PuckCast Vol 2, No. 9 [Podcast]

It’s PuckCast No. 9 of the season, featuring Gazette sportswriters Pat Hickey and Dave Stubbs, I/O blogger Mike Boone and moderator Kevin Mio. On this week’s menu: the miserable Toronto Maple Leafs; Habs coach Guy Carbonneau’s line-shuffling; the size of the Canadiens up front; the return on Saturday of former Hab Radek Bonk, with Nashville; and Andrei Markov – all-star to be?

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  1. Kevin says:

    The powerplay is still good without Souray for one main reason: its Kovalev who’s the key to the powerplay. He is the only player on this team that gets space and respect when he gets the puck during the PP. Why Carbo doesn’t change things up and put out Koivu/Kovalev together on the PP when its not doing so well (as with against the Sabres), I will never understand. Being predictable is not what keeps the opposition on its toes during a penalty!

  2. mjames says:

    A few comments on the Puck Cast

    (1) How can Hickey and Carbo say they do not know what is wrong with the team. Did they not see the game on Saturday – Try not playing as a five man unit, no forecheck, no backchecking, inability to clear the puck in the defensive zone. Come on guys watch the game.

    (2) How can Hickey say that Grabs has most likely had his chance with the Habs? The kid has played about 10 games. Remember St Louis and Briere were both waived by their teams. Just what we need – give up on a potential St Louis and Briere. Someone has to teach the kid how to play tougher so he does not get pushed off the puck. St Louis, Briere and Peron have learned how.

    (3) If I am Sergei Kostitsyn I would be bummed also. How come his former teammates Kane and Gagne play in the NHL and Kostitsyn who was rated as more NHL ready can not get a chance with an offensively challenged team. It must be so discouraging knowing that you will never get a chance with the Habs and if you do get called up you get maybe three games to prove yourself.

    (4) A very sad commentary on our farm system when the best offensive threat to use in place of Ryder is Lats. Sad very sad. Give the guys on the farm a chance. Give them the same chance as Lats has been given. (Yea right!)


  3. vic says:

    Toronto radio is predicting a leaf win by 3-1 also some as high as 7-2
    please Habs shut them up

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