Quick hits

How’s this for a quick hit?

Your Montreal Canadiens sucked.

To launch a killer stretch of four games in six days, the team was thoroughly beaten by a no-hope team that has 18 fewer points than the Northeast Division “leaders”.

Here’s the stat that says it all.

Blocking shots is dirty and dangerous work. Like taking a hit to make a pass, blocking a shot shots is a leading indicator of the will to sacrifice your body in order to win

The Islanders had 17 blocked shots by 11 players. John Tavares, Blake Comeau and Frans Nielsen blocked shots.

Seven Canadiens combined for eight blocks. Scott Gomez, Tomas Plekanec, Mike Cammalleri, Brian Gionta, Maxim Lapierre and Benoit Pouloit combined for ONE BLOCKED SHOT, by the captain.

Lars Eller blocked a shot. The only Canadien who had more than one BS was Max Pacioretty, who had two.

Roman Hamrlik had no blocks … possibly because at his age, if he goes down he might not be able to get back up.

Josh Gorges: none. Hal Gill: none.

Carey Price blocked 21 … but I’ll save comments about the goaltender for About Last Night …

Suffice to say, at this point, we can be thankful the Canadiens haven’t been in a shootout this season, because one-on-one does not seem to be the goaltender’s forte.

But Carey Price didn’t cost them the game.

The Canadiens were awful, and they play in Washington on Tuesday night.

Habs Inside/Out was awful because our server crashed before the third period began.

I’m totally bummed.

More tomorrow.

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Schadenfreude Special:

Martin F. Brodeur has been pulled more often than he’s won, six times vs. five.





  1. MathMan says:

    “Blocking shots is dirty and dangerous work. Like taking a hit to make a
    pass, blocking a shot shots is a leading indicator of the will to
    sacrifice your body in order to win”

    This is wrong, dead wrong.

    Individual blocked shots are good plays, but at the team scale, having a lot of blocked shots is a sign that your team is getting dominated!

    It means that the opponent is in your offensive zone, holding the puck, taking shots! If you don’t have a lot of blocked shots and are still leading on the shot clock it means that you are not giving the opponent the opportunity to take shots — and it means you don’t have the opportunity to block a lot of shots.

    A high blocked shot count is a big, big red flag!

    Case in point, the Habs attempted 73 shots and blocked 17 — 23%. The Habs blocked 10 of the Isles’ 43 attempts — 23%… The Habs blocked less shots because the Islanders tried less shots — because the Habs had fewer chances to block shots, not because they lacked the will to do so. They blocked fewer shots because they were carrying the play.

    The high blocked shots total, combined with shots and missed shots, tells me that the Habs spent most of their time in the Islanders’ zone, and that the score didn’t reflect the flow of play.

  2. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …Good morning professor …My priority was watching the Canada/Russia game yesterday (Habs & WJC PVR’d because My kids and I were punch-drunk with Boxing Day sales), but when I went to My iPod Touch HIO app to check on My Habs, it was 2-0 Islanders for a few hours …leading me to consider the snow storm had crushed the arena roof or some such catastrophy …when I actually read the game result and watched the recording, a crushed roof would have been more pleasant
    …so, yes, I too am perplexed WHY a successful site like HIO and Moneybags Boone doesn’t get His rear in gear to solve the bugs
    …I’m sure HIO have the resources to fix it if They were not so cheap
    …re the Canucklehead/Hab game …tried getting 2 seats together for My Son and I …but fate was not kind

    Habitant means PASSIONATE HOCKEY


  3. VancouverHab says:

    Hello H.I.S. — just making sure I was being clear that I’m not one to complain about the flavour of free vanilla ice cream (but just hear me bellow when the neopolitan I’ve paid for is sour.)

    Tickets found under the tree for the Habs game here in Feb — you going?

  4. Niflster says:

    Coming from a former Montrealer, now living in Norway, I too would gladly help out as I use this service to keep up with my team from way too far away.  I have to agree with VancouverHab that HIO should at least consider the option.

  5. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …such generousity is only feasable from a tenured professor

    Habitant means PASSIONATE HOCKEY


  6. VancouverHab says:

    Mr. Boone:

    I’ve said it before — I will happily pay to have the site reliable. I’m very cheerful about free services, but how inept is your tech support side here?

    Again, if the problem is resources. I, and many others, will happily pay to have sometuing more like reliablity. We LOVE the service here, but, ‘cmon, the access is totally anomalous: like HELLO — I WANT to give you money!

  7. OneTimer says:

    On the upside, PK has to be in the lineup next game, right? Time to carry this team on your back, son…

  8. Kristopher7 says:

    you know what’s awkward? Price still leads the league in wins….. pretty confusing.

  9. SeriousFan09 says:

    You know, I’d still put down cash that we go into the Washington game and the Canadiens put on a great show. The way it goes, they have a real issue playing anything above average against the bottom-dweller teams. Not saying I enjoyed watching them miss 17 open nets tonight but that’s the way this season is going.

    Just saying it wouldn’t surprise me, nor would getting out of Florida with only 1 win.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  10. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …in a perfect world I prefer Our Habs had a Lecavalier, St. Louis, Stamkos, Gagne et al rather than Our Mosquitoes …but My opinion includes that Boucher would get as much from the Plekaneks, Giontas, Cammallaris, etc., and even more out of the Pouliots, Kostitsins, O’ Byrnes etc.

    …of course, this is only My opinion …only in July will My Opinion be given any credibility, or not

    Habitant means PASSIONATE HOCKEY


  11. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …haha …ya, haven’t been too involved commenting lately Stephen …just thought I would be objective about things …just fair comments considering the recent product lately on the ice …but I ain’t throwing Carey under the Bus …anyone booing Carey during the game is a boor, a putz, a schmuck …but being blind to His letting in too many stoppable goals in HIO is being naive and not objective

    …I think a smarter way for Martin to play Carey is give Him a rest every 8 games or so …a tired Carey Price plays as though His head is in the clouds …He ain’t Marty Brodeur yet is He Stephen …nor, it seems is Jaro

    Habitant means PASSIONATE HOCKEY


  12. spos080808 says:

    The Habs would be killed nightly if they tried to play the Boucher style he has going in TB. Montreal does not have the talent up front to be able to play that way. And defensively, they would be giving up odd man rushes 10x more than they are right now.

    It would be fun to watch, sure, but, it def. would not have gotten them to the ECF that is for damn sure.

    So yes it is boring hockey most of the time, but so far, it has been winning hockey. Not as of late I know, but nobody was complaining when they were winning.

  13. Habnofear says:

    First you knock Price and then you bring up Boucher….there’s going to be a linching tonight!!!:)  I think I know the new 19 year Habs  philosophy as shared by the Maple Leafs….You wait for all the fans to die of old age and poof ,no more bitching:)

  14. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …I had promised Myself not to mention Guy Boucher again until after all the results are in for this season …but I think I will break that promise if only to illustrate My opinion that I feel Martin’s so-called ‘system’ demands players to play an exceptionally high-tempo and a self-discipline game that is very hard to maintain over a prolonged period of time, especially because Our talent-level/overall physical robustness requires We play beyond Our talent-level …therein Our Players are more prone to burn-out under Martin
    …My opinion was Guy Boucher represented an opportunity for Our Habs to return to a intelligent fire-wagon style of hockey, …the major contrast with the JM-type ‘system’ is that Boucher productively encourages each individual player’s unique talents within ‘his system’, …wherein Jacques Martin prefers pounding square-pegs into round-holes
    …that being said, Jacques Martin IS Our Coach, and Boucher is gainfully (and successfully) employed today by the Tampa Bay Light Bulbs
    …so nuttin’ We can do about it now
    …the positive is Jacques Martin’s ace-in-the-hole, compared to other teams he has coached in the NHL, is Our Team do have extremely ‘intelligent’ Players with great character …when the chips are down, I have no doubt They will answer the bell like They showed Us last Spring …the question is, …will We have the same level of goaltending ?

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