Quick hits

Look, it’s all part of the master plan.

The Canadiens wanted James Wisniewski to feel at home.

So they played like the Islanders.

OK, that wasn’t funny.

Your Montreal Canadiens played like what they have become:

• a fragile team, easily undone by adversity

• a team incapable of playing 60 minutes (unless you count their aggregate total for this road trip)

• a brain-dead team that incapable of simple line changes

• a team tumbling out of playoff contention and facing a January schedule that includes games against Atlanta, the Rangers, Boston, Philadelphia and TWO against Pittsburgh

What to do?

Fire Jacques Martin, paying off 2 1/2 seasons plus a penalty clause? Then they can dip into the pool of unemployed French-speakiches to hire Bob Hartley, who’ll come ind scraem at everyone.

Call up David Desharnais and Ryan White, hoping they’ll spark a team that can’t score (nine goals in the six games on the road) and won’t hit (penalties on top of penalties … and none that hurt anybody)?

Give up on Habs hockey, watch the NFL playoffs and check back in for a lottery draft pick in June?

No ideas here.

I’m too busy trying to figure out the Habs Inside/Out server issues.

On L’Antichambre, Mario Tremblay offered his ideal Canadiens lineup:

The defence pairings:

Roman Hamrlik and P.K. Subban

Jaro Spacek – Josh Gorges

Hal Gill – James Wisniewski

Mario’s frward lines:

Mike Cammalleri – Tomas Plekanec – Maxim Lapierre 

Max Pacioretty – David Desharnais – Andrei Kostitsyn

Mathieu Darche – Scott Gomez – Brian Gionta

Lars Eller – Jeff Halpern – Travis Moen

Notice who’s missing?

Benoit Pouliot. Tremblay coached him in Minnesota, and like others who have followed the former first-round draft choice’s career, including Pierre McGuire, he’d happily trade Benny for a dog .. and shoot the dog.

I thought Pouliot was a great acquisition. But maybe my friend McGuire was right when he characterized the deal that sent Guillaume Latendresse to Minnesota as “poop for poop”.

Pouliot has size, speed, hands, a great shot.

He’s a star from the neck down … if you don’t consider the muscle allegedly beating inside his chest cavity.

But the Canadiens aren’t losing because of Benoit Pouliot.

There are troublesome issues in every aspect of their game.

• The power play, after a promising beginning with Wiz firing shots on goal, had another 0-for night. The PP has no patience, rarely settles into its set-up and DESPERATELY misses Andrei Markov.

• The team takes too many penalties (and, as stated above, they’re of the lazy, pussy-ass variety). This has a ripple effect: it prevents Martin from rolling his line and getting some flow and rhythm going, and, worse, has the team’s best forward, Tomas Plekanec, expending too much energy on the PK.

• Carey Price is mentally fatigued, and the team’s ineptitude is getting to him. The Canadiens have ridden their goaltender too hard, and they’re paying for Price’s league-leading starts and ToI

• Three of Tampa Bay’s first-overall draft choices played last night: Steven Stamkos (2008), Vincent Lecavalier (1998) and Roman Hamrlik (1846).

Hammer took three minors last night. He’s out of gas, peeps … and it’s still 2010.

On the plus side, Hamrlik played less than 20 minutes, as did Spatch.

Wisniewski played 21:48. And P.K. Subban led the team in ToI at 23:27.

Yannick Weber was Wiz’s partner. He played 19:10 and was plus-1  – a compelling argument for the case that plus/minus is a horsecrap stat.

Weber is not an NHL defenceman.

Maybe we’ll find out if David Desharnais, who padded his AHL-leading point total with three assists last night, is an NHL centre.

More tomorrow … if I’m not too depressed.


  1. habs fan from stonyplain says:

    JM has to go he has over managed this team cammi/gio pleks line was on fire he split them up also eller/pouliot/darche was one of the best third lines he split them up also what he did with pk is a joke. THis playing on your heels does not work, also when is Auld playing again Carey has seen more rubber then a dead skunk on the trans canada. He is a dinosaur and needs to keep our GM company and get a real modern coach not this dionosaur who over manages and screws up the team hell even Toe Blake would have a hard time getting this team back.

  2. larisalapointe says:

    Six degrees of separation. 🙂

    Ironically enough the happiest days of my life were spent in Park Ex and Saint John.

  3. Mike Boone says:

    And I was born in Saint John and lived there till I was five.

  4. ManApart says:

    Oh sure, it’s bad luck that have the Habs down. That must be it.

  5. Habnofear says:

    The Habs  sure could  use a little Halak magic now ,he was a great miracle worker for times like this…. Tampa looked awesome tonight and Stevie Y is a shaker mover genius,Boucher is the best coach and Cedrick is Amazing…
    It’s getting close to clean the House mode,these guy’s on the Habs can’t play together… the puzzles don’t fit.The Mayans forecast this and 2012 Habs will be a last place finish if this is allowed too continue,lol.
    If the Habs played in the K.H.L. THEY WOULD BE HANDS DOWN THE BEST TEAM! But this is not a team built for success in the N.H.L ,they gots no Chutzpah as a group….a dead lay!

  6. billylove says:

    The team is on the verge of a major breakdown! If you think it’s bad now, think again. Half the team is burned out, (physically, mentally or both) and we’re just at the mid point. Their are huge issues with virtually every aspect of their game. If this slide lasts much longer, the damage to the team’s confidence will be too severe and you can write off the rest of the year. They’ll be tired and demoralized but they desperately need a win against Florida. Then they can limp home with some self-respect! 

  7. CHasman says:

    In all my years of watching hockey I have never seen a team take two terrible ‘too many men’ penalties in quick succession.  The extra man wasn’t even near the bench in either case.  Laughable! 

    Missing the net on quality chances way too much.

    Spacek and Hammerlik making more giveaways than rookies.

    Plekanecs, Cammy and Ak46 playing great together and then separated.

    Halpern, Darche and Pouliot playing great together and then separated.

    Eller, Darche and POuliot playing great together and then separated.

    Players playing like they’re afraid of making mistakes, passing when they should shoot and shooting when they should pass.

    And the worst thing I’ve seen this year.  Taking a player that was exciting and having me believe I was watching a star being born and beating him down, blaming him for mistakes that a rookie makes when two veteran defensemen are making the same mistakes every night, but at least the coach made his point, try not to be a star.

    The Habs will turn it around, even with JM as a coach because they are not as bad as they are playing now. I, however hope they do it with a different bench boss.  He’s making our team boring and stifling their talent!

  8. RedLight says:

    We have fantastic owners. They spend to the cap and are very passionate about their/our team.

    Obviously, no one is happy tonight. But the Molsons are as sour as anyone, I’m sure. Why would you boycott their product?

    And hey, they may need a lot more money if they decide to fire JM, even if I wouldn’t endorse that decision. But, I guess as the proof I’d cite to prove my point, that decision may get made, even if – as Mike highlights – it would be a decision driven by hockey rather than business.

    But if there were a Benny Brew, I’d gladly get on board with that revolt.

  9. kevin m says:

    Who owns the team?

  10. Kristopher7 says:

    As of tonight I am officially done with all Molson products. My own personal boycott.”

    Are you 2 years old?

  11. kevin m says:

    As of tonight I am officially done with all Molson products. My own personal boycott.

    I am sick & tired of this wishy/washy coach & system. We go out & get a bunch of offensive players to form the core of this team & then proceed to inflict upon us, night in & night out, a “defense first” system.

    What if we took our offensive talent & went balls out every night. If we were losing games 6-5 & 4-3, then we could say we need to tighten up on our defense. As it is now, all of our offensive talent is busy playing on the defensive side of the puck.

    Teams relish playing the Habs because it’s like a night off. “SOFT” is not the word.

    I’m convinced that their collective cup sizes are even smaller than their hearts.

    Hurry up & get some nasty SOB’s on this team to bring back a little respectability. PLEASE!!!

    Oh, and for the officials, how about after unbelievably idiodic calls, just to get their mugs on TV they get grazed with a clearing puck just to wake ’em up a bit. 

  12. MathMan says:

    They don’t play like a team that’s given up on their coach. They play like a team that’s been walloped with bad luck and whose confidence has suffered as a result.

    Once things start going their way again they’ll be fine — and I think we’re in for a nice suprise because their underlying stats in December were very strong (so much so that it’s almost a travesty that they lost so many games and by so many goals, but then again, after last year’s playoffs the Habs really can’t complain about luck.)

  13. MathMan says:

    I thought Pouliot was a great acquisition. But maybe my friend McGuire was right when he characterized the deal that sent Guillaume Latendresse to Minnesota as “poop for poop”.

    Minus the part where Latendresse is poop. Montreal knowingly traded a useful NHLer for an inferior player.

    Stupid, stupid trade.

  14. Mr.Hazard says:

    • Three of Tampa Bay’s first-overall draft choices played last night:
    Steven Stamkos (2008), Vincent Lecavalier (1998) and Roman Hamrlik


  15. Chuck says:

    Love the new avatar, Showey! I’m assuming that it was a great party!

    Centre Hice: Bringing a knife to a gunfight

  16. rocketsglare says:


    Go Habs Go!

  17. Timo says:

    See it now too.

  18. Timo says:

    What’s to explain. A player doesn’t get to choose whether he wants to join or leave The System. The System picks a player and he gets sucked in. There is no way out unless The System no longer deems a player useful for its purpose and the it simply chews a player up and spits him out. There is no changing The System, there is no stopping it. The only way to deal with it is to adopt. 

  19. larisalapointe says:

    Haha, might be. But the moose had to go from Toronto all the way to Saint John, NB where it got drunk on Moosehead beer and then became their petrified symbol.


  20. Born in a Bad Year says:

    I just can’t stand watching this anymore.  If the next game starts with Hammer and the Spaceman on the same paring I am going to switch off the TV.  I think the biggest problem we have is two pairs of psudo-offensive defencemen (and one shutdown pair).  They need to be balanced out and all be playing on their correct sides.

    JM is going to kill this team. He is only here to fulfill some selfserving revenge fantasy against the Habs.  There is no other possible reason for how he runs this team.  Maybe he was passed over for some position in the past with the organization and now wants it as dead as is his ability to express emotion. 

  21. temekuhabs says:

    Expand on the reply please, Timo 🙂

  22. Timo says:

    You don’t quit The System. The System quits you.

  23. habsfan0 says:

    Is that one of the moose(meese ?) that former Toronto mayor Mel Lastman unleashed upon an unsuspecting public a few years ago? A few went missing..

  24. larisalapointe says:

    Your new avatar just showed up, congrats!

  25. larisalapointe says:

     It’s just a ton of scrap metal fused together in the shape of a moose, not anatomically correct I may add, so basically I’m doing nothing except being a goof.

  26. showey47 says:

    Well i can see my new avatar which is a picture of me holding up the grey cup. But others say they can only see my old one.

  27. temekuhabs says:

    Have they quit playing for JM?? anyone have a thought on this???

  28. RiverviewCanadien says:

    This team is falling faster than gravity, and even a Mexican
    can see that.

    Many here are blaming The Count. I don’t think so, maybe some players are banged up more than we know. It also seems apparent to some there are those who are holding back. Maybe they just don’t “have it”. Haven’t got a clue, but I could sure use the Oct/Nov version of the Habs.

    I hope Gauthier & Company are not done. I like this team, I like the players, (for the most part, meaning I would not trade away half the team) and I like how this club is run.

    And boy did I like the Wiz in the 1st…Nice grab Pierre. JW will get better and he seems to play
    a simple, effective game. Pleks? You never have to say anything, what are the stats of the winning % when Pleks registers at least a point (I am sure someone has it).


  29. Rainrocket16 says:

    Well, i had to run to the liqour store after that one..this is just getting embarrasing and let me tell you…JM is mostly to blame on this one! How  can you allow your team to blow the momentum by back 2 back too many men penalties!!? Obsured, then that goal just killed us.

    The penalty shot was BS!!! What was that for!! A stick up high? give me a break, no friggin way in hell that should have been a Penalty shot, another Bettman boy getting chances to excell..

    Wake me when this road trip is over!!!!

  30. Mike Boone says:

    Park Exers have to stick together. But just what are you doing to that moose?

  31. Timo says:

    Well, I am sure glad I went out for some 10 oz steak tenderloin with seafood dinner. Nice bottle of Argentinian Merlot to boot, a cheesecake for desert and a shot of espresso that would even wake up the Habs. Watching the Habs tonight – didn’t miss it at all. Reading Boone’s summary and the comments paint clear enough picture minus the emotional scarring suffered by those who watched. Thankfully juniors are back in action tomorrow to bring some cheer to wrap up this hockey year. 

    I hate to say it folks, but this team need MAB. Without MAB’s awesomeness they are doomed.

  32. Timo says:

    What goalie could possibly have confidence in this team in front of him? Btw, how is that avatar changing exercise going for you?

  33. rocketsglare says:

    When you have 2 consecutive too many men on the ice penalties that tells me that the team has stopped

    thinking and subsequently stopped playing. Better yet, the team has quit on the coach and on itself. How

    else can you explain their atrocious play, some of which is utterly ridiculous. Tell me another team that is

    so fundamentally stupid or brain dead? Either this team is stupid or is actually mediocre. You decide.

    Go Habs Go!

  34. Just A Guy says:

    There is always the “make a face like you just ate a particularly sour lemon” option.

  35. larisalapointe says:

    Right. They don’t say laughter is the best medicine for nothing babe. (I grew up in Park ex too) hahahaha

  36. Sheldon says:

    Da da, da da, I wish I was in Dixie!

  37. Mike Boone says:

    Hey babe, we gotta laugh to keep from crying, right?

  38. larisalapointe says:

    Unfortunately Showey, Price/Auld or whoever needs to get a shut-out every game for our team to win it seems, especially lately.

    And you’re right about him losing confidence in his D. Wouldn’t any one of us in the same situation tell our D to go F themselves and tell the guys up front “Yo, how about some goals up there”?  lol

  39. showey47 says:

    lmao,no kidding. The team scores only 1 goal and price gets hungout to dry again by more bonehead penalties and defensive blunders and its the goalies fault. That st.louis shot was nice from the sharp angle,it looked like price was trying to take away the cross ice pass. I think price’s only problem is that he has no confidence in most of his defencemen and is trying to do too much himself. You are also correct about the penalty shot,no goal without a doubt. Can’t really say it would have made a difference in the final outcome though.

  40. G-Man says:

    Habs are what most thought them to be. a barely .500 club that has trouble scoring. The GAA would have to be 0.00 to pull out a win. Too soft, too many stupid penalties, and players that can’t hit the net while skating.

    One more night of a terrible road trip and likely another loss. Softie toffee hockey does not work. Not enough Habs are playing with a physical edge.

  41. krob1000 says:

    I know it it is the weirdest thing I have ever typed on here but I really wish coaches didn;t have to be fired or kept….why can’t they be sat out.  I am not stupid and I eralize that Martin did much good….but he needs a rest….and if he were succeeded I would stillw ant much of his dedication to defensive detail to reamin….but we would be starting over…if only you could actually bench a coach…..it is really quite odd when you think about it tat he can;t be since he too has a boss and is surrounded by assistants capable of illing in much like the players…..where is Harold Ballard when you need him….lol

  42. larisalapointe says:

    I don’t know what’s worse, our team riding rough seas or the expert commentariat blaming Price for this loss. I guess as long as they just see a puck behind the net, has to be the goalie right?  Wrong.

    -5-3, please, the “new” technique to counter 5 freakin’ men at once. Read up on it. Hence the one knee down.

    -Stamkos crashes our net…where’s the D?

    -That was an illegal move on that penalty shot

    -Spacek had Price’s pad pinned, he couldn’t move to the other side.

    But this   Three of Tampa Bay’s first-overall fraft choices played last night: Steven Stamkos (2008), Vincent Lecavalier (1998) and Roman Hamrlik (1846). made me lMAO.  Thanks M. Boone.


  43. StevieRay says:

    ouch… was invited out for supper etc tonite and didn’t get home until the last 3 minutes of the game …I thought Price looked short in net …it was Auld … oh oh I thought…they rested price ..WRONG !!!  Pulled the lad ..JM at his best ..I thing he’s lost the team ..from what I can figure out from the posts tonite..we are in a tailspin and need a shot of pick me up …. but from who ????  Glad now I didn’t get to see the game …. Looks like we need a total change in how we play ???

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