Gomez knows what being Gomez feels like.

  54. JohnBellyful says:

    If you’re wondering just how tough Bergevin’s screening process was before Therrien got hired, the Star has posted a video of what he had to do to land the job. I’m more confident than ever now that MT is the one to lead the Canadiens to the playoffs next season

    • HabFab says:

      Not sure if that gives me any more confidence…however certainly explains why Crosby refuses to take off his old jock strap to get a new one!

  55. frontenac1 says:

    Killer and Captain Kirk, Pride of Kingston Ont.amigo,Hola!

  56. habstrinifan says:

    Because I can’t link I copied and posted for you my fellow posters the TSN stuff. If I end up in plagiarism jail or get banned by the powers that be remember me always as one SOB HABS fan. This is from TSN website.

    “MONTREAL — Montreal defenceman P.K. Subban thinks the Canadiens can finally move forward now that Michel Therrien has been named head coach.

    Subban and some of his teammates were at a gala Canadian Grand Prix cocktail and fundraiser on Thursday night when asked about Therrien.

    “This is a part of the process — the part of growing a championship team, building a winning team,” said Subban. “He’s got the experience at this level obviously, coaching in Montreal and working with great players.”

    Subban took it as a compliment when Therrien called him a thoroughbred on Tuesday as the new coach was introduced at a media conference.

    “I’m looking forward to see what I can learn from him, he’s got a lot to offer and it’s going to be up to me to soak it all in and be there like a sponge and soak it all in,” said Subban on Thursday.

    Habs forward Louis Leblanc admits he doesn’t know Therrien very well, but noted that the coach did well with the Pittsburgh Penguins from 2005 to 2009.

    “I’m very eager to get to know him,” said Leblanc.

    David Desharnais described Therrien as a hard worker who wants to have a winning team.

    “He’s got a lot of discipline,” said Desharnais. “So it’s going to be very good for us.”

    • ZepFan2 says:

      I just posted the link. I had no problem doing so.

      “Bring it on home, Bring it on home to you…” – Plant/Page

      Bring it on Home

    • Bill H says:

      I wouldn’t expect the comments to be any different, whether they are delighted with the choice of coach, or not. They have to play under the guy, so they aren’t going to say anything negative. And besides, no matter how many negatives they can think of, they should be focusing on any positive angle that comes to mind. Therrien will be calling the shots, and they need to make the most of it.

      • Lizardking89 says:

        Exactly, everything is sunshine and roses now in June but wait until the dark days of December when we’re on our usual west coast road trip out of a playoff spot and see if they’re singing his praises then. I hope he does well but with this team who know what will happen.

    • Timo says:

      These will change their minds very very very soon.

    • VancouverHab says:

      Boilerplate comments from the players.

      Subban knows that he’s died and gone to Hell. I hope I’m wrong but I’ll wager a bottle of good Scotch with anybody here that either Therrien gets fired by two years or Subban gets traded.

      There is no upside to this appointment for the Habs. Absolutely none.

  57. ZepFan2 says:


    This one?

    “Bring it on home, Bring it on home to you…” – Plant/Page

    Bring it on Home

    • shiram says:

      Kind of bland hockey talk, “yea he works hard, so I’ll work hard”

      • ZepFan2 says:

        Never shoot the messenger. It hurts like hell. 😛

        I’m just posting a link that Habso had a problem linking. At least I think it’s the one he tried to link.

        “Bring it on home, Bring it on home to you…” – Plant/Page

        Bring it on Home

        • shiram says:

          Heh I meant not insult towards you, I assure you!

          • ZepFan2 says:

            No probs. I wasn’t insulted in the least.

            Besides, you weren’t calling me bland, you were talking about the story itself.

            “Bring it on home, Bring it on home to you…” – Plant/Page

            Bring it on Home

          • Habsolutely says:

            That’s weird? why can some people post the link and some cannot? are you one of the secret mods?

      • habstrinifan says:

        I like Subban’s quote because even if it is ‘bland’ it shows that he has made the mental determination that he has to ‘work with and try and gain’ from this new coach.

        This is not the first example of Subban appearing to take a deep breath and try and learn from his ‘situation’. Many here dumped on him for ‘talking back’ to Randy on the bench. I saw it differently. I saw it as the first instinct of a ‘kid’ to make excuses. He wasnt cussing at Rany or anything. And I saw Randy’s gesture of ‘enough..end of discussion’ as very good also.

        And obviously what evolved from that incident was a better student and a better teacher…. based on the results after.

    • ZepFan2 says:

      “are you one of the secret mods?”

      The first rule of Mod Club is: You do not talk about Mod Club. 😎

      “Bring it on home, Bring it on home to you…” – Plant/Page

      Bring it on Home

  58. 24 Cups says:

    Tom – no team in their right mind is giving up the 1st overall pick for Pleks and Markov. Markov is a total uncertainty whose best days are well behind him at 33 playing on an injured leg. Pleks is a decent 2nd line centre who is pushing 30.

    You mention the following players as trade bait: Plekanec, Gionta, Bourque, Markov, Kaberle, Diaz, Weber, Palushaj and Budaj.

    Pleks and Gionta – decent value for a team looking for a final piece that has the cap space

    Markov – presently untradeable unless he can play another year injury free

    Kaberle and Bourque – bloated contracts coming off subpar years. Not much value right now.

    Diaz and Weber – maybe a 2nd round pick

    Palushaj and Budaj – dime a dozen, little value

    • TomNickle says:

      We disagree on Markov Steve. I’m not sure how he was supposed to be in game shape after nearly two years removed from hockey late last season.

      My point which I apparently didn’t communicate too well is that I would far rather put together a large package of players than part with a young star like Pacioretty, Subban or Price.

      The premise being that premium draft picks should be used to acquire the type of players people here were mentioning trading away.

      And on the right mind comment, have Steve Tambellini or Kevin Lowe done anything other than the Penner trade that would demonstrate anything resembling intelligence?

      • Hobie Hansen says:

        I’d say the odds are right now that Subban, Price and/or Pacioretty will be a better NHL player than Yakupov. My point is all three of those Canadiens’ players are already headed down the path of stardom and why risk one of them on a unproven NHL player.

        Yakupov could be the next Pavel Bure but he could also turn out be a 2nd/3rd line player, head back to Russia or who knows what else.

        • K-hab25 says:

          You’re right he could be a bust and go crying back to Russia. Or he could be a 35/40 goal, 80/90 point guy.The last time the Habs got that kinda production from a foward, Kovalev, and we finished first in the conference that year.

          Proud Pricebot since 2006/2007

        • Sure, or one of our young guns could have a career-ending injury. There’s a lot of uncertainty and a little gambling in any trade, but Subban and Yakupov are about as near to sure things as it gets. And first overall picks tend to be pretty fantastic.

          I don’t want to trade Subban, and I’d have to think long and hard about whether to pull the trigger on swapping him for Yakupov (and would need more information about a guy I’ve never seen play in person), but with all the unknowns it basically comes down to this: a likely superstar defenceman for a likely superstar forward. With our strong defensive prospects, and really thin prospects at forward, that’s not a sure thing, but it’s not crazy either.

          • K-hab25 says:

            I think you and I are on the same page. It’s the rest of the commentariat that thinks we’re Milbury clones. 🙂

            Proud Pricebot since 2006/2007

    • Ozmodiar says:

      Agreed. Quantity != Quality.

  59. Timo says:

    Oh how soon their opinions will change.

  60. frontenac1 says:

    Yup! Mike with Big Bird and Killer behind the bench would make me feel better!

  61. TomNickle says:

    If you want to acquire a 1st overall pick without giving up the #3 selection, you don’t include a young core player. You use those draft picks to acquire young core players, the move is lateral.

    I would far rather give Edmonton Plekanec and Markov than Subban alone. Subban has another 15 years of hockey left in him, most of which will likely be played at an elite level. Edmonton is about getting to the next level according to Mr. Tambellini, so give him some veterans.

    Any and all of the following should be available on the Habs roster.

    Plekanec, Gionta, Bourque, Markov, Kaberle, Diaz, Weber, Palushaj and Budaj.

    Don’t trade Pacioretty, Desharnais, Cole, Eller, Leblanc, Subban, Emelin or Gorges(lesser extent).

    They’re your future. There are teams looking for veteran presence to push them over the top, and that’s where the value of the above mentioned players is. It’s why Gill got us two second round picks. He isn’t worth that to Columbus, but he is to Nashville.


    • shiram says:

      Gill = 2nd round pick + Slaney and Geoffrion

      • TomNickle says:

        And what round was Geoffrion selected in?

        • shiram says:

          Now you are just slighting Mister Slaney… 😉
          Besides Geoffrion was already playing pro, he was not second rounder anymore.

          • TomNickle says:

            He will be a second round draft pick for life. Because that is in fact the round he was selected in and until he has a large body of work in professional hockey that’s what he will be. A prospect selected in the second round of the NHL draft.

          • shiram says:

            For life, or untill he has a large body of work in pro hockey?

          • TomNickle says:

            He will be a second round pick for life. He may become more than that with time.

    • K-hab25 says:

      I’m all for trading any other players currently on the team for one of the top 2 picks, except Price, PK or Pac’s, but I don’t think Plekanec, DD ect. are enough. This is why I said PK and stated my reasoning. It isn’t something you do if your not pretty damn confident that Yak is going to be a 35/40 goal, 80/90 point player. If you believe he is, make the trade, if not, then don’t. I think we all agree though, try to trade the older guys first. I just don’t see them being enough.

      Proud Pricebot since 2006/2007

    • Ozmodiar says:

      If they think Yakupov is better than PK then they’d make the trade. While it might be more desirable to trade established players, you still make the deal if you think it will improve the team.

      With the #1 pick in hand they could pick Yakupov, and fill the hole on D with Murray @ #3. Alternatively, you could fill the hole on D by trading the #1 overall for a D + pick (say, to Burkie).

      • TomNickle says:

        Or they could keep Subban and draft one of the three dynamic offensive forwards this draft has to offer.

        • Ozmodiar says:

          If they traded PK they could draft someone better than the 3 dynamic forwards that you’re referring to.

          My point is if they feel Yakupov > PK, then they make the trade.

      • K-hab25 says:

        I don’t want to draft D at #3 even if we traded PK. My way of thinking was to get two young offensive guys. Who can grow together, giving us a dynamic duo if you will. If we’re taking a D at #3, might aswell keep PK.

        Proud Pricebot since 2006/2007

  62. DMAN says:

    I have the feeling that Montreal may not have to move up to get Yakupov. What with Edmonton need a defenseman and Colombus’ luck with Russians, Nail could fall right into our hands. You would have to know for sure that wasn’t going to happen before risking a trade.

  63. Max_a_million says:

    Of all that Brian Burke has done, and not done, the drafting of both Sedin twins was an incredibly clever coup.

    So if we look at teammates Yakupov and Galchenyuk as a similar tandem to build the foundation of an organization upon. What would we reasonably trade to get the first pick and Yakupov?

    If for some reason Edmonton takes a defenceman, shoudl we step up the effort to try to get both guys?

    • boing007 says:

      That’s what I would like to see: Yak and Yuk both drafted by the Habs.

      Richard R
      Price is an oyster. Unfortunately not all oysters produce pearls.

  64. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …not much I can say about Red Fisher that many of Y’all haven’t recalled Yourselves …He was The Oracle for all things Habs during My youth, …except for these past few diminishing years, as We are all beginning to show Our ages
    …I was seven at the time of the Richard Riot …If Red is 85, that should mean He was 27 when He started as Our Habs’ beat columnist for The Star …even at that young age I was a rabid devourer of anything Montreal Canadiens, plus I had to deliver those stories of He and His contemporaries to My fellow ‘Ridgewoodians’, as I was the paperboy on that street (Ridgewood Avenue) in Montreal at that age until I was 10 or 11 or so, delivering 75+ Gazettes before school and 100+ Stars after school, when neither wind, sleet nor rain would keep Me from My appointed rounds 🙂
    …for You younger cats, those were the dayz when the word ‘computer’ was as incomprehensible to a 7 year olds mind as the word ‘internet’ …for Me, every crumb of insight and ‘fact’ relevant to My Team was plumbed from the written words of people like Baz O’meara, Elmer Ferguson, Larry O’Brian, and this ‘new Guy’ Red Fisher
    …a few years later when living in NDG, one of these 4 columnists’ bleached-blonde, triple E-cup inamoratas was My next door neighbor …she was an 18 year old Jayne Mansfield look-alike that would send My mother into conniptions when she would knock on Our door to ask Me to ‘change her lightbulbs’ when that particular sports writer was (often) absent 🙂
    …well, that ‘particular’ sports writer was NOT Red Fisher
    …Red, to Me, from afar, seemed to have this aloofness and arrogance if You were not part of His inner cirlcle …usually writers by nature are cynical people, but in My very few interactions with Him through e-mail or a chance meeting at Our local mall, He always returned an interested and warm response
    …from Red’s first column on the Richard Riot and over the years, Red gave life and texture to My Montreal Canadiens as much as Danny Gallivan and Dick Irvin, maybe more
    …all good things eventually come to an end
    …but, before He goes, …would really enjoy He write one final book on all ‘the dirt’ and behind the scenes shenanigans, that He, so far, has been too much of a gentleman to make public
    …but, likely, because He has had a high code of honor, He will take them to that Big Bar in the sky

    HIS’ Official Habs’ Fan Theme Song; Morrissey/The Smiths ‘Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now’:
    What I WANT ! is an aircraft carrier at centre and nuclear destroyers on each wing going to the net like bats out of Hell !, …NO MORE rubber duckies !!!
    Habitant means PASSIONATE HOCKEY

    • Bripro says:

      You bring back memories Chris.
      At a young age (10 or 11), I too delivered the Star in the afternoon. And I spent more time sitting on the tracks, with my 220 paper route (Saturdays were brutal) reading Red and everything-Canadiens than actually delivering.
      I never got home in time for supper, but I was always enlightened on the Habs, during the time of Beliveau, a very young Yvan Cournoyer, Baxstrom, etc.
      To be ten again….

      • Habsolutely says:

        I delivered the Gazette and the Sunday Express.

      • Habitant in Surrey says:

        …those Saturday Stars were a ton, were they not Brian ? 🙂 …yikes !
        …and, getting up at 5 AM on a Montreal winter school morning walking through snow drifts to find Your papers
        …haven’t met a former paperboy, yet, that has not turned out to be a successful man of character

        HIS’ Official Habs’ Fan Theme Song; Morrissey/The Smiths ‘Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now’:
        What I WANT ! is an aircraft carrier at centre and nuclear destroyers on each wing going to the net like bats out of Hell !, …NO MORE rubber duckies !!!
        Habitant means PASSIONATE HOCKEY

    • habstrinifan says:

      Dont think he will… which is as it should be. Thanks for the read.

  65. smiler2729 says:

    See ya Red, thanks for everything, you are an original.


    Calling it like it is:
    Jack Edwards is a clam.
    Tim Thomas is a Nugentian lunatic.
    Boston Bruins, gutless diving weasel pukes.

  66. H.Upmann says:

    Montreal Canadiens draft Mr. Corsi Fenwick, power statistic, with their 3rd overall pick.

  67. frontenac1 says:

    Been wondering what happened to Marinaro re/L”Antichambre. He used to be on fairly regularly and I haven’t seen him for awhile now. Was he a bad boy or something?

    • Habsrule1 says:

      When he refused to advocate Therrien for coach, he was dismissed.


      Go Habs Go!!

      “Fans are great, but the quickest way to start losing is to listen to them.” – Sam Pollock

    • Bripro says:

      Actually, he was politely speculating yesterday on TSN that Therrien took his place on the panel, and wondered whether his seat would be available again.

    • habstrinifan says:

      There was one show where another of the talking heads made some sort of statement that a ‘player’ never did this or that. Tony called him out and cited instant after instant and made the other panelist looked real silly. Tony was ‘removed’ shortly after.

      I know folks here dont like Marinaro, but he never backs down because of fear and he knows his stuff and has his sources.

      I am a fan.

  68. Habsolutely says:

    So we’re not allowed to post links to hockey news articles anymore? Yet people are allowed to spam their blogs?

  69. Habsolutely says:

    So we’re not allowed to link to news stories anymore? Why are people allowed to spam their blogs, but linking to a news article is not allowed?

  70. 24 Cups says:

    Subban for Edmonton’s 1st rounder?

    I might be oversimplifying this but that basically means we give up Subban and (probably) Galchenyuk for Yakupov and Murray or Yakupov and Galchenyuk if Columbus picks Murray 2nd overall.

    That’s really rolling the dice.

    EDIT: I’m not stating the question (or suggesting the deal) but rather just throwing it out there in response to earlier posts in the day. It’s more a case of Subban for Edmonton’s first? Really?

    • TomNickle says:

      1. Yakupov
      2. Galchenyuk
      3. Grigorenko

      Pick the highest rated guy of those three when your name is called.

      Easy. Done. Reap the rewards.

      • naweed235 says:

        i’d put Forsberg before Grigorenko but ya I agree

        • TomNickle says:

          We have enough average players as it is. No need to supplement them with another in Forsberg.

          • naweed235 says:

            one could argue that we also have enough of floaters but hey…
            BTW in response to your post lower, I am not saying that PK is a headcase based only on the fights he got in during practice. there is a general feeling that you get by hearing interviews about him by his teammates, including, Pleky, DD, Markov… that he is not well liked in that dressing room. Even JM said it on Antichambre “sometimes I am not sure if PK plays for PK or for the team…”
            Nobody has come out and said I don’t like PK on the team and he is a big distraction in the room, but based on what we can see as fans, it is a feeling that I get… I am not saying that they are right or wrong in feeling that way about PK, assuming that they do… but You are probably better off subtracting the 1 guy that causes problems for the whole team rather than trading away the whole team in favor of one guy…

          • TomNickle says:

            Markov leaped into Subban’s arms following his first point of the season and Subban always speaks affectionately about Markov. Andrei has always been a stoic individual. I don’t think I’ve ever heard the man come out and publicly praise another.

            As for Plekanec, far be it for him to have a problem with anyone after sleeping in on a game day and getting to the rink late. Is that a team player?

            As for Desharnais. I haven’t heard a thing from him about Subban positive or negative.

            I think the youtube videos without audio and Markov declining comment about a Subban question have prompted your imagination to run wild.

          • shiram says:

            You are speculating on Plekanec sleeping in, there were no details as to why he was late.

          • TomNickle says:

            Yes I am. But it’s no worse than lying and calling it a “family matter”

          • shiram says:

            More speculation, that it was not a family matter.

      • habaholic68NJ says:

        Agree. Then pick a mean assed shut-down Dman on July 1 and if possible, a top 6 forward who can score. For dessert, send some contracts to Hamilton or trade if a sucker emerges and hire Big Bird to nurse the D.

        *Listen to my instrumental tribute entitled “Habs at War” at

    • JUST ME says:

      I fail to understand the logic behind that. The Habs are sure to get a good player selecting 3rd. They do not need to go for two of the top players
      None of these are Stamkos or Gretzky caliber type of players although they are the best of their class.
      To think that it would be a good move to trade P.K. is beyond me. None of the players in the top ten are worth it. P.K. is a feared and hated player everywhere he goes. Just for that, all 29 teams would like to have a player like this in their squad. So now that he is in our court we should get rid of him ?

      Brian Burke get out of that body !

      • K-hab25 says:

        LMAO!!! I’ll give you PK is hated everywhere, but a guy who got beat down by Marchand, isn’t feared by anyone.

        Proud Pricebot since 2006/2007

        • Lizardking89 says:

          PK won that fight what fight did you watch? Enough of the trading PK talk to get marginal unproven talent. People were crying about trading Mcdonough just imagine watching PK in his prime playing for another team. Just because you hate PK doesn’t mean everyone else does.

    • This morning I’d posted something along these lines too far down the page to attract the ire I was sure people would launch at it. : )

      I’m not saying I’d do the deal, but I’d have to think about it. Montreal has some good D prospects that will likely be ready for the NHL in 2 years, but could use help at forward. Adding Yakupov and Galchenyuk, say, could go a long way toward giving Montreal a contender-worthy top 9 not too far down the road. For a comparable, imagine something along the lines of Edmonton’s young guns (Hall, Nugent-Hopkins, Eberle,) flanked by Montreal’s supporting cast of veterans (Gionta, Pacioretty, Plekanec, Cole).

      Some folks are worried that Yakupov may not live up to the hype, and that’s a valid concern, but his odds are actually pretty good — for reference, here are the 1st overall picks in the last decade.

      2011: Ryan Nugent-Hopkins
      2010: Taylor Hall
      2009: John Tavares
      2008: Steven Stamkos
      2007: Patrick Kane
      2006: Erik Johnson
      2005: Sidney Crosby
      2004: Alex Ovechkin
      2003: Marc-Andre Fleury
      2002: Rick Nash
      2001: Ilya Kovalchuk

      Erik Johnson and Fleury are probably the worst of a great bunch, and Crosby and Stamkos are probably the best — either way, we can probably agree that that’s not a bad bunch of players there. A trade is a gamble by definition — without the benefit of a crystal ball, both sides make an educated guess about whether it’ll improve their team. We could end up with a decent player like Fleury (definitely not worth a Subban), or we could hit a homerun and land another Stamkos (worth a Subban and then some).

      Subban is a high price to pay, but Yakupov is a big reward. Again, I’m not saying I’d definitely pull the trigger — in either GM’s shoes — but to say it doesn’t even bear discussing is a little silly.

      • TomNickle says:

        Kyle Turris and James Van Riemsdyk are the worst forwards taken in the top 3 since the lockout. So why trade up?

        • Totally agree. I’m not suggesting trading the 3rd and Subban to get the 1st — rather, it would be just Subban for the 1st, so we’d have two picks in the top 3. Subban for Yakupov straight up, basically.

          You’re right though — sending a significant asset only to swap the 3rd for the 1st would be crazy.

          • TomNickle says:

            Why give up an elite defenseman for draft pick when you’re holding a premium pick in hand?

          • K-hab25 says:

            To have 2 premium picks in hand. (for Tom)

            Proud Pricebot since 2006/2007

      • K-hab25 says:

        I’m with ya bro. I’d trade Subban for a legit scorer any day of the week and twice on Sunday. I cheer for the laundry not the players. If we had legit goalie prospects, like we have on D, I’d be for trading Price or PK for a legit scorer young goal scorer, but we don’t. Our only real assets to obtain a legit scorer, are Price, PK and Pac’s. There is no organizational replacement for Price and Pac’s is our only young goal scorer. That leaves PK, who happens to play the position we have our most depth. You got to give something good, to get something good!!

        Proud Pricebot since 2006/2007

        • TomNickle says:

          And you would soon be in Mike Milbury territory.

          • K-hab25 says:

            Weak and lazy respone Tom, I expect more from you.

            Proud Pricebot since 2006/2007

          • TomNickle says:

            I essentially dedicated a post to you at the top of the page. You do have to give something good to get something good. That’s why you trade your good veterans when you want to rebuild.

            Ottawa didn’t trade Erik Karlsson, Jason Spezza, Jared Cowen or Robin Lehner during their rebuild. See what I’m saying?

    • Habitant in Surrey says:

      …Steve ? …ever hear of the story of the dog carrying a thick juicy bone in his mouth while crossing a bridge over a river …he looked into the water and saw his reflection including that of the bone …which looked in reflection both bigger and juicier than the one in his mouth …tried to pick it up and dropped the bone he had into the river ?

      HIS’ Official Habs’ Fan Theme Song; Morrissey/The Smiths ‘Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now’:
      What I WANT ! is an aircraft carrier at centre and nuclear destroyers on each wing going to the net like bats out of Hell !, …NO MORE rubber duckies !!!
      Habitant means PASSIONATE HOCKEY

  71. habstrinifan says:

    Helmet..ON! Eye protection…ON! Personal bodyguard…hired! Teflon suit..ON!

    So now I can post.

    Reports I’LL Have Another wont go for the glory (I was so looking forward to this race) cause of an injured tendon… a soreness.

    And everyone on TSN board applauds the owners.

    Shows how low we value humans. If was a hockey player we would say tape the damn thing, fill him with cortisone, suck it up and get out there. But ….

    Now the Belmont is just another race instead of much see television. And I’ll Have Another is just another glue factory candidate instead of a glorious Triple Crown Winner.

    One shot for glory! I say shoot the beast full of something or other and send him out there. Like we would do hockey players. Imagine Kovalchuk not playing in Game 5 for NJ cause he’s got a sore tendon.


    I say save a cowboy (ratings) and ride a horse. Go for the brass ring or whatever cliche fits.

    Now fire away you do-gooders.

    • Cal says:

      Call a thoroughbred worth a conservative $10 million a candidate for the glue factory is just stupid. Or provocative. Or both.

      Throwing away I’llHaveAnother’s 20 years of breeding fees over 1 race that he may not win because of a sore tendon is smart management of assets. Besides, we usually don’t shoot hockey players when they get injured, right?

      • habstrinifan says:

        I dont mind you calling me stupid. I dont mind you calling me provocative. But when you call me Both I think you put our friendship in grave peril. You make me seem like a total jerk.

        And besides I have known a dumb animal or two in my lifetime. And I know how they think. I have good grounds to believe that the horse wanna go for it.

        • Habsrule1 says:

          I always like to point out that calling something someone said stupid is much different from calling them stupid.
          Smart people say stupid things.
          Hell, even I did once….I think.

          Go Habs Go!!

          “Fans are great, but the quickest way to start losing is to listen to them.” – Sam Pollock

        • Cal says:

          Gotcha! 😉

      • JohnBellyful says:

        I think he was horsing around …

      • Max_a_million says:

        It’s not the same thing at all. A hose lives through it’s legs. Horses with damaged legs are put to sleep. A hockey player with a damaged leg is a super-rich, overfed couch potato. Compare apples to apples here.

    • ZepFan2 says:

      Glue Factory? I’m pretty sure they’ll put him out to stud. Which means, “we’ll have another”. 🙂

      “Bring it on home, Bring it on home to you…” – Plant/Page

      Bring it on Home

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