Puckcast Vol. 5, No. 4


Very low-tech: no bells, no whistles, no moderator Kevin Mio with his fancy mixing board, a hum from the Bell Centre’s Jacques Beauchamp Media Lounge overhead lights that we couldn’t turn off (and we tried) and recorded at 11:40 pm following the Canadiens’ 4-3 win over the Boston Bruins. (We knew it was time to end it when Boone started to get up to leave.)

What you get here is the year-end hot-stove babbling Puckcast from The Gazette’s Pat Hickey, Mike Boone and Dave Stubbs. Mostly Boone and Stubbs listening to Hickey – but he’s the beat man, so that’s as it should be – discussing the Habs win, Subban’s hit, Cammalleri’s fight (!), the callup of Max Pacioretty, the upcoming seven-game road trip, and backup goalie Alex Auld (in 1974, didn’t The Three Degrees record a hit “When Will I See You Again”?)

Happy holidays to all, and remember if you listen: you’ll never get this 22 minutes and 16 seconds back.


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  3. secretdragonfly says:

    You’ve gotta love moms:

    Mom scolds Capitals’ Boudreau


  4. Hobie Hansen says:

    The Canadiens may have lost three of their last four and pulled out a squeaker last night but personally I like what I see. All of a sudden they don’t look so small anymore and even the smaller guys are playing withy an edge.

    Hats off to Spacek and Cammalleri for standing up for themselves and dropping the gloves over the past week.

    I’m super excited that Pacioretty is playing with Gomez and Gionta. When we drafted him I was drooling over the prospect that he may turn into the rugged top 6 forward that Montreal has been without since Corson departed over a decade ago. If Pacioretty continues to elevate his game, Gauthier can solely concentrate on acquiring a real solid defenseman before the deadline and leave the forwards as they are.

    Gomez looked good last night to. I don’t think he’s been as bad as people are saying. Maybe now with Pacioretty on his line he’ll start racking up the assists again, the only thing missing from his game.    

    It would be nice to have a heavyweight to keep things in check but as I mentioned above, we’re playing bigger lately. Pacioretty, Moen, Lapierre, Darche, Pouliot all have size and can definitely put pressure on the opposing team’s defense. Oh, awesome hit by Subban last night!!! GO HABS GO.     


  5. SeriousFan09 says:

    Okay this is a laugher, HBO being mean to the Capitals.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  6. 24 Cups says:

    Mike Boone and Pat Hickey turning down free cocktails.  Talk about taking one for the team:-)

  7. twocents says:

    Big hits. Lyle Odelien.

  8. WestHab says:

    Stubbs took the words right out of my mouth. ” we haven’t seen a hit like that from a Canadiens defenceman since, since………Larry Robinson”

    – Who will be at the Heritage Classic?

  9. oshawahabsfan says:

    Thanks again for the puckcast gents! You’ll have some down time over the holidays to have some cocktails I’m sure :)

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